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22 August 2008 Thought for the Week:

Individualism : It is not necessary to invoke the authority of the Christian philosophy (although that is unequivocal on the point) to realise that the relationship of the individual to the group is not arguable. The group exists for the benefit of the individual, in the same sense that the field exists for the benefit of the flower, or the tree for the fruit. Groups of any kind, whether called nations, business systems, or any other associative label, inevitably decay and disappear if they fail to foster a sufficient number of excellent individuals, using those words in their precise significance. It is also true that excellence involves exercise-a man does not become a good cricketer by reading books on cricket.

But not everyone wants to play cricket, and not every cricketer wants to play seven days a week. If the M.C.C. becomes so all pervasive that in place of being a group for the encouragement and progress of cricketers who freely choose cricket as their game, it becomes an organisation directed to the abasement of non-cricketers, then it is a field which has not been farmed with proper understanding.
The individualism, which is justifiable and necessary, is not that which insists on making the rules of every game, and at the same time, devises methods of compulsion to provide players.

It is obvious that advantage is being taken of the orgy of waste through which we are passing to stampede us into mere units in an industrial-financial group. The case which the Society of Individualists has to make for itself is, I think, less concerned with the value of individualism than with the methods by which it proposes to restore to the individual the opportunity of becoming excellent by the exercise of his possibly unique talent rather than by the life-long performance of a mechanical task.

I have read many of the attractive writings of Sir Ernest Benn, who is prominent in the Individualist movement, and they never fail to amuse and delight me. But I notice that Sir Ernest is a stalwart supporter of the orthodox financial system. And there is no more future for the genuine individualist if the pre-war financial system is not radically modified in the interest of the individual than there is for the deluded victims of Karl Marx.

- - C. H. Douglas, 14 September 1943


Source: https://www.truthdig.com/report/item/20080729_acts_of_war/

Scott Ritter a former U.N. weapons inspector and Marine intelligence officer who has written extensively about Iran, has posted a warning that America's ruling elites intend to attack Iran.
In fact, the Internet is humming with this type of warning. We do not want to be 'scare-mongers' but believe it important to publish the following portion of his article for our readers' information:

"The war between the United States and Iran is on. American taxpayer dollars are being used, with the permission of Congress, to fund activities that result in Iranians being killed and wounded, and Iranian property destroyed. This wanton violation of a nation's sovereignty would not be tolerated if the tables were turned and Americans were being subjected to Iranian-funded covert actions that took the lives of Americans, on American soil, and destroyed American property and livelihood. Many Americans remain unaware of what is transpiring abroad in their name.

Many of those who are cognizant of these activities are supportive of them, an outgrowth of misguided sentiment which holds Iran accountable for a list of grievances used by the U.S. government to justify the ongoing ''global war on terror'. Iran, we are told, is not just a nation pursuing nuclear weapons, but is the largest state sponsor of terror in the world today.

Much of the information behind this is being promulgated by Israel, which has a vested interest in seeing Iran neutralized as a potential threat. But Israel is joined by another source, even more puzzling in terms of its broad-based acceptance in the world of American journalism: the Mujahadeen-e Khalk, or MEK, an Iranian opposition group sworn to overthrow the theocracy in Tehran.
The CIA today provides material support to the actions of the MEK inside Iran. The recent spate of explosions in Iran, including a particularly devastating "accident" involving a military convoy transporting ammunition in downtown Tehran, appears to be linked to an MEK operation; its agents working inside munitions manufacturing plants deliberately are committing acts of sabotage which lead to such explosions.

If CIA money and planning support are behind these actions, the agency's backing constitutes nothing less than an act of war on the part of the United States against Iran '"


Source: The Times 6/8/08:
Tony Blair and George Bush both saw intelligence contradicting the rationale for invading Iraq, a new book claims Tim Reid in Washington and Sam Coates in London. MI6 told Tony Blair before the invasion of Iraq that a high-placed Iraqi source said that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction. The intelligence was passed to the US but was buried by the White House, according to the new book.

The book claimed that the former Prime Minister sent a top British spy to the Middle East in 2003 - three months before the invasion - to dig up enough intelligence to avoid war but that President Bush and Dick Cheney, the Vice-President, dismissed any claims or possible evidence that would stop military action.

