Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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7 September 2007 Thought for the Week:

"We measure our deeds and actions with two different yardsticks of morality. We are quick and severe in the condemnation of the misdeeds our neighbour commits. But we fail to judge at all, or at least with the same severity, our own actions through the body politic.
We condemn a neighbour for deceit, theft, robbery, and other crimes against his fellow men; but we fail to judge ourselves for confiscatory taxation, nationalisation, and seizures of private industries by government, our political instrument.
We condemn a man for his disregard of promises, contracts, and agreements and endeavour to hold him to his contractual obligations through court action and other legal means at our disposal. But we readily acquiesce in government policies that disregard promises, tear up official charters and international agreements. We may even sympathise with governments conducting such lawless policies and condemn those who are hurt and finally act in self-defence.
Indeed there are two souls in our breasts, one that seeks and fears God, the other that denies the very presence of God. Man has paid and is still paying a tremendous price for his rejection of the Christian law of neighbourly love in the ever-expanding sphere of political action. The price is paid in the shape of slavery, war, and disaster…"

- - Dr. Hans Sennholz in "Christian Economics," 11 December 1956.


by Betty Luks
The first policy of the Australian League of Rights is: Loyalty to the Christian revelation of God. And therein lies the clue to the discovery of the golden thread interwoven throughout the last two-thousand year history of the English-speaking peoples.

Social crediter Hewlett Edwards in "The Cultivation of History" * explained it thus:
"History is the endless record of experiments; a series that cannot be broken and of which there is never complete specification nor adequate separation from a multiplicity of similar operations… It is in this difficult complexity that policy is crystalised and becomes history in which men of understanding as well as of action have erected signposts for the use of their successors …"

With Freedom Comes Responsibility - and how do we match up?
The first signpost is the Christian revelation of the nature and character of God as expressed in the Gospels along with the commandment to: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Social crediters refer to this commandment as one of mutual love and co-operation.
Surely this mutual love and co-operation will include searching our conscience before we vote and for whom we vote in the coming federal election.
Do we continue to blindly vote for those who have betrayed their own Oath of Service to their people?
Do we continue to vote for those who have demonstrated their allegiance is to the Money Power (mammon) and its underlings than to their own people, their own nation?

Another signpost is the Athanasian Creed
This Creed draws attention to the threefold nature of Reality. The political and social implications of this statement were once not so obvious to leaders of either the Church or the State, as is verifiable by recorded history. For over a thousand years the leaders of both institutions strove to gain the supremacy over the other.

The third such signpost is Magna Cart
But it was Magna Carta which brought to light the trintarian balance. Hewlett Edwards explained: "…despite the following of many false trails, the trinitarian idea was not always or completely denied, as is to be seen in the unfolding of the English constitution… The Barons at Runnymede… stood as an embodiment of the people of England, all England; the outcome and incarnation of the interlocking activities of Church, King and People; and their purpose was to bring the King to recognise his limitations in this threefold structure by the implementation of the rights of the other parties. Magna Carta was the sign and confirmation of this."

Government there to protect our rights - not take them away
The realisation of the political and social rights and freedoms of all English people could be said to have been born that day on the field of Runnymede. It was recognised that man's rights come from God and it was the true purpose of the State to safeguard those rights - not to take them away! This meant that men, as individual persons, were responsible for their own actions (or lack of them) and as these truths worked out through history, the right of the individual to choose a person to attend the Councils of the Realm to represent his interests was acknowledged. Representative government was born.

When did you last make contact with your representative and express your concern at the policies of both major political parties?
Will you make every effort to interview the prospective candidates before the coming federal election to determine which one will serve the people of his own electorate?
The coming federal election may yet prove to be a turning point - for the better - in the history of this nation, if we would only play our part in the political process.

* "The Cultivation of History," by Hewlett Edwards is available online.

Another important article is "Towards a Trinitarian Politics," by Dennis R. Klinck, is also available online. Click on to the Race/Culture/Nation section. You will find them there.


We are constantly fed the 'vision' of our 'great leaders' (please don't choke on the words), the noble elite, struggling with the inherent depravity of those who live upon the land, and now with the urgent push for the control of, all who have access to our precious water resources.

