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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

16 October 2009 Thought for the Week:

Today we but repeat the mistakes of the past; however today it is not merely disaster to a small city or state and its way of life, but with the existing refinement of that which can only be described as the money swindle as it was conducted in ancient times by the trapezitae at their bench in the market place... Those lines of Solon say enough:

But of themselves in their folly the men of the city are willing
Our great city to wreck, being won over by wealth.
False are the hearts of the people's leaders.

A further couplet indicates the meaning of "our great city to wreck".

Great men ruin a city: for lack of understanding
Under a despot's yoke lieth the people enslaved.

These lines written after the seizure by Peisistratus of the Tyranny at Athens would indicate that the same Peisistratus had the assistance in his rise to power of those former great landowning families of Attica who had been drawn into the schemes of the foreign money masters to their undoing... These landowners had forgotten their duty towards their own people.

Fascinated by strange luxuries and the stranger talk of the money men, the trapezitae… They forgot that in the absolute analysis they themselves were but stewards of a higher power. Lacking understanding, above all, of the true nature of this money as being above all their own law towards the facilitation of the exchanges amongst themselves and their people, they had been lead astray from their duty.

By conniving with the bankers and their protégées the new manufacturers, to drive their own people off the land into the cities, and into the industries rapidly speeding up from the new money economy, they forgot that in their capacity as rulers, the whole land was theirs in trust to their people, and that the people therefore were expectant of them to be their guides and shepherds…”

- - David Astle in “The Babylonian Woe” 1975


by Betty Luks
Circumstances have certainly changed, Australians are now experiencing the bitter fruits of ‘global free trade’ which was supposed to take us into some glorious ‘socialist utopia’. But the personal and national experiences don’t match up with the political ‘spin’.

Watching America, the most productive, energetic nation in history, going through its own financial and economic death throes is not a pretty sight. But what of those who, behind the scenes, pull the strings of the puppet politicians and business ‘leaders’?
I mean of course those who have the Power of Money (the trapezitae, or mammon as also known historically) - what are they up to ?

If the real history of this group is anything to go by - and where we are to look for answers – this parasitical group is already settling comfortably upon another group of host nations, to feed off of them. When the time comes and history is once more repeated they will leave the ‘dying host’ and find others to suck dry.

Robert Fisk gives us some clues in “The demise of the dollar – report” 6th October 2009:“In a graphic illustration of the new world order, Arab states have launched secret moves with China, Russia and France to stop using the US currency for oil trading. Iran announced late last month that its foreign currency reserves would henceforth be held in euros rather than dollars.

Where Will The Australian Dollar Go Next?
“In the most profound financial change in recent Middle East history, Gulf Arabs are planning – along with China, Russia, Japan and France – to end dollar dealings for oil, moving instead to a basket of currencies including the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan, the euro, gold and a new, unified currency planned for nations in the Gulf Co-operation Council, including Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Qatar.

Secret meetings have already been held by finance ministers and central bank governors in Russia, China, Japan and Brazil to work on the scheme, which will mean that oil will no longer be priced in dollars.

The plans, confirmed to The Independent by both Gulf Arab and Chinese banking sources in Hong Kong, may help to explain the sudden rise in gold prices, but it also augurs an extraordinary transition from dollar markets within nine years.
The Independent said US authorities were aware that the meetings had taken place but had not discovered the details and were "sure to fight this international cabal".”


by Betty Luks
Those who have read the papers know that the British Labour party studied the concepts of Social Credit in the 1920s – but decided against supporting them. Why? Because in truth there were many who had ambitions for political power themselves and recognized that Social Credit was a policy aimed at decentralizing power back to the people – and the ruling powers were opposed to Social Credit. Therefore British Labour had to reject it. Australian Labor was and is no different.

Under the headlines: “Hansonite protest out of left field” 22/9/ 2009 Malcolm Colless in The Australian reports:
“Signs of community concern over Chinese influence on Australian living standards are shaping up as a key domestic issue for the Rudd government as it struggles to mend its already strained relations with China. Home buyers in Melbourne, for example, are complaining that they are being frozen out of a tight housing market by Chinese purchasers who have no intention of living in their new properties.

