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21 November 2008 Thought for the Week:

Like Obama, Blair was charismatic, eloquent, hip, and relaxed, in cruel contrast to the bunch of sleazy, incompetent throwbacks to the paleolithic era in the departing Conservative administration. Like Obama, Blair was seen as a messiah figure, who would lay his hands upon a broken nation and bring healing where there was discord. And like Obama, Blair had an agenda of change. What few realized at the time was that in fact he was a radical of a different stripe. He wanted to remake Britain and even change human nature itself, wiping out prejudice and ushering in a new world order of progressivism.

Accordingly, his government either directly promoted or did nothing to stop the long march through Britain's institutions the systematic undermining of the country's fundamental values and traditions, in line with the cultural Marxism strategy of the philosopher Antonin Gramsci. It tore up Britain's (unwritten) constitution, devolving power to Scotland and changing the composition of the upper parliamentary chamber, the House of Lords, destroying the delicate equilibrium of the balance of power. It also set about changing the identity of the country.

Promoting the doctrine of multiculturalism, it opened Britain's doors to mass immigration. In the state-controlled schools, teachers no longer saw their role as the transmission of Britain's historic culture, which was "racist"; accordingly, children were not taught the history of their country, but instead a concept of 'citizenship' which was all about changing the values of the country.
It undermined marriage, promoting instead "lifestyle choice" by incentivising lone parenthood (official forms no longer refer to husband and wives, merely "partners"). It discouraged prison sentences because criminals were said to be victims of life and jail would make them worse.

Obama has talked about remedying what he sees as the flaws in the U.S. Constitution which promotes only "negative liberties," or freedom from something rather than positive rights to something.
Well, through human-rights legislation Britain has exchanged its historic concept of "negative" liberty everything is permitted unless it is actively prohibited for the 'positive' European idea that only what is codified is to be permitted.

As a result, freedom has shrunk to what ideology permits. Equality legislation has cemented a "victim culture" under which the interests of all groups deemed to be powerless (black people, women, gays) trump those deemed to be powerful (white people, men, Christians).
Since this doctrine holds that the "powerless" can do no wrong while the "powerful" can do no right, injustice is thus institutionalized, and anyone who queries the preferential treatment afforded such groups is vilified as a racist or bigot. All this constitutes a profoundly illiberal culture in which no dissent is permitted, group is set against group and intimidation is the order of the day '

- - Melanie Phillips, - author of Londonistan - "Tips on conserving and protecting from across the pond. "


by James Reed Much of the time of writers at this site (myself, Simpson, Wilson, Ewer, Len the Cleaner, etc) is spent in 'Emergencies Services work, fighting day-to-day media bushfires. We try to hose down the thoughts of the inner-city intellectual elites as expressed primarily in the print media, books, electronic media and sometimes, website bloggs. (I hate that word. I usually forget the 'l ').
This is an important service because it represents opposition to the thoughts of the cultural elites. People can seek an alternative viewpoint, such as in our coverage of the US election.

Saving Western civilisation is in part a philosophical and religious task that involves the precise motto of the Heritage Society 's journal, 'linking the past with the present for the future. This task is not performed by existing universities, which I have, I believe, adequately shown in my articles. The existing education system is rotten to the core.
League writers and administrators have well recognized this and have attempted to provide sturdy philosophical foundations in the League journals, hard copy League books and its impact upon the young who want alternative views, on the internet. The League preserves books essential for the fight to preserve Western civilization which are no longer if they ever were available in our libraries. As I write this I have three such books next to me.

Some illustrative comments are in order:
Owen Barfield History in English Words (1953, 1967, with a foreword by W.H. Auden) is a deeply scholarly book that spells out the spiritual/aesthetic history of the English (and Aryan/Nordic peoples) through a study of the history embodied in English words.
Barfield speaks of the 'souls of past races which lie frozen in words. The word quality for example has its philosophical roots in Plato 's theory of the forms transmaterial essences to which objects in the world of senses are imperfect embodiments.

During the 18th century linguists came to see resemblances between European and Sanskrit languages, and concluded that these languages came from a common source. Sanskrit was found not to be the parent language. A more basic Aryan or Germanic-Indo language was postulated as being the original one. And there was an Aryan people, early Europeans who spoke it and left their language with the conquered Indian peoples.

