Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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30 November 2007 Thought for the Week:

"The fact that the Rhodesian army's immediate enemies happen to be black terrorist armies of Karl Marx in Mozambique… is neither here nor there. The Rhodesians, I imagine, would much prefer to be fighting their real enemies, which are mostly white and out of reach. The Rhodesians do know what they are fighting for.
They know they are fighting for the fine and potentially even finer country they have made for themselves, whether they are white or black: and they know they have the only organised military force in the world which is now in action against the forces of International Communism.
That is to say, they have the only organised military force in the world which is fighting and dying for the West, or, in plainer terms, for you and me. Shouldn't this rate at least a single cheer?"

- - Military strategist General Sir Walter Walker, U.K. 1977


The news that Ian Smith the former Rhodesian PM had died, aged 88, brought back memories of the League's efforts to offer moral and spiritual support to the besieged peoples of Rhodesia as they fought during the 1970s to hold the front line for Western civilisation in Africa. Not only did they have to contend with the Communist revolutionaries led by Marxists such as Robert Mugabe, but also the traitorous White elite of the Western World. Not only is former Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) now under Marxist rule but so is South Africa.

During his 1965 visit to Rhodesia, Eric Butler, during an interview with Prime Minister Ian Smith asked if he had a message for Australians and New Zealanders.

Smith responded thus: "Very briefly, I would ask them to give us a chance…. Give us a chance and I am sure that we will go on maintaining the high standards that we have always maintained in Rhodesia, giving a fair deal to everybody."

At the time Eric Butler wrote: "Surely this is a most reasonable request? But the tragedy is that so many Australians and New Zealanders have prejudged the Rhodesians because they are the victims of one of the most frightening examples of international brainwashing seen for a long time."

After Rhodesia and South Africa came Australia's turn. It is planned that we will also be swallowed up in the NeoCommunist World Order, but we are to be a colony of Communist China - if we let them get away with it.
For those who would like to read more about The Battle for Rhodesia from someone who understood the dark forces setting the agenda for control of the world, look for a second-hand copy on the internet of Douglas Reed's book of that title: "The Battle for Rhodesia".

Archival video-film: The League has a short archival video-film of Eric Butler with his son Phillip visiting Rhodesia during the time of the West-directed 'internationally-imposed' economic sanctions against that brave little nation. Eric is shown presenting a tank-load of fuel to the Ian Smith government representative, Lord Graham, as a token gesture of support on behalf of the Australian and New Zealand group Friends of Rhodesia.

Communism's alliance with Big Money
Thirty years ago veteran South African journalist Ivor Benson warned us of the alliance between Communism and Big Money and what were their plans for Africa . What was in store for Africa could be seen with complete clarity as long ago as 1949, when Douglas Reed published "Somewhere South of Suez":
"Once more the paramount fact of our time is established: the actual aims of American high policy and of the Communist Empire are not separate or opposite, but the same. There must be, in America under President Truman as under President Roosevelt, some group or force strong or persuasive enough to 'sell' Communist aims to the political leaders, and simultaneously to convince them that these will 'stop Communism'. Here is a Chinese idea presented to the American Congress and people as one of several ways of thwarting Communist expansion…"

Ivor Benson's important booklets "The Moment of Truth," and "A Message from Southern Africa" are available from all Heritage Book Services. The set of two for $7.50 posted.


by James Reed
If the polls are accurate Comrad Rudd will be at the steering wheel of the good ship Australia. This will see a continuation of the destructive globalist agenda carried forward by Howard from Keating, with an intensified open Asianist cultural programme.

Rudd, a good Asian citizen, wants to see Australia become the most Asia-literate country in the world. There will be of course, the relentless mass Asian 'yellowing Australia' immigration programme. Our children will be subjected to a relentless onslaught of Mandarin and Japanese, to make our colonial masters happy.
Labor will also sign a UN declaration on indigenous rights, that our judges will creatively use to manufacture all sorts of laws on the basis of the "legitimate expectations" created by signing such a declaration.

I will be going on and on about Comrad Rudd over the next three years - or more - if I live it out. The dying OZ population will ultimately toss out Paul Keating Rudd, only to be faced with another Liberal Party genetically engineered clone.

