Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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7 February 2007 Thought for the Week:

"The issues are basically spiritual. The moral principles of Christianity do not stand by themselves, but are the fruit of certain truths about God and man. Take away these truths and we are left floundering. Christian ethics are the fruit of Christian theology, and in the same way Communist ethics are the fruit of Communist doctrine and philosophy.
The world is in the grip of a war of dogma, or ideology. At the bottom of our dispute with Communism is a quarrel about the nature of God and man and the ultimate meaning of the universe. So many are handicapped in the struggle because they are confused and uncertain about aims, and therefore cannot fight properly…
We have often heard the trite saying - "It doesn't matter what you believe so long as you do what is right". This is nonsense, because what we do finally depends on what we believe… We in the West have been trying to uphold a particular set of ethical values which have their basis in Christian theology, while gradually dispensing with the theology, and unfortunately some of those doing the white-ant work are Christian priests and ministers… Dogma and behaviour are bound up together."

- Source: from the Papers of Eric D. Butler.


by James Reed:
Here is one for the "putting it in a nutshell" department. Larry Butrose, "Mao's Last Laugh is a Boom," The Weekend Australian 30-31/12/06 p.21, sums up why the US will be historically thumped by China:
"China's threat to American power and prestige is far more threatening than anything Osama bin Laden can throw at them. He attacked New York and Washington, killed thousands of people, and inflicted damage upon American self-belief and way of life - but in terms of power compared with China, he is an irritant.

"China's growth has been double digit for a decade, during which it has become a vacuum cleaner for raw materials from around the world, from which, utilising cheap domestic labour and European and American technologies, it has made and sent a tsunami of consumer goods back out across the world.
Its advantages are manifest. While the US relies upon the under-educated, the under-privileged and illegal immigrants to hold down wages, China has a gargantuan domestic labour pool. It also rules as it pleases, using the Orwellian machinery of the modern totalitarian state, from persuasion and surveillance through to imprisonment and the death penalty, which it uses with even greater alacrity than the US.

No velvet glove over this iron fist:
"Not for China the niceties of liberal democracy: no velvet glove over this iron fist. The oligarchy of the Communist Party decrees and the assembly abides, rendering China effectively a boom capitalist economy run by a theoretical anti-capitalist clique. It is a perfect doublethink, and, infuriatingly for China's competitors, it is working very well thank you very much.

"The leadership knows, as the people do, that provided the economy continues to perform in terms of rising incomes for greater numbers of Chinese, and wages are kept under control, the system will be deemed to be delivering the goods. In other words, the masses implicitly agree to the myth of the communist doctrine (if they consider it at all) while the elite continues the flow of cargo to them - the cars, televisions, fridges and washing machines."

The ultimate economic machine has been created: a Communist controlled Capitalist society - proving that Communism and Capitalism are two sides of the same oppressive monopolistic machine.

Life for the working plebs is cheap in China: 320 people a day are killed in accidents (largely from work and most in the coal mines) but Communist officials have told the plebs to work harder to keep the economic growth fire's burning at 10 per cent. (The Australian 22/12/06 p.8) China is the Social Crediter's ultimate nightmare.


by James Reed
Did you know that the quality of mathematics and science education in Australia is now ranked below India? There, 40 per cent of the population is illiterate. For those of us who are illiterate, that means, can't read or write! Even Indonesia is ranked higher than Australia, according to the World Economic Forum. ("Our Maths Teaching Below India's" The Australian 16/1/07 p.1.)

According to the CSIRO's chief of Mathematical and Information Sciences, Australia's knowledge base is already gone and there is no new generation of scientists and mathematicians to service future needs. (The Australian 17/1/07 p.2)
Having destroyed the education basis of science, I suppose that the new class elite's next trick will be to solve in typical Hegelian dialectical fashion, the problem which they created (i.e. thesis-antithesis-thesis) - by bringing in scientists and mathematicians from India.

Well, how about the media replacing its journalists with Indians? And the arts faculties of the universities - what about sacking most of these academics and replacing them with Indians who under IR laws work for a fraction of the cost?
Would the chattering class support Asianisation and globalisation if, for once, it was their jobs on the line, and if they felt the economic pain?


by Brian Simpson
In a lecture which he gave at his old university, Pope Benedict XVI, in a rare break from the usual accommodating interfaith dialogue, quoted the Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus, who in 1391 said: "Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

The Emperor was alluding to the "sword" verse of Chapter 9 of the Koran. Debate about the role of violence in spreading the faith (Islamisation) has continued ever since.

