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28 September 2007 Thought for the Week:

"The fundamental fact from the Christian point of view, about the modern money system is that it denies the redemption of debt; and therefore denies deliverance from that temptation which debt brings to bear upon debtors. Money nowadays is virtually synonymous with financial credit, which comes into existence only as a debt repayable to the issuers, so that by its very nature such debt is irredeemable and must increase and accumulate power in the hands of the creditors… This terrible moral strain permeates all that part of life into which monetary considerations enter.

It is also a fact that modern governments finance their day-to-day expenditure, not out of taxation as is commonly supposed, but by incurring debt which it is the function of taxation to repay. The power to tax, in other words, is the security upon which loans are raised, which is one powerful reason why compulsion must be used; for since debts in general can never be met in full, compulsion is the only way in which governments can ensure that their own liabilities are met in full, so that they remain 'credit-worthy'…

It is not yet been forgotten that, within living memory, physical plenty has been accompanied by widespread monetary poverty; that the threat of the return of such a state of affairs still dominates the political scene; and that the floodgates of financial credit have been opened widely only for destruction…"

- - Taken from "The Just Tax," by Geoffrey Dobbs, 1964.


by Betty Luks
You could be excused for thinking the UK Telegraph's 17/9/07 headlines referred to a rock hurtling from the northern skies towards the UK's current Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, placing him in great danger of physical injury - but it doesn't.

It is newspeak for the fact that a leading mortgage lender in Britain, having created too much 'credit' (money out of nothing) in relation to the actual amount of 'deposits' on its books, is in danger of running out of 'credit' (figures on computers, in bank balances, etc.) long before the panic stricken depositors can access their 'deposits', forcing the bank to close its doors.

This has all come about because the central banks are deflating the financial system by reducing the amount of 'credit' in circulation. This is turn, not only bankrupts the most vulnerable (such as the sub-prime home mortgage borrowers of 'credit') but causes the public to panic and try to withdraw their own deposits to the banking system.
You see, the public has lost confidence that their deposits (savings) are 'as safe as the Bank of England. They are losing confidence that their 'money' is actually 'in' the bank.
We are told: "There are fears that as much as £12 billion, which equates to half of all of Northern Rock's deposits, could be withdrawn over the coming weeks, despite repeated protestations from the lender and from the banking authorities that savers' money is safe."

But wait a moment, The Weekend Australian 15-16/9/07 p.40, assured its readers Northern Rock had assets of more than $US200 billion ($AUS481 billion) only last June. How can it be that in just three short months confidence in the bank's 'assets' could evaporate so?
We are told, it was not the result of exposure to the sub-prime market in the US - no sirree… the bank proved vulnerable to the turmoil in the money markets because it has a smaller deposit base than other British banks.
In other words, its greed was greater than other banks. This bank created more 'credit' (money out of nothing) than did other banks. It created a greater ratio of 'credit' in relation to the amount of its actual deposits ('liquidity'). Once upon a time the banks' ratio was nine times more than the deposits it had on its books. (I have read that in today's house of cards financial system, the ratio could be as high as 40 times more).

It is very difficult for people to grasp the truth about the modern financial system. It is a system based on confidence; that is, the confidence trick of the private banking system to create 'credit' out of nothing, which you the customer believe - have the confidence - is 'money'. But you are never told how that 'money' is brought into existence by the financial system - and quite independent of your own national government at that! In fact, your own government goes along with the confidence trick of the banking system.

It is a long time since the banking system gave up the pretence that they only lent out money that was first placed in the banks as deposits by customers; for both safe-keeping and to earn a small amount of interest.
But 'money' these days takes many forms, it is not just the old-fashioned form of money - that is, the once physical, tangible form such as a gold sovereign. Today it is mostly quite intangible, and would be in the form of figures in a bank statement, 'credit' accessed by a plastic card, an electrical 'beep' on a computer, or a money order, even simply the figures in the now old fashioned cheque book.
In fact, it is hundreds of years since banks found they could create this 'money' out of nothing, claim it as their own - and by implication, honestly gained at that -and demand its repayment to them, with interest of course.

