Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

17 July 2009 Thought for the Week:

The SUPREME STATE, PLANNING, and SCARCITY: “....We are at the present time unquestionably under the domination of the financial system which rules us. It rules us in our most basic necessities; the necessity for bed, board and clothes, and the other things that go to make up the standard of living. But we do not want to transfer that domination from, let us say, what we can call the banking system under another name to something we call the State. We have no desire whatever if we will analyze what our objective is, to change one master for a still more powerful master.

“That is one of the greatest dangers of the present time – that large bodies of people will be carried away by words, of which they have not analyzed the meaning… The opponents in this matter – we will put it on its lowest terms – can either allow the world to be plunged into another great delirium tremens, another great World War, or the opponents themselves can take steps to change the system.
Now I have myself no doubt as to what is happening at this particular time, and that is that the opponents are endeavouring to change the system and the endeavour is being made to change over from the tyranny of finance to a tyranny of administration. That is being pursued with extraordinary sagacity. It is coming in many nations, at this particular moment almost under your very eyes.

“... in Great Britain the phrase under which this change is taking place is called Rationalization or Planning; in Italy as the Fascisti or Corporate State; in Russia it is the Dictatorship of the Proletariat ... and is being aimed at in Germany by the Nazis .... Whether it be by accident or design, the world is steadily moving over from a financial tyranny which has both the elements of breakdown and has also been found out to another tyranny, a tyranny of administration... the setting up of an entire State which can say, “You shall do so and so”. “You shall have such and such rations”.
“You shall live in such and such a house, you show work such and such hours”. “You shall be taught such and such things.” And any deviation from those laws which we lay down for you will be penalized by either starvation or by all the rigors of the law.”

—Extracts from a speech by Major C. H. Douglas at Calgary, Alberta, Canada, April, 1934


by Betty Luks
It is early days in coming to grips with what Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical on globalisation, economics and poverty, is actually proposing, but I thought it of importance to read what writers of a ‘politically correct’ left-liberal social justice website such as Ekklesia understands it to mean.

It states:
“The encyclical “Caritas in Veritate” calls for a reform of the United Nations, a "profoundly new way" of organising global finance and a re-evaluation of the model of development…
The Pope’s call for a strengthened United Nations highlights an underlying crisis of global governance, says Christine Allen…
It took world wars to create the political will for the League of Nations and the United Nations. So the key question is whether global powers have the conviction and courage to invest in serious reform…”

Whatever happened to the concept of sovereign nation states ?


by Wallace Klinck, Canada
Orthodox "economics" presents as an axiom that the act of production provides sufficient income for the total product to be bought. So much for this axiom! Social Credit challenges it and denies it.

The Social Credit "axiom" is that this orthodox contention is not true:
The real economy embraces the processes of production and consumption - pursued according to some humanly conceived desires. The more power to make decisions about the allocation of a nation's resources becomes centralized, the more "political" the economy will become, because consumer desires are more likely to be ignored or minimized. Production should respond in a genuine economic democracy to broadly-based consumer demand which may not of course be based on pure science.

It is the business of producers to pursue science so that they are enabled to deliver, at minimum cost with adequate volume and quality, to consumers, the goods and services they want as expressed by their "money votes" or purchasing patterns. Unfortunately the present defective financial system starves the economy increasingly of effective purchasing-power.
This gap makes citizens insecure and dependent and governments step in to spend more and more, thus gaining control of the deployment of real resources while removing individual choice as to production policy. The political process thus becomes more and more pervasive with governments establishing economic policy.

This is no accident, but the outworking of deliberate policy designed to weaken all lesser elements of society, including local governments and nations driving them inexorably into larger and larger political and economic alliances and politico-economic unions--moving progressively toward an evermore repressive world state from which there will be refuge for no individual. Government will be so remote and entrenched that virtually no effective action to influence it will be possible for ordinary citizens.

Financial reform as advocated by Social Credit would effectively reverse this trend by restoring to individuals and lesser governments increasing financial independence and ability to function with autonomy.

This is why Social Credit is so vigorously opposed by the established power structure - those misguided idealists, or hypocrites, who seek, or pretend to seek, the solution of man's problems in establishment of a World State. (Those who foolishly look "toward the ends of the earth.")


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
A housewife in Britain was arrested for making too much noise during love-making (The Australian, 20/5/09, p.12). In Britain, anti-social behaviour orders can be sued to control even peoples’ sexual behaviour. Anyone can apply to one’s local friendly neighbourhood magistrate on hearsay evidence to control almost everything.

Best of all, one does not even need to go through the old demands of the criminal justice system to do this. But break an ASBO and you may find yourself in a prison bound for the colonies – oops sorry, wrong century! One may compare such a Britain with George Orwell’s 1984, but really these sorts of laws are a logical conclusion of the multicultural communist society that Britain has become.

