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Edmund Burke
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7 November 2008 Thought for the Week:

'The financiers are in fear of losing the 'confidence' of their subjects. The public cannot be exploited if there is no value left to 'cream.' The inevitability - that the public will in fact, be 'evicted from their cells in Poverty Street.' - is becoming imminent. Without tenants, there are no rents to receive! As Mugabe is now witnessing.
In fear of revolt, or just abandonment, the financiers know that the burden of interest must be carefully reduced - to prolong the agony of service.

- - Terence Holmes, Victoria October 2008

'Fascism, by which name it appears to be fashionable to designate anything which isn 't labelled Bolshevism, is as a title contemporaneous with the rise of Mussolini. It is quite easy to show, however, not merely that its origin is identical with Bolshevism, but that it is merely Bolshevism wintering in the Mediterranean.
Its aims are similar, and its technique, like that of 'German National Socialism, or PEP, is localised centralisation in order to transfer power to International Centralisation as you might say 'C '. It is the second episode, in point of time, in the advent of gangster Government. '

- - C.H. Douglas in 'Programme for the Third World War '

'One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them '"
- - Gandalf in 'The Lord of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien 1954  


by Betty Luks
: There is nothing new in the history of Mammon (Sauron) and what is happening in this age. Be it that ancient land of Sumer, the Greek states, or the Roman civilisation, those who have made the effort to understand just what Jesus Christ meant when He said 'You cannot serve God and Mammon recognise, in this day and age, the same rise and control by Mammon ( 'Sauron ' call it what you will) over the lives of the people and the nations.

While we are constantly bombarded with 'newspeak ', and it takes a little while to recognise the truth from the PR smokescreen, the intent of the Labor Party 's Fabian Socialist plans for the further centralisation of power over the Australian people takes shape. Notice that the means for 'our salvation from the global financial crisis are based on the presently structured international privately-owned debt-money system, whose end translates into our oppression through a New World Order?

History, in this case, is so important
On the night of 25th January 1934 C.H. Douglas, at the then Sydney Stadium, spoke to an audience of 12,000 people. The following portion of his speech is just as relevant to us today as it was to Australians in the 1930s.

"Now there is one danger which I see at the present time, apart from the intervention of a worldwide catastrophe, (the catastrophe was World War II) and that is, in regard to this question of change in the financial structure of the world. We know quite well that governments are supposed to be supreme over the people governed. On paper, at any rate, the Government of Australia is the supreme authority in Australia, I presume.

But I refer to a country I know better, Great Britain. On paper the supreme authority in Great Britain is the House of Commons; but it is extremely doubtful if this is so at all. It is much more likely that the supreme authority is the Bank of England.

But the point I want to make is this, that there is a sort of paper condition of these governments of ours which does make them a power, though they may not be the supreme power, they are the second power in the state.

What I am so much afraid of is that, by undue haste in combining these two powers through the nationalisation of the financial system and its combination with the government system, you might make only one supreme power which you cannot handle and you cannot control. That is a very real danger, and I would like to impress it on you.

I do not think that it might not eventually be necessary to make banking a state service, but what I 'm convinced of is that, before you do that, YOU MUST BE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT YOU HAVE THE POLICY OF THE BANKING SYSTEM CHANGED."


by Betty Luks
The first League of Rights was formed in South Australia in 1946, having developed from the VOTE NO campaign against Labor 's war-time Attorney General Dr. H.V. Evatt and his continuing bid to centralize more power in Canberra. Evatt 's efforts up to then were foiled at the wartime 1944 Referendum.

