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23 February 2007 Thought for the Week:

The Value of a Liberal Education: "…a liberal-humanist view of education acknowledges and values the past. The reason for studying history is not simply so we are saved from repeating the same mistakes; as important is the recognition that, as individuals and as a society, we are involved in an unfolding narrative that began thousands of years ago and which continues to unfold into the future. Being part of that narrative promotes a sense of belonging to something more lasting and significant than the often mundane routine of day-to-day existence.
One of the strengths of a liberal-humanist view of education, in an era of social dysfunction, alienation and loss of meaning, is that there is a strong and life-affirming story about how Western civilisation has evolved and how, while being far from perfect, we are no longer ruled by superstition, bigotry and ignorance."

Dr. Kevin Donnelly in "Dumbing Down: Outcomes-based and Politically Correct - The Impact of the Culture Wars on Our Schools." (Hardie Grant Books, 2007).


by James Reed
Surprise, surprise: "Australia is experiencing a housing affordability crisis unprecedented in recent times and far worse than that facing other leading Western countries" (The Australian 23/1/07 p.6). Australians pay an average 6.6 times their annual household incomes to buy their houses. A rating above 5.1 is regarded by the Demographia international housing affordability survey as "severely unaffordable".

Hobart is the 20th least affordable in the housing market, but primarily because the medium household income is low, at $41,500. All of the other cities listed from No1, LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Sydney, London, etc., are big immigration cities.

The land owning elites have made fortunes in the post WWII period by buying up cheap and then lobbying traitorous governments to bring in the numbers. Supply and demand then rules.
At present there is a major rental crisis in Australia; in some capital cities up to ten people apply for each property. Up, up, has gone rental prices.

Immigration once made us tenants in what was our own land. Now it may be optimistic to expect to be even a tenant. Immigration makes us homeless - metaphorically and literally.


by James Reed
I have on my files two articles that brought more bad news for poor White males and upwardly mobile career women: "What Women Want" The Australian 15/6/06 p.11; "Uneducated, Poor and On the Shelf," p.3).

Well paid educated women are running out of equal status men because of the current female domination of the universities. Most women do not want a partner who is uneducated and unemployed - which is fair enough. But women will have to settle for a man who may earn less than them. Poor dears.

Is anyone out there hoping for some sort of apocalypse to bring all of this nonsense to an end?


From reader Mark Kane of Sydney.
So it has come to this: the Australian flag was to be banned from Sydney's "Big Day Out" because it is a 'gang colour' and a symbol of hate ("Our Flag is 'A Symbol of Hate,' Adelaide Advertiser 22/1/07 p.2).
Producers of the event saw Sydney as a city of racists. They were influenced by the recent clashes between Serbs and Croatians at the Australian Tennis Open! Now wait a minute: did you see any of these "young lions" with an Australian flag? I didn't.

Event producer Ken West said: "The Australian flag was being used as gang colours - it was racism disguised as patriotism - and I'm not going to tolerate it." However, one rock group had alternate 'gang colours' up - a black and white Australian flag for their set's background. Even John Howard recognised the organisers were "running their own political agenda."

Young Australians turned up for the event, proudly and overwhelmingly displaying their nation's flag in one way or another - wrapping the flag around them, painting a replica on their cheeks, or on T-shirts - their message clear. But what happened doesn't affect the morals of this little story.
Take the article as history written on the run by a young bloke who is not ashamed to wear the Aussie colours in honour of the great achievements of this nation's people.

It is clear as former federal Liberal MP Michael Baume recently pointed out (The Australian 1/1/07 p.11 - this page incredibly has the date "2000" on it in error!) "Unless [the values that have made Australia such a sought-after destination] are defended, Australia faces the real risk of becoming a sort of federation of ethnic groups, loyal more to their ethnicity than to being Australians."

Mr. Baume, this occurred long ago. Come live with me in the west of Sydney! The mentality of contemplating banning the Australian flag is a symbol of the trendoids' hatred of Anglo-Australia.

In the future, Anglo-Australians should respond to such attacks upon their traditions by voting with their pockets and not going to any such events. I will. Leave the producers of such events to make their profits out of their kind of people.


by Peter Ewer
Get Carter was a movie that circulated about the time of my teenage years, but one which I never got to see. However I do not lament!

Today we can witness and experience a new version of Get Carter: Get Jimmy Carter! Jimmy Carter has published "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" (Simon and Shuster). Zionists have said that Carter blames everything on Israel and nothing on Palestinian-Arab terrorism.

Of course Carter has been seen as anti-Semitic. That is not my reading. Of course the book has a number of somewhat minor historical errors but its core thesis about the oppression of Palestinians by "the acquisition of land" can be backed up by other sources. The book is not anti-Semitic, unless one accepts the high-redefinition that all criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic.

Responding to his critics Carter has spoken about "voices from Jerusalem" who dominate the US media, and Carter has said that his book review critics have mainly been representatives of Jewish organisations.