They would have us believe that human nature being what it is, these greedy people have not been cured by the need for 'never-ending production' and the draconian, parasitic imposts of the financial system. The problem, they imply, is due to the operation of 'private enterprise' or free enterprise. Therefore, it is in the very nature of these sinful 'free enterprisers' to destroy the soil, the rivers and at the same time, their own livelihood, unless of course, they are curbed by the socially minded elite.

Why is it never considered, never brought forward for public discussion or debate, just what these free enterprisers could do with adequate resources, a just financial system, and freedom from the never-ending, galling, bureaucratic impositions and restrictions? It is implied it is the greed, the selfishness and obstinate stupidity of those who live upon the land, and now those who have any access to the precious water supplies.

But that is not the case with the enlightened selflessness of the Financiers, Politicians, Bureaucrats and Big Business, they are there to 'do us all good'- by wresting control into their own hands over every area of our lives!

Wormtongues' next web of lies and deceit?
§ Can we expect their web of lies to imply it is really the gluttony of the sparse rural populations, being too greedy for money, they set out to exploit the river systems even at the expense of denuding their own lands? It is never the multinational conglomerates backed by the international bankers who have a long history of doing this throughout the Third World nations.**

§ But how will the wormtongues explain the curious turn of events which resulted in these 'sinful' inherently greedy free enterprise farmers, these most productive of farmers, becoming impoverished and now facing such personal tragedies and financial ruin?

Two very important books will explain how Mammon has worked throughout history, and will show that every time the Money Merchants gained the ascendancy the people were reduced to poverty and slavery and the land was ruined.
**"War Cycles: Peace Cycles," by Richard Kelly Hoskins and "The Money Trick" by the Institute of Economic Democracy..


The truth is, we cannot hand over our rights and responsibilities to the State and let them dictate to us the terms and conditions under which we shall live - unless we want to live as slaves! I have read that the first centralised State arose on the banks of the Nile on the basis of water control.
The pyramids, the vast slave-built ruler's tombs now stand as lasting symbols to remind us of that slavery. Is that what we want for ourselves and our children?

Howard is holding us to ransom
John Howard and his cronies are holding us to ransom in their bid to seize control of the States' rights over the waters and rivers of this land. We must do what we can to fight this diabolical plan to control the first necessity of life - water. It must not be placed in the hands of such few ruthless, power-hungry men.
Will you make every effort to speak, write or phone as many people as possible explaining to them about Agenda 21 and warning them of the dangers?
We need to 'kick up a storm' because we will be dumbed-down fools indeed if we let them gain control of this most basic resource of life - the water!


by Diane Teasdale
Most Australians believe that we have a democracy in Australia but in fact we have a unique system of Government called a "Constitutional Monarchy" and the rules of our Government are contained in a document called the Australian (Commonwealth) Constitution Act. So far this has enabled us to remain a free and Sovereign Nation, but be warned; behind the scenes there are many who wish to hand it over to the Globalists - and the control of water is a very important part of this. Controlling our water is essential for anyone to have power over the lifeblood of this Nation. They are using your Council rates to start the process by supporting women's groups across Australia so that they can become the motherly face of water control - and you are paying the bill.

Do not "waste" water has become the eleventh Commandment. Evaporated water is part of the whole system of nature. Water of course is impossible to "waste" - it is one resource that never disappears. You drink it, you piddle it, it evaporates and is returned clean and pure; to use over and over - ad infinitum. Sure, you can waste resources moving, purifying, pumping, etc - but you cannot "waste" the water. There is no such thing as creating new water.

Unbundling of Water from Land Started in Victoria 1st July, 2007
Costello Seeks Control of Rivers, Water: "I think we have to reinvent federalism," Mr Costello told The Sunday Age. "The current federal model does not work well." "We ought to have a (national) system which allocate water to the most efficient and highest-value use and that's where Commonwealth leadership can be absolutely essential."
Melbourne Age, 24/12/06.

"Legislation suggests Federal government would have powers to take over water allocation." "Regulation-making powers enable the Commonwealth to amend state water shares (water rights)."
Country News, J.B. Archibald 21/7/03

"The Scourge of Pink ALGA," by Graham Strachan, October 2001
"Agenda 21 was adopted by Australia at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 (by 'Whiteboard' Ros Kelly (Labor)). It is 800 pages long, consists of 40 chapters, and is a comprehensive programme for the planning and management of the economic and social development of the entire world during the twenty-first century. Virtually every aspect of human existence is to be controlled under the document. Prime Minister Howard reaffirmed Australia's commitment to it when he signed the Millennium Declaration at United Nations headquarters in September 2000. Through ALGA, [Australian Local Government Association] local councils are now committed to its implementation through its local adaptation, Local Agenda 21…"
Source: The above article comes from Diane Teasdale of Australia First. We will publish the full article in the September edition of The New Times Survey.


