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14 November 2008 Thought for the Week:

'We have before us the greatest question that has yet been submitted for our consideration. It involves Australia 's national supremacy in finance, and the peace, good government and prosperity of generations yet unborn '.

- - King O 'Malley M.H.R. speaking on the need for the Commonwealth Bank as a 'peoples bank ', House of Representatives, September 1909.

'I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up round the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered '

- - Thomas Jefferson, former US President, 1802.


by Jeremy Lee
The Prime Minister of the UK, Mr Gordon Brown, in an article in the Washington Post, 17/10/08 advocated that 'The Financial Crisis is also an Opportunity to Create New Rules for Our Global Economy. There it is! Now out in the open!

President Bush 's swan-song in mid-November will be to host a Global Conference (150 nations) to establish a World Money System! There 'll be plenty of dire warnings about the consequences if we fail to take this last chance for humanity!

Which way for Rudd?
Prime Minister Rudd, and his Treasurer Wayne Swan, will naturally be there. Statements they have made so far indicate that they also favour a globally-enforced solution; but perhaps this is being unfair. Surely they are aware of the prolonged and dramatic history of their own party the A.L.P. in seeking to defend Australia 's financial and economic sovereignty? Would the same Party which founded the Commonwealth Bank after Federation end up sacrificing our Nation 's sovereignty to a New World Order 100 years later?

Fisher sets the scene:
The Fisher Labor Government in 1910, at the instigation of Tasmanian Member King O 'Malley, founded the Commonwealth Bank as a 'peoples bank '. Almost immediately it showed its value and potential. Among other items, it funded expenditure on World War 1 to the tune of $700 million at an interest rate of five-eights of one percent! Sir Dennison Miller, the single Director of the Bank, claimed shortly after the war that his bank had the capacity, not only to finance the war all over again had it been needed, but that it could save Australia untold millions in peacetime projects as well.
As King O 'Malley had foretold, the need for foreign borrowing and compounding debt had been averted for future generations.

The 'BANKSTERS move in:
By 1924 disaster struck! A young Dennison Miller unexpectedly died. A federal election saw Lord Bruce, a London banker, become a Liberal Prime Minister. The Commonwealth Bank was put under a Board selected from the private world of finance, and was increasingly crippled from there on.
The Great Depression, which struck five years later, could have been averted had the Commonwealth still been a 'peoples bank '. There were no physical shortages in Australia. The causes were financial, as they are now.

Many remember
Five years after the Depression started, with untold misery and unemployment up to 27 per cent at one point, a young Labor candidate stood for Fremantle in the federal election John Curtin. A traditional Labor man, he was destined to become a great wartime leader. Curtin 's election platform was to return the Commonwealth Bank to its original position as the 'peoples bank '.
His platform said:
' 'Legislation will be passed restoring the management to a Governor of the Bank, as was originally the case when it was established by the Fisher government. Outside control by private interests will thus be removed and the bank will function in the public interest only. The progress made under Sir Dennison Miller, without interference by directors from outside, justifies the restoration of similar control The main purpose of securing national control of banking and credit is to utilize the credit of the nation for the benefit of the people '.

Turmoil and confusion:
Arguments about the causes of Depression waxed and waned during the thirties. The faulty concept that it was due to 'too much money chasing too few goods gained credence among orthodox economists, resulting in the Premiers Plan, whereby wages were cut by 10 percent. This increased public misery.

Finally, in 1937 a Royal Commission was held into Banking, where it was conceded that the Commonwealth Bank had the constitutional authority to create and lend money on any terms it considered necessary including the waiving of repayments and interest!

Had the outbreak of war not occurred a short time later, it is almost certain that genuine reform of the financial system would have occurred. It only remains to say that the Depression disappeared in three days, once unlimited finance was made available for war!

The subtle 'NEW IDEA ':
As the post-war period of peace occurred a new change overtook the Labor Party. Ben Chifley was the last genuine working Prime Minister. By the time Whitlam came to power in 1972 the Fabian dream of internationalism as outlined by Marx 's Socialist International took hold. The remnants of the traditional working man 's Labor Party were steadily weeded out.