Barfield then is attempting to give back to the English-speaking people a history which the politically correct Establishment even the universities have taken from them. Aryan people cannot even describe themselves as that today following Hitler 's misuse of the notion. But a people should not face a conceptual oblivion merely because of one bad egg. Barfield bravely defended the historicity of Aryans even in the post-World War II period.

Barfield 's Saving the Appearances (1965) is a profound philosophical text which analyses the nature of historical perceptions from ancient man 's perception of the world (Original Participation), to the medieval period to modern man. These perceptions are what the sociologist Durkheim called 'collective representations.
In essence, we have moved from a world with humans in harmony with the tune of nature to a world deeply alienated from it by the final participation in scientific materialism. Humanity, through the desire to control and manipulate the world has left the garden of original participation.

This theme of existential alienation lies also in the spiritual vision of the great English writer J.R.R. Tolkien and is seen well even in the film version of The Lord of the Rings. The dark lords prepare a 'new order by war, a war machine fuelled by the destruction of nature. Stratford Caldecott 's Secret Fire: The Spiritual Vision of J.R.R. Tolkien explores this theme of the existential and moral threat of technological power, along with many others in Tolkien 's work. Most importantly Tolkien sought to give back to the English-speaking peoples a mytho-poetic past that the machines of modernity, as surely as the march of the armies of Mordor, had silenced.

This longing for a touch of our ancestry, of a world departed, perhaps explains why The Lord of the Rings, after the Bible, has been one of the most widely-read books of the twentieth century. I will have more to say about this in another essay.


"Who are the Architects of Economic Collapse? And why are they being given top positions in Obama's Administration? Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, November 9, 2008 writes:

Most Serious Economic Crisis in Modern History
The October 2008 financial meltdown is not the result of a cyclical economic phenomenon. It is the deliberate result of US government policy instrumented through the Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Board.
The "bailout" proposed by the US Treasury does not constitute a "solution" to the crisis. In fact quite the opposite: it is the cause of further collapse. It triggers an unprecedented concentration of wealth, which in turn contributes to widening economic and social inequalities both within and between nations.

The levels of indebtedness have skyrocketed. Industrial corporations are driven into bankruptcy, taken over by the global financial institutions. Credit, namely the supply of loanable funds, which constitutes the lifeline of production and investment, is controlled by a handful of financial conglomerates. With the "bailout", the public debt has spiralled. America is the most indebted country on earth. Prior to the "bailout", the US public debt was of the order of 10 trillion dollars. This US dollar denominated debt is composed of outstanding treasury bills and government bonds held by individuals, foreign governments, corporations and financial institutions.

"The Bailout": The US Administration is Financing its Own Indebtedness
Ironically, the Wall Street banks --which are the recipients of the bailout money-- are also the brokers and underwriters of the US public debt. Although the banks hold only a portion of the public debt, they transact and trade in US dollar denominated public debt instruments Worldwide. In a bitter twist, the banks are the recipients of a 700+ billion dollar handout and at the same time they act as creditors of the US government. We are dealing with an absurd circular relationship: To finance the bailout, Washington must borrow from the banks, which are the recipients of the bailout.

The US administration is financing its own indebtedness. Federal, State and municipal governments are increasingly in a straightjacket, under the tight control of the global financial conglomerates. Increasingly, the creditors call the shots on government reform. The bailout is conducive to the consolidation and a centralization of banking power, which in turn backlashes on real economic activity, leading to a string of bankruptcies and mass unemployment.

Will an Obama Administration Reverse the Tide?
The financial crisis is the outcome of a deregulated financial architecture. Obama has stated unequivocally his resolve to address the policy failures of the Bush administration and "democratize" the US financial system. President-Elect Barack Obama says that he is committed to reversing the tide:
"Let us remember that if this financial crisis taught us anything, it 's that we cannot have a thriving Wall Street while Main Street suffers. In this country, we rise or fall as one nation, as one people." (President-elect Barack Obama, November 4, 2008)

The Democrats casually blame the Bush administration for the October financial meltdown. Obama says that he will be introducing an entirely different policy agenda which responds to the interests of Main Street: "Tomorrow, you can turn the page on policies that put the greed and irresponsibility of Wall Street before the hard work and sacrifice of men and women all across Main Street.
Tomorrow you can choose policies that invest in our middle class and create new jobs and grow this economy so that everybody has a chance to succeed, from the CEO to the secretary and the janitor, from the factory owner to the men and women who work on the factory floor."( Barack Obama, election campaign, November 3, 2008)

Is Obama committed to "taming Wall Street" and "disarming financial markets"?
Ironically, it was under the Clinton administration that these policies of "greed and irresponsibility" were adopted. The 1999 Financial Services Modernization Act (FSMA) was conducive to the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933.
A pillar of President Roosevelt 's "New Deal", the Glass-Steagall Act was put in place in response to the climate of corruption, financial manipulation and "insider trading" which resulted in more than 5,000 bank failures in the years following the 1929 Wall Street crash.

Bill Clinton signed into law the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act, November 12, 1999. Under the 1999 Financial Services Modernization Act, effective control over the entire US financial services industry (including insurance companies, pension funds, securities companies, etc.) had been transferred to a handful of financial conglomerates and their associated hedge funds.

Who are the architects of this debacle?
In a bitter irony, the engineers of financial disaster are now being considered by President Elect Barack Obama's Transition Team for the position of Secretary of the Treasury:

Lawrence Summers played a key role in lobbying Congress for the repeal of the Glass Steagall act. His timely appointment in 1999 as Treasury Secretary spearheaded the adoption of the Financial Services Modernization Act in October 1999. Upon completing his mandate at the Treasury, he became president of Harvard University (2001- 2006).
Paul Volker, chairman of the Federal Reserve in the l980s during the Reagan era. He played a central role in implementing the first stage of financial deregulation, which was conducive to mass bankruptcies, mergers and acquisitions, leading up to the 1987 financial crisis.
Timothy Geithner is CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which is the most powerful private financial institution in America. He was also a former Clinton administration Treasury official. He has worked for Kissinger Associates and has also held a senior position at the IMF. The FRBNY plays a behind the scenes role in shaping financial policy. Geithner acts on behalf of powerful financiers, who are behind the FRBNY. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
Jon Corzine is currently governor of New Jersey, former CEO of Goldman Sachs.

At the time of writing, Obama's favourite is:
Obama 's favourite is Larry Summers, front-runner for the position of Treasury Secretary. Harvard University Economics Professor Lawrence Summers served as Chief Economist for the World Bank (1991 '1993). He contributed to shaping the macro-economic reforms imposed on numerous indebted developing countries. The social and economic impact of these reforms under the IMF-World Bank sponsored structural adjustment program (SAP) were devastating, resulting in mass poverty.
Larry Summer's stint at the World Bank coincided with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the imposition of the IMF-World Bank's deadly " economic medicine" on Eastern Europe, the former Soviet republics and the Balkans.
In 1993, Summers moved to the US Treasury. He initially held the position of Undersecretary of the Treasury for international affairs and later Deputy Secretary. In liaison with his former colleagues at the IMF and the World Bank, he played a key role in crafting the economic "shock treatment" reform packages imposed at the height of the 1997 Asian crisis on South Korea, Thailand and Indonesia.
The bailout agreements negotiated with these three countries were co-ordinated through Summers office at the Treasury in liaison with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Washington based Bretton Woods institutions.
Summers worked closely with IMF Deputy Managing Director Stanley Fischer, who was later appointed Governor of the Central Bank of Israel. Larry Summers became Treasury Secretary in July 1999. He is a prot 'g of David Rockefeller. He was among the main architects of the infamous Financial Services Modernization Act, which provided legitimacy to inside trading and outright financial manipulation. Summers is currently a Consultant to Goldman Sachs and managing director of a Hedge fund, the D.E. Shaw Group.
As former Treasury Secretary and his contacts on Wall Street, Summers had valuable inside information on the movement of financial markets.
Under the helm of Larry Summers and as a direct result of the financial meltdown, the D. E. Shaw Group made record profits. At the end of October 2008, at the height of the financial meltdown, the Shaw Group announced $7 billion in revenue, a 22 percent increase over the previous year, "with nearly three times more cash on hand than a year ago" (2theadvocate.com, 31 October 2008).

Putting a Hedge Fund manager (with links to the Wall Street financial establishment) in charge of the Treasury is tantamount to putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop.

The Washington Consensus:
Summers, Geithner, Corzine, Volker, Fischer, Phil Gramm, Bernanke, Hank Paulson, Rubin, not to mention Alan Greenspan, et al. are buddies, they play golf together; they have links to the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg; they act concurrently in accordance with the interests of Wall Street; they meet behind closed doors, they are on the same wave length; they are Democrats and Republicans.

While they may disagree on some issues, they are firmly committed to the Washington-Wall Street Consensus. They are utterly ruthless in their management of economic and financial processes. Their actions are profit driven.
Outside of their narrow interest in the "efficiency" of "markets", they have little concern for "living human beings".

How are people's lives affected by the deadly gamut of macro-economic and financial reforms, which is spearheading entire sectors of economic activity into bankruptcy. The economic reasoning underlying neoliberal economic discourse is often cynical and contemptuous.
In this regard, Lawrence Summers' economic discourse stands out. He is known among environmentalists for having proposed the dumping of toxic waste in Third World countries, because people in poor countries have shorter lives and the costs of labour are abysmally low, which essentially means that the market value of people in the Third World is much lower.
According to Summers, this makes it far more "cost effective" to export toxic materials to impoverished countries..."


How many people, during the last few weeks of the US election, knew there were legal moves afoot to force Barak Hussein Obama to prove his legal status as a United States citizen? One would have thought such startling allegations would be media headline news splashed around the world. But no. Our mainline media didn 't think the news warranted it. Philadelphia 's 'Family Newspaper The Bulletin, 11/09/2008 did think it worth the following report: https://www.thebulletin.us/site/index.cfm?newsid=20193200&BRD=2737&PAG=461&dept_id=576361&rfi=8 by John P. Connolly. 'Two of the plaintiffs in court cases against Sen. Barack Obama, the president-elect, are working to move their cases forward before his presidential inauguration. Philip J. Berg, the attorney who filed suit against Mr. Obama challenging him to produce his original birth certificate to prove he meets the constitutional requirements to serve as U.S. president. Mr. Berg filed a Writ of Certiorari in the U.S. Supreme Court late in October, in an effort to force Mr. Obama to produce the document. Accordingly, the U.S. Supreme Court has said that Mr. Obama, the DNC and all co-defendants are to respond to the writ, on or before Dec. 1. The judge in Mr. Berg's original case ruled that Mr. Berg does not have standing to enforce the constitutional requirements on a presidential candidate. Mr. Berg appealed the ruling to the Supreme Court. "I look forward to receiving defendant Obama's response to the writ and am hopeful the U. S. Supreme Court will review Berg v. Obama. I believe Mr. Obama is not a constitutionally-qualified natural-born citizen and is ineligible to assume the office of President of the United States." Mr. Obama put an electronic photo of a birth certification on his "Fight the Smears" Web site, a document that his critics have found unconvincing. The raised seal and authoritative signature needed to validate the document cannot be seen on the scan. The Obama campaign was unwilling to release the original document to the court when Mr. Berg filed suit in August, choosing instead to argue against Mr. Berg's standing. Mr. Berg asserts that Mr. Obama was born in Kenya, as his mother, Ann Dunham, was denied entry to the plane home due to her advanced pregnancy. Since she was only 18 at the time of Mr. Obama's birth, she would not have passed citizenship on to Mr. Obama. In 1961, citizenship could only be passed on to a child where one parent was an alien should the citizen parent have resided in the U.S. for 10 years, five of those over the age of 14. The State of Hawaii has refused to release copies of Mr. Obama's birth certificate, because Department of Health officials say the privacy statutes of the state prevent them from doing so to anyone who does not have a "direct and tangible interest" in the record as prescribed in the state statute. In Honolulu, Andy Martin, a long-time critic of Mr. Obama, filed a lawsuit in October, in an attempt to get the Hawaiian Department of Health to release Mr. Obama's birth certificate records. Mr. Martin announced last week that he plans to get members of the Electoral College to pressure Mr. Obama into presenting his birth certificate. "We are going to start organizing a 'Goal Line Stand' in the Electoral College to force Barack Obama to produce his original 1961 birth certificate for review by the American people," Mr. Martin said. "Republicans, conservatives and independents have a new rallying point. Don't let Obama pass through the Electoral College until he has produced his original birth certificate and ended the mystery shrouding his origins." No one, aside from Department of Health officials, has seen the original document. Mr. Martin has a court hearing on Nov. 18 in the Circuit Court for Honolulu, Hawaii to continue his case. '


