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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

20 November 2009 Thought for the Week:

ONLINE PETITION: Senator Barnaby Joyce, Leader of the Nationals in the Senate,
9th November 2009.

Today I have launched an online Petition designed to put maximum pressure on the Government to stop the Emissions Trading Scheme, (ETS). I have included the wording below, I would urge you to please go to my website and add your name. This is most important, we are fast approaching the 11th hour and we have just a few weeks left to try and stop this ridiculous scheme. I urge you all to sign the petition as soon as you can.

“To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled: The petition of the undersigned shows that we object to Australia adopting an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and the Copenhagen Treaty as foreshadowed by the Rudd Government. Your petitioners ask that the Senate reject the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, (CPRS).”
- - - - - - -

An excerpt of the U.N Draft from Page 122, reveals interesting information with Item 17 being of serious concern to everyone.
15. [Developed country Parties [shall][should] provide support to developing country Parties, particularly those specified in Articles 4.8 and 4.9 of the Convention, in order to allow developing country Parties to address issues related to social and environmental development, economic diversification, risk assessment, modeling and insurance to prevent the adverse effects of the spillover effects.] Alternative to paragraph 15: [In the implementation of paragraphs 11 (c)11 and 11 (d)12 above (159.1 and 159.2 in FCCC/AWGLCA/2009/INF.1) , through the provision of financial resources, including for access, development and transfer of technology, at agreed full incremental costs in accordance with Article 4.3 of the Convention; Recognizing that there are ways and means to reduce or avoid such impacts through careful and informed selection of policies and measures, to evaluate the effectiveness of existing tools, and to consider new ones, in order to assist developing country Parties in addressing these impacts.]

16. [Adverse economic and social consequences of response measures [shall][should] be addressed by proper economic, social and environmental actions, including promoting and supporting economic diversification and the development and dissemination of win-win technologies in the affected countries, paying particular attention to the needs and concerns of the poorest and most vulnerable developing country Parties.] Alternative to paragraph 16: [Adverse economic and social consequences of response measures shall be addressed by various means, including but not limited to promoting, supporting and enabling economic diversification, funding, insurance and the development, transfer and dissemination of win-win technologies in the affected countries, such as cleaner fossil fuel technologies, gas flaring reduction, and carbon capture and storage technologies.]

17. [[Developed [and developing] countries] [Developed and developing country Parties] [All Parties] [shall] [should]:]
(a) Compensate for damage to the LDCs' economy and also compensate for lost opportunities, resources, lives, land and dignity, as many will become environmental refugees;
(b) Africa , in the context of environmental justice, should be equitably compensated for environmental, social and economic losses arising from the implementation of response measures....

Sydney’s Alan Jones Talks to Lord Monckton on Youtube:-
Part 1:
Part 2:


With headlines blazing: “Rudd wages war on Coalition climate deniers” Australians were to learn their PM Kevin Rudd “has upped the pressure on the Opposition over its emissions trading stance, accusing it of being full of climate change deniers intent on delaying action.”

It is a key word our Kevin uses here: ‘deniers’, meaning they are in the same category as ‘holocaust deniers’… Such unspeakable people! Don’t they know the god of climate change will ‘zap them’ if they don’t agree to what he wants to put in place?
Never mind that it won’t make one iota of difference to actual climate change. Mere human beings are such small fry when it comes to the earth’s real climate control.
But let’s continue:
In that speech Mr Rudd accused the climate ‘deniers’ of wanting to: "destroy the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme at home and… destroy agreed global action on climate change abroad….”


But let’s get one thing straight, you need to explain to the Australian people why you want to hand over the sovereignty of this nation to a world body with a bloated bureaucratic administration having control over every household in the land and over our industries, markets and finances. Are not Australians capable of ‘cleaning up their own backyard’ - should there be a need to do so - without giving away our sovereignty to some policed-controlled world tyranny?