The influx of Chinese money on to the Australian housing market follows a relaxation by the federal government last March of its rules on foreign companies and temporary residents. Liberal Party officials say uncertainty about this and the effect of Chinese investment in Australian industries are surfacing during the process for preselecting candidates for the next federal election, particularly in Victoria.

Union launch against Australia signing free trade agreement with China:
This coincides with the launch last week of a campaign by the left-wing Victorian branch of the Electrical Trades Union against Australia signing a free trade agreement with China. The cornerstone argument by the union is that a free trade deal will destroy thousands of Australian manufacturing industry jobs.

The campaign launch by the secretary of the union, Dean Mighell, had the support of three lower house independents, Bob Katter, Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott, who argued that the government should give the parliament a bigger role in evaluating the merits of free trade deals… (Because4 of illness Senator Barnaby Joyce was not at the launch). Mighell says a union-commissioned report on the FTA, titled The China Advantage, is aimed at sparking public debate on its effect on the livelihood of Australians. It has sent the report to other unions across the country seeking support and has established a "save Aussie jobs" website to drive the campaign.

"Astonishingly, there is currently very little public debate," Mighell says. "It is a social-justice matter that all Australians should be concerned about." He says the dangers posed by the FTA would not only be a threat to jobs "but also (affect) the employability of our children".”

Comment: Yes, it is astonishing Mr. Mighell ! But you seem to have been around a fair while, yet it has taken you and the Union movement quite some time to wake up to the fact that in the plans of the Trapezitae, Mammon, or whatever is the current term for this mysterious group, Australia is destined to be a colony of China.


Let me remind the reader of Jeremy Lee’s warning to the Australian people eight years ago. On Target 28/9/2001:
Contrived Apocalypse:
“Prime Minister John Howard travelled to America to finalise a free-trade deal. The idea had been initiated by 60 US and Australian corporations who had formed "The America-Australia Free Trade Agreement Coalition." Eighteen of these US corporations are among the top 200 global corporations, with annual sales of $1.3 TRILLION - more than four times the annual output of the whole Australian economy (about $US300 billion). The two biggest (General Motors and Exxon Mobil) are each bigger than the Australian economy…

Putting the kindest interpretation on it, these 18 companies, with combined sales in 1999 of $2,000 for every living man, woman and child on earth, are not really concerned about the freedom and prosperity of the Australian people! They simply want to clear the decks for their own continued expansion.

International Trade about power politics:
Colin Teese, a former official with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, has warned: "....International trade is about power politics, where the strong do as they please and the weak extract what benefits they can. For example, when Australia announced it was planning to take Japan to the World Trade Organisation disputes panel over a 390% tariff on imported rice, the Japanese simply announced they were postponing future talks over wheat imports.
The message was clear: back off on rice or the Japanese would retaliate by looking elsewhere for wheat imports. Australia had no choice but to back down indefinitely... A free trade agreement with the US is likely to see Australia concede more than the US, thereby worsening a bad trade imbalance ..."

With all eyes on America, little coverage was given to the just-concluded ASEAN meeting in Hanoi, where 12 nations - Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar (formerly Burma) Laos and Vietnam - agreed to form a Closer Economic Partnership initiative " (The Press, Christchurch, NZ, 19/9/01)…”

Don’t forget Jeremy and Nancy Lee’s latest DVD.
Get your copies direct from them – and we urge you to plan to present copies to your friends and families – why not as Christmas presents? It is their future that is at stake.

• “Retell the Story”: a 1999 presentation on world events, up to that time, by Jeremy to a group of young people in Brisbane, Queensland and -
• “A + B: Mending a Mortgaged World”:

As Jeremy insists… how can the world possibly get out of financial debt by issuing more financial debt ?
Copies of the DVD - $25 posted - from: J and N Lee, P.O. Box 1234, Toowoomba Queensland 4350.


Prof. Michael Hudson a Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City (UMKC) is to speak in Adelaide, South Australia.
Date: Tues 27 October, 2009. Time: 11.30am – 12.45pm Venue: Flinders University:- Social Sciences North Building (marked as 32 on campus map), Room 102.

