Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

13 February 2009 Thought for the Week:

"Thinking to get at once all the gold the goose could give, he killed it and opened it only to find - nothing."

-- "The Goose with the Golden Eggs," from Aesop’s Fables (c. 550 B.C.)

"Thus, for 626 years there existed a system of finance based on public credit, with entire confidence on the part of the people and admirable prudence and good faith on the part of the Government, converting the entire public debt into a currency or a medium of exchange which, in reality, made the public debt a public blessing, instead of a curse, and produced a degree of prosperity never before or since attained by any people…
The Venetian money system came to an end when Napoleon conquered Venice. Napoleon believed that there were hoards of gold in the Venetian Treasury. He believed that the long and consistent prosperity of the Venetian Republic was because their Treasury was filled with the gold, and immediately Napoleon set about to conquer the Venetian Republic and confiscate their Treasury.
It is true that he conquered Venice, but Napoleon did not find any golden ducats in the vaults of the bank of Venice as he expected. He found that ages ago the original gold had been used in the arts and sciences…"

--- "The Bank of Venice, 1171-1797," The Social Crediter 8th July, 1939.  


by Chris Knight and John Steele:
David Thomas book, 'Not Guilty, Men: The Case for the Defence (1993) documents systemic discrimination against men over the ages. Thomas says: 'The human male is little more than a worker bee, or soldier ant. He 's socialised from an early age to submerge his own personality in order to serve the interests of his community and he 's discarded the moment that he has outlived his usefulness. (p.88) Thomas book contains evidence of feminist 's exaggerations about the extent of domestic violence and he debunks feminist myth after myth. So far so good.

However Thomas also attacks the 'traditional male stereotype, the John Wayne man committed to manly values and virtues such as courage, strength, endurance, struggle and warrior spirit to endure pain stoically and to fight against the odds. Thomas book wanders over a range of topics, all in the same way questioning traditional concepts of masculinity. He views body-building and the physical strength culture, negatively, but this is common for computer-tapping intellectuals. Thus although Thomas set out to defend men, his book churns out fashionable angst about male identity.

The media is relentless in its attacks upon males and masculinity. Mateship is a menace. Guns, a phallic symbol of traditional masculinity, are by definition a social threat. One of the major arguments given for the 1996 John Howard 'gun grab was the 'fear for women argument. Feminists clearly will not be happy until every single one of these evil phallic symbols has been surgically removed! For example, a full page advertisement in The Age 2/6/1993, p.20) from the 'War Against Women series, had an Anglo-Saxon male with a shotgun, with the caption, 'He 's Finally Stopped Beating His Wife. But murder by guns in domestic violence situations is relatively rare and is exceeded by murder with edged weapons.

More people are killed each year through the mistakes of doctors than by firearms, but firearms get the bad press. Statistics from the USA by Dr. Lott show that more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens, means, less crime. More massacres have occurred through state-owned guns by systems people: so why discriminate against private ownership?

The answer lies in the symbolism and male mythology associated with the gun, which the 'pencil neck new class, especially feminists, loathe. Man in the New World Order must be physically incapable of resistance and even the idea that 'self protection is necessary must be ridiculed. And isn 't it a 'lunar right wing idea to suppose with terrible extremists thinkers, like the Founding Fathers of America, that governments themselves may become corrupt?
The right response of men to this internal subversion should be: so sue us, goal us, run this cesspool of the modern world on your own! Against the tyranny of the murder of manhood should be nothing but 'in your face resistance! Hysteria and weakness are signs of degeneracy that we men, who deserve to be called 'men and are proud of our masculinity, should reject.

In particular, we as men must reject the soppy subversive self-help ideology of the 1960s that we need to 'get in touch with our feelings (what: aggression, righteous rage no they don 't mean those 'feelings '), become more sensitive, learn to cry like Bobby Hawke.
It is hard to believe that such bovine nonsense can be seriously contemplated and that such pop-psychological charlatans make a fortune from selling such an evil brew. A moment of cold male logic should destroy the illusions around such pathetic and wimpy ideas, the final frontier of the emasculation of the male. Crying may give some temporary relief from the pain of the problem but one needs to deal with the problem. So, cut the crying and get on with it. Address the real cause of the problem. As far as emotions go, men get more release from anger and good-old-fashioned righteous violence, than from crying. Such emotions are a prelude to action.

