Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
20 March 2009 Thought for the Week:

The subject dealt with in these pages is one which presents peculiar difficulties in regard to a popular presentation of it. A political economist has been defined as “a man possessing a large amount of knowledge of what ain’t so” and whatever little knowledge in regard to the subject of money is possessed by the general public shows a tendency to come under this definition.

While there is a sense in which it may be said that such matters as the control of credit and initiation of the just price are simple, it is necessary to qualify this statement with the admission that it is almost impossible to understand them if the orthodox conceptions of “wealth,” the “reality of money,” the “virtue of monetary saving,” and the “objective of industry” are taken for granted.

Many attempts to simplify the thesis have been made. Some of them have been simple without being sound; some have been sound without being simple, and numbers of them have been neither sound nor simple…”

“What we have to realise,” said the Major, “is that we have only one way of moving things about the world, and that is what we call money or finance… it is perfectly impossible to deny that the real difficulty lies in the financial system, and that the difficulty arises not through lack of goods but in the lack of purchasing power…”

- - C.H. Douglas, in Preface to “An Outline of Social Credit” by H.M.M. 1929


by Wallace Klinck, Canada:
'Have you noticed the startling news? David Mondragon of Ford Canada has come out against the proposed (Canadian) Government production loan "bailouts" to selected parts of the auto industry. And what does he propose? Something very close to the Social Credit Dividend and Compensated Price. (A recognition of the chronic lack of consumer purchasing power in an automated-industrialised economy?...ed)

He says the Government should pay out to every Canadian citizen a cash consumer bonus of Cdn$3,500.00 to be applied against list price at point of sale when purchasing a new automobile! A note of sanity in an insane world! We should be deluging him with information which will help him to see that the principle should be extended to the economy overall.
Could it be that part at least of the blind, stiff-necked (or whatever cause it is) establishment may be forced by the sheer weight of events to adopt Social Credit measures before we even get a chance to thoroughly promote it ourselves?!!
May we hope that the struggle may not be as arduous as anticipated? When circumstances reach "critical mass" a crystalisation can be almost immediate.

C. H. Douglas actually did speak of the emergence of such circumstances. I heard recently that the Government of Taiwan has been issuing consumer bonuses to assist consumer sales in that country. I did not notice a proposed SOURCE of these payout funds, either with Mondragon or Taiwan, but things are moving in the right direction.
This is no time to flag. We have never had such an opportunity to advance Douglas's ideas--in consideration of the extreme circumstances and the superlative means of electronic information transfer which is now available.

I phoned Ford of Canada to compliment Mondragon on his words of sanity. He has no office phone which is accessible to the public and they don't release his e-mail address to just anyone, but at least I left the message. Mondragon's office might talk directly to someone with a high profile background and publicity activity.
Why not give it a try? Our local radio station 630 CHED is asking for public input regarding Mondragon's suggestion and I am now going to respond with a message to the station.

NOW IS THE TIME FOR Australian readers to present the news to politicians, business leaders, talk-back radio, etc., by whatever means open for us to do so. The basic outlines of the Social Credit proposals are freely available on the League 's website.Go to then open up the Social Dynamics DVDs at bottom of front page.

For essential further reading: Online - go to Library and download Douglas books. Hard copies of Douglas works are available from Heritage Book Services and Veritas Publishing.


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned the Obama administration against adopting further socialism, saying Russian history clearly proves it is a recipe for failure.
'Any fourth grade history student knows socialism has failed in every country, at every time in history, said Putin.

'President Obama and his fellow Democrats are either idiots or deliberately trying to destroy their own economy.
Economists say Putin 's comments serve to illustrate how worldwide markets have made even economic adversaries dependent on each other 's financial stability.

An Obama spokesman dismissed Putin 's claim, saying, 'We 're going to do socialism better. Vladimir Putin labels Obama 'idiot '
- The Sunday Times, March 1, 2009


by Betty Luks
If there is one thing my long association with the League of Rights has taught me, it is the need to define words so that I analyse what is being presented in the media. Is it simply 'spin or 'facts, or 'truth '? It is essential to bring the matter at hand down from the abstract to the concrete. Last week 's OT gave a clear definition of the word 'wealth thus bringing the matter of wealth down from the abstract to the concrete.