The title of his address is: “Recovering from the Neoliberal Disaster”

The collapse of the economy of Iceland was given much publicity last year. However this promises to be merely the first sovereign nation to lead the pendulum swing away from an ostensibly “real economy” ideology of free markets to an awareness that, in practice, this rhetoric is no more than junk economics favorable to banks and global creditors. Interest-bearing debt is the “product” that banks sell, after all. What seemed at first blush to be “wealth creation” was more accurately debt-creation, in which banks took no responsibility for the ability to pay.

The resulting crash led the financial sector to suddenly believe that it loved centralised government control after all – to the extent of demanding public-sector bailouts that would reduce indebted economies to a generation of fiscal debt peonage and resulting economic shrinkage. Reykjavik’s Parliament agreed a deal, which would severely restrict payments to the UK and Netherlands in compensation for the cost in bailing out their domestic Icesave depositors. This agreement is the first since the 1920s to subordinate foreign debt to the country’s ability to pay.


Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull (formerly of Goldman Sachs banking) “is facing a rebellion from the Liberal Party's West Australian branch, which is demanding he drop his plan to negotiate with the Rudd government on an emissions trading scheme before the UN summit on climate change to be held in Copenhagen in December. (The Australian 6/10/09) The looming revolt in Western Australia this Saturday comes as divisions on the ETS spread to the Coalition front bench…

The first item on the agenda at (next) Saturday's West Australian Liberal Party state conference demands a rethink on the ETS, urging Mr Turnbull to "delay any negotiation with the federal Labor government on the design or introduction of any emissions trading scheme until after the climate change conference in Copenhagen".

The motion from the state party's influential rural policy committee, which appears to have wide support among the West Australian Liberals, further declares: "We also ask that any future decision to introduce an ETS be in line with the actions taken by Australia's major trading partners." The motion follows shadow parliamentary secretary Mitch Fifield's call that any vote be deferred until after the Copenhagen conference.

All is not well in the Liberal party camp. The West Australian branch motion comes amid overwhelming opposition from WA Liberal backbenchers to negotiating with the government on the ETS ahead of Copenhagen…

Veteran Liberal Wilson Tuckey predicted that Liberal senators who ignored the wishes of the West Australian party would be putting themselves at risk. "It would be a courageous senator who did not take serious note of what the state conference believed," he said.

He said that Mr Turnbull's position on the ETS issue defied logic. "Turnbull knows the Rudd scheme is going to destroy thousands of jobs, and put people out of business," he said. "But his solution is to keep the ETS and weaken its effect - well if you are a believer in the proposition emanating from the carbon emissions camp, why would you do that?'”


by Brian Simpson
“No Visas Boys? Welcome to Australia” is The Australian’s headline of September 3, 2009, p.1. The colour photograph shows Afghan refugees waiting at Christmas Island airport for a chartered Qantas jet to take them to Melbourne. The Rudd government has overturned the Howard government’s policy of processing all asylum-seekers offshore, moving the Afghani’s to Melbourne without visas.

Immigration and refugee lobby groups across the country were ecstatic by this news, for the more refugees pouring into Australia, the more “moral” we allegedly are. Nevertheless, refugee numbers are only a drop in the ocean compared to legal migration numbers which are literally choking Australia to death.

Australia has one of the highest population growth rates in the world – at 1.9% only Mexico and Turkey are growing faster. The new “immigration revolution” has pushed our population to 22.8 million. Ten years ago it was projected that our population would not reach 23 million until 2021. 60% of this increase is due to immigration and immigration is primarily coloured immigration. Asians and Middle Easterners. Permanent immigration is now 219,098 per annum. Temporary immigration is about 657,124 people per year – most of them will never return.

Probably one million per year:
So, with illegals and overseas students, Australia probably clocks up 1 million non-whites per year. At this rate Australia will be a non-white majority country within about ten years. The establishment sneers at this saying that one day most of these people will go home; home for them is Australia. We can no longer call Australia home.

