Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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2 February 2007 Thought for the Week:

"In a series of books and articles, (Clifford Hugh) Douglas demonstrated that the Second World War was a continuation of the First World War, with the Great Depression of the 'thirties a major feature of the long-term policy designed to create a World State.
The organic development of an Empire of decentralised sovereign nations was a major obstruction to any grandiose programmes for New World Orders, and became the target of an international campaign of destruction…
"Sovietism, under the title of the New Deal, is being rapidly foisted on the American public. The fundamental idea is the same as 'planning' and Communism: Everything run by big State Trusts controlled by Finance. Production is made to fit the money system which alone creates a set of circumstances conducive to getting the people to accept these ideas. The financiers know that primary producers have an independent outlook and have always found them the hardest to deal with. This was particularly so in Russia. There should be no need for me to comment on the similar manner in which the primary producers are being treated in this country…"

- - Eric D. Butler in "The Enemy Within the Empire," August 1941, republished 1992.


by Betty Luks
Written by Geoffrey Dobbs in the 1940s "On Planning the Earth," gives an account of the first large-scale centralisation of power over people and the whole landscape in which they lived (the Tennessee Valley) by the financial and political use of environmental propaganda.
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was at once the prototype; an example and a warning of the working out of this power policy which is now being applied to the whole world. Referred to, by the then president Roosevelt as "The New Deal" - so as not to alarm the American people - it was and is elsewhere known as Socialism or Communism or Central Planning.

First Bash Them, then Blame Them, then Take Over:
The sequence of events which has been followed ever since in one form or another, is as follows: first create a public scandal by monetary means. Then raise a great public outcry, blaming its victims as irresponsible and in need of 'taking over'. Then take over, amid tremendous propaganda about 'democracy', conservation, the environment, etc., and perhaps carry out a few useful practises, but on a petty scale compared to the expenditure on the real purposes for which the whole project is undertaken. When this finally emerges and causes a public outcry, the whole business can start again.

The 'conservative' Prime Minister of this country has announced there is an urgent need for the Commonwealth to take over the management of Australia's Murray-Darling river system and its tributaries from the States' control. In other words centralise control of Australia's major waterways in a Canberra bureaucracy.

According to this man, the problem is so huge and the need so urgent, large-scale planning is essential and only the Centralist Government in Canberra can do anything to resolve the matter.

History informs those who have eyes to see:
While the sequence of events might appear novel to us because of our short-term memories, the pattern can be recognised if one knows what to look for - it has happened again and again over the centuries.
If you wanted to take over a country - or even the world - ask yourself how you would do it.
You could do it by physical force, i.e., militarily, but even then you would need financial backing to equip and feed your armies - and the help of 'friends' along the way.
Or you could gain control of the systems and institutions by which the people are governed, e.g., the political and financial systems. A people who live within a 'money' economy are governed (controlled), even from a distance, every day of their lives by the policies of the money power.

Most people have a Bible in their homes, even if they open them up only occasionally. Dust yours off and go to Genesis 48 and take particular note of how Joseph, the Pharaoh's 'prime minister' (known in those days as a 'despot's tool') through control of the financial system, cornered the grain market buying up all surpluses and storing them away in the times of plenty.
Come the years of 'famine' the people first used up what monies they had to purchase enough to ward off starvation, then when their money ran out, sold their cattle, etc., to Joseph in return for enough to live on, finally selling their lands (now 'owned' by the State) and themselves (now slaves of the State).
Joseph, through a corrupt ruler and financial system communised Egypt.

A question to those Christian leaders who read this journal:
How does Joseph's policy of Communising the State line up with Jesus' teaching?

Last century, the Soviets were in a hurry for control of the land and in the Ukraine confiscated the peasant farmers' harvest and just let them starve to death - in the millions - then took over.
If Australians let John Howard's party and money-lender lords get away with this 'water grab', and in the future find their right to an absolutely basic essential for life, has been taken over by some faceless Financial-Corporation, they have only themselves to blame.