In "The Way of the World," the Pulitzer prize-winning author Ron Suskind also claimed that the White House ordered the CIA to forge a backdated, handwritten letter purportedly from the head of Iraqi Intelligence to Saddam. The letter, which came to light nine months after the invasion, was meant to demonstrate a link between the Baathist regime and al-Qaeda.

The forgery, adamantly denied by the White House, was passed to a British journalist in Baghdad and written about as if genuine by The Sunday Telegraph on December 14, 2003. The article received significant attention in the US and provided the White House with a new rationale for the invasion, Suskind claimed. The White House called the allegation absurd.
Suskind said that at the beginning of 2003 MI6 sent one of its top agents, Michael Shipster, to the region. Mr Shipster held secret meetings in Jordan with Tahir Jalil Habbush, the head of Iraqi Intelligence. The meetings were confirmed by Nigel Inkster, former assistant director of MI6.
Mr Inkster also confirmed that Mr Shipster was told by Mr Habbush that there were no illicit weapons in Iraq. Mr Inkster refused to comment last night.

Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of British Intelligence, was also interviewed by Suskind. The author said that Sir Richard confirmed the Shipster meetings and report. He added that he asked why Mr Blair had not acted on the intelligence.
Sir Richard was quoted as saying that the mission was an eleventh-hour "attempt to try, as it were, I'd say, to diffuse the whole situation". He added: "The problem was the Cheney crowd was in too much of a hurry, really. Bush never resisted them quite strongly enough."

Suskind wrote that Sir Richard flew to Washington in February 2003 to present the Habbush report to George Tenet, then the Director of the CIA. The report stated that according to Mr Habbush, Saddam had ended his nuclear programme in 1991 - the same year that he destroyed his chemical weapons programme - and ended his biological weapons programme in 1996. These assertions turned out to be true.

Mr Tenet briefed Mr Bush and Condoleezza Rice, at the time his National Security Adviser. Suskind wrote:
"The White House then buried the Habbush report. They instructed the British that they were no longer interested in keeping the channel open." Rob Richer, a former CIA officer in the Near East division, told Suskind: "The Brits wanted to avoid war - which was what was driving them. Bush wanted to go to war in Iraq from the very first days he was in office."

Mr Habbush was put on the White House's list of most-wanted Iraqis but according to Suskind he was paid by the CIA in October 2003 to write the forged letter to Saddam, dated July 1, 2001, saying that the putative September 11 ringleader Mohammed Atta had trained for his mission in Iraq. This was the letter publicised in The Sunday Telegraph.

Of the forgery allegation, Mr Tenet said: "There was no such order from the White House to me or, to the best of my knowledge, was anyone from the CIA ever involved in any such effort."
Of Mr Habbush, Mr Tenet said that the claims in the book were a complete fabrication. He said that Mr Habbush had "failed to persuade" the British that he had "anything new to offer by way of intelligence" Ron Suskind was a reporter for The Wall Street Journal from 1993 to 2000.


by Brian Simpson
Now just suppose you are a member of the ruling elite and it's another day. What can you do today to push the boundaries of political correctness.

Well, Matthew the chimpanzee, and his supporters are taking his case to the European Court of Human Rights. ("Is Matthew a person or just a chimp?" The Advertiser 24/508 p.67)
They want Matthew to be declared a "person" so that he can have a guardian appointed. But once this threshold has been met, why stop there? Couldn't Matthew run in the Australian or American political jungle?

How about Prime Minister Matthew or President Matthew? If Matthew turned out to be a gay chimp, that of course would be even better.


by James Reed
Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! No, it's a plane. In fact, it's two planes and they are about to collide. The Australian, 8 July 2008 carried the headline of flight risk in Australia. "Foreign pilots flying blind," (Unsupervised airspace a 'disaster waiting to happen') which said that because of a shortage of air traffic controllers, pilots of planes do not know whether or not they are flying through uncontrolled air space. Now it seems that a US Learjet was only sixty seconds away from colliding with a Jetstar Airbus (The Australian 18/7/08 p.3).

