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2 November 2007 Thought for the Week:

If it is possible for any truth to emerge from this mad election campaign, surely it is the spiritual generosity of the Australian elector. All of which was summed up in the words of the person being interviewed by an ABC reporter:- "Half the lies they are telling are untrue".

- - John Brett, Queensland, October 2007


The Mayor of Naracoorte South Australia, Mr. Ken Grundy, gives a strong lead on the water/immigration debacle:-

Under the heading: "A sustainable level of population for Australia" posted on the council's notice board, he writes:
"Wherever I go and the subject of our population arises, without exception, people are concerned at the present numbers in Australia, let alone the massive expansion predicted for the future. Everyone is puzzled as to why our parliamentary representatives do not reflect this grass roots feeling. Surely that is their job!
There is a scarcity of water in practically every corner of this nation and every extra person exacerbates the crisis before us now. Even when more normal rainfall resumes, other resources such as electricity will be inadequate for the masses.
Calls to protect the environment seem hollow when for example; more people require more vehicles which create more pollution. Clearly, we need to stand back and determine a level of population which is sustainable and reflective of the community desire. How will we get this message to our representatives? The major parties need to get the message and across my desk the other day came a simple plan which may do the job."

"The Australian Electoral Commission has agreed that a vote will not be invalid if writing on the ballot paper does not obscure the names of candidates or the numbers in the squares. There is sufficient space at the top of both voting slips to neatly write "REDUCE IMMIGRATION".
This unofficial voting will be noticed by all scrutineers and if sufficient people act this way, the impact could be huge. It is likely to be the only easy way to have a say on Australia's future population."

Authorised by Ken Grundy, Martins Rd., Naracoorte, SA 5271 October 2007


We wonder if the aspiring politicians in Australia are paying attention to what recently happened in Switzerland? It is one thing to impose unpopular policies on the people - it is another thing to make them work in the long-term.

According to the Institute for Historical Review, there have been "Record Election Gains for Nationalist Swiss Party": The nationalist Swiss People's Party received the highest vote ever recorded for an individual political party in Switzerland, after a bitter campaign in which it blamed foreigners for much of the crime in the country, according to official results [just] released.

The Federal Statistics Office estimated that the party had won 29 percent of the vote in national parliamentary elections Sunday, 22nd October. That topped the 1919 performance of 28 percent achieved by the pro-business Radical Democrats. The Social Democrats, the second- largest party, dropped to 19.5 percent from 23.3 percent.

Source: https://www.iht.com/articles/2007/10/22/europ e/swiss.php


The rightwing Swiss People's Party says it has collected over 170,000 signatures in three months for its initiative to expel foreign criminals. The proposal has caused controversy at home and abroad in particular for its accompanying "black sheep" poster campaign, which has been accused of racism, depicting three white sheep kicking a black sheep out of the country.

The initiative calls for any foreigner condemned of murder, rape, robbery, drug trafficking, burglary, human trafficking or social security abuse to have their residence permit taken away.
Source: https://www.swissinfo.org/eng/politics/detail/Righting_claims_success_with_black_sheep.html?


by James Reed
Betty Luks has penned an inspired and magnificent essay "Myths, Legends and Spiritual Survival," (* The New Times Survey October 2007). The essay begins with her reflections upon reading "The War Diaries of Weary Dunlop".
Sir Edward "Weary" Dunlop was a senior medical officer in prisoner of war camps in Java and on the Burma-Thailand Railway during WWII. Here prisoners had to endure appalling conditions at the hands of the Japanese as they were worked to death. There was a "war within the war" to maintain the spiritual strength to continue to live. This war was a new war, one for physical and moral survival.

One way in which men in the camps attempted to restore moral order, and keep men above the animal level was through the instalment of a camp education system which taught the best of the western canons of leading, including the ancient Greek and Roman past and the lessons from great literature such as the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer. Myth and legend gave a meaning and point to human hardship and aided in the capacity of survival. If men have meaning then they can survive any hardship. Courage, Weary Dunlop concludes, "is the real foundation of life." (p.416)

The importance of mythopoeic thinking, of relating human strife and struggle back to the fundamental questions of human existence, is also well seen in the literature of J.R.R. Tolkien, Author of "The Lord of the Rings", "The Hobbitt" and other works. In a battle between good and evil, where there are no murky postmodern shades of grey, the values of courage, mercy, integrity, honour and love can be experienced in a pure form. These are the values of heroes; manly values, though of course women can well attain them.

Today, only 60 years or so from Weary Dunlop's world, it seems almost inconceivable that we are living in the same world as those who did brave deeds and wrote poetic myths. We inhabit something of an alien, invaded and occupied world, where people are encouraged to be less than human and to fall into the mud of techno-consumerist depravity and degeneracy. There should be a fear among those who can still think and feel that civilisation - the world represented by Tolkien, could ultimately be swallowed up in the Ring of Power - of high finance, blind mechanistic science and brutal technology - that now rules the world. As always, the resistance must be to counter raw power with thought, myth and poetry. We too must outlast the vast concentration camp of the new world order, in which we dwell.

As the great Irish poet W.B. Yeats once said:
"Can there be anything so important as to cry out that what we call romance, poetry, intellectual beauty, is the only signal that the Supreme Enchanter, or someone in His councils, is speaking of what has been, and shall be again, in the consummation of time?"

* Send for your copy of the October 2007 New Times Survey by subscribing. $25.00 per annum for twelve monthly copies. To: Australian League of Rights, Box 1052 G.P.O. Melbourne 3001

Footnote: Clifford Hugh Douglas in "The Realistic Position of The Church of England," in 1948 wrote: "The civilisation of Christianity was incompletely embodied in the culture of mediaeval Europe, and is exemplified in Magna Carta. Its essential characteristic is courage, allied to "love," cf "Perfect love casteth out fear" (a rather unsatisfactory translation). The knight of chivalry, the militant Christian ideal, watched his armour alone in the chapel through the night, and then went out to do battle alone for love against fear and oppression - a very complete allegory."


On a lighter note, from David Flint's Opinion Column:
"For the first time, a haka, based on the old Maori war dance, has been performed at Buckingham Palace. This was on the occasion of 100th anniversary of the original All Golds' Rugby League tour to the United Kingdom in 1907.

The 2007 team, including the entire tour party, were invited to meet Queen Elizabeth II, as Queen of New Zealand, at the Palace on Tuesday, 16 October, 2007. In the New Zealand Rugby League Press Release, the team manager Malcolm Boyle warmly welcomed the event, saying: "This is a tremendous and rare honour, not just for us but for the game itself. Being invited to meet the Queen has just lifted a hugely significant event to yet another level."

This tour by the All Golds' team includes three of New Zealand's greatest players - Ruben Wiki, Stacey Jones and Nigel Vagana - as well as Warriors' captain Steve Price, the team's Australian guest player. Team captain Ruben Wiki, who was made an Officer in the New Zealand Order of Merit in this year's Queen's Birthday List, said: "It's humbling to think we'll meet The Queen at a time when we're celebrating 100 years of international rugby league. It makes this All Golds' tour even more special. I know I've got some work to do on the day."

As to the haka, New Zealand TV3 said that when people are this rowdy they are usually asked to leave. When news of the event spread, palace staff turned up to watch. It was, as it always is, a great success. After the team performed, The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh mingled among the footballers."


On the 2 Nov. 2006, The Stern Report on costs of 'global warming' appeared. Was the report an unbiased, impartial, comprehensive report? Hardly. It would seem the reader needs to be aware the Treasury Civil Servant Sir Nicholas Stern has links to the Fabian London School of Economics, the World Bank and the Ford Foundation.

In response to Stern's Report, Professor Paul Reiter of the Pasteur Institute, Paris, wrote the following letter to the U.K. Daily Telegraph:-

Sir - I have seen Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth, read the book, and read the Stern Report, as a scientist, I am appalled. Both authors present myriad dangers as truth - no doubts, a 100% consensus. Yet a glance at the professional literature on glaciers, hurricanes etc., confirms that this consensus is myth. Besides, consensus is the stuff of politics, not of science.

I am reminded of Trophim Lysenko, who used pseudoscience and myth-making to establish "scientific proof" of Marxist genetics. Lysenko dominated Soviet science for more than two decades by propaganda and ruthless liquidation of his opponents.

When he was finally discredited, the Soviet Nobel Laureate Nicolai Semyonov wrote:- "There is nothing more dangerous than blind passion in science. Given support from someone in power, it can lead to suppression of true science, and….to inflict great injury on the country". Popular knowledge of scientific issues is again awash with misinformation. Alarmists use the language of science to manipulate public perceptions by judgmental warnings. Scientists who challenge them are branded as a tiny minority of "sceptics".

One of the few geneticists who survived the Stalin era wrote: "Lysenko showed how a forcibly instilled illusion, repeated over and over at meetings and in the media, takes on an existence of its own in people's minds, despite all realities."