by Peter Ewer
I had been in my favourite watering hole, drowning my sorrows when it happened. B.S. Obama, superstar, was elevated to the status of world emperor, if not godhood. I watched his arrogant body language as he said that America is a place where anything is possible. 'That 's for sure, said I. The camera focussed upon women in the audience having Obamaswoons. Eyes were rolling, glazed, tears flowing, lips frantically moving all-in-all, a sensual-religious experience. Beyond Beatlemania, beyond the Princess Diana cult, this was a new phenomena. The ultimate in dumbing down. Obama, who voted for the Patriot Act II and many of the things George Bush supported (in addition to traditional Left causes like gun banning) won on a 'Change We Need ticket. What 'change could this Soros-backed, Corporate-sponsored puppet deliver, apart from open borders and even more massive immigration? The glazed-eyed brain-dead masses were supporting their own racial annihilation. Oh-Obamagod, who holds that the nation is the source of evil in the world, plans to give the disputed territories of Israel and half of Jerusalem to the Arabs but the US Jews backed him like he was one of their own. Maybe, just maybe, they will come to regret this.


by James Reed
The Australian, according to my day-to-day survey, devoted an overwhelming amount of its coverage of the US election to Obama, with most articles, pro-Obama. The bias against McCain was quite apparent to me. Photographs went to absurd lengths to put Obama in a super-star, rock-god light.
Thus on 5 November, 2008 we have a full 'colour (well, mainly black) photo of 'the man with a great big tear streaming down his face. The photo measures 230mm x 223mm almost ready to pin up on walls!

On the same day, we have the story from Washington correspondent, Geoff Elliott, 'First Results Good Omen for Obama. Two tiny towns were the first to vote 'Obama '. Yes, but consider the use of the word 'omen which has a magical connotation. This has been a common theme in the excited media 's drive to create a Black president. Say that it is destiny and inevitable. That which the 'god of multiculturalism wants.
Obama has shown that the American people are really sheople, controlled and manipulated by the media. Democracy requires thinking citizens, not meat machines to work. The slide down will now be rapid. Fasten your seat belts.


by James Reed
No doubt you have heard the 'bad news. Politically correct, 'National Living Treasure (of 1997) and founding president of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, former Judge Marcus Einfeld, has pleaded guilty to making a false statement under oath and acting to pervert the course of justice all over a $77 speeding fine.

Einfeld presented himself as Justice Conscience and Justice Human Rights but this story shows that over a pathetic fine he was willing to betray public trust. This national living treasure is a living liar, a victim of his own arrogance. He knew the law as well as anyone but chose to betray the trust of the court.

Yes, my guess is that a suspended sentence is in order! Or maybe home detention! Oh, he will still get his $184,000 a year taxpayer funded pension for life! (The Advertiser 1/11/08 p.23) No, don 't cry for Mr. Einfeld: cry for Australia.


This is an initiative we thought worthwhile to bring to the attention of our readers. We understand they are in the process of setting up a door to door service through the milkman. What a good idea. For those who would like to know more and want to check it out for themselves go to: www.aussiefarmers.com.au

The email we received said:
Thank you for contacting Aussie Farmers Direct and showing interest in support of our service which prides itself upon supporting 100% (Aussie) owned and produced products. Unfortunately we have not reached your neighbourhood yet, however we are aiming on increasing our delivery locations as fast as possible.
We have held onto your details at this stage and will contact you as soon we have reached your location.
Please spread the word about the service, the more interest shown in your neighbourhood, the quicker we can commence deliveries! Once again, thank you for joining
the Aussie fight back!

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