Our civilisation hangs in the balance. Steven Goldberg has pointed out in his publications on patriarchy that even feminist environmentalists, such as Margaret Mead, accepted the idea that claims made about societies ruled by women are nonsense. Patriarchy and masculinity are not disposable phenomena; they are human universals and as value concepts, better substantiated as being part of human nature than globalist and liberal internationalist notions of cosmopolitanism and egalitarianism.

Even discoveries near the Russian city of Voronezh by Dr. Valery Gulyayev of the Russian Institute of Archaeology in Moscow, do not alter this conclusion. Newspaper articles some years back reported a discovery that allegedly supported the ancient Greek Herodotus theory of the existence of a race of women warriors, the Amazons. This discovery of 2,400-year-old burial mounds built on the Upper Don River by the Scythians, revealed the bodies of young women buried with classic womanly things (e.g., necklaces) but also weapons.
Dr. Gulyayev believes that the women were not Amazons, but merely guarding the home while the men folk were pasturing their herds. The feminist hopes against the gravity of human socio-biology that technology will free us from the tyranny of biology, just as 'the Pill allegedly (but falsely) freed women from the reproductive burden. But this is a total illusion, a feminist fraud. If it were not a feminist fraud, but a truth, we would not have the social crisis which now engulfs our civilisation. Masculine qualities used to build and maintain all known civilisations cannot be abandoned without disaster. And they must not be so abandoned. The girlie man of the New World Order is a temporary aberration that is just begging for the forces of nature to eliminate. The feminist world is one of collapse. The West has indeed gone a long way along the rocky track of feminisation.

Due to the increasingly base materialism of our times, vulgar consumerist values have been accepted over spiritual values and everything has become open to consideration and trade-offs by means of a utilitarian calculus of cost-benefit analysis. The triumph of mainstream economics means more greed and materialism because this world-view is one of selfishness and ego, vanity of vanities. Materialism puts its principal emphasis upon tangible things such as comfort, respectability, conformity, security and safety. Things which do not fit well into the utilitarian universe courage, honour, strength, dignity, resistance and the warrior spirit - must be neglected.

In the economic universe of globalism, where everything is relative to some economic value and the pig-like utilitarian satisfaction of the neo-classical economic atomistic ego, it makes no sense to sacrifice one 's life for the higher values or the greater good all martyrs are thus morons. If the foundation of the value relation is defined in terms of utilitarian ego satisfaction, then the ultimate sacrifice is ultimately nonsensical. No one should die for a cause.
This extreme egotism, will doom the present globalist system for the seeds of its own destruction already lie in its heart. Masculine values are part of human nature and a highly unnatural social system can only exist for so long before it collapses from its own putridity. The time has come for men to reclaim their manhood and take action against a tyrannical order that aims to destroy their very essence. It is time for the return of the 'John Wayne Man.


Anyone with a stake in the stability of the wider Middle East should take very seriously the warning set forth in the Financial Times last Friday by Prince Turki al-Faisal.
Prince Turki, a man who expresses himself with care and moderation, was recently the Saudi ambassador to the UK and the US and, before that, the long-serving chief of Saudi intelligence. He and his brother, foreign minister Prince Saud al-Faisal, have represented the pro-US kingdom to the world for well over three decades. They are also part of the reforming wing of Saudi Arabia's absolute monarchy and allies of King Abdullah. Prince Turki, citing equally forthright remarks by King Abdullah and Prince Saud, is now telling the new administration of Barack Obama it can either change course radically on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or forfeit the US "special relationship" with Saudi Arabia.

The US, he warns, risks losing its leadership role in the Middle East. The Bush administration has not only left "a sickening legacy in the region", he says, but "contributed to the slaughter of innocents". Mr Obama should embrace the 2002 peace plan of King Abdullah, offering full Arab recognition of Israel for full Israeli withdrawal from occupied Arab land and the creation of a Palestinian state, with Arab east Jerusalem as its capital.