So, we are told, the house of cards is now in danger of collapsing: You can be quite sure those in ultimate control of the private banking system will safeguard their system, even though smaller banks will topple and the people themselves will lose their homes, their businesses, their farms, life-savings, their all.

A bank gives a service - nothing more. It does not sow, nor plant, nor reap: It does nothing itself towards the physical, real wealth of a nation and yet its profits are astronomical!
This is because it has the power to monetise the real wealth of a nation, claim the money as its own, issue it as a form of debt, demand its repayment and charge interest upon the amount 'created'.

A financial system should be simply a nation's accounting system; an honest record, an honest reflection of the real wealth of the nation and its just and honest distribution - and the private banking system should be able to charge for nothing more than its SERVICE!.

Further essential VIDEO and/or DVD viewing:
"The Money Masters"- William Still, 3½ hours of video viewing, $16 posted; "The Money Game"- Jeremy Lee, $14 posted; and "The Root of all Evil"- Eric Butler, $14 posted.
Videos and DVds available from Heritage Book Service, P.O. Box 27, Happy Valley S.A. 5159

Further essential READING:
"The Story of the Commonwealth Bank," by D.J. Amos, $8.00 posted; "The Commonwealth Stories," by D.J. Amos (Oil, Rail Wool) $7.00 posted; "The Commonwealth Stories," by D.J. Amos (Steamers, Wireless) $7.00 posted and "Operation Bankwatch" by Jim Cronin, $5. 00 posted. Books available from all Heritage Book Services.


by James Reed
"Spreading Misandry: The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture," by Paul Nathans and Katherine Young (McGill-Queens University Press, 2001) is an important study of the logical conclusion of "women's lib" and feminism: misandry, the hatred of men. Before this book there was no systematic study of man-hatred, and now at least we have a study showing that the defining culture now is anti-male. "Ideological feminists" have been the principal mechanism embedding male hatred into popular culture. Misandry is accepted as something of a historical pay-back.

The authors examine the outpourings of Hollywood and also the literature and other aspects of popular culture, and find a sustained attack upon manhood. Popular culture dehumanises men. It would take up too much space to summarise this here: spend an entire week watching American TV shows and see for yourself.

"Spreading Misandry" does not examine why such degeneration has occurred. Feminism per se is not examined as an ideological strategy of divide and conquer. Nevertheless, it is useful to see our gut beliefs fleshed out in scholarly detail.


by Betty Luks
Following on from James Reed's article, Angela Shanahan's piece on the barren fruits of the feminist agenda is sad reading indeed. (The Weekend Australian, 15-16/9/07) After all, the relationship of a man and a woman is the most personal and intimate of all human relationships.

A correspondent wrote to journalist Angela Shanahan thus:
"The media coverage of the fertility debate has been extremely disappointing. For some reason the emphasis has been on how women are choosing career over children. And yet the fertility debate seems to have carefully excluded any discussion of men's involvement in the postponement of commitment, marriage and children. Why is this?
I was educated to be feminist in my outlook, but I also knew I wanted to marry and experience sexual life as a married woman. And yet I spent my 20s waiting, often very painfully, and with some real costs, for the 'other shoe' to drop! I embarked on all my sexual relationships in a serious manner, and was not looking for promiscuous sex.
I had assumed that beginning a sexual relationship meant a man was considering me for marriage. But the mass public culture seems cynical and almost hysterically anti-marriage. Eventually I came to the conclusion that the desire to truly pair, to form a marriage bond, is part of the biological sexual response of women... To sit at a table, at age 29, and hear your significant other discuss your ageing with his friends, and his (lack of interest) in going further (after buying property together) is an experience I have no wish for her to emulate."

Mother love: archetype of all human love:
Women have had their most basic and strongest instincts indoctrinated out of them, or at the very least, suppressed. Biologist and doctor of philosophy, Geoffrey Dobbs dealt with the feminist attack on womanhood and the family many years ago. Noting that the whole world was now rotten with the worship of political, financial and managerial power, that rotten power was being used by the few to manipulate the many, and in particular the relationships between men and women.

