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1st August 2008 Thought for the Week:

Social Credit, like all practical science, is a continual experiment. It seeks to ascertain with ever-increasing accuracy what are the desires of individuals, and how best they can be fulfilled. It repudiates all fixed ideas of what is good for people, and seeks to give them the fullest facilities for deciding and obtaining what they want.

For the application of any set of principles a mechanism is required, and there exist two which can be so modified as to reflect continuously the policy of individuals in association : the money system, or ticket system, and the voting system…

Those who administer it [the credit monopoly] are quite satisfied with the supreme control of governments and national policy that they have acquired, and with the ability to indulge in Utopian experiments that it confers. The problem they pose is that posed by the Wicked Husbandman in the parable.

- - "Escape from Utopia" by W.L. Bardsley in The Fig Tree Vol. I. 1936.


by Betty Luks
Why am I not surprised to read that America's President Bush has agreed to 'back' the mortgage groups with the odd sounding names of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? (Tom Bawden in New York, Times Online, 23 July 2008)

"President Bush performed an abrupt U-turn today and dropped his opposition to a wide-ranging Housing Bill that would pave the way for a bailout of America's stricken mortgage industry. He did so as the House of Representatives and the Senate finally reached a deal on legislation that would permit the Government to back Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage groups, in an emergency and to overhaul their supervision.

The Bill would also allow the Government to insure up to $300 billion ( '150 billion) of refinanced mortgages and provide $3.9 billion to help the communities hit worst by the housing crisis by allowing local governments to buy and refurbish foreclosed homes.
Shortly before the House was expected to vote on the Bill, the President, who had said repeatedly that irresponsible homeowners and unscrupulous lenders should pay for their mistakes, announced a change of heart."


by James Reed
Kevin Rudd "07", you will recall, was to be our Al Gore who was going to save Australia, and the world, from the threat of climate change. At present I have a thick wad of paper - about two inches thick with Ross Garnaut's predictions of climate doom unless we adopt his 'cap and trade emissions' scheme. I grew more confused reading these commentaries and at last threw all the articles on to my open fire - joyfully increasing carbon emissions.

Back to basics: the cap and trade model will involve permits being allocated or auctioned to emitters, which can be traded internationally. Sounds like another good scam for the corporates to extract more dollars from the long-suffering plebs - the way medieval torturers extracted teeth, perhaps.

The corporates will trade until their cash registers ring with joy, but the real costs of the carbon trade will be passed on to you and me, the ordinary consumer. Kevin "07" did not explain that an emissions trading scheme will mean massively rising energy costs and the loss of jobs.

Carbon pricing means a carbon cost - for us. The scam of rising petrol prices, a result of the corporate/financial elites being a little greedier than usual, will be nothing compared to the scam of carbon trading.


by Betty Luks
I thought of various headlines that included the acronym for the Carbon Reliance Abatement Program but decided against using it - hence the above. Piers Akerman used the acronym in his scathing article on the Rudd regime's carbon emissions proposals - "This CRAP won't save earth" Daily Telegraph, 16/7/08.
He wrote:
"The Rudd Labor Government's newest program - the Carbon Reliance Abatement Program (CRAP) - makes no sense. It is a complex form of taxation designed to enhance the moral vanity of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and those who believe Australia can make a difference to human-induced global warming.
Even if there were any evidence beyond the IPCC's faulty modelling to demonstrate that humans are responsible for global warming - which the last decade's weather would indicate has stalled or even reversed - it should be noted that Australia is responsible for approximately 1.3 per cent of the total anthropogenic global emissions

The latest TAX burden on Australians:
"CRAP is a new tax on the nation but the Government lacked the guts to call it what it is 'there is no promise that the burden imposed on already crippled businesses and taxpayers by CRAP will be eased
Under CRAP, every Australian will suffer an increase in the cost of living, though this will initially be massaged and lubricated to make it as painless as possible to those at the lower end of the income scale, those on $53,000. They will be compensated, in a fashion, for around five years (through the next election) at periodic intervals which Wong could not define.