The problem here is that the Koran contains verses which seem to support the idea that Islam is a religion of the sword. Radical Islamists take this option, as seen most dramatically by the camp of Osama bin Laden.
But the Islamic reaction to the Pope merely quoting an ancient authority in a scholarly address also proves this point. Just consider: Palestinian militants ("good guys" according to Left-wing anti-Zionists) destroyed seven West Bank and Gaza Churches and an elderly Italian nun was shot dead by gunmen in Somalia - an act which wins the award for cowardry of the year.

Calls for Pope to be hunted down
Effigies of the Pope were burnt in Pakistan. British Islamist Anjem Choudary, at a rally outside Westminster Abbey, called for the Pope to be subjected to capital punishment. Somali Islamist, Abubukar Hassam Malin merely wanted the Pope hunted down and killed "on the spot" - much like one would want dingoes eliminated. (The Weekend Australian 23-24/9/06 p.17)

Political leaders across the West, who have also surrendered to the disease of multiculturalism, urged the Pope to issue an apology. He did, but it did nothing: the threat of revenge continued. No Pope in history has ever apologised for quoting a source in a speech to a university - even the Inquisition hasn't been apologised for- but stay tuned.

In this context, it is interesting to view the position of Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Kelty: "I've been with the Islamic community here in Australia since 9/11, talking to them, going to dinner with them, sharing the Ramadan feasts with them, and I understand a lot more about them now than what I did before… I think when you look at the rich history that Muslims have brought to this country there is a terrific positive story to be told." Yes, but this is trivially true of any group.

The negative side to this
The flip-side, in the light of the Sydney gang rapes, the Dutch cartoon controversies, 9/11 itself and now in the Pope v Islam case, is that there is also a negative side. Kelty's remarks are quoted from George Megalogenis' "Moderating the Fight on Terror," The Weekend Australian 16-17/9/06 p.25.
Megalogenis is a champion of multiculturalism. Fine - but consistently applying multiculturalism means we Anglos should also have the same "multicultural" ethnic relativist rights to stick up for our own kind as ethnics stick up for theirs. From the perspective of the group survival interests of my kind it is impossible to see "multiculturalism" as part of the solution.

Anglo racial suicide
Excuse me, but we Anglos have been multiculturalised to the degree that the Sydney gang rapes were not seen as anti-Anglo racism by our ruling elites, and that investigations of Islam as made by the Pope, can be dealt with by racial and religious tolerance Acts if made by a Christian preacher. This is not tolerance, it is racial suicide for us. Would Megalogenis wish to live in a future Europe which will be majority Muslim?
When the Nordic West, which still supplies the racial backdrop to modern life, finally expires, will liberal democratic institutions survive?

The really tough questions are never tackled by the media multiculturalists because serious intellectual analysis of multiculturalism would reveal the rational bankruptcy of multiculturalism and ethnic pluralism. How tolerant of 'multiculturalism' will they be?
Australian multiculturalism is a parasite philosophy which depends upon the compliance of the Anglo-host, but reverse the situation by a radical change in demographics, as may occur in a future Europe, and the philosophy of Anjem Choudary and Abubukar Hassan Malin will become the dominant ideology. Will their kind, if they rule, accept the need for multicultural tolerance? Don't bet on it.

John Howard believes that there is an Islamic segment of the Australian population which is "very resistant to integration". Kelty rejects even this mild point of view pointing to a non-Muslim terrorist element, being people calling themselves Muslim who strike at the West. On this logically absurd basis he rejects racial profiling in dealing with terrorists, continuing the same type of philosophy of law enforcement that existed with the Sydney gang rapes.
Kelty claims that "true Islam" denounces violence: but that is the point of the Pope's debate: What is true Islam?

A liberal interpretation of Islam can view Islam as a religion of peace. However as Australia's George Pell has noted in defending the Pope: "In my own reading of the Koran I began to note down the invocations to violence. There are so many of them, however, that I abandoned this exercise after 50 or 60 or 70 pages."