But let 's go a little further back in the story. The Social Credit movement, having earlier played a vital role in bringing John Curtain into office, now spearheaded a national campaign against Dr. Evatt 's dangerous war-time proposals. This resulted in an incensed Evatt contacting Tasmanian Labor Senator Richard Darcy, a social crediter and friend of Eric Butler and other social crediters of the time, where he adopted a threatening attitude to their campaign against his proposals. When the threats were not successful Evatt changed his tactics and suggested a meeting with Social Credit leaders. The result was an historic address by Evatt, of which in later years he did not like to be reminded. While expressing support for the main principle of Social Credit, 'what was physically possible should be made financially possible ', his real purpose for the meeting was to convince the Social Crediters such things are not always constitutionally possible. He did not convince them. For those who doubt this little bit of Australian history: The Evatt address took place at a luncheon at Farmers, Sydney on 3rd December, 1942.

But now let Eric Butler take up the story in his own words from: 'Steps Towards a Monopoly State '

Written Prior to the Victorian State Elections, 1947. Melbourne Argus, 10th October 1947.

'The League of Rights is a non-Party organisation with no Parliamentary ambitions and no brief for the trading banks. It is primarily concerned with obtaining an informed public opinion in support of those fundamental British Constitution principles which, over a period of hundreds of years, were painfully evolved for the purpose of ensuring that there was a proper and clearly defined limit to the powers which any individual, or group of individuals, should exercise over the lives of other individuals.

Bank nationalisation, the Victorian elections, and the subject of the Federal Constitution are inseparably connected. Bank nationalisation is a direct assault upon the Federal Constitution; it is merely a means to an end and not an end in itself.

As Mr. Chifley has been persistently publicised as a financial expert, it is obvious that his argument that bank nationalisation is necessary to prevent any policy of credit restriction by the trading banks is merely camouflaging the real objective.
Is it not a fact that a person who cannot obtain financial credit from one bank can go to other banks? Surely it is elementary that, in the event of all the trading banks restricting their credit advances, the result would be increased business for the Commonwealth Bank.

Even the most rabid financial reformer cannot deny that the Federal Government already has more than sufficient power over general financial policy to implement any modifications deemed necessary.

The Real Objective
The real objective of bank nationalisation is to further the imposition of a "planned economy" in Australia.
Bank nationalisation is merely a part, admittedly an important part, of the general totalitarian strategy being pursued.
A "planned economy" necessitates the centralisation of all political, economic, and financial power into one set of hands. Stripped of all camouflage, a "planned economy" means a Monopoly State in which all resources and all individuals are controlled by the central planners.

As proved in practice in Russia and Germany, and now in Great Britain under the Socialist regime, a "planned economy" cannot be allowed to be jeopardised by any individual having the power to contract out of the centrally imposed plans if he doesn't like them.

The Federal Constitution, which limits the powers of the Federal Government, is a barrier to the imposition of a "planned economy" in Australia.


by John Steele
Global Research (www.globalresearch.ca) author Tom Burghhardt reports that 9 months before the 9/11 alleged terrorist attacks Donald Rumsfeld signed off on the Pentagon 's ultra-secret Continuity Of Operations Program (COOP). In a nutshell, the document describes how the army will be used not only in natural disaster situations and terrorism, but also for civil unrest control, 'a non-lethal crowd control package.

Since that time a COOP data base has been constructed which 'includes dissidents and activists of various stripes, political and tax protesters, lawyers and professors, publishers and journalists, gun owners, illegal aliens, foreign nationals, and a great many other harmless, average people.
The data base will be used in the coming times of civil unrest when the Constitution is suspended.

In effect, Bush hands to Obama what is essentially a Fascist police state. Let us see if 'the man dismantles it, or merely 'high fives Bush, as Bush takes his pot of gold and heads for greener pastures.
All indications are, given Obama 's support of homeland security measures, that once he gets power, fuelled by ego and the narcissism of the opinion polls, he will push further than even Bush.


by John Steele
President-hopeful-to-be, Hussein Obama claims to be a Christian. Forgetting the claims that he is a closet Muslim, what sort of Christian is he? William A, Borst, writing in the Mindszenty Report (July 2008) 'Pandora 's Box: Barak Obama and Black Liberation Theology puts a good case that Obama 's preacher, Jeremiah Wright and his Trinity church, has pushed the religious envelope to the extreme Left with its amalgamation of the black power and liberation theology.

