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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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Thought for the Week:

"There is I think one safe rule to apply to all Schemes Plots and Plans. It is called the Golden Rule and it is not new. Disregard all the fine phrases. Disregard all appeals to your 'Public Spirit'. Don't bother about Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Don't waste your time trying to find out who the Proletariat are going to dictate to when we're all propertyless - and so all Proletariat.
Merely enquire "What are you going to do to me, and how do I stop you if I don't like it? Can I kick your inspectors and your Ogpu-Gestapo and your Kommissars out of my (excuse me, my mistake, the proletariat's) house, or can they kick me? If I believe it isn't my business to spend the rest of my life making tractors for China, and say so, do I get my coupons, or don't I? …
If you ask the Utopian this kind of question, you will discover an interesting fact - that one of the biggest parts of the Big Idea is the indispensability of the Ogpu. Or call it the Gestapo - or the G-men. Or the "snoopers". We don't hear much about the Ogpu these days, but, like Benjamin Cohen of the U.S.A., it's there.
And so we come to the core of the matter - it isn't the scheme that matters - that's just to keep you quiet… It's the sanctions that matter. You think the World State would be governed by Saints? Remember the wise Lord Acton, 'Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.'"

From the Introduction to 2nd edition of "The Big Idea," (by C.H. Douglas) L.D. Byrne, OBE, January 1982.


by James Reed
The headline and cartoon says it all "Howard's $2.5bn Water Grab" (The Australian 25/1/07 p.1.
The cartoon has Howard as a TV weather-boy pointing to a map of Australia with dollar signs over each State. The League has warned that Canberra control of the Murray-Darling Basin will lead to further degradation and exploitation of water resources.

Global water corporations already monopolise precious water resources and stand to be the real benefactors of Howard's plan as they continue to sell off water and water allocations.

Out of all of this, South Australia will be the worst off, but this relatively low migration State is no doubt regarded by the elites as expendable and can go into the waste basket of history.

What is truly appalling about this event is that even though the Constitution itself protects the State's control over water, according to The Australian article, Howard has "obtained high-level advice that clears the way for it to wrest control from the States."

Realisation of worst nightmare
So the lawyers have worked out another way to get around the Constitution, and you can bet that the centralist and symbiotic High Court will deliver the right judgement. Just use the Corporations Power, which as they recently held, is virtually unlimited in extent.

This is what Australia has become, the realisation of the worst nightmares of Major Clifford Hugh Douglas: a place where Monopoly has triumphed. The League, a David, stands its ground against this Goliath.


Constitutional Powers and call for Referendum. (Letters also to Iemma and Beattie).

The Hon Mike Rann, Premier, South Australia, Parliament House, Adelaide 5000:
Dear Premier,
You are absolutely right to resist the Federal takeover of powers over water. Prime Minister Howard's move is not so much a spat with the States as an attack on the people.
Section 100 of the Constitution says:
"The Commonwealth shall NOT, by any law or regulation of trade or commerce, abridge the right of a State, or of the residents therein, to the waters of rivers for conservation or irrigation" (emphasis added)

If Mr Howard believes the drought has created sufficient reason for a transfer of powers. The Constitution provides the formula for such a procedure - a referendum of the Australian people under Chapter 128 of the Constitution.

In 1942 a similar attempt was made, under the excuse of wartime emergency to persuade the States to transfer 14 powers to Canberra. Every State agreed, with the exception of the Upper House in the smallest State, Tasmania. The leader of the Upper House, one-time Test cricket captain Joe Darling, bluntly told Federal Attorney-General Dr H.V. Evatt to go back to Canberra and hold a constitutional referendum, as was his duty.

Tasmania, and Joe Darling, were attacked for hindering the war effort, but stood firm. Frustrated, Dr Evatt was finally forced to hold the famous "14-powers-referendum" in 1944. There was a massive vote "No" in every State, with the biggest vote against in Tasmania! It is always under threat of crisis or emergency that the Commonwealth seeks to by-pass the Constitution.

Water trading on the Stock Exchange, the separation of water and land titles, the foreign and corporate 'ownership' of water, the blasphemous claim that "ownership of all water is vested in the State", and the transfer of power over water from the States to the Commonwealth are all ultra vires and should not be contemplated without the peoples' consent.

