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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

11 October 2009 Thought for the Week:

“A party of economists was climbing the Alps. After several hours they became hopelessly lost. One of them studied the map for some time, turning it up and down, sighting distant landmarks, consulting his compass, and finally the sun.
Finally he said: “OK. See that big mountain over there?” “Yes,” answered the others eagerly. Well, according to the map, we’re standing on top of it.”

Orthodox economists do not have a noted reputation for knowing not only where they set off from, but also and more importantly, where they want to take us.”

- - The Social Crediter, Volume 85 No 3 Autumn 2009.  


The immigration revolution: can Europe be the same with different people in it?
by Ed West Politics Blogs Home:
“Something explosive is about to hit the British political arena, a book with ideas so shocking it will change the debate on the most important issue in European politics. For years, the European political class have told their peoples that mass immigration was beneficial, inevitable and historically precedented.

It enriched our lives, it boosted our economy, it made us better people morally and it was a continuation of our countries’ histories of immigration, and anyone who disagrees is a racist bigot. The ruling class kitted the emperor out in his fancy new clothes and if people could not see them then there was something wrong with their eyes.

Well, the emperor is butt-naked and Financial Times journalist Christopher Caldwell is the little boy. The publication of his book “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe” is a pivotal moment in the debate on immigration, and it heralds the start of a new era - an acceptance by the political mainstream that our system isn’t working, and that while a multi-racial society can work, the more multi-racial it is the less well it functions.

Caldwell is a reasonable, moderate man who has studied Europe and Islam for a decade, which makes his conclusions all the more astonishing. He argues that mass immigration and the formation of large ethnic bodies makes us unhappier as people, it damages rather than helps the economy, and threatens the basic principles of freedom. Most alarming of all, he shows just how deluded are those liberal thinkers who believe large Muslim immigrant communities can be assimilated into Europe, especially a hedonistic atheist Europe which has recently adopted values at odds with the rest of humanity. Immigration of the sort we’ve had since the war is simply unprecedented. Part of the propaganda pumped out by the establishment is that Britain is a nation of immigrants. But, as Calwell writes:

“Aside from the invasions of Angles, Saxons, and Jutes that started in the fourth century AD - and which brought, at the very most, 250,000 new settlers over a period of several centuries - British 'stock' has changed little. Only about 10,000 people arrived with the Norman Conquest. Tens of thousands more Huguenots came after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685. But, all told, three-quarters of the ancestors of contemporary Britons and Irish were already present in the British Isles 7,500 years ago. DNA from people who arrived after that makes up only 12 per cent of the Irish gene pool.”

In fact before 1945 there had only been one example of such immigration in Europe’s history and that was, ironically, produced by Nazi Germany.
“Europe’s path to mass immigration owes something to the intellectual habits of the statesmen and magnates who ran Europe’s economy in World War II - on both the Allied and Axis sides. In scale, today’s massive in-migration of ‘temporary’ labour has only one precedent, and it is a recent one.”

Nazi Germany is the key to all of this, the reason why we are unable to balance our Christian disdain for racism and our willingness to allow minority communities to live here with common sense. No society in history would ever have dreamed of doing what Europe did after 1945, inviting vastly different people over in such numbers, for the simple reason that no other society was so wracked with guilt and self-loathing for its “two historic misdeeds, colonialism and Nazism”.

This, combined with pressure from big business, which wanted cheap labour to run heavy industry (most of which was on its last legs anyway), and a welfare state that discouraged natives from taking menial jobs, caused Europe’s leaders to invite people in such large numbers as to make future ethnic conflict inevitable.

Caldwell continues: “If one abandons the idea that Western Europeans are rapacious and exploitative by nature, and that Africans, Asians, and other would-be immigrants are inevitably their victims, then the fundamental differences between colonisation and labour migration cease to be obvious.” And what we have in the suburbs of France and the inner cities of Holland and England is, whatever that word’s pejorative meaning, colonisation.

Enoch Powell and his ‘rivers of blood’:
The reason Enoch Powell was wrong in predicting rivers of blood was that Powell, who loved the British Empire, did not understand the widespread feelings of liberal guilt among the middle class, nor that this would be transmitted to the nation as a whole (even though the poor had no reason to feel guilty about anything, and indeed would feel the worst effects of immigration).

And yet Powell’s population forecasts were spot on. He shocked his Rotary Club audience in 1968 by suggesting Britain’s non-white population would be 4.5 million in 2002 (in 2001 it was 4,635,296).
Then in 1970 he told voters in Wolverhampton that between a fifth and a quarter of their city, as well as that of Birmingham and Inner London, would be non-white one day. According to the 2001 census the figures were 22.2 per cent, 29.6 per cent and 34.4 per cent respectively, and rising.

