Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

26 June 2009 Thought for the Week:

There is a saying among the south sea islanders: Know the roots and you will know the tree. Know the tree and behold! It will answer to your cultivation.

History is the endless record of experiments; a series that cannot be broken and of which there is never complete specification nor adequate separation from a multiplicity of similar operations. The movement of events cannot be arrested for examination and analysis, history shows and must show approximation upon approximation.

Within itself each event appears to be complete and completed, it cannot be undone; but, as a part of a series which is one whole, what is so indeterminate as an isolated event? It seems conclusive, yet it is always moving on to fresh conclusions.

It is in this difficult complexity that policy is crystallised and becomes history in which men of understanding as well as of action have erected signposts for the use of their successors.

To illuminate one of these is to select that particular incident or aspect as being of a significance exceeding that of a thousand other happenings which might have been chosen. He who writes history, chooses history.

- - Taken from “The Cultivation of History” by Hewlett Edwards.  


1. Commons debate = Oral Answers to Questions - Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Lisbon Treaty (19 May 2009)

Mark Francois:
The Minister needs to have a word with the Prime Minister, because he has referred in public to the *Lisbon treaty* as the European constitution, so if he can admit it, why can she not do so? We know that the whole House needs to reconnect with the British people. Would an important way of encouraging that process be for the Government now finally to grant a referendum on the European...?  


by Ian Dunt, Legal and Constitutional Comment. Monday, 15 June 2009.

Over the years the monarchy has protected us against executive power by its very existence. On the anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, we would do well to remember what the document says about Britain, and its ideals. Our greatest gift [to the world] is the Magna Carta, the first attempt of the modern world to limit executive power.
Today is the anniversary of the day King John put the royal seal on the Magna Carta at Runnymede, near Windsor, in 1215. Fittingly, civil liberties group Liberty released a ComRes poll affirming huge public support for basic British rights and freedoms this morning.

The Magna Carta's content helps define what British society is. But its story is also typically British, in that it was a total mess. The nobles and barons who forced it on the king were not motivated by society, but by power and their own well-being. It is a document which was barely followed for the centuries that followed its creation. And sections of it were endlessly added to and done away with once it was signed. It's not a simple story – it's a muddle But Britain isn't a very idealistic place, and most of its great achievements are conceived through muddle, accident, smarts, and moderation

Take, for instance, the monarchy. It's a paradox, but over the years, the monarchy has protected us against executive power by its very existence. I was in the States at the start of the year and socialising with some right-wing friends when I asked them about their new president, expecting a flood of anger and resentment. There was none of that. He wasn't just their president; he was their commander in chief and, importantly, their head of state. Instead, they said they were disappointed by the result but that it was their job now to get behind him.

Sounds nice, doesn't it? It isn't. It's dangerous:
By making a political figure the head of state, the American system mixes up patriotism and politics. This allowed George Bush and his entourage to paint anti-war activists as anti-Americans. We don't have this problem. We direct our patriotic sentiment towards the Queen, allowing us to take a pretty hostile attitude towards the prime minister while keeping love of country far, far away from politics.

The Expenses Scandal:
There's a sense that Britain is on the verge of something important, even dangerous, right now. The expenses scandal has destroyed parliament's legitimacy in a way few of us could have fully predicted. The recession still bites, and its political repercussions are unpredictable. The government is almost universally despised and the opposition is uninspiring.
Things feel dark in Britain. Politicians – and some commentators – are worried about our faith in government. That's fair enough when *fascists like the BNP can win elections, but we would do well to remember how healthy the British suspicion of government is.
Look overseas. America turns its president into a monarch. The Continent has an insufficiently critical attitude towards government, which it often confuses with welfare provision. America loves government from the right – because it conflates it with patriotism. Europe loves it from the left – because it conflates it with welfare. Both are wrong.

It is perfectly possible to love your country and not the government, as Britons prove every day. And the government does not provide free health and education; we do. We pay taxes and give it to our fellow man, through the medium of the state. It's not 'government money' as people often say. It's our money.

