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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
8 May 2009 Thought for the Week:

Let's not forget that [Clifford Hugh] Douglas identified that the drive for exports is a form of war. Economic war between nations for competing markets!
The automotive industry in the US is engaged in this unnecessary battle just like Japan, et al. Tariff reductions are merely white flags, surrendering to internationally controlled markets.

- - Terence Holmes, Melbourne May 2009  


by James Reed
British Intelligence has expressed its fear that China might be able to cripple British telecommunications, power, water and food supplies (The Australian 30/3/09, p.12). It seems that Huawei, the Chinese telecom, has installed equipment in a communications network which the military will also use. Huawei has links to the Chinese military and its present director, Ren Zhengfei, is a former director of part of the Peoples Liberation Army responsible for telecommunications research.
The idea is that 'malicious elements may already be in the Huawei components but the British government does not want to replace the parts with British parts because this will conflict with 'competition policy '! Networks may in the future be remotely disrupted. Cyber warfare attacks on Britain by Russia and China 's intelligence services already occur. No doubt Britain wants to be destroyed.

China has already decided that the United States is on the scrap heap of history. China and Argentina will use the Chinese yuan instead of dollars in trade. China will bypass the US dollar in deals with South Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia. China is already beginning intense lobbying to have the US dollar dumped as the world 's trading currency, to be replaced by a new standard. They ultimately hope for the yuan to become the currency standard to reflect China 's perception that it is the world 's No.1 economy.

'Debate has already begun in the Australian papers giving us a taste of our likely future. Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull was right to call Big Kev '09 Rudd something of a 'roving ambassador for China. Even for the Labor Party, Rudd takes sinophilia and China worship to a new level. The papers have recently mentioned the Labor Party 's long love affair with China: R.Callick, 'Labor 's China Love-In (The Australian 30/3/09, p.7).
As I see it, since at least the Cultural Revolution, the Left have seen China as the great experiment in communism. China became a substitute for God for as a vastly populated nation, it had the demographic power to annihilate the white world. Leftism, full of racial guilt, seeks resolution through the racial oblivion of the white race. Hence the religious fanaticism by which the policy of Asianisation has been embraced by our White Mice elites.

If the roles were reversed, China would never surrender its racial and national identity merely because it was trading with people of a different race. And yet, for our elites, seeing our 'destiny whatever that means - as being 'in Asia ', they began to demographically and racially change the Australian population through a massive racially biased immigration program which turned the White Australia policy to the Yellow Australia Policy. All for a few yuan more. They may even think that the elites of China 'love them.
The days of Bob Hawke sobbing his heart out about Tianamen Square in 1989, with a long stream of mucous running out of his nose, have gone (see the full glory of this relived on page 7 of The Australian 30/3/09, p.7).
Today we find in print, questions like 'Do you think the Prime Minister [Rudd] is sensitive to this whole message that he is in the pocket of Beijing? (The Australian 1/4/09, p.13).
Chinese Ambassador Zhang Junsai tells us that we should not fear Chinese investment, even if it is controlled by the communist government in Beijing (The Australian 2/4/09, p.2).

According to Zhang Junsai, 'Chinese companies investing in Australia, state owned or private, do not seek to control Australia 's energy or mineral resources. This is just false, by definition. It is a logical consequence of owning these resources that control comes: that 's just the nature of property rights in a capitalist society. It amounts to communist propaganda to deny this.
What Zhang Junsai is proposing is that China, with its history of hegemony and imperialism throughout Asia and with its monstrous human rights abuses, especially its brutalisation of Tibet, is really just a pussy cat, not a tiger. Yet this must be what our Asianist elites in Australia believe. China 's sins, if performed by a 'white nation, would produce an apartheid South African-style protest frenzy. But China can seemingly do what it likes without criticism and indeed with constant admiration. This is not reason, this is pathology.

