Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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29 August 2008 Thought for the Week:

"There is a memory-history of still greater importance [than personal experience], and that is hereditary. Many of the country villages of England and Scotland were full of it. The first essential to its growth is stability…Family-traditional-history…may take the form of 'feeling for the land', water-divining, boat-building, or anything else which has been carried on in the same place by the same families over a considerable period.

For the purpose of a 'feeling for policy', which is really a subconscious memory of trial and error, the same consideration is equally true, if we are to accept the theory of a continuous policy [as we do boat-building]. I do not believe there is any substitute for it, although it requires checks and balances."

- - Clifford Hugh Douglas, in "The Big Idea" 1942


by James Reed
Russia, once, had its nuclear missiles pointing at the US, China and Europe, and some say even Australia. There are reports that one missile was pointed at Melbourne and was aimed at where I was staying. That aside, the after-math of the recent Georgian-Russian battle has Sorcha Faal ( warning:

"Reports circulating in the Kremlin are showing the firm resolve of Russia's Military to begin implementation of President Medvedev's directive to deliver a 'crushing response' to those Western Nations 'intending to harm Russian citizens' after the US and Israeli backed unprovoked invasion and mass slaughter of Russian soldiers and civilians in South Ossetia by their puppet state Georgia.
Russia's Foreign Ministry has also echoed Medvedev's directive by warning the West that Russia 'will go beyond diplomacy' in answering these latest attacks against them, including the United States positioning of their so called missile shield in Poland, and has further notified Norway that Russia is now cutting all ties to NATO, and has warned the Western Military Alliance that it will not tolerate the rearming of Georgia.
In a move that will, undoubtedly, increase the anger of the United States, President Medvedev is meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad where he is reported to have offered the Syrians advanced Russian surface-to-air missiles in exchange for the expansion of Russian troops at Russia's Syrian bases located at Tartus and Latakia.
These reports also state that President Medvedev has ordered an immediate increase of Russian troops and air defences at Iran's Parchin military base, which is Iran's most secretive weapons development centre…"

No doubt if the Middle East 'hots up', the odd missile from Israel could go astray. So Europe needs a defensive shield and on this basis, Russia will aim missiles at them, confirming that Europe needs an even better defensive shield than before, which in turn means that Russia will point more missiles - and so it goes on. Ah, well, it's all good for business, for the military-industrial complex.


by James Reed
China's ground-based medium range ballistic missile knocked out the Feng Yun IC weather satellite on 11 January 2007. Most Western nations and Asian nations were concerned about China initiating a new arms race. Space authorities are already very concerned about the amount of space junk already in space and fragments from the destroyed Chinese satellite could easily damage other satellites.
This was an irresponsible act, done merely as a form of sabre-rattling. Japan was deeply concerned about the "peaceful use of space and security." Most media sources in the US expressed concern. But then there is Australia's media.

The Australian
covered the story (20-21/1/07 p.1) with the headline, "China Fuels Fear of New Arms Race." Inside on page 12 we have journalist Greg Sheridan writing under the somewhat childish headline "Chinese Can Hit Enemies Where It Really Hurts."

Well, I suppose getting hit anywhere with a 35 metre, 40 tonnes KT-2 missile is going to really hurt! According to St. Greg, yes China can destroy US satellites but it is important not to over-react here" as "I do not mean that China intends to wage war with the US in space." What then does he mean? On the other hand, according to St. Greg "China's action reminds us that hard power trumps soft power every time, and that the nations of Asia are collectively engaged in a big arms build-up."

This would have to be, according to St. Greg's beatific vision of Asia, the first time that human armies had vast destructive powers and never used it. Dream on. War in Asia is inevitable.


by Betty Luks
"Australia soft on war criminals, says nazi hunter." Such were the headlines in The West Australian last Februrary (9/2/08) as it reported on the eve of one of Charles Zentai's court appearances in his fight against the moves to extradite him to Hungary to face war crimes allegations. The 'nazi hunter' was Dr. Efraim Zuroff of the Jerusalem-based Smon Weisenthal Centre. The good doctor's claim was that "The Simon Wiesenthal Centre lists Zentai as number seven in the top ten list of wanted Nazis." His alleged crime?

