Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

23 January 2009 Thought for the Week:

Feminist Theology: the twisting of a universal Faith into a sexual-political context, uses its most deadly weapons in the inversion of language – a field on which the South African Institute of Contextual Theology (I.C.T.) places great importance in the waging of the ideological struggle…

In feminist revolutionary practice a ‘grievance’ is manufactured by constant misuse of the word ‘man’ in all its inclusive meaning as if it were ‘exclusive’ of women… Though this ‘theft of man’ from the English language and religion is probably the deepest wound inflicted by the new feminists, the extent to which their word-distortions are damaging both social and marital life through their massive use by ‘the media’ is already achieving more in the destabilization of our civilisation than any other revolutionary assault.

Since male sexual vice as directed against women has much to answer for (though it is not all one-way), these earlier feminists who campaigned against the evils of drunken violence, of infidelity, of prostitution, pornography, ‘white slavery’ and commercial sex-advertising, deserved our gratitude; but they are now derided by the new feminists as ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘self defeating,’ since they attacked the crimes and sometimes the sins of the male, not maleness itself – the bad husband and father, not marriage and fatherhood themselves – as do their successors…

The appalling thing is that love between men and women is excluded by this new language, and is replaced by a bitter, sardonic, acidulated hate…”

- - Geoffrey Dobbs in “From Race to Sex War” Home Quarterly, August 1995.  


by Chris Knight
Feminism has been a major social influence in Western societies over the past 40 years. It is one of a number of racially/gender destructive 'isms (multiracialism, multiculturalism, etc) born in the 'Great Cultural revolution of the 1960s, although its historical seeds go back much further. Feminism from the beginning, although marketed as merely a movement for achieving female equality and righting alleged historical wrongs, has been much more a fringe movement of radical minorities. 0

Its raison d ' 'tre has been to subvert the established order in the relationship between men and women that had existed from time immemorial and to replace these relationships with a bold new social experiment to turn the old world upon its head.
It did feminism has succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of its New World Order creators. Feminism has been a 'virus of the mind, slowly invading the DNA of the established order, thwarting the natural defences of the body-social and eventually taking over the molecular machinery of society. Whereas the communists primarily attempted a revolution from within, extending the social battlefield into the marital bed and beyond. In opposing feminism it is important to 'deconstruct it, from a conservative perspective.
Feminism is not primarily a liberation movement, concerned with the common good, but rather is a movement that furthers the 'will to power of an elite group. Feminism as a mind-virus replicated its value system in the mind of 'modern woman ', the female wing of the new class elites. Nicholas Davidson in 'The Failure of Feminism is right to say that feminists hate a sex males - associating them with 'all that is bad and threatening. (p.48)

The life and work of feminist Germaine Greer well illustrates the folly of feminism. A contempt for 'male logic is her badge of honour. Christine Wallace in her book 'Greer: Untamed Shrew (1997) points out that in Greer 's early work she supported sexual promiscuity and lived that life style. Later in life, by the time of her book 'Sex and Destiny she changed her feminism from libertarianism to multiculturalism, without granting that her previous position was incorrect.
Wallace says: 'She wanted the luxury of believing herself right, both then and now, and expected everyone else to believe it too. (p.276) Greer 's early philosophy of libertarianism, a philosophy of promiscuous pluralism, with its opposition to authority, was absorbed from the movement known as the 'Sydney Push '. This circle of 'thinkers was influenced by the Scottish born and educated philosopher, John Anderson (1893-1962).
With hindsight we can see the folly of university expansion in the arts and humanities from the 1960s. Common to all feminist works is the thesis that men hate women (e.g. men rape women, etc). Feminist academics cherry pick misogynist remarks from 'thinkers such as Freud which they fallaciously apply to all men. But misogyny, like feminism, ultimately fails the test of reality, for these doctrines cannot exhaust the richness of human experience. Contrary to feminism, most men do not hate women and contrary to Freud, women are not lacking in physical beauty.
Feminism promotes by means of these absurd generalisations a culture of victimization, as Charles Sykes demonstrates in his book 'A Nation of Victims (1992). If every problem is a product of the social system then individuals lose responsibility for their actions. To take an example, consider obesity. Fatness is a far greater problem for men than women, and it is usually thought to be a product of an urbanised sedentary lifestyle with other social and biological factors having an influence. (Some good books on obesity: J. Dixon and D. Broom, 'The Seven Deadly Sins of Obesity: How the Modern World is Making Us Fat (UNSW Press); J. Fagone, 'Horsemen of the Oesophagus: Competitive Eating and the Big Fat American Dream (Three Rivers Press).