Prince Turki reveals that Iran last week called on Saudi Arabia to lead a jihad against Israel. "So far, the kingdom has resisted these calls," he said, but "eventually, the kingdom will not be able to prevent its citizens from joining the worldwide revolt against Israel". Strong stuff. Like other Sunni regimes such as Egypt and Jordan, the Saudis have come under popular pressure to respond to Israel's assault on Gaza. They fear being seen as part of a US-Israeli front against Shia Iran and its allies, including Hamas.
But it would be foolish to underestimate the anger felt by Arab leaders at the Israeli army's killing of Palestinian civilians and more than 400 children in Gaza.

The Saudis have emitted a crescendo of warnings, as Arab leaders over the past decade have lost faith in American leadership and signalled they may make their own arrangements: hostile to Israel, in detente with Iran, and turning their backs on the US unless it can restrain its Israeli ally. Mr Obama's naming of George Mitchell, the former senator who helped bring peace to Northern Ireland, as special envoy to the Middle East, shows he is thinking seriously about the region. What the Saudis are telling the new US president is that he has only limited time to act. Source: Financial Times 5 Jan 2009


Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan received a hero's welcome on his return to Istanbul on Friday after accusing Israel of "knowing very well how to kill" during a heated debate at the World Economic Forum. Erdogan stormed out of a debate on Israel's Gaza offensive on Thursday, and vowed he might never return to the annual gathering of the rich and powerful in Davos. President Shimon Peres had launched a fiery defence of his country's offensive in Gaza over the past month, and with a raised voice and pointed finger, questioned what Erdogan would do if rockets were fired at Istanbul every night. "When it comes to killing, you know very well how to kill," Erdogan, visibly angry, responded as he sat next to Peres at the debate, which also included United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and Arab League chief Amr Moussa. Turkey, a predominantly Muslim but secular country that historically has had good ties with Israel and the Arab world, played a role in helping broker an end to the Gaza offensive this month, particularly by lobbying the Islamist Hamas group to declare a ceasefire. Thousands of people gathered at Istanbul's Ataturk airport to greet Erdogan when he returned, waving Turkish and Palestinian flags and chanting "Turkey is proud of you." "Our people would have expected the same reaction from any Turkish prime minister," he told a news conference at Ataturk airport on Friday morning after speaking to the crowd. "This was a matter of the esteem and prestige of my country. Hence, my reaction had to be clear. I could not have allowed anyone to poison the prestige and in particular the honour of my country," he said. "Our reproaches are not against the Israeli people or Jews. Our reproach is totally against the Israeli administration," Erdogan said. Source:


Just had to put the following in OT. Now you know who coaches the politicians. Judy Wallman, a professional genealogy researcher in southern California, was doing some personal work on her own family tree. She discovered that Harry Reid's great-great uncle, Remus Reid, was hanged for horse stealing and train robbery in Montana in 1889. Both Judy and Harry Reid share this common ancestor. The only known photograph of Remus shows him standing on the gallows in Montana territory.

On the back of the picture Judy obtained during her research is this inscription: “Remus Reid, horse thief, sent to Montana Territorial Prison 1885, escaped 1887, robbed the Montana Flyer six times. Caught by Pinkerton detectives, convicted and hanged in 1889.' So Judy recently e-mailed Congressman Harry Reid for information about their great-great uncle.

Believe it or not, Harry Reid's staff sent back the following biographical sketch for her genealogy research:
Remus Reid was a famous cowboy in the Montana Territory. His business empire grew to include acquisition of valuable equestrian assets and intimate dealings with the Montana railroad. Beginning in 1883, he devoted several years of his life to government service, finally taking leave to resume his dealings with the railroad.
In 1887, he was a key player in a vital investigation run by the renowned Pinkerton Detective Agency. In 1889, Remus passed away during an important civic function held in his honour when the platform upon which he was standing collapsed.” Now THAT is how it's done! That's REAL SPIN.


