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Edmund Burke
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6 June 2008 Thought for the Week:

Recently an expert in the field of government finance was asked: "Why is it necessary for the U.S. to pay interest on money it borrows from itself?" He faltered and said with a smile: "Oh, that's high finance: who knows?"
It would seem that the eight billion dollars a year interest (50 years ago!...ed) that Americans pay on their public debt for the subsidy of the banking business would cause each individual concerned to assure himself of his constitutional privilege by holding every member of congress responsible for the legal and correct issuance of money.
The statement "All men have the right to be born free of debt" recalls Benjamin Franklin's exhortation to congress not to let any bankers in the government. If you do, he said, "your grandchildren will curse you."
And certainly Christ's wrath at those who would make one of these little ones stumble is directed at the immorality of a child inheriting the millstone of debt-slavery.

- - Chester Naramor, of Streator, Illinois, U.S.A. "The New Times" May, 1957


Source: https://www.i-sis.org.uk/savePolishCountryside.php
Last week Patrick O'Shea explained to our readers just how Australia's independent farmers are being squeezed out of existence with the intention of replacing them with Corporate Farming. Corporate Farming is Big Business in league with Big Government with the ultimate goal of centralising all control in the hands of the one system that pulls all the strings behind these puppets - Big Finance. The push for Corporate Farming can be seen happening in all nations - when one's blinkers are removed; i.e., those who have 'eyes to see'. That is why it was not surprising to read the following portion of a report from the online group Institute for Science in Society. https://www.i-sis.org.uk about the same sort of push in Poland through the EU. Of course Poland is not as far down the track as us.
Read on:
"Julian Rose exposes the scandal of EU's deliberate policy to get rid of family farms for the benefit of the corporations and gives a personal account of his battle with the GMO dragon that threatens to devastate rural Poland. Poland's peasant farmers are the true trustees of its countryside.

Huge biodiversity of countryside:
"We can surely identify with his concern. 'The weak position of freedom' is evident throughout our increasingly pacified Orwellian society, and has recently come to undermine the long-standing traditions of the Polish countryside, particularly the independence of the peasant and family farms, and the huge biodiversity of the Polish countryside of which they are the prime trustees…
The Country was preparing itself, or more correctly, being prepared for entry into the European Union. Opinions were strongly divided concerning the merits of such an action and those most against included the farmers…Through the auspices of a senior civil servant in Warsaw, Jadwiga and I were able to address a meeting with the Brussels-based committee responsible for negotiating Poland's agricultural terms of entry into the EU. It proved to be an ominous foretaste of things to come.

The first thing that struck us was the fact that out of the twelve people sitting in the room at the European Commission, not one was Polish. I explained to the attendant body that in a Country where 22 percent of the working population are involved in agriculture, and the majority on small farms, it would not be a good idea to follow the same regime as had been operated in the UK and other EU member countries, in which 'restructuring' agriculture had involved throwing the best farmers off the land and amalgamating their farms into large scale monocultural operations designed to supply the predatory supermarket chains. You could have heard a pin drop.

The dangling carrot:
After clearing her throat and leaning slowly forward, the chair-lady said: "I don't think you understand what EU policy is. Our objective is to ensure that farmers receive the same salary parity as white-collar workers in the cities. The only way to achieve this is by restructuring and modernising old fashioned Polish farms to enable them to compete with other countries' agricultural economies and the global market. To do this it will be necessary to shift around one million farmers off the land and encourage them to take city and service industry jobs to improve their economic position. The remaining farms will be made competitive with their counterparts in western Europe."

The communists failed to quell the small Polish peasant farmers into submission during their period of occupation, which left the Country with a rich, if rather confusing, legacy of approximately one and a half million small-scale family farms (average size 18 acres) dotted around the Polish Provinces, but particularly prevalent in the south and east.


by James Reed
John Lee, a visiting Fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies has written a very interesting book entitled "Will China Fall?" Lee puts his finger right on the great structural/political weakness of China : it has a capitalist economy burning like a Californian bush fire, but it is ruled by a communist totalitarian regime. The growth of the economy requires economic freedom, but this increasingly challenges the legitimacy of the totalitarian communist State.

There is, for example, an increasing loss of fiscal, administrative and legislative power for the ruling communist elite. This is threatening for them of course. And the taste of economic freedom is breeding unrest and discontentment. Social unrest is on the rise.

There is a growing unrest of China's poor against the newly rich capitalist class. Millions of unemployed - about the population of Australia - migrate around China in search of work. Then there are massive environmental problems which mindless economic growth produces.
A great showdown looms large in the future and the world will shake as another giant falls.


by James Reed
Like many men my age, I have neglected my health, probably until it is too late. Out of ignorance, I suppose, I had something of a faith that modern medical science would keep me going. But recently I have been slowly catching up in the 'critique of medicine' genre and have just read a revealing book by Maria Angell M.D. "The Truth About the Drug Companies" (2004). This book is a real eye-opener that is so jam-packed with horror stories that I don't know where to start reviewing it.

