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11 June 2010 Thought for the Week:

"The dogma that the only differences in culture are economic in origin is so patently absurd in the light of the evidence which can be gleaned by anyone who will visit the haunts of the present day rich, that it ought not to be, but it is a matter of importance to place on record the memories of a better day."
- - Clifford H. Douglas in 1950

“The ultimate lesson about the Liberty attack was that it had far more effect on policies. Israel’s leaders concluded that nothing they might do would bring America’s leaders to the point of reprisal. America’s leaders did not have the courage to punish Israel for the blatant murder of American citizens. It seems clear their American friends would let them get away with almost anything.”
- - U.S. Under Secretary of State George Ball’s comments on the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, 8th June 1967. As quoted by Ambassador James Akins in the documentary “The Loss of the Liberty” featuring the testimonies of survivors of the attack.

Western leaders are too cowardly to help save lives. It is a fact that it is ordinary people, activists, call them what you will, who now take decisions to change events.
- - Robert Fisk: https://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/fisk/robert-fisk-western-leaders-are-too-cowardly-to-help-save-lives-1987989.html

“Jake Tapper, a reporter for ABC News writes that “there won’t be any daylight between the US and Israