Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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9 November 2007 Thought for the Week:

The Australian Electoral Commission has agreed that a vote will not be invalid if writing on the ballot paper does not obscure the names of candidates or the numbers in the squares.
There is sufficient space at the top of both voting slips to neatly write "REDUCE IMMIGRATION".
This unofficial voting will be noticed by all scrutineers and if sufficient people act this way, the impact could be huge. It is likely to be the only easy way to have a say on Australia's future population."

- Authorised by Ken Grundy, Martins Road, Naracoorte, S.A., 5271, October 2007


by James Reed
Around late May of this year the media carried a story about a Dutch TV show where a terminally ill woman was to select one of three contestants to receive her kidneys when she died. The woman was not terminally ill, but apparently the other people still needed organs. The moral of the show was to show the plight of people needing organs.

Well, how about a new reality TV show where terminally suffering Aussie battlers - our farmers and small business people - are weekly saved from financial ruin by the largesse of the media? It is said that reality TV Patty's Fort Show celebrated colonic irrigation, with the sociological effects proudly displayed. It seems to me that worse things are seen each night on the evening news as the casualties of the day from our poisonous pollies, are proudly reported. Like the great TV kidney donor hoax, the joke is always upon us.


by James Reed
Those Australians who think that immigration is good for the economy, slows the ageing of the population, etc., etc., should contemplate the future by reading former US Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan's magnificent book "State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America". Here Buchan shows that the mass immigration of non-Europeans to the United States will lead to the social breakdown of America as we know it.

The book is full of statistics about the destruction of English-American culture, the decline of schools and health and the rise of gangs, drugs and crime. Buchanan turns his considerable critical powers to the task of destroying the foundational myths of the open borders crowd.
And he goes further and proposes that there are significant genetic differences between races and that Western civilisation could only be created by Europeans:
"It is not true that all creeds and cultures are equally assimilable in a First World nation born of England, Christianity and Western Civilisation. Race, Faith, ethnicity and history leave genetic fingerprints that no 'proposition nation' can erase."

Buchanan believes that America has one last chance before the political power of Latinos reaches a point where "democratic" change is impossible. He says that commonsense policies such as having a moratorium on legal migration, putting up a fence between the US and Mexico, ending amnesty, birthright and dual citizenship, etc., are needed. Unfortunately he does not outline how US politicians can be forced to take action even to enforce already existing laws on illegal immigration.

Buchanan writes: "Our great cities will all look like Los Angeles today. Los Angeles and the cities of the Southwest will look like Juarez and Tijuana. Though we were never consulted about this transformation, never voted for it, and have protested against it in every poll and referendum, this is the future the elites have prepared for our children." Commenting on this, peter Brimelow, author of "Alien Nation"* has said in the 4 December 2006 edition of American Conservative that this is a recipe for a revolution." Don't hold your breath on that one.

And in England:
In England, from Eastern Europe alone, 250,000 migrants legally come each year, under European Union open borders migration policies. The government expected 13,000 per year and got instead 250,000 migrants per year. Technically Britain can limit this migration flow but it chooses not to. This issue was also discussed at Lawrence Auster's blog site.
At first I thought that the issue of the acceptance of national suicide was primarily the product of the acceptance of orthodox economics. Whilst now accepting that economics has an important role, the problem seems to be deeper and more philosophical.

Jim Kalb, cited at Auster's site puts the blame on liberalism itself:
"Liberalism [viewed as an "overall movement rather than a particular configuration of understandings and institutions"] combines a very simple ultimate principle, equal freedom, with willingness to compromise with existing arrangements while the implications of that principle gradually transform the whole social order. That's what it means to say that liberalism is reformist, and it's why liberals have had a perpetual bad conscience with respect to Leftists."
"Since the 60s, and especially since the collapse of Communism, there's no longer anything substantial opposing Liberalism for it to compromise with or need allies against, so Liberalism can be what it most truly is. That's why it has become more or less identical with Leftism. Its ultimate principle of equal freedom, which is the same as "tolerance,"has become explicit as an over-riding standard with which all human relations must comply immediately. That's why we now live in such a radically ideological society."

* "Alien Nation" by Peter Brimelow available from all Heritage Book Services.


by Brian Simpson
If you Google "Jena 6" you will find all sorts of petitions and articles pleading to "free the Jena 6," "Black Power!"

And in the US of A the civil rights/multiracial movement thinks it's back in the swinging 60s, with marches and protests. The Jena 6 is a symbol of "racial injustice" the articles say. So what is it all about? Take a deep breath and let it slowly out.