Rudd continues: “The second part of our strategy is participation in global action to tackle climate change, including:
• ratifying the Kyoto Protocol;
participating in global technology transfers - including Australian leadership in a global coalition to develop carbon capture and storage through the Australia-initiated Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute; and
• strong engagement towards a new post-Kyoto global agreement .
• This was the platform we took to the Australian people at the election. (???) This is the program of action we have been prosecuting over the past two years. Yet the cornerstone of this program of action, the CPRS, still lies stymied in the Senate…”
• It's been more than 30 years since the first World Climate Conference called on governments to guard against potential climate hazards.
• It's been 20 years since the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was formed and produced its first report.
• 17 years ago, in 1992, the international community acknowledged the importance of tackling climate change at the Rio Earth Summit and created the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
• And the most recent IPCC scientific conclusion in 2007 was that "warming of the climate system is unequivocal" and the "increase in global average temperatures since the mid 20th century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations."
(Not so according to the latest scientific data available.
Watch the video clip:
• This is the conclusion of 4,000 scientists appointed by governments from virtually every country in the world, and the term "very likely" is defined in the scientific conclusion of this report as being 90 per cent probable. (Mr. Rudd doesn’t tell his reader that most of the 4,000 ‘scientists’ were bureaucrats). (emphasis added...ed)

The PM’s full speech can be read at:


by Betty Luks
I did a search through our own online On Targets – after all they span over forty years of reporting on this push for a New World Order. Worth studying are the following editions:

OnTarget Vol.28 - No.22… 12 June 1992. … The "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro,…

OnTarget Vol.28 - No.23… 19 June 1992... The "Mother of all Junkets", the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro, appears to have produced another costly international conference, and two more international 'treaties'. The long-term effect will include further psychological conditioning to solve problems (real or imagined) internationally, and another imperceptible move towards international controls.
The Secretary General of "Earth Summit" was Maurice Strong, an avowed internationalist, world government advocate, and prominent member of the Club of Rome
Mrs. Kelly is lucky not to have done herself an injury in her hurry to sign the two new International conventions. The first is on limiting greenhouse gas emissions. There appears to have been no discussions on the quality of evidence for the thesis that man is causing global warming. This is regarded as an article of faith in the New Green Religion… these treaties are as far-reaching as the green extremists proposed, it is clear that they offer enormous opportunities for further centralised power in Australia...

OnTarget Vol.28 - No.37… 2 October 1992… Australia has signed the Rio Convention on climate change ...

Power & Authority & Water: "Agenda 21 was adopted by Australia at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 (by 'Whiteboard' Ros Kelly [Labor].)
It is 800 pages long, consists of 40 chapters, and is a comprehensive programme for the planning and management of the economic and social development of the entire world during the twenty-first century. Virtually every aspect of human existence is to be controlled under the document.
Prime Minister Howard reaffirmed Australia's commitment to it when he signed the Millennium Declaration at United Nations headquarters in September 2000...

Through ALGA, (Australian Local Government Association) local councils are now committed to its implementation through its local adaptation, Local Agenda 21.
Under Agenda 21 the United Nations will control through governments at national, state and local level, patterns of :-
• human consumption (what people eat)
• human habitats (where and how people are allowed to live)
• the planning and control of all development
• the composition of the atmosphere ('greenhouse gas' emissions)
• the planning and management of land use
• control of the utilisation of forests
• control of types and methods of agriculture
• control of areas set aside to protect biological diversity
• the management and use of water, and more...

In addition, ALGA is committed to "The adoption of sustainable resource management strategies, including greenhouse gas reduction" [i.e. the Kyoto Protocol]; "understanding Local government responsibility under Native Title Legislation", and "promoting reconciliation"; and to "adopting practices that will achieve social cohesion in a culturally diverse society" [i.e. Multiculturalism]."

OnTarget Vol.33 - No.44… It was A.L.P. Minister Ros Kelly who signed the Rio "earth-summit" treaty in 1992 on Australia's behalf,…

OnTarget Vol.36 - No.39… One of these was to be the adoption of the Earth Charter, an updated version of the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro…

OnTarget Vol.38 - No.17…A 1992 study by the now defunct Economic Planning Advisory Committee (EPAC) ... by one of the most powerful and ruthless global multinationals, Rio Tinto... Australia has one of the highest levels of foreign corporate ownership in the world, and this means that much of the 'value-added' work is done offshore… The emphasis on foreign investors has angered some local manufacturers who say the Government is showing more interest in attracting new firms at the expense of existing ones…" (Sydney Morning Herald, 13/12/97).
In fact, foreign corporate ownership was much higher than anticipated – over 90 percent.