The government is not something to be loved or admired:
It is the most dangerous thing in the history of mankind. It is - at best – to be accepted, and even then only grudgingly and with great vigilance. Governments – and the state – expand their power by definition. They aim to control the lives of those who live under them. It's in their genes. We see it now, with ID cards, CCTV and the surveillance of our electronic communications. I could go on; the list is endless.

The tragedy is that this is happening in Britain, the country which gave the modern world the concept of limiting executive power. When we fail on these issues, the world fails too, because we give it less to live up to. Today of all days, we should remember why the Magna Carta came to be, and what it says about us as a people. It’s quite evident our politicians forgot those lessons a long time ago.

Source:$1303818.htm ---

*Editor’s comment: I never cease to be amazed that writers such as Mr. Dunt, although patriotic etc., cannot see that Magna Carta was not the result of just ‘any’ people.
It was the result of a particular people, a race of people, the British people. Isn’t the BNP fighting to preserve that race of people? And coming against a quite virulent racist attitude for doing so.

Further reading: "Freedom Wears a Crown" by John Farthing. “Realistic Constitutionalism" by C.H. Douglas. “The Big Idea” by C.H. Douglas.


by James Reed
Kev Rudd is up to his circus tricks again! Faced with questions from journalists along the lines of “what will be the budget deficit next year?” the best that can be prised from the man’s mouth is “57”.
Yes “57” but not $57.6 billion or 4.9% of GDP. Actually Rudd did say the word “dollar” in an interview with Chris Uhlmann (ABC AM program), but everywhere else he evaded using the term.
On the ABC’s Lateline, when asked about government debt, he said that it would peak at “300” – but no mention of ‘billion’ or ‘dollars’ (The Australian, 10/5/09, p.4). The Treasurer had the same tactic of not saying those words. This is known as open deception.

Perhaps this explains a surprising article “China Finds Rudd ‘more difficult’ than Howard”, (The Australian, 18/5/09, p.1). Chinese analysts were more comfortable with John Howard as Rudd “offers words that can be very touching, but may not be taken too seriously”.
This could well be, as it has been reported (The Australian, 14/5/09, p.14) that Rudd’s big vision is to become UN Secretary-General. I suppose that he is going to have to do some very ‘special’ things to us in the next few years for the Masters of the New World Order to throw him that bone. I can hardly wait.


by Brian Simpson
Sol Trujillo, former Telstra boss and American-born son of Mexican immigrants, has said that he has escaped a racist, backward nation. The best comment replying to this came from Federal Liberal MP Don Randall who said under parliamentary privilege:
“Mr Trujillo and his American mates ripped apart Australia’s national carrier but made sure they looked after themselves in the process. I note today that Sol is complaining that Australia’s [sic] is [a] somewhat racist country. The sad irony is that Sol and his amigos brought this focus on themselves by their greed and unnecessary antagonism”. (The Australian, 27/5/09, p.3)

Stated simply, if Australia was a ‘racist’ country, Sol Trujillo would have never been permitted to step forth onto Australian Soil, let alone get such a top job, let alone be able to do all that Don Randall complains about. But that’s the price we pay for ‘openness’ and cosmopolitanism.


by Peter West
Now here is an interesting problem for the politically correct, guilt-ridden white cosmopolitan pinko urban elites: tens of thousands of black – get it – black – Papua New Guineans rioted against the Chinese (The Australian, 23-24/5/09, p.2).
Chinese–run stores were looted and four people were killed. A protest march was held in Port Moresby to petition the government to reduce Asian immigration.

The National newspaper summed it up:
“The overwhelming presence of Asians in most businesses operating in all centres around the country provides an explosive climate for riots. There is a perception that corrupt government officials have opened the floodgates for the influx of far too many Asians into PNG, many without the proper credentials”. This could accurately describe any number of countries!


by Brian Simpson
It seems that every few years a ‘howler’ of a racial suicide story comes along. Here is the best for 2009 – so far…Dutch journalist Joanie de Rijke, a blonde, went to Afghanistan to interview the leader of a Taliban group that had killed ten French soldiers. But instead of giving her an interview, the leader kidnapped her, held her for six days, raped her, and finally released her when they received $100,000 ransom.

