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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

6 November 2009 Thought for the Week:

“It is not possible to engage in rational discussion with irrational beliefs. It is also not possible to engage in rational discussion with those whose interest in the global warming bandwagon is as a way to make money or build a career.”

- - Prof. Jonathan Katz - Washington University 2009

“…The prosperity of the West is not only our sustenance. It is also the very lifeblood of the struggling nations of the Third World. If our economies fail, we are inconvenienced, but they die. In the past year there have been food riots in a dozen major regions, in protest at the doubling of the price of staple food, which the World Bank blames almost entirely on the biofuel scam.

Has your favourite news medium reported the riots and the mass starvation? Probably not. Has it given our starving fellow-men – our brothers and sisters – the same attention and prominence and column inches and frequency of coverage as it has given to every icicle putatively dribbling in Greenland? Certainly not.
Those who are dying are only black people, poor people, in far-away countries of which we know little, with no voice and no vote. Why should we care? Well, we should care. And we – you and I – we do care. In this debate it is we who hold the moral high ground.

There is no incompatibility between science and religion, as long as religion does not attempt to usurp the realm of science, and as long as science does not become a religion. So I hope that this scientific conference will forgive a Christian if, in a Christian country founded by Christians, he does his duty as the valedictorian by sending you away from this great gathering with a blessing – a blessing that has been spoken in the stone-built village churches of England for longer than anyone can remember. Let it be a tribute to your steadfast courage.

Go forth into the world in peace; Be of good courage;
Hold fast to that which is good; Render to no man evil for evil;
Strengthen the faint-hearted; Support the weak;
Help the afflicted; Honour all men;
Love and serve the Lord, Rejoicing in the power of the Holy Ghost;
And the blessing of God Almighty, The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Be upon you and remain with you always.... Amen.

- - Lord Monckton, in a Valedictorian address to the Heartland International Conference on Climate Change, 10 March 2009  


by Donald Auchterlonie
Lord Christopher Monckton in an address in St Paul MN, USA on 14/10/2009 described the Copenhagen Treaty as a World Government established to transfer wealth from the developed world to the underdeveloped world as what they call “climate debt”. There are no elections for representatives in this Treaty. It will set up an enormous bureaucracy to inspect everything one could imagine in all participating countries.

Some of the provisions of this 181 page treaty (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change FCCC/AWGLCA/2009/INF.2 15.9.09) are:-

Section 38: (a) The government will be ruled by the Conference of Parties (COP) with the support of a new subsidiary body on adaption, and an Executive Board responsible for the management of the new funds…
(c) (e) An international registry for the monitoring, reporting and verification of compliance of emissions reduction commitments, and the transfer of technical and financial resources from developed countries to developing countries. The secretariat will provide technical and administrative support, including a new centre for information exchanges.
(b) The convention’s financial mechanism will include a multilateral climate change fund…

Section 46: (c) Creating legal and regulatory conditions that facilitate adaption, including disaster resilience (e.g., building codes, land-use planning, risk-sharing tools, and strengthening policy coherence among sectors)
(k) Clarifying and securing land tenure and planning i.e. allocation, ownership and control over lands and resources.
(l) Strengthening environmental and natural resources management and enforcement.

Section 48 (b) an insurance component to address climate related weather events… to address financial risk…and leverage public and private funding to enhance adaptive capacity.
(d) Innovative financial instruments, e.g., venture capital funds and climate insurance fund, integrated into the financial mechanism for addressing the risks associated with climate change.
Developed countries shall have deeper cuts in CO2 emissions that under developed countries can emit more CO2 to speed up their development (Page 58).

Section 77: The full costs of these actions will be met by the developed nations.

So there we have the result of all the constant repetition of climate alarmists’ so-called “science”. The financiers will have a field day; the Australian people will have their standard of living drastically reduced for no good reason.

Contact your State Senators and ask them to read this treaty and vote against the ratification of it by the Australian government.

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Dear Senator Wong - Greetings from Scotland!
One of your constituents, Mr. John Cribbes, has asked me to drop you a short email about emissions trading and "global warming".
I have recently conducted some detailed research into the mathematics behind the conclusions of the UN climate panel on the single question that matters in the climate debate - by how much will the world warm in response to adding CO2 to the atmosphere?

My research, published in Physics and Society, a technical newsletter of the “American Physical Society” this month, demonstrates that the IPCC's values for the three key parameters whose product is climate sensitivity are based on only four papers - not the 2,500 that are often mentioned.
Those four papers are unrepresentative of the literature, in which a low and harmless climate sensitivity is now the consensus. Therefore I should recommend extreme caution before any emissions-trading scheme is put in place.