The subtitle asks: “Can Europe be the same with different people in it?” The answer, quite clearly, is no.”


by Betty Luks
South Australia’s Labor party had plans for a referendum at next year’s State election. They wanted to reduce the numbers and length of their terms in the Legislative Council (Upper House) of State Parliament. Even though Labor has the numbers in the Legislative Assembly, when the Bill came before the House, it was defeated by one vote - 23 to 24. (Advertiser 10/9/09)

The reason why? On the night the vote was taken, the parliamentary wine club was also meeting, and ten members of parliament (including Premier Mike Rann and Opposition leader Isobel Redmond) were not in the House for the vote!
If two Independents hadn’t voted for the Bill the numbers would have been worse than losing by one vote!


from Len the Cleaner
Following Betty Luks’ advice to get out and enjoy spring, I must say that I feel somewhat regenerated, so much so that I will muscle in on James Reed’s territory.
An AIDS awareness group “has come under fire” from Jewish groups and AIDS prevention advocates for a video showing a couple having sex, with the punch-line being that the grinning male is Adolf Hitler. The closing message is “AIDS is a mass murderer”.

Why are these groups upset: after all, old Adolf is called a “mass murderer”? Would they be upset if the face was that of a Middle Eastern drug dealer, an Eskimo or Donald Duck? No, the idea that Adolf could get down and have the sort of sordid sex that trendoids have in gym centre car parks, is now politically incorrect. What will be their next complaint?


from Len the Cleaner
Now that I have got over the clean air of Spring, I turn my critical powers to deserving subjects. Among generation X and Y, a concern with ‘spiritual healers’, finding your right ‘self’, ‘spiritual journeys’ and the like are all the rage.

Recently journalist/radio personality Amber Petty (“Seeing the Light”, The Advertiser, 10/9/09, p.18) addressed this topic. She took all of this stuff seriously but warned people that spiritual healers are human too and even your best friendly neighbourhood medium, sage, sooth etc. could slump it and slum it and do a bit of “indecent assault on his clients”. A fair warning I suppose.

Turning the page of the same edition of The Advertiser (“The Doomsday List”, p.19) we find a somewhat sympathetic article about those who think doomsday will come because of numerical events; 2012 is a popular date being the end of the Aztec calendar. But could it not be that 2012 is the end of the Aztec calendar because great multicultural Aztec mathematicians reasoned that everybody would have been cannibalised and sacrificed by that date?

In times of genuine crisis, nonsense flourishes. It diverts attention from real, practical areas of concern such as economics, ecology, the sustainability of fresh water and the preservation of soil. These topics are not trendy and sexy enough to be dealt with, with the attention they deserve.

The New Age movement, above all else, is an opiate for the chattering class, to keep them numb about real issues of concern. This is of course overkill on the part of the elites, since these people would not do anything anyway.


by James Reed
I want to go on record as saying that I think that the Beatles’ music is popular trash. Members of the Klan were right to burn discs, saying that the music represented cultural decadence. Consider the hysteria of the girls lining the streets, throwing their underwear and wetting themselves. The Beatles contributed to a breakdown in sexual morality which other groups took further. If you doubt me, switch on music TV programs and watch the filth that is now pumped into the brains of young people.

Daniel Finkelstein (“All You Need is Capitalism”, The Australian, 11/9/09, p.12) argues that the Beatles did not represent counterculture but capitalism. Jewish homosexual Brian Epstein packaged them in his management and channelled their sexual energy. Agreed. But Epstein overdosed on sleeping pills in 1967 and most of the Beatles’ drug-influenced records occurred after that. And of course we have the anti-Christian remarks of ego-maniac John Lennon, who liked to see himself as an alternative Marxist-Christ. Imagine is a hymn of globalisation and cosmopolitanism. But imagine…

Imagine there are no pinkos, its easy if you try / no need to fight this insane fight, no reason now to die / imagine no immigration, people looking after their world / no more greed or financial hunger / no more brotherhood of man. You may say I’m a dreamer / and you would be right / but I hope that you will join us, and fight the good fight.


by James Reed
Eric Fromm wrote a book called "The Sane Society". Yes, he was a Marxist and all that, but one thing of merit stuck in my mind: the idea that society can lose its head and go insane. Consider: because of a “recruitment crisis” the Rudd government wants women to be able to serve in all frontline combat units of the Australian Defence Force, including the SAS and commando units.