John Howard and chairman of Goldman and Sachs:

Could ever a sell-out be better explained? It had only been some eighteen months earlier – on June 7th, 1996 – that the newly-elected John Howard had faced the biggest gathering of investment bankers ever held in Australia in Sydney, where Mr. John Corzene, at that time chairman of Goldman Sachs, "a former central banker, was asked by the group to specify (to Prime Minister Howard – Ed) conditions for what he called the 'inherently blunt process that leaves many worthy initiatives without resources..." (The Australian Financial Review, 7/6/96).

And so the handout to foreign multinationals continued, while Australian industries went to the wall… But Australian companies also employ people. No handouts or tax incentives for them… Think on these things as the last vestiges of an Australian-owned Australia are mopped up, by permission of a Government that hasn't got the guts to stand for Australia…

OnTarget Vol.40 - No.8 ... sustainable development, including those set out in Agenda 21, agreed upon at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development [Rio 1992]." ... Both the major political parties are committed to it.
While a Labor government signed it, the Coalition government registered its commitment to its continued implementation at the Millennium Summit at United Nations Headquarters in New York on 8 September 2000.
There, Prime Minister John Howard signed the Millennium Declaration, Article 22 of which states: "We reaffirm our support for the principles of sustainable development, including those set out in Agenda 21, agreed upon at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development [Rio 1992]."

Lurching from Christmas into the New Year…Part 1. Time For Reflection, And The Omens Are Not Good. On Target Britain:
What Christopher Gill has identified in his address... is the Ideological Struggle of World Revolution, as carried on in Western societies by the forces of Cultural Communism. Although the philosophies and politico-military methodology were developed in meticulous detail in the Soviet Union and Frankfurt-am-Main from the 1920s, this "virus" continues today in the form of Fabian, International Socialism.
The serious battle is on for our very existence as a Nation, for the survival of our culture and traditions…It involves essentially the progressive dissolution of national boundaries, in all contexts, under the pressure of International Socialism as this has evolved in the United Kingdom from traditional Labour Party values in the form of "New" Labour.

This also embraces a confusion of national identity and interests all too often identified with, as well as a consequence of, inadequate perceptions of what are traditionally defined as Right-Wing, "conservative" ideals.

In the end it is about Power exercised by an Elite, an Elite of global dimensions which remains conveniently amorphous and riven by its own undercurrents. (emphasis added...ed)


Going back over what we reported in On Target 5th December 2003, should make Australians stop and think about the latest scam… oops! should I say ‘scheme’? The fallout from the Enron scandal flooded the news media.

At the time, Molly Ivins, from wrote:
“It's Our Corporate Ethics Rotting From The Top Down”, and suggested, “the epitaph for this entire era should be, "The fish rots from the head down…
So far, every business scandal starting with Enron has displayed the same features -- investors ripped off, pension-holders ripped off, employees often left with nothing and executives walking away with millions.
Those at the top of large corporations who screw up completely and create total disasters walk away with millions under golden parachute arrangements…”

The ‘energy’ company Enron had become a broking business:
“Government deregulation had seen ‘energy company’ Enron develop as a broking business, i.e., matching buyers and sellers of energy. It grew into the seventh largest U.S. company with $100-billion in revenues…”

Government and business were, and are, very close – far too close. Former US president Bill Clinton helped golfing buddy, Enron’s Ken Lay, to secure a $3 billion power plant project in India. Four days before the deal went through, Enron magnanimously gave $100,000 to the Democratic party.
(Source: The Enron Photo Album or Axis of Corporate Evil).

I needn’t remind the reader that these government-corporate-banking scams later included the sub-prime mortgage-derivatives scams. Sadly, not even the ‘moral guardians’ of the nation could tell the difference between a scam and a scheme – with the Anglican Diocese of Sydney losing $100 million in investments.