Such schemes will damage Australia's competitiveness, perhaps fatally; they are prone to corruption in that they incentivize over-claiming by both parties to each trade and by the regulator; they are addressing a non-problem; and, even if the problem were real (as a few largely-politicized scientists persist in maintaining), adaptation as and if necessary would be orders of magnitude cheaper than emissions trading or any other attempt at mitigating the quantities of carbon dioxide that we are (harmlessly) adding to the atmosphere.

Therefore I strongly urge you to reconsider your support for this or any emissions-trading scheme. I have read the Australian Government's paper on the proposed scheme, and the science in it is, alas, largely nonsense. Politically, of course, the fatal damage that emissions trading will do to the Australian economy will greatly favour the enemies of the free West, which is why I, as an ally, have locus standi to approach you.

Climatically, your emissions-trading scheme will not make any significant difference. There are many other environmental problems that are real: I recommend that the Australian Government should tackle those.
As for the climate, it is a non-problem, and the correct policy approach to a non-problem is to have the courage to do nothing.

Similar warnings are being sent to other legislators worldwide by those of us - now probably in the majority among the scientific community, not that one should do science by head-count - who have studied climate sensitivity and have found the UN's analysis lamentably wanting. The UN's predictions are already being falsified by events: global temperatures have been falling for seven years, and not one of the climate models relied upon so heavily and so unwisely by the IPCC predicted that turn of events.

If you introduce an emissions-trading scheme, when it transpires that the scheme and its associated economic damage had never been necessary - and it will, and sooner than you think - you and your party will be flung from office, perhaps forever. It is, therefore, in the long-term vested interest of your party to think again.- Monckton of Brenchley

The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, Carie, Rannoch, PH17 2QJ


Lord Monckton advises: “The Copenhagen treaty draft addresses the non-problem of "global warming" with a costly non-solution: communistic world government. The word "government" appears at para. 38 of the draft as the first of three purposes of a new, expensive, corrupt, many-tentacled, supranational, bureaucratic oligarchy.
This dismal tyranny of bloated, pampered functionaries is to be given powers to redistribute up to 2% of wealthier nations' annual output to poorer countries in alleged "reparation" for supposed "climate debt".

The world dictatorship will also be given powers to intervene directly - over the heads of elected governments - in the financial, economic and environmental affairs of individual nations. The words "election", "vote", "ballot" and "democracy" do not occur anywhere in the 200 pages of the draft treaty.
This monstrous panjandrum is thus not only communistic, in that it is not elected and yet will have absolute power over all markets worldwide, but also entirely purposeless.

A stream of very recent scientific papers in the peer-reviewed learned journals demonstrates that the warming effect of additional CO2 in the air is less than one-sixth of what the UN's X-Box 360s and Playstations think it is.
Direct measurement has now established that all of the UN's computer models are simply wrong: they had all been incorrectly instructed to assume that CO2 and other greenhouse gases had six or seven times more warming effect than they do. Therefore, CO2 is harmless.

The science is in, the models are off, the truth is out, and the scare is over. There is no need for any Copenhagen Treaty. It must not and shall not pass. Government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the Earth.
- - Monckton of Brenchley.

Action stations: Now is the time for us to do and to be!
Please join with us in a concerted campaign to write letters to rural and city newspapers, ring radio station talk-back programs, write, ring, fax and email your state and federal politicians on this important and timely issue.
NO! to an Emissions Trading Scam and NO! to a Copenhagen Treaty! And YES! To our national sovereignty and freedoms!
The federal minister for the environment is: Senator Penny Wong at Parliament House Canberra ACT. Email: ><


As an example, the following ‘news’ came from the ABC News: 27 October 2009: “The lower house environment committee has spent 18 months examining the effect the changing climate will have on coastal Australia. The committee is calling for a new national approach to managing climate change, rising sea levels and coastal erosion in many Australian communities.

The committee's chair, Labor MP Jennie George, wants an all-government ministerial council. "This would replace what is often described as complex and highly fragmented arrangements currently applying across jurisdictions, sectors and agencies," she said.
The committee wants the Productivity Commission to investigate the implications of climate change for the insurance industry - it is suggested that the commission look into ways in which the Government could ban occupation or development of land, facing sea hazards.
With 80 per cent of Australia's population based in coastal areas, it is a recommendation that could have significant implications, but it has pleased Alan Stokes from the National Seachange Taskforce: "There are areas around the Australian coast that are vulnerable to such an extent to the impact of climate change, that there can be no guarantee that people can live there in the future in a sense of security and there is a need to get government agreement on this," he said.

Mr Stokes says the committee's recommendations should be treated as a blueprint for the future of Australia's coastline. "Unless they're adopted, what we're really looking at is the prospect of losing those attributes in the coast and in coastal communities that people find so attractive at the moment," he said.