Carter stands his ground:
One of his main critics has been Jewish Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, O.J. Simpson's former lawyer. As well, fourteen, all Jewish members of Carter's human rights centre, have dissociated themselves from Carter.

Professor Deborah Lipstadt, professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies at Emory University, criticised Carter, for, among other things, only mentioning the Holocaust twice! Carter is faulted for not discussing events prior to 1947. But why should he: his brief was the current situation in the Middle East and presumably the Palestinians were not responsible for the Holocaust.

Credit to Carter for standing his ground. But all of that is predictable enough, and an excellent reason for reading Carter's book and making up your own mind. So: Get Carter!


from Len the Cleaner
My beloved 'Tiser tells me that Hilary Clinton is aiming to make history as the first woman President. The edition of 22/1/07 p.12 though recognises that she has a tough rival in the form of Black Senator Barak Obama described as "A handsome and articulate black man who has been in the Senate for only two years" (emphasis added).

Handsome? Articulate? Are these the same qualities which George Bush was said to have had by the media at the time of his first election? The coming battle between politically correct Democrats is going to make the Iraq war look like just another day at Uni. Bring it on!


by James Reed
Cordelia Fine, "Willpower is Best Used With Care" The Australian 14/6/06 p.32, presents an interesting discussion in "Psychological Science" by Angela Duckworth and Martin Seligman which indicates that willpower/self-discipline is the key to academic success.

Fine, reflecting upon this, states that humans have a type of moral muscle. Like physical muscle, moral muscle can be trained through acts of self-denial and self-discipline.

Actionists can take heart at this good news: our present deprivation and hardship is strengthening us for ultimate victory. Meanwhile, our enemies, growing fat and lazy from repeated over-confidant victories, are slowly sliding into obese graves.
Lean and hungry and battle hardened from hammering on the anvil of life, we well understand the philosopher Nietzsche's words: "That which does not kill me, makes me stronger." ("From the Military Philosophy," in Twilight of the Idols).


by James Reed
Here is a good topic for a book - if one had the right Indonesian connections. In Sidoarjo, outside Indonesia's second largest city of Surabaya in East Java, in May 2006 a drilling exploration released a flow of hot mud. About 120,000 cubic metres have flowed out every day since then. Entire villages have been devastated and this may well be Indonesia's greatest environmental disaster.

One of the companies involved is Lapindo Brantas, a conglomerate owned by Welfare Minister Aburizal Bakrie. The Indonesian Prime Minister has ordered Lapindo Brantas to pay over $351 million compensation to the 10,000 people already left homeless.

South Australian corporation Santos, also involved, may have to pay over $60 million (The Advertiser 30/12/06 p.4) but the outlay could reach $100 million. All attempts to stop the mud flow have failed. Locals blame the mud flow on the spirit of a dragon which has been angered - and perhaps, they are right.


The news has come in Ernst Zundel has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in Germany - for being a 'Holocaust Denier'. Ernst Zundel sentenced to prison for 5 years for exercising free speech! The German officials who have imprisoned a human being for speaking his political and historical opinions are the real criminals, not Ernst Zundel.

We will post David Duke's article on "Why Do We Need Free Speech on the Holocaust?" on our website under the Race/Culture/Nation section.


The public is meant to be outraged at the news issuing forth from Greg Roberts of The Australian 15/2/07, that One Nation founder, Pauline Hanson, will share a platform with "a prominent denier of the Holocaust and a well-known neo-Nazi activist" at the coming Inverell Forum.

The facts are, Pauline Hanson will be a guest speaker at the Forum in March as will Richard Krege, an Air Services Australia engineer who recently attended ** The Holocaust Conference in Tehran.
The other speaker Mr. Roberts mentions is Welf Herfurth, whom he describes as: "a long-time activist with Germany's neo-nazi National Democratic Party before he moved to Sydney".

Our advice is:
If you can make it, go to the Inverell Forum, listen to Pauline Hanson and the other speakers and make up your own mind. Don't let the mainstream media propagandists mould your opinion. Contact rnb@northnet.com.au for further details of the Inverell Forum.

**The League has posted the following important papers on its website in the Race/ Nation/ Culture section
§ A report of The Holocaust Conference by Michael Collins Piper;
§ Lady Michele Renouf's paper at the Conference: The Psychology of Holocaustianity.

§ Plus an important Review (titled: "The End of Legends") of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's latest books 200 Years Together. The Russian-Jewish History 1795-1916 and 200 Years Together. The Jews in the Soviet Union.


A report of "The Holocaust Conference," by Michael Collins Piper recently held in Tehran is posted on the League's website under the Race/Culture/Nation section.

Solzhenitsyn :-
Another important document has been posted on the League's website (Race/Culture/Nation section).
An English translation of a German Review of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's latest books "200 Hundred Years Together: The Russian-Jewish History 1795-1916" and "200 Hundred Years Together: The Jews in the Soviet Union".

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