Now one would have thought that a person would be, rightly, quite angry about this. But Ms de Rijke said that while her rapists “did horrible things to me”, they “also respected me…they are not monsters”. Stockholm Syndrome occurs when captives identify with captors.
Perhaps this has occurred here. But maybe the remarks just reflect the view of our intelligentsia that the ‘racial other’ can do no wrong, that only whites can do wrong.

After all, the journalist wanted to interview these terrorists for a story: but why? Surely only to put across their point of view and legitimise them in some way. That’s the trendy, ‘cool’ thing to do for a cosmopolitan. All of this is a symbol of the West’s decline.


by Brian Simpson
A recent article by Carolyn Asome published in The Times (reprinted as “Recession Aesthetics? A New Vogue for Blondes”, The Australian 13/5/09, p.48) allows me a lead-in to a subject which few ‘nationalist’ groups discuss: the genetic destruction of Nordics.

Let me explain. The article points out that blue-eyed golden-haired girls are back in demand by modelling agencies, although blondes are very much a minority. Some insightful passages explaining this significance are worth quoting:

“In mythology and fairytales blonde hair and blue eyes are ascribed to heroines while their enemies are dark and ugly…Men in the northern hemisphere were drawn to physical signs of youthfulness because women have a limited period of fertility. Fair or lighter coloured hair is one of these signs because hair darkens the older you become.”

In short, Nordic features have mythological and symbolic significance. Red hair, followed then by blonde hair, is predicted by some geneticists to disappear this century. The cause is the low birth rate of Nordics, race-mixing and inter-ethnic mixing. Nordic genes are recessive and are typically overcome by matings with darker individuals.
This was something which writers in the early part of this century, like Madison Grant, feared. These fears being expressed in books such as The Passing of the Great Race. But today things are even worse than Grant predicted and even the more broadly defined “white race” is under threat of extinction.


from Len the Cleaner
The sign held by an Indian student, in a group of Indian students protesting in Melbourne, said “No More Curry Bashing” (The Australian 3/6/09, p.37). The elites are rightly concerned about attacks on Indian students in Australia – although according to police the number of attacks is falling.
But never to waste a good opportunity, the Victorian State government is about to introduce a law requiring judges to consider whether a crime was committed purely because of hatred or vilification and to give a tougher sentence if so. Yes, that is how scared our government is of a fall-off in the international student market (The Australian, 3/6/09, p.33). As well, Hindu extremists have already threatened to target Australians in India. All from a handful of assaults.

The best response to this was given by Indian-born writer Akash Arora in The Age (2/6/09) where he points out that more Indians are assaulted on the Delhi Metro train over a period of days than in Australia in one month. And he says:
“I have encountered the worst form of discrimination and most varieties of it, in my own country India, where people are discriminated against on the basis of almost every difference: race, caste, class, gender and sexual orientation” (The Australian 3/6/09). Indeed: who are the Indians to speak of discrimination?

As usual, this incident has been used by our elites in a show of “how racist we are” to put Anglo-Australians in their place, and how even tighter thought control laws are needed. But what really needs examination, if we are hunting for ‘racism’, is the international student racket. This education industry has created ‘dollar degrees’ and further degraded our universities.
Overseas students are treated as ‘cash cows’ and their problems of language acquisition and socialisation are ignored in the quest by universities to extract a dollar. The universities have been so greedy to get foreign students that resources needed to nurture these students have been run down. Other institutions have been corrupted by immigration rorts and other forms of corruption.

It would be a good idea to close down the international student market circus and to get universities and the education system under national control again. The goal should be to educate Australians, not flog off ‘education’. Australia loses much more than the alleged $15+ billion industry supposedly brings in because our own institutions become corporatised and corrupted from the real ideals which a university should pursue.