In comments on this before I speculated about the dangers of planes colliding and crashing down into our ethnically diverse suburbs. The international community may take time from sipping wine to politely say : "racists!"
But worse, there is a possibility of pennies from heaven falling on to Parliament House, Canberra. Perhaps next time Kevin Rudd looks skyward when speculating about theology with Pope Benedict, he may like to muse on the chaos in our skies.


by James Reed
According to educationalist, Dr. Dale Spender (The Australian 16/7/08 p.24), university students who appropriate from the internet and cut and paste to make up new works, (e.g., essays) are not engaging in plagiarism, but are merely expressing themselves. In a Generation-Y way, of course.

What universities call 'plagiarism' in this context, according to Dr. Spender "isn't plagiarism at all," it is in fact "a new and fast and obviously digital way of synthesising information."

How warm, cosy and comforting is techno-speak! Initially this ageing teacher was shocked at the post-modern deconstruction of the old idea of plagiarism. But after some thought, I got over the idea of a private property of ideas and the need for intellectual honesty.

Let me see if I have got it right - if I cut 'n' pasted Dr. Spender's work to make my "own", that wouldn't be plagiarism (i.e., intellectual dishonesty) but my use of a "new and fast and obviously digital way of synthesising information."


by Martin Hattersley, Canada:
August 2008: Venice had a state bank (the Giro) that used all its deposits to obtain freedom from the Turks, but thereafter operated a bank using "money of account" successfully for several hundred years, and kept its value better than gold.
Its operations only ended when Venice was conquered by Napoleon, who was surprised not to find any treasure in the Bank - only a set of accounting books.

By contrast, Genoa followed conventional banking, and in the end the State became so indebted that the Bankers foreclosed and became the government. Shades of what is beginning to happen in the U.S.A.?


Bravo to the actionists in the Anti Pipeline group "Plug The Pipe". They are exercising their God-given freedom and helping to retain the freedoms of their fellow Australians. Under our Commonwealth Constitution Act it is the people who have the power to instruct their political representatives what they want. These people are exercising that power by putting political pressure on their political representatives.

The following report was sent to us from www.sosnews.org.
Commonwealth environmental approval of the Victorian Government's controversial North-South Pipeline will be held up for at least another two weeks. Environment Minister Peter Garrett has put the environmental approval process on hold while he considers new information about the impacts of climate change on the Murray Darling Basin.

Anti Pipeline group Plug The Pipe has used a provision in federal environmental law to request the Minister consider new evidence available which shows climate change will have a drastic negative effect on water runoff into the Murray Darling Basin.
The move may lead to the Victorian and Federal governments having to complete environmental studies on the Murray River and wetlands as far away as the Coorong in South Australia. This could delay the project for months.

Plug The Pipe spokesperson Jeff Spencer said
"We know the public will find it hard to believe but both governments have been actively trying to avoid considering the impact the pipeline would have on the Murray River."
"The law requires that Peter Garrett consider the secondary environmental effects of any project before approving it. However, so far Brumby and Garrett have not commissioned even a few minutes of study of the effects on the Murray of withdrawing 75 billion litres of water from the river system."
"It seems like a bad movie plot but it's a documentary not fiction," said Mr Spencer. "The headlines have been screaming that the Murray Darling system is dying, the scientists have told us that we have moved into a dryer climate."
"Still the Rudd and Brumby governments have been quietly ignoring the potential for this project to make a dire situation worse even while pretending to implement a rescue plan for the Murray-Darling Basin. At last we have brought them to account. They are having to obey their own laws," concluded Mr Spencer.

Contacts: Push For The Bush - Jeff Spencer 0418 328 108 'Bob Richardson (03) 5796 2656.... 0402-658-012


The Adelaide Advertiser 7/8/08 ("Holocaust 'revisionist' Frederick Toben 'breaching orders'") reported that revisionist historian Dr. Fredrick Toben has come before the Court system once again.
This time "Dr. Toben faces a contempt finding in the Federal Court in Adelaide," he is "accused of failing to stop publishing racist material on his Adelaide Institute website - despite a 2002 Federal Court order and an undertaking he made last year."

