Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
30 January 2009 Thought for the Week:

They withdraw unilaterally; They ceasefire unilaterally; They invade unilaterally; They win unilaterally; They destroy unilaterally; They massacre unilaterally; They bathe in blood unilaterally; They spread white phosphorus unilaterally; They kill women and children unilaterally; They drop bombs unilaterally; They live on stolen land unilaterally; They support their homicidal leaders unilaterally; They love their ‘Jewish Only State’ unilaterally; Their democracy is unilateral; They love themselves unilaterally; They are the unilateral people.
Living behind walls of concrete, hatred and arrogance. They are still united and lateral, failing to love their neighbours.
- - “The Unilateral People,” Gilad Atzmon, 18th January 2009

It's a wrap, a doddle, an Israeli ceasefire just in time for Barack Obama to have a squeaky-clean inauguration with all the world looking at the streets of Washington rather than the rubble of Gaza. Condi and Ms Livni thought their new arms-monitoring agreement – reached without a single Arab being involved – would work... The great and the good gathered for a Sharm el-Sheikh summit. Only Hamas itself was not consulted… And not one European leader travelling to the region suggested the survivors might be helped if Israel, the EU and the US ended the food and fuel siege of Gaza. After killing hundreds of women and children, Israel was the good guy again, by declaring a unilateral ceasefire that Hamas was certain to break. But Obama will be smiling on Tuesday. Was not this the reason, after all, why Israel suddenly wanted a truce? What no one noticed yesterday – not the Arabs nor the Israelis nor the portentous men from Europe – was that the Sharm el-Sheikh meeting last night was opening on the 90th anniversary – to the day – of the opening of the 1919 Paris peace conference which created the modern Middle East. One of its main topics was "the borders of Palestine". There followed the Versailles Treaty. And we know what happened then. The rest really is history. Bring on the ghosts.
- - Robert Fisk The Independent, 19th January 2009

The front page of the Beirut daily As-Safir said it all yesterday. Across the top was a terrible photograph of the bloated body of a Palestinian man newly discovered in the ruins of his home while two male members of his family shrieked and roared their grief. Below, at half the size, was a photograph from Israel of Western leaders joking with Ehud Olmert, the Israeli Prime Minister. Olmert was roaring with laughter. Silvio Berlusconi, arms on the back of Olmert's shoulders, was also joshing and roaring – with laughter, not grief – and on Olmert's right was Nicolas Sarkozy of France wearing his stupidest of smiles. Only Chancellor Merkel appeared to understand the moral collapse. No smiles from Germany.
- - Robert Fisk The Independent, 20th January 2009 - “WE are the authors of the Palestinian tragedy”
- - George Galloway MP, House of Commons UK


by Betty Luks
British MP George Galloway (Speech in the House of Commons available online above) has spoken out against the Israeli invasion of Gaza and the coldblooded, brutal attacks on the defenceless people of Gaza. He referred to the historical fact that the Palestinian tragedy had its origins in the House of Commons when Lord Balfour signed the infamous Balfour Declaration promising to establish a "National Home" for the Jews. Eric Butler was writing about this tragedy long before the world heard of George Galloway MP.

Eric Butler referred to the fact the Balfour Declaration was a violation of previous promises made to the Arabs, but the promises were broken in exchange for promised American and International Financial support at a critical time when the First World War looked like having to end in a stalemate.
Successive British Governments were faced with the impossible task of attempting to maintain law and order in Palestine as the Palestinians revolted against the growing Zionist invasion. Zionist terror activities, including the murder of Britain's Ambassador to the Middle East, Lord Moyne, even provoked
pro-Zionist Winston Churchill to raise his voice in protest.

With the collapse of Czarist Russia at the time, Imperial Germany was free to concentrate its total forces on the Western front, resulting in a desperate military situation for the British. The situation was exploited by International Zionism with its strong backing by the Rothschilds and other German-Jewish international bankers.
The legendary "Lawrence of Arabia", who had played a major role in bringing the Arabs to the Western Allies' cause, was so upset by the Balfour Declaration, which he saw as a blatant betrayal of a firm promise, that he declined to accept any honours from His Majesty, King George V. (On Target: Vol.27, No.6; Vol.31, No.44)

