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5 September 2008 Thought for the Week:

Speaking truth to power:
"By bearing witness, Solzhenitsyn certainly did as much as any artist could to bring down the Soviet system, a monstrosity that crushed millions of lives…But his death on August 3rd prompts a question. Who today speaks truth to power - not only in authoritarian or semi-free countries such as Russia and China but in the West as well?"

- - The Economist 9th August 2008


by James Reed
You know that there is trouble ahead when Jewish financier George Soros puts out a book - "The New Paradigm for Financial Markets: The Credit Crisis of 2008 and What It Means" - warning that the "dominant economic model" is in trouble. Today we live in a world of what Robert Reich (Super Capitalism) calls "super-capitalism" where the sole purpose of business is to maximise shareholder value. Nothing else counts.

Soros and Reich think that the emergence of the new turbo-charged super-capitalism was produced by the consumers' desire for lower prices. As we know though, the modern economy is not based around satisfying consumers, but manipulating them, and a more plausible case can be made that it was the eternal greed of global capitalism, a type of criminal psychopathology, which has led the world into the present great web of debt.

We should welcome the crash of the existing system and be ready to offer social credit alternatives when the giant banks collapse into the dust of history. The power to create money being the sole right of private banking monopolies has been a great communist failure. The solution is not the nationalisation of banking or returning the power to create credit to the people collectively. These are communist, collectivist false solutions that Eric Butler fought against in the famous Bank Nationalisation drama in 1946.

Social Credit affirms the power, autonomy and dignity of the individual. Politically this is met by democratic systems that decentralise power and empower individuals. Likewise for finance. Finance itself needs to be decentralised and humanised. That in short, is the present noble mission of Social Credit in our oppressive and disintegrating world.


by Betty Luks
Eric Butler in "The Real Objectives of the Second World War: An Exposure of International Finance" * published in 1939 (?) referred to the time in 1921 when Australia's leaders defied International Finance. He referred the reader to the magnificent efforts of such brave Australians as Sir Denison Miller, Governor of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

At the time Eric wrote:
"We Have Done It Once: Some have expressed the viewpoint that the international group are too firmly entrenched to defeat. Well, in 1920-21, it was Australia that showed the world that International Finance can be beaten. While every other country was going through the first post-war depression Australia was enjoying comparative prosperity. Why? Because at that time we had a few real Australian leaders, such as Sir Dennison Miller, who, by the use of the Commonwealth Bank, were able to thwart the plans of the private financiers... the fact remains that just so soon as we demand that the Bank be used to finance the nation's requirements, without further debt or taxation, it can be done.

Method already tried and tested:
The method of carrying through such a campaign to obtain this policy has already been applied. The defeat of the National Insurance scheme, by the new technique of pressure-politics, as opposed to party politics showed the Australian people once and for all that democracy can and will work if the individual electors will only accept their responsibilities. Thousands upon thousands of demand-letters, in possibly the greatest wave of public opinion this country has ever seen, showed that the power of finance can be beaten. Let us do it again!"

As I read Eric's words I am reminded of two characters in Charles Dickens' "Our Mutual Friend".
The young man had honourably proposed marriage to this shallow, worldly young woman who 'was in the market' for a much more lucrative 'alliance'.
But the day came when she saw herself for what she was: this worldly, shallow girl whose head was turned, and who was quite unable to rise to the worth of what the honourable young man offered her.

Is it not the same for us as Australians?
For sixty or more years Eric Butler traipsed the length and breadth of this land offering us a vision of a more splendid and honourable Western nation, but the bulk of us were quite unable to rise to the worth of what was offered because of our petty, shallow worldliness. This time though, the situation is grim indeed, there will be no second chances. Either we rise to the worth of what is offered us - or we sink into oblivion as a culturally, historically and spiritually civilised western nation.

Eric concluded his essay:
"The time has long passed for clouding the issue. We have got to face the fact that the present situation calls for a high degree of courage, and a burning belief in the cause for which we are fighting. To say that it is a case of life and death is understating the case. Every person who knows the position has a great responsibility. No excuse can relieve those individuals from throwing their whole weight in the balance of civilisation.
We have two enemies:
The financiers on one hand, and the Left-Wing groups on the other. The financiers are our conscious enemies. The Left-Wing groups our unconscious enemies. Should we be successful in wresting financial policy from the control of private financiers, and sweeping them from power once and for all, Australia can preserve civilisation and culture as we understand it, and offer a hand of hospitality to those who may seek to escape the possible break-up of civilisation in Western Europe."