This, as Mr Howard knows, is both the letter and the spirit of the Constitution, and to disregard it is an abuse of power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

Is this why tuition on the Constitution and its history has been weeded out of the school curriculum? Please stand, firm, Mr Rann, not only on behalf of South Australians, but on behalf of all Australians currently being muzzled by power-crazy politicians and bankers.

Yours sincerely Jeremy Lee, Ravensbourne Queensland.

Let's all do just what Jeremy has done:
Write to our political representative and State Premier protesting this power grab by Howard. Surely the Commonwealth and the States could agree to work together for the GOOD of ALL the Australian people without the States handing over their Constitutional powers over water?
Ask Howard is he threatening he will withhold the finances IF the States don't hand over their Constitutional powers to the Commonwealth? Just whose money does he think he is handling?


The Sydney Morning Herald reported 4/2/07 Pastor Anthony Grigor-Scott of Bible Believers has been ordered to remove from his website "a hate-filled" newsletter that refers to the 'Holocaust hoax' and claims Jews have 'monopolistic control' over (the) world's media and film.

The Executive Council of Australian Jewry instigated proceedings against Pastor Grigor-Scott and his website. The Federal Court ruled that some parts of the website contravened the Racial Discrimination Act.

If Truth was a defence in this strange legal-world of racial and religious vilification - where Truth is No Defence - Pastor Grigor-Scott could suggest that before making a judgement the judge read the facts in such books as: "The High Priests of War" and "The New Jerusalem - Zionist Power in America," by Michael Collins Piper. The League would be happy to supply copies.


Well, well. As more and more people become alerted and alarmed as the 'Pigs' dogs of Animal Farm' herd we sheeple into ever tighter circles of legal oppression through the various racial and religious vilification laws, a website with the above address has been set up to rally South Australians to take on the Rann government's moves to extend already oppressive legislation.

The website warns that the SA Equal Opportunity (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill 2006:
"is set to make the very real and horrendous problems of the Victorian vilification laws look totally insignificant in comparison."

It is most encouraging to see how professionally the group has set up the site and its instructions to the public of South Australia for action.
It relates the legal experiences of the two pastors, Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot as On Target has previously reported on. (League folk will remember hearing Pastor Danny's story at the National Seminar a few years ago.)

On 14th of December 2006 the Victorian Appeal Court upheld the appeal by the two pastors against the 2004 decision of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal that they broke the Bracks Government's vilification laws at a Christian seminar on Islam in 2002.
But the pastors' case has been sent back to the Tribunal, to be heard again by a different judge to be heard again later this year.

Truth is no defence:
As the website notes the Victorian vilification law says telling the truth can be a crime.

Equal Opportunity (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill 2006:
In South Australia, the Equal Opportunity (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill 2006 (check it out through the internet) was quietly introduced by the South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson in late October 2006.The website warns its readers the law will bring in sweeping changes to the way South Australians think and act. Quite!

Lessons gleaned from history:
And the site rightly acknowledged there are important lessons 'gleaned from history' as to what can be expected with this type of legislation. And it sums up what will happen (we would insist what has happened) if the legislation goes through.
§ Reduces freedom of speech
§ Broadens the definition of "victimisation" to include "vilification"
§ Increases the Equal Opportunity Commissioner's powers
§ Provides State sponsored legal action
§ Represses freedom of religion

What about registering your disagreement to this Bill with your State politician and helping those already caught in the vilification web?

The following list will be of help to email/fax or phone key people:
Premier Mike Rann email premier@saugov.sa.gov.au fax 8463 3168; ph 8463 3166;
Attorney-General Michael Atkinson email attorney-general@agd.sa.gov.au fax 8207 1736; ph 8207 1723;
Opposition Leader Iain Evans email davenport@parliament.sa.gov.au fax 8370 2626; ph 8278 5844;
No Pokies Independent Nick Xenophon email nx@xen.net.au fax 8212 5792; ph 8237 9396;
No Pokies Independent Ann Bressington email ann.bressington@parliament.sa.gov.au fax 82379534 ph 8237 9596;
Family First Andrew Evans email andrew.evans@parliament.sa.gov.au fax 8237 9478 ph 8237 9341.