There is thus a battle for the heart and soul of Islam raging between the optimists and the pessimists. Glib, glazed-eyed expressions of the joys of multiculturalism, typical of the Keating regime, are not addressing the core issues. A serious examination of Islam (and of Judaism and Christianity for that matter) is in order.


by Ian Wilson LL.B:
In 2002 two Christian pastors of Catch the Fire Ministries published various articles critical of Islam. The Islamic Council of Victoria ("an incorporated association that represents Muslims and Islamic societies in Victoria") made a complaint under Section 8 of Victoria's Racial and Religious Tolerance Act alleging that the "conduct incited hatred against, serious contempt for, or revulsion or severe ridicule of the Islamic Faith."

The matter was heard by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and judgement was given in favour of the Islamic Council of Victoria on 22 June 2005. The pastors appealed to the Victorian Court of Appeal.
On 14 December 2006 the Court held that the matter should be returned to the VCAT for reconsideration by a different judge as the original VCAT judge had used the wrong legal test of incitement.

Sadly, the Court held that the Act was constitutionally valid as it did not infringe the implied Constitutional freedom of communication on governmental and political matters. This is an astonishing conclusion because it is difficult to think of matters more important to political discussion than those raised by the pastors.
Nettle, J.A. also said at paragraph [17]:
"it is conceivable that a statement made about religious beliefs in the course of a talk-back radio broadcast could run foul of S.8 of the Act while the same thing said as part of intellectual discourse within a seminary or faculty of theology would not have that effect."

In other words: watch out media, the medium by which a statement is made, is now relevant to race-hate matters.


by James Reed
Cabinet documents from 1976 were released by the National Archives in the first week of 2007. (see: And click on "1976 cabinet records".)
The documents among other things document that the immigration department warned Malcolm Fraser's government that it was allowing in too many Lebanese Muslim refugees without the "required qualities" to integrate into Australian society.

Malcolm Fraser, ever-politically correct, replied that the Muslim refugees had criminal records on a par with the Australian average. And anyway: "We should look not just at the people who came from Lebanon. We also need to look to ourselves to see what went wrong with these particular communities." (The Australian 2/1/07 p.2)

A predictable and despicable response: the blame is never to fall on the shoulders of politicians like him, only the long-suffering Anglo-Australian people.


by James Reed
I have a thick pile of newspaper articles before me about the nation's Muslim cleric Sheik Taj el-Din Hilali, who made news last year with his comparison of (Anglo-Saxon) women to uncovered meat that would be preyed upon by "cats" of his own race. The remarks were condemned by almost all who have been reported, including Islamic organisations and prominent Islamic women. But in my thick pile of cuttings I have found nothing about how many Muslims actually agree with the Shrieking Sheik.

BBC News stated that one in ten British "Asians" (= Muslims) supports honour killing which is murder of women who disrespect the family's honour. This "disrespect" includes wearing clothing which is disrespectful - as well as the sort of clothing condemned by the Sheik, which is all Western dress without head coverings, hijab.
By analogy a sizeable chunk of Muslims would agree with the Sheik on the dress issue. But no opinion polls appear in our papers. Note also that the Sheik said that women possess the "weapon of seduction" and that women are weapons of Satan used to control men.

This type of mentality leads to situations like this:
Mukhtaran Mai, a Pakistani woman was gang raped by five men on the orders of a Pakistani tribal council in 2002. This was punishment for her brother allegedly having a love affair with a woman from another tribe. Mai didn't do anything.
In Pakistan, Islamic Hudood law requires that conviction of a man for rape requires four adult male witnesses or a confession from the rapist. Men who want to marry again often accuse their wives of adultery and have them imprisoned.

The Race-Hate Mufti
The loud-mouthed Sheik has had some more things to say about the people of the land that let him in. "The Anglo-Saxons who arrived in Australia arrived in shackles. We paid for our passports from our own pockets. We have a right in Australia more than they have."
A line of thought too dopey to refute, but insightful for what it reveals about radical Islamist thought.
And he continued:
"The Western people are the biggest liars and oppressors and especially the English race." The shrieking sheik has tended to be treated as a bit of a joke now by the media, being called the "foot-in-mouth mufti."
Thus his racial vilification of Anglo Saxons can be ignored - as it always is by the system - whilst any similar jab at ethnics will soon have the ethnic lobby appealing before the race-hate inquisition.