Moral issue: While the committee's report may add practical considerations to the current emissions trading debate - politicians will today be urged to also remember the moral implications of the changing climate. The Chair of the “Australian Religious Response to Climate Change”, Thea Ormerod, says religious leaders from a range of faiths will be calling for higher emissions targets and more assistance for developing countries, when they meet Government and Opposition MPs in Canberra today. (emphasis added...ed)
"I think sometimes people even in the churches tend to see it as a political issue, an economic issue or an environmental issue, but I think there's a growing interest in this as a spiritual and moral issue of our time," she said.” (End of quote from ABC News).

There you have it readers, either we give up our freedom to determine our own destiny, by handing it over to a World Government body – or, we will be struck down by the ‘god of climate change’!

Yes, most certainly there are environmental issues to be tackled – but let us start with the fraudulent money system. The system that forces the farmer to exploit his soils, but he goes bankrupt in the meantime, etc.; forces the business man to inflate his prices to survive, but still also goes bankrupt, etc.; the system that confiscates the wage earner’s purchasing power through ever-higher taxation and inflation, etc.
Tackle this very real problem confronting us and then we might genuinely begin to solve the real pressing problems.

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by James Reed
Big Kev 09 Rudd has been dancing on the UN stage with the spotlights on him, urging the creation of a “new world order”. Whenever you hear that phrase, be afraid, be very afraid. Rudd’s new world order will be based around China. A nation he loves, as well as India, Brazil and the Muslim nations.

According to Rudd the UN is bloated: “The new and pressing functional demands of a rapidly unfolding global order are now rubbing up against the increasingly dysfunctional nature of global institutions that are either out of their depth, insufficiently empowered or reduced to a negotiating stalemate by the politics of the lowest common denominator”. So the solution, according to Rudd, is to create yet another one of these dysfunctional institutions.

Well, no. What Rudd seems to want is for China to rule the world. After all, China is about to unveil “impressive” measures to curb greenhouse gases. For Rudd, all that is good comes from China. If only he would go there to live - permanently. Then we could have a real dinki-di PM like Penny Wong to save us!


by Brian Simpson
According to Australia’s fifth richest man, Clive Palmer, the Rudd government’s foreign investment rules are “racist” discriminating against Chinese companies seeking to buy Australian resource projects. Chinese investors would not tolerate “the idea of being discriminated against because of the colour of their skin” (The Australian 30/9/09, p.1).

This is of course absurd but let’s follow the argument where it leads. China is a far from racist country. The very character for China denotes that it is the centre of the world. The Han Chinese for thousands of years have had no problem discriminating against other Asians and do so today. So even if these foreign investment rules were “racist”, which they are not, they are not doing, contrary to Palmer, anything the Chinese themselves would be unfamiliar with.

Recall also that China is a communist society that, under Mao, murdered millions of its own people. Beijing has celebrated the 60th anniversary of communist power, when it should be lamenting 60 years of tyranny and oppression. In the scheme of things, discriminating against China, openly, makes a lot of survival sense.


by Brian Simpson
The CERN’s Large Hadron Collider has had a lot of bad luck from explosions, scientists arrested for terrorism and so on. Now a physics team has used advanced mathematics to show that the particle that the physicists hope to produce in the collider, the Higgs Boson, may be “abhorrent to nature” and acting backwards in time to stop its own creation.
Now wait a minute, how did the particle come to exist in the future to send back “bad luck” to stop its own creation? Why would it cause a scientist to be convicted of terrorism? Sounds like science fiction dressed up in mathematics to me.


by James Reed
Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi has recently said that Milan “seemed like an African city” because of the large number of blacks in the street: “60% of people were foreigners and 40% were Italian”.
He said: “I ask myself if this is the Italy of the future that Italians want: the answer is no”.
He was not prepared to accept that Italian cities seemed African rather than European. Yes – but what is he going to do about it?


by James Reed
Research by the Australian Institute of Criminology allegedly indicates that Australian police are more likely to arrest Aborigines than non-Aboriginal juveniles (“Figures Indicate a Police Racial Bias”, The Australian, 28/9/09, p.1). This allegedly explains why young Aboriginals are 28 times more likely to be in detention than non-Aboriginals.

Actually there are more factors at work as the AIC point out. Geography plays a part, with Aborigines in remote communities often lacking alternatives to detention. But, I believe, beyond all of this is the sorry fact that relative to their population numbers, there are a disproportionate number of Aboriginal offenders. The standard line here is that social disadvantage is the key cause. Perhaps, but racial realists may suspect other causes.


by James Reed
The Rudd Government in March 2008 “relaxed” its rules on foreign companies and temporary residents. Bingo! – Chinese money flowed into Australia and Chinese buyers began buying up Melbourne houses. Australians are now being frozen out of the housing market. About to come is an Australia-Chinese free trade agreement, which will destroy the Australian manufacturing sector.

