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12 December 2008 Thought for the Week:

“Very nice!” says our kind friend and neighbour handing back the copy of “Home” we lent him. “Splendid work! It does you credit…. No! I won’t subscribe to it. I’m afraid it’s too political. I try to keep politics out of the home. It is the one place we should keep clear of it – where we can live our own lives!”

Good! That is exactly our policy. It is what this paper is all about; keeping ‘politics’ away from the Home, that is: preventing the political bodies, the State and its Agencies, the Parties and many other pressure groups from gaining control of the private lives of the ordinary citizens in their homes.

Like you then, we are anti-political. But that too is a policy: not of getting power over others, but of retaining the power of decision over our own lives.
This, you say, you agree with; but if your ‘agreement’ is going to be entirely verbal and passive, if you will not be involved in any active assertion of your own policy, or any active resistance to the invasion of the Home by political powers, then, like the Falkland islands, you are going to be invaded, as indeed, the sovereignty of the Home is continually being invaded.

- - - “Are We Political?” Home Journal, October 1982.

“How Science proceeds: Actual progress is achieved by leaps of inspiration by individuals, which then have to prove themselves in practice, by experiment and observation of the real world, against the consensus of established opinion.

So far, thank God, there is no World Council of Sciences to smother the emerging truth in a maelstrom of converging world opinion, unified by money, influence and power-seeking. It is of the essence of true science that the right idea, not the most widely held one, should win through in the end. Is this not necessarily true also of religion, if religion is concerned with reality?

We…wished that learned and distinguished theologians… who devote so much time to ecumenicism would realise that unity is not in itself a ‘good’ to be sought or grasped directly. The ‘good’ is love. Unity and harmony are but its products, since love alone can achieve unity without threatening that diversity which is life. The threat of unity by any other means, whether by military or revolutionary violence, or economic or psychological pressure, can bring about only division, reaction and conflict.”

- - “The Fourteenth Templeton Prize” Home Journal, July/August 1986.


by John Steele
The Role of Health and Nutrition: Modern civilisation and technology have produced many astonishing benefits especially raising the life expectancy of ordinary people but there are disadvantages and costs. In his remarkable book 'Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (Hoeber, New York 1939), Dr. Weston A. Price observed that modern diets, compared to the diet of 'primitive man were producing diseases, especially an explosion of tooth decay due to sugar in the diet.

In recent decades there has been an epidemic of obesity in the Western world. There is some debate about whether or not Australia has the fattest people in the world, but it clear from even a casual look at a city street, that hugely fat people are now very common. There is also an epidemic of obesity among young people. This is producing a multitude of disease problems, sometimes summarized by speaking of 'Syndrome X ': heart disease, diabetes, kidney disorders, blindness, cancer and so on. The cause is lack of exercise and the Western diet high in saturated fat, refined sugar and sodium. It is epitomized by the coke, French Fries and burger lunch plus cigarette.

On this diet, Western civilisation is doomed. Consequently, one important step in 'Saving the West is for people to get their diet under control. In doing so they may be on the road to developing the toughness of character of our ancestors.

The knowledge about a sensible diet is freely available. I select from my book shelf the following excellent books which should set the reader on the right path: Michael Colgan, 'The New Nutrition (C./S. Publications, San Diego 1994); Barry Sears, 'The Anti-Aging Zone (Regan Books, New York, 1999); Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman 'Fantastic Journey (Rodale London 2004); Jean Carper, 'Food: Your Miracle Medicine (Harper Collins New York 1993); S. Yeager (et al) 'The Doctor 's Book of Food Remedies (Rodale 1998). For young men, Lou Schuler 's 'The Testosterone Advantage Plan (Rodale 2002) is essential reading for men wanting to be real men.

In a nutshell, Western man eats too much carbohydrate in the form of refined sugars and starchy food, which is too high in salt. Saturated fat from fatty protein sources are also in excess. Food has become a source of comfort, but food really needs to be seen as a drug that impacts upon every aspect of our health. Meals thus need to be 'hormonally correct restricting useless calories that skyrocket insulin levels. Smaller meals need to be eaten, preferably organic fruits and vegetables with smaller quantities of protein, also from organic sources. Vegetables rich in anti-oxidants and a whole host of healthy chemicals should be at the base of the food pyramid, rather than having starchy foods and grains at the base, as is conventionally recommended.

The authorities I have examined all recommend the elimination of smoking, the reduction of alcohol consumption to minimal amounts, and the need for vitamin and herbal supplements. If our people can be convinced to change their dietary habits, there could be a major 'kick-on effect '. Who knows, once they get the taste of healthy living at this basic level; maybe just maybe they will be ready to move on to the next level, and begin changing this financially unhealthy society in which we live.

Editor 's note: In all its 62 years the ALoR has promoted the concept of good health, insisting human nutrition begins with the quality of the soil in which our foods are grown. The following publications are of timeless importance in these fields.

Now is the time to choose that gift for the Christmass Season:
' 'We Are What We Eat by Lady Phyllis Cilento. Price: $2.00 plus postage.
' 'Better Health with Medical Mother Lady Phyllis Cilento. Price: $10.00 plus postage.
' 'Nutrition of the Elderly by Lady Phyllis Cilento. Price: $3.00 plus postage.
' 'Thine is The Kingdom by Ralph Lazlett Duck. Price: $6.50 plus postage.
' 'The Nature Doctor by Dr. H.C.Vogel. Price: $30.00 plus postage.
' 'Children of a Toxic Harvest by Eve Hillary. Price: $25.00 plus postage.
' 'Health Betrayal by Eve Hillary. Price: $25.00 plus postage.
' 'Quick Poison - Slow Poison by Kate Short. Price: $25.00 plus postage.

Books available from your League Book Services and Veritas Publications.


We were pleased to see Dr. Frederick Toben arrived back safely in Adelaide from England this past week. Although the German authorities tried to have him extradited from the UK to Germany to face charges of 'holocaust denial on his webpage in Australia, the case was dismissed by the English court.


by Hasan Abu Nimah:
What is happening in Gaza has no parallel in recent history. For nearly three years Gaza 's entire population, 1.5 million people, has been subjected to a cruel siege from land, sea and air. But worse than the siege itself is the silence of the whole world. Before the siege, Gaza has been under occupation since 1967 ' Source: https://www.uruknet.de/?p=49279


'Ma'an News:
Israeli soldiers at the Hebron checkpoint are refusing entry to trucks carrying Bethlehem Cremsian holy altar wine and communion wine to be shipped domestically and internationally for Christmas religious ceremonies. In justifying the embargo, which has been going on for the last five weeks, Israeli soldiers said the wine constitutes 'a security risk. '

The wine, made by the Salesians of Don Bosco, a Roman Catholic religious order, for the past 125 years at the Cremisan winery in a suburb of Bethlehem, is certified for Mass celebrations by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem... Source: https://www.uruknet.de/?p=49284


by Betty Luks
'Why we must boycott this racist hatefest exclaimed the headlines. In Adelaide 's Sunday Mail, 14/9/08 Christopher Pyne, Liberal federal MP came out shrilly attacking the very idea that Australia should attend the United Nations Durban II conference planned for April 2009.

For those who may have forgotten Durban I, Mr. Pyne reminded his readers, the UN met in Durban in 2001to discuss measures to combat 'racism '. Instead of which, he lamented, the meeting ended up in an anti-Semitic and Israel hatefest.

'Often, he wrote, 'it 's not only what you say or write that counts, it 's what you don 't say or write. And, Mr. Pyne asserts, if 'Australia attends the 2009 Durban II conference and simply tries to moderate the final communiqu without a denunciation of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, by attending 'we 'tacitly sign up to a warped view of racism '.

Hence his advice to the jet-setting PM Kevin Rudd to make the government 's opposition to the racism and anti-Semitism inherent in the Durban conference quite clear to the UN. And this man is Opposition spokesman on justice!

Urgent Statement by Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews Worldwide:
The following email was circulated by Rabbi Meir Hirsh, Neturei Karta of the Orthodox Jewry of Palestine, P.O. Box 5053 Jerusalem Palestine. E-mail: nkp@neto.bezeqint.net

How long will Jewish and non-Jewish leaders who claim the mantle of civilization and morality remain silent in the face of the ongoing state terrorism practiced by the Zionist state against the Palestinian People, most visibly today in Gaza, where the Zionists believe they can starve the Palestinians into submission in violation of all tenets of international law, all religious values in general, including the values of the Jewish faith???!!

How long will this be allowed to continue? We urgently plea to the World Community and world leaders to put an end to Zionist state terrorism! In the name of G-d in the name of humanity! The terrorist regime of the State of Israel has been repressing, expelling and persecuting Palestinians for 60 years, and expects the Palestinians to simply sit with their arms folded while this goes on! Are the Palestinians supposed to be collaborators in their own destruction? Are they simply supposedly to surrender in order to compensate the Zionists for what happened during World War II thousands of miles away? It is time for leaders with a sense of morality and courage to stand up and finally declare ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

The State of Israel must no longer be granted a blank cheque to commit crimes! This wicked rogue ethnocratic state must be dismantled and the rights of the Palestinians restored! We pray that our appeal will find its way into the hearts and minds of those who have the power to put an end to the madness unleashed by the State of Israel, which is armed to teeth with the most sophisticated weaponry used on the Palestinians, and held over the rest of the Middle East as the Zionists demand the entire world surrender to their agenda!