"Much has been made about a reduction in fuel excise to accommodate the CRAP cost on fuel, but this will just make it easier for the Government to increase its tax take in the future as it will be levying both the CRAP tax and the fuel levy on motorists. Industries will be compensated but assistance will be reduced over time. Australians who think their action will somehow save the planet just because they've paid their CRAP taxes, should ask themselves who, if anybody, will pay for emissions on Australia's exports when they reach their destinations? '"

The Government claims its climate change policy is built on three pillars:
Reducing Australia's greenhouse gas emissions
Adapting to climate change that we cannot avoid
Helping to shape a global solution that both protects the planet and advances Australia's long-term interests.


In order to grasp how we are being hoaxed once again, let me refer you to Geoffrey Dobbs' work in the journal Home, in which he wrote a series of articles as a sequel to his 1951 book "On Planning the Earth"

In **Part Five, July 1990, he warned there is another monstrous hoax about to be practised on us. But even that (Greenhouse) Hoax was preceded by another by at least twenty years. That one was bound up with the engineering of the first World Threat, i.e., the Nuclear Holocaust.
But as the effect on the public mind was waning at the time another was already in the making. This time it was the World Eco-disaster. Remember the hole in the ozone layer? I wonder what happened to that? What about the Greenhouse Gases?
Now that one is weakening along comes wait for it drum roll Climate Change!

Democracy-on-the-March in the USSR
Dr. Dobbs observed that Socialists, on attaining power, are even more prone than other people to promote large-scale, centrally devised schemes which are out of touch with the local reality. In the first rush of revolutionary enthusiasm in the USSR enormous collective State-farms of the size of a British County (e.g. one was named G 'ant) were imposed upon the farming communities.
They were of course a complete failure. Collectives proved a complete disaster and transformed the 'granary of Europe,' as Russia used to be called, into a net importer of grain to feed its people, and even then at a miserable level, despite the control of the greatest area of potentially fertile soil in the world.
(Do I hear you gentle reader murmuring, "Mmm look at that more recent great socialist experiment - Zimbabwe.")

The American 'New Deal'
The first large-scale, centrally devised scheme effectively 'sold' to the American public by mass propaganda was the Tennessee Valley Authority's (TVA) 'New Deal'. In reality, a system of control by a Super-state Agency, socialist in all but name.

First Bash them, then Blame them, then Take Over
First of all came the Great Depression of the 1930's, a purely monetary event brought about by the banks, which gave rise, among other things, to the Dust Bowl of the American Middle West, mass unemployment and poverty throughout the world and the rise of Hitler in Germany leading to World War Two.

In rural areas, including Tennessee, it resulted in extreme poverty and bankruptcy with depopulation and dereliction of the land. This gave the excuse for the setting up of A centralised authority on what were described as new grounds of natural conservation With control over the entire drainage area of the Tennessee River and its tributaries Thus over-riding State rights in no less than seven States.

The slogans under which the idea was 'sold' to Congress
Flood control
And above all decentralisation

Vast sums of money were poured into the area, hundreds of thousands of jobs were created, colossal works of earth-moving were performed, world records in concreting, engineering and mechanisation were achieved, and so forth, and behold! unemployment was virtually abolished and prosperity descended upon the Valley.

An enormous literature of propaganda and promotion was distributed, amounting to some 3,500 titles, of which the book entitled "TVA - Democracy on the March," by David E. Lilienthal, the Chairman of the Authority, must be judged to have been the most widely read and influential. (I guess the citizens were to be 'alert' but not alarmed' then as now?)

What was achieved in the name of flood control was the permanent flooding of the fertile soil in all the main valleys, the drowning of villages, of houses, churches, graveyards, and the moving of the valley people (56,000 of them) to create the Great Lakes of the South, with much advertised fishing, boating, and industrial navigation.

What was achieved in the name of conservation was the destruction of the valley farms, with some tree-planting, terracing, contour ploughing etc. of the valley slopes. But above all the farming population was 'educated' with a high-pressure programme on how to manage their farms in a modern way, with demonstration farms to show what big crops they could get with quick-acting, soluble super-phosphates (provided free) compared to the old, slow-acting mineral phosphates.