He well understood that the last 'never-say-die' barrier against this destructive force was the decentralised power of love and the common, practical sense of the free, independent woman in the home.
He wrote that it was Henry Drummond in his Lowell Lectures in 1897 ("The Ascent of Man") who observed that organic, physical evolution has its parallel, not only in mental evolution which was dependent on the development of the nervous system, but also spiritual evolution; the evolution of that potentiality for the love of others.

It was in the last biological group to emerge, the Mammalia, which is where this tendency is most fully developed: "Both the womb and the breasts are organs which have the functions of giving, nourishing, protecting the young life, and he was surely right when he said that mother love is the archetype of all human love...
"Father love must have been a later development; but the female half of mankind is that which is in the forefront of spiritual evolution in the capacity to love and to know the nature of love, which is also the essential character of God."

Primary work of mankind:
Dobbs could say that the well-rounded, wholesome, balanced woman is, in fact, the fullest expression of humanity. As G.K. Chesterton put it: "Men are men, but Man is a woman."
He wisely noted: "Their function, in bearing, nourishing, caring for, protecting and surrounding the family with love, and in making the place in which they live into a home, is the primary work of mankind."

How sad for that correspondent who wrote to Angela Shanahan:
"I embarked on all my sexual relationships in a serious manner, and was not looking for promiscuous sex. I had assumed that beginning a sexual relationship meant a man was considering me for marriage."

Well might Angela Shanahan counter with:
"This proves something that sociologists know but don't say: cultural factors are much more important for fertility than economics. And in sociologist-speak, culture is code for things such as religion and our sexual mores, including our marriage pattern, or what the aridly secular West will timidly go as far as calling our values…".
"Even if women want children, because women's fertility is finite, the emotional stress of serial non-marriage plays havoc with the possibility of partnering for life…
Who now quotes with approval the original shallow feminist rhetoric, when women thought that armed with the pill they would hold all the cards, that they would not be tied down and would be free to act like men? The experiences of women such as the one who sent me that letter belie all that propaganda."


by James Reed
One of my greatest joys in being associated with the League - apart from experiencing the excellent fellowship and speakers over the years - is exploring the Heritage book shops. All my life I have enjoyed exploring book shops as I imagine outdoor types like exploring nature. The hope is always to find some treasure, some gem, tucked away in some dusty, forgotten corner of the shop. But the Heritage shops are never dusty or forgotten and there are always treasures to be found on every shelf.

One of the great and noble functions of the League as a service organisation has been to stock books, regarded by the traitorous establishment as politically incorrect. Indeed, one is hard pressed to find even in a university library any books outlining Australia's unique and priceless Christian heritage and its place in our political system.
Not so in the Heritage book shops. For example, the "Australian Heritage Series" enlightens us about the Christian Faith and its accumulated wisdom lying behind our cultural and legal institutions.

One little booklet which I have has a cost marked at $5.00. For this lowly sum I am able to read Dr. David Mitchell writing on "Australia's Constitutional Heritage", the Rev. Arthur Fellows on "The Christian Roots of Representative Government" and Dr. Geoffrey Dobbs on "The Church and the Trinity".
All of these writers attempt to relate Australia's political history to the bigger picture - British representative government and British common law - and earlier, the history of the Christian Faith and institutions.

It is a remarkable story, the greatest cultural story ever told and is an overwhelming argument for the magnificent achievement of the British people in offering a Christian foundation for modern civilisation. All of this and more can be found from just a wander around the Heritage book shops.
Look, explore and learn, for the secret of securing freedom lies in the knowledge. Thus for many years, the only presents I have and will give to family and friends are carefully chosen books from the Heritage book shops. I suggest that you do the same, for this is an excellent way to wake up the sleepy! ("The Australian Heritage Series" $7.00 posted available from all Heritage book services).


by James Reed
Today one can search in vain for a Church where a sermon offering a sound exposition of the Trinity, the central doctrine of Christianity is explained. It is common to hear in this day and age of a 'social gospel' a denial of the Persons of the Trinity.
To do this, Dr. Dobbs remarks is to "exclude those properties which belong to diversity from our idea of the Godhead, including those of mutualism in love, of association and of diversification, which is the essence of creation." It is to set limits upon God.