This cycle of disintegration will continue unless we as a movement, and other similar movements, can convince the Australian people that there are some things more important than the mortgage. By the way, the French word "mort" means "death".


Australian League of Rights Council, W.A.
In memory of Ray King who passed away on the 17th October 2007, after a long illness. Ray was the first Australian League of Rights State Director for Western Australia. He served as a Pilot in the RAF during World War II with distinction and valour. After the war he became involved with the League when he was still a young man and after his retirement as the W.A. State Director, continually served the League with honour until his debilitating illness made it impossible for him to continue. Rest in peace dear Ray, knowing that you gave your all for freedom.


by Brian Simpson
Times they are a-changing. The Vatican once had a policy of quiet diplomacy in dealing with Islam and issues such as the discrimination, and indeed persecution, of Christians in Islamic countries. But demographic shifts have also meant that Nazareth and Bethlehem no longer have Christian majorities. Muslim populations are also expanding in the West.

In reflecting on this threat of Islamisation, Monsignor Velasio De Paolis, the secretary of the Vatican's supreme court, said: "Enough now with this turning the other cheek! It's our duty ot protect ourselves."

However, the Catholic Church has done much to prepare the demise of the White Christian West. John Paul II was a champion of free immigration and multiculturalism and the Catholic Church, along with the rest of "establishment Christianity", champions anti-White causes with pew-leaving regularity.

The "Church" supplied major critics of the White Australia Policy and the American Restriction Act. The end result of this essentially anti-White racism has been the undermining of the West itself. You can see the future by visiting a major Protestant or Catholic Church in one of our main cities. Christianity must now confront the challenge of radical Islam on its home ground, protected by politically correct laws at that.


by James Reed
Switzerland was once seen as a stable light of direct-democracy in the shaky world of European power politics. However a week before the general elections held last October a violent clash occurred between thousands of anti-racist demonstrators and police. The protesters had blocked the routes of a march by Switzerland's most powerful party the Right-wing Swiss People's Party (SVP), who went on to gain the highest vote of the various groups in the elections.

The SVP had taken a stand against open-borders-style immigration and wants to deport foreign nationals who commit crimes in Switzerland once they have served their gaol terms. Foreign nationals make up 20 per cent of the Swiss population, but account for 70 per cent of the prison population.

Back in Britain, the asylum crisis worsens
There are so many asylum cases now that to deal with the new ones, old claimants may, according to a leaked Home Office memo, be simply offered backdoor amnesty. (Source:
It is stated: 450,000 "legacy" asylum cases, some dating back a decade, will be perceived by the public as a full-scale amnesty." Immigration, not climate change, is the most explosive issue of our times.


by James Reed
Last week's OT featured an article by the UK journalist Christopher Hitchens in which he wrote:
"How will we be able to look our grandchildren in the face when they ask what did you do to stop Britain's taken over by a foreign power - and that includes even you Lady Thatcher. This is too frightening and too important to ignore any longer. If we don't want to become a neglected outstation of the European Superstate, stripped of our nationhood, powerless to decide who lives here, controlled by laws we don't make and can't change, ruled by a government we cannot throw out, we have rather a short time in which to do something about it. You may think none of this matters to you, but the trouble is that it does, whether you think so or not."

James Reed now makes some further observations:
Internal subversion is intent on eliminating Britain - and the date set is May 2009 to be precise. "The Declaration of Berlin" by the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, was signed by all EU nations 25 March 2007. This commits nations to signing the final EU treaty thus committing countries to adopting the EU Constitution.

Clause 1 - 46 - 4 will abolish the nation states of Europe, and for Britain, the Monarchy and Common Law - everything the League cherishes in fact. The EU will effectively become a massive police state without the rights that Britons have come to take for granted, such as Habeas Corpus (i.e., a writ to bring a person before a court to decide on a matter, rather than being indefinitely held in gaol).

Already the EU corruption is massive. Whistleblowers such as Marta Andreason, the EU Budget Director have exposed this, but have been sacked for their pains. In 2005 she found that the EU could not account for 95 per cent of its €66 billion budget! Corruption therefore is out of control. The EU will control the migration of nations and will adopt an essentially open-borders policy so that migrant workers will drive down wages to Third World levels.