Read the following very carefully:
'The real credit of a community is its productive capacity and real wealth. But if this real credit can only be used on terms dictated by those who have a monopoly of creating and issuing financial credit, a mere book-keeping arrangement, then it is elementary that if this monopoly can be developed on an international scale, those controlling such a monopoly have a major instrument for imposing a World State.
Just as trading banks, whether called private or Government, have progressively become the mere instruments of Central Banks, so are Central Banks now becoming instruments of the International Monetary Fund, which now creates a form of international credit called "Paper Gold" or Special Drawing Rights. ( 'Censored History by Eric D. Butler)

A nation 's sovereign birthright:
One of the threads in this tangled web stretches back over three hundred years. If you get a hold of that thread, don 't let go till you have examined following world events. You will discover treacherous British parliamentarians of the day, yes they were in power back then too, had sold the nation 's sovereign right to create and control its own financial system. To whom? To a group of private Money Lenders (now known as 'bankers ') from Amsterdam.

Money Lenders from Amsterdam:
The Money Lenders agreed to extend 'credit to the government of the day, for their day-to-day expenditures, on condition the 'credit was repaid, with interest, by the taxes of the people. The essence of the activities of this incredible organization was summarized by William Patterson, one of the principal Front men connected with its foundation:
'The Bank has benefit to the interest on all monies which it creates out of nothing ' [1]

Two hundred years later, the outcome of WW I with Germany depended just as much on the American and International Bankers as it did on Britain 's resources, productive capacity and the fighting capabilities and resolve of its army.
The betrayal of the Arab people by the British government, with its 'back to the wall early in the 20th century, had evil origins in the late 17th century.
Shakespeare sure had it right: What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

[1] 'The Tallies, A Tangled Tale and The Beginning and the Ending by David Astle available from all Book Services. Price: $15.00 plus postage.


by Chris Knight
The Logical Conclusion of Lunatic Liberalism: We are living at a time of a crisis in Western civilisation where we seriously must consider the prospects that the end could be in view for our kind. Only if we do so can we make a determined effort to survive. Most races and civilisations that have fallen before in human history have done so because extinction and collapse crept up on them, so to speak.

Although the present suicidal disease now gripping the West has its origins in events hundreds of years ago, the 1960s represent a point where the forces of the New World Order 'turned up the heat '. In terms of a cultural assault, the 1960s were a period of intense warfare against the old conservative order. Philosopher Roger Scruton sees the 1960s as an era of rebellion not only against parents, but the concept of parent itself, a radical antinomianism (The Financial Review 23/10/1998, p.7).

The 1960s radicals had an upper middle-class background and John Carroll describes this group as 'paranoid and remissive and as 'traitors (J. Carroll, 'Paranoid and Remissive: The Treason of the Upper Middle Class (1982). They had a hatred of the authority of the old conservative culture, primarily because of its weakness in allowing these terrible infants to get away with what they tried. The 1960s radicals came from homes with dominant mothers and weak fathers. Lacking authoritative males to identify with, they turned with 'paranoid hatred against their own society, identifying with the likes of mega-murderers such as Mao Zedong. They pinned their hopes for revolution upon, 'the criminals, the insane, the poor and the racially degraded (as Carroll, p.3 puts it), denizens of a strange nefarious netherland that these young wolves would rule over.

All of this explains the ascendency of 'feminist traits in these elites, as well as their fear of fighting. Opposition to the Vietnam War was a cultural 'happening '` primarily motivated by fear of conscription, of becoming a soldier. It was a rebellion against the metaphysical image of man the warrior and certainly against the 'Christian soldier divine warrior tradition of Christianity. Jesus was reborn for the 60s pinko as John Lennon the peacenik, pleading with us to give peace a chance, by thinking happy thoughts and spending the day in bed. Camille Paglia, a 'post-feminist intellectual has recognised that an undermining or white-anting of masculinity has occurred: 'The least happy people in the world are academics. They are miserable, prissy and horrible. The academic feminists fear and despise the masculine. They think 'nerdy bookworm husbands are the ideal model of human manhood. (The Weekend Australian Review, June 1-2, 1991 p.3)

It didn 't 'just happen ':
The radicalism of the 1960s did not 'just happen '. The dark seed of leftist revolt had been planted, in Australia for example, by the old Left of the 1930s. For example, 'gods of the Australian Left, such as former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, was a student at Sydney University in the 1930s. Thus the students and academics were able to organise against the highly sensible White Australia Policy, for them a symbol of all evil, by at least 1961. Illogically enough, war in Asia was seen to be, by definition, 'racist '.
Liberal Don Chipp was able to call for a 'multi-racial Australia on the ABC 's Monday Conference in 1972, while Donald Horne proclaimed with glee in 1964, 'we 're all Asians now.
Jim Cairns, treasurer in the Whitlam government idealised the Vietnamese and expanded on his view of Asia in 'Living with Asia (1965). Cairn 's spirit was to be with the levitating Maharishi in a mystical journey to an Asia which was 'warm and 'colourful compared to Australia which was 'materialist and 'indifferent '.