The following is but a sample from the internet of what is being offered in the way of computer programs for your business, your home, your farm, your industry and anywhere else. Take note of how intrusive, and expensive, such a scam is likely to be.

This is what I found without really trying....“SPONSORED LINKS: Ads by Google
Carbon Credit Calculator Calculate How Much Carbon You Can Eliminate. Carbon Offset Calculator
Carbon Emissions Reports: Track & Report software & services Energy Corporate Tel: 1300 88 6191
Carbon offsets for Xmas: Gifts for the whole family. Offset the family or fluffy the cat!
Energy & carbon accounting & verification: Carbon Pollution Accounting:-
"Its highly likely, that most of the companies required to participate in the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) will also be required to report their energy consumption under the EEO scheme, their emissions to the NGER scheme, and a number of other State based schemes.
When establishing the accounting and reporting systems for these schemes we always recommend against using spreadsheets and using a professional energy and emissions reporting software applications. After extensive investigation and development we have found the best eco-accounting software is also unmatched in time saving features and tools.
For more information on setting up an accounting system refer to our tips page. Energy and emissions tracking, management, and reporting software and services…”
And so on and on and on....

MUST READ: How any politician or activist can maintain the absurdity of human-induced climate change after reading Professor Plimer's book is beyond reason. He turns them into laughing stocks and does so with elegance, thoroughness and indisputable logic. In a non-scientific view, he has effectively put an end to the debate. We now have to wait for the rest of the world to catch up, particularly the media.
BOOK: Heaven+Earth The Missing Science" by Ian Plimer. Price $40 plus postage from both Heritage Book Services.

American folk have produced over two hours of viewing: “Fall of the Republic”. They warn the viewers the one-worlders will dump the American dollar when they think the timing is right – with resulting hyperinflation, thus wiping out the American (and Australian0 middle class.
The issues facing Americans are the same as those facing Australians… global governance, climate change scam, climate cops, political, corporate and financial corruption, a rising ‘police state’ - and much more.
Special price for over two hours of viewing: $12.00 posted from Heritage Books, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley 5159.

Jeremy and Nancy Lee’s latest DVD – now available from Heritage Book Services:
We urge you to plan to present copies to your friends and families – why not as Christmas presents? It is their futures that are at stake.
• “Retell the Story”: a 1999 presentation on world events, up to that time, by Jeremy to a group of young people in Brisbane, Queensland and -
• “A + B: Mending a Mortgaged World”: Jeremy asks… how can the world possibly get out of financial debt by issuing more financial debt ?
The League has obtained copies of the DVD and they are available from the Heritage Book Services in both Victoria and South Australia for $25.00 posted.  


Giant Vampire Squid Wrapped Around the Face of Humanity -
Bubble # Six – Global Warming:

“It's early June in Washington, D.C. (2009) Barack Obama, a popular young politician whose leading private campaign donor was an investment bank called Goldman Sachs - its employees paid some $981,000 to his campaign - sits in the White House. Having seamlessly navigated the political minefield of the bailout era, Goldman is once again back to its old business, scouting out loopholes in a new government-created market with the aid of a new set of alumni occupying key government jobs.

As envisioned by Goldman.
The fight to stop global warming will become “a carbon market” US$1 TRILLION a year! … And instead of credit derivatives or oil futures or mortgage-backed CDOs, the new game in town, the next bubble, is in carbon credits - a booming trillion-dollar market that barely even exists yet, but will if the Democratic Party that it gave $4,452,585 to in the last election manages to push into existence a groundbreaking new commodities bubble, disguised as an "environmental plan," called cap-and-trade.

The new carbon-credit market is a virtual repeat of the commodities-market casino that's been kind to Goldman, except it has one delicious new wrinkle: If the plan goes forward as expected, the rise in prices will be government-mandated. Goldman won't even have to rig the game. It will be rigged in advance…”

Bank owns 10 per cent stake where carbon credits will be traded:
“…The bank owns a 10 percent stake in the Chicago Climate Exchange, where the carbon credits will be traded. Moreover, Goldman owns a minority stake in Blue Source LLC, a Utah-based firm that sells carbon credits of the type that will be in great demand if the bill passes.