Dan Ryan (“China’s Heartless One-Child policy is Aborting our Growth”, The Australian 25/9/09, p.14) criticises China’s one-child policy on moral grounds but as the title of this article indicates, he is concerned about even more economic growth. He says that “China has one of the lowest population densities in Asia and far less than many European countries”.
Yes, but China also has deserts and arid lands too. Increasing China’s population growth will lead to an even quicker destruction of China’s environment, which is already being stressed by economic growth.

The Asian capitalist experiment is the ruling elite’s last big game. When it fails, at the price of the destruction of a large part of the planet, these once elite creatures will be excreted with the toxins of modernity. The hope is that there will still be a world left to rebuild.


by Brian Simpson
The Road (2009) is a movie starring Viggo Mortensen (Lord of the Rings) about a father and son in a post-apocalyptic world who journey south to the sea in the hope of finding a place to survive. On “the road” they face cannibals, roaming gangs and other people of interest. A bleak vision indeed.

Yet wild dogs mauled to death two men in an Alice Springs camp recently and ate their flesh (The Australian, 23/9/09, p.3). Northern Territory Coroner, Greg Cavanagh said: “It’s unacceptable that in the 21st century in an Australian town…packs of dogs roam the streets, biting, mauling and eating parts of citizens.” Indeed. But dog attacks are not uncommon in that part of the world. Perhaps it is the shape of things to come as insane economic and environmental policies steer us in the direction of The Road.


by James Reed
Even though America has a robust freedom of speech clause in its Constitution (First Amendment Rights) the same type of people who worked tirelessly for national race-hate laws in all other Western countries have succeeded in having a wide national hate crimes law passed by the House on October 8th. Democrats have long wanted such a law to bash White Americans with and to further push the political correctness line.

The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act is named after two men murdered in 1969. Shepard was a homosexual college student who was beaten to death. Byrd was a black who was dragged to death behind a pick-up truck. The same year, a white man was also killed by blacks in a similar fashion but that didn’t concern the White liberals. Both killers of Shepard and Byrd were arrested, tried and sentenced to life imprisonment or death. What more punishment could be dealt out: torture for racists and anti-gays?

No doubt the idea is for lesser crimes like assault to become more substantial. Thus, racists could serve more time for “racism” than assault in most US States. In other words, the real concern of the elites here is not stopping crime but pursuing their old dragon – racism.

Now available: The DVD featuring Dr. Fredrick Toben’s August F.B. Memorial Dinner address in Adelaide. It was just before Dr. Toben was gaoled for three months for contempt of court.
Some of the points he made as he took stock of his battle to retain the right to freedom of speech:
• There is a great need to conserve and solidify our basic Common Law principles of justice.
• Opinions are not criminalised under our Common Law system.
• 1988: the last time a ‘holocaust survivor’ gave evidence under rigorous rules of evidence.
• Canada 1988: Zundel tested the ‘spreading false news’ law and won. In 1993 this law was ruled as unconstitutional.
• ‘Spreading false news’ law is used to ‘water down’ our Common Law defamation laws and the required rigorous rules of evidence, etc. ‘Hurt feelings’ under ‘hate crime’ legislation do not require evidence!

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Janet Albrechtsen Blog October 14, 2009 : The Left has a gift for using clever language to push its causes. The trick is to start with a literal truth, a platitude so steeped in emotion it tugs on the heartstrings of human nature, something that just about every sane person will agree on. But what makes the use of a literal truth so seductive is the way it is used to hide a substantive untruth. A bit of intellectual rigour lifts the cloak on these dishonest word games.

Just a few quick examples before we move to something far more serious. Last Thursday evening I was a panellist on ABC1’s Q&A program. On the left side sat Todd Sampson, a successful advertising executive who appears on The Gruen Transfer, also on the ABC.
Like any good advertising executive, Sampson, who is also the co-creator of Earth Hour, knows how to use an emotional platitude to get a response.

When the emissions trading system came up for discussion, he said that “we care” about the environment so “we want to lead” the way in Copenhagen. He gave politicians a serve. People wanted them to “do something”, he said. The audience cheered.
These are the kind of sentimental platitudes more at home with a wide-eyed teenage girl who has just finished reading “The Catcher in the Rye”.

Look at how Sampson cleverly uses a literal truth to convey a substantive untruth. The literal truth that “we care” about the environment is used like a bait. If you accept that bait, then maybe you will swallow the rest of what he says, hook, line and sinker. It is true that people care about the environment.
The substantive untruth is that Australia should be out in front, leading the world on climate change with ambitious targets to reduce emissions. Sampson’s substantive untruth is clear enough. Just ask a coalminer in the NSW Hunter Valley who may lose his job to a scheme that will make no difference to global warming whether he thinks Australia should lead the way on climate change…”