By the time Hawke, and then Keating came to power the Fabian takeover was all but complete. Keating himself sold the Commonwealth Bank which Old Labor had striven so hard to establish. Its biggest single shareholders as with the other three of the Big Four are Listed nominees of New York.

Australia 's financial policies were shaped far away, in the lavish halls of the International Monetary Fund and the OECD. The creation of credit became a private banking monopoly. Only the growth of marvelous technical, industrial and electronic innovation held at bay the final onslaught of 'debt slavery '. It has now caught up with a vengeance.

Bailing out 'THE BANKS ':
With scant knowledge of Australia 's financial history, and intoxicated with the idea that the New World Order is the only way to go, Australia 's politicians are now assuring us that banker-driven globalism is the solution. To reach this solution the perpetrators of the world-wide crisis must be 'bailed out with the peoples money, so they can resume their debt-creation business.
Once handed over to a New World Order regime there is no turning back. Australia 's national sovereignty is gone forever. Surely there must be a few even one or two politicians, no matter what party, who will speak out now for Australia 's own constitutional authority and integrity; for the people rather than the banks; for our farmers, manufacturers and workers, who have been the grist through the mill.

The real Australia:
The real Australia was described by a World Bank Survey of over 150 nations in 1995 as 'the richest per capita nation in the world. But only a portion of the Australian people see that wealth. Ten per cent - 2 million people live in poverty. Many are now being dispossessed. Debt has robbed the people of what truly belongs to them. Can this be reversed before it is too late?

The most URGENT task is to prevent our weak-kneed Parliament from surrendering to the seduction of the New World Order. If this can be done, we can then examine how to return to Australians the benefits, robbed by the banks, to which they are rightfully due.


I wonder how the average Aussie battler will take the news from Piers Ackerman that the Rudd government has 'pumped half a billion dollars into the unlisted trade union bank Members Equity?

And, guess who is the present chairman of the bank? Why none other than former Reserve Bank governor and former secretary to the Treasury Bernie Fraser.

In fact Ackerman 's article lists the background to many who are involved in the bank and the list is well worth the read: https://www.news.com.au/common/imagedata/0,,6317027,00.jpg


by Ron Fischer
I seldom read more than the first paragraph of McCrann but there is much grain in this. It was headed "Treasury's useless detail opens a can of queries.
TREASURY, as noted, gave us the unlimited sweeping bank deposit guarantee.

Just a few 'details' to follow:
In May last year Treasury forecast that growth in the economy to June this year would be 4.25 per cent. It was 2.7 per cent. In the same budget Treasury forecast that inflation would be 2.75 per cent. It turned out to be 4.5 per cent. Presumably both just little matters of 'detail'.

In May last year the budget surplus projected by then-Treasurer Peter Costello was going to be $10.6 billion in the 2007-08 year. The actual figure on a comparative basis came in at $27 billion.
More little 'details'. Just let that sink in. Growth in the economy was actually much slower than Treasury thought it would be. That usually means less revenue and more expenditure. Yet the surplus almost tripled.

Part of the answer is that inflation figure which was much higher. But the bigger part of the answer is that Treasury modelling is shite. Treasury models can't get even close on something they do every year - and Treasury actually knows something about Federal budgets and the economy.
Indeed the final budget outcome was $3 billion bigger than the figure estimated in the 2008 budget. That's just seven weeks before the end of the year. With all the figures for 45 weeks to put through its model, Treasury still missed by $3 billion. Let's hope Secretary Henry's bonus wasn't based on that.

Yesterday Climate Change Minister Penny Wong said Treasury modelling showed that Australia's plans to slash greenhouse gas emissions would not force any major company to close. Well, that's all right then.
Actually no. Treasury hasn't got the slightest idea about the impact of the emissions trading scheme on a real economy. It and everyone else has never been even remotely close to 'there' before.