The Zionists know that their state is on the threshold of disintegration, and they are prepared to take millions of Jews and non-Jews down with them!! The world is in grave danger if the Zionists are not stopped!! May G-d in Heaven hear our prayer!

-- Rabbi Meir Hirsh, Neturei Karta Palestine. 23 November, 2008


A former Gold Coast man will this week launch a class action against the Queensland State Government over fluoridation of water supplies. Mr. Brian McDermott, who ran an engineering company called Agrifuture Industries at Nerang before retiring to Brisbane, claims he has thousands of people supporting the action, which is being run under the name People 's Class Action Trust.

The launch of the action comes amid reports the State Government has delayed implementation of fluoridation until after Christmas, after announcing last week it was starting on December 1. Mr. McDermott claims the State Government is 'running scared over the fluoridation issue because of widespread public opposition.

He also claimed to have been told by sources close to the Government it was 'on the verge of a spill '. 'The Labor Party are shooting themselves in the foot over this, ' he said, 'they are arguing and fighting among themselves and it looks like there will be a spill. 'Support for the class action is running into the thousands of people now. Anything from 60 to 80 per cent of Queenslanders don 't want fluoride.

Mr. McDermott said he was being supported in the action on the Gold Coast by Gold Coast Water Watch (GCWW) headed by Joan Hoare. GCWW chairwoman Joan Hoare said she had been told by Robina MP Ray Stevens fluoridation had been postponed until after Christmas.


by James Reed
Kev '07 Rudd has globalist visions even more wide-ranging than B. Hussein Obama. Kevin Rudd dreams of a United States of Asia modelled on the European Union.

When the idea was mentioned by the Pauline Hanson Support Movement back in 1997 as the future that the elites have planned for it, leaders of the chattering class mocked the suggestion. But here is Rudd promoting the idea.

Rudd 's special envoy Richard Woolcott, himself a strong supporter of the 'Australia 's Asian Destiny School has found that the Asian nations are a little cold on Rudd 's idea (The Australian 19/11/08 p.8). They are happy to expand the members of APEC, but are not happy with the idea of some new trans-state entity controlling their destiny.

It is good to see the first hosing of cold water upon Rudd 's crazy idea which is essentially globalism on steroids.


Philip Benwell, National Chairman of the Australian Monarchist League sent the following email message.

'As most are aware, I have been warning that indications are that the Government does intend to proceed with its promise to hold a plebiscite, regardless of the cost.
Many, even Liberal Front Benchers, have dismissed my comments, preferring to believe that nothing will be done as long as The Queen is still living and whilst the economy is in disarray. On 11th November 2008, a day of very special significance to patriots, Senator Brown, Leader of the Greens Party, moved a Private Members Bill entitled 'Plebiscite for an Australian Republic Act 2008 '.

If a Private Members Bill is not at the instigation of a government, it will normally run its course and die a natural death, however if a government wishes to proceed on a matter, but not as the Government, it will support a Private Member's Bill. This was the case with the Private Member's Bill in New South Wales entitled 'Constitution Amendment (Pledge of Loyalty) Bill 2006 which removed the Oath of Allegiance to The Queen for members of the N

Two days following the introduction and First Reading of Senator Brown's Bill, the Senate referred it, on 13 November 2008, to the Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration for inquiry and report by 15 June 2009.

The reasons provided for referral of the Bill and the issues for consideration by the Committee are: 'The issue of Australia becoming a republic is an extremely important one for the Australian Parliament and public. It is important that the process by which this issue is progressed now has appropriate public input and is properly scrutinised and debated. '

The bill may be accessed via the link: "Plebiscite for an Australian Republic Act 2008"
Invitations will be extended to the public to provide written submissions addressing any issues in relation to the bill.
The submission should be lodged with the Committee Secretariat by 6 February 2009. The Committee prefers to receive submissions electronically as an attached document by email to or by hard copy to:
The Standing Committee on Finance And Public Administration, Parliament House, Canberra Act 2600. Telephone: + 61 2 6277 3530 Facsimile: + 61 2 6277 5809 Email: fpa.sen@aph.gov.au


by James Reed Here goes Phillip Adams again. ( 'Crime Needs More Than Black Pride The Australian 11/11/08 p.12). The US statistics on black crime are 'beyond shameful. There are 2-3 million people in prison, the largest prison population in the world and 'millions of these are African-American, out of all proportion to their population. The African-American prison population continues to rise given 'draconian drug laws. Fifty per cent of those arrested on drug charges are black.