Andrew Markus, co-author of “Australia’s Immigration Revolution”, and I recall a critic of Professor Blainey, has said that the growth of long-term residents without citizenship raises identity problems when people have loyalties to multiple countries (The Age, August 31, 2009). “That’s a fundamental shift…the way we define belongingness and the way we define cohesion, we have to look at that.” And: “The magnitude of change is breathtaking in the character of our cities”.

Don’t expect any critique of immigration numbers though. In Melbourne, immigration has meant that it is increasingly hard to get rental accommodation and housing demand is high, keeping the housing industry happy. Indeed, Australia post–World War II has been essentially a gift to the housing and building industry, making its ruling elites super-rich at the expense of the destruction of our nation.
Environmental crises, water shortages, infrastructure decay, housing affordability, transport congestion, are all made worse by our insane immigration numbers. Population growth and urban sprawl are simply out of control in Melbourne.

Immigration needs to be seen for what it really is: a political weapon used by the elites in demographic warfare against Anglo-Australia.


by James Reed
An article by Henry Ergas (“Plenty of Evidence for a Policy Still Doesn’t Make it Good”, The Australian, 28/8/09, p.12) caught my eye. He pointed out that in the early 20th century intellectuals were concerned about the process of “racial suicide” and the effects of miscegenation (race-mixing). In those days there was support for maintaining the “racial purity” of Australia and populating this land with the British race.

Ergas says that today “Supporting such a policy…would invite well deserved howls of derision”. But why? As I see it, only because the elites have decided that humanity should be non-white and that the white race, starting with the Nordics, should die out. Hence the war of political correctness against our race.

Interestingly enough Ergas says that the old British-survival view was supported by substantial evidence, but he concludes that evidence is not a sufficient condition for sound policy. Unfortunately, there is no evidence supporting the success of the creation of multicultural, multiracial societies and the lessons of history are against it.


by James Reed
Welcome to multiracial, multicultural Britain. At present police are bracing for “a winter of race riots” (“Winter Race Riot Warning”, International Express, 15-21/9/09, p.1). Terrible “far-right thugs” are clashing with Muslims. Muslim groups have exercised their multicultural freedoms by posting messages on websites saying that a sharia flag will fly over 10 Downing Street. How will British feminists take that one!

Then again, other British Islamic extremists have been busy plotting to blow up jets in mid-air (International Express, 15/9/09, p.10). They were caught but who knows when such fanatics will succeed? And an immigration baby boom is already costing Britain one billion pounds just to provide places for migrant children at school.
Perhaps with this growth rate it will not be necessary to threaten such violence since the only people on the planes will be Muslims! The multicultural/multiracial society is a truly amazing creature!


by John Steele:
Neil Strauss’ "Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life" (Text Publishing, Melbourne) is a very interesting book. It is essentially a description of Strauss’ journey in becoming a survivalist – those gentle folk who predict that hard times lie ahead and who make attempts to prepare for it by training, learning, stockpiling food and weapons and other forms of preparation.

Strauss’ book did not tell a long-term survivalist like me anything new, but it was interesting to see such a book on the best sellers list. Kurt Saxon and other members of the US survivalist movement get a relatively respectful treatment. Perhaps this is a sign of the times, that we are sensing that the end of this order is coming.

It need not be the end of the world as we know it, but the chance to rebuild a genuinely human world out of the sterile mechanism of global capitalism. Like in the book version of The Lord of the Rings (not covered in the film), the Hobbits return home to see The Shire in the grip of the great cancer of modernism, destruction; and we too need to fight this final battle.


by Peter Ewer
It was interesting to see Alexander Downer writing on the Islamisation of Europe (“The Changing Face of Europe”, The Advertiser, 17/8/09, p.19). Downer states the obvious: “The growing Muslim population in Europe will affect European foreign policy, bringing increasing divergence from America and perhaps Australia.”
After all, he says “Attempts often have been made to retain the ethnic or racial “purity” of societies but those attempts founder in war or migration or both”.
Muslim migration and high Muslim birth rates is resulting in Europe “undergoing a huge but almost unspoken transformation”.

