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22 January 2010 Thought for the Week:

On 21 March, The Independent published a letter written by a man who was born in England of illustrious Iranian parentage, who eventually settled in Iran and now looks back to England without recognizing it.

“…Driven by forces beholden to the corporate interest, nothing would please the West more than to have the Iranian masses emulate "the mindless McDonald's-munching slaves of Mammon… As pointed out by Dr Dickie in his response to my letter (28 March), where then has the quality of scepticism, a crucial component of the liberal, reasonable mindset, and once so defining of the national character, gone? Now replaced in citizens of the so-called free world, including Britain, by a blind acceptance of what they hear from two most discredited sources: politicians and journalists.

Such bovine acquiescence before the official line negates the very justification for democracies – which rely upon a citizenry that is rational and capable of making up its own mind – and has dangerous consequences…

Perhaps too those, in Iran and elsewhere, who look with cynicism at your democratic utopias are not quite as wet behind the ears as your own citizens. This was the meaning of my reference to "McDonald's-munching slaves" – not, as one commentator put it, an expression of snobbery directed at the working class who cannot afford a meal at the Bullingdon, but a highlighting of who it is that actually runs the show in your democracies and enslaves your population through a culture of consumerism.

Western democracy’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’: For McDonald's is the ultimate symbol of the bourgeois, corporate interests that hold the real reins of power in your countries… The truth is that many in Iran and in the Muslim world in general have grasped Western democracy's dirty little secret: that your leaders have no real power. And if your representatives are as ineffectual as their electorate before the Dictatorship of Money, then what meaning have your votes and your democracy?...”  

Darius Guppy: “Here in Iran, we look with horror at the country that Britain has become”


by Betty Luks
Farmer Peter Spencer ended his 52-day hunger strike on the advice of his doctors and will be hospitalised while he recovers. In a statement released by his family, Mr Spencer promised to keep fighting his cause once back on the ground, but probably after a good meal.
“I will be relentless in this pursuit and call upon all Australians to help make our nation a society truly ‘for’, ‘by’ and ‘of’ the People,” he said in the statement.
"As much as the nation is concerned about me, my concerns are directed at the families of the hundreds of farmers who have suicided and the politicians who have failed to show any concern, compassion or morality for what the government has done to these families and the nation’s Constitution."

A spokesman for Mr Spencer said his protest had achieved the attention and was "not in vain. It has placed issues at the forefront of every Australian and gained unprecedented attention across Australia, and the world, concerning thousands of Australian farming families' property rights which have been stolen to meet Australia’s entire Kyoto Protocol International Treaty Obligations and in so doing, breaching Australia’s Constitution."

Bravo Peter Spencer we at On Target salute you for your brave actions on behalf of all farmers in this land.

Examine how the spin doctors work:
Do look at how the spin doctors present the situation in The Australian (12/1/2010). “Radicals distort farm debate,” Christian Kerr writes:
“Supporters of hunger-striking farmer Peter Spencer risk derailing debate on vital issues of property rights with their fringe views, a leading agri-politics expert has warned….”

Christian Kerr continues: “Heated online debate over Mr Spencer's 50-day protest atop a tower is continuing, often lurching into conspiracy theories. Geoff Cockfield, a specialist in agri-environment policy from the University of Southern Queensland, said it was not helping the NSW farmer's cause that he should be compensated for not being allowed to clear his land near Cooma. "You always have fringe populists in rural areas thriving around particular issues, whatever they might be," he said.

"They start plausibly enough, just picking on minor irritations people have about governments, but as you get more information we start to get into the worldwide conspiracy. There's quite a few mainstream agri-politicians and economists and public policy people who would be sympathetic to the argument that if we are actually preventing full use of property rights in the interests of some sort of supra-national agreement on carbon sequestration, then what's the case for everyone bearing the cost of that? …”

Shades of Pauline Hanson?!!
Question: How come the interests of “some sort of supra-national agreement on carbon sequestration” is allowed to over-ride the interests of the Australian people? Is this fellow suggesting the taxpayers bear the burden of compensation for farmers affected by such environmental legislation - but politicians mustn’t do a thing to repeal this legislation - in the interests of the Australian people? Is he saying International Treaties such as the Kyoto Treaty should over-ride the Commonwealth Constitution and the rights of the Australian people?

Examine the words and terms he uses gentle reader, don’t you think they are psycho-political swear words used to get a knee-jerk response from you? E.g., “lurching into conspiracy theories”; “fringe populist in rural areas thriving around particular issues”; implying only the ruling elite know what is good for us, but the ‘populists’ and ‘rural fringes’ don’t?
Australians better wake up! While it may be the farmers today, tomorrow it will be your land, your house, your property. You don’t think they are going to stop at the Peter Spencers of this nation – do you?