Well here goes. In a nutshell, the pharmaceutical industry is a "marketing machine to sell drugs of dubious benefit" and it uses its "wealth and power to co-opt every institution that might stand in its way." Angell documents this in detail : how leading medical journals have become increasingly sponsored by drug companies. These companies then begin to exercise control over medical research so that their drugs 'look good'. So much for scientific objectivity.

Searching through the internet I have found a lot of material about the way the drug industry has influenced doctors and medical treatment. There are articles of concern by leading doctors, in journals less influenced by the drug money. I have learnt that iatrogenesis - doctor caused disease - is a major source of illness and death.
Thus, as with everything, it is necessary not to be apathetic and ignorant about one's health as I once was. My last new year's resolution was to take my health into my own hands and make informed decisions. This will involve doing a bit of research and reading - but then, there is no freedom without sweat and swotting.

Editor's note:
James is one of the 'younger' generation. Had he been associated with the League earlier he would have known the League has promoted organic gardening and farming, a healthy life-style and good food for as many years as it has been in existence. Many of the founders and early supporters of the League were also members of such groups as the Soil Association.
Why one of its longest serving members was Horton Davies who came back from WW 2 and set up an alternative health company. Then there was Lady Phyllis Cilento ('Medical Mother' who promoted the use of Vitamin E) who in in a personal letter to the League's founding national director Eric Butler, wrote that she prayed every day for the work of the League.


by James Reed
Kevin Rudd did 'insist' that a republican referendum was not a 'top priority' while working away like a busy beaver to bring it all about. The appointment of Quentin Bryce is just such an example. Bryce, we now all know, is a woman and this she did not stop telling us that after 107 years this is "a great day for Australian women." I don't see the connection, what has being a woman, a man, black, white or even gay, have to do with the position? Someone who immediately thinks "minority-talk" I think is a problem.

But of course Bryce, the Queensland Governor, former lawyer, human rights advocate and Federal sex discrimination commissioner has almost every politically correct quality, bar race. Couldn't Kevin have found an Asian or Black woman instead to make his performance on the international stage even more cosmopolitan?

Bryce, an advocate for women = professional feminist, had once insisted on having the Queensland Governor's residence gardens torn up so pink and purple flowers could be planted for International Women's Day! (The Australian 14/4/08 p.1) Paul Keating, after Mabo had Sir William Deane and Kevin Rudd now has Quentin Bryce. A republican G-G.

Consistent with Rudd's arrogant style of doing things (but always with a Jimmy Carter grin) as we now know, before meeting the Queen at Windsor Castle declared that he was a "life-long republican" and that "in the course of the year ahead, you will have an accelerating debate about the republic."
Our ruling elites like the word "debate". It means "no debate"; we are going to turn up the heat on the republic. Indeed the full-scale battle is now on.


by Brian Simpson
Senior Victorian police have urged the department of Immigration to settle Sudanese families in country towns rather than Melbourne as young African men are turning to street crime. The Chief Commissioner "was attempting to play down the problem" (The Australian 25/3/08). Senior police have not, following an escalation of Sudanese gang violence.

Apparently the elites agree with this move for there has been no cries of 'racism'. The thought is that it is easier to avoid drugs and alcohol in country towns. Haven't they learnt anything about the crisis facing Aboriginal communities?
The answer given by former immigration minister Kevin Andrews, to cut back the African refugee intake, was a small step in the right direction.
But of course with Kevin Rudd now at the helm of the ship of state that would never do. As with the Vietnamese it is necessary to create massive enclaves of these people. That is the multicultural way. It makes the elites, the academics, lawyers, etc., 'feel good' while driving their four-wheel drives. But it really only helps a small number of Africans. A breakdown in social cohesion is a big price to pay to make an elite new class of trendoids 'feel happy'.

If we had the power to look into the future would we see horrific scenes of brutal murder by pouring volatile fuel over the victim and setting him alight - just as is happening in South Africa at this time?


The following email from South Africa came with pictures attached. The pictures are of South African blacks burning alive a 'foreign' black man. Blacks from Zimbabwe are fleeing to South Africa and setting up informal settlements. The 'crimes' of the foreigners? They are not wanted.
The African solution is to go on a rampage throughout the informal settlement and murder and loot the unwelcome 'squatters'.
The photograph of the man being burned alive was taken at the Ramaphosa informal settlement east of Johannesburg.