But for feminist Susie Orbach in her 'Fat is a Feminist Issue (1979) fatness in women is a response to sexual inequality. As well, thinness is also a feminist issue, as Naomi Wolf contends in 'The Beauty Myth (1991). Talk about having two bob each way! Feminism is based upon a simplistic male conspiracy theory of history. But the facts are that most men have been powerless and oppressed for much of human history, so women 's oppression, if it exists, could not have been caused by men as a group.
Feminism is a form of 'moral panic like crackpot theories such as UFO alien abductions. Feminism exceeds the UFO cult in its craziness because even the most insane UFOist doesn 't get abducted all the time. But feminism has it that all men consciously plot all the time against all women. What we have here is a cult of institutionalised madness. In summary the amount of female oppression found in a feminist text is directionally proportional to the fatness of the royalty cheque and inversely proportional to the truth content of the discourse!

What then can be done, to finish on a positive note?
I believe that feminism, multiculturalism, multiracialism and all the other horrible 'isms are symptoms of the great spiritual sickness of our age. We have, as it is said in Hosea 8:7: 'sown the wind and reaped 'the whirlwind '. And 'it hath no stalk: the bud shall yield no meal; if so be it yield, the strangers swallow it up. The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) in his book 'The World as Will and Representation describes how a white squirrel is frozen by the gaze of a serpent, mesmerized until the serpent pounces and destroys the hapless animal.
To use an Australian metaphor, most of us have become corpulent yet tepid, pallid bunnies mesmerized by the spotlight of evil.

It is of course THE problem of the social actionists about how to get people out of this state of apathy and/or mesmerism. Perhaps it is only possible to reach a remnant, a solid core of people who have not lost the ability to detect evil when it is presented to them; people whose moral and spiritual senses are still sharp. It is with such a remnant, that through the grace of God, we must work.
What is important for the Christian is not any sort of secular triumph over evil in this world by our own strength, but righteous resistance. We come against modernism, atheism, immigrationism, anti-white racism, multiculturalism, feminism and the like because these doctrines are evil and must be opposed. We have to do what we have to do. All that you hold dear is now at stake, good people of the West. Stand up and fight!


by Betty Luks
Many years ago I read of the persecutions of the early Christians in Rome. I would try to imagine the sufferings and deaths those Christians went through. It was too horrendous. The citizens of Rome would gather in the great Coliseum for an afternoon 's entertainment of watching wild animals tear the Christians apart or view them being burnt to death. Great entertainment indeed.
Of course the modern citizen considers himself much more civilised than that. Not for him such brutality, such barbarianism. Are we sure? After reading the following report from Vittorio Arrigoni, ( maybe it is time to ask ourselves are we really any better than those brutalised spectators of two thousand years ago?

These days, we don 't have to go to the Coliseum for our 'entertainment ', it is now beamed into our lounge rooms via modern technology onto our television screens. And that is one of the tragedies of this age. Wars are 'sanitised for us and we are 'partitioned off from the suffering around us.
The plight of the people in war-torn regions and the Palestinian people in Gaza in particular, appear as simply 'images that flash on to our television screens. And all too often, the horror that is inflicted upon the people is done in our 'name ', by our 'leaders '.

Would that the word 'images below move you to protest to leaders such as PM Kevin Rudd, or that 'Judaeo-Christian leader George Bush and his counterpart in the UK, , son of a Scottish preacher, PM Gordon Brown.


by Vittorio Arrigoni Gaza, 9/1/2009:
'Take some kittens, some tender little moggies in a box", said Jamal, a surgeon at the Al Shifa, Gaza's main hospital, while a nurse actually placed a couple of blood-stained cardboard boxes in front of us. "Seal up the box, then jump on it with all your weight and might, until you feel their little bones crunching, and you hear the last muffled little mew."
I stared at the boxes in astonishment, and the doctor continued: "Try to imagine what would happen after such images were circulated. The righteous outrage of public opinion, the complaints of the animal rights organisations '" The doctors went on in this vein, and I was unable to take my eyes off those boxes, sitting at our feet.

"Israel trapped hundreds of civilians inside a school as if in a box, including many children, and then crushed them with all the might of its bombs. What were the world's reactions? Almost nothing. We would have been better off as animals rather than Palestinians, we would have been more protected."
At this point the doctor leans towards one of the boxes, and takes its lid off in front of me. Inside it are the amputated limbs, legs and arms, some from the knee down, others with the entire femur attached, amputated from the injured at the Al Fakhura United Nations school in Jabalia, which resulted in more than fifty casualties. Pretending to be taking an urgent call, I took my leave of Jamal, actually rushing to the bathroom to bend over and throw up.