This week, (18/8/08) Commonwealth prosecutor Michael Corboy told Perth Magistrates Court:
"Zentai had been charged in Hungary with assaulting 18-year-old Jewish youth Peter Balazs in Budapest, over the course of several hours. The two were from the same town - Budafot - and Zentai, working for the Royal Hungarian Army, and in 1944 had spotted Mr Balazs without his Jewish yellow star. Zentai took him to an army post and "with two accomplices assaulted this man ... so badly" that he died, prosecutor Michael Corboy told the court.

ABC News: Alleged war criminal loses extradition. Wednesday, 19/8/08:
Magistrate Barbara Lane ruled that all administrative requirements had been met for the extradition. Charles Zentai must now appeal to the Federal Attorney General or the Federal Court. An 86-year-old man from Perth has been taken into custody after a magistrate ruled he was eligible to be extradited to Hungary to face a charge of murdering a Jewish teenager during World War II.
Charles Zentai has spent the past three years fighting the request from the Hungarian Government to be returned to face a charge of murder. Despite today's decision the final ruling on Mr Zentai's fate rests with the Federal Attorney General. Mr Zentai's lawyers can also appeal to the Federal Court. Mr Zentai vehemently denies any involvement in the murder. Law did not exist at the time:
Grant Donaldson has told a hearing into Mr Zentai's extradition in Perth that the offence for which he was being sought did not exist in Hungarian law in 1944. "If one looks at the treaty between Australia and Hungary, Zentai cannot be extradited in relation to the offence which is put against him."
The commonwealth argues that the offence against Zentai in Hungary does not have to meet charges of exactly the same nature in Australia. Outside the court, Zentai's son Ernie Steiner said his father was innocent. Mr Steiner said the men who had made statements against his father were all colleagues of Hungarian army lieutenant Lajos Nagy, who was convicted of Balazs' death in 1948. He said they had used Mr Zentai as a scapegoat because he wasn't there with them in Germany.
During the two trials against his father in 1946 and 1948, the only evidence against him had come from Hungarian soldiers, he said. "We're hopeful, we're just hopeful that the Australian legal system will look after my father,'' Mr Steiner said.
Zentai lost a High Court challenge in April this year regarding the right of the Perth Magistrates Court to hear the extradition application. If it succeeds, the court will make a recommendation to the federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland who will then decide if it proceeds.

One wonders if such 'war crimes' legislation might not be used at some point in the future in former Soviet-occupied European countries, that will come back to 'bite' the WW II Jewish partisans in those countries.
One wonders what Dr. Efraim Zuroff of the Jerusalem-based SImon Weisenthal Centre, who thought Australia too "soft on war criminals", might then have to say about moves to charge those WW II Jewish partisans with 'war crimes'?
What would he think if the former Soviet-occupied peoples thought the same of the authorities' handling of alleged Jewish WW II war criminals in their own countries? You know - too soft on the Jewish partisans who allegedly committed murder, massacres, etc.


