Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

31 July 2009 Thought for the Week:

'There is a certain type of metaphysics, a theory, or rather statement, that animals have a 'Group soul, and that the real test of difference between the animal kingdom and the human race is the individuality of the human soul. That is to say, the first 'duty of the human being is to dominate his relationship with the group soul.

This means, if it means anything, that the supreme aim of evolution is differentiation, and that the determined effort to present human beings, and to treat human beings, as a collectivity, is the Sin against the Holy Ghost, for which there is no forgiveness. Now, this idea has a corollary. It implies that organisation is a descent a retrogression. I do not think it necessarily implies that organisation is inadmissible, if done consciously and with full understanding by those who are organised.

But it seems to me to offer a very important explanation of the inevitable degradation which accompanies large organisations. It is not human nature which is at fault that is just exactly what it is not. It is the prostitution of human nature to a lower order of evolution the group soul '

- - C.H. Douglas in 'The Big Idea 1942 - second printing 1983


by James Reed
I can’t resist accumulating evidence from various articles, synthesising them and then flinging them back at the politically correct establishment. According to Stephanie Jarrett in her article “Violence the Way of Traditional Life” (The Australian, 10/6/09, p.38), pre-contact Aboriginal society was very violent. There was observed by first-contact explorers “terrible scars and bruises” on Aboriginal women and studies of cranial remains showed that violence against women’s skulls was prevalent in pre-contact Aboriginal societies. Dreamtime law permitted violence and death for sacrilege and various offences. Human rights did not exist. “Sorcery” was often used to establish guilt. Women were forbidden to see sacred objects of “men’s business”.

Jarrett goes on to say that “Mornington Island youths were able to treat their white girlfriends well in the mainstream context but became violent towards them in the traditional context”. According then to Jarrett, it “is a strong indicator that the violence has less to do with Aboriginal men’s loss or brokenness due to white colonisation… No doubt these realities can be contributing factors. Nevertheless, it has more to do with traditional expectations, moves and permissions to be violent”.
Now there is a problem for the ideology of political correctness: Aboriginalism and women’s rights conflict and given the relativism of multiculturalism it is just plain “racist” to say that anyone is wrong!

Oh, by the way, “Evidence Suggests Humans Wiped Out Prehistoric Kangaroos” (The Australian, 23/6/09, p.3). It seems that the climate change extinction theory of the demise of Procoptodon goliah, the two metre tall, 230kg kangaroo has bitten the dust from analysis of the skull and teeth remains. They were hunted to extinction by those people who arrived in Australia 50,000 years ago – the establishment says that this was the Aborigines.
This picture does not sit well with the image pushed in the schools that only whites caused species loss or damaged the environment.
Realists will see all of this as not a specific criticism of the Aboriginal people but an expression of the truth of the sociobiological view of humanity – and the real need we have to have our brutal animal nature controlled by the love of Christ.


by Brian Simpson
Or just close down the universities! Some thoughts just grip you and do not let go. James Reed’s idea of closing down the Australian universities, for me, is one such idea. Journalist and social critic H.L. Mencken (1880 – 1956) once said that American education would improve by closing down the schools and hanging the professors. I think that he was letting the professors off too easy with a mere hanging. I favour stripping them of their superannuation and driving them out of the “sheltered workshop” as Uncle Len the cleaner has called it, into the real world.

Rudd’s government is considering constructing a research integrity advisory board to review cases of scientific fraud (The Australian, 1/7/09, p.29). This will look at scientific research misconduct. But what about the humanities and social sciences which essentially runs on lies and “b.s?”
In the United States numerous books exist to support this (eg. Charles J. Sykes’, Profscam: Professors and the Demise of Higher Education is a good account of the pseudoscientific nonsense produced by the “social sciences”). At this site, we have documented absurdities from the universities on a weekly basis.

As US writer Fred Reed has said: “It is time to close America’s universities and perhaps prosecute the professoriat… as a corrupt and racketeering-influenced organisation. American universities… are an embarrassment to civilisation”. Sadly, Australian universities are even worse. The party of the parasites is over: society can no longer afford the vast cost of paying for poisonous pens plotting our national demise.


by James Reed
Kev 07, now Kev 09, has been in perpetual election mode, like Barack Hussein Obama. Switch on Rove Live on TV and there is Big Kev, rubbing shoulders with Jewish comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in character as homosexual Bruno. You see, Big Kev is with it, with technology, making exchanges through trendy things like ‘Twitter’. The press gallery love him (The Advertiser, 3/7/09, p.4).