Obama until recently openly supported Wright with donations from his books royalties. He never condemned Wright 's radicalism until it could possibly be used against him. McCain is too weak, stupid and/or inept to use this ammunition.

The Mindszenty Report concludes:
'Even a cursory look at his [Obama 's] intellectual pedigree should alarm even his most ardent supporters. As the most liberal and pro-abortion member of the Senate, his extremism was derived from the usual socialist mentors, urban agitators Saul Alinsky and Marxist Frank Marshall Davis. Now at the pinnacle of history, Senator Obama 's long relationship with Reverend Wright is alarming, shocking and scandalous.

In an Obama world, what do you rate the chances of constructing a 'social credit economy?


by James Reed
Mark Davis 'The Land of Plenty: Australia in the 2000s (Melbourne University Press) is a standard attack on the Howard era. Some of this attack I agree with, but most, I don 't.
Rightly Davis is concerned about the attack of the economic rationalists upon public assets such as hospitals and schools. But he claims that 'Howard and co used 'racism about migrants to gain support for their programs.

Not really. As many articles in On Target show, Howard et. al. were the great Asianisers of Australian history. The project of market individualism is part and parcel of economic globalisation and the Labor Party believes in this as much, if not more, than the Liberals.
To a large degree Davis recognises that global capitalism is the real threat to our way of life. Unfortunately Leftism wins out and he cannot, in my opinion, produce a convincing critique of the status quo.

I await to see a book by these type of writers taking Rudd apart. The role of Labor leaders like Hawke and Keating to open the Australian economy to global market forces is not examined.
The rule is: never damage that holy of holies, the Australian Labor Party.


by James Reed
At this movement, the writers here talk a lot about political correctness and why it is a bad thing. But what is 'political correctness '? Professor James Allan, Law, University of Queensland ( 'Political Correctness Stifles Debate, The Australian 3/10/08 p.30) has written some instructive remarks defining his concept.

According to Professor Allan, the term 'political correctness ', 'refers to an unwillingness to talk about certain issues. Further, it 'refers to a refusal to speak the truth about, or even mention, issues related to particular groups or causes for which there seems to be a hyper-sympathy, especially if that description would be badly received by such groups. '
'So, in this sense, political correctness is the sin of stifling honest debate by taking certain topics off the table as far as discussions in polite society are concerned. It 's a pre-emptive strike against someone saying the emperor has no clothes.

Thus criticise the refugee or migration program and you must be a racist. Criticise Feminists and you are sexist and/or anti-women and, on this one, even the 'anti-feminists who are really closet feminists will roast you. The field of multiculturalism and Aborigines, homosexuals and even Legal Affairs, offer numerous examples.

What all of this means is that some vitally important topics can no longer be talked about. Allan does not say this, but clearly the end result of the politically correct society is a type of multicultural or rainbow Fascism, the antithesis of democracy and freedom.


by Betty Luks
Prosecutor Andreas Grossman, the German prosecutor who wants to put Australian citizen Dr. Frederick Toben on trial for 'denying the Holocaust, has said that he is 'determined that Dr. Toben face 'justice. He hopes that Dr. Toben will be extradited from Britain to Germany where he will face up to five years gaol.
And, 'the stubborn refusal of long-term revisionists to recant their views meant they usually failed to win parole. (The Weekend Australian 11-12/10/08 P.10).

Leave aside the absurdity of having a law about holocaust denial in the first place. Assume that Germans need this to stop them becoming Nazis: what about plucking an Australian citizen from Britain, a country where denying the Holocaust is not a crime and extraditing them to a country where denying the Holocaust is a crime? This is oppression of the New World Order type at its best, using EU law to go after people that have committed thought crimes. Some 'justice '!