Soviet System: In short, Europeans are set to have less freedom than the former Soviet citizens. In fact the EU is modelled on a Soviet-style command system. The full horrors are detailed in a long article entitled: "Abolition of Britain Now Set for May 2009," by the New Battle for Britain group at or

Britain is also facing disintegration as a nation because of immigration and a public policy think tank has said that Britain could cease to be a country becoming merely a "nation of immigrants".
According to The Times Online, 18 April 2007, the UK Immigration Minister has said that large-scale immigration has "damaged the poorest communities and deeply unsettled the country"- producing inequality and child poverty.
Pressure on schools and the housing system also resulted from a net immigration level now four times higher than when Labour came to power in 1997.

Britain aims to solve this problem by introducing the Australian-style points system. Welcome to our nightmare!

Sharia Law: Sharia law continues to spread in Britain as Muslims are electing to have disputes tried by Islamic judges. Sharia councils operate in most large UK cities. One third of British Muslims according to a 2006 opinion poll, said that they would prefer to live under Sharia law than British law.

Have the British the will to survive? Do we?


Britain's new to office PM has announced to long-suffering Britons they are to expect further controls over their lives - all in the cause of combating 'terrorism', of course.
Train passengers will face routine airline-style bag checks and body searches as part of a new counter-terror crackdown. Brown conjured up visions of ''Fortress Britain" as he unveiled a succession of security measures at airports, railway stations, sports venues and other public places.

There is also to be a huge 'hearts and minds' campaign aimed at diverting young Muslims away from the influence of fanatics. The PM explained that a review of vulnerable buildings and crowded spaces like shopping centres had led to a rethink of the way they are protected. More than 250 busy railway stations, airports and seaports as well as 100 "sensitive" installations like power stations and electricity substations will be given extra security.

This could include screening luggage at major stations like London King's Cross or Manchester Piccadilly using mobile checking devices that can be moved around the country. More buildings will be defended by barriers to stop car bomb attacks, extra blast-proofing, vehicle exclusion zones and metal detectors.

New security guidance is being sent out to sports venues, pubs, clubs and bars, shopping centres and tourist attractions together with thousands of cinemas and theatres, restaurants and hotels. Advice will also be given to hospitals, schools and places of worship on how to keep visitors safe.

Some 160 counter-terrorism advisers will train civilian staff to identify suspect activity and ensure premises have adequate emergency facilities and make best use of their CCTV footage. Get the picture? Create the problems by mass, uncontrolled, alien immigration to begin with, then set in place police state controls for all the population.


by Betty Luks
Muslim youth leader Fadi Rahman, who runs a youth centre in Sydney has warned that overseas radical Islamists are attempting to radicalise Muslim youth in Australia. His fear is that if something constructive is not done there could be a repeat of the London-style terror strikes in Australia. (Islamic Leader Warns of Terror Strike", The Australian 29/10/07 p.1)

Rahman was critical of ASIO for "the Haneff thing" i.e., a bungle, and said that government information needed to be addressed to southwest Sydney "where about 250,000 Muslims live."
Yes, I read that figure again "250,000 Muslims live." Yes, you read that figure aright - "250,000". That figure which is growing says it all.


Paul Grubach writes: I just received a letter from Germar dated November 9, 2007. He appears to be in good spirits, which is very good news!! In regard to his spiritual health, he writes: "I am now regularly contributing to the church service by singing. Starting next Wednesday, I'll try to sing together with another chap who can also play the acoustic guitar. Music lifts up my spirit, and the pastor is most impressed by what I've performed so far."

In regard to his mental health, he writes: "I'm making good progress with my English language course...I keep reading Science and Scientific American plus National Geographic, which exercises my brain pretty well."

In reference to his exercise routine: "It turns out that the problem with my right foot is a tight Achilles tendon. I didn't stretch is well enough over the past two years...Should have taken your advice on stretching after working out more seriously. Now I really do take it seriously and stretch a lot! Anyway, today I ran for the first time since early September or so--just a 1 k to test the system. Feels good. Tonight I will do some 80 minutes of rowing, and I am in the process of negotiating with the prison administration to buy a bicycle trainer, meaning a training bicycle. They don't want to spend the money, but would get it for me to be used in the training area in the basement. Costs 700 Euros. So now we are trying to figure out how to do it. I'll keep you posted."