Yet here is a man whose family is worth $50 million, who from the Utegate affair would not cough up $5000 for a used ute and refused to say why. I paraphrase from an article by Christian Kerr, “Would you expect this man to buy a used car?” (The Australian 1/7/09, p.5), one of the few articles I have found making any sort of a deconstruction of Rudd. As Kerr points out, Rudd refused to answer the ABC Radio question as why someone as rich as him accepts a ute and whether he would give it back. Rudd said, correctly, that he did not technically do wrong. True. But the issue here is Rudd’s meanness and his refusal to say if he would return the ute: “When this ute was lent to us it was fully declared on the pecuniary interest register”. A good lawyer’s answer.

In his article “Talking about my generation of leaders”, (The Australian, 29/6/09, p.8), Greg Melleuish makes the case that Kevin Rudd is Australia’s first postmodern prime minister, being concerned with appearance (remember the hair drier incident) and capable of shedding his skin and getting a new one to meet changing circumstances. Melleuish concludes that if the gift of the baby boomers is the first postmodern PM, then their potential damage may exceed the damage done from Holt to Whitlam.

It seems to me that the world has exhausted itself and is at the end of the cycle. This is the way the world ends, T.S.Eliot, not with a bang or a whimper but with a rudd.


from Len the Cleaner
I have always hated the Labor Party and Unions, almost as much as I have always hated the Liberal Party: perhaps even as a suckling babe. Between burps and gulps of milk I would rage about the communism and political correctness that flows through these movements. How far indeed are the Labor Party and Unionism from those times well over a century ago that gave us the White Australia Policy, a sane and rational policy. Consider the colour photo in The Advertiser (July 2, 2009, p.1) of the ACTU president Sharan Burrow (female) speaking with Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard. We see these figures in profile (side on). This is not Gillard’s best perspective. No matter: the perspective to consider is that of the ACTU backing unions seeking above-inflation wage rises from companies still making a profit. And the unions have beefed up on Ruddonomics: these pay rises will stabilise economic demand.

Rudd, Gillard, Swanny et al, have gone into damage control telling unions to exercise restraint. But I tell them to go for it, reach for the stars ageing commos. Don’t be put down by this bunch of pseudo-socialists who really only protect the corporates. Get out there and demand more, more, more! Claiming a pay-rise of only 6% when Rudd has given away billions? Go for 10 or 20% or even ask for the same pay as Julia Gillard.

Yes Julia, Julia, Julia. After attending the Law School at the University of Adelaide, how can you fail in your bid for greatness and “life impact” by knocking King Kev from his throne? Perhaps only by the even more marketable Asian lesbian Penny Wong, sneaking up and taking the royal crown from your head while you talk to female unionists. Watch your back Julia, the wilds of Parliament House Canberra are even more dangerous than the wilds of Mitcham.


by James Reed
Don’t you just hate the cosmetics ads on TV – oh so degrading of women. Objectifying them, making them ugly – sorry beauty-image-challenged women – and feel inadequate? And then we have the case of L’Oreal. The French cosmetics firm has been found guilty of racial discrimination because the group sought a team of white French people born to white French parents to sell a hair-care product.

The highest French court – La Cour de Cassetion – found the policy illegal. It seems that white French shoppers are more likely to buy shampoo from white sales staff (The Australian 26/6/09, p.10). Now this is where political correctness and anti-whiteism gets interesting: when these policies start to bite into the profits of capitalism. In the end, will political correctness “be worth it”?


by Peter West
The recently released Productivity Commission Report, Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage, has canvassed some terrible statistics about child abuse in indigenous communities, which has risen from 16 per 1000 children in 1999/2000 to 35 per 1000 children in 2007/2008. There has been a 37% increase in the incarceration rate of indigenous people over the past eight years. Between 2000 and 2008, the incarceration rate for Aboriginal women increased by 47%.

Faced with such grim statistics, champions in the Aboriginal industry have called for alternative measures to incarceration. In general, Aborigines serve shorter sentences than non-Aboriginal prisoners but they re-offend more. About 30% of Aborigines are in jail for assault. Clearly trying some “alternative measures” to try and re-define these crimes will not do because people are getting hurt, including Aboriginal women and children.