Six black youths are charged with beating up a white student in December 2006. The charges were originally attempted murder, but now the charges have been downgraded to aggravated second degree battery. The white student was almost beaten to death, but because he is white the protesters do not care. Indeed, because he is white is the issue.

The protesters claim that there is an unequal application of laws which is responsible for the disproportionate number of blacks in prison. The same argument is made in Australia with our Aborigines - but it is never proven, only asserted.
I could find no internet article in the Jena 6 case proving "Black Power's" point. The best I could find is the claim that a prosecutor had declined to charge three white children after they hung nooses in their school grounds. The authorities claim that no law was broken and I think they are right. Indeed, the US Supreme Court upheld the burning of crosses as part of the Second Amendment Freedom of Speech.

So consider the logic of the black's protest. They should not be arguing for freeing the Jena 6. After all, this incident was separate and distinct from the noose incident. What this says is it is alright for blacks to (almost) beat whites to death. No doubt many of the black racists believe this, but don't have the courage yet to say it. That would scare the white bleeding heart liberals who have donated money to the Jena 6 cause.

What should be said is that the Jena 6 should be dealt with by the rule of law and if the white children with their noose did break the law, then so should they be dealt with by law.
The Jena 6 case is really about anti-White racism and an attack by the anti-White establishment on the people of Jena.


Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews, alleged that African refugees are forming violent race-based gangs and has stopped new African refugee applications until next year - until after the November election of course! (The Australian 5/10/07 p.5) Black gangs in parks and nightclub fights were some of the problems.

Numerous articles in this weekly commentary have documented those problems. But Nationals MP John Forrest has said that he had written to Andrews, and said to the media that African refugees are "beautiful people". Does Forrest imply that non-African refugees are not "beautiful people"? Has he met every one of them or even a representative sample?

This is the typical "no-brainer" statement that is seldom ever challenged. Mr. Forrest, explain yourself!


from Len the Cleaner
I can't help but put in my 5 cents worth on the Sudanese debate. Consider The Australian's treatment on 8 October 2007, "Proud Aussie Turns His Back on Howard".
Here a well-dressed Sudanese says that he is a proud "Aussie" not a "Sudanese" ("I do not want to live in a country where people call me Sudanese; I think of myself as an Australian"). Well, whatever happened to multiculturalism! Can we cut out the immigrant refugee grants and largesse now?

This is biased journalism at its worse: of course there are decent hard-working Sudanese refugees. But as always, with numbers comes trouble. Capturing statistical and demographic difficulties is too hard for the media journalists when today one needs only a big coloured photograph and a knee-jerk headline.


by Betty Luks
Across the West, Jewish intellectuals rigorously defend immigration, refugees and a generally "open borders world." For those who wish to read about Jewish involvement in US immigration policy, there is no better starting point than Kevin MacDonald's "The Culture of Critique".

But this philosophy of openness has ramifications. In August, Israel refused sanctuary to Darfur refuges (The Australian 21/8/07 p.11). A flood of asylum-seekers had been entering Israel from Darfur through the desert border region with Egypt. Word of jog opportunities in Israel brought the surge in asylum-seeker numbers. Now a limited number of refugees would be allowed to remain, but new asylum-seekers would be sent back to Egypt.

Warfare in Darfur between the pro-government militias and rebels has resulted in the deaths of 200,000 people and the displacement of 2.5. million since February 2003. Thus it has been argued by Israel refugee supporters that compassion should be shown to the refugees because of the past sufferings of the Jew. But Ephraim Zuroff of the Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Centre appealed to reality: "Israel can't throw open the gates and allow unlimited access to people who are basically economic refugees."

This is an example that immigration critics in Australia should remember.


by Betty Luks
I once read a most entertaining journal by American anthropologist John Greenway, who wrote of his experiences in this country 'pursuing the Old Stone Age Aborigines of Australia': "Down Among the Wild Men" (Hutchinson & Co. London, 1973). He had come to believe that in every part of the tropical Old World before the invasions by the large Negroes in Africa, by the Mongoloids in Asia and by the Australoids in Australia, there were indigenous inhabitants, little people, known as Negritos.

I had heard stories of these little people still existing in Australia a number of years ago and was pleased that an article about them was eventually published in the Heritage journal. John Greenway explained in his journal how these little people came to be 're-discovered' on the Australian mainland in the late 1930s.