Letters can be sent to all MPs C/- Parliament House, North Terrace Adelaide SA 5000
Good advice: Ask for a reply and state that you have sent a copy of your letter to a number of MPs.


Columnist Andrew Bolt (Herald Sun 2/2/07) has whipped up a global summer storm, or should I say "whipped up a global warming", by questioning the dire apocalyptic predictions from some of Australia's environmental 'experts'.

He wrote: "Scarier than global warming is that even - even? - our top academics exaggerate so wildly about it. No, I'm not talking again about Tim Flannery, our Australian of the Year, but of his former friend and colleague, Mike Archer. Read on, to see again how recklessly even our men of science now feed you hype. Archer is dean of science at the University of NSW, where, you'd hope, he teaches students to stick to the facts. But this week he wrote an apocalyptic piece on global warming for the Sydney Morning Herald, warning of a Noah's flood:
"For example, if the Greenland and Antarctica ice-sheets melt (which they are doing in spectacular fashion), sea levels could rise, as they have done many times in the past, by 100m. If that were to happen, forget the metre-in-a-century mantra, and forget half of Sydney, along with most of the world's coastal populations."

"Got it? Forget the seas rising a metre by 2100. Says Archer, the melt of Greenland and Antarctica is so "spectacular" our beach by then will start at Eltham. Except for this. Origins of the 'global storm'? The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has whipped up most of the warming panic, but even its latest report -out today - will challenge every claim Archer makes.

"As Reuters reported yesterday, a draft of that report, the work of 2500 scientists, concedes that, no, Antarctica may well gain snow cover, even Greenland may not be melting overall and the seas will rise not by 100m in the 100 years, but at most by 43cm. It continued: "More snows could also offset any thaw of the vast Antarctic ice cap and the smaller cap on Greenland. If both melted over thousands of years world sea levels would be about 65m . .. higher (emphasis added). "In a warmer climate, models suggest that the ice sheets could accumulate more snowfall, tending to lower sea level," the draft says. But "rapid thawing at the fringes has probably outweighed any such trend in recent years."

" Confirming what I wrote on Wednesday, Reuters added: "The IPCC is .. .set to predict sea level rises this century of between 28 and 43cm . . . a lower band than forecast in the 2001 report."
So, how could a dean of science at a top university exaggerate so recklessly? Answer: because global warming is a religion, so facts don't count. Beware."


by Patrick J. Buchanan
"...America is on a collision course with an Iran of 70 million, and the folks who stampeded us into Iraq are firing pistols in the air again. At the annual Herzliya Conference [in Israel] U.S. presidential aspirants, neoconservatives and Israeli hawks were all invoking the Holocaust and warning of the annihilation of the Jews... Israel's war is to be sold as America's war.
The project is under way. According to Peter Beaumont, foreign affairs editor of the Guardian, Israeli media are reporting that the assignment to convince the world of the need for tough action on Iran has been given to Meir Dagan, head of Mossad."
Source: https://www.worldnetdaily.com/n ews/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=54008


The Sunday Herald in Glasgow, Scotland reported 31 January 2007:
"President Bush is preparing to attack Iran's nuclear facilities before the end of April and the US Air Force's new bases in Bulgaria and Romania would be used as back-up in the onslaught, according to an official report from Sofia.
"American forces could be using their two USAF bases in Bulgaria and one at Romania's Black Sea coast to launch an attack on Iran in April," the Bulgarian news agency Novinite said...
Whether the Bulgarian news report is a tactical feint or a strategic event is hard to gauge at this stage... Sofia's news of advanced war preparations along the Black Sea is backed up by some chilling details."


by Brian Simpson
Ghassan Hage, Chairman (Chairperson?) of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Sydney ("Values to Have and to Have Not," The Australian 27/9/06 p.34) wrote an article criticising the conservative campaign on values. Hage agrees that there "is a section of the Muslim community that is not well integrated into Australian society". However the conservative campaign on values "can produce precisely the Muslim alienation and resentment it is supposedly combating." How so?