A little earlier I'd been involved in a conversation with Dr. Abdel, an ophthalmologist, regarding the rumours that the Israeli Army had been showering us with non-conventional weapons, forbidden by the Geneva Convention, such as cluster bombs and white phosphorous. The very same that the Tsahal Army used in the last Lebanese war, as well as the US air force in Falluja, still violating international norms.
In front of Al Auda hospital we witnessed and filmed white phosphorous bombs being used about five hundred metres from where we were, too far to be absolutely certain there were any civilians underneath the Israeli Apaches, but so terribly close to us all the same. The Geneva Treaty of 1980 forbids white phosphorous being used directly as a war weapon in civilian areas, allowing it only as a smoke screen or for lighting.

There's no doubt that using this weapon in Gaza, a strip of land concentrating the highest population rate in the world, is a crime all on its own. Doctor Abdel told me that at Al Shifa hospital they don't have the medical and military competence to say for sure whether the wounds they examined on certain corpses were indeed provoked by white phosphorous bullets.
But on his word, in twenty years on the job he had never seen casualties like those now being carried into the ward. He told me about the traumas to the skull, with the fractures to the vomer bone, the jaw, the cheekbones, tear duct, nasal and palatine bones showed signs of the collision of an immense force against the victim's face. What he finds inexplicable is the total lack of eyeballs, which ought to leave a trace somewhere within the skull even in case of such a violent impact. Instead, we see Palestinian corpses coming into the hospitals without eyes at all, as if someone had removed them surgically before handing them over to the coroner.

Israel has let us know that we've been granted a daily 3-hour truce, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. These statements from the Israeli military summit are considered by the people of Gaza as having the same reliability as the Hamas leaders' declarations that they've just provoked a massacre of enemy soldiers. Just to be clear on this point, the soldiers of Tel Aviv's worse enemy are the very same who fight under the Star of David.
Yesterday a war ship off the coast of Gaza's port picked out a large group of alleged guerrilla fighters from the Palestinian Resistance, moving as a united front around Jabalia. They shot their cannons at them. But as it turned out, they were their own fellow soldiers, with the shooting resulting in three being killed and about twenty injured.

No one here believes in the truces that Israel declares, and as it happens, today at 2:00PM Rafah was under attack by the Israeli helicopters. There was also yet another massacre of children in Jabalia: three little sisters aged 2, 4 and 6 from the Abed Rabbu family were slaughtered. Just half an hour earlier in Jabalia, once again the Red Crescent hospital's ambulances were under attack.

Eva and Alberto, my ISM colleagues were on board that ambulance and managed to film everything, passing those videos and photos on to all the major media. Hassan was kneecapped, fresh from mourning the death of his friend Araf, a paramedic who was killed two days ago as he came in aid of the injured in Gaza City. They had stopped to pick up the body of a man languishing in agony in the middle of the road, when they were under fire by about ten shots from an Israeli sniper. One bullet hit Hassan in the knee and the ambulance was filled with holes. We're now at a death toll of 688, in addition to 3,070 injured, 158 dead children and countless missing. Only yesterday, we counted 83 dead, 80 of which were civilians. Thankfully, the death toll on the Israeli side is still only at 4.

Travelling towards Al Quds hospital, where I'll be working all night on the ambulances, as I raced along on board one of the very few fearless taxis left, zig-zagging to avoid the bombs, on the corner of one street I saw a group of dirty street urchins with tattered clothes, looking exactly like the "sciusci '" kids of the Italian after-war period. They threw stones towards the sky with slingshots, at a far away and unapproachable enemy who was toying with their lives.
This is a crazy metaphor, which could serve as a snapshot of the absurdity of this time and place. Stay human, Vittorio Arrigoni.

Wallace Klinck has just read and signed the petition and asks us to do the same: Suspend EU-Israel Association Agreement.
You can view this petition at: signed the petition "Suspend EU-Israel Association Agreement".
He wrote: I 'm asking you to sign this petition to help us reach our goal of 25,000 signatures. I care deeply about this cause, and I hope you will support our efforts.


Mr. Philip Benwell, National Chairman of the Australian Monarchist League has reminded us, there are but three weeks to go for the closing date of submissions. He tells us that only some 20 submissions have so far been received by the Senate Committee. (This would seem to indicate to me it is not matter of great interest to the Australian people 'ed.)

For those who want to make a submission, details of the Plebiscite Bill and Enquiry may be accessed via the link: <;query=Id:%22legislation/billhome/s701%22>
or if this does not work, via and search for "Plebiscite for an Australian Republic Act 2008"

Written submissions addressing any issues in relation to the bill should be lodged with the Committee Secretariat by 6 February 2009. The Committee prefers to receive submissions electronically as an attached document by email to or by hard copy to: The Standing Committee on Finance And Public Administration, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600. Telephone: + 61 2 6277 3530: Facsimile: + 61 2 6277 5809 : Email:


by Betty Luks
Emails encouraging people to watch a 'youtube video of an American Congressman 's statement on Monetary Reform have been widely circulated. It was claimed: [This,] 'one of the clearest statements on how to do this ever delivered on the House Floor was made Friday by Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

Canadian social crediter Wally Klinck commented: 'I listened to Kucinich and from what I could discern his primary pitch was for the creation of "Jobs, jobs, jobs!" Not Social Credit.
Social Credit Secretariat member, Victor Bridger also commented: 'Whilst there is a growing awareness for the need to rectify the banking system there still remains the demand for wrong objectives, like providing employment ' and then later:
' on the one hand we have people being made aware of the problem of the banking system's control on the creation of credit (money) and on the other, people being misled as to the correct policy required to bring about changes and the philosophical reasons behind them.