In 1935, Norman Tindale (I understand he was associated with the South Australian Museum for many years) found a handful of old photographs at the Warburton Mission in West Australia, purportedly taken in the far northwest of western Australia. One picture showed a line of naked Aborigines of small stature in front of a bush-and-leaves shelter. Tindale deduced that there was too much foliage for the Great Sandy Desert, where Colonel Egerton Warburton was supposed to have taken the pictures (in the few periods when he was not worrying about death from thirst), and thought that in all probability the shelter was made of wild banana leaves. Now the only place wild bananas plants grew in Australia was in a small tropical rain forest around Lake Barrine on Queensland's Atherton Plateau.

It was 1938 before Tindale and Professor Joseph B. Birdsell travelled to that particular Queensland jungle in search of these 'little people' - and found them. A photograph of Prof. Birdsell and an adult male Negrito appear in Greenway's book.

They were not, in fact, 'lost' at all; they were not 'unknown' and though there may be many within the Land Rights movement who would like them to, they had not fallen down Orwell's black hole of history. Most of the remaining few hundred, of what once had to be a continental population, were then living on isolated mission stations, but, like a 'lost' book in a library out of sight among the other books on the shelves, the Negritos, the 'little people' were re-discovered, they were 'found' on the Atherton Plateau.

The experiences of those two men is just what I thought of when I came across the book "I Paid Hitler" by Fritz Thyssen which was published by Hodder and Stoughton in 1941 - and found the following little gem within its pages.
But first, for our younger generation some background notes are needed. It is noted in the book, that at the 1939 outbreak of WWII, Fritz Thyssen the German industrialist who had for more than fifteen years backed Hitler and financed his movement, fled from Nazi Germany to Switzerland.

Thyssen recorded in his memoirs:
"Hitler is totally ignorant of economics. He lets himself be taken in by notions which he thinks he understands and which do not make the slightest sense… One day Dr. Schacht, weary of all the futile and costly agitation of the party economists, declared publicly that it was absurd from the economic standpoint to build pyramids in order to occupy the unemployed…"

"Hitler," wrote Thyssen, "is constantly afraid of not seeing things in large enough proportions. Pyramids, Napoleonic roads, Roman roads are an obsession with him. He plans his highways for centuries to come… Money does not count. And unhappy Dr. Schacht had to torture his brain to find a way of financing these unproductive projects. After exhausting himself in protesting he eventually resigned his office. Yet he must bear part of the responsibility."

Dr. Schacht's role in 'credit creation':
And now we come to that little 'gem' of history. Thyssen continued: "It was he, indeed, who at the beginning of the new regime showed the Nazis how to use credit. No doubt he desired to remain within reasonable limits. But Hitler, seeing that credit could be created - according to Dr. Schacht's incautious formula - never wanted to halt his course…"

Hitler had learned the secret of Mammon's insidious power, but compared with today's military and political 'leaders' Hitler was a bit of a piker.
Take George Bush for instance; his ambitious projects and agendas are much more extravagant and are of far greater epic proportions to those of Hitler, hence the nation's huge trillions of dollars of 'credit' debt - based on Mammon's rules - is now bringing that nation to its knees.


As for John Howard, he most certainly believes he must keep the people working by imposing his own version of pyramid building. "Jobs are worth a rate rise: PM" (The Weekend Australian 27-28/10/07 p-.1). "John Howard has placed the goal of full employment higher than any other economic measure as the Coalition braces itself for a rise in official interest rates in the middle of the election campaign."

Has Howard ever asked himself whether in this technological, automated machine age, we can, feed, clothe and house ourselves, without the need for full human employment? If he was not so blinkered by Mammon he would say the answer is: absolutely, positively, yes! But Howard as a servant of Mammon, believes that it is right, it is moral, it is just, to place further financial hardships on those with bank overdrafts and mortgages - as he continues to promote 'full employment' whether needed or not.

The political dinosaurs are still trying to force their outdated politics into the dramatic dynamic social changes of the developed nations - and they do not work.

It's time to think outside the box. It's time to think BIG*.
With the development of industry, technology and then automation, the dynamics of societies changed dramatically.
Answers had to be found:

§ What to do with the workers when they were sacked to make way for the new machines?
§ How were the workers and their families to gain access to food, clothing and shelter?
§ What to do with the excess production coming off the production lines?
§ How to find fresh markets for the production?
§ Fresh markets were found, but other nations were also developing
§ This led to the industrialised nations scouring the world for new markets and competing against each other. This competition was simply war by other means.
§ And finally the economic wars led to military wars.