In the same idealist spirit T.M. Fitzgerald, editor of the Nation, on 2 July 1960, pleaded for mass Asian immigration to 'improve Australia.

In his book 'In the Shadow of the Bomb: Politics, Religion and the Baby-Boom Generation, (Omega Publishing, Canberra 1991) D. Heslin says that traditional Anglo-Saxon Australia was hated so much by the new class that it had to be changed through mass immigration. The Liberal-Left intelligentsia made a natural progression to the doctrine of multiculturalism which they saw as having the power to destroy Anglo-Saxon Australia. Heslin has also said:
'In a similarly paradoxical way, multiculturalists whose views have been greatly facilitated by the social activism of the sixties, set themselves up as champions of every minority culture in our midst, in the face of the dominating, Anglo-centric one, but in reality these are the very people who hate the whole concept of a unique national identity! Their success in propagating these ideas says much for how lacking the wider community is in its own sense of uniqueness. It is precisely that we lack a sense of living for something bigger than ourselves which allows such ideas to flourish. Multiculturalism is a symptom of a social and spiritual sickness. (pp.92-93)

A.C. Jacobson in 'Genius: Some Revaluations (Greenburg, New York 1926) anticipated accurately many of our dilemmas. He said 'The Jekyll-Hydes of our common life are ethnic hybrids. Jacobson saw the incompatibility of certain 'racial bloods leading to a 'molecular insult '. Worse, there is also a metaphysical instability: 'very much of the strange behaviour of our young people to-day is simply due to their lack of ethnical anchorage; they are bewildered hybrids, unable to believe sincerely in anything, and disowned by their own ancestral mores It is a foolish case over again of hen hatching ducklings, of wolf fostering foundlings. (cited p.394 of W.A. Price, 'Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (Hoeber, New York 1939)

Multiculturalism is a secular religion, created by the new class elites to attempt to fill the spiritual vacuum in the life of affluent and decadent secular humanists. Those who jettisoned Christianity from their world-view, or attempted to dilute and pollute Christ 's message have a guilt-ridden need to destroy, that which they should in a healthy world, embrace. This is a social pathology. But, unfortunately now, the 'long march through the institutions has been accomplished the lunatics now rule the asylum.

Combating the decline of a civilisation will not be easy. It will require a resistance movement to begin building again. Let us be the under-labourers in the first steps in this long arduous task.
Further essential reading: Alexander Solzhenitsyn 's 'The Legacy of Terror $2.00 plus postage; 'The West 's Betrayal of Civilisation $2.50 plus postage.


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Attorney-General Robert McClelland has named the three, who along with Jesuit Frank Brennan, will sit on an advisory panel to canvass support for a national rights charter (MPC: multiculturally politically correct). The three are: Eric Butler, Dr. Fredrick T 'ben and Betty Luks no, sorry, that couldn 't be right.

Rather, the three are former SBS newsreader Mary Kostakidis, former Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Palmer and indigenous barrister Tammy Williams. Now I know that you are thinking 'political correctness but others have thought that first (The Australian 11/12/08 p.1). Melbourne QC Peter Faris attacked the consultation process on such grounds.

Other intellectuals, such as Professor Blainey said that the charter would take away power from parliament and into the hands of the courts. This is I think, a most fundamental objection. We must not trust the politically correct legal establishment.
We should not trust parliaments either, but in principle the people still have some power over parliament. They have no power over judges who can make law and interpret the Constitution without any come-back to their deliberations. It is utterly incredible that people have allowed unelected law makers judges to do this.

After the black magic of the creation of credit by private banks, this must rate as one of the mysteries of modern capitalist society. The legal profession and its doings is badly in need of 'deconstruction and I hope I will have more time this year to examine it.