Its climate modelling is worth 'slightly less' than its budget modelling and the latter is worth four-fifths of five-eighths of very little. It is a political disgrace for the Government to try to pretend the modelling has the slightest value.
It is a bureaucratic disgrace for Treasury to engage in such a statistical fraud on the Australian public. In pursuit of its statistical nonsense. Treasury has to 'invent a can opener'. Indeed a whole series of can openers.

Can opener?
The story of an economist, an accountant and a doctor washed up on a treasure maybe even a treasury island. They find a stash of old cans of food, the ones without ring-pull tops. How to open them? The answer from the economist, who clearly had spent his life in Treasury: assume a can opener. Exactly!

That applies with the ETS and its impact on individual companies and the great complex mass of the economy. It's not just that the price of energy is artificially increased, but it has to be assumed that new energy will seamlessly replace our existing carbon-based energy.

I suggest Ken Henry be required to run both his department and his house entirely on wind or solar energy. His choice. Further, this artificial increase in energy prices as a consequence of the ETS changes the whole matrix of relationships in the economy, in ways that Treasury modellers can only guess at. I do not trust their guesses.

Any move to an emissions trading scheme will sow havoc among Australian companies and jobs and incomes. If Treasury begs to disagree, I offer its collective wisdom a wager:
Let it get within 50 per cent on its budget surplus/deficit forecast this year. Indeed, I'll even give it all the data from the first half of the year to 'model'. We can use the forecast in the mid-year budget update issued next month as the base. If Treasury gets within 50 per cent, I'll supply the can opener.


by Brian Simpson
Here is politically correct biology in action. According to Professor Steve Jones of University College, London, evolution is over.
He recently said: 'Worldwide, all populations are becoming connected and the opportunity for random [genetic] change is dwindling. History is made in bed, but nowadays the beds are getting closer together. We are mixing into a global mass, and the future is brown. (Source: The Australian 8/10/08 p.10)

Don 't be fooled: Professor Jones is not criticising race mixing and the creation of a nation of Obamas. Rather he is lamenting the decline of old dads (50+) because of the greater chance of mutation in an old dad compared to a young one (about three times greater).

It 's a silly thesis because in younger fathers there is still a high degree of mutation. The mutations in older dad 's sperm are almost always negative and detrimental. But it is an act of faith of evolutionary biology that this is not so because otherwise they have no mechanism for evolutionary change.

There has to be the genetic variation for natural selection to work. No, it is race mixing which is destroying genetic variation in humans. It is glaringly obvious from the above quoted paragraph from Jones.


by James Reed
The elites are bored. Life is not exciting and spicy enough for them. Migration makes the streets more interesting for them. More colourful. The less White the better. They feel good, good about their fat academic and lawyer salaries. And they feel good about having the high moral ground and believing that they are morally superior beings.

The guest worker scheme, taking crate loads of unskilled workers from Pacific Islands for low-paid jobs, smacks of exploitation that the climate of political correctness hides from criticism.
The justification for Rudd 's scheme given by the chattering classes is that it will help the Pacific Islands by taking surplus workers.

This is self-serving rhetoric. Australia has shown little interest in helping the Pacific Island countries which have so many social and economic problems that they are imploding.
No, the guest worker program is 'racist and discriminatory and exploitative. But where are our feminist and/or human rights activists to make this criticism?

Nowhere, of course because immigration in all its forms is beyond criticism, a sacred cow and holy of holies.

THE PATH OF LEGAL WARFARE John Wilson 's public letter to the reporter Howard Gipps of Current Affair is worthy of republishing in OT (below).
The great battle now being fought in this country and indeed throughout the Western World is between those who recognize there is a psycho-political attack on our traditional rights and freedoms and those who are intent on superimposing a philosophically-alien system of law upon us.

But honestly Mr. Wilson, did you really expect the enemies of freedom to let you use their weapons for your purpose?