Dr. Dennis Jensen, MP, Hon. Jackie Kelly MP, Hon. Danna Vale MP and Mr. David Tollner MP, are the four members of the Federal Parliament's Standing Committee on Science and Innovation who issued a "Dissenting Report" which savaged the committee's major premise that mankind's activities were the cause of global warming.

Their Dissenting Report includes:
1.2 "We disagree with the report's unequivocal support for the hypothesis that global warming is caused by man's so-called anthropogenic global warming (AGW).

1.3 We are concerned that the Committee's report strays well outside its terms of reference. In fact, the committee did not take any evidence relating to anthropogenic global warming." "It is a matter of public record that some scientists have withdrawn from the IPCC process because of dissatisfaction with its probity and methods…"

"Indeed, if one paragraph clearly illustrates the one sided nature of this report, it is paragraph 5.59. Here, we have a captain of industry (Rupert Murdoch), who by his own admission is not a scientist, quoted regarding his view on anthropogenic global warming and the need to take action:

I am no scientist but… I do know how to assess a risk. Climate change poses clear catastrophic threats. We may not agree on the extent, but we certainly can't afford the risk of inaction.

This exemplifies the more general problem that most of the public statements that promote the dangerous human warming scare are made from a position of ignorance - by political leaders, press commentators and celebrities who share the characteristics of lack of scientific training and lack of an ability to differentiate between sound science and computer-based scaremongering."

Dissenting Report conclusion:
"Climate change is a natural phenomenon that has always been with us, and always will be. Whether human activities are disturbing the climate change in dangerous ways has yet to be proven. It is for this reason that we strongly disagree with the absolute statements and position taken in this review regarding AGW.

We have taken no evidence regarding the science of AGW, yet a strong position has been taken regarding this. On the other hand, statements made about the cost of competitiveness of renewable energy sources have been taken out of the report, despite the fact that evidence was taken on this."

The four politicians have shown great courage and honesty in bringing forth this dissenting report. Do make the effort to write and encourage them to continue their stand for that which is true, that which is honest.


by James Reed
It is has been rare indeed to find criticisms of Australia's immigration growth in the Australian media. Barry Cohen, Federal Labor MP from 1969 to 1990 is an exception. ("Danger in Growth for Growth's Sake" The Australian 6/8/07 p.16).

On 10 June, 1970 Cohen asked the Prime Minister in Question Time whether he is aware that the immigration policy introduced by the Chifley government in 1946 is no longer applicable because of the pressure that vast population increases placed on the environment, land prices, housing and quality of life. At the time, both parties were shocked at the questioning of Australia's "sacred post-war immigration policy".

Today, there is no one in the House to even ask the question. In the Senate, the politically correct Bob Brown, as far as I am aware, never criticises immigration. Cohen points out the present climate change debate doesn't even bring in the population question. It should, I believe. And when the multicultural/ethnic lobby screams "racism" we should quote Barry Cohen :
"If our population continues to expand over the next 40 years as it has during the previous 40, by 2050 Australia will have a population more than 40 million. If that happens, all solutions now being produced by politicians and public figures won't amount to a hill of beans."

Obviously the multicultural lobby doesn't care about the long-term survival of its tribes in this dying land. Nature in the end will decide if Australia continues in the cancer stage of capitalism with its growth with no bounds.


by James Reed
Professor Robert Manne, a defender of the thesis of the "Stolen Generation" (as outlined in the 1997 Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Report which asserts a "genocide" thesis, "Bringing Then Home"), has recently responded to criticisms of some of his work by conservative columnist Christopher Pearson (The Weekend Australian 18-19/7/07 p.25).

The fine points of this debate need not concern us; I was interested in the subtitle of Manne's article, "the fantasy of the noble savage isn't for me". Yet in the course of his article Manne goes on to describe childhood in traditional Aboriginal society as a "time of indulgence" especially regarding sexual matters with children. How is this not romanticism?