And what about the beleaguered Australian farmers now? Are they seen as being too indebted and need to be bankrupted and forced off their lands as the Agribus-Combines are financed to open up the north to agriculture?


by Patrick O'Shea
Australian farmers of all persuasions have just been through an agonisingly dry year. Vast regions of rural Australia had already been locked into years of devastating drought, creating an even more desperate future outlook for them. Countless numbers of primary producers are trying to come to terms with just how to find enough carry-on finance.
There are not many options available, just go back to the bank. Pray that your debts can be reconstructed and get some more finance to carry on.

Plan 'A':
However, the prospects of the short term Plan A of immediate and substantial increase of overdrafts and loans is losing its flavour. Because of the high Australian dollar, linked with vanishing profits as costs of production are overtaking returns on all sorts of primary production, the thought of giving up life on the land could be very tempting.

The day is coming, accountants are saying, and now lawyers who deal with such matters are sensing also, a big shift in what were once rock-solid beliefs of farmers, such as farmers maintaining the belief that whatever sacrifices it took, the farm must be kept.
The bottom line is starting to look awful for grain growers; very high input costs coupled with large finance investments in machinery are taking toll. The impact of very competitive prices on imports of food from cheap labour countries and our own export prices struggling against subsidised production in the world's major exporting regions. None of this is helpful.

So where are we at?
Public utterances by senior Agri-business bankers are still painting a falsely hopeful expectation that farmers have managed to keep up with their loan repayments during the drought (The Australian 23/1/07 p.24) and all will be well - for now.

No one points out that Australian taxation is oppressive and lacks adequate or significant incentives or concessions for Australia's primary producers. No one points out that the Australian dollar is the plaything of the International smart-money-men forever pouring money in or pulling money out to the tune of billions of dollars daily, changing the dollar's value by the hour. This is a preposterous situation that a staid and slow moving industry like land is subjected to and cannot compete with.

At present a one cent increase in the US dollar costs Australian wheat growers 2-3 dollars a tonne as it does with all other exports by scale. Crisis point - we need a big change in our thinking: Australian agriculture has reached a crisis point, either we farm under a new farmers' financial arrangement within the banking structure, or present farmers 'go over the cliff' - the family farm as we know it will be finished.

It is felt far and wide that nobody really cares about rural Australia and many have had enough. Labour shortages are also a major problem as young people are drawn to other lifestyles with better conditions.

Re-establish Rural Development Bank
Is there an answer and can we implement it? First, we have to determine who are our federal politicians governing for? The present financial system induces continuous rises in prices and wages accordingly. We are not going to change that (in the foreseeable future…ed). The talk about bananas effecting inflation is just too much.

What Australian farmers urgently need is a new department in all financial institutions for farmers to access as the Rural Development Bank concept is re-established. Only conditional approval would apply as primary producers access these finances to manage their future and stabilise their farms and lives.

Young people could be encouraged to become primary producers with suitable long-term loans with fixed interest rates. The Federal government could allow appropriate concessions within the banking sector.
To facilitate this concept it would be best if taxation offsets were applied by the banking institutions themselves - to manage a whole new era in Australian agriculture.


Who Owns The Water? Asks local councillor Bevan O'Regan:
Well it's finally out in the open. A company in Victoria calling themselves Urban Rainwater Systems have written to the Australian Local Government asking them who owns the water that falls on your property; the property owner or the Government.
South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania have already said that the water that falls on your roof belongs to the State.

This means that the laughable rain tax that we joked about is now a reality in those three states. This time Local Government has to waken from its sleep and tell the newly formed Water Exchange that it cannot tax water owned by property owners and while they are at it, tell them that legally they can't separate water from the land if that land is privately owned.

If I weren't reading this from messages I receive as a councillor, I would think it's all a bad dream. Unfortunately it's not a dream and we have documents signed by the Prime Minister and all State leaders agreeing to this theft of water from your freehold land.
Theft is a criminal offence and I would like to see the Shires Association instigate court action immediately.

Further contact: Bevan O'Regan, "Moema" Narrabri NSW 2390 Ph. 02 67938641: Fax 02 67938646


by James Reed
An article by Peter Ridd, a senior lecturer in physics at James Cook University ("Physics Will Add Up Only with Maths," The Australian 19/7/06 p.32) is an important contribution to the debate on outcomes-based education. This is essentially a "syllabus without content".