Are we yet worthy? Can we in deed rise to what is offered us? * Posted on alor.org website, in the Political Democracy section.


by Brian Simpson
Critic of Islam Ayaan Hirsi Ali has recently written that multiculturalism and moral relativism, pet loves of our intellectuals, has allowed radical Islam to flourish in the West. Writing in The Sydney Morning Herald she has cautioned us:

"Many Western leaders are terribly confused about the Islamic world. They are woefully uninformed and often unwilling to confront the tribal nature of Islam. The enemies of reason within the West are religion and the romantic movement. Both the romantic movement and organised religion have contributed a great deal to the arts and to the spirituality of the Western mind, but they share a hostility to modernity.
It is not reason that accommodates and encourages the persistent segregation and tribalism of immigrant Muslim populations in the West. It is romanticism and its descendants.
Multiculturalism and moral relativism promote an idealisation of tribal life, and have shown themselves impervious to empirical criticism. I see today's Western leaders squandering a great and vital opportunity to compete with the agents of radical Islam for the minds of Muslims, especially those within their borders. But to do so they must allow reason to prevail over sentiment."

Ayaan Hirsi Ali's criticisms of Islam have been deeper and more radical than Steyn's which have landed him in hot water with Canada's race hate police. Let us see if the Establishment pc police care to mess with this lady!


by James Reed
A plague on both houses - 'climate change' and 'climate change denial' sometimes is a wise course of action.
The Australian
in recent weeks has published a number of good pieces attacking global warming hysterics and depicting environmentalism as a middle class religion of the elites. I agree.
Personally I believe that a new ice age is our greatest threat. However, while the climate change religion has one-world-pinko origins (the UN and all that), climate change denial has one-world capitalist/corporatist origins - big oil, big business and all that. IF - a big 'IF' - global warming was true, it would challenge the growth system of international finance.

Whether global warming is true depends upon scientific facts and social credit can live with that. In fact, social credit is the only answer to a world of environmental destruction because it offers us a genuine philosophy of sustainability that left-wing environmentalism does not.
Few people know that the League was one of Australia's first genuine non-lefty environment/conservation groups, encouraging among other things, sustainable agricultural practices, organic farming, etc.

I am hostile to environmentalism, but many of our readers are not, and this is a difference of opinion that we can accept because of our common Christian love of freedom of speech.
There is evidence that environmental issues played an important role in the last election. (K. Betts, People and Place, vol.16, 2008 p.71) so this topic is something which we need to think deeply about and respond to.


from Philip Benwell
Republicans are holding up the 2007 ANU Australian Election Study as proof that the majority of Australians want a republic, yet when one analyses the study, it seems that of the 5000 contacted, only 40.2% responded, and then many only after mailed reminders.

The question also was duplicitous asking: "Do you think that Australia should become a republic with an Australian head of state, or should the Queen be retained as head of state?"
It should be clear to anyone with an ounce of sense that, once appointed the Governor-General assumes the role of Head of State. Whilst the term 'head of state' is not mentioned in our Constitution, the Governor-General - and not the Monarch - being the Commander in Chief of the armed forces is, thereby substantiating the monarchist position.

One wonders what the result would have been had the question asked been: "Do you want to change to a republic and discard our current constitution which has protected our democracy so well for over a century?"
It is interesting to note that the same survey indicated that 86% were satisfied with our level of democracy, which, of course, would indicate a likewise satisfaction with our constitutional arrangements.

Republicans are now saying that the 2012 Olympics to be held in London will be the time to push a republic as The Queen will be entertaining British Olympians.
I think it safe to say that Her Majesty will be hosting one or more functions for all Olympians, whatever country they are from. It is easy to point the finger that Her Majesty will favour British athletes, but critics conveniently forget that she has met many times with Australian sportspersons participating in activities in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

If criticising the entertaining arrangements of The Queen is the most republicans can come up with, then one wonders why they want to again waste millions of taxpayer's dollars to pursue their feeble argument.
Philip Benwell is National Chairman Australian Monarchist League www.monarchist.org.au


by James Reed
The Olympics have always repulsed me. It is like the reality TV shows of Big Brother multiplied a thousand times over. But in addition, we have a superficial sloppy 'one-world' ideology, "we are one", incoherently meshed with the economic lust and thirst for medals.
Along with this, cheating by the use of drugs and 'masking technologies' the International Olympic Committee believe that there will be much more positive drug results in this Olympics than the last one.