By 2050 one fifth of all Europeans will be Muslims and at present 5% of Europeans are Muslims. About 10% of the population of France is Muslim.
Across Europe, the white populations are declining, while in the last 30 years, Europe’s Muslim population has more than doubled. Once white cities such as London now have a Muslim population totalling 8.5%.

For Downer this demographic change is inevitable and in any case, most European Muslims are moderates. Further, Downer seems happy that Australia is moving away from its Anglo-Celtic roots: that ethnic group now constitutes only 65% of the Australian population. All of this is a recipe for social disaster. It goes against the grain of human experience to expect that all of this will have a happy ending. The Downers of the world will be proven wrong yet again, but at a terrible cost.


Two writers appeared before the justice committee on Monday, repeating their call for a repeal of a controversial section of the Human Rights Act, and asking for a probe into the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn are also calling for the elimination of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which allows the commission to investigate allegations of hate speech. "I think a very practical, doable thing for this committee and for Parliament would be to repeal Section 13 of the Human Rights Act altogether, to leave any hate speech prosecutions to the Criminal Code with its proper checks and balances, and frankly, to bring in a forensic audit to the Human Rights Commission to examine the allegations that I have made," Levant told the commission.

Levant is alleging that employees of the commission belong to neo-Nazi organizations, an accusation he made in July in a National Post column. Some committee members, like New Democrat MP Joe Comartin, seemed incredulous at the accusation.
"I think I like everybody sitting at this table are at some disadvantage, Mr. Levant and Mr. Steyn, in terms of the accusations that you're making against members of the commission and their staff." Levant offered to give MPs documents to back his accusations and come back to testify once they had read them.

Levant was subject of a complaint to the Alberta Human Rights Commission under the act for reprinting the provocative Danish Muhammad cartoons in his magazine in 2006. He published the controversial cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad in the now defunct Western Standard, arguing that they were "the central fact in the largest news story of the month."

A complaint was launched by the Canadian Islamic Congress against Steyn for an article he wrote titled "The Future Belongs to Islam" and posted on the magazine's website in October 2006. The article, an excerpt of a book authored by Steyn, talks about Islam being a threat to North American institutions and values. It used statistics to show higher birth rates plus immigration mean Muslims will outnumber followers of other religions in Western Europe. Both complaints were eventually dismissed.

Truth is no defence
But Levant and Steyn argue that they should not have been investigated in the first place. Steyn said it is hard to defend against a complaint to the human rights commission. "Truth is no defence, so you can make a statement, every aspect of which is factually accurate, and if certain people decide they are going to be offended by it, the factual accuracy of that is irrelevant."

Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh asked why they were recommending the abolition of Section 13, instead of amending it. "So you believe there then should be nothing between absolute free speech and the Criminal Code provisions?" he asked.

But Steyn said society can deal with hate speech. "I prefer social disapproval, activist parents, a school board firing, to a law restricting what individuals can say and think.
- -
Source: CBC News October 6, 2009

Thanks go to Jenny Stokes of Saltshakers for the following alert:
Committee recommends a Charter of Rights. It is no surprise to hear that the 'National Consultation on Human Rights' Committee has recommended that Australia have a Charter of Human Rights and a Human Rights Act.
The Report was launched yesterday. Attorney General Robert McClelland who commissioned the Consultation is in favour of a Bill of Rights. Labor Party policy supports the idea of a 'rights charter'.
The Committee Chairman Frank Brennan has openly supported a Bill of Rights in the past. The Committee has said there is 'no consensus' in this matter but that has not deterred them from going ahead anyway. We are concerned at the proposals and oppose any form of a Charter or Bill of Rights.
The Committee makes 31 Recommendations - they suggest that the government recognise ALL of the 'rights' included in all of the United Nations treaties. They suggest a wide range of rights and ways of implementing them...

Senator Ron Boswell put out a very good media release reminding people that Hitler had a Bill of Rights as does Zimbabwe.
He said "Lists of rights will cause endless trouble for governments trying to make a positive difference for indigenous Australians for example. Interventions that save children in at risk communities might never happen or be fatally delayed if taken to court.”