Ridd reports that the "latest physics syllabus in Queensland dispenses with the facts entirely… The teachers are free to teach anything they like to whatever depth they wish. There is also no guidance on the level of mathematics to be used in the physics course. Some teachers will elect to remove the maths entirely because some of the students may be frightened by a few equations."

It gets worse:
"In Queensland, not only do we have a physics syllabus devoid of physics, we have a Year 10 Maths syllabus devoid of a single equation." Incredible, indeed.
Having read all of these reports I am firmly of the belief that outcomes-based education was, and still is, a conspiracy by the Left elites to dumb down the hated West and destroy it from within. What else could one infer from a physics course without physics and a maths course without maths?

The education-speak and equity statements that fill the syllabus documents really give the game away. In the end radical egalitarians will only be happy when we are all equally at the bottom, and civilised order peels away to the rule of the barbarian and tribal War Lord.


by James Reed
Here is another argument for home schooling: mathematics students in Victorian High Schools are being asked to count the number of punctuation marks used in newspaper articles as part of the Victorian curriculum. This is supposed to introduce students to statistics.

Now if this was for kindergarten or reception children it would be fine, but not high school - the dumbing down continues. The aim of education is to produce a population quite incapable of thinking, a dumb population that can consume but which can never be a threat to the black spiders who rule us.


by James Reed
Kevin Donnelly, a member of the advisory group overseeing the inquiry into State and Territory Year 12 subjects, has done a great service in exposing the ingrained Left-wing bias present in many, if not all, high school subjects. English as well, has fallen victim to the political correctness bug, he has recently argued (The Weekend Australian 21-22/10/06 p.27).

For example, see if you can make any sense out of this outpouring from the Board of Studies for English in NSW:
"[Teachers should adopt a] critical-postmodernist pedagogy… This involves drawing on and seeking to integrate into a dynamic, strategic synthesis the currently evolving and ever mutating discourses of critical pedagogy, cultural studies and postmodernism, within which notions of popular culture, textuality, rhetoric and the politics and pleasures of representation become the primary focus of attention in both 'creative' and 'critical' terms.]"

If anybody understands this please let me know! I am glad that my teaching career has long ended. I couldn't face myself having to destroy young minds with this nonsense each day.
It will be a long hard battle to force the Left out of the education system. But by the time they "die off" from old age, the damage will be long done.

Essential reading for parents and concerned grandparents:
Twenty years ago, concerned schoolteacher Jean M. Wallis of Kaniva, Victoria, warned parents of "The Disaster Road," taken by the 'progressives' firmly entrenched within the education system.
In her book she exposed the deliberate and sustained assault on the traditional values-system that was once at the core of Australian education. "The Disaster Road," by Jean M. Wallis: Price: $17.00 includes postage and handling.

Seventeen years later John Taylor Catto in "Dumbing Us Down," sums up what were the intended results from such an approach to education.
"The system perfected at places like the University of Chicago, Columbia Teachers College, Carnegie-Mellon and Harvard" were set up to ensure a docile, malleable workforce to meet the growing changing demands of corporate capitalism…the Combine needs dumb adults and so ensures the supply…"
A few copies of "Dumbing Us Down" by John Taylor Catto are still available from League Book Services. Price including postage and handling is $28.00.


by Brian Simpson
In a revealing article "Beach Violence Not a Symptom of Rampant Racism" (The Australian 11/12/06 p.8) Tom Switzer, opinion editor of The Australian rejected the idea that the Cronulla riots of last year show that Australia is a racist nation.
The unstated premise of this argument in the media debate is that only the Anglos are, or can be racist, never the ethnic. Whatever the ethnic does, no reaction in kind is ever understandable as long as Anglos do it.

Immigration numbers doubled during Howard's decade in power:

Switzer rejects the "Australia is racist" argument, not by exposing its own "racist" presuppositions but by saying this:
"Take our successful non-discriminatory immigration policy that replaced the White Australia Policy in Harold Holt's era. About one-fifth of Australians come from families where English is not the native language and who have lived here for only one or two generations. A quarter of the population was born overseas. Howard is often accused of embracing Hansonism, yet our immigration policy has not only remained non-discriminatory, but immigration has doubled during his decade in power."

Revealing material indeed. Anglo Saxons have been tolerant to the point of ethnic and racial oblivion. Would the countries of the many ethnic groups who now constitute the new Australian State have so passively accepted this dilution and ultimate replacement?