Civil War II:
In a very interesting article, 'Chaos, Confusion and Civil War (Global Analysis Archive 13/3/09) Jeffrey R. Nyquist puts the case that the US is heading towards collapse due to 'ethnic balkanization, an ideological split in the ruling class, rising indebtedness, economic collapse and declining moral standards.
Nyquist quotes a 29/12/2008 Wall Street Journal article where former KGB officer Igor Panarin, now Dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry 's Diplomatic Academy, predicted that the United States would be under martial law by the end of 2009 and may break up by 2011. This would enable China and Russia to dominate the world. There would be a new Communist new world order. And it could happen very quickly.

Civil war in the United States could see foreign powers moving in to carve up America. Russia would claim Alaska. As Panarin says, 'It would be reasonable for Russia to lay claim to Alaska. It was part of the Russian empire for a long time. China would move in to take the western coast of America and the south would be overwhelmed by massive Mexican immigration and become a part of Mexico.

It is not only the economic and ethno-racial crisis which is pushing the US towards implosion: there could be a constitutional crisis ahead insofar as there is a growing movement contesting whether Barrack Hussein Obama is really the US president at all. According to Nyquist, Obama has fended off dozens of lawsuits challenging his citizenship status as a natural born citizen and he has failed to produce a birth certificate proving this. It has been claimed that Obama 's Kenyan relations claim that he was born in Nairobi and his mother was way too young to transmit US citizenship.

If momentum at the grassroots grows on this issue and Obama starts to fall out with the US financial puppet-masters, the citizenship issue and legitimacy of the president could be the fault line upon which America cracks open.


by James Reed
Recent revelations are that most of the Australian Defence Forces weapons including fighter jets, warships and other military equipment cannot be deployed because upgrades are needed or replacements are still being waited on. Hence the equipment is only good for training purposes (The Australian, 31/3/09, pp.1, 11). T

his insane, traitorous situation has occurred even though the ADF receives $22 billion every year. Apparently the ADF is focusing on 'future defence rather than being concerned with having a fully functional defence for today. Thus, according to one analyst, Australia has 'little or no ability to successfully fire a weapon at a modern submarine. The army 's Blackhawk helicopters can 't be used as they lack special electronic warfare self-protection.

Let 's put it in a nutshell. Since the end of the World War II, Australia has been preoccupied with immigration and not real defence. Labor immigration minister Arthur Calwell pushed the idea of 'populate or perish as a defence against Asia. This was done at a time when humanity had invented nuclear weapons! Calwell promoted the idea that defence was people rather than advanced technology, an idea which should have been publicly crushed at the time.

If Australia was really serious about its defence, it should have acquired nuclear weapons instead of breaking up the ethnic homogeneity of the Anglo-country through beginning the process of large-scale non-Anglo migration. But the ruling class wanted to increase the population, not for defence, but to make sharks in the housing industry rich by having people spend a lifetime of wages just to get a house. And that idea of Calwell 's soon morphed into multiculturalism and later Asianisation. Thus the alleged reason for Calwell 's 'populate or perish has now been lost. We are being Asianised now and according to our elites are a part (what part?) of Asia, or more accurately, China.

Join up the dots
The concluding picture is one of our complete annihilation as a people in the not too distant future. I respectfully suggest that these questions and how we can oppose this fate, should be our principal question over economic issues which dominate our concerns. Economies come and go and in time can be rebuilt. But once a people ceases to be, it is forever.


by James Reed
Racial Self Defence Mechanisms: In this age of Obamaism, of political correctness and anti-white racism hiding under a veneer of sugary cosmopolitan moral sentiments, I believe that it is important to defend 'prejudice ', 'bigotry and 'racism '. The reason is simple: what counts today as 'prejudice ', 'bigotry and 'racism is an absurdly politically directed expansion of those terms. Express any opposition to immigration, multiculturalism and any of the warm fuzzy ideologies of globalism and you are beyond the pale. Yes, just as people fear spiders suffer from arachnophobia, those who oppose African refugees are said to suffer from 'xenophobia and perhaps those who do not see President Obama as clean and fresh, suffer from Obamaphobia.