Nobel Prize winner Al Gore, who is intimately involved with the planning of cap-and-trade, started up a company called Generation Investment Management with three former bigwigs from Goldman Sachs Asset Management, David Blood, Mark Ferguson and Peter Harris. Their business? Investing in carbon offsets.
There's also a $500 million Green Growth Fund set up by a Goldmanite to invest in green-tech ... the list goes on and on. Goldman is ahead of the headlines again, just waiting for someone to make it rain in the right spot. Will this market be bigger than the energy-futures market?...” (emphasis added...ed)

Have you written to your federal politician yet? What about your State’s senators? Time is of the essence if we are to stop this scam dead in its tracks.


by Chris Knight
Thinkers have long puzzled about the mysteries of infinity. In ancient Greece, Zeno raised problems about the existence of motion using various paradoxes employing the concept of infinity. Today the received wisdom in mathematics is that technical advances in the calculus and number theory have all but eliminated these problems. However, puzzles continue in applying mathematical concepts of infinity to physical situations.

In Gabriel’s Horn or the point paradox, the curve y = 1/x (x >= 1) is rotated in three dimensions along the x-axis. Using integral calculus, the volume can be shown to equal pi. The surface area of the “horn” though is infinite. So the horn has a finite volume but an infinite surface area! Now fill the horn with paint, at least as a thought experiment. The horn can be filled with pi units of paint. But it is impossible to paint the surface of the horn, being infinite!
The mathematicians respond that since area and volume are different concepts, there is not a problem here. However, that is avoiding the problem: filling the horn involves coating the surface area so pi units of paint will cover an infinite area: a physical contradiction. Some mathematicians (e.g. Brian Clegg “Infinity” (2003) say that there is no problem as physical paint molecules are too large to fit down the narrow part of the horn. True, but irrelevant. Simply consider a “metaphysical paint” with arbitrary small molecules. The paradox remains.

Philosophers often reject the concept of God because it is thought to be paradoxical. But science itself is full of these sorts of problems. Usually they are ignored. We theists should therefore not be meek in the rational defence of our faith, when even the queen of the sciences, mathematics, is riddled with paradoxes. We don’t even really know what numbers are or why mathematics “works”.


by James Reed
Sydney’s recent terror trial of radical Islamic jihadis lead to five men being found guilty whilst four men had pleaded guilty last year. The ‘terror quintet’ had collected 30,000 rounds of ammunition, bomb making equipment and explosive chemicals, in preparation for acts of revenge against Australia for its activities in Iraq and Afghanistan. Letters-to-the-editor and talk back radio expressed the sentiment: “We gave these men a home and they plotted to kill us”.

It is an interesting expression of the liberal sentiment that good deeds and intentions somehow white-washes over stark political realities. The sentiment is proven wrong every day by the machinations of the multicultural meat-grinder of a society that the power elites have created.

There was also, shock horror, the story that a “French” physicist with the European atomic research centre, of Algerian origin, offered to assist al-Qa’ida and was arrested. We racial realists are not surprised. Isn’t this just the great unfolding of the logical consequences of the multicultural/multiracial society?

View Dr. Fredrick Toben’s 1990 DVD on Multiculturalism. Price $12.00 posted from Heritage Book Services P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley 5159.


by James Reed
US population growth critic Lindsey Grant, in an article entitled “Population Policy for a Depression” has outlined what the USA faces due to immigration – fuelled population growth. Unemployment is up to 13.9% of the labour force.
The two million people allowed into the USA on “temporary” visas (i.e., they never go) absorbed most of the new jobs created. Nevertheless, USA big business continues to push for the importation of cheap labour to hold wages down.