Source: Jewish Daily - Forward: by Marissa Brostoff, 7/8/08

"As Paramount Pictures gears up its ad campaign for a new movie about a band of Jewish partisans who fought the Nazis, some in Poland are suggesting that the partisans in question may also have been murderers.
In anticipation of the December release of "Defiance," - starring Daniel Craig, the actor best-known as the latest incarnation of James Bond - the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza ran an article headlined, "A Hollywood Movie About Heroes or Murderers?"
The article contrasts the film's portrayal of Tuvia Bielski as a Moses figure leading frightened women and children through the forest with a recently released report from a Polish government investigative body. The government report suggests that Bielski and his followers may have participated in a massacre of civilians in the eastern Polish town of Naliboki
Lithuanian government investigation:
The controversy comes on the heels of a Lithuanian government investigation into allegations that Jewish partisans committed war crimes during World War II. That investigation has been met with dismay on the part of Jewish communal leaders inside and outside Lithuania, who note that only three Lithuanians have ever been prosecuted for wartime crimes against Jews. The reinvestigation - or, as some former partisans and historians claim, the revision - of what happened in the town of Naliboki in May 1943 began in 2001, when the massacre was first being studied by the Institute of National Remembrance, a Polish government agency known as IPN, that is devoted to prosecuting "crimes against the Polish nation."
The agency's report, which has thus far been limited to a short brief released this year, claims that on the morning of March 8, 1943, Soviet partisans shot 128 civilians outside their homes. About two-thirds of the way in, the report brings up the Jewish partisans affiliated with Bielski and his three brothers, noting that though some accounts by witnesses and historians place the group at the scene of the attack, these accounts have not been verified.
"Therefore the fact of participation of partisan soldiers of the Bielski Unit in the attack on Naliboki village is merely one of the versions of the investigated case," the report concludes. Robert Bielski, Tuvia Bielski's son, said that his problem with the IPN report and the subsequent Gazeta Wyborcza article was twofold.
"The Bielskis were not in Naliboki in May of '43," he said, echoing historians who believe that the partisans did not arrive in the area until August of that year.
"But," he added, "even if it were true, which I know it's not, the 128 people are in no way close to the millions of people that the Polish people herded towards the Germans so they could be extinguished. I believe it's just a consistent Polish antisemitism and the Poles are sloughing off their own crimes of being an enemy of the Jews during World War II." The IPN declined to comment on the controversy, citing the ongoing nature of the investigation '"


by Brian Simpson
While Dr. Fredrick Toben once more faces court proceedings over his historical revisionist website, Lebanese racial websites have not drawn the same legal attention. Last year The Australian 25/1/07 p.4 reported "'Sickening' Video Puts Race Back on Election Agenda".
One online video celebrated gang rapist Bilaf Skaf and looked forward to a Lebanese colonisation of Australia. Another video entitled "Wogs Over Sydney" had among other things, the Lebanese flag flying over Australia, the promise of "war at its best" between Lebanese and White Aussies, the glorification of the gang rape of Aussie girls and a montage of Lebanese men with guns with the Australian flag burning and the map of Australia riddled with bullet holes.
Clearly this resentment must be due to a lack of multicultural funding. After all, according to University of Sydney academic, David Burchell, "The Labor Party and the Liberal Party have been contesting ethnic constituencies for years and the Labor party has been better at it. They have deep connections with aspects of the Lebanese community."

All this came in the wake of another little media debate in the wake of Sydney-born Sheik Feiz Mohamed urging Muslim children to be jihad martyrs, and for Muslims to rise and kill the enemies of Islam: "This is our intention that we want to have children and offer them as soldiers defending Islam, loving Islam" (The Weekend Australian 20-21/1/07 p.6). Of course, under pressure the Sheik said that by "jihad" he did not mean violence. He was misquoted. I wonder could Dr. Toben argue that he was misquoted in his case? The Sheik has up to 7,000 followers in Sydney.

We are told by all critics to any degree that the majority of Muslims reject extremism. I am prepared to accept that statement if backed up by statistical evidence. However, I have never seen, in all the discussions of the Islam issue in the Australian media, any hard evidence being cited. Without empirical evidence how do we know what the majority of Muslims believe? [Greg Sheridan in an interesting article on this topic ("Hate Beyond Reason," The Weekend Australian 20-21/1/07 p.27) makes the usual caveat that the overwhelming majority of Australian Muslims do not support extremism (no statistical survey evidence cited), but then goes on to discuss a very insightful survey of Islamic opinion made by the joint Asia-Europe Institute and University of Malaysia survey of Malay Muslim opinion in Malaysia. Malaysia is a "tolerant" country with 65 per cent of its population being Muslim.

This is a successful modern society but : 47 per cent surveyed thought that the government was not Islamic enough; 18 per cent want Malaysia to become an Islamic state; 32 per cent want hudud laws (e.g. stoning for adultery); 31 per cent want Islamic Sharia law to replace the Malaysian constitution and 77 per cent believe that the existing Sharia law, relating to family issues, is not enough. Twelve per cent support suicide bombing.