Beyond the odd drop of terrorism and the choking pollution of China, is the sinister ideology of "China as No 1", China being the last refuge of "communism" - apart from everywhere else! China sees it as its destiny to be the world's dominant power. It will respond by putting its national interest 1st 2nd and 3rd. Thus China is seeking to effectively own, in total, Australia's mid-West iron ore province because it doesn't like paying increased prices for Australian iron ore.

If this is not a danger to our existence, nothing is. China will, in the future, make us long for the days when we were exploited by the United States. China may get control, but only at the expense of the ecological destruction of the planet, and hence itself.


by Brian Simpson
I first read about the Chinese Muslim killer who decapitated a fellow passenger on a bus in Manitoba, Canada. On Lawrence Auster's View from the Right website in fact. He concluded that "Canadians might be slaughtered and beheaded, anywhere, any time" under multiculturalism. He could have added that the decapitator also ate parts of the victim's body, thus making it an act of cannibalism as well.

The Weekend Australian 2-3- August 2008 reported this story (p.16). As well it covered the story of a British female aged 17, who was beheaded and dismembered by her Brazilian boy- friend. He took pictures on his mobile phone of her dismembered body parts. Auster could have used this case as well to illustrate his thesis.

However, as shocking as beheading incidences may be, these occurrences need to be kept in perspective. Murder is murder, and a brutal stabbing or a shotgun attack can leave a person just as dead as a beheading.
Although this has rhetorical power, reason requires that the case against multiculturalism be based on crime statistics and cold hard logic, not knee-jerk - or head-jerk reactions.


by James Reed
Writing in the August edition of The Australian Literary Review, Gavin Kitching argues ("Paralysed by Postmodernism") that postmodernism is intellectually crippling our best and brightest students by locking them into politically correct modes of thought.

Postmodernism is the movement which emphasises the relativism of all thought, and the way language forever hides "truth" from us: hence there are just "truths" no Truth. Thus the intellectual should support minorities and left wing causes. Now it seems to me that Kitching puts the cart before the horse.

Postmodernism is a "logical" development of suicidal liberalism and political correctness, not vice versa. There is a much deeper flaw in the system and it is primarily the dogmas of equalitarianism, globalism or as we once called it, communism. The roots of the rot therefore lie deeper than our academics are prepared to dig.


by Martyn Morgan Jnr.
I was very pleased to see Aussie writers at your website concerned about the likely election of Barak Hussein Obama. As an American patriot I have researched Mr. Obama and am greatly concerned about the globalist threat which he represents. Don't be fooled : of course McCain is one of their boys too, but Obama is worse. If we elect Obama now, the USA and your country will go quicker down the Rhodesia/South Africa road.

Be alarmed - be very alarmed - at the photographs of the sea of white faces in Germany raising their hands for Obama "Obama Mania". It could have easily been 1933 and Adolf Hitler again. It is dangerous to give uncritical support to any one person, however well-meaning, because power really does tend to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely, just as Lord Acton once observed.

Obama's entire support staff and advisors are globalists. His chief advisor is Zbigniew Brzezinski a leading one-world, new world order intellectual. Brzezinski has a fundamentalist view about the creation of "one world" which has already had disastrous results. Jimmy Carter made him Security Advisor and he immediately recommended using Islamic Fundamentalism to undermine Russia. He still has a bee in his bonnet about Russia. What next : World War III?

If Christian Fundamentalists want to wax lyrical about 'end times' now is the time to do so. Almost all of the ingredients are in place. Obama, however pleasant he is as a person, will be used as a tool by the real rulers of the world.


Australians don't want a rubber stamp senate and the government of the day shouldn't either, incoming independent Senator Nick Xenophon says. The South Australian senator says having a majority in the upper house contributed to the coalition losing last year's federal election. "Senates do have a watchdog role, Australians don't want a rubber stamp senate " Senator Xenophon told ABC TV. "
(And) Senates sometimes can save governments from themselves."

Senator Xenophon said the Senate saved the Hawke government from its vastly unpopular Australia Card in the mid-1980s "and I think some in the Liberal Party wish they were saved from WorkChoices with a Senate that could have blocked it".
The coalition enjoyed a one seat majority in the upper house from July 2005 until the end of June this year. It used its power to ram through a legislative program which included WorkChoices, the sale of Telstra and counter-terrorism measures.

Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce, who handed the former Howard government its Senate majority by picking up a key fourth seat in Queensland at the 2004 election, agrees the new-look Senate will be a better house of review. "We got some decisions wrong as the previous government and that's why we're out of government,"
Senator Joyce told ABC TV. "I've always believed we should have a more robust Senate."