Since a flood-control dam needs an empty reservoir and a power-dam needs a full one, their purposes are incompatible; which meant building their 21 dams to a double height - the largest job of engineering and construction ever carried out in American history up to that time. It also involved employing tens of thousands of men, clearing more than 175,000 acres of land, relocating more than 1200 miles of roadway and 140 miles of railway, excavating some 30 million cubic yards of earth and rock and pouring and placing 113 million cubic yards of concrete and rock fill-more, it was boasted, than twelve times the bulk of the seven great pyramids of Egypt.

People Management - decentralised administration of a centralised policy !
More important still was the way in which the whole population was managed, their opinions and policies manipulated with the aid of almost unlimited money, into line with the policy of the TVA.

Individuals, groups, institutions of all sorts found that it paid to co-operate enthusiastically with the Authority, and the example spread to other areas from which much of the labour was drawn. This was what Lilienthal called 'grassroots democracy.' Its essence was decentralised administration of a centrally imposed policy : and it is this which is the aim of those who seek for a World Government to 'save the planet.' From the start the whole operation was set up as an example to be copied, as it has been, in modified ways, first in the USA and later throughout the world.

The final product of this great organisation of 'Democracy-on-the-March ?
Those who know the history of the TVA know what the final product was - and barely completed in time for the Hitler war at that. While the project provided at one time about half the aluminium for the manufacture of American bombers, and, finally, from a vast industrial complex in the secret and heavily guarded valley of Oak Ridge, over which aircraft were forbidden to fly, the full flower of its achievement was: one of the first two Atom Bombs, which inaugurated the era of Nuclear Psycho-Doom for a whole generation.

It should be mentioned also that Mr. David Lilienthal, the Chairman of the TVA and author of "TVA-Democracy on the March," moved on to be Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and stayed on to be one of the four members of the Committee which recommended the manufacture of the vastly more powerful H-Bomb. So much, then, for mass-produced, passionate and persuasive verbal 'conservationism' with big money behind it.

All the real needs for soil conservation were denied
If the people of the Tennessee Valley had been allowed a small fraction of the vast sums expended by the TVA along with some genuinely informed advice from the Soil Conservation Service where wanted, all the real improvements necessary to restore and conserve the soil could have been carried out without any of the monstrous interference with land, water and people which was imposed upon them by central direction.
The valley lands could have been retained, and the floods restrained, mainly by afforestation and conservation of the higher terrains; where necessary by a few flood-control dams.

Under such slogans as 'Democracy-on-the-March'
At the time of Dr. Dobbs' article, (1990) the great socialist and communist 'experiments' were breaking down in Eastern Europe and the elites were now turning towards more open monetary control under the name of 'democracy'.

But it is worth remembering, as in the TVA 'experiment', socialism/communism was also 'sold' to the Russian peoples under slogans of 'Democracy-on-the-March.'
When the Soviets gained power, the land was first distributed to the peasants, then followed the liquidation of all the not-quite-so-poor farmers (kulaks), the consequent famine, and the 'democratic' herding of the rural population into the collective farms.
Even so, it was eventually found to be desperately necessary to allow the collective workers to cultivate and sell any surplus from their own little domestic plots.

** The series of articles by Geoffrey Dobbs, up to Part Six are available on the League's website under the title of "The Local World" in the Race/Culture/Nation section.

Further essential reading on the 'water' scam

"Thirst: Fighting the Corporate Theft of Our Water,"
by Alan Sitnow, Deborah Kaufman & Michael Fox. Price including postage $45.00.
"Who Owns the Water?" by Ian McLeod $9.00 posted.


by Brian Simpson
Like James Reed I am deeply concerned about Barak Hussein Obama becoming the US president. We all know that McCain also represents everything we see as destructive to national survival - but the Obama issue is different. What is disturbing, deeply disturbing, is the way that Obama, a man only in his position because of the propaganda value of his multiracial origin - has been given a dream run by the establishment press.

He has been taken as a new Martin Luther King, and a Black Kennedy, the pin-up boy of political correctness. Did you study the photos of the hysterical White faces at the Obama rallies? "Change we can believe in". What does that mean? It is like Beatlemania all over again.
If that is not a concern to conservatives, nothing is.