From the Abstract to the Concrete:
Those social credit men of science, such as C.H. Douglas and Tudor Jones, were not satisfied with the vague definition of wealth current to the thinking of the early twentieth century. Tudor Jones wrote: 'Ruskin scarcely meant to assert that wealth and life were interchangeable terms, e.g., in the statement that a man in danger of his wealth escaped from the captivity of the Cossacks, leaving all that remained of his life among them.

Tudor Jones commented:
'It does not matter much whether the riches lie in the number, the nobility or the happiness. The people of a country can hardly be numerous, as well as noble and happy, without something to nourish their numbers, nobility and happiness upon! Bringing the matter down to various kinds of nourishment it is at once brought down from the abstract to the concrete!
Wealth is, strictly speaking, not the source from which the needs are supplied but the supplying of the needs. In other words, a nation 's wealth is what its citizens consume.
Apart from wealth, a community or an individual may have assets, but these are not wealth. No nourishment results from the meat in the pantry; but only from the consumption of the meat in the pantry '

A good example of what I mean is a news headline from Reuters which reads: '45 percent of world's wealth destroyed: Blackstone CEO Mar 10, 2009 by Megan Davies and Walden Siew.
The article continues:
Private equity company Blackstone Group LP (BX.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) CEO Stephen Schwarzman said on Tuesday that up to 45 percent of the world's wealth has been destroyed by the global credit crisis.
"Between 40 and 45 percent of the world's wealth has been destroyed in little less than a year and a half," Schwarzman told an audience at the Japan Society. "This is absolutely unprecedented in our lifetime."

The preceding is a typical example of the gobbledegook we are fed. Am I to understand that the nations of the world have experienced the most devastating series of natural disasters resulting in 45 per cent of their food, clothing and shelter being destroyed?

No. That is not what the Reuters article is on about. We may now get down to the concrete. Let 's read on:
'But the U.S. government is committed to the preservation of financial institutions, he said, and will do whatever it takes to restart the economy.
U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner plans to unfreeze credit markets through a new program that will combine public and private capital in a fund that would buy bank toxic assets of up to $1 trillion ' '
And so on, blather, blather, blather '.

Ah! The real aim becomes clearer further on in the article:
'He put part of the blame for the financial crisis to credit rating agencies What's pretty clear is that, if you were looking for one culprit out of the many, many, many culprits, you have to point your finger at the rating agencies," he said.

So, what the article is really referring to is the Private Banking System and its battle to keep its grip on the power to create 'money 'credit call it what you will - out of nothing, claim it as its own and demand repayment, with interest!
You can be forgiven for thinking it really was a world catastrophe where the nations of the world lost 45 per cent of their real wealth! But Wealth is NOT 'Money '!

Ever heard reference to 'the Black Magic of the Money Cult? What you are witnessing is the great battle taking place for the Money Power to retain its control over your mind and soul, keep you in financial bondage - and retain its grip of the world 's financial systems!
Isn 't it time you joined the battle to remove the chains binding you and your fellow man?

Must read:
'The Money Trick $10.00 plus postage; 'Economic Democracy by C.H. Douglas $10.00 plus postage; 'Social Credit by C.H. Douglas $10.00 plus postage; 'Releasing Reality by Eric D. Butler $5.00 plus postage and many more to choose from.


by John Steele
The League publications have continued to bring us spot on information about the global financial crisis or so-called 'collapse '. This article is my reflection on how ordinary people who want to survive can deal with whatever happens, come what may.

am not an economist, intellectual, etc., and understand only the general principles of social credit enough to know that we need a new, ecologically and economically sustainable financial and economic system that is connected to reality.
I am a practical man with a 'grunt (army) background and I have taught self-defence, so I have a rough idea what it means to live tough. I also got 'cleaned out by my ex-wife after my divorce (I had no lawyer) and I lived for a time in a tent in the scrub.

I mention this because as I write I have a story before me on the California tent city in Sacramento which now has 1,700 people and is growing. There is no water and no sanitation and some people have to walk a couple of kilometres just to get some water.