You need to see the DVD and/or VIDEO * "It's Time to Think BIG. It's Time to Think Outside the Box" by Betty Luks; a paper presented in Adelaide earlier this year. Price: $18.00 posted. Available from Heritage Book Services, P.O. Box 27, Happy Valley 5159. .


by Betty Luks
I don't find the push by the online group GetUp to my liking. It is promoting the "three competing parties" - Labor, Democrats and Greens - who "have come together in one political ad - under the banner - with an urgent plea to all Australians: Vote to end the Coalition's rubber stamp in the Senate!" And how is this done? By financially supporting the political advertising they wish to promote.

They are concerned that if the Coalition once more gets control of both Houses in the coming federal election, they will do what they have already been doing, making "it a mere rubber stamp for their own policy."

And what if Labor should gain control of both Houses?
Tell me which party, Tweedle Dumb or Tweedle Dumber, wouldn't do that if and when in control of the Senate?

While GetUp insist they are not about "taking sides, it's about a functioning house of review where no one party - whether Liberal or Labor - holds all the cards," one must ask why the group chose to support three Leftist internationalist parties?

Why not choose one or two of the smaller groups who are pushing for policies that will support all Australian families? That would have made more political sense to me.


Bleeding Hearts:
The letter from Longreach (last 31st August…ed) is a fair start, but omits crucial issues. Consider this: We have a nice but modest house in - say, Camberwell, Melbourne. We have difficulty with the upkeep, but the property has been in our family for well over 100 years and we are determined to keep it for our children and grandchildren.
Now, way over the other side of town are many families almost ungovernable, who not only fight each other and all of their neighbours, but even fight to the death within the families. The disruption is so great that the police and the riot squad have been involved. Consequently, the area is a mess.
Now, one large family, surveying the prospect, decide that no way will they help clean up. No, they decide secretly and unilaterally that they will live in our house. They sneak across town, avoiding any office entitled UNHCR, and come up over our back gate. Fortunately our dogs alert us and with difficulty we shut them in our garage. Here, we feed them, tend them, send in teachers, do all that we can, and surely, more than we consider their due, but this family having no sense of the sanctity of life, indulge in all sort of bizarre conduct to draw publicity and to achieve their will by moral blackmail.
They will live in our house. They will take advantage of our generous law and build a Mosque on our front lawn facing our street.
But now, the unkindest cut! Some of our citizens, from their ivory towers, insult us and declare that it is all our fault that we do not take them into our house. This to me is "the last straw".
Surely, there can be no real peace in our land until all of these Bleeding Hearts are rostered to the Red Cross, to have their sleeves rung out.

Sincerely, S. Hayward, Seymour Victoria.

Genetically Modified Crops:
Those farmers who have written to the Weekly Times in support of GM crops and food should have signed off as either Charlie Monsanto or Freddy Bayer for they are simply regurgitating the propaganda devised by Monsanto and Bayer.
Let there be no mistake neither are really interested in improving the financial returns of family owned farms. They are however definitely working towards control of the world's food supply from the farm base.
Few farmers will be aware that as far back as the late 18th century a character named Adam Weishaupt developed a secret organisation known as the Illuminati at the behest of the world's largest international banking family. The objective being One World Government and the progressive control of food and water, and the plentiful supply of credit to entrap individuals, companies and yes, even governments.
Fortunately after many years of extensive research trials in the UK and the EU, with a population of 445 million and by far Australia's largest customer (excluding minerals) with trade of over $65.5 billion, resulted in damning indictment of GM crops as being harmful to wildlife. As a consequence, both Monsanto and Bayer have withdrawn their GM seeds rather than face endless litigation and are now concentrating on sales within the USA, Latin America and the Pacific Rim, including dear old Australia with its clean green reputation. The question now is, how many of the farmers in favour of GM crops have given any thought to who is going to supply the patented seed each year, and the necessary fertilizers to maximise growth. And, at what cost?
And most importantly, how many farmers are aware that they are being systematically eased off their farms as imported foods from transnational companies fill the supermarket shelves. How many are aware that the USA's largest meat processor Swift and Company, who exports into our traditional markets, now owns Australia's largest meat exporter Australian meat Holdings. All courtesy of our federal government in the name of free trade!
Getting back to GM crops, for scientific details about the damage they cause, refer to Google on the Internet and enter either or simply 'world scientists' statement'.

Yours sincerely, Bill Brown, (Farmer) Colac, Victoria.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159