Otherwise, follow James Reed’s idea and just close down the universities and sell them off as shopping centres. If we are going to be crass and rotten, then that’s what should be done. I’ll find something else to clean.


by Brian Simpson
An editorial in The Australian (21/5/09) had the headline “The Manure Parliament”. The term “manure” got my interest and I began ‘googling’. I discovered a book by a leading US philosopher Harry G. Frankfurt, entitled – please don’t be shocked, the words are the author’s not ours – “On Bullshit!”

This is a small book published by Princeton University Press, a leading academic publisher. Frankfurt’s book was a best-seller and led to other ‘BS’ themed books such as Gary Hardcastle and George Reisch (eds.), “Bullshit and Philosophy” (Open Court Publishers).
These philosophers tell us that ‘BS’ flows over our lives and they try then to define ‘BS’ with analytical precision. ‘BS’ is a deception and misrepresentation; the philosophers differ about whether or not the ‘BS-er’ is indifferent to the truth, or has some ideological plot up his/her sleeve. I, of course, go with the ideology camp.

Much of academia and modern life runs on ‘BS’ because the truth would set us free. Deception, lies, manipulation and the like are necessary as mental mechanisms of socio-political control. Much of the writing done by the team of ‘younger’ writers at the League is addressed to combating the lies and distortions of the media and its agents.
We aim to give a sensible, critical perspective on the news, sadly missing from most other blogs in Australia. Our job is to keep clean the stables of the mind from the waste products of our lying power elite. We are, if you like, the anti-BS League. We believe that the truth is the best cleaning agent.


by Brian Simpson
Cassandra Wilkinson, author of “Don’t Panic: Nearly everything is better than you think” believes that greed will save us (“Gekko was Right After All”, The Australian, 25/5/09, p.81. Wilkinson is shocked at the thought that the financial elite, as has been suggested by some eminent people, should apologise for the global financial crisis and the pain that it is causing.
No, she says, capitalism makes the modern world go round; it produces wealth and civilisation. To restrain animal spirits by regulation is crazy she believes.

Certainly markets and the unchaining of the creative energies of individuals produce real wealth. But the ‘greed’ of Gekko from the movie Wall Street that her article defends, is the greed of a financial parasite who does not produce real wealth.
Even without social credit analysis, it is easy to see that there is a clear distinction between creative capitalism (individual market economies) and the very manipulative, communistic money world of the Gekkos of the world – who will bury us all. Wilkinson’s fallacy is to confuse ‘greed’, a clear sin, with self-interest and preservation, which are not sins but pro-life qualities.


by James Reed:
Kevin Rudd and Asian-lesbian Prime Minister-to-be Penny Wong, for an announcement about water buy-back of part of the Murray-Darling Basin, held a press conference on a day of about zero degrees Celsius on the Cotter River so that they could get a water background for media photo-shoots (The Advertiser, 30/5/09, p.68).

This is all part of the new face of politics where politicians such as Rudd and Obama are forever on an election campaign. It is like some kind of media adrenalin drug that they can never get off, or want to get off. There is no conversation from Rudd, just an on-going election speech about his personal excellence.

That is the fatal defect, and also that of Obama as well. Both really believe their own propaganda. That is why the face of the new migrant Australia – Penny Wong – who in one package is so ‘politically correct’, will inevitably rise to become the first Asian-lesbian Prime Minister of Australia.


by James Reed
Dr William A. Borst in his paper “The Hawaiian Candidate: President Obama and his Curious Association with Radicals” (Mindszenty Report, January 2009) goes over, very concisely, ground for those who have come in late. President Barrack Hussein Obama has associated with an alarming number of radicals in his past. As a student he was immersed in “ideas of black rage, drug validation and alienation from American life”. He once worked for Saul Alinsky, founder of the radical socialist Gamaliel Foundation that aimed to bring about social change through the seizure of political power. Alinsky’s 1971 book “Rules for Radicals” was dedicated to Lucifer!