Multiculturalism if consistently practised asserts that all of these cultural practises are fine. If the population numbers are big enough, a Western nation should be able to democratically adopt Sharia law. To restrain multiculturalism to having to keep within a Western framework of liberalism is logically inconsistent. Thus the comments of the "outrageous Mufti" are not so extraordinary but are the logical conclusion of multiculturalism.

The Islamic killer of Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh attached an open letter to his victim's chest and remarked to a passer-by while killing him: "Now you know what you people can expect in the future." The full story is told in Ian Buruma's recent book "Murder in Amsterdam". Mark Steyn in "America Alone" sees for Europe, "the end": a total surrender to radical Islam.

The Muslim population of Rotterdam is forty per cent and growing. The most popular baby's name is Mohammed. In fifty year's time, will "we" (or what is left of our kind) still laugh at the likes of Hilali? Fasten your seat belt the journey has only just begun.


by Brian Simpson
Readers will perhaps recall that academic Professor Andrew Fraser was frog-marched before the race hate tribunal for remarks about the statistically higher incidence of African criminality. Given that this is a legally sensitive issue, let us proceed by quoting members of the ruling elite on this subject.

Consider the article: "Police Say Sudanese a Gang Threat," (The Australian 5/1/07 p.4). Police in Victoria are being "urged" to set up a "special task force to tackle gang violence and lawlessness among young African migrants living in Melbourne's inner city housing estates." Who is "urging" this? According to the article "rank-and-file police and terrified neighbours." Terrified neighbours?

The Police Association Secretary is quoted by The Australian as saying:
"The Sudanese are very difficult to deal with - they come from a lawless background and they really have to be properly educated about Australian society's standards."

African youth/ethnic gangs are emerging. And here I was thinking that the colourful U.S. street garb worn by youths which I have seen in Victoria was just footie colours! So how will the problem be dealt with? Wait for it.
By recruiting African migrants for police! (The Weekend Australian 6-7/1/07, p.4) - but the plan was "undermined" by "community leaders" even before the news ink had dried.

Then of course there is the material about Australian Somali youth returning to their homeland to join Islamic jihadis fighting Ethiopian forces. The youth are apparently embracing Wahhabism, a fundamentalist Islamic faith. Was Professor Andrew Fraser right?

Sitting next to the article "Police Say Sudanese a Gang Threat," is the equally telling headline: "Cronulla Candidate Campaigns for Race Hatred." There is even a sign in the background "dangerous current". Campaigning for "race hatred" - how shocking. But read on.

This is the story of John Moffatt, Independent State candidate in the March election. Mr. Moffatt in the light of the racially motivated pack rapes and all the other horrors of multiracial, multicultural Australia, is concerned about "the survival of the White race."

Can you guess the groups which claim in the article that Mr. Moffatt is inciting 'racial hatred'?


David Flint of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy in his Opinion Column has warned us under the heading: "Republic low down on my list of priorities" HM Leader of the Opposition.

"While supporting a plebiscite on whether Australia should become a republic if he were to win government in the next election, the Leader of HM Australian Opposition, the Honourable Kevin Rudd described the issue as "way down my list of priorities" - behind a strong economy, fairness in the workplace and elsewhere, climate change and a hard line on national security.
In an interview with Michael Gordon and Michelle Grattan published in The Age on 14 December 2006, Mr.Rudd said he was "relatively relaxed" about the idea of a directly elected president of an Australian republic if that is what the majority of voters want.

On a republic, he said:

"I am not ideologically committed to an appointed presidency. I'm open-minded on that question. It would be good if we could get to a stage soon where we could say that one of us was our head of state."

Perhaps Mr. Rudd is trying to calm the ultra republicans who haunt both sides of parliament. Perhaps he actually believes that the adoption here of a French style republic would improve government, notwithstanding the over 20% youth unemployment that prevails there.

The artful dodgers:
We can only assume that Mr. Rudd is not aware that the plan for a plebiscite has been proposed by the republicans as a totally deceitful exercise to avoid showing their hand on what they want to do and to lock Australians into their hidden plans to concentrate power even more in the political class. Like Bob Carr's closure of streets in Sydney to force motorists to use the universally detested cross city tunnel, the plebiscite is designed to lock Australians into whatever republic and flag the republicans secretly plan to foist on the nation, whatever the burden this places on present and future generations of Australians.