Democracy is not 'majority rule (Might is Right) but it is the self-determination of the individual within the framework of the Moral of the social body.

And that is the nub. Social Credit will not be understood without a good grasp of the philosophical foundation. Social Credit itself is not a philosophy - it is a policy. In his early Social Dynamics Training Course, Eric D. Butler cautioned eager students not to race ahead, but get a firm grasp of the foundational principles upon which the proposals being presented were based. To reinforce the point he quoted C.H. Douglas:
'As I conceive it, Social Credit covers and comprehends a great deal more than the money problem Social Credit involves a conception, I feel a true conception of the relationships between individuals and their association in countries and nations, between individuals and their association in groups '

Faith, the Proof of the Unseen: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen Hebrews 11:1.
What did Douglas and Butler conceive that many find so hard to grasp? First, Social Credit proposals stem from the Christian philosophy. Is that important? Yes. Why? Christianity teaches it is at the individual, personal level, that God deals with each and every one of us. We are each, individually, morally responsible and accountable for our own actions, our own behaviour towards our families and neighbours (and neighbouring nations).

'Upon that turns the life of every man, observed the 19th century clergyman and author George MacDonald. In 'Faith: the Proof of the Unseen he wrote:
'We have been talking about faith ever since the Lord came. It is not exhausted yet; and God forbid that I should know what faith is, although I know a little what it is. I think the meaning of the phrase is this:
Faith is the foundation, the root, the underlying substance of hope. If you have any hope, it comes from some faith in you. Hope, you may say, is a bud upon the plant of faith, a bud from the root of faith; the flower is joy and peace.
Now the evidence of things not seen it is the trial or the proving of things not seen upon that turns the life of every man, especially, perhaps, in the present day.
This thing of faith means the whole recognized fellowship of man to God and his fellows; it is the right position of the human soul which is made to understand the truth - the right position of that soul towards the truth; that is faith, partly taking it in its simplest, original development, it is the highest effort of the whole human intellect, imagination, will, in the highest direction.

Let 's ask ourselves: what do people want from the 'society in which we all live? Don 't people want the same things you and I want for ourselves, for our children, for our families?
The means to live as we choose? Peace, with security from want and war? What about the love and warmth of husband and wife, mother and father?
What about nourishment within and for our families?
What about the need for the freedom (to think, to speak, to associate, to choose or refuse one thing at a time) to encounter reality - and the extension of each and every individual in the process in all the directions it allows? Surely that is what 'society is for?
What is an economic system for? Surely production and goods and services are to give people a choice as to the ends they individually choose.
This is the vision towards which the Social Credit policies aim. That is faith: it is the doing and being of life.


The headlines read: Cameron: "New babies born with '17,000 debt" by Joe Churcher, Press Association, 12/1/09.
The article continued:
Rapidly-rising Government debt means every baby born in Britain starts life owing '17,000, Tory leader David Cameron said today as he launched a new publicity campaign. His claim came as the Opposition unveiled a hard-hitting new poster designed to highlight what it calls Labour's "debt crisis".
The poster, which will be shown at 260 billboard sites across the country, features a photograph of a baby and the slogan: "Dad's nose, mum's eyes, Gordon Brown's debt - Labour debt crisis: Every child in Britain is born owing '17,000. They deserve better."

Mr Cameron said that with national debt set to top '1 trillion in several years' time, the interest payment alone amounted to more than was spent on educating the nation's children. He said of the campaign: "I think it is an extremely powerful, important and responsible message that we are quite right to get across... Labour are getting it wrong. It's easy for politicians to talk about tax rates and borrowing as if there was no tomorrow, but there is a tomorrow and it is going to be paid for by our children. And every child born today is entering the world with '17,000 of Labour debt hanging over them."

The British public must pin Mr. Cameron down and ask him what is his party 's answer to this ever-escalating national debt crisis? What are the differences in the policies of the Tory party that will change the nation from a debt-burdened nation to one that is free?

More of the same we have had for the last three hundred years?
If the collapse of the derivatives Ponzi scheme has done nothing else, it has exposed the fact that the governments of the world are not sovereign governments at all and are merely an arm of a private world-wide financial/banking system - and do its bidding.