Dr. Toben "pleaded not guilty to 28 charges" after allegations brought by "former president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Jeremy Jones, that Dr Toben was still breaching the Racial Discrimination Act on his website."

The Advertiser reported:
"Mr Jones first lodged a complaint with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission in 1996 and later applied to the Federal Court to uphold its ruling '.again with claims that he "should be jailed for criminal contempt of court if he can't afford a fine '"

On Mr Jones' behalf, Robin Margo SC told the court Dr Tobin had defied its orders for six years. Mr Margo said the website was still publishing last month "virulent anti-semitic material", including claims there were no homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz concentration camp and that the Holocaust was "the world's filthiest blood libel".
"He's chosen to tell the truth as he sees it, rather than obey the law," Mr Margo said. "There could be no more serious example of blatant contempt."
Mr Margo said the offence was at "the extreme end of the spectrum" and urged Judge Bruce Lander to fine Dr Toben as a deterrent if he found him guilty of contempt, adding "If it is the fact that he can't pay the fine, he should be imprisoned."

Dr Toben's barrister David Perkins told the court Mr Jones' case portrayed "my client's human rights as illegal". The hearing continues."


by Paul Fromm:
Paul Fromm, Director, Canadian Association for Free Expression writes: Canada's Globe and Mail newspapers call for Repeal of Human Rights Thought Control Laws.
The proponents of thought control in Canada are in a panic. The League For Human Rights of B'nai Brith, one of the fiercest friends of censorship recently appeared to jump ship and call for "reforms" and "tweaking" of Canada's wildly misnamed "human rights" laws.
Their reforms would mean little; significantly, they have not reversed their position on the constitutionality of Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act - the Internet censorship provision.

They continue to intervene against censorship victim Marc Lemire and to oppose his constitutional challenge to this ham-handed piece of thought control. Today, the Globe and Mail (August 9, 2008) weighed in and again demanded that legislation silencing words, not discriminatory actions, should be repealed.

HUMAN-RIGHTS COMMISSIONS - Beyond dismissal, repeal. 9 August, 2008
The dismissal of a human-rights complaint by a Muslim group against the Western Standard magazine is a good development in the series of such proceedings across the country. Even so, human-rights commissions should not be in a position to pass judgment on whether media reports and commentary are "likely to expose a class of persons to hatred or contempt," as the Alberta statute in question puts it, much as its several equivalents do elsewhere in Canada.
Controversy over the role of Islam in world politics is looming over the age-old debate on freedom of speech and its limits. In this case, the Western Standard had republished the Danish cartoons of 2005 depicting the Prophet Mohammed as a symbol of militant Islamism. The complaint was made in May, 2006, and dragged on far too long.

But Alberta is rather better off with its human-rights legislation than some other provinces; an ambiguous nod to freedom of expression has been fairly interpreted as an "admonition to balance."
The Alberta Human Rights Commission's investigator, who recommended against sending the complaint on to a panel for a hearing, took into account that admonition, observing that the Danish cartoons were newsworthy and a matter of public concern, and that the Western Standard had published them with commentary, and then showed some balance by publishing letters of varied opinions on this subject.

These considerations are healthy, since other human-rights statutes in Canada are lacking in protections for news reporting and fair comment, a point that was vigorously raised in the defence against a similar complaint against Maclean's magazine at the B.C. Human Rights Commission - a case in which judgment has been reserved since June.

Both the Alberta and the federal commissions in the recent sequence of complaints have rightly cited a Supreme Court of Canada judgment which held that, to comply with the Charter, the hate-speech sections of human-rights would have to aim only at genuinely virulent hatred. In the end, though, human-rights commissions should advise their respective legislatures to repeal these dangerously vague sections, so that those who exercise the freedom of speech and press are no longer harassed by such complaints.


"We the people," the Australian League of Rights continues to insist, "are not, none of us, merely 'flotsam' to be hopelessly tossed around on the sea of history. We all have our part to play in the future of our nation."

We also understand that not all our readers have access to the internet and would rather read an article than watch and listen to a DVD. But the younger generation do like to watch and listen to the spoken word rather than read the written word.
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