Further, he, from his limited remarks about Australia hates us because of our historical treatment of Aborigines. Worried yet? Obama is an opportunist who is owned by big business and international finance; a man loved by the birds of prey of Wall Street. His five top donors are corporate lobbyists, even though he constantly says that he is mainly financially supported by the grassroots.

Obama is above all, a media creation, proof that any shadow of democracy is dead in America. Democracy at a minimum requires a thinking citizenry, but people who behave in the hysterical fashion as do audiences at an Oprah show when she is giving away free items, do not embody rationality.

People at Obama rallies have the same glazed-eye facial expressions as American fundamentalists at a faith-healing session. The elites so desperately want Obama because having Obama elected is living proof that they can do anything. It is living proof, contrary to Abe Lincoln, that most of the people can be fooled most of the time.

Australia has got Rudd, but America with Obama will finish off the world as we know it. Those with internet facilities, get on to Conservative and Christian websites. Urge Americans to fight for their very lives. There is a fate worse than Rudd and it is Barak Hussein Obama.


by James Reed
A study published in the academic journal People and Place by Monash University academics Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy (The Australian, 29/4/08 p.7) has found that less than a quarter of young degree-educated migrants find jobs in their areas of study. Many took degrees in accountancy but few became accountants.

Among the non-English speaking background groups, only 16 per cent of young degree-educated Chinese worked in their area of study. As well, such graduates have minimal English and poor academic standards. Birrell and Healy conclude that the skilled immigration programme was failing to combat the skills crisis.

This is useful and damaging research. But behind it lurks questions these academics don't ask. Why is the programme continuing? Because it beefs up non-White immigration numbers as part of the unwritten government "Yellow Australia policy."
If these young migrants were blue-eyed blondes, how quickly they would be sent packing.

Further reading on the League's website:
Race/Culture/Nation section. "Racial Treason : From the White Australia Policy to the Yellow Australia Policy" by John Peterson and Rohan Phillips

Important book: "Fascist Europe Rising" by Rodney Atkinson $40.00 posted.


This last week an elderly Russian-Australian gentleman reminded me that it was 90 years since Russia's Royal Family had been murdered by the Soviets. Saddened that his people had allowed such a terrible thing to happen to the Royal Family he observed they paid a terrible price for their infatuated 'love affair' with Communism. It is thought that around 100 million people lost their lives under the Soviets.

David Flint in his Opinion Column wrote of that time:
Lenin orders their murder... Ninety years ago, at around 2.30am on Thursday, 17 July 1918 Tsar Nicholas II, the Tsarina Alexandra, and their five children, including the Tsarevich, were cruelly murdered on the instructions of Lenin.
Remains thought to be those of most of the Imperial Family were discovered in 1991. Rigorous scientific testing, including a DNA sample provided by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, affirmed their authenticity. In a moving ceremony, on 17 July, 1998, the Tsar, Tsarina and the Grand Duchesses were reburied in the great Fortress of St. Peter and St. Paul in the city of St. Petersberg.

In an act of great courage and deep personal and national contrition, the then Russian President Boris Yeltsin had bowed his head before the coffin of the soon to be canonized Tsar Nicholas II. The President solemnly declared before Russia and the world that all the Russian people must atone for this "monstrous crime"...Russia, he said, had to end its "century of blood and lawlessness" with repentance and reconciliation. "We all bear responsibility for the historical memory of the nation. That is why I could not fail to come here. I had to be here as both an individual and the president."
Condemning himself, as Communist Party chief at Yekaterinburg, where on direct orders from Moscow, he had supervised the destruction of the house where the imperial family was executed to prevent it becoming a monarchist shrine - he declared: "Guilty are those who committed this heinous crime and those who have been justifying it for decades - all of us.
We must not lie to ourselves, explaining this senseless cruelty with political goals." "This is our historic chance, " he said. "On the eve of the third millennium we must do it for the sake of our generation and those to come. Let us remember those innocent victims who have fallen to hatred and violence. May they rest in peace..."