Obama was friends with Tony Rezko, who on 4 June, 2008 was convicted of 16 out of 24 counts of political influence, peddling and corruption. Rezko’s fundraising got Obama elected to the Illinois Senate and US Senate. Another friend is radical Professor William Ayres, part of the Weathermen terrorist group. Obama and Ayers worked together at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) from 1995 – 1999 and again from 1999 to 2002 on the Board of the Woods Fund of Chicago. Better known as Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a Marxist Black Liberation preacher. Obama went to his church until the association proved a bit of an embarrassment for him.

Dr Borst asks: “Is it not reasonable to think that…Obama has been brainwashed by his years of close proximity to some of the most radical political extremists in American political history and what the country sees is but a mask?” On this hypothesis, Obama is like the character Sergeant Raymond Shaw in author Richard Condon’s “The Manchurian Candidate” (1959), someone who can be “switched on” when it suits the elites. Looking at some of the facial expressions of Obama (e.g. The Weekend Australian, 30-31/5/09, p.11) there could well be some truth in this idea.

North Korea now has nuclear fireworks and has renounced the truce that has existed since 1953. Better yet, the colourful Kim Jong Il, leader of North Korea, has threatened military strikes on allied troops. A nuclear North Korea comes to us thanks to China. China gave Pakistan nuclear know-how and allowed Pakistan to transfer this to North Korea. No matter, China is beyond criticism and Hussein Obama fears the Chinese as much as he idolises the Muslim world. Thus Obama’s tough talk that he will not tolerate North Korea as a permanent nuclear state is just hot air and more showmanship.

If Borst is right, it will be interesting to see what happens in the future as (1) Obama’s popularity crashes as dopey liberals realise that he is just a corporate boy; (2) the American economy continues to nose-dive and (3) North Korea and Iran start setting off nuclear firecrackers.

Will Obama’s alleged switch be pulled at that point? Will he then be like the robots in Terminator Salvation (big, tough), or merely like the robot in Wall-E? A pussy cat?


Americans are searching for Constitutional ways of dealing with Obama. Australians concerned for their own nation hope their American friends have a Constitution that 'works' rather than what is happening in Oz. Australia’s Commonwealth Constitution Act has clauses which are continually ignored or over-ridden by Australian politicians. And, sadly, Australians, are just too apathetic to care.

Illinois “Land of Lincoln” Grand Jury hands down indictment against Obama:
The Illinois State Grand Jury made a leap forward this weekend by handing down their Grand Jury “presentments” against Barry Soetoro, AKA: Barack Obama.
Sponsored by American Grand Jury this group of 17 concerned citizens from the Land of Lincoln convened their jury to take care of business. They studied the testimony and evidence for over a week and made a final vote on Saturday, June 13th. After the voting was tallied all 17 jury members voted to indict Obama.

The following criminal allegations and complaints were voted upon:
COUNT ONE: That Obama is NOT eligible under the laws of the Constitution of the United States as provided for in Article II, Section 1. “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

COUNT TWO: The charge of “Treason” against Obama is before the people of the United States of America. That such complaint is CRIMINAL, of high crimes, and extremely damaging against the people.

It was a great day for the patriots in Illinois. Obama politics is a big problem for the State but hopefully these presentments will purge some of the stench coming off Obama as he moved from Illinois to becoming the notorious “usurper” in Washington.

The momentum is growing. American Grand Jury, Texas, Arkansas and now Illinois have combined for a total of 9 Grand Jury indictments against Obama. The presentments are being served on Sheriffs, Judges, Courts and DA’s across the land. So far most of these liberal courts are trying to hide from acting upon the presentments but in the long run the numbers are starting to mount.

We are not fooling ourselves; we know it is going to take many more Grand Juries and possibly 100’s of filings to get the job done. Sooner or later the court system is going to be inundated with “presentments” against Obama. Public sentiment is growing against Obama and some of these courts will be forced to step up or lose complete credibility with the people.

The good news is that many people are responding to the American Grand Jury movement and are willing to serve. The June schedule is booked solid but we need jury members for the upcoming July Grand Juries.