Having once led the world in all things good, Britain now has the great liberal-left death wish and seeks its own dissolution. For the nation that gave us our modern conception of freedom, freedom may soon be only but a distant memory.


by James Reed
Hal G.P.Colebatch, who has written some good pieces attacking political correctness, has reported on a chilling new equality bill that may make it illegal to hang a crucifix in a Catholic school (“UK Bill an attack on faith”, The Australian 30/6/09, p.10).
Harassment in the new bill is widely defined as “unwanted conduct…with the purpose or effect of violating a person’s dignity, or of creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading or offensive environment”.
The burden of proof is played upon the defendant, making it virtually impossible to defend against. A non-Catholic cleaner in a school may find a crucifix offensive and complain.
As well, the banning of all forms of discrimination means that Christian Churches would be banned from preferring Christians in employment. Giles Auty, writing in The Australian the next day (1/7/09, p.12) said that Catholicism was under attack by left wing politically correct social engineers.

Of course I agree – but…the Churches have supported political correctness, immigrationism and all sorts of anti-white ideologies since the 1960’s. The Catholic Church has done this: it has supported, not resisted these political movements.
The critique of “modernism” has only been made when its interests have been at stake. Refugee rights, mass immigration, race vilification laws, all this and more they have supported. So at this late date the Church needs a good taste of its own medicine. Sowing the wind, they are now about to reap a whirlwind. Maybe this will wake them up but I won't hold my breath waiting.


by Brian Simpson
An article entitled “Is it any wonder people are fleeing London?” by Jan Moir (Telegraph, UK, 31/11/08, reprinted in Endeavour, June/July 2009) begins with the story of how a white 16 year old London school girl was gang raped by “five black youths”. They poured caustic soda drain cleaner over her body to destroy DNA evidence. What is interesting is Moir’s remarks: “I’m almost embarrassed to say that the attackers have been described as “five black youths” in case you think I’m being racist in highlighting this crime.”

Oh no, whatever happens, the sky will fall in if anyone thinks you are ‘racist’! Don’t speculate about the racist origin of the attack: if “five white youths” did this hellish thing to a black girl, or an Indian girl, the whole of society would shake. And then we have the remarks of the Bishop of Rochester who said that some Muslim enclaves were “no-go areas” for “Christians”. As a writer in the Endeavour points out this absurdity, are we to suppose that somehow the Muslims distinguish between white Christians and white non-Christians? Not on your life – this is a racial issue.

Moir goes on to say that “white flight is accelerating” as “Britain becomes increasingly polarised along ethnic lines”. Then incredibly Moir says: “London is a welcoming city, where home-grown and particularly international criminal networks are flourishing nicely. Somewhere in the city, a great termite nest of law-breaking and corruption grows by the day, nourished by immigrants, some of them illegal, from Algeria, Nigeria, Jamaica and Pakistan, among others. Is it racist to point that out too? I don’t know any more. All I know is that London has room to absorb them all, particularly as so many of its citizens have recently left in a hurry”.

And why did they leave? Surely to avoid “the eternal cesspit of senseless urban crime” that London has become. Yes, the liberal has difficulty facing the grim reality of multiracialism/multiculturalism even when it slaps them in the face.


by James Reed
Bad news for Rudd is good news for Reed: I don’t care if I go down with the leaky ship, Australia. The Bank for International Settlements has warned that Rudd’s fiscal stimulus package may only offer short-term relief to our aching economy. A period of stagnation may follow (The Australian, 30/6/09, p.1).

No doubt when Rudd first heard this, he would have thought: will this happen before the next election? Quick – where’s my spin doctor? And what PM would not be alarmed: “An extended period of stagnating economic activity could undermine the credibility of the policies in place. Governments may find it hard to place debt if market participants expect the underlying (budget) balance to remain negative for years to come”.

Kev ’09 won’t be smiling then as Penny Wong takes his leadership. I look forward to the failure of such conventional economic strategies. Only then can the masses see the opportunity for social credit policies as Betty Luks brilliantly discussed in her article in The New Times Survey, June 2009. Their failure will be our success.


by James Reed
…and the Easter Bunny – or does he merely think that we do? The Australian states are in a recession (The Australian, 4/6/09, p.5). The head of the Reserve Bank has said that Australia is in a recession and that things will get worse before getting better (The Advertiser, 5/6/09, p.91).

Nevertheless, a grinning Rudd and ‘Swanny’ were gloating about a meagre 0.4% growth in GDP in the March quarter. But even the economics editor of The Australian thought that this was stretching things a bit: “the economy is still in an actual recession by just about every other measure…[the] number of hours worked, the national wages bill, domestic spending…”, the list goes on.

Only by making cash payments that will put the nation into the debt of bankers for years to come have Rudd-Swan managed to score on ‘good’ or not-bad economic tick. It is a very high price to pay.


by Peter Ewer
I did not read this in the Murdoch press – Israel forces boarded the Free Gaza Movement boat, Spirit of Humanity, and abducted 21 human rights workers from 11 countries. Among the captives were Nobel laureate Mairead Maguire and former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. The vessel was not in Israeli waters but international waters.