The femo-journalists were delighted with this news. Never mind that this idea has been tried and failed in Israel. For the femos, even if men on average are physically stronger than women, many women are stronger than the average man.

So be it; I am tired of this argument. Put the Amazon warriors on the frontline but don’t give them a rifle, give them a spear! Let them prove their superiority by fighting with a traditional weapon.
And while I am going in this direction, how about conscripting academic feminists for the frontline to solve the recruitment crisis. They could use their secret weapon of boring the enemy to death.


by James Reed
I received a request from a gentleman in New South Wales to write a note on the “Heiner Affair”. Enclosed in the letter were many references. The affair involves the shredding of documents by the Queensland government in 1990 that were required in evidence in imminent Court hearings. In particular the evidence relates to matters of sexual abuse, among other things, in various organisations.


Before formulating a definite opinion I need to do more background research but the material I have seen indicates that something fishy went on. Why shred the papers? What was on them? And – is there another copy out there? To be continued…


by Brian Simpson
US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has lashed out at the “racism” shown by the right to Obama, which she sees as feeding a growing political hostility towards Obama’s socialist health scheme. Criticism may lead to Obama’s assassination. Oh come now, pull the other leg.

Pelosi is using the race card, not as skilfully as Obama, to defuse criticism of a socialist health program that will ration medical services and “pull the plug on grandma” – provided that grandma is white. As radio host Rush Limbaugh has said, in “Obama’s America”, “White kids are getting beat up on school buses now”.


by James Reed
People who divorce and hit middle age are calling it a day in the marriage stakes (The W.E. Financial Review, 22-23/09/09, p.24). Worse though, as Barry Maley cogently argues (“Love and Marriage: Rarely a Case of Happy Ever After”, The Australian, 18/9/09, p.12), “ marital relationships have never been more unstable in Australia”.
The number of marriages has increased because of Australia’s rapid population growth, fuelled by immigration. The marriage rate has continually fallen since 1970.

Around one-third of all dependent children are living with a sole parent or parents in de facto relationships. De facto relationships break up more frequently than marriages, so the real divorce rate in Australia is very high. It has been said that the family is the foundation of society. If so, the foundation of our society is disintegrating and heralding the impending collapse of civilisation.


by Betty Luks
It is timely that Mrs Kathy Scarborough is to be one of the guest speakers at the League’s National Seminar in Horsham Saturday 17th October. Australians are being bombarded by the mainline media with matters relating to ‘swine flu’ and the ‘urgent need’ to be vaccinated.

As Mrs Scarborough from Vaccination Information South Australia is to speak on "Vaccination Today: An Update on Swine Flu & Other Issues” we will all be better informed.
Much of the material on the internet would be classed as ‘alarmist’, thus making it nigh on impossible for ‘the man in the street’ to make an informed decision.

The following media release from the Institute of Science in Society could be of help to our readers:
New vaccine formulation contains thimerosal and beta-propiolactone a potent cancer causing chemical -- Prof. Joe Cummins

“Pharmaceutical companies worldwide are rushing to produce their vaccines against the current swine flu pandemic to fulfill the needs of the entire global community, no doubt taking advantage of fast-track approval and immunity from prosecution if serious side effects should come to light [1] (Fast-tracked Swine Flu Vaccine under Fire, SiS 43) as already found in clinical trials of a live attenuated flu vaccine on children [2] Live Attenuated Swine Influenza Vaccine for Children Safety in Question, SiS 44).

Now another serious candidate vaccine has appeared. It is produced by an Australian based company CSL Biotherapies. The CSL global seasonal influenza vaccine AFLURIA® is prepared from influenza virus propagated in the fluid of embryos in chicken eggs.
Following harvest, the virus is purified in a sucrose density gradient using a continuous flow zonal centrifuge. The purified virus is inactivated with betapropiolactone, and the virus particles are disrupted with the detergent sodium taurodeoxycholate to produce a ‘split virion’.
The single-dose formulation is preservative-free; and thimerosal, a mercury derivative, is not used in the manufacturing process for this formulation.

The multi-dose formulation, however, contains thimerosal, as a preservative; each 0.5 mL dose contains 24.5 mcg of mercury [3]. The pandemic H1N1 vaccine has been prepared in the same way as the seasonal vaccine. However, CSL also licensed reverse genetic technology (see [2]) from Medimmune company and has indicated that some vaccine may be produced using that method [4].