Let us suppose that some small country, say 'Aryania, made 'racial treason and vaguely defined 'crimes against the Northern European people offences punishable by death. (This is known as a thought experiment or hypothetical). How would our shining new class elite feel if they stopped over in 'Aryania on way to some international Human Rights conference and found themselves facing some unreasonable penalty for something which they believed? What then?


Correction of misleading inaccuracies in Monday October 14th 2008 Australian Daily Telegraph https://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,24484456-5001021,00.html

Dear Editor,
I have never described David Irving or anyone as a "Holocaust-denier". No revisionist/ "Holocaust-denier" denies a Jewish pogrom occurred during WW2. Revisionists debate/"deny" the scale and means, intent and execution, which have been set in stone as immutable historical ikons.
As I am not an historian or scientist, I do not describe myself as a revisionist. Revisionism is not a set of conclusions or an ideology; it is a source-critical method of forensic and archival research and analysis.
I champion the restoration of their normal right to exercise and express that scientific method.

Yours truly, Mich 'le, Lady Renouf , PO Box 18812 London SW7 4WD, U.K.

For Australians to write to the British government, the address in Australia is:
British High Commission,
Consular Section Locked Bag 5011, Piccadilly House 39 Brindabella Circuit,
Canberra Airport CANBERRA ACT 2609

The URL for British Consulate:
http://ukinusa. fco.gov.uk/ en
You'll note there's a little map on the right, click the drag down screen and go to the office nearest you. Or, better yet, send one to each!!


by Peter Ewer
The headline which caught my eye read: 'Police minister simulated sex act on female MP: (The Australian, 11/9/08 p.1). Not to be beaten the next day The Australian continued the Matt Brown saga with 'Brown Lied Over Underpants Dance '.

Now if there was intelligent life in the universe, perhaps on other planets, far, far away what would they say about Australian politics?

My guess is that they would advise us to stop worrying about the underpants of drunk former ministers, and to take concern about the open rape and genocide that our political leaders perform on the hapless sheople, each and every day.


by James Reed
A disturbing article (V. Laurie, 'Path Opens to 'Invasion of Outback The Weekend Australian, 13-14 September, 2008 p.5) reports of a paper released by the Northern Territory think tank, "Desert Knowledge Australia : Remote Focus : Revitalising Remote Australia."

As power moves to China and India, White Australians are fleeing the north for a variety of reasons, including racial tensions, crime and lack of services. Remote Australia is thus becoming a failed state, which stands open to possible invasion. In my opinion, this openness to invasion has always existed, not because of lack of population, but because of lack of a will to defend this country.

In the post World War II period we took in migrants from non-Anglo lands on the pretence of populating and securing the nation. We could have been far better off getting nuclear weapons, as China and India did. Australia, the eternal colony, a land shamefully sold out by its intelligentsia and its 'leaders '.


by James Reed
Australia 's immigration programme has, it seems, a life of its own. Academic Bob Birrell used the words 'a life of its own to describe the migrant surge of Indian brides, sponsored primarily by Indian men in Australia.

According to Birrell spouse and fianc 'e visas have grown from 25,500 in 1996-97 to 39,931 in 2007-08, which is 'very substantial growth and illustrates the dynamics of the program, which has recently been boosted by the Labor government largely to keep a lid on the price of labour. (The Weekend Australian 4-5/10/08 p.10)

Australia 's overall migration program is 190,300 with 133,500 places for permanent skilled migrants, following Rudd 's flag to a 'cut in the migration intake. (The Australian 10/10/08 p.1) These are still the numbers of national suicide.

It seems, as in ancient Aztec times, the great god of Immigration must be constantly fed by human sacrifices.


by James Reed The Chinese tainted milk scandal is a symbol of globalism. Cheap shoddy goods, unregulated markets, corrupt health inspectors. Here is another symbol: 'HIV Rise Linked to Holidays in Asia (The Australian 17/9/08 p.3).

Fly-in, fly-out holidays to Southeast Asia, where HIV epidemics rage like bush fires, is leading to heterosexual Australian men becoming infected.