Well for "progressives" (like Hage) values are things one pursues whilst conservatives see them as part of a cultural tradition being things one has. But Hage argues, conservatives introduce a "class society divided between the haves and have-nots of values. It brings the insecurity that is always part of any claim to have something: Is what I have good enough? If what I have is so good, how come I don't feel fantastic?

Clever stuff in a post-modernism kind of way: class, race, inequality and all the other sorts of politically correct stuff coming from one analysis. It is the sort of stuff that Australian Research Council (ARC) grants and Ph.D. scholarships are made of. Hage also says that London's home-grown terrorists would have passed any English values test.

It is a good point, but it really undermines his ethicist/multicultural world-view. Aren't Marxist - oops, sorry, my mistake - "progressive" values acquired? And what about these idealised values - say of multicultural tolerance? What if the cool groups, perish the thought, God forbid, don't accept bleeding heart liberalism?

Recommended further reading
Here is some recommended reading on this subject, relevant in the wake of the present Pope's comments on Muhammad. Robert Spencer, New York Times best selling author, is soon to release "The Truth About Muhammad: Founder of the World's Most Intolerant Religion," (Regnery Publishing, 2006 ISBN 1596980281) which challenges the worldview of the tolerance team, as exemplified by leading academics like Hage. Spencer argues in this book or he did in other works that Islam is incompatible with liberalism.

See also Robert Spencer, "The Myth of Islamic Tolerance: How Islamic Law Threatens Non-Muslims," (Promethus Books, 2005) and "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)" (Regnery, 2005).

Further material for a refutation of Hage is supplied by a new book by Mark Steyn, "America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It," (Regnery, 2006) which sees Europe, with its multicultural tolerance, falling to radical Islam and Sharia law, and only America (and possibly Australia) continuing the tradition of the West.

By 2015 Muslims will make up the majority of The Netherlands population: still think that immigration and multiculturalism won't lead to racial suicide? Bruce Bawer, author of "While Europe Slept," cites polls showing that 40 per cent of Britain's Muslims wish to see Britain under Sharia law.

Multiculturalism is a cancer that ultimately kills the host society. According to Oriana Fallaci, "Europe is no longer Europe, it is 'Eurabia', a colony of Islam, where the Islamic invasion does not proceed only in the physical sense but also in a mental and cultural sense.
Servility to the invaders has poisoned democracy, with obvious consequences for the Freedom of Thought, for the concept itself of liberty." (Source: The Weekend Australian 7-8/10/2006 p.40)


Australians for Constitutional Monarchy want to see Bob Carr's actions reversed:

When the Governor was evicted by Bob Carr in 1996, ACM called one of the largest and most peaceful protests Sydney has seen in recent years. The supposed "benefits" - cost savings and increased public - never materialised. But Carr's recent admission that the reason was the reserve powers has confirmed many people's worst fears.

ACM is now launching a campaign to return the Governor to Government House. A campaign brochure will be distributed across the state challenging candidates in the coming election where they stand on this issue which is an insult to country and regional NSW, and an assault on our constitutional system.
The launch will be addressed by the leaders of the campaign, and there will be an afternoon tea ( $15) Reservations may be made on 02 92512500.


John Hepworth, Archbishop of the Anglo Catholic Church has graciously accepted an invitation to speak on:
"The Contribution of Greek Thought to Western Christian Civilisation"
at a Dinner Meeting to be held at: The Public Schools' Club, 207 East Terrace (cnr. Carrington), Adelaide; Monday 5th March 2007.

This will be a very special event and we encourage you to make every effort to be present. The Archbishop's address will be filmed as well as audio-taped to enable a wider distribution.

We would be pleased to have your company at the Dinner Meeting and ask you to phone Doug and Jean Holmes on 08 8258 7005 to make your bookings - by Thursday 1st March 2007. The cost per person is a modest $21.00 for a tasty two-course meal with coffee/tea afterwards.