You have to admire the French. The ordinary people there know how to stick up for themselves instead of meekly bowing down and accepting whatever bitter gruel the elite tries to cram down their throats. And they don't just write a few angry letters (or blog posts!), or send cheques to some worthy progressive organization to organize a few mildly admonishing ads or press releases on their behalf. Hell no, they take to the streets, by the millions, they shut things down, they make some noise, they put their time, their jobs, and their bodies on the line. Yesterday saw another remarkable display of this national trait, as an astonishingly broad spectrum of the French citizenry surged through the streets of Paris to express their outrage at the government's response to the economic crisis. This response has been the usual doling out of billions in public money for the fat cats who caused the crisis, coupled with increasing demands for "sacrifice" from the hoi polloi: less pay, longer hours, fewer benefits, a bleaker life for you and your children while the elite party on.

But, an estimated 2.5 million people blue-collar workers and white-collar professionals, educators and students, doctors and train drivers, native-born and immigrants came out to tell the government: "We are not going to pay for the greed and corruption of the elite! Find another way!" The contrast to the stunned, herd-like reaction of the American and British publics to their governments' gorging of corrupt oligarchs with no-strings largess could not be more striking.

The outpouring on Thursday was a culmination of discontent toward the government of President Nicolas Sarkozy known as "the American" not only for his amped-up PR style (and celebrity wife) but even more for his zeal to impose the harsh work regimen and vast social and economic inequalities of the Anglo-American model on France. He was demanding the "sacrifices" noted above long before the economic crisis began, while also constructing an ever-more power-friendly "national security state" along Anglo-American lines.

As Agnes Poirier notes in the Guardian:
Sarkozy has spent his 20 months in power systematically weakening the forces that maintain the balance of power in a democracy.

First, parliament: a reform being fought by the opposition aims to reduce drastically the amount of time spent debating bills, so limiting the ability of the opposition to question ministers and propose amendments - all in the name of efficiency.
Second, the legal system: among Sarkozy's reforms are harsher sentences, life terms for certain mentally ill criminals and sex offenders, and the abolition of the "investigative magistrate" - the cornerstone of the French legal system since 1811.
Third, education: tens of thousands of teachers have lost their jobs while 5,000 "truant hunters" have been created - less teaching, more policing.
Fourth, information: the president has in effect created a state-appointed and state-controlled media network, while helping media baron friends carve up advertising revenues.

Sarkozy's government has also been whipping up fears of vast, secret, anarchist cabals, plotting violence and destruction. He has used the same kind of draconian "anti-terrorist" laws that have been adopted by almost all the leading "democracies" of the West to crack down on anyone who opposes the global corporatist-militarist ethos ' '



To the Editor of The Age. 1st February 2009:
There is something more than just odd in the dimensions of the furore that has erupted over the Pope's rehabilitation of four conservative bishops, one of them having expressed opinions at odds with the currently accepted view of the Holocaust.
How and why can public disagreement over a historical matter cause, for example, Germany's Jewish community to cut its ties with the Vatican ('The Age', 31/1) and the French Minister for Europe to declare the Pope guilty of a serious error? There must be an enormous amount hanging on the issue.
Moreover, if the matter can cause such political tsunamis, why is it one which cannot be openly and freely discussed in the major media from all points of view? Why can we not read opinion articles by Bishop Williamson and other revisionists in our major newspapers? Sadiq Khan, Britain's Communities Minister, insults the revisionists, but is there any evidence that he has read their major theses, let alone found substantial ways to rebut them? Almost certainly, none.
Perhaps the answer may lie in speeches made by the President of Iran on 27 and 28 January and his essential claim therein that the refusal to 'unpadlock' the Holocaust and the events of 11 September for unfettered debate is a product of international power politics at the highest level and an indicator of appalling moral and political corruption in the nations of the West.

- - Nigel Jackson, Belgrave Victoria.

WALLACE KLINCK, CANADA: To: Adler’s Radio Program: 30 January, 2009.
Dear Mr. Adler,
Further to my telephone call to your radio program today and your interview with Jack Leighton, Leader of the Canadian New Democratic Party:
Jack Leighton, leader of the socialist Canadian New Democratic Party, should not be entirely unhappy with the Harper Governments "pump-priming" five-year deficit plan which is a classic application of Keynesian Fabian Socialist policy--which places the nation even more in debt leading to further inflationary degradation of the currency and more crises, allegedly justifying increasing state intervention in the economy.
Of course all parties are beholden to the same defective and destructive power of debt finance as applied with stealth through the gradualist power-centralising policies advocated by the late economist John Maynard Keynes - a formal member of the British Fabian Socialist Society. For this reason none are capable of providing realistic economics for the nation.