'California Dreaming has been replaced by 'California Slumming as one-in-ten workers have been sacked. The homeless shelters are full as 80,000 people per month lose their jobs. (The Advertiser 7/3/09 p.71) The article says that this is a sample of 'what lies ahead for the US and global economies '.
The article also features a picture of Florence Thompson, 32, a good looking woman with an infinitely grim face who, in the Great depression, has just sold her (and three kids ') tent for food. That is grim, but it doesn 't have to get that way.

US economic forecaster Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody 's thinks that things will get 'measurably worse. Kevin Rudd is going to tell Obama at the White House on 25th March that Obama needs to clean up 'toxic sub-prime assets.
Rudd said that these toxic assets are 'the poison in the bloodstream of the global financial system and 'It 's like a virus which, if left untreated, can easily spread.
Rudd tells us that 'This is the core problem in the US and in Europe where toxic assets continue to impede the restoration of private capital flows. Because of the size of the European and US banking systems, it also matters for the rest of the world. (The Weekend Australian 7-8/3/09 p.17)

Kevin Rudd should have been reading On Target 7 March 2009 where a story quoted Jerome R. Corsi of MONEYNET DAILY pointed out that the deficit of the US Federal Government is already US$65.5 trillion, which exceeds the gross domestic product of the entire world! The entire US obligations, when future benefits from Social Security and Medicare are thrown in the debt pot, bankrupt the US government.

Ellen Brown writing an article entitled 'North Dakota 's Banking System a Role Model for All States (at says that 46 of the 50 US States are insolvent and could be filing Chapter 9 bankruptcy proceedings in the next two years.
North Dakota may be the only US State which escapes the fate that International Finance has prepared for the West as it has its own State bank which can create credit! This is a long way form what social crediters want, but it is a shining example of the way we need to go in clawing our way back from the abyss. 'Abyss is the word.

Karl Denninger 'What 's Dead? All of It (at sees a grim future for the US and us: 'Civil unrest will break out before the end of the year. The Military and Guard will be called up to try and stop it. They won 't be able to. Big cities are at risk of becoming a free-fire death zone.
If you live in one, figure it out how you can get out and live somewhere else if you detect signs that yours is starting to go 'feral - witness New Orleans after 'Katrina for how fast, and how bad, it can get.

As has been pointed out by social crediters, 'real wealth has not been destroyed, only paper 'wealth '. There are still physical resources aplenty in this world. The skills are still there. That all of this real wealth can be tied up and made 'impotent by financial black magic shows the fundamental contradiction in our or Their financial system.

We need to become survivalists, to outlast our enemies. To do so, we need to return to concrete reality. Economies are for producing goods and services for people. People are more important than economies which should have only a utilitarian existence.
The present financial fetishism reifies money, making something with a virtual existence more real than physical wealth. Hence the absurdity of debt levels becoming effectively infinite. Hopefully, the manipulating, evil financial elites will overplay their hand and ultimately be swallowed up in the cancer of collapse.

Ordinary people to survive need to let go of materialism/consumerism and become more aware of themselves as biological/spiritual organisms. Thus, in the worst case scenario, living in a tent is fine - make it fine. To hell with the system. Make it a camping adventure. But get away from tent cities. Go bush like I did. Take some Shakespeare or advanced calculus or something that you can study up on. Enjoy the sunshine and live simply. In this way, even on welfare, you can have an A1 life.

No one needs to sleep on the streets if one doesn 't want to. This is an extreme example, but even here the individual is still master of his ship, however poorly it floats. That is the take home message here. The rugged individualist will refuse to be crushed by any so-called economic collapse.


by Peter Ewer Professor Kevin MacDonald of California State University, has written about the Jewish 'evolutionary strategy from a neo-Darwinist, evolutionary psychology position. He has detailed his position in three scholarly books 'A People that Shall Dwell Alone (1994), 'Separation and its Discontents (1998) and 'The Culture of Critique (1998) with a revised edition of 'The Culture of Critique republished in 2002. He has further developed his position in a series of papers in The Occidental Quarterly --(

My interest here is in his address 'Can the Jewish Model Help the West Survive? which is Professor MacDonald 's acceptance speech for the 2004 Jack London Literary Prize. MacDonald 's question is whether, given the remarkable survival qualities of the Jews, is Judaism a model for ethnic activism? Europeans or more to the point- Northern Europeans (the Nordic race) ha e had their ethnic interest 'pathologised by various intellectual elites, while other groups such as Blacks and Asians have not. It is a 'moral defect to stick up for one 's own kind if one is a Nordic.

As he says, 'a primary effect of the culture of critique has been to produce immense guilt among so many Europeans about their own culture, their own history and their own people. Nordics lack the ethnocentrism and 'in-groupness of other ethnic groups and are experiencing a 'rapidly disappearing sense of historical rootedness, combined with a sense of impending dispossession. Nordic elites blindly pursue cosmopolitan ideals, which in the longer term will lead to elimination of their kind. They do so with passion, as we League writers document from week to week.

As Professor MacDonald says: 'The alternative faced by Europeans throughout the Western world is to place themselves in a position of enormous vulnerability in which their destinies will be determined by other peoples, many of whom hold deep historically conditioned hatreds toward them. Europeans promotion of their own displacement is the ultimate foolishness an historical mistake of catastrophic proportions. '

The answer then, in my opinion, is not some sort of mindless hatred of these ethnic minority groups, but rather a quest to learn from them and to become 'struggle groups just as they have been - and have thrived from so doing.
In other words, we Northern Europeans need to think ethnocentrically as well as in terms of our own ethnic interests. This goes against the grain of cosmopolitanism where we have seen ourselves as 'universal that leads us on the road to oblivion. Saving Western civilisation, for us, means saving Northern European people.

I myself think ethnically. The fate of my group is my first concern, responsibility. I don 't hate other groups, I am just more concerned with saving my own.


Donors' complicit in the Gaza massacre: Perhaps not directly, but indirectly it is the willingness of the international community to finance 'reconstruction' of Gaza which allows Israel to continue its killings and massacres with impunity.

In some cases, European taxpayer-funded projects have been rebuilt three times in the past ten years, every time Israel destroys, EU opens its pockets to pay for the destruction. There is a clear division of labour established, Israel bombs, EU/USA rebuilds.

For the Palestinians 'reconstruction' becomes a Sisyphean task. For Israel, 'reconstruction' becomes an indirect subsidy, in case, building materials are bought on the Israeli market. Source:


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
In Canada today you can write things that are provably true and still be dragged before a Human Rights Tribunal. The people who complained, usually rich ethnic minorities, will have their legal costs picked up by the taxpayer, but the truth-writer will have to meet his/her own legal costs.
Up to June 2008 according to Professor James Allen, (The Australian, 6/6/08 p.34) the complainers always won the case.

Truth is not a defence in any hate-speech case. All that you need to do, in the view of the tribunal, is expose someone in a complaining group to contempt or hatred then you 're gone! Thus Mark Steyn, author of the best seller, 'America Alone faced the tribunal because the Canadian Islamic Congress objected to quotes Steyn used from Islamic sources!

Canada has a bill of rights, but it is useless in defending freedom of speech against these excesses of political correctness. It will all be coming to Australia if the United Nations has a say. And more. The International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, article 4, aims to make it a crime to disseminate ideas based on 'racial superiority and to declare illegal organisations and movements which promote such ideas.

Do you feel confident having a gaggle of lawyers interpret the words 'racial superiority '? Just blink and one could be a 'racist '! Unless we organise and fight, Canada is the future.
Organisations and movements (such as this one), which clearly do not advocate 'racial superiority could very likely be banned.

So, if truth is no defence how would one defend Steyn? I think there is a way to twist things so that 'truth can be a defence. Argue that Steyn didn 't expose anyone at all to contempt or hatred.
No, the quotes (which are true) already in the public domain did the exposing. By quoting them, pre-existing propositions, there was no exposure, as exposure had already occurred. The damage was already done, if there was damage. This wouldn 't be so if the quotes were false or made up. So, 'truth cannot really be excluded because it is relevant to the question of causation/exposure.