According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Palestinians in Gaza are “trapped in despair”. Thousands of homes have been destroyed by Israel and people lack shelter. Israel refuses to allow comment and building materials into the Gaza Strip. Medical supplies are also disrupted (source: The Free Gaza Movement: “Israel Attacks Justice Boat; Kidnaps Human Rights Workers; Confiscates Medicine, Toys and Olive Trees”, at

All of this - from the violation of international law to human rights abuses – should be morally condemned by the high-minded journalists who are, oh so fast, to find the slightest hint of (gasp) “racism” in the dwindling Anglo Saxon population. But they are silent. Political correctness means that you, from the heights of your morally superior anthill, never have to say “sorry”.


by James Reed
Chimps and apes have been in the news of late, behaving badly. First we have been told that scientists have discovered that monkeys and apes have moral judgement, the ability to remember obligations and to tell the difference between right and wrong (“Apes have Scruples and Moral Judgement”, The Australian, 16/2/09, p.3).
Well what then can be said about Travis the Chimp who attacked the friend of Travis’ owner, causing massive damage to her hands and face?
Travis the chimp as a youngster could ride a tricycle but as a full-grown 200-pound chimp, he ended up on a slab after being shot and killed by police.

Controversy erupted in the US of A when the New York Post (The Australian, 20/2/09, p.8) compared Barack Hussein Obama to Travis. The cartoon shows two police officers talking after one of them has blasted the chimp. “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill”, one police officer says. The liberal-left were outraged that Obama could be compared to a chimp. Racism pure and simple they chanted.

This is a mistake. Racism or not, it is wrong to equate Travis and Obama. Travis probably acted to protect, in his own chimp way, his owner and territory. Obama is slick and smart and is already moving on communist adventures never before contemplated in America such as an allegedly temporary nationalisation of some of the US’s ailing banks.

Eric Butler showed long ago that once one goes down that road, one is on the path to national disaster. Obama should not be trivialised in comparisons with Travis.
He has a dangerous socialist agenda which is unfolding daily. He is doing this claiming that he is saving America from financial disaster. So much for his election bumper stickers “Hope not fear”. Yes, for the world, the time of fear lies ahead.


“Muslim unrest in China” from the Pakistan Daily, 8/7/09 (
How many Australians having heard the reports of the violence meted out to Uighur protesters in Urumchi, capital of Xinjiang (China) knew of their racial and religious background? It has been reported that at least 140 people have died, more than 800 injured and hundreds more have been arrested. I had gained the impression the disturbances stemmed from grievances with working conditions, but no, it is more than that.

The Pakistan Daily gives us some of the background details Australians have not heard about – as yet. The article states:
“China has long been seen as a friend by Arabs and Muslims. In part that is because of its staunch support for the Palestinians although there is much more to it than that. There has been a rich history of Chinese-Arab and Chinese-Muslim interaction for over 1,400 years. As early as 651 AD, Caliph Uthman sent an ambassador, a companion and cousin of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Saad ibn Abi Waqqas, to the Chinese Emperor Gao-Zhong. He responded by giving Muslims the right to build a mosque in the port of Chang'an, halfway between Guangzhou (Canton) and modern Hong Kong; it still exists.
Thereafter, for over a thousand years, Muslims played an influential role in the history of China, as leading merchants, army officers and government officials. That remarkable history counts for a great deal in Muslim minds.

However, matters could change. The violence meted out to Uighur protesters in Urumchi, capital of Xinjiang, comes as a shock. It is unclear how many of them have died but there are reports of at least 140, with more than 800 injured. Hundreds more have been arrested. It is the most brutal act of violence against protesters since Tiananmen Square 20 years ago. It is bound to influence the way Muslims perceive China.

The Turkic Muslim Uighurs are the indigenous inhabitants of Xinjiang.
Twice in the last century, they enjoyed brief periods of independence but in the past 20 years or so there has been growing resentment at Beijing's policies, in particular, its resettlement of millions of Han Chinese there. The Uighurs have seen their homes demolished to make way for the Han immigrants; their culture has been swamped and they themselves reduced to a minority in their own homeland. (My, my, doesn’t it all sound so familiar…ed)

Meanwhile, the jobs have gone to the immigrants. It is a cocktail for bitterness and occasionally terrorism, as individuals seek to draw international attention to their plight. Just before last year's Beijing Olympic Games, two Uighurs attacked and killed 17 policemen in the historic city of Kashgar near the border with Kyrgyzstan. Till now, however, the rest of the world, including the rest of the Muslim world, has largely ignored their plight - in no small part, it has to be admitted, because of political considerations.

Turning a blind eye is not going to be an option after this incident. Views on China's attitude toward its Muslim population will harden. Muslims (and others) are bound to question whether there is any difference between Israel trying to crush a people and create facts on the ground by building settlements and China doing the same with its policy of Han migration. China takes the view that its internal affairs are its private concern and that no one else has the right to express any views whatsoever - praise excepted - about what happens within its borders.

The world is not like that any more, and China has to realize that persecution of its Muslims will not go unnoticed or uncommented upon. That does not mean that relations between China and the Muslim world are going to move into a freeze. They will remain as vital as those with Western countries accused of anti-Muslim policies. But the persecution could put a strain on Chinese-Muslim relations.