As Rudd and the white establishment who said “sorry” but did nothing about Aboriginal domestic violence and child abuse, are likely to do nothing again and sit this report out. Aboriginal people have to take responsibility for their actions and realise that the only people who are going to save the children are Aboriginal people themselves.


by James Reed
I will be brief in my critique. Sacha Baron Cohen, a Jewish comedian, had in 2006 a movie called Borat that made a lot of money. He played an anti-Semitic Kazakhstani TV reporter. He portrayed people in that nation as anti-Semitic and sexual deviants. I heard that he is facing a law suit over this. Let’s hope he loses big time.

And now he’s back with Bruno. The plot is paper thin. Austrian fashionista Bruno is a confrontational homosexual who, like Borat, puts people on the spot in front of the camera and then turns up the heat. A Californian elderly woman is launching a suit, claiming Cohen a la Bruno had battered her at a bingo night, causing her to have two brain bleeds (The Advertiser, 2-8/7/09, p.21). Let us hope again that a Californian jury delivers justice here if this is true.

To get an idea of Bruno’s bravery, consider one little incident that does not appear in full in the movie. Bruno gate crashes an Israeli community wearing ultra short shorts. The Jewish community, reasonably enough, reacted violently. Bruno/Cohen fled and hid in the store of a shopkeeper, then crouched on the floor of a minivan to get away. I think it would have been more fun and made a better movie, if Baron Cohen had stood his ground and defended himself with the cosmic comic shield of satire. Save it for the next movie.

Bruno claims to have had “breakfast in bed with Kevin Rudd…and did to him last night what Malcolm Turnbull has been trying to do to him the last couple of weeks” (The Australian, 30/6/09, p.5). And: “for about seven minutes, Austria and Australia came together as ‘Austrialasia’ and it was just something very magnificent”. Well Bruno, I think it is time to try your stuff.


by James Reed
Peter turned to his mate John after lunch at Parliament House Canberra one day and said: “I don’t have an enemy in the world and I don’t owe anyone anything”. Like clockwork Peter took time out to drink coffee at the Veil of Tears Café, just outside of Parliament House. It was his undoing. A local resident says she saw two men of Canberrean appearance, dressed in dark jackets and beanies, calmly put their political pistols back in their coats and walk away from a dying Peter, lying in a puddle of his own propaganda (allusion to the Moran killings, same news day as Peter Costello’s resignation).

Big Kev jumped up onto his desk at the Parliament House childcare centre, so renamed as rich left-wing female politicians who could easily pay for child care - but don’t, forced its renaming. “Fair shake of the sauce bottle Mal, you great turn of bull”, Big Kev said, “Those emails saying that I took your ute load of flying pigs are all on the nose mate!” “Resign and get yourself a real job”. “Maybe you could change your name to ‘Abbott’ and join with Costello in a new comedy routine”. “Sorry, I forgot. Big Bad Johnny had already sapped the political life from old Pete”. He was, like most politicians at the end of their careers, just a grinning corpse.

As Big Kev always said: “It is very easy in public life to throw mud at somebody and hope that some of it sticks”. We longingly await the inevitable time when mud sticks to him.


by John Steele
A lot of controversy has come from the death of a Queensland man who was shot by a Taser stun gun 28 times. One woman interviewed on TV said that the police just kept on firing. The impression this gave me was that the police were cooking the man with electricity. The reality is that Antonio Galeano was on a rampage, his girlfriend had fled their unit and was in fear at a neighbour’s place. She had already been flung across a room by her hair. Galeano was a drug addict with a taste for methamphetamines. He had previously been arrested on weapons charges. He confronted police with a metal bar. Threatening police, they used capsicum spray, which did nothing as Galeano was in a rage. The police officers said that they had fired two or three times, but had actually shot him 28 times, or so the taser recorded (The Australian 23//6/09, p.8).

Now I have seen drug addicts out of control. Sometimes not even five men can control them. I speculate that the 28 shots was an overreaction by two young scared cops, one just a few months out of police academy. How would you, if you were faced by a drug-crazed guy with an iron bar, deal with the situation? Let’s give these cops Kev 07’s fair shake of the sauce bottle.

Basically the officers should have shot him dead with 9mm hand guns. Not 28 shots, just one surgically precise shot to the heart. They would be justified in doing so on grounds of self-defence. An alternative approach would be to forget batons and tasers and go back to double-edged swords and shields (made of modern bullet proof material). The sword would enable police to hold off any opponent (without a fire-arm) merely by delivering a few sharp prods to limbs.