This is a product of the same 'cheap labour exploitation mentality, this time, the terrible sexual exploitation of Asian women and children by disgusting White men. Take this as the real face of globalism.


by Peter Ewer
Stand back Indiana Jones because here comes Malcolm Turnbull who has 'discovered his Jewish roots! ( 'Turnbull May Have Jewish Roots, The Australian 2/10/08 p.7)
Yes, before she died, Turnbull 's mother 'suggested to him that she had Jewish heritage. No, Malcolm says, there is no truth to the rumour that she told him she was Jewish on her death-bed.

Reflect on this story. It is no bad thing in today 's world being Jewish. If Mrs. Carol Lansbury (his mother) was Jewish, why leave the telling of the story to Malcolm until the point that she could no longer be quizzed as to a witness?

Never mind, with today 's computer tracing of family trees it is not too difficult to research this. When I get some spare time soon, when I am laid off work, I will use the computer resources available to research family trees, to check out Malcolm 's story.


The Soil Association is well known to the Australian League of Rights. In the early days of the League in South Australia, state director, Frank Bawden, himself a keen organic small farmer, was involved in the early beginnings of the Soil Association here in Australia.

'The paradigm of food security has shifted back to self-sufficiency and local food production; organic gardener Monty Don says we must grow our own food to save us from the global economic and food crisis that no governments can fix."

A back garden food revolution
Monty Don is the new president of the Soil Association (in the UK). In a recent lecture in London, he said he was appointed because of his passionate belief that everyone can reconnect to nature through gardening and growing.
The skills, knowledge and resources of British gardeners can transform, rebuild and stabilize our food systems and our society, he insisted.

It 's about food security, an entire cultural approach to food that can harness horticultural skills as a serious part of our national food supply and integrate into our whole approach to life. In that way we can feed ourselves healthier food in the face of social and economic crisis, and if we do not, we will suffer as a nation.

Monty understands that nowadays gardens are smaller, fewer people are growing, and the production of food has gone increasingly into the hands of bigger growers and industry. He blamed governments for the most part of the problem and for the crisis of trust that has spread and undermined community relationships.
He saw the food industry as a greedy giant in league with the oil and chemical industries against the garden potterer whose skills and relationship to food production have been relegated to a hobby.
And, in response to the multiple global crises that apparently no government can fix, there is more that we can do as small groups and individuals to mobilize small-scale food production in gardens, allotments and common land to reclaim our power.

Small is beautiful
In Monty 's world, small is not only beautiful, but absolutely essential. Good, well-grown vegetables are the order of the day, not vegetables grown in depleted soil under thousands of acres of plastic by people that are degraded as 'cheap labour '.
According to Lord Haskins, the UK wastes 20 million tonnes of food each year, costing '10billion; while the National Health Service spends '6 million on food-related diseases annually, and one third of British children are now obese. The cost of avoidable food waste is rising and we should be ashamed and horrified by our behaviour enough to want to change and to do it now.

Monty emphasized that over the last fifty years our knowledge, experience and skills as growers have been deliberately abused in the name of commercial profit, which goes against all the precepts for growing good food that nourishes both body and soul. Source: https://www.i-sis.org.uk/Thefullmontyonfood.php


by James Reed

Phillip Adams doesn 't mind if either Obama or McCain wins, so long as Bush goes. Phillip hates Bush, and that seems fair enough. (See The Australian 9/9/08 p.12). But Adams hates John Howard even more - so much so that he tapped out an article pleading for Howard to return to politics, for his sake.

Yes, Philly needs Johnny because no one else stirs him up like Howard did and in the journalism game you need to be stirred up to write articles people will read. No fire and passion no article, nothing but a yawning blank screen. That is the journalist 's nightmare silence. On the other hand, I don 't have that problem. I hate almost everybody in the media, not only in Australia but overseas as well. Their writings aid in the destruction of the values that I consider noble and wholesome, so they are by definition, my enemies, and I hope, yours as well.

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