Betrayed by the media, again! by John Wilson: https://www.rightsandwrong.com.au/html/donations.html

To: Howard Gipps, Reporter, A Current Affair, PO Box 27 Willoughby, NSW 2068.
Tel:02 9439 4577. Fax: o2 9439 1491 Mob: 0400 688 614. Email: hgipps@nine.com.au.

Dear Howard Gipps,
You and your crew spent 2 hours at my vandalized dental surgery, yesterday. I answered all of your questions and explained real law to you with detailed facts as to the illegality of variable interest rates and the illegality of dispossessions without Juries.
The three minutes put to air tonight following absolute idiocy and trivia concerning the Melbourne Cup horse race, typifies the corruption and treachery of journalism in Australia. Instead of reporting an unbiased and truthful story to the viewers, you sunk to the depths of scoundrels and hypocrites.

Instead of allowing People to learn how to access their Rights in Australian Courts...(which are supposed to be places where Justice is administered ')... you have a lawyer from Slater & Gordon saying "It's too late" and the smiling female presenter, Tracy Grimshaw, tell everyone that "variable interest rates are indisputably legal".

( 'Variable interest rates * may be 'legal John, but that doesn 't make them right or just 'ed. Just think, the day may come when politicians decide that 'blue-eyed babies should be put to death. They may make the statute 'legal ', but that doesn 't make it right!)

Continuing John 's letter to Mr. Gipps:
You left my surgery yesterday with handshakes all round and assuring me that you would deliver an honest presentation to help the victims of the Banks. That 3-minutes will, I presume, be put on to the "A Current Affair" website under "Videos" for anyone to watch... but they won't be able to see the real footage you took yesterday, to appreciate how you have betrayed the People of Australia.

When you were leaving, yesterday, I gave you the latest court transcript (https://www.rightsandwrong.com.au/pdf/SCHislop-oct.pdf) when I was able to put a NSW Supreme Court Judge in his place because the Sheriffs refused to attend (which I regard as a significant development).
You said "It is a good read." ....but what?... you would not report any of that, either.

You have done exactly what Andrew Bourke from Channel 7's "Today Tonight" (a similar current affair type of program in the same time slot) did several months earlier... ie: a lengthy filmed interview which never got to air.

On both occasions, I spoke to the sinful fraud committed by the Banks and the denial of Justice by the Australian Judiciary... and showed the proof of that which is being blocked from getting to a Jury, ie: prevented from going before the People. Every day, millions of ordinary decent Australian Families are suffering wrongly... and you hypocrites aid and abet in that heinous crime.
Sucking on your plastic nicotine substitute device will not allay your conscience. I deeply feel sorry for you.

Yours sincerely, John Wilson.

Further essential reading:
* 'Christian Philosophy in the Common Law by Richard O 'Sullivan K.C. 1942. Photocopied version available for $8.00 posted from Heritage Books, P.O. Box 27, Happy Valley 5159.
'The Foundations of Liberty by Canon Arthur Fellows. $$3.00 posted.
'The Essential Christian Heritage by Eric D. Butler. $3.00 posted.
'The Path of Legal Warfare by Keltie Zubko. $7.00 posted.
'The Just Tax by Geoffrey Dobbs. $5.00 posted.
'Dictatorship by Taxation by C.H. Douglas. $5.50 posted.


The following is an email praising Global TV for interviewing Canadian freedom fighter, Paul Fromm. Because English is the gentleman 's second language the text has been slightly edited for ease of reading.

Dear Miss Engel,
I sincerely hope that you will have the time and patience to read this long email, written by an experienced community activist, refugee from Communist Poland, who studied history and in search for the truth, tried to develop the ability of independent thinking.

I congratulate you for your courage to interview Mr. Paul Fromm, who seems to be blacklisted by groups believing that they have a monopoly on truth and dare to use heavy handed state police* to impose their arrogant views on the rest of the Canadian society. I know Mr. Fromm and consider him to be fair and wise.
It is unfortunate that some pressure groups are hijacking public opinion in the absence of opposing points of view in the media.