The following report is from Lord Christopher Monkton, who insists that what the world witnessed at the Copenhagen Conference was ‘street theatre’. The real deals were ‘done and dusted’ in secret, behind the scenes, long before the Copenhagen round. He saw the entire exercise as a sort of Nuremberg Rally with nothing of substance agreed to at Copenhagen.
Even the African nations’ ‘boycott’ was for show. How does he know this? He says he has seen it all before – remember he was an adviser to Margaret Thatcher’s government.
He spoke of the large numbers of communist flags displayed in the streets, which he saw as the re-emergence of the revolutionary Reds but now disguised as ‘the Greens’. He likened them to the Hitler Youth of the National Socialist Party, who displayed the same authoritarianism and intolerance of views other than their own.

Third world ‘reparations’ = world taxes
While no Treaty was signed at Copenhagen, the alarm bells should be ringing around the world – very loudly. He said there is going to be political agreements, long on rhetoric, long on aspirations, but short on detail. After all, the peoples of the West won’t be happy to learn just how much of their hard-earned incomes Rudd has promised to pay the Third World in ‘reparations’. And this for ‘global warming’ the West did (not do) to the climate!
Then the taxes to bleed the West still further to finance the hundreds of bureaucracies required to administer the scheme; i.e., the salaries of the thousands of bureaucrats who will administer these fledgling world-government bureaucracies.

Real deals done in secret
Lord Monckton insists the ‘leaders’ (read traitors to their own people) of the great powers have already decided the deals behind the scenes. No, at this stage there will not be a Treaty. There will be a ‘political agreement’ that will be long on rhetoric, long on aspirations and short on details, because the peoples of the West aren’t going to like the idea of paying the kind of money being claimed in ‘reparations’.

Essential elements for World Government
Lord Monckton warns that every negotiating draft of the Treaty that he saw at Copenhagen had all the essential elements for a World Government in them – not just the thousands of bureaucrats but an interlocking network of six or seven hundred bureaucracies.
The structural mechanisms being set up can easily ‘morph’ into the bureaucratic arms of a powerful World Government.

Obama came to ‘save the day’
Bearing in mind this was all in the script before the conference began,, as the script dictated, President Barak Hussein Obama, of the great superpower, flew in at the eleventh hour to ‘save’ the Conference.
The Obama enacted-out-scene reminded me of the way that little ACTU silver-haired-bodgie, Bobby Hawke, would appear on the scene, just in time, to ‘save’ us from the dire consequences of threatened, impending, industrial-strife.

And we haven’t taken into account the cap’n’trade ponzi scheme envisaged by Goldman Sachs and Al Gore! Don’t go to sleep fellow Australians – we all have some mighty battles ahead of us if we are to rescue our rights and freedoms – and put governments back in their place.  


by James Reed
The Norwegian government established a “doomsday vault” containing enough seeds to re-establish world agriculture following a global catastrophe such as a nuclear war or asteroid strike (The Australian, 13/1/06, p.6). The vault is on an ice bound island 1000km away from the North Pole. The assumption here is that this island won’t be hit by bombs, fallout or asteroid impact – and that in the worse case scenario that there will be someone alive to access the seeds. And – that someone remembered to put the key to the vault under the doormat!  


by James Reed
The Swiss ban on new minarets by Muslim communities is an important fight back against politically correct multiculturalism arising from undemocratic immigration policies. The ban provoked responses from Islamists claiming hatred of Muslims, extreme Islamophobia and a clash between Islam and the West. But Muslims in Europe have a fertility rate over four times greater than non-Muslims, which will eventually lead to a doubling of the Muslim population in Europe in a mere 20 years to 104 million.
In the Netherlands, half of all children born are Muslim. Muslims are thus likely to become the majority demographically in Europe in the next 40-50 years, with Sharia law ruling. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has said: “Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without guns, without swords, without conquest. We don’t need terrorists, we don’t need homicide bombers. The 50 million Muslims in Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.” That’s all folks!

At present, Israel is agonising about whether or not to launch a strike against Iran’s nuclear programme. There is no doubt that a nuclear Iran threatens the existence of Israel. But what about Sharia law ruling Europe, creating Eurabia and controlling all of Europe’s nuclear weapons? It makes me more than a little nervous.  


by James Reed
Andrew Roberts, a British historian, has written a fair and balanced history of the English-speaking peoples: “A History of the English-Speaking People Since 1900” (Weidenfeld and Nicholson, London 2006). Here is a book, which instead of “bashing” the English people, sees them as the supporters of civilisation, “the last, best hope of mankind,” as Roberts puts it.

Here at last is an author not afraid of saying that the English speaking people are a light to the rest of humanity. Further, here is a book which opens fire on the politically correct intellectuals such as feminist republican Germaine Greer and Manning Clark.