The email writer says:
"This is awful, a sad reality of a 'democratic' South Africa. Xenophobia is the new Apartheid, on a more violent and seemingly more virulent scale. South Africans need to be aware, that this is not going to stop at the killing of "foreigners", this is a war that has been meticulously planned, baffling the police as there is no source of so-called intelligence or information to be leaked to them.

The history of the African Continent should be enough proof that our nation is now in serious trouble. The world needs to know, that Africa can never be ruled by the African version of "democracy". Look at DRC, Kenya, Zimbabwe etc. Even the SA "President in Waiting" advocates rule by means of a machine gun!!! - that is African Democracy, kill or be killed.

Unless the South African Government does something drastic - we are going to experience atrocities on a scale never witnessed before, because the fighters in this war have absolutely nothing to lose, as they do not have anything! We are in trouble folks!"
(Name and other details withheld for his safety reasons. From O.C. South Africa.)


No doubt about it, modern technology is proving to be of great service to 'the little man'. No longer does the elite have centralised control of the world's media for their use as a propaganda machine. The following is one important example. For those readers who have access to the Internet, you are encouraged to visit:
http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2008/04/22/abc-s-20-20-gore-used-fictional-film-clip-inconvenient-truth and judge for your self - did Al Gore use false computer-generated film clips in the 'schlockumentary' "An Inconvenient Truth" in order to generate 'global warming' hysteria?
It was revealed by the US ABC News that one of the famous shots of supposed Antarctic ice shelves in the film was actually a computer-generated image from the 2004 science fiction blockbuster "The Day After Tomorrow." [audio available here]
Adding delicious insult to injury, this was presented by one of ABC's foremost global warming alarmists Sam Champion during Friday's "20/20": Subject: AGW: Gore used footage from the film 'The Day after tomorrow' in his film 'An Inconvenient Truth'!!!

Look up the video clip for yourself - and read the article! Gore used footage from the film 'The Day after tomorrow' in his film 'An Inconvenient Truth' - the ice shelves were computer generated!

The transcript follows - but seeing the ABC item with comparison of footage of the two films is startling!
Gore Used Fictional Video to Illustrate 'Inconvenient Truth' Noel Sheppard | April 22, 2008 - 09:53 ET San Champion (ABC NEWS):
(Voiceover) Al Gore's 2006 documentary, 'An Inconvenient Truth," makes the same point with actual video of ice shelves calving. Which shots have more impact?
AL GORE (Former United States Vice President): And if you were flying over it in a helicopter, you'd see it's 700 feet tall. They are so majestic.
SAM CHAMPION (ABC NEWS): (Voiceover) Wait a minute, that shot looks just like the one in the opening credits of "The Day After Tomorrow."
KAREN GOULEKAS (Visual Effects Supervisor): Yeah, that's, that's our shot. That's a fully computer generated shot. There's nothing real in there.
SAM CHAMPION (ABC NEWS): (Voiceover) Audiences expect Hollywood to twist fact into fiction. But Gore's documentary does the opposite, using a fake shot to make a real point, that ice shelves are disappearing, and vanishing ice means global warming.

Apparently, ABC tried to get a comment from Gore concerning the matter, but none was forthcoming.


The Genetically Modified industry has been ailing at least as far back as 2005, but kept alive by an aggressive campaign of disinformation. GM Watch (www.gmwatch.org) brings you the latest GM failures 2007-2008

GM cotton debacle in India
GM cotton has been failing in India and elsewhere for years (Broken Promises, SiS 22), escalating the epidemic of farmers' suicides (Stem Farmers' Suicides with Organic Farming, SiS 32). Unfortunately, the Indian government has allowed the commercial planting to continue with drastic consequences.

BT cotton failed in Vidarbha
A study on the introduction of Bt cotton in India's cotton-growing belt of Vidarbha revealed that it failed in the region. Suman Sahai, director of Gene Campaign, which conducted the study, said that despite knowing that Bt cotton would not work in rain-fed areas, the state government introduced it. The high input costs of Bt cotton increased indebtedness, and the study showed that 70 per cent of small farmers lost their landholdings as collateral for loans that they could never repay. The study also showed that farmers who adopted Bt cotton had a net lower income than non-Bt cotton farmers. Seed dealers had promised farmers that they would get 12-15 quintals per acre when the actual yields were 3-5 quintals.
In February 2007, five districts of Vidarbha where Bt cotton was widely adopted reported nearly 1,500 farmers committing suicide in the previous 20 months.