And so David Flint continues:
The Bolshevik coup was a disaster not only for Russia and the enslaved nations, but also for the whole world. In this column of 9 June, 2006, we reiterated the sometimes forgotten but irrefutable fact that prior to the First World War, economic development was well advanced in Russia, and the country was moving towards becoming a full constitutional monarchy.
The First World War intervened, and in the course of it Lenin had been sent in a sealed train by the German High Command to foment unrest in the Russian Empire and thus disrupt the war effort. The war did not go well for Russia, so badly that the imperial government collapsed. Unable to win a majority in the parliament, the Bolsheviks waited until a crucial time and seized power, dispersing the democratic assembly. They proceeded to install one of the most brutal and absolute dictatorships known in modern history.

To those who would say it was worth it, Oleg Gordievsky, a former Colonel of the KGB, writes:
"Russia under Nicholas II, with all the survivals of feudalism, had opposition political parties, independent trade unions and newspapers, a rather radical parliament and a modern legal system. Its agriculture was on the level of the USA, with industry rapidly approaching the Western European level.
"[In contrast] in the USSR there was total tyranny, no political liberties and practically no human rights. Its economy was not viable; agriculture was destroyed. The terror against the population reached a scope unprecedented in [human] history. No wonder many Russians look back at Tsarist Russia as a paradise lost."

The Russian Martyrs honoured in Cathedral of St. Peter and St, Paul, Sydney:
The debate over Australia's constitutional future is not something which comes from the people, but a small elite. For much of the twentieth century another republican elite, funded by Soviet Communists, plotted to make Australia a republic. This was to be based on the East European and Soviet model. As we reported in our last column on the brutal murder of the Imperial Family by the same Soviet communists, and on the direct orders of Lenin, there are those apologists even today who say this terrible crime was worth it.

And in Russia
The martyrdom was also remembered in a midnight Liturgy in the newly built Cathedral erected in honour of the Martyrs on the site of the demolished Ipatiev House in Ekaterinburg. His Holiness Patriarch Alexey of Moscow and All Russia presided in the presence of dozens of Russian Orthodox metropolitans, archbishops, and bishops, some hundreds of clergy and tens of thousands of pilgrims from all over the Russian lands and abroad.

According to Father Joachim to the Melbourne based Monarchist Alliance, a delegation from the Australian Russian Orthodox community was among those attending. In his Epistle, "On the 90th Anniversary of the Murder of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers," (posted on the website of The Russian Orthodox Church overseas and the Monarchist Alliance),
His Holiness said:
"The decades of our history which were marred by the sufferings of war, internecine strife, starvation and indescribable, massive repressions were in many ways determined by the moral failings rooted in the abandonment of the eternal truths revealed to us by God. "I would hope that the period of militant atheism and its consequent sufferings have forever receded into the past.
"One sees signs of this in the spiritual image of our times: society is returning to the unchanging values of faith, Orthodox churches are springing up everywhere, and the land of the Urals, soaked in the blood of the innocent Martyrs, is today visited by tens of thousands of pilgrims streaming in from throughout Russia and from abroad to prostrate themselves before the podvig of the Holy Royal Passion-bearers.
"The Memorial Church-on-the-Blood of All Saints of Russia, erected on the site of the murder of the Royal Family, has already become a symbol of the renascence of our Fatherland in repentance, truth, love and devotion to God, a symbol of the re-establishment of historical memory and of the resurrection of Holy Russia."

Links with the Australian Crown...
Father Joachim points out that the body of HRH Princess Andrew of Greece, the mother of HRH Prince Phillip, is buried in the crypt of the Russian Orthodox Monastery of St Mary Magdalene on the Mount of Olives at Gethsemane in Jerusalem.
This is also the crypt that housed the body of her Aunt Grand Duchess Elizabeth before she was canonized as a Saint of the Orthodox Church and her relics enshrined in the monastery church.
He also writes that before the State Wedding of HRH the Princess Elizabeth to HRH Prince Phillip in Westminster Abbey, a private Orthodox wedding ceremony was celebrated at Buckingham Palace.

Within the last few years HRH Prince Phillip has been received back into the Orthodox Faith by a member of the Greek Orthodox clergy in London - and together with HRH the Prince of Wales, been a very frequent visitor to Mount Athos and a benefactor to a number of monasteries there.
As well, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, often makes private retreats at an Athonite monastery and has frequent contact with the Orthodox clergy.

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