To me we have fallen into this trap. A genuine concern for mankind demands the inquiry, accuracy and scepticism that are intrinsic to science. A public that is unaware of this is vulnerable to abuse".


by James Reed
I have a number of articles beside me as I write about plagiarism in academia. Why should we care about that? Well, for one thing, academia and the new class elites that buzz from the hives of universities generally support and promote all of the doctrines which we see as racially, economically and nationally dangerous - globalism, free trade, economic rationalism, immigration, multiculturalism - you name it.
Thus, we should take every opportunity to take a swipe at the universities when opportunity presents itself.

It has long been known that plagiarism is common among Asian overseas students. In Asian institutions, plagiarism is very common. It is now common in Australian institutions. (The Australian 5/9/07 p.44; 22/8/07 p.7)
According to one report, one student was about to graduate after four years, but could only speak three words of English! (The question is asked: so how did she pass her previous 47 subjects in English?) It is common for overseas students who have difficulty with language, to get thesis and essay "help" - but this may at times be so extensive as to constitute collaboration! The universities are in ruins. They have become degree machines for the money.

The liberal idea of the university as a place for free speech and pursuing the argument where it may lead is dead, long dead. The idea of free thought, that precious flickering flame in an otherwise ocean of darkness, is kept alive now by organisations such as the League of Rights. The proof: week after week you read the ravings of James Reed, like him or loathe him!


by Brian Simpson
The Summer 2007 edition of the US journal "The Social Contract" reports on the vast underestimation of illegal aliens in the United States. The edition publishes essays commissioned by Californians for Population Stabilization, and all of the papers are sophisticated and strongly reasoned.

To cut to the chase, the official Census Bureau estimate of 8-12 million illegal aliens is certainly wrong. The number of illegal aliens is likely to be double, 16-24 million or more. Some writers put the figure at 38 million. And the average illegal immigrant receives US$8-12 in public services for every US$1 paid in taxes.

In California this constitutes a drain of about 20 per cent of the State budget. For those of you who think that I/we talk too much about immigration, consider the ramifications of these grim statistics as the number of illegals continues to grow. Economic collapse is ensured by this alone.


by James Reed
Distributism is a branch of catholic social thought which believes that power needs to be devolved to the lowest possible level. Capitalism, for distributors like Hilaire belloc, author of "The Serville State", was wrong because there were too few capitalists.
Power and wealth was concentrated into too few hands so that the majority of people became mere machines and wage slaves. Democracy becomes corrupted into plutocracy, the rule of the rich.

What is particularly wrong about Capitalism is that, in the words of an article on CEO payouts "There are excessive rewards for mediocrity." (P. Weekes, "Bosses Make More Dollars Than Sense," The Sunday Age 8/7/07). Consider: the head of Coles will be likely to walk away with a $50 million package even though Coles lost market share to its rival Woolworths.

The article gives a long list of Australian executives who failed, but who walked away with millions. Excessive CEO salaries are a corrupting aspect of global capitalism - and its no wonder that the rich like the idea of "globalism".

But for us, we have a duty to keep the ship of civilisation and humanity afloat and we seek in social credit and its philosophy a medicine for the sciatica of corporate greed with its ultimate philosophy of slash and burn.


by Betty Luks
Featured on page 1 of The Australian (11/10/07) is a revealing photograph. The caption reads: "Blessing: Labor's George Newhouse (left) and Wayne Swan watch as Malcolm Turnbull is blessed by the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yona Metzger.

The Rabbi is touching Turnbull's head which is presumably the "blessing". When I first saw the photograph, without reading the caption, I thought the Rabbi was patting him on the head in an affectionate fashion or in a light-hearted manner, as one would pat, say a pet.

Having been blessed the millionaire Environment Minister has told the gay and lesbian voters in his electorate that he will fight to end discrimination against them! (The Australian 12/10/07) Presumably this means supporting same-sex marriages. But wait - what does the Chief Rabbi think of this?


From Len the Cleaner:
Here is the headline : "Truck Water in By Bottle" (The Advertiser 13/10/07 p.1).
"Experts" are making plans for Adelaide of supplying water in bottles or tankers to households if Adelaide's "water crisis" continues. On Target 19 October 2007 had an excellent article "Water, Water Everywhere - and Not a Drop for Our Use!" exposing the myth of this "water crisis".

Australia is only the driest continent on earth if one divides water volume by surface area. But Australia has masses of water: the Clarence River Catchment puts out ten Sydney harbours to sea each year and the Ord River in Western Australia wastes 4 billion litres a day. Pipelines could easily make Adelaide into a tropical garden.