As a sample, here is Roberts attacking Australian Anglophobia:
“Australian Anglophobia continued its long march through the institutions of that country during the 1980’s, spearheaded by indentured intellectuals in the universities and schools. Charles Manning Hope Clark, whose six volume “A History of Australia”, published between 1962 and 1987, was hugely influential, did much to vilify the ideas and institutions that Australia derived from the mother country, Britain.
Even Clark’s publisher, Peter Ryan, admits that the six volumes are “almost unbelievably prolix…a vast cauldron of very thin verbal soup…gaseous verbal excess…it has given long-windedness and self-pity a bad name”. Yet the work came to be Australian history, defining Australia as much as the Old Testament defines Judaism”.

As with so many such feasters on the hand that feeds them, C.M.H. Clark had a first-class education at the British tax-payer’s expense. On his return to Australia in July 1940, Clark taught the boys at the elite Geelong Grammar School that “maybe a victorious Russia, a Russia that had rediscovered the humanism of Marx, would light a cleansing fire in Australia”, which in turn would lead to the end of the “apologists for Englishmanism in Australia”.

Despite his alcoholism, communism and contempt for what he sneeringly described as “objectivity, impartiality, detachment, cool reason”, Clark became hugely influential in Australian academia. [As one writer put it:] “He was the idol of a generation of Australian history students and a great and influential patron in the appointment of academic historians.” Nonetheless, the chance of this virulently anti-British racist writing objectively about the contribution of the mother country to the development of his homeland was absolutely nil. In 2001, an enjoyably bitter debate took place in the pages of The Times Literary Supplement as to whether Clark had been awarded the Order of Lenin by the Soviet Union, as Brisbane (newspaper) The Courier-Mail had alleged five years earlier. Tempers frayed, high horses were clambered upon.

It turned out that he might well have been awarded the Order, but he was certainly awarded the less prestigious Lenin Jubilee Medal in 1970. In his acceptance speech, Clark described the genocidal Russian leader being commemorated as a “teacher of humanity” and said that only when communism conquered the world could all men be brothers. Furthermore, “We are lucky to live in a time when this tenet is being verified by life.” In his 1960 book “Meeting Soviet Ma”n, Clark described Lenin as “Christ-Like, at least in his compassion” and “as lovable as a little child”. Whether or not Clark was actually awarded the Order of Lenin, he most certainly deserved to be.

In the estimation of author Geoffrey Partington: “By the 1970’s many history departments in Australian universities were dominated by Clark’s creed…by 1980 he ranked among the leading conductors of large scholastic chorus that daily poured out hatred on much of the past and present of both Britain and Australia.”  


by Peter Ewer
British philosopher A.C. Grayling has written an important book on a neglected topic: the morality of the Allied World War II bombings of civilians in Germany and Japan: “Among the Dead Cities” (Walker and Company, New York, 2006). Grayling says: “The Holocaust throws such a deep and jagged shadow over the second world war that the sum of harm done by all other non-Holocaust-related means is diminished by it; which is one reason why there has been so little said about culpabilities on the Allied side of the struggle.”

Grayling is careful to qualify that he is no historical revisionist and that no suffering could equal that of the Holocaust etc., etc. He spends some pages defending his back doing this and I would not have been surprised if the whole book became an extended qualification. Fortunately, once Grayling gets down to business he does a remarkably good job. So, was the incendiary bombings of Dresden and other German cities, with few military targets, which killed tens of thousands of people (the standard view accepted by Grayling. David Irving says as many as 250,000 Germans perished but Irving’s study is not mentioned) justified?

Applying the Allies’ own Nuremberg principles, Grayling concludes that the Allied bombings were a crime. Grayling does not consider the rape of Berlin that occurred when the Red Army marched into the city, raping, looting and killing. Nor does he consider the “other losses” scenario, which saw an attempt by the US to systematically exterminate German soldiers after the war, by starving them in open concentration camps. Nevertheless, this is an important book, which exposes the dark side of the Victors’ war story. It is a good starting point for understanding the much more comprehensive war that is continuing against the Nordic and Germanic peoples.


by James Reed
A little news story stuck in my mind for days. In Minnesota, people were likely to be able to vote for governor a self-proclaimed vampire: Jonathan “The Impaler” Sharkey.
He ran on the ticket of the Vampyres, Witches and Pagan’s Party. “The Impaler” is a Satanist who hates “God the Father” but, bending with the times, is multicultural to his goat’s soup core. Sharkey posted in government buildings “everything from the 10 Commandments to the Wicca Reed”. Sharkey intended to, if elected, personally execute convicted murderers and child molesters by impaling them on a wooden pole, as Vlad the Impaler once did (Source: The Weekend Australian, 14-15/1/06, p.14).