"The Hungry Sheep": Over many years Eric Butler referred to the writings of Sir David Kelly, who wrote of the importance of the Greek influence in the development of Western Culture; the Greek appreciation and love of beauty, the search for form and balance and wholeness - including the very processes of thought.
Sir David insisted: "The differences between Christians and Pagans or Moslems had not been one of race or language, but a gulf between two spiritual worlds. The transition had been a change not only of religious beliefs, but of laws, customs, art, even a new script. … The secularist tendency of the last three centuries had detached some Christian principles from their context - the rights of man, liberty, equality (before God) social justice; when the lack of an independent basis for these ideas was realised, men turned to nationalism, class, or race, starting a new world of exclusive antagonistic ideologies which undermine the very existence of Western civilisation."
And, as Sir David noted: "Everything therefore depends on whether our culture and our religion can be reintegrated.

As an example only - it was asked of the Archbishop
How can we discuss a 'just wage' if the matter of a 'just' price' is not also discussed. If a farmer does not receive a just price for his product, but is bound by law to pay a 'just wage' to his employees - even though it sends him bankrupt by doing so - then the 'whole' matter has not been examined and injustice results. But of course the labourer must also receive a 'just wage'. So, to take it a little further, to discuss a 'just price' and a 'just wage' we must also look at a 'just money system' and to do this we must also examine what is a 'just tax' -- from a Christian viewpoint.

Look forward to your company at the Dinner!


Liberal Marxism:
Mr.Peter Costello, M.P; Treasurer of Australia, Parliament House, Canberra. 2600.
Dear Peter,
In respect to the G.20 protesters. I speak not on behalf of the organised rabble who made war on our police, but as I meditated over the real cause of the violence I thought of the incomparable violence unleashed by the effects of our nation adopting a Marxist economic and financial policy which has reduced us to pawns of the international debt merchants.
It is fitting you are now selling off our water supply to them. We are now under the control of a satanic evil force. Our mendicant government is only allowed to operate so long as it remains a pawn of that evil force.
Thirty three years ago Gough Whitlam came to power as a reaction against the treachery of the growing Liberal Marxism. He went centralist berserk, and per the grace of a Christian Constitution and a valiant Governor General the Australian people gave Malcolm Fraser a record majority to undo the devilry he had inflicted on us.
He revealed himself as a greater traitor than Whitlam. At the time we had the basis of an Australian banking system, we owned our water, our public transport, our communications, and our electricity. Australian industry was dotted with Australian icons of which some 98 percent have been sold off since to foreign conglomerates.
I've lost count of our foreign debt, but it is over half a trillion dollars, i.e. over 500 billion. Our economy is a debt-ridden shell, and your government prides itself on having sold off all our public assets to pay the debt merchants.
Christ gave your government two options, serve God or serve mammon. You chose to serve mammon. Both you and John Howard protest you are Christians. How God must weep at such mammoth hypocrisy. When it comes to unleashing terror and violence, the Howard-Costello government has no superior.
Don't bother sending a reply from one of your minders. I fully realise you will not have the guts to reply yourself. I write only to send copies to some of my Christian leaders to encourage them to look more closely at the diabolical policies which have reduced Australia to a moral and spiritual ruin.
Yours in His service, Edward Rock, Cape Paterson, Vic..

For God so loved the world (of men):
To: The Editor, Herald Sun, 7th February 2007
For all his huffing and puffing Christopher Bantick ('Jesus loves Bali victims', 7/2) does not successfully land a blow on Archbishop Freier. Bantick's opening concession that the Archbishop was theologically correct in supporting publicly displayed church signs that 'Jesus loves Osama' is valid and entirely overrules all his subsequent complaints.
The claim that the signs amount to 'a declaration of support' for a currently reviled terrorist is completely without foundation, as Bantick should have realised from the statement by Bishop Davies which he himself quotes.
Of course God's unconditional love for each and every one of his creatures does not imply approval and condoning of their sins. Nor are these signs 'ill-timed'. They are a fair use of shock tactics to make passers-by think.
As for Bantick's quite separate attack on the Archbishop's choice of 'expensive and ornate ceremonial trappings of office' at his installation, this, too, is wide of the mark. Such splendour of dress and ritual is symbolic of the glory of God and gives great joy and consolation, for that reason, to the faithful who view it.
Nigel Jackson, Belgrave Vic.

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