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On Target

23 May 2008 Thought for the Week:

Rudd sees red: Strewth reporter of The Australian, "has always been a bit suss about Opposition foreign affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd," and he now finds Rudd "has been courting communist governments on the parliamentary floor."
Just recently students "in an Australian foreign policy lecture at the University of Queensland's school of politics were given a surprise lecture last week by Rudd on the policy differences between the two parties. One student asked Rudd what he had whispered in the ear of the Chinese President when Hu Jintao visited parliament during his state visit last year." To their surprise, Rudd responded 'I reminded him that Labor has a close relationship with the President's party, unlike our conservative opponents.'"

- - On Target, 21st May, 2004


by Betty Luks
I can't raise as much enthusiasm for Wayne Swan's first 'Budget' as do the pro-Labor political pundits. We are led to believe these people are handing out financial largesse to those 'deserving' Australians out of the goodness of their bleeding little hearts. Whereas the reality is, the 'money' borrowed by governments from the Private Money Power to fund their budget-deficit programmes and expenditures, whilst in political power, IS A DEBT THE NATION - READ THE PEOPLE - MUST REPAY FOREVER AND A DAY.

Reader, have you ever asked yourself 'Why is that?' Why do modern governments borrow from private banks to fund their expenditures? Surely governments, on behalf of the people of the nation, should have the power to 'monetise' the nation's economic system?
Then to add to the peoples' burden of government financial-debt to the private banking system, they themselves 'borrow' from the same financial-banking system - and those debts must also be repaid.
In other words, the Banking System has gained the power to 'monetise' the nation's goods and services.
So, the new Treasurer will be 'swanning around' distributing to those he considers most worthy, and they may feel some sense of tax-relief - for a while.

Injected daily - $126 million of more debt money:
But wait a minute. What about the daily-injected $126 million of new money that enters the economy? Who will be responsible for its repayment? Why you will dear taxpayer - who else?
Remember the Reserve Bank figures Naracoorte's Mayor Ken Grundy presented last March in a letter to a fellow mayor?
"Reserve Bank figures revealed that on average approximately $126 million of new money entered the economy every day for the last ten years. It is worth repeating - every day, seven days a week for ten years $126 million of new money has been injected into the economy."

Exercise a little brain power here:
Mentally digest those figures gentle reader: Do your maths. The nation's debt burden, for just one year, ($126 million by 365 days) grows by a further $45, 990 million. That is the amount of money created OUT OF NOTHING - AS A DEBT to be paid by, not just this generation, but for many more generations to come… and the debt, plus the interest charged, keeps growing and growing.

It is impossible for a nation to physically produce enough to pay its way out of this financial DEBT TRAP. Look at America, the most productive nation in history and yet it is collapsing within from its financial debt burden.

Until Australians - and the world - wake up to the fact that the Private Banking System has gained control over the nation's accounting system (in the form of modern 'money') and is reaping huge astronomical rewards, for very little effort other than book-keeping and administration, then the biggest scam in man's history will continue.

As Mr. Grundy wrote:
"Today we are frequently told that government does not, could not or should not influence the (Reserve) Bank. However the Bank's role is to provide the finance for the nation and if the Government of the day cannot be involved, it begs the question - to whom is the Reserve Bank Board responsible? Would we accept the taxation department operating without government influence? Of course not!…"


by James Reed
I am very pleased that the League writers have taken a stand against the global warming myth. As I write from a little garrison in Melbourne, the rain falls, the icy cold wind pounds against the windows like the hammer of Thor. Across the world - the USA, China, Russia - the weather has been worse, bitterly cold. The Norsemen of old thought that the world began in ice and ended in fire; but like the greenies, they got the order wrong. If civilisation is going to end, a better bet, in my opinion, is by ice.

Phil Chapman, geophysicist, astronautical engineer and the first Australian to become a NASA astronaut, recently put the view that the planet is cooling and that a new ice age may be around the corner. According to Chapman the global average temperature on Earth has slowly declined over the last decade even though the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased. The Earth cooled by about 0.7C in 2007. this is the fastest temperature decline on record. Sun spot activity, indicating the intensity of solar activity is minimal. There could be another mini-ice age like the one that ended Viking habitation of Greenland, almost a thousand years ago.

Worse, for most of the Earth's history Europe and North America were buried under 1.5 kilometres of ice. There is a brief warm interglacial period lasting 10,000 years - and then ice once more. An ice age is long overdue and it can happen quickly - in as short a time as 20 years. This would constitute, in Chapman's opinion "a catastrophe beyond imagining." But we need to think about it and plan. To do so, I believe, requires abandoning the myth of global warming.


by Brian Simpson
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, has refused to back down on his position that there should be greater recognition of Muslim Sharia law in Britain. Indeed, last February he was given a 45-second standing ovation at the start of the General Synod meeting by leading Anglicans (International Express, 19/2/08 p.40).

Williams was chosen by former PM Tony Blair because Williams supported "new morality" values such as support for gay and lesbian priests. On British gang warfare, he said that the youths just joined gangs to "fend off unfriendly adults" - yes, with guns! (International Express 4/3/08 p.12)

But let us not forget the present head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI. At one time showing some promise, he now pushes the party-line on immigration. During his flight to the US he told reporters that the US must do "everything possible to fight… all forms of violence so that immigrants may lead dignified lives." US immigration policy is already a virtual open door for coloured immigrants and it is hard to see any "violence" in it, unless free health care, education and social security benefits is "violence".
Perhaps some of the mainline Churches' wealth - a vast fortune, sometimes obtained by means more questionable than any corporation - could be distributed to help these 'victims'?

A British think-tank, Christian Research, has found from survey projections, regular worshippers in Mosques in England and Wales will outnumber worshippers to Catholic Churches in 12 years. The Anglican Church, as is well known, has been in steady decline for many a year. Meanwhile the Left exerts an enormous amount of energy combating "Islamophobia," while countries like Sweden, on current trends, will be Islamic in only decades.

If this is not "Suicide of the West," then pray tell me, what is it? "Tolerance" is becoming just another word for "self-annihilation."

SUMMIT 2020… OR 1984?

David Flint's Opinion Column
Now we have another reason for the choice of the 2020 Summit theme, Mao Tse-tung's "Let a hundred flowers bloom..." Not only did they conjure up a 98:1 vote for some undefined republic, but the Summit's preliminary report has been changed in a way almost worthy of Minitrue, Big Brother's Ministry of Truth in Orwell's 1984.

The report originally said:
"Stage 1: Ending ties with the UK while retaining the Governor-General's titles and powers for five years. "Stage 2: Identifying new models after extensive and broad consultation." This opened the Summit to justified ridicule.
So the report has been massaged to turn Stage 1 into yet another call for a plebiscite. The republican movement want a plebiscite for two reasons. First, they don't know what they want. Second, they are afraid they would lose another referendum.

Ending ties with the UK:
The problem with the original report was the Summiteers were not talking about ending cricket ties, but constitutional and legal ties. If there were such ties, it would have meant we are still not really independent. But we have long been independent. While Lionel Murphy believed this came in 1901, most experts opt for some time between 1926 and 1942. I am inclined to the view that we were independent by 1926.

The Balfour Declaration declared we were already autonomous and equal. This meant that whatever lingering links we retained with the UK, these could be ended whenever we wished. In any event with independence, the Australian Crown divided from and became a constitutional entity separate from the British or Canadian, NZ and other Crowns.
As a consequence, in 1999 a One Nation senator, Heather Hill, lost her seat in the Senate because of her allegiance to The Queen of the United Kingdom. That The Queen is also Queen of Australia was found not to be relevant.
Under section 44(1) any person "under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power" is incapable of sitting as a senator of member of the House of Representatives.

There was one anomaly after we became independent. Until 1986 state governments - of all parties - so distrusted Canberra they left it to an increasingly reluctant British government to advise The Queen in state affairs.
This meant that while the Australian Crown operated at the federal level, the British Crown still functioned in the states. In any event beyond doubt that we no longer have even any lingering constitutional or legal links with the UK.

No constitutional links; only a personal union:
All we, Canada, Britain, New Zealand and other Realms have today is a personal union in which the one Sovereign wears several crowns. For the benefit of Peter FitzSimons, who warns of a "tedious lecture " from me, (Sun-Herald 11 May, 2008; see below) a personal union does not require any supporting constitutional or legal links between the countries concerned.
Since it's not the age for duelling, I'm challenging Peter FitzSimons to a debate on republicanism. Apart from Commonwealth Realms, the best known example in our history involved the Britain and then the UK with Hanover from 1714 to 1837.

So why did the summiteers expose themselves to ridicule?
So why did the summiteers decide on "(e)nding ties with the UK while retaining the Governor-General's titles and powers for five years"? One delegate, a former Hawke government minister now priest, Fr. Michael Tate, called for a "minimalist referendum that need not be concerned with methods of appointment; (Ms) Bryce would simply wake up the next morning as our autonomous head of state." ("Loyalty without royalty," The Australian 17 April, 2008) This is pure fantasy. Without machinery for vice regal appointment or removal in place, our governments would soon grind to a halt. If a government were foolish enough to put such a referendum it would be doomed.

In comparison the Reverend Professor's Easter call ("Clergyman's republican Easter Message," 23 March 2008) for Mr. Rudd to hand over the powers of recommending the appointment of the governor-general to the speaker and senate president seems only moderately bizarre. However it arose, the preliminary report exposed the Summit to justified ridicule.

The Ministry of Truth, Minitrue, changes the record:
[Senate House, the University of London, is believed to have inspired George Orwell as a model for Minitrue, the Ministry of Truth in his celebrated novel, 1984]
A vague unconvincing and secretive explanation has now appeared on the site. It raises more questions than it answers. It says amendments were made on 30 April "more consistent with... Power Point Slides presented in the final session..." It claims the decision to do this was made "immediately after the Summit." So why did it take ten days to change the record? The preliminary report was only changed when it was realized the original decisions opened the Summit to justified ridicule. On whose authority we do not know.

The decisions bear no resemblance whatsoever with what was released on 20 April 2008.
It now reads: "Introduce an Australian republic via a two-stage process, with Stage 1 being a plebiscite on the principle that Australia becomes a republic and severs ties with the Crown and Stage 2 being a referendum on the model of a republic after extensive and broad consultation."
This demonstrates information and media manipulation par excellence, worthy indeed of 1984. So could we trust them with the Constitution?

Postscript: Peter FitzSimons' column in the Sun Herald 11 May, 2008:
The risk in having a go at Professor David Flint, convener for Australian Constitutional Fairytales, is there is just so much material that to do it you have to put another man on. And so I really try to stop myself. But what can you do? On Wednesday, the Prof had a tirade in Crikey about some Morgan poll, which he interprets to mean that a republic won't get up.
"These results," he says, "contrast glaringly with the 2020 Summit where the governance panel voted 98:1 with one abstention in favour of republican change." Actually they recommended ending links with the UK. This was curious for such a gathering. The last links went in 1986."
As intellectually embarrassing as it is, as glaring an example of sophistry as you can imagine, the Prof and his minions maintain having the Queen in Buckingham Palace sitting atop our constitution is not "a link with the UK." Stand by for a tedious lecture.


by Betty Luks
Bear in mind it has been revealed the online lobby group "Get-Up' has strong links to the Labor Party and that the Labor Party receives huge donations from 'big business' as does the Liberal Coalition, that Kevin Rudd 'chafed at the bit' to sign the United Nations' Kyoto agreement immediately after gaining political power - and now the following alarmist call from 'Get-Up' was sent out to its email recipients:

"Something very troubling is happening right now in Canberra, as our pollies put the final touches on next week's Budget. It only became clear to us while delivering your People's Budget Submission - the halls of Parliament are crawling with lobbyists from the powerful and well-resourced polluting industries, using their industrial muscle to aggressively argue against climate change action.
(The halls of Parliament were crawling with lobbyists in Keating's time - and not only with "lobbyists from the powerful and well-resourced polluting industries" but with the Private Debt-Money-Power. She (this Private Debt-Money-Power -Tolkien's Shelob), sits like a Queen above it all, and is legally protected by legislation that NO political party or individual ever challenges… ed)
"We urgently need an active people's movement to counter the largest and best-funded lobby in Australia" continues Get-Up. "Next Thursday, the Government will meet with environment groups to discuss climate change solutions. We want tens of thousands of signatures to bring to the table, calling for emissions to begin declining by 2010, and be cut in half by 2020. Nothing less will do.
Will your signature be one of those countering the polluters' push for short-term profit? www.getup.org.au/campaign/ClimateActionNow/340 All the polluting industries have combined their resources to trump the will of the people: coal, aluminium, cement, electricity generators, mining, and many more. But our politicians work for us - they need to set targets and pass laws that reduce emissions, not reward polluters.
We are much closer to a crisis tipping point than previously thought. It's now possible that there will be no Arctic summer ice by 2013, 90 years earlier than IPCC predictions.
With existing projections being viewed as the minimum changes we can expect, Australia must adopt a science-based emissions reduction target - and nurture a green economy with green jobs to get us there. Our economic prosperity and our environment depends on it, and that depends on our politicians being willing and able to resist the powerful self-interests of the polluter lobby.
Help swing the debate back in favour of the people, by signing this urgent petition today, before next week's meeting."

There you have it gentle reader:
While it appears that your support of Get-Up's lobbying will benefit 'We the people', in fact, 'We the people' will be cunningly shepherded into a UN trap that Labor, the Coalition, the Money Power, Big Business and the UN want.
'We the people' will be encouraged to help implement further the agenda for a New World Order - including the Carbon Credit scam - and you will honestly believe you are doing right.

Are we being paranoid by suspecting the scheme could be intended for an international tax for the upkeep of a United Nations standing army - to keep us all in 'peaceful order'? Have you yet heard what governments intend to do with the windfalls from 'carbon credits'?

In the meantime it is imperative that loyal Australians play their part in the defence of the traditional values. Do you make use of talk-back programs? Do you request a meeting with your local politician? Do you write to them and to newspapers, etc? What about the Church leaders? They claim moral leadership, then let them start giving it!

Of course we must stop polluting the planet! We have no brief for the cut-throat, ruthless, wasteful world of finance and big business, and most certainly we agree mankind must stop polluting our beautiful planet and wasting precious resources - but surely the politicians and elites are going the wrong way about it.

Where is the evidence Get-Up is doing anything to challenge the real culprit, the Private Debt-Money Power? That Power which is above all governments; controlling, directly and indirectly, all governments. All peoples are in its soul-destroying grip.

Where is the evidence Get-Up intends to tackle that core problem for 'We, the People'? First correct the core problem - the fraudulent privately-controlled debt-money system, then there could be a real chance for us and for the rest of the world.


President Ahmadinejad and Kevin Rudd:
To the Editor of The Australian 15th May 2008:
Greg Sheridan could not be more wrong in his claim ('Noble action likely to fail,' 15/5) that the Government's effort to bring the President of Iran before the International Court of Justice 'is a noble endeavour worthy of every support'.
On the contrary, it amounts to a gross waste of taxpayers' money to satisfy the fanatical demands of a small, wealthy and powerful minority within our land - the Jewish lobby.
What is worse, it is a frontal attack on the principle of free speech, something fundamental to our traditional Australian commonwealth. President Ahmadinejad, however, defended intellectual freedom by holding the Tehran conference on the Holocaust in order to allow open discussion of dissident views about that topic, which are wickedly suppressed in many Western nations to the extent that men and women of integrity are even in jail for speaking their mind.
If this is the 'Brave New Australia' of Kevin Rudd, the sooner the next election comes the better.
It is also noteworthy that this Government, while paying lip service to the idea of Australian independence through its campaign for a republic, sees no contradiction in toadying to international authorities and thus accepting the role of province in an international order that looks increasingly tyrannous as each year passes.
- - Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Owen Barfield article: To the Editor, On Target:
Dear Sir,
The Owen Barfield article in the Vol.44 No.10 edition of O.T. (Philology and the Incarnation) gives us a valuable key to understanding the New Testament. Tremendous stuff!
Yours truly, John Brett, Highfields Qld.

Idols of the Mind: To the Editor, On Target:
In as much I worship regularly in a Church describing itself as 'Christian' which condones little idols called 'money' transformed from symbols into reality, I realise how much the Christian Church has failed to put service to God before service to mammon. I believe the first priority of Social Credit Christians is to obtain agreement with Christian leadership that worship of money symbols constitutes, as Douglas emphasised, the greatest of sins against God. I fail to see how we can offer any acceptable excuse to Christ for our failure. In effect he wants us to become his servant in transforming his Church from the most inept institution in the exercise of his power on earth into the most effective. Not to be worshipped, but to fulfil its true role, the servant of both God and man.
Social Crediters should give more serious thought to the challenge involved in gaining agreement from Bishops, Priests, and Pastors with Christ's teaching on how the creation and distribution of the money symbol should accord with his principle, "whatsoever is right I will give unto you," Matthew 20: verses 4 and 7. Unless they follow Christ's path they must remain servants of mammon, earning the condemnation he offered his opponents: "Is thine eye evil because mine is good?"
The great failure in liberalism James Reed points to has its roots in the failure of Christian theologians to see the connection between the money symbol and "whatsoever is right." Once corrected those "little idols" would have no control over either Christian politicians or the populace, as both became recipients of the inestimable gift of "whatsoever is right."
- - Yours in His service, Edward Rock, Cape Paterson Vic.


ANZAC Day - Five Diggers Joined a Mother at Sydney Cenotaph:
The Editor, The Chronicle, Toowoomba:
Dear Sir,
Richard Wood is correct. (7-5-08) There was far more than blind loyalty why Australians joined up for the first world war, not least an income for most for the first time in their lives, doing what the majority did very well, which was the ability to shoot with a rifle. The event which was advertised as an "adventure" which with its appalling losses was to traumatise the nation for a long time.
But it was where Australia and New Zealand stepped on the world stage to acquit themselves better than any nation before us, or since. Lest we forget.
The national trauma lasted until 1927 when five diggers returning from a reunion came across a lone mother laying a wreath on the Cenotaph in Sydney in the early hours of that morning. From that occasion the dawn service and the Anzac March tradition grew organically and naturally to reach its present zenith, long after the survivors and their families have passed away.
Anzac Day is now embedded in our national psyche, probably forever and the underlying reasons were aptly described in an article in the Chronicle by journalist James Clark on 26th April 1996. He finished his article with these words.
"Anzac Day, in particular, the dawn service, have the ingredients to endure. There is History, tragedy, colour, pomp, pride, identity and predictability. And most of all, whatever your philosophical bent, there is soul." There now lies the identity and "Soul" of our nation.
Yours truly, John Brett, Highfields, Qld.

Breathtaking Blame Game: Letter of the Day,
"The Morning Bulletin" Rockhampton 1st April 2008:
"Its going to take years to put things right!" (after 11 years of the John Howard led Government). So said incoming Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan.
This statement takes one back to the federal election campaign which followed the double dissolution which, in turn, followed the first term of the Whitlam Government. During an address by Mr. Doug Anthony in Rockhampton during that campaign, Mr.Anthony said: "The previous Government left things in such a mess that we need another three years to put things right."
Then, as now, breathtaking stuff.
- - Gerald Patch, Toowoomba Qld.

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