The worst thing about this deceit is the demand that Australians cast a vote of no confidence in one of the world's most successful constitutional systems, without even being told what secretive plan the republicans have."

Comment: Needless to say, along with ACM folk, we also will "fight any attempt to circumvent the Constitution."

David Flint continues: "We will call on our only resource, the more than 50,000 Australians who fought in the referendum, and the majority of Australians who voted with us in."


In 2004, China provided over 68,000 of the 322,000 foreign student enrolments in Australia - an increase of more than 17 percent over the previous year.
Tourism links are also expanding rapidly, with arrivals from China in 2002-03 exceeding 220,000. By 2013, China is expected to be our largest source of foreign tourists, with visitor numbers predicted to rise to one million.


The Baby Factory:
A Daily Mail (UK) investigation team has uncovered a baby factory in Athens run by the Albanian and Russian mafias, catering to the demands of wealthy Western women unable to have children of their own.

It is run with brutal efficiency. As soon as an order has been placed, a woman is chosen to produce a baby. Only the beautiful girls are selected to join the production line.
The customers will, the owners of the factory know all too well, pay a higher price for an angelic-looking baby. The blue- eyed ones are particularly prized.

The woman is impregnated by mafia racketeers and then looked after, housed, fed and clothed for the next nine months.


I have sent the following letter to Premier Peter Beattie of Queensland, and Premier Morris lemma of NSW, Signed: Jeremy Lee.

Dear Premier,
I do hope you will not permit Messrs Howard and Turnbull to get away with their outrageous demand that the States refer their constitutional power over water to Canberra. Such demands are usually made under duress and crisis propaganda, and aim to get round the Constitution.

In 1942 the war-time Attorney-General, Dr H.V. Evatt, tried to persuade the States to hand over a number of powers to Canberra under the pretext of the wartime emergency. Every State agreed with the exception of Tasmania, where the Upper House, led by a famous Australian, former Test Cricket captain Joe Darling, told Evatt to "go home and hold a constitutional referendum under Section 128", which had been included expressly for such a purpose.

This Evatt did NOT want to do. But, because of Tasmania's adamancy, finally had to hold the "14 Powers Referendum' in 1944. Everywhere, Australians voted "No", with the biggest vote of all in Tasmania.

What about taking such a stand on behalf of the Australian people? Yours faithfully, Jeremy Lee, Ravensbourne Queensland.

GLOBAL WARMING, Chinchilla News (Qld) 4/1/07:

Sir -I read with interest the letter in 28/12/06 issue of the Chinchilla News by Gerald Patch, concerning global warming. Temperature extremes are not something new (it is through these extremes that the experts work out their averages.)

Right from when I can first remember, that is back in the early 1930s, most of our summers have been very hot and most of our winters have been very cold. I have a record kept by one of my uncles when he was still in Victoria. These records range from 1892 to 1907, during that time in December, January and February the temperature ranged from 106 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit, in Celsius 40 to 46 degrees.

Just quoting several sections out of a 1907 issue of the Charlton (Victoria) paper from which Uncle obtained his records (I have the cutting from this paper which Uncle had pasted in an old exercise book).
Quoting from this record.
"At Charlton on Tuesday the maximum shade reading at the post office was 107°. On Wednesday it improved five points, reaching 112° while on Thursday the mercury was sent up a little higher, the registration being 114°."

Then further down in this report. "Our neighbours are suffering even worse than we are as at Swan Hill the heat reached 120°, Horsham 117°. Wycheproof 118°, Donald 116°, Korong 110°, Bort 117°."

Further on down, "The heat has been severe in its effects on animals, particularly horses. Mr J Coatsworth, Teddywaddy, lost a draught mare, and Mr R Larmour, Shingle Hut, also lost a draught animal, while it was reported yesterday that three horses dropped dead while in a team at Barrakee.

At the end of this account from the Charlton paper there is a statement of the highest temperature recordings for the three months stated further up in this letter, of the 15 years from 1892 to 1907.

It always amazes me how these experts on global warming come to their final decisions. In this country and around the rest of the globe there are many times in summer when unseasonably cold spells are experienced. These periods should upset the balance.
But as the old saying is: "My mind is made up, so please do not confuse me with facts".

- - Arthur Hurse, Chinchilla, Queensland.

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