He bases this on Ronald and Catherine Berndt's "Sexual Behaviour in Western Arnhem Land". I had a look at this book in the library and suddenly was reminded of the Margaret Mead/Samoa controversy where she said similar things that have now been refuted. It is too far fetched to be true.

In any case, nowhere does Manne come to grips with the morality of young girls being given to old men for sex. How do all of these recalcitrant elements fit into the politically correct world view?


by James Reed
When I was a lad my father often kept me home from school so that I could spend the day with him labouring. We would drop by the local fish shop and pick up a locally caught crayfish, which we would eat in the local pub. He had a pint of beer and I had a coke. In my dreams, I can still taste the flavours of that old time workday lunch.

Today we can still buy the beer and coke but the Aussie crayfish is a luxury, sold now to the princesses of Asia. Likewise with much of the best of the harvest of the sea. In turn, by the perverted, inverted logic of free trade and economic globalisation, we receive fish from Asia. Try finding a tin of tuna that is not a product of Thailand or some other Asian country.

Foul Fruits of Free Trade
The fruits of the free trade are foul indeed, for the Asian countries seem to be concerned only about profits and not the health and safety of foreigners receiving the exports. This was seen dramatically recently with the Chinese toothpaste scare, where a number of Chinese companies with distinctly quaint product names, were found to have been exporting toothpaste and cough syrup laced with the poison diethylene glycol and bacteria. But with respect to food, poisonous puffer fish has been labelled and 'flogged off' as monkfish and farmed seafood found to be contaminated with a variety of poisons.

All of this arises from the logic of greed and globalisation : Chinese firms want quick profits and there are slack regulations and officials 'on the take'. Of course, Zheng Xiaoyu, the former head of the Communist Party's food and drug administration was executed for taking $1 million in bribes for approving medicines which led to the death of a number of people. But again, that only shows the depth of corruption in the Chinese system.

In the meantime… watch out for your health. I don't buy Chinese food and products. If necessary and if possible, I make do with what I can get locally. This economic weapon of consumption is a most effective one in the battle against globalisation.


by James Reed
Here is a news snippet I saved for those who think Asian capitalism - especially Chinese capitalism - will be less harsh than "US imperialism". This story is typical of many appearing right across the globe. Local workers in Papua New Guinea's nickel mine in the Madang Province were being treated like "slaves". ("Chinese Mine Treating PNG Workers 'Like Slaves'" The Australian 9/2/07 p.10).

Workers were being paid only $4.00 a day and overtime payments were often by means of tins of fish rather than money. Toilet facilities were appalling. Health and safety conditions were far below international standards. Workers had already gone on strike because of poor conditions. The mine authorities even went ahead without the owner submitting a feasibility study. But, if workers make too much trouble, the Chinese government will fly in Chinese worker-slaves to do the work.

Welcome to the world of Chinese capitalism, set to make "US imperialism" look like a Sunday school picnic.


by Patrick Boyle
Paul Davies, the best selling physicist has produced another remarkable book with "The Goldilocks Enigma : Why is the Universe Just Right for Life?" (Allan Lane). If the forces that control the universe were only slightly different, life and material objects would not exist. British astronomer Fred Hoyle said that the universe looked like a "put-up job."
Davies does not attempt to answer the question of why the universe is as it is, so much as outline the various responses, such as the idea that there would be an infinite number of universes and we 'just by chance' are in this one.

Reading the problems with the atheistic responses to this question led me to embrace intelligent design. Davies does not, but if he was consistent, that is precisely what he should do as that is where the argument leads.

So, who created God? Nobody. God is a necessary being that is self-existing, outside of time and space, and thus beyond creation. * Intelligent design is rejected by mainstream 'science' as being 'unscientific'. All that shows is how limited mainstream science actually is.

* The DVD or Video "The Contribution of Greek Thought to Western Christianity" by Archbishop John Hepworth is relevant to the above article. Copies are available from Heritage Books, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley 5158 for $18.00 posted.

Another brilliant message: "Democracy of the Soul"
Archbishop John Hepworth of the Traditional Anglican Catholic Communion spoke on "The Democracy of the Soul" to an enraptured audience.
Those who value and would fight for their freedoms need to listen to this message. Father Dirk van Dissel spoke on "What Are Australia's Roots?"
Both messages appear on the AUDIO TAPE version. Send to Mayo Tapes, P.O. Box 6, Hahndorf, South Australia 5245. Price: 3-tapes for $15.00 posted.

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