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
The Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner has said that the Sex Discrimination Act discriminates against men! The Act, based on the UN International Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women allows women to bring a complaint of indirect discrimination based upon carer responsibilities. But men cannot do this. (The Australian 4/9/08 p.7)

Before you think that our 1984 system is softening, recall that the agenda of the chattering classes is role reversal; as in the witches scene in Macbeth, fair is foul and foul is fair. Men need to be shoved into the domestic sphere and women into paid employment. Hence the need to redo the Sex Discrimination Act so males have no excuse anymore.


by James Reed
'Yesterday, crime was such an easy game to play; /now I need an IT expert and accountant just to make my way/ with apologies to Sir Paul. Yesterday even crime was simpler. Consider the underworld of today:
'Underworld criminal networks and outlawed motorcycle gangs are exploiting weaknesses in corporate laws and poor regulation of financial markets, reaping multi-million-dollar profits from suspected share market manipulation, asset stripping and the snatching of control of companies they force into administration ( 'Underbelly Inc: Gangs Muscle in on Markets The Weekend Australian 13-14/9/08 p.1).

This is an incredible image of our crazy times. Outlaw motorcycle gangs outfoxing corporate lawyers? This has got to be a first. What next? Surely anything is now possible. The ride to destruction is unpleasant, but never boring.
(Maybe some of the hedge-funds bosses who have lost big-time at the derivatives casino should humbly seek advice from these fellows?...ed.)


from David Flint 's Opinion Column
'Doctors are called to an Essex farmhouse after media commentators report that Germaine Greer has said nothing controversial for well over 24 hours.
After an emergency operation, Greer declares that The Queen should step down in favour of an aborigine, that Britney Spears is the greatest poet of the 21st century, that milk comes from dogs, not cows, and that Dr Roy Strong wrote the Complete Works of Shakespeare. 'It looks as though she's made a complete recovery, announces a delighted spokesman.

This appeared in Craig Brown 's 'End Column of news predictions for 2009 in the London Weekly Telegraph 10 -16 December, 2008.

On reading this, I was reminded that the eminent republican author, Dr Greer, once claimed that she never sets foot in Australia before receiving the permission of the "traditional owners of the land" at Sydney Airport.
Unfortunately this was categorically denied by the NSW Aboriginal Lands Council, and media attempts to identify such a welcoming group of traditional owners on her next visit to Sydney failed. Dr Greer simply got into her chauffer driven car.

This prominent republican once called for a Council of Aboriginal Elders to act as some sort of Head of State. Although she did not explain how the Council would be chosen and what powers they would have, she does say state governors would be unnecessary as we already have premiers.
So the premier would decide whether he had acted illegally or unconstitutionally, and whether to grant himself or herself a general election.

Unlike the republican movement, Dr. Greer at least has some idea of the sort of republic she wants.

["This is an announcement for Dr. Greer. Dr. Greer, once you have the permission of the traditional owners, your driver will take you to the republican reception at the Hyatt Grande. "]


by James Reed
Hello to all our friends in Queensland! I remember going to Redcliffe in my youth, romancing a lady and drinking sparkling water from the tap. But that was long ago. Now dear friends, even though the rains have come, it is proposed you be forced to accept drinking recycled sewage.

This is a so-called solution to 'water supply problems. Everyone else in the world is terrified of faeces being in drinking water. But you have to satisfy the demand placed on the system because of migrants.

Immigration must continue.
Your state must grow, the finance/economic elite have said so. And, according to leading scientists it is impossible to prevent potentially harmful organisms entering your water - and being drunk by you. (The Australian 29/10/08 p.9) You can thank immigration for this. Queensland officially enters the Third World re: safe drinking water.


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
A friend gave me a piece from the Adelaide paper The Advertiser (20/9/08 p.23) on a phenomenon known as 'the moon illusion '. The full moon when close to the horizon looks larger than when it appears higher in the sky. Why?

A professor is quoted as saying This has been known since the time of the Greeks and because we see things close to it like trees, we compare the size so it looks larger. 'This is a question-begging response : why is there this difference in perceived size?

I researched the answer on Google scholar and found a large literature on the topic. In short, no one knows the answer. For those of us tired of the arrogance of scientists, this is welcomed news.


by James Reed
The scientific chattering class hate creationism, the idea that God created the world. The new religious dogma is that the world 'evolved '. Perhaps it even 'popped out of nothingness '. That of course is 'scientific while the idea that God made the world is not. In Britain, the Royal Society has said that creationism should be taught in science classes as a legitimate world view.
This has upset the British government and a large number of atheistic scientists who see creationism as religious, but Darwinism as not.

However the Royal Society is right. Science should be about obtaining the truth about the world. At least we should investigate and think through the ramifications of this. How else could such a view be shown to be false? Methinketh that the atheistic 'scientists are irrational and religious about their rejection of the religious world view.