Nick Haslam, Professor of Psychology at the University of Melbourne ( 'Bigots are Just Sick at Heart, The Australian, 17/12/08, p.35) argues that psychiatry does not recognise the politically correct 'phobias for five good reasons. Phobias and prejudices afflict people who have personalities which are anxious and fear-prone and is more common among women than men. Anti-gay and anti-immigrant attitudes are more common in men than women and is common in personalities which are 'cold and conventional (conservative). Prejudices are closely linked to 'social locations ', true phobias are not. Prejudice and bigotry are not coloured by fear but by emotions of 'anger, contempt or disgust '. 'Racism is coloured by 'complex moral emotions ', where the migrant, gay, etc. is seen as a threat to accepted values. According to Haslam: 'Prejudice is associated with a belief in traditional authority, an ideological preference for social hierarchy, a commitment to blood and soil nationalism and a conviction that the disliked group is different in its essential nature or world view. In short, prejudice is wrapped up in a socialised thinking as much as in raw feeling. '

Theodore Dalrymple in his 'In Praise of Prejudice: The Necessity of Preconceived Ideas (Encounter Books, New York, 2007) gives a spirited philosophical defence of prejudice, defined as the title says, that preconceived ideas are necessary if we are to have any knowledge of science at all. The person without prejudices, one terrified to be thought to be a bigot, must subject all of his/her beliefs to searching sceptical doubt as did the French philosopher Descartes who sought a certain position to found knowledge: 'Every proper man then is a Descartes on every subject and every question that comes before him. In other words, he seeks that dubitable Cartesian point from which and from which only, it is possible to erect a reasonable opinion that is to say an opinion that is truly his own and owes nothing to unexamined pre-suppositions [i.e. prejudices].

The answer to every question therefore has to be founded on first principles that are beyond doubt or else it is shot through with prejudice. The price then of cosmopolitan purity is scepticism knowing nothing at all. 'Racism understood not as blind hatred but in the old sense of the recognition of 'racial antagonisms was once part of received wisdom and informed the White Australia policy.
The late, great Australian philosopher David Stove in his essay 'Racial and Other Antagonisms ( 'Cricket Versus Republicanism Quakers Hill Press, Sydney, 1995), argued that racial antagonisms are generally based on true and rational beliefs about the other race (p.95). Everyone, he says, knows that 'racism is true (p.102).
Stove went on to reflect on the remarks a Sydney radio journalist who wanted (and probably still does) open borders. There is no reason for stopping (Third World) people coming to Australia.

Stove says. 'Well, doesn 't the same argument apply to her house? ' He concludes: 'Such remarks 'on the subject of immigration are historical phenomena which are so bizarre that they suggest a nation afflicted with suicidal mania, death-by-immigration being the method adopted. It is clearly the most atrocious 'racism on our part to admit only a measly hundred thousand migrants a year and to murmur against a single Japanese city being built here [i.e. the Multifunction Polis]. Why don 't we have a hundred thousand migrants every month and a Japanese City every seventy miles? (p.104).

Even that would not satisfy the great liberal death wish. 'Prejudice ', 'bigotry and 'racism are racial self-defence mechanisms, healthy and of survival value. These attitudes are necessary for saving Western civilisation and we will have more to say on this in coming essays.


by James Reed
The so-called debate about the 'China Risk continues. Senior intelligence chiefs have said that China 's military expansion is not a threat to Australia. Other defence strategists believe that it is. There is thus a major rift inside the Australian 'intelligence community, if it can be called that. Both groups believe that China 's military build up is not linked to any hegemonic expansionist vision but merely the desire to have military power commensurate with economic power.

Now let us cut to the chase. The US military power, commensurate with its economic power, used military force to secure economic interests, the Iraq wars being clear examples. How could China be any different? In supposing that, contrary to China 's history, that China is unique. But China is not unique. It will be true to past form and will be an absolute tyrannical farce.

The intelligence agencies both play down the risks of a US/China war as China challenges the US in the Western Pacific. The idea of viewing China as a strategic threat is contrary to the received view of China as a major trading partner. Somehow it doesn 't occur to our blind elite that just as Japan bought our steel from 'Pig Iron Bob Menzies in the 1930s, China now readily swallows up our resources turning steel into many things including weapons of war. A major trading partner today may become an invader tomorrow.