Inactivation of the virus using beta-propiolactone is a common practice in virus inactivation for vaccines. However, there is some concern about the use of beta propiolactone because it is a potent cancer causing chemical [5].
Beta propiolactone is a direct threat to laboratory workers preparing vaccine. The chemical forms carboxy ethyl adducts on the nucleic acid bases guanine [6] and cytosine [7]. Such modified nucleic acid bases may interfere with the host cell nucleic acid synthesis and/or be incorporated into the DNA of the host cells causing mutations.
Cancer incidence has not been studied among those preparing vaccine, nor in those vaccinated using beta propiolactone inactivated viruses.”



by James Reed
Australia’s population is set to hit 35 million in 40 years due to rapid migration (almost double the rate of population growth) and rising birth rates. The Australian Treasury projected two years ago a population of 28.5 million but they did not anticipate Rudd’s Asianisation program.
Net migrant numbers have risen from 146,800 at the time of the Treasury projections to an insane 213,700. The vast majority of these migrants are non-white. The rising birth rates are in the Asian and Muslim populations.

Australia thus will become a majority non-white country about the same time as America does. Once an Asian president takes over the Republic of Australia, the whole process of Asian immigration will spiral out of control. Now is the time for a strong-willed anti-immigration party along the lines of Australians Against Further Immigration. This time the party should explicitly defend the Anglo Saxon ethnic group. Otherwise, forget about any program for changing the economy. Will a majority Chinese-population Australia care?


from Len the Cleaner
Business “leaders” in South Australia have lashed out at “racist” bosses costing the State mega-bucks by not employing coloured international students. Is it because of their colour?

Well, no. The bosses think that cultural differences and poor language skills matter (“Racist Bosses Beware”, The Advertiser, 19/9/09, p.5) so if that is racism, why sure, go ahead and employ these people.
Hell, why stop there – don’t even bother about qualifications, just go for colour and diversity and accept the rest. I can’t wait for this contradiction of cosmopolitan capitalism to play itself out.

By the way, is it also racist for Asian education agents to stack Asian international students, three to a room? (Asian Students Lived Three to a Room”, The Advertiser, 17/9/09, p.3) Apparently not. You see, only whites can be racist in our brave new politically correct world.


by Peter Ewer
The old saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is absurd – even contradictory. It seems to suppose that one “enemy” can be traded against another and played-off. But in reality this is seldom so: enemies remain enemies and there is seldom a way to neatly cancel out their influences.

Many Freedom Movement types seem to have a soft spot for Iran given its anti-Zionist murmurs. Yet an Israeli pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities could set in motion a nuclear holocaust in Europe, if the strike fails. Iran armed with a nuclear bomb is certain to use it on Israel and Israel will respond by unleashing its arsenal. The nuclear fallout alone will be an ecological disaster.

The US is hoping that Russia may put pressure on Iran to curb its nuclear ambitions but that is in my opinion, an underestimation of the fanaticism and dangers of this regime.Unfortunately Obama’s Islamic sympathies will prevent the US taking the action that is needed. So the dangers of a nuclear holocaust in Europe will grow.

'Our side' of politics needs to recognise that there are other forces at work in the world other than Zionism and that some sort of secret hope for the end of Israel may have dangerous, unexpected nasty surprises.
We don’t live in a world of black and white but one of shades of grey. That is why I fear a nuclear Iran.


Interestingly the Institute of Public Affairs has come out with the suggestion that if the Rudd government had introduced tax cuts instead of injecting more borrowed money into the system Australian families would have enjoyed some extra purchasing power. What can we say? This is a policy the Australian League of Rights suggested aeons ago. Better late than never it would seem.

The IPA report stated:
'If the Rudd government had implemented a one-off income tax cut the average Australian taxpayer would have received a one-off tax cut of more than $8,200 in 2008-09, according to new research released today.

The total size of the Rudd government's fiscal policy decisions taken during 2008-09 is expected to be $97 billion over four years. If the government instead gave a one-off personal income tax cut equal in size to this, the average individual Australian taxpayer would have paid $8,228 less in tax last year.
Alternatively, for about the same total cost, the government could have cut income tax to zero for everyone, except the richest three per cent of taxpayers.

The report was written by Dr Alex Robson, Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University in Canberra.
'Tax cuts are the best way to grow the economy. They increase an individual 's economic freedom and allow people to keep more of their own hard-earned money. While permanent tax cuts are the best stimulus, even a temporary income tax cut would improve individual incentives and produce higher economic growth than wasteful, ill-directed spending.'
'At a time when Australians are under financial stress and suffering under debt, an extra $8,200 in the pockets of working families would have made a huge difference,' said Dr Robson. '

Source; Institute of Public Affairs,


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