Germar continues on about his exercises. He seems to be getting good nutrition: "My weight is steady at 85 kg. BMI [Body Mass Index] 22. I now produce my own yogurt regularly and manage to get some oranges once in a while from the pastor for my contributions to the church service. I earn enough money to buy me the fruits and vegetables I need, plus muesli [sic] and oats, so things are fine at that front for now."

Germar's address is: Herzogenriedstr. 111 D-68169 Mannheim Germany.
You are encouraged to send him a message of support. However, don't make any "politically incorrect" statements to him, as all of his mail is carefully monitored by prison authorities.

PS: BOTH Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolf are at the above address. What an infamous place. Perhaps someday it will be our "Auschwitz" shrine, when the truth be told and the world understands....PLEASE send those cards, spread the love and support and let everyone else you know who might be interested do so as well!


Science has demonstrated that plant life and food production will benefit substantially from higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Imagine a world without carbon dioxide (CO2). It would be a world without life. Plants of all kinds, from the greatest of the world's stately trees to the smallest single-celled algae, would disappear. Gone too would be the herbivorous creatures. Without the herbivores to prey upon, the great carnivores would disappear as well. Finally, without the plants and the animals, man too would disappear.

As every schoolchild knows, plants need CO2, and the food chain, no shortage of C02 in the atmosphere and the Earth's plant life continues to thrive. Now, imagine a world in which CO2 is increasing. Indeed, we are told, this is now the case. But what will be the result? Will plant growth benefit? Will crop yields improve? Will the Earth actually become greener? Even a rudimentary knowledge of C02 - one of the molecules blamed for "global warming" - would suggest that the answer to all of these questions must be yes.

In fact, scientists know that an increase in the amount of C02 in the atmosphere would benefit plant life not only on the basis of our understanding of the science but on the basis of experimentation. The Stuff of Life
The carbon dioxide molecule is composed of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms. A gas, C02 serves as the principal repository from which carbon is drawn for construction of organic compounds. These include simple sugars, like sucrose, as well as the more complex carbohydrates.
These compounds, which form an essential link in the chemical chain reaction of life, are created by autotrophic organisms-plant--- that gather carbon and energy from the environment, carbon from carbon dioxide, and energy from sunlight.
The means by which plants do this is photosynthesis, a process requiring both light and carbon dioxide.
Of the reactions involved, those that require C02 result in the construction of carbohydrates, including starches and sugars. This process begins with carbon fixation and is initiated when carbon dioxide in the air diffuses into the leaves of plants and into spaces between photosynthetic cells. There, enzymatic activity captures the carbon atoms that are then used by the plant to construct necessary carbohydrates. Plant growth depends on the efficient utilisation of carbon dioxide.

Not only do elevated concentrations of carbon dioxide stimulate plant growth and reproduction, they allow plants to adapt to warmer temperatures. Elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations generally have two direct and momentary physiological effects on plants. First, they increase of photosynthesis of the leaves, because of higher C02 concentrations at the sites where enzymes fix C02. Second, they cause stoma to partly close, thereby reducing the water loss due to transpiration. This second effect allows plants to adapt to and flourish in drier conditions featuring higher ambient temperatures.

Environmental extremists and their allies in government and the media tend to portray the future as one of impending disaster brought on by C02-induced global warming. Reality, though, is far different from these gloomy predictions. With more C02 in the air, literally thousands of experiments have proven, beyond any doubt, that plants grow bigger and better in almost every conceivable way, and they do it more efficiently, with respect to the availability of important natural resources, and more effectively, in face of various environmental constraints. Instead of environmental disaster, in a world with carbon dioxide enriched atmosphere, the future will be green, with abundance.

Then why the UN campaign against carbon dioxide? Is it more about Agenda 21 and the control of the world's vital resources, energy, water, food, etc, to ensure their objective of global government?
Ref: The New American Global Warming, 14th June, 2004.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159