When I was a lad I once read a comic which came to mind when I read the 'Tiser headline. Earth people had been enslaved by an alien race who forced the earthlings to pay for water at $1 a bottle. In the days of Spiderman, Thor and the Fantastic Four, this story struck me as too fantastic to contemplate at the time. But now - now it is a reality - as people buy bottled water because tap water is so foul.
The "water crisis" promises to be very profitable for the globalists once more. Soon, they may even make me use bottled water to clean my toilets!


from Len the Cleaner (again):
I can't help but put in my 5 cents worth on the Sudanese debate. Consider The Australian's treatment on 8 October 2007, "Proud Aussie Turns His Back on Howard".

Here a well dressed Sudanese says that he is a proud "Aussie" not a "Sudanese" ("I do not want to live in a country where people call me Sudanese; I think of myself as an Australian"). Well, whatever happened to multiculturalism! Can we cut out the immigrant refugee grants and largesse now?

This is biased journalism at its worse:
Of course there are decent hard working Sudanese refugees. But as always, with numbers comes trouble. Capturing statistical and demographic difficulties is too hard for the media when today one needs only a big coloured photograph and a knee-jerk headline.


by Betty Luks
The internet news article commenced with: "ConAgra Foods Inc. recalled all its Banquet pot pies and store brand varieties Thursday after the products were linked to a nationwide salmonella outbreak. The company included beef pot pies in the recall after initially saying only the chicken and turkey pot pies should not be eaten.

ConAgra issued a consumer alert Tuesday and asked stores nationwide to stop selling the poultry pot pies, but the company stopped short of a recall until Thursday evening. ConAgra spokeswoman Stephanie Childs said the decision to recall the pies wasn't based on new information, but an abundance of caution. "We want to make sure there's no confusion with consumers, that these pot pies shouldn't be eaten," Childs said."

Well now, the reader might say this sort of recall happens from time to time where food is concerned, so what is so newsworthy about this particular article - and he would be right. But the news took me back to the experiences of an American by the name of Rudy 'Butch' Stanko in his battle with the cartels that operate in the meat industry in America. He wrote of those experiences in a book titled "The Score". Writer and author Eustace Mullins permitted Stanko to include the following remarks to appear on the back of the book published in 1986:

"Rudy Stanko and his companies were a rising power in the U.S. Manufactured (ground) meat business. Their turnover was running at a rate of $200 million per annum. Debts were minimal. They supplied 45% of U.S. Army ground beef and were the dominant supplier for the school lunch programme. Their profitability was amongst the highest in the business.
The Stanko's knew the business after 3 generations of involvement. They had a consistent record from a list of satisfied customers. Life was good.

In three days Rudy Stanko's business was destroyed. Why? Because he had underestimated the cartel which controls the U.S. meat industry. He had only seen them as competitors, and as such he could handle them. They were more. They were part of a "family" of cartels operating in many industries, in the media, in banking, and reaching into Government itself, which protects and promotes its interests at every level…"

In 1986 ordinary people would have treated such claims with much scepticism and hardly to be believed. In 2007 the link between banking, big business and big government is now out in the open for all to see. For those interested to read of his experiences, try the internet for a second-hand copy of "The Score" by Rudy 'Butch' Stanko.

A Minnesota couple is suing ConAgra Foods Inc. for selling the pot pies they believe made their young daughter ill with salmonella. The federal suit, filed in U.S. District Court in St. Paul, seeks damages of more than $75,000 and reimbursement for medical costs.


To the Editor of The Australian, 19th October 2007

It is regrettable to find yet another Jewish spokesman, this time Dore Gold, fulminating against 'denial of the Holocaust' ('Threats the First Step to Genocide', 19/10). What he is really opposing is not denial but critical appraisal; and it is enormous effrontery to deny the right of President Ahmadinejad or any one else to approach a matter of history in that spirit.
As for Mr Gold's claim that the Iranian president wants to 'wipe Israel off the map', that is a misleading interpretation of remarks that were surely intended to suggest not genocide but the establishment of a different kind of nation in that area, one less ethnically exclusive and aggressive towards its neighbours.
Israel already has nuclear weaponry, which it developed in secret. It is in no position to morally lecture Iran about its development of nuclear facilities. That Mr Gold can have such nonsense published in our national newspaper is an indicator of a corruption in the cultural life in Western European nations.
Another indicator is the fact that in Germany ('Hitler's rule not all bad, say a quarter of Germans', 19/10) 'any praise of the 1933-45 Nazi dictatorship is taboo'. What a ridiculous and childish attitude.
It is segments of the world's Jewish population that are essentially to blame for this intellectual repression; and it is high time that it was more vigorously and publicly opposed by lovers of truth and intellectual freedom.

- - - Nigel Jackson, Belgrave Victoria 3160

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