The US system is 'based on ludicrous and counterproductive laws that criminalise people with a health problem. Yes, the over-representation of blacks in drug offences makes it a 'human rights issue. Good news for America 's friendly neighbourhood 'crack dealers.

Now I will not attempt to directly refute this nonsense. Rather, I argue by a reductio ad absurdum (reduce to absurdity). P. Sheehan inn 'Four Stories the US media Refuse to Tell: 1: The Race War of Black Against White, The Sydney Morning Herald May 20 (Spectrum 1A) gave statistics that are confirmed by FBI statistics each year: Blacks commit a statistically disproportionate percentage of most crimes against whites, relative to white crimes on blacks. So it is more than just a drug issue: the problem goes right across the board.

Will Phillip be led then by the iron chains of logic to speak about 'human rights issues for whites if Sheehan 's description of a 'race war of black against white is accurate?


by James Reed
The view of Kevin Rudd which I have championed in my writings is that he is Australia 's first 'Chinese Prime Minister. Greg Sheridan ( 'No Pandering to China in PM 's Asia Plan, The Australian Literary Review, 5/11/08). Rudd, it seems 'is much less a panda hugger and much more a Chinese sceptic. Now this really got my interest: after writing dozens of articles bounced off Murdoch press articles on Rudd, where I concluded that he was merely a Chinese puppet, could there be contrary evidence?

Turns out that Sheridan 's main evidence is that Rudd has spoken of China 's human rights abuses, has met the Dalai Lama, has spoken with the Pope about religious freedom in China and has said in a speech 'Militarily the Asia-Pacific will become a much more contested region. '

All of this is weak evidence for Rudd being a 'Chinese sceptic. The human rights talk is all part of the modern politically correct chatter which a Laborite like Rudd is expected to periodically churn out. Recognising that Australia is 'in a region where there is an explosion in defence expenditure by no means represents an opposition to it.

Rudd, along with Obama, is in a tradition which looks forward to the end of the White West, one which welcomes the rise of Asia as the world 's dominant powers. There is little recognition in Rudd 's speeches of the dangers that rival Asian superpowers, armed with nuclear weapons, will pose for human existence.


by Brian Simpson David Blair, winner of the Prime Minister 's Eureka Prize For Promoting Science has written that Australia 's research culture is starving projects that have Nobel Prize-winning potential of funds. ( 'Starving Research Risks Our Future The Australian 12/11/08 p.28) Blair reports that during the time which he spent on ARC (Australian Research Council) panels, some very important projects did not get funding.

One such unfunded project was a way of turning a normal personal computer into a supercomputer by increasing its speed by 15 times. Presumably his project was not funded because of a lack of funds.
But while that may be so, that is, that genuinely innovated research suffers in this way, examine ARC projects in the developed Humanities and Social Sciences and weep at the money to projects which are of debatable national importance. Such projects, should not be funded over the computer project mentioned above, however well presented and researched.

Indeed I believe that all such arts projects should be funded by the academics who want to pursue them. Let them use their own high salaries for such pursuits. Public funds must be spent on projects of direct benefit to the Australian community. Professors get enough money now to be able to do their own pet research.

The Australian Research Council with its ideal of academic peer review of projects is based on a fallacy: it is like putting the bees in charge of the honey pot. Research money needs to be distributed by a new research body where the decisions are made by a body comprised of a broad spectrum of the public where benefit to Australia rather than the self-serving notions of academic peer review and skill in project winning decide the day.

Ultimately we need to move beyond the model of present day universities. It would probably be better to replace them by independent science colleges and research institutes. I would like to see the Humanities and Social Sciences, as we know them, die off because they have been irreparably infected by postmodern nonsense.

Perhaps traditional liberal arts colleges, seriously devoted to the classics of Western civilization with no departments of Feminism, cultural studies, etc. could replace what we now see in our universities. It would be the first step in regaining intellectual sanity.


by Brian Simpson
One of the dangerous signs of the future is the emerging space race between India, China and Japan. The hopes of these Asian nations are to not only mine the moon, taking capitalist exploitation to the stars, but to develop space age military technology.
There is also the hint that the earth may ultimately be destroyed through pollution so that Mars will be needed as a new planet, probably for the elites to live on. We plebs, die here, of course.

What is more likely is that this meglomanic quest will lead to a situation generating war, with the Asian powers using star wars style weapons on each other. Maybe there will even be battles in space, perhaps with movies made of it! At the end of the White world, there are no limits to the horrors of the future.


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