Greg Sheridan finds these survey results "staggering", showing "a substantial residual moderation, but a degree of genuine intolerance among even the majority and authentic extremism among a substantial minority." Who is to say that things will remain like that? When the demographics inevitably change - by immigration and high birth-rates, why won't the attitudes also change? It is only because the elites assume that liberalism transcends ethnicity that they cannot see what the future holds. T

he early beginnings were seen in the report that radical Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali intended to endorse Muslim candidates for the March 2007 NSW State election. The NSW premier at the time Morris Iemma challenged the Sheik to stand against him in the premier's electorate of Lakemba. Iemma said: "He [the Sheik] doesn't like Australia, he doesn't like Australians."

Of course it was most unlikely that the Sheik would have tipped Iemma from his seat, but we may have all been surprised if the Sheik had stood against Iemma. But, I do not regard the Sheik as a figure to be laughed at and ridiculed as the editorial of The Australian (15/1/07 p.7) deliberately set out to do.


by Brian Simpson
Most of us use knives to cut our meat - how can you beat a nice roast beef meal with veggies and gravy in this bitterly cold weather? But over in the UK, this culturally and racially diverse 'nation' is facing an epidemic of knife attacks. London police have now replaced the "war on terror" with the war against the knife.
People have died from gang-related stabbings, but some stabbings seem to be random acts of violence. Some famous young movie actors have been stabbed to death. In 2007, 14,000 people were hospitalised by injuries caused by knives.
This is a product of an over-populated, over-multiculturalised society where4 the elites have attacked its core people, institutions and history.

The UK is dying a cultural death and knife slashes are just a symptom of this underlying disease of anti-Whiteism. In the context of inevitable decline perhaps all that can be done is to allow people to carry hand guns or even shotguns and rifles in their daily affairs.
More guns, less crime. More guns, less knife attacks on innocent victims. But won't that mean more gun fights? US statistics indicate that there is, in once violent areas, less crime when people have guns to defend themselves.


Lord Archer: 'Indians are the new Jews and are taking over Britain' was the headline in The Mail on Sunday, 7/8/08 by Pamela Timms.
Indians are the 'new Jews' of Britain, which will one day be ruled by an Indian prime minister, according to disgraced Tory peer Lord Archer. Archer, who is touring India to promote his latest book, said Indian businessmen are 'taking over' Britain and that Indian mayors and councillors are taking over local government throughout the country.

His comments were made following a number of Indian takeovers of major British companies, such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Corus Steel and the Scottish whisky giant Whyte and Mackay. In a television interview staged in a glitzy new shopping mall near Delhi, Archer said India's impact on Britain will be 'massive' "It is going to be taken over by Indians, and I don't joke," he said.
"Now what you [Indians] are doing is what the Jews did 30-40 years ago when they came to England after the war. "They took over the local councils and they became mayors. Now they are in Parliament.
"The Indians are now taking over the local councils. There are mayors all over England who are Indian. You are young enough to live see to an Indian prime minister in England," he said. The number of Indians living in UK according to 2001 Census is 1,051,800.

The interview took place at a bookshop in a mall in Gurgaon, a new city outside Delhi, where Lord Archer was promoting his latest book 'A Prisoner of Birth'. The novel is based on the time the former Conservative Party deputy chairman spent in Belmarsh Prison after being sentenced in 2001 to years in jail for perjury and intending to pervert the course of justice.


WA Today: Penelope Debelle 11/8/08:
South Australia's independent Nick Xenophon will use his pivotal Senate vote to pressure the Federal Government to come up with water to save the Murray River's embattled lower lakes, its mouth and the Coorong.
Speaking at a protest meeting yesterday in the Murray River town of Goolwa, where about 2000 people observed a minute's silence for a river system dying from the bottom up, Senator Xenophon challenged federal Water Minister Penny Wong's recent assertion that no extra water could be found upstream to save the lakes.