Of course our immigration policy has been racially discriminatory: the White Australia Policy has now been effectively replaced with the Non-White Australia Policy!
Howard did embrace "smoke screen" Hansonism, taking a seemingly tough stance on illegals (which when examined is also illusory) whilst increasing Asian immigration to record levels. It should be a worry to all actionists that the Australian public has swallowed this deceptive bait.


by Ian Wilson LL.B:
It looks like 2007 will be a big year for the new world order and globalists, just as 2005 was. Native Title serves an important agenda of de-legitimising the claim to the nation that the British Australians who settled this land and created "Australia" have.

Native Title is a formal legal expression of the "invasion" ideology of academics such as Henry Reynolds: the 1992 Mabo judgement is a clear expression of this.
Thus recently, in September 2006, the Federal Court gave native title rights to an aboriginal group over Perth! At the time I wrote about this flawed judgement and fortunately the W.A. and Federal governments are appealing that decision.

The Githabul have just secured the largest native title deal in the east of Australia: 11 state forests and eight national parks. That is over 6,000 square kms of land. The agreement is to be signed at a ceremony at Toonumbar on 28th February, a mere three weeks before the NSW elections.
NSW Premier Morris Iemma will be flanked by leftist rock band Midnight Oil as well as the Warumpi Band.

So, do you New South Welshmen know who not to vote for?


by James Reed
Shelley Gare has recently published an interesting book entitled "The Triumph of the Airheads and the Retreat from Commonsense".
This book is a contribution to the growing analysis of the "cultural wars".
A variety of topics are addressed including the decline of school standards and the cult of super-affluence.

Australia, for example, has 146,000 millionaires with their average wealth being $3.96 million. Apparently the number of Australian millionaires is growing faster than anywhere else on this troubled planet. The "rich airhead" syndrome is that if one is rich it is easy to believe that you deserve to be richer. Pursuing money for the sake of pure accumulation has become more important than knowledge, love and moral living.
In fact in the post-modern free market world, there is no moral value beyond the absolutes given by the market, of greed and accumulation.
Gare quotes from a satirical piece by American journalist Ron Rosenbaum, "The Difference Between Crack-Dealing and Investment Banking as Professions."
Both professions involve choosing addictive substances over human values, and philosophically, in terms of human harm, there is little difference between them. The reality of the drug world and the world of money, is self-sustaining greed.


by Brian Simpson
One important part of our programme for recovery as a people is the recovery of our racial past. Politically correct history as it is written has it that the North West European people were primitive people and that major scientific and technological discoveries were made in Asia and the Middle East.

An older view, dating from before the Second World War, had it that the Aryan peoples of Europe were the creators of civilisations and took advanced culture to far off places such as India and China. As this view has the potential to give historical pride to our race, those who have the agenda to destroy our kind, and who now run the Establishment, suppress or do not promote any data which may support Nordic racial pride.

The Australian magazine Renewal (December 2006) reports that the world's earliest calculator, the "Antikythera Mechanism," was originally found in 1901 off the coast of Greece. Not only could the calculator add, multiply, divide and subtract but it also has gearings to predict the motions of the planets. Made of brass in the second century BCE, the devise resembles a windup clock.

Optical lenses found at Visby Scandinavia, made over 1,200 years ago were superior to those made in Holland 500 years later.

Ivory carvings found at Kostenski, close to the River Don in Southern Russia are about 45,000 years old and constitute the earliest example of human figurative art. Received science says that humans only settled Europe about 40,000 years ago, but this idea is now being challenged.

Ancient Europe, contrary to received opinion, was not an intellectual backwater, but rather an intellectual leader.


by Ian Wilson LL.B:
On 1 January 2007 Victoria's Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act came into force. There is a fundamental problem with these sorts of Acts, as Benjamin Jellis has observed:
(The Australian 4/1/07 p.8) "Arguments about rights are inherently subjective and place great discretion in the hands of the courts. This is, of course, a boon for lawyers, but disenfranchises those who have neither the time nor the money to fight over the consistent interpretation of laws."

Human Rights Acts put our most cherished freedoms in the hands of lawyers - and I have seen enough of lawyers to be more than a little concerned.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159