The brave efforts of Barbara Amiel or George Jonas in explaining that Soviet and Nazi totalitarian systems are very similar, drown in "slow acting laxatives" (expression used by Conrad Black at the Fraser Institute luncheon few years ago) to describe the CBC and other weapons of mass disinformation.

*When I mentioned heavy handed use of force, I am referring to Miss Jessica Beaumont 's case. Her house was invaded by the police, keeping her in the cold air on the outside for hours, stealing her computer and memorabilia, after which she was not charged and received no apology.
She is one of the dozens of young and poor Canadians punished by the Human Wrongs Tribunal, assessing thousands of dollars of fines, which could not be even appealed, and are used to enrich perpetual complainer, one Warman, who makes his living by becoming offended by statements he is personally provoking.

He reminds me of the story of elderly puritan ladies complaining that 'neighbours are stark naked in their house.
When the police officer stated that their window is not even visible from their room they answered:
"Yes officer, but if you put a chair on the table and climb on that chair, then you will see how lewd they are!"

Some people go to great lengths to be offended. Sort of masochists they are. I see nothing wrong with bad or stupid people being offended. I have no sympathy for Clifford Olson being offended by any mention of the death penalty, when he was vigorously fighting an extradition request from Washington State, where they impose the death penalty on serial killers of children.

Please consider my point of view as a Polish-Canadian. I claim no allegiance to any particular group in World Politics, being an avid student of history, searching for truth, hating censorship by any group or authority. I was raised in Poland and survived Nazi and Soviet occupations. My Father was in Auschwitz and members of my family were killed by Russians. I see no difference between them. Division into extreme right and left is an artificial one. They were best of friends from the Bolshevik Revolution.

On an order from Stalin, most of the German Communists, instead of forming a coalition with Independent Socialists, joined the Nazi Party! Russians were producing weapons for Germans and training their pilots, to avoid breaking the Versailles Treaty after WW1.

The Hitler-Stalin Pact of 22 August 1939, which made WWII possible, is a good example of their friendship. Both of them invaded Poland with a 'Sonderlists" in hand of more than 100,000 patriotic Poles, who were supposed to be publicly hung or shot, without trial, just for being a part of possible opposition.
In 1939 the Russian NKVD met with the German Gestapo in the Polish resort of Zakopane to compare and exchange notes [of those to be] condemned to death.

The fact that they later fought each other proves that gangsters will always get involved in a turf war. In fact Germans did a pre-emptive attack when they found out that it was Stalin who was preparing the Red Army to attack Hitler and spread Communism to the rest of the world. They had millions of tanks and trained parachutists, which are useless for defence, but excellent for invasions.

Both countries committed terrible acts of genocide on their own people and those whom they invaded. We should all learn from their mistakes. There were some enlightened Germans, like Admiral Canaris, who were trying to change the direction of German leadership during WWII. He failed and was killed. Russian dissidents were killed before they had a chance to state their cause.

Those are examples of extreme censorship. I hope that it will not come to Canada, as I see no place to go. Friendship of so called extreme left with extreme right still shows in acts like the French Communist rag "Liberacion", when facing bankruptcy few years ago after Russia and Poland quit supporting it, was purchased by, (presumably right wing) billionaire, Baron von Rothschild, a quiet wine maker. Can you see any division between left and right, socialists and capitalists?

In Canada, Socialists - Ontario Teachers Pension Fund owns the bank and purchases largest telephone Company - and capitalists are slaving 15 hours a day to meet the payroll and pay the taxes. I am confused.
(So are we Mr. Jaworski! Australians have just learned that the Trade Unions in this country also have a bank!)

I am very glad that Global TV is willing to open discussion on many subjects, including (but not limited to) the forum for Flat Earth Society, allowing Canadians, who are not stupid, to make up their own mind.
As long as they are not applying pressure on Parliament to ban the airplanes, so they will not fall into space when reaching the edge, I am willing to listen to their arguments.

I wish you good luck and a great career in journalism.

Respectfully yours, Mark Lech Jaworski, Vancouver BC, latarnik@mac.com

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