Likewise the Gnostic trend, beloved of multiculturalists and one-worlders, reduces Christianity to a form of "self-help" wisdom where salvation is through man's own wisdom. The ultimate goal is the creation of "one religion" for a world under a one-world government.

Thus the Christian churches, especially the Anglican, appear to be committing suicide in the name of multiculturalism. The rejection of Trinitarian Christianity is seen in many ways, Dr. Dobbs argues. For example abortion is now as common a procedure as tumour removal. Yet the feminist idea "that a child in a woman's womb is merely part of her body over which she has totalitarian powers of monopoly, including life and death, is essentially anti-Trinitarian."

Rejecting the Trinitarian nature of reality has dire consequences as "our moral and spiritual powers are becoming detached from our mental and physical ones as our world lurches between monopolies of grossly magnified power."
Only by thinking correctly about the path to understanding ultimate reality can one hope to get on to that path. Otherwise one wanders off into the dark infinities of doubt.


Jimmy Carter has been vilified by Jewish critics for his book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid". Earlier this year Professor Michael Desch of Texas A&M University had this to say in reply (The Australian 8/2/07 p.10).

"There is a vocal minority in the US - the so-called Israel lobby - that is determined to squelch criticism of Israel or opposition to the long-standing pro-Israel slant in US foreign policy. The members of the lobby play the traditional role (and legitimate) game of interest group politics, channelling money and other forms of support to politicians who support their agenda. They also engage in what Israelis refer to as hasbra: telling Israel's story in the most favourable light. But some of them hit below the belt, employing character assassination and other illegitimate tactics.

Jews who deviate from the pro-Israel line are dismissed as self-hating. Consider the treatment of New York University historian Tony Judt, who argues that Israel's continuing occupation of Palestine territory is making a two-state solution to that conflict impossible. For suggesting that Israel has no choice but to become a bi-national state, he was singled out in a recent American Jewish Committee publication as a Jew who gives aid and comfort to the enemies of his own people.

Gentiles who cross the lobby, such as the University of Chicago's John Mearsheimer and Harvard's Stephen Walt, who published a major essay exposing how Israel's supporters slant US foreign policy toward Israel, are tarred as anti-Semites. Not content to challenge their evidence and conclusions, Dershowitz, Foxman and other critics sought to convict them of guilt by association with anti-Semites such as David Duke, and to discredit their paper by comparing it with that classic anti-Semitic trope, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

(Note the 'guilt by association' technique used so often by these people. It is intended to close people's minds to anything John Mearsheimer, Stephen Walt or David Duke may have to say that is of importance to understanding what is happening in today's topsy-turvey world…ed)

"Why are members of the Israel lobby unwilling to simply rest their case on its merits? Why do they feel compelled to attack their opponents ad hominem? The obvious answer is that they lack confidence in the strength of the case for Israel and feel obliged to play dirty pool to compensate…"


The BBC has verified what many correspondents are warning of across the internet. The United States' warmongers have "not ruled out military action (against Iran) over the nuclear dispute, with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice saying "all options" are on the table."

The BBC continues: "Washington's contingency plans for air strikes on Iran extend beyond nuclear sites and include most of the country's military infrastructure, diplomatic sources told the BBC earlier this year. It is understood that any such attack - if ordered - would target Iranian air bases, naval bases, missile facilities and command-and-control centres."

Iran, of course, is warning it will retaliate and "has drawn up plans to bomb Israel if it launches an attack on Iranian soil first, military officials say. The deputy commander of Iran's air force said that in the "unlikely event" of an Israeli attack, Tehran could respond with air and missile raids."


The Financial Times' (UK) journalist, Andrew Bounds, reports 'Europe' has been told it must relax its immigration controls and open the door to an extra 20 million workers during the next two decades.
Franco Frattini, justice commissioner, is to tell the bloc's immigration ministers in Lisbon that the EU should stop erecting barriers and instead build safe pathways for Africans and Asians who risk their lives heading to the continent to find a job.