"I say, Penny, look harder," Senator Xenophon said. He urged the rally, held in Alexander Downer's former seat of Mayo - which will be contested by Liberal Jamie Briggs at a federal byelection on September 6 - to use "people power" and public pressure to force the Federal Government to act.

Senator Xenophon called for an emergency audit of upstream holdings, including those of large commercial irrigators such as Cubbie Station in south-west Queensland, which the rally booed when told it used water to irrigate wheat. "Why should we sacrifice Storm Boy country so that big business can grow crops in the driest continent on earth?"
Senator Xenophon said. "Why have we abandoned our international obligations to the lower lakes so that managed investment schemes can fatten the wallets of well-heeled city investors who couldn't find the Coorong on a map?"
Senator Xenophon, who was joined on stage by SA Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young, a potential voting ally, said the Federal Government had to seek out the 350 gigalitres needed to flush the system and see it through next summer. Adelaide University environmentalist David Paton, who has monitored the declining bird and animal life at the Coorong for 20 years, told the rally that the problem was the result of over-allocation and not of drought or climate change.
He said the Federal Government was potentially in breach of its obligations under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act to manage the area, which was listed under the international Ramsar convention on wetlands. "Changing the nature of those wetlands from the point of nomination, as is happening to the Coorong and the lakes, contravenes that piece of legislation," Dr Paton said.
He said an allocation system that gave away more water than came into the river was deeply flawed and not sustainable. The Coorong had had no water from the river system for the past six years, he said. An environmental allocation for the lakes had to be available every year, not just when the system was in dire straits.
Dr Paton attacked the recent Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreement - hailed by the Federal Government as the saviour of the Murray - because it put off a decision until 2018 to suit Victoria and NSW. He said it should be scrapped and replaced with a system decided by an independent body.

Alexandrina Council mayor Kym McHugh said Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should declare a national disaster with emergency powers put in place to buy, divert and release water. "There is enough water in the system, we know that. He must find enough water and send it down to save our precious lakes."
Mr Rudd, Senator Wong, SA Premier Mike Rann and SA Water Security Minister Karlene Maywald were booed by protesters for declining invitations to speak.


Ms. Cathy King MHR, PO Box 626, Ballarat Vic. 3350
Dear Cathy,
I thank you for yours (letter) of July 11th and the enclosure, "frequently asked questions" on climate change science.
This document, like everything on the topic, is all theory and no empirical evidence. It is riddled with terms such as "likely", "unlikely", "believe", "appears," and various synonyms. I accept that the greenhouse effect exists and that CO2 plays an important role in that. Without the greenhouse effect the earth's surface would be unbearably cold. However, it is stretching credibility by claiming that increasing the CO2 content of the atmosphere raises the temperature.
A more likely explanation, if we are determined to blame the anthropogenic effect, is to consider that the raw heat of combustion, which we use extensively to drive our vehicles, our generators and our aircraft, is the source of rising temperatures.
However, there is increasing anecdotal evidence to suggest that warming has ceased and that we are now in a naturally occurring cooling period. Just today, August 20th, The Courier told us in a small item on the bottom of page 15 from New Zealand, "Mount Ruapehu is claiming the biggest snow base ever recorded ---- with over 4.5 metres of snow on the ground." The snow measuring stake had to be extended from 380 cm to measure it.
Victoria also is receiving the best snow season for twenty years. A month ago Sydney received the heaviest snow fall in a century.
The last two northern hemisphere winters produced deeper than usual snowdrifts in counties like Japan. Besides this anecdotal evidence the East Anglia University in Britain has observed that the average global temperature has declined since 1998.
This fact was quoted by Professor Rob. Carter of James Cook University, Townsville when he addressed the Victorian Farmers Federation in Morwell in June 2005.
Yes, as long ago as 2005 it was recorded that warming had ceased. No wonder the term "climate change" was substituted for "global warming"! Thus we are to be saddled with a futile emissions trading scheme based on a nebulous theory that gas emissions are causing catastrophic changes to the environment.
- - Yours truly, Ron Fischer
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159