Neither the declared socialists, "those knights in rusty armour" with their vision of an ant-heap work-obsessed society, or the other de-facto socialist parties, have ever come abreast of the realities of the flawed financial credit system as it malfunctions in the modern age, where the Cultural Heritage and physical capital rapidly replace labour as factors of mass production.
They cannot conceive of an abundant and increasingly leisured, free society and constantly parrot the necessity of providing "jobs" for all--being apparently oblivious to the fact that a state policy of "full-employment" was the cornerstone policy of the communist and fascist totalitarian "Work States." To these authoritarian puritans endless toil seems to be the only element capable of "purifying" the human soul and personality.

Effectively, we all live under the one "party" dictatorship of the all-pervasive financial debt system which generates financial costs and prices more rapidly than financial incomes. This financial regime gives us only the false option of "filling the gap" with new credits, created and lent by the banking system as debt allegedly owing to themselves -- i.e. of mortgaging the future with an accumulating burden of financial debt, in a futile attempt to meet future prices. Future prices that are loaded down with unliquidated inflationary financial charges carried over from past cycles of production.
The Austrian School of Ludwig von Mises, to which you favourably alluded, provides no appropriate or viable answers to our financial and economic problems. It is detached from reality, being firmly wedded to the validity of "Say's Law" i.e. the false assumption that the price-system is essentially self-liquidating. It neglects to include, with land, labour and capital, the Cultural Heritage as a factor of production and cannot, therefore, properly address the issue of distribution in the technological age of mass production. Its declared objective is to "make the world safe for international finance."
Social Credit policy is to make the world safe for ordinary citizens in independent national jurisdictions. Believe me, the two objectives are NOT synonymous. The former supports internationalism; the latter promotes immanent sovereignty. The choice is tyranny or freedom. The latter can only emanate from a policy of decentralisation of power. The only safe place for power is in many hands. This requires a genuinely consumer-motivated economy where consumers dictate policy of production through their money-votes, provided always in sufficiency. As C. H. Douglas averred, "Political democracy without economic democracy is dynamite."
In this time of financial absurdity and artificially-induced "crisis" we would do well to seek realistic answers by casting our attention back to those earlier debates between C. H. Douglas and John Maynard Keynes and others who were advocates and practitioners of economic orthodoxy. As the late Alfred Orage, editor of the British intellectual journal, The New Age, relates, in all the interviews Douglas and he had with bankers, economists and businessmen, Douglas appeared to have complete mastery of his subject, making them all look and talk like children.
- - Yours sincerely, Wallace Klinck.

Australian Cries: You could expect another republican push for Australia Day.
After all, republicans – Australian republicans in particular – are so predictable. They use our public holidays to raise their voices. 2009 is no exception. But sometimes they overdo their propaganda. Take for example Australian Republic Movement chairman Michael Keating who claimed in The Canberra Times, “the country was ’crying out for leadership’ on the subject, and urged Mr. Rudd to commit to a process and timetable to pursue the issue.”
I don’t know where Michael Keating lives, but in my home, people cry out for a reliable train service, they want a public transport worth that name and that does not hand over the profit to private contractors and leaves the patrons stranded on platforms; they cry for a better water management and they cry out against the desalination plant and the North-South pipeline through the Victorian countryside, but that seems to be secondary topics for the Greens. They cry for action against climate change and against the ridiculously low and inadequate 5% target, Kevin Rudd wants to achieve by 2020. But what is the threat to mankind caused by the climate change to the desire to have a politicians’ republic?
There are many political topics in Australia that need more attention, however Green Senator Bob Brown puts his emphasis on “a” republic: "Australia Day long weekend is the perfect opportunity for the Prime Minister to commit to building cross-party support for a vote on a plebiscite," Senator Brown said yesterday according to The Canberra Times. I cry that our politicians cannot set their priorities straight.