"We have to look at immigration not as a threat but - when well-managed, and that is our new task - as an enrichment and as an inescapable phenomenon of today's world," he will say. "Europe has to compete against Australia, Canada, the USA and the rising powers in Asia." He will suggest the word immigration and its "dark side" should be dropped in favour of "mobility".
(Notice it is always about commerce, trade, competition, work, employment, etc. One would think these people believe the mass of mankind was created simply to work like any other beast of burden!…ed)

While 85 per cent of unskilled labour goes to the EU and only five per cent to the US, some 55 per cent of skilled labour goes to the USA and only five per cent to the EU. The Italian wants to reverse those figures by means of harmonised policies to allow in millions of extra workers of all abilities.

"All skill levels are required. The challenge is to attract the workers needed to fill specific gaps," he will say. That runs counter to attempts by countries such as Britain to restrict access to prized skilled workers. Germany, Italy and Hungary, with their ageing populations, are most in need of immigrants, he will say.
Next month Mr Frattini is to propose an EU "blue card" to compete with the US green card. Skilled workers could apply for two-year residency that could be extended. After five consecutive years living in any number of EU countries they would be allowed to stay permanently. He is to table a law laying out minimum working standards for unskilled migrants and forming a one-stop shop for them to apply for work permits.

The Commission is about to establish a €10m information centre for Mali. Locals will be able to apply for jobs in Spain and France through a deal signed between the countries. It will be the first of several such centres in Africa. Is this what you want for Australia? Will you write to your federal representative and insist on a reduction of foreign immigration - not more!


Max Teichmann in the NewsWeekly informs its readers
"Former Victorian Labor Premier Steve Bracks seems to want to put as much distance between himself and Melbourne as soon as possible. Not many of us would have anticipated his becoming the adviser to East Timor's Xanana Gusmao, the latest prime minister of what has been a basket-case state."

The first mistake the new leaders of the fledgling State made was to place themselves under the control of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Teichmann with tongue in cheek continues:
"Timor faces the problem of raising revenue in large quantities - but how? I think a casino and a Grand Prix would be the way to start."

John Perkins' "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" is a must read to understand the dilemmas such a fledgling new State faces.


Piers Ackerman noted in the Daily Telegraph 15/9/07:
"In the time-honoured tradition of Queensland's showmen premiers, Peter Beattie managed a teary farewell for the television cameras as he blubbered his farewells to the public he had so markedly failed. The predictable political eulogies to the man with the disarming, split-watermelon grin were led by federal Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd, never a particularly close friend…"

But Lachlan Heywood of The Courier-Mail 18/9/07, reported the Coalition was to use parliamentary privilege to table a report allegedly implicating Labor leader Kevin Rudd over the 17-year-old Heiner inquiry.
The 3000-page report by NSW QC David Rofe revisits the controversial shredding of evidence collected for the inquiry by the Goss government in 1990. At the time, Mr Rudd was premier Wayne Goss's chief of staff.

The Heiner inquiry was established by the National Party government in 1989 to investigate allegations of abuse at the John Oxley Youth Detention Centre. But the inquiry was shut down and the documents shredded amid concern it was not properly constituted. Mr Rudd's office maintains that the matter has been "exhaustively investigated". Critics of the incident argue that the evidence was illegally destroyed.

Will you write requesting this matter be investigated?
We ask supporters to write to the Attorney General and Premier of Queensland, Attorney General of their own State and also the Federal Attorney General, raising the serious nature of the destruction of evidence by the order of the Queensland Cabinet of 5/3/1990 - to destroy the Hiener Inquiry documents to prevent their use in court in an issue dealing with child abuse in a State Youth detention centre.

Such action would have advantaged the Executive Government of the time and certain civil servants. Section 129 of the Queensland Criminal Code says that anyone who destroys documents that they know may be required in court is liable to three years in prison with hard labour.

The League's Melbourne Office offers photocopies of the six pages of information on the matter to those who require it. Write to: Box 1052, GPO, Melbourne 3001.

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