The upper house - with the Greens, Family First and Senator Xenophon sharing the balance of power - could now get back to what it's supposed to do, Senator Joyce said. "There should be more discussion in the Senate and people should see Senators using their heads and voting accordingly rather than as directed." Source: Queensland Country Life Online, 24/8/2008:


by Betty Luks
Reports are coming through that as many as 17 NSW Labor politicians could vote against the State Government's plans to sell off NSW's power industry. I like what Labor MP Paul Gibson had to say on the matter.
He said there was a solid core of nine Labor MPs who would vote against the bill, and as many as eight more, "We are not the rebels. We are the ones sticking to Labor Party policy."

Whilst Morris Iemma's number crunchers have been leaning heavily on MPs to support the Premier in a "unity vote", Mr Gibson said they have left him alone while he is in hospital recovering from a back operation. "The doctors took out so many knives they lost count," he joked.
"I'll be there to vote against Mr Iemma's legislation even if I have to get there in a wheelchair."
Nearly 80 per cent of the people of NSW don't want the sale.


by Betty Luks
The Australian "cut and paste" column ran this headline "Historical Record Comes Back to Bite the Israel-Haters" (1 May 2008, p.15). Peter Manning in The Sydney Morning Herald, said:
"For many decades after (the creation of the state of Israel) it was the Israeli propaganda narrative that the Palestinians had simply abandoned their country, not fought enough for it and left for friendly Arab countries. The narrative conveniently defined the Palestinians as ignorant and cowardly.
But since the opening of the Israeli archives in the past decade, that narrative has been demolished by a younger band of Israeli historians Avi Shlaim, Benny Morris, Ilan Pappe, Tom Segev and others - who have argued that the period from December 1947 to May 1948 involved a series of massacres designed to terrorise the native population into abandoning their homes and fleeing to safety.
And in Pappe's latest book, "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" (Cambridge University Press, 2006), he draws from the archives of David Ben-Gurion, Haganah and Irgun papers and other sources to reveal how deliberate and articulated was the famous Plan Dalet of March 10, 1948: the plan by Jewish leaders to ethnically cleanse Arab cities (like Haifa and Jaffa) and villages getting in the way of the creation of the Jewish state."

Then Benny Morris is cited in refutation in a letter from The Irish Times to set "the record straight":
"Israel-Haters are fond of citing my work in support of their arguments. Let me offer some corrections. In defiance of the will of the international community, as embodied in the UN General Assembly resolution of November 29, 1947, (Palestinian Arabs) launched hostilities against the Jewish community in Palestine in the hope of aborting the emergence of the Jewish state and perhaps destroying that community. But they lost; and one of the results was the displacement of 700,000 of them from their homes.
Most of Palestine's 700,000 "refugees" fled their homes because of the flail of war (and in the expectation that they would shortly return to their homes on the backs of victorious Arab invaders).
There was no Zionist "plan" or blanket policy of evicting the Arab population, or of "ethnic cleansing". Plan Dalet of March 10, 1948, was the master plan of the Haganah - the Jewish military force that became the Israel Defence Forces - to counter the expected pan-Arab assault on the emergent Jewish state. And the invasion of the armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq duly occurred on May 15.
It is true that Plan D gave the regional commanders carte blanche to occupy and garrison or expel and destroy the Arab villages along and behind the front lines and the anticipated Arab armies' invasion routes. And it is also true that midway in the 1948 war the Israeli leaders decided to bar the return of the "refuges" (those "refugees" who had just assaulted the Jewish community), viewing them as a potential fifth column and threat to the Jewish state's existence. I for one cannot fault their fears or logic."

All this shows is that Peter Manning was wrong to cite Benny Morris, or Morris is inconsistent. It does not in any way refute Manning's argument that the Zionists used a series of massacres to terrorise the local populations and turn them into refugees. And, isn't this a war crime?


by Betty Luks
Magistrate Barbara Lane ruled that all administrative requirements had been met for the extradition of Mr. Charles Zentai back to Hungary. According to reports Mr. Zentai still has the right to appeal to the Federal Attorney General or the Federal Court.

If all legal and political means fail him, Charles Zentai, 86 years of age and an alleged war criminal, will be extradited to Hungary to face a military court on the charge of participating in a 5-hour beating of a Jewish teenager (The Australian 24/4/08 p.1).

If beatings are to be punished, can we expect to see those responsible for the massacres of Palestinians as detailed by Ilan Pappe in "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" brought to trial? I won't hold my breath as the Palestinian people have been deserted by western leaders and do not hold political or legal sway.

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