But isn 't that ultimately what the policy of the Asianisation of Australia is setting out to achieve anyway? To ethnically and demographically change Australia so that ultimately Australia is racially an Asian majority? Primarily Chinese? On this view, should we really be worrying about defending Australia? Isn 't Australia now just China in this view? What is there to defend?


by James Reed
Big Kev '09 Rudd made headlines when by his rudeness he reduced a twenty-three-year-old RAAF flight attendant to tears. Kev wanted to munch on a veggie meal but must have gotten meat and that made Kev angry. Very angry. So now the truth is coming out, known by those who work in Parliament, that Kev is a rude man. But that is really not all that important being a quirk of personality. Rudd represents policies which are speeding up the destruction of Australia.

Even The Australian has expressed alarm at the increase in asylum seekers: 'Rising Tide of Boat People (The Australian, 16/4/09, p.1). Indonesia says that it is powerless to help as it pushes another boat our way, rather than turning them back. The Rudd government has undone the very little that Howard did to give a cosmetic solution to this problem. Now the boat people will come like never before. Human rights and refugee lawyers must be very happy.

But in fact asylum seekers are only a minor issue as far as demographics go. The racial profile of the Australian population is changed much quicker by the daily intake of legal migrants, the majority from Asia, than from the numbers of asylum seekers.

It would probably be a good thing in the long run for millions of asylum seekers to arrive but they should sail on down the east coast, landing in Sydney and migrating to the North Shore. Or perhaps they could get really bold and travel to Canberra and colonise that place, if the poor things can put up with Kev 's rudeness.


After serving time in Germany and being held in custody in Britain, Dr. Fredrick Toben doesn't fear going to jail in Australia because of his views on aspects of World War II history.
The 65-year-old offered the Federal Court an apology after refusing to comply with previous orders to stop publishing revisionist material on his Adelaide Institute website.
Justice Bruce Lander questioned what weight he could give to Dr Toben's apology, considering he had given one before and withdrawn it. The judge adjourned the question of penalty to a date to be fixed.

Outside the court Dr Toben told reporters he would not be concerned if the judge sent him to jail. "I was prepared to be there today," he said. "I have no fear of prison. The longer you are in jail the more innocent you become." But whether or not he would shut down his Adelaide Institute website was subject to legal advice, he said.

The allegations of contempt were brought against Dr Toben by the former president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Jeremy Jones, who first lodged a complaint with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission in 1996 and later applied to the Federal Court to uphold its ruling, which it did in 2002.
But in hearings last year, counsel for Mr Jones, Robin Margo SC, told the court Dr Toben had defied its orders for six years.


"On this issue ( 'Dr. Fredrick Toben found 'guilty ' O.T. Vol45 No16), I wonder if it would be a safer line for people sympathetic to Dr. Toben's views to argue, whenever challenged, that "since this seems to be an on going controversy perhaps there should be some sort of independent international investigation into why these deniers say what they say." I doubt that it would ever happen, at least not in today's environment, but it might be a safer response than saying "I question aspects of the holocaust". In the meantime you'd all better not have a holiday on the European Continent.

--- Bill Daly Auckland, New Zealand


The following report comes from David Flint 's Opinion Column, Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.
'Thomas Flynn and I were appearing before the Senate Finance and Public Administration Committee in its inquiry into Senator Brown 's Bill.

People's Republics: Australia, Canada
I told Senator Bob Brown that the word 'republic is an Alice in Wonderland word. 'When I use a word, Humpty Dumpty said to Alice, in a rather scornful tone, it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less.
Speaking against his Plebiscite for an Australian Republic Bill, I said the choice was between some form of Politicians Republic or what we already have, a Crowned Republic.
Senator Brown said 'What about a People's Republic? I said that we had seen them in Eastern Europe and they exist in communist states.

I told Senator Brown that if you go out among people, away from the inner city elites, there is absolutely no interest whatsoever in a republic. Senator Brown said that wherever he goes he finds great interest in a republic. I observed 'Senator Brown, I am beginning to fear that you and I move in different circles.

Canada 's a republic, claim politicians...
Earlier Senator Doug Cameron said something which reminded me of an observation by Senator Stott-Despoja when she was launching a book on republicanism for the NSW Law Society before the great and good in the NSW Public Library during the referendum. She said 'I can 't understand why Australia can 't become a republic. After all Canada is. You could have heard a pin drop.
Similarly Senator Cameron announced yesterday, to laughter from the gallery, that Canada is a republic.