Sadly Grant himself seems to think that Hussein Obama, President of this mess, will save the day with his “sharp intellect” – the same President who promised Hispanics immigration reform that will ultimately lead to entire US states becoming Hispanic majorities. It seems that even the liberal critics of immigration can’t face this terrible Medusa.


by Brian Simpson
A story posted at the View from the Right site, details the sorry state of a young blonde British model, Katie Piper, who had sulphuric acid poured onto her face by a black Daniel Lynch… Lynch emailed Katie, who was “instantly attracted”:
“We seemed to have a lot in common and to be honest, looking at his pictures, I fancied him.” So she embarked on a sexual relationship with him and two weeks later he destroyed her face with acid. She did not know that he had a criminal record, having once thrown boiling water on a man’s face. Behind her attitude is the “it’s all beautiful - no worries” attitude that multiculturalism promotes.

The racial Other is always to be “fancied” and being different must be regarded as “cool” and trendy. As one commentator puts it: “The effect of liberal propaganda and multiculturalist dogma is NOT to make people more curious and knowledgeable about the Other, it is to render them utterly incurious and ignorant about the Other, and thus susceptible to annihilation by him.” That, in a nutshell, is the great liberal death wish.


by James Reed
Newspaper headlines continue with the boatpeople crisis. “Twelve Lost in Asylum Sea Tragedy” – a dozen Sri Lankan asylum-seekers “feared” dead after their boat capsized; “Boatpeople threaten suicide”; “We’d rather die than go ashore here [in Indonesia]” – so much for seeking safety! “Boatpeople Howard rejected returned”; ACTU calls for Tamils to be brought to Christmas Island”; and so it continues.
The chattering classes have mobilised through liberal-pinko, politically correct angst to push the line that all asylum-seekers should be accepted. The “Greens”, who are really “reds”, are good at expressing such a sentiment and never mind the ecological destruction brought on by waves of chain migration.

Greg Sheridan in “Uncontrolled Muslim Influx a Terror Threat” (The Australian, 29/10/09, p.12) says that the British Foreign Secretary told him that 75% of the terror plots aimed at Britain originated in tribal areas of Pakistan – and about 800,000 Pakistanis live in Britain. As there “is a link between uncontrolled Muslim immigration and terrorism”, “if things go wrong…Australia could [lose] control of our immigration program.”
Sheridan goes on to discuss Christopher Caldwell’s Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West, which makes a general case against immigration. Sheridan strongly disagrees with this but really the Islam crisis is just the logical conclusion of Asianisation and multiculturalism. Who says that the West should survive under the assault from such forces?

Once more Sheridan fails to face the logical consequences of his own arguments. Sergei DeSilva-Ranasinghe (“Be in No Doubt, There are Tigers Among Boatpeople,” The Australian, 28/10/09, p.16, points out that 9818 Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam have been identified and interned but about 10,000 LTTE fighters have been hiding in camps, posing as civilians and now most of these have fled as refugees. Many refugee families have been strong LTTE supporters. Thus there are certainly LTTE fighters among the Tamil refuges who have arrived in Australia. Such fighters engaged in terrorism and have not abandoned the idea of establishing an independent homeland. In the West LTTE asylum-seekers have engaged in extortion, violence and homicide. DeSilva-Ranasinghe quotes the FBI as claiming: “The Tamil Tigers are among the most dangerous and deadly extremists in the world [and their] ruthless tactics have inspired terrorist networks worldwide, including al Qa’ida in Iraq.”

As I see it, as we cannot differentiate the “safe” from the “unsafe”, the precautionary principle (and “least reject”) says to keep them all out! If further evidence is needed that Australia has become a population-dumping ground of the world, reflect upon Sri Lanka’s asylum solution: bring unskilled migrant workers to Australia! Canberra and Sri Lanka have already talked about this, another example of our politicians selling us up the river (The Australian, 5/11/09, p.1).

The boatpeople crisis will be solved by an immigration solution as illegal invaders are re-categorised as unskilled migrant workers. And then, they all flood in. It is interesting to note that according to Newspoll, the Coalition is not level with Labor on primary vote support, in the light of the asylum seeker issue.
It is time for a new version of Australians Against Further Immigration party. Do the old guard have enough animal juices for one last charge? Stop Immigration Now! – a good name for the new movement as immigration is a “sin” against our nation.