What is the relevance of all this? It seems to me that most of our politicians , past and present, are “vampires” who have done more harm to our nation than Sharkey was likely to do by impaling child molesters. Our politicians have impaled our industry, culture, race and nation. Like Satanic parasites they have drunk the life-blood of our people. The true horror story of our times is what they have been allowed to get away with because of the apathy and stupidity of the masses, who allow themselves to be drained of their blood in their sleep. Vote one Vampire; vote two, three…vampire!


by James Reed
Peter Cosgrove (ABC Boyer Lectures, “Our Way of Life is Enriched by Migrants,” The Weekend Australian 5-6/12/09, p.7) rolled out the standard line on immigration and multiculturalism. Cosgrove is a former chief of the Australian Defence Force. For him, there is nothing wrong with Australia’s Asianisation and multiculturalism programs and even large scale Muslim migration because it enriches our way of life. But he never says what he means by “our”.

Somehow, there is an “us” in which migrants are poured. The “us” liquid needs to be “enriched” because of – what? Surely because it is inferior and in need of “topping up”. But that is just “racist” because it is saying that there is a difference between “us” = Anglo or traditional Australia and the migrant-other. That, I am afraid, is a politically incorrect no-no. But looked at another way, it is just standard multicultural fodder. Hence multiculturalism is logically inconsistent as an ideology, as if you didn’t know.


by Robert Hart
One can judge a society by how it treats its weakest members. These weak links are usually animals. China, like most Asian countries, has little comprehensive legislation or social commitment to animal rights. Practices like betting on cock fighting – roosters with specially sharp spurs that fight to the death – is a common activity in China. It is their version of race horse betting. Cock fighting rings are frequently broken up by police in Australia amongst the Chinese and Asian communities. One such ring was recently broken up in Adelaide.

The Chinese have many unusual traditional medicinal practices – as do all cultures. One such practice of a particularly appalling nature is the extraction of bear bile from the livers of live bears. These bears are kept in cages so small they are unable to do much more than move their heads. There are only between 16,000 and 25,000 Asiatic black bears left in the forests of Asia but Chinese law permits bile-farming of captive bears.

The Chinese are promoting the idea that bile harvesting – done by ramming catheters into bear’s livers – is “painless”. This is allegedly so because the old rusty metal catheters have been replaced by plastic ones (The Advertiser, 14/1/06, p.55). If you are interested in what life will be like under the coming Chinese empire, look more closely at China’s treatment of animals and its treatment of Tibet.


by James Reed
People who are reaching three score years and ten, or plus like myself, will remember a time before consumer culture. There was a time when having things and money wasn’t as important. There was life before ipods, Negroid music, television and mass migration. My father told me that the Anglo Australia of the 1930’s - despite so-called poverty – was a wonderful place. He lived long enough to see the land that he fought for sold off for a mess of potage. And what a mess it is.

Science and Technology could have been used to produce a paradise on earth; instead, being in the hands of the criminally insane, they have produced dystopia, the opposite of utopia. Mindless music, junk food and a poisoned world. These are the sorts of things that a genuine environmentalist should be criticising. Cultural and racial pollution by the river full. The building blocks of modernity are decadence: degeneracy in art, philosophy, law and politics. Perversions celebrated as normality; disease paraded as health. Fair is foul and foul is fair, the old witches sang.

Always, it is that nothing must be done to harm “our standard of living”, “our” economy. If that means replacing our race by Asians or robots, then the elites will do it. But why should we tremble at a fall in our standard of life? Are we really alive now in this air-conditioned nightmare? This surely is not a flourishing human life; rather it is the technological equivalent of being a battery hen. And the same fate awaits us.

Social credit is not about giving us more trinkets and gadgets – as I heard someone at the League meeting say years ago. Social credit is about freeing us from financial tyranny so that we can develop our potential as individual children of God – not as mere consuming slugs of capitalism. We should not have to sell off our race for a mess of pottage – and we don’t have to. There is another way.
The League is one of a few organisations across the world which bravely faces reality and attempts to chart a course out of the darkness.


by James Reed
So you still think race doesn’t matter? Consider our friend Iraq. Yes, we bombed them and shot them - but that shouldn’t come between us. Iraq is supposed to be a colour-blind society. But African-Iraqis in Zubayr are discriminated against, “prohibited from interracial marriage and denied even menial jobs” (The New York Times, 2/12/09). They are called “abd”, meaning “slave” in Arabic.

The children are deprived of education and cannot read. Well, what is B. Hussein Obama doing for these people? Come to think of it, what is he doing for the black people of America? And why aren’t white liberals jumping up and down about this “racism”?  


by James Reed
Rupert Murdoch, News Corporation chairman and chief executive, has recently won the Humanitarian Laureate Award presented by the Simon Wiesenthal Center in New York! The award was presented by actress Nicole Kidman. Does anyone want further proof that we live in crazy times?

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