If worse came to worse, instead of killing a man, a blow to the hand with a razor sharp sword could remove “the fangs of the snake” of even the most crazed druggy. The shield could be used for defence until back-up comes. Yet another possibility is to fire tranquilizer darts used on rogue cattle, at the crazed person. Either way, police life and the life of the crazy can be preserved. Please consider.


by Brian Simpson
It is not too late to be writing a brief note about the death of singer Michael Jackson, as the media circus over his death continues. As of July 14, 2009, as far as I can ascertain, his remains have not yet been disposed of. And on that issue comedians had a field day. A common joke was that Jackson (who had had much plastic surgery) was going to be melted down so that children could play with him this time! The joke was mildly amusing when I first heard it from the ten-year old boy who lives next door, but boring to hear later on TV, after it had done the rounds.

Comedians had a field day playing on Jackson’s alleged paedophilia (unlikely in my opinion; Jackson I think was asexual and not a child molester) and his “wacko” qualities. But really, was Jackson so weird compared to the standard behaviour of most of the music industry people? Wasn’t he mild compared to many ‘rappers’ who are actively anti-white racists and sing about killing white policemen and raping white women?

The music scene is a form of social control of young minds along the lines of the Pied Piper of Hamlet fable. The music has been scientifically designed for mind control and brain washing and to normalise the present political establishment. From Chuck Berry to Little Richard, Elvis and the Beatles, to Jackson and Madonna, the theme has been challenging normality and morality. This has gone so far now that we conservatives are the minority culture.

The cultural wars have been won by the left who have now reshaped the world. As in movies such as the Terminator series and Planet of the Apes, I advocate a revolt of the slaves against our new slave masters. If only we could just get the kids to turn off their iPods and listen…


by Brian Simpson
Just by coincidence, after I wrote these words, I looked up and glanced out of the window of the district library. I was attracted by the noise outside. A black man was yelling at someone in the passenger side of a new four wheel drive. His three children were fighting in the back seat. He got out of the car, still yelling and waving his fists. Then I saw the object of his anger: his partner, a blonde, ageing Anglo-type. The black man slammed the car door shut after the ageing blonde slid into the driver’s side. He walked off and she drove off with what I now saw to be inter-racial children.

Maybe Shelby Steele would have something brilliant to say about this mundane incident. I was reading his Wall Street Journal article on multi-racial Barack Obama’s appointment of Sonia Sotomayor to the US Supreme Court. Steele says that the appointment of a Hispanic was done by Obama to secure the Hispanic vote, but this is a president whom liberals thought was ‘post-racial’ and beyond identity politics. Yes, Steele says “Obama is promising one thing and practising another, using his interracial background to suggest an America delivered from racial corruption even as he practices a crude form of racial patronage”. Wow, and you really thought he was different!

And what an appointment Sotomayer is! Her 2001 lecture at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law was basically about the need to get more people of colour, especially coloured women, sitting on the benches of the US federal courts and how wonderful her “Latina” identity is. A typical Sotomayor statement is: “My family showed me by their example how wonderful and vibrant life is and how wonderful and magical it is to have a Latina soul”. Imagine an Anglo-Saxon speaking in such terms about their racial identity.

Sotomayor though, as a Latina, is permitted by the multicultural system to do this and more. Thus recently she said in a speech that she was a “wise Latina woman” who would make a better judge than a “white male”, and, “our gender and national origins may and will make a difference in our judging”. What if Anglos started to think racially?

One should not be surprised by the fruits of such Obama appointments. Obama is, after all, the first US president to say: “I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear”. Yes, not negative stereotypes of the United States, but Islam. We should not be surprised by all of this: Obama is the logical conclusion of the cultural wars.


from Len the Cleaner
For my sake people need to eat – otherwise I am out of a cleaning job. However the end of food is in sight. An article by Deidre Macken in The Weekend Australian Financial Review (June 13 – 14, 2009) has already predicted “The end of the meal”, as people abandon meal times for “grazing” and fast foods eaten on the run. No, the end of food is in sight, at least for the poor.

Here in South Australia, grocery prices have risen at over twice the rate of inflation: nearly 8.5% or $1,083 per household. I, for one, can barely make it from part-time pay to part-time pay. Project the trend on a bit (remember in 1965 it was “just a few thousand Asians to add spice to our dull Anglo-Saxon lives”) and we will be at the state that some Africans are, eating mud. Only here we will not have the luxury of mud, only dust.

All the more reason for self-reliance, growing some of your own food with friends, food co-ops – all the things that the greenies do that are worth adopting. Otherwise, it is the end of eating, at least for we the poor.