Monarchy a bargain...
Later Senator Cameron said many people in Britain object to the 40 million pounds the taxpayer pays The Queen. I said the UK taxpayers paid nothing the money comes from The Queen 's own property, the Crown Estate which has been passed on to the government. (In fact the government makes a profit on that).
I said the money does not go to The Queen she is not paid a salary. It 's to maintain the costs of the national heirlooms, the palaces, the offices, etc.
Senator Cameron wanted to continue in his charming Scottish accent, but the Chair ruled him out of order on the grounds of relevance.

The committee incidentally was chaired by Senator Helen Polley, a Labor Senator for Tasmania, who was unobtrusively firm and polite. She did what is rare in these hearings; she kept to the timetable. She is in the tradition of that great British Speaker, Betty Boothby.

Senator Cory Barnardi was impressive. He has the great distinction of being sacked from the shadow ministry by Malcolm Turnbull. His questions were perceptive and it was clear he is very well informed.
Senator Scott Ryan, although a republican, clearly does not think a plebiscite is a good idea. He also is well informed and interested in the issue. I felt that he would only agree to a republic if it were at least as good as the present system.
But as a member of the public said to me later, a republic must be shown to be better before we could risk the change. I have not yet seen the transcript, but I am told Professor George Williams said Australia is not independent, which if he did, is extraordinary. I am told another republican agreed he wanted a republic 'at any cost '.

We were followed by two serious ladies from an organisation I had never heard of - Women for an Australian Republic. Earlier the hearing listened to the Republican Party, who under the old system would have lost their deposit every time they put up a candidate in an election.

Demonstrating with excellent forensic skill, Senator Bernadi established the fact that the ladies from Women for an Australian Republic represented themselves and few others.
They did not think a republic was neither about the Constitution nor about a model but the way we feel. A republic would distinguish us from America. It was all about national identity, self esteem and women 's liberation. It was terrifying to hear that one lady lectures school children on these matters. (emphasis added...ed)


The Adelaide Advertiser reported (25/3/09) the 1689 Bill of Rights as being invoked by lawyers trying to strike out charges against Tasmania 's suspended police chief, Jack Johnson, who is charged with disclosing official secrets to former premier Paul Lennon and Police Minister Jim Cox last year.

Mr. Johnson 's lawyer told a Hobart court the 1689 Bill of Rights underpinned parliamentary privilege for Mr. Johnson 's ministerial briefings. This is quite interesting as Adelaide academic and political commentator Dean Jaensch insists that the 1689 Bill of Rights has no relevance in Australia anymore.


The Adelaide Advertiser 27/3/09 also reported on the fact that 'China is secretly helping to bankroll Kevin Rudd 's economic rescue plan as concerns grow over the relationship between the Communist government and the Labor government. Investigations by News Limited which owns The Advertiser - confirm 'China is a significant investor in Australian governments bonds used by Canberra to fund billions of dollars in emergency spending '


It is encouraging to see Americans are not taking the present 'financial piracy crisis quietly. A call has gone out for American folk to jam Congress 's Switchboard calling for: Audit the Fed! Melt the Switchboard Day!!! Congressman Ron Paul's bill to Audit the Federal Reserve Bank, HR 1207 is gaining momentum.

But they will need to do more than just 'audit the Fed'. They need to take control for the policies of their own money system out of the hands of the Fed.

In the meantime:
Campaign For Liberty reports that there are now 92 co-sponsors for this bill!!! Woooohwooooo!!! 'A Flood of phone calls shuts down Congressional Switchboard '. YES WE CAN! The Congressional Switchboard number is: 1-877-851-6437

They write:
Let's focus particularly on the members of the House Financial Services Committee. ( ) Let's also call to PRAISE and APPLAUD those Representatives who have Co-Sponsored the HR 12 07.
See Co-Sponsors here: https://www.govtrack.u...> )

Let's let the House know that we have HAD IT with the UN-Federal Reserve and we will NOT BACK DOWN!!!