More livestock deaths from grazing Bt cotton
With reports of deaths of livestock that had grazed on Bt cotton in 2006 still fresh (Mass Deaths in Sheep Grazing on Bt Cotton, SiS 30), more deaths and illnesses in sheep and goats were seen in the early months of 2007. Symptoms included bloating of the stomach, black patches on the intestines, lung congestion, green and red mucus flow from nostrils, reddish urine, sneezing, and skin allergies. Women cotton pickers also reported skin allergies, another problem with Bt cotton reported widely in 2006.
Source: https://www.i-sis.org.uk/gmFailuresContinue.php

As a follow-up: Deadly gift from Monsanto to India:
To follow up on articles, Organic Cotton Beats Bt Cotton in India (SiS 27) and Message from Andra Predesh:

Return to organic cotton & avoid the Bt cotton trap (SiS 29), I enclose photographs of mealy bugs infested cotton plants in the demonstration plots of different seed companies in Vidarbha: Ganga Kavari, Paras Bbhrahma, and Banny.

All of the plots have the Bollgard label. These mealy bugs have never been in our region on any plants before Bt cotton was introduced. I learned about the devastation of cotton in China two years ago. This alerted me to photograph and video the demonstration plots regularly. So, anybody can say with confidence now that the mealy bug has entered Vidarbha cotton fields through the Bt cottonseed.
Now when the cotton plants have died, the mealy bug is shifting to nearby plants. By mid June, farmers will go for the new cotton crop or plant another crop. But before that, the bug will have multiplied like any thing. It has shifted to Congress weed nearby, and many other weeds and plants in gardens.

At the same time I am studying the sudden death of plants. The new generation cotton seeds, called 'Research Hybrid seeds'; are all male sterile. In short, they are terminator seeds; and proven by the high-level government committee in 1993. I have the report of it. The breeder then published an article advising farmers that they should not use the F2 seeds of such hybrids, as the plants coming out of them are 100 percent sterile. Your article, Killing Fields Near You (ISIS News7/8) confirmed this for me.
I am an organic farmer residing at Yavatmal in the state of Maharashtra. Our organisation, Vidarbha Organic Farmers Association, has been propagating organic farming since 1994.

We have been helped a lot by Dr Vandana Shiva. She was the first person to tell us about terminators. Right now, we are working for her organisation Navdanya.

- - Ram Kalaspurkar, organic farmer, Vidarbha Organic Farmers Association, Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India.


Canada's Human Rights Thought Police:
I have just read "Misreading John Stuart Mill" in Canada's National Post by Mark Milke and sent the following letter to him.

"I wish to commend you for its content and for the sound ethical instincts which appear to have motivated you to expend the effort to produce this commentary. Those who wish to suppress the right of others to express their views and opinions seem to make one fatal error. They seem to think that positions of "authority"" within the State apparatus are infallible in wisdom, intelligence and morality--that is that they are infallible because Divine. Personally, I think that this is an outrageous impersonation deriving from a monstrous conceit and, if we are to speak in theological terms, the ultimate sacrilege. When any mere mortal can justify a claim that he is God, then perhaps we can bow down his dictates and repressions. I think this will be a long time coming! (Forever, if reality is permitted to reign!).

My hope is that persons such as yourself and others who have taken up the cause for freedom of expression will persist until these pharisaic Bolshevik "peoples courts" are disbanded and we can return to our historic protections under the common law--in a free society where "all things will be known" and we can look forward in the hope and belief the "the Truth will make you free," as opposed to an intellectual and moral frozen hell imposed upon society by a few megalomaniacal elitists who seek to garner all power to themselves. (in a legalistic tyranny where in their kangaroo courts "truth is no defense" for the accused!)

For your interest, I attach a file which contains relevant material on this whole question of Canadian Human Rights Commissions and Tribunals and their role in suppressing the natural and legitimate rights of the citizens to formulate and promulgate opinions and beliefs without so depriving any other persons of the same right. We are not as a society, and civilization, demonstrating such perfect intelligence and universal success that we can afford to suppress circulation of creative thought.

Only by having an opportunity to compare within a milieu of diverse ideas can we learn and become increasingly adept as individuals at separating the valid from the invalid. Only in such a manner can we grow intellectually and morally. As I have said before, if law is to be applied in the area of freedom of speech, surely it should apply to those who would conspire to deprive their fellow citizens of it. I assume you will have read Jonathan Kay's article of March 28 published in the National.

- - Yours sincerely, Wally Klinck, Canada.
Read the full article at: https://www.nationalpost.com/todays_paper/story.html?id=448154

Faith and revelation:
Christianity changed the world because of its revelation, not its "faith". The under-girding revelation was that all power and authority arose from within the individual, not external to the individual, as all other religions believed then, and as most still do.
Unless there has been a new recent discovery, all doctrine and philosophy arises from one or the other of these beliefs, which then becomes a Faith.
The tragedy is that so-called Christian faiths have abandoned this revelation, creating the vacuum that is being filled by the religions whose adherents believe all power and authority arises external to the individual, exactly where we were before the Christian revelation.
The Spirit is either Incarnate, or still wandering around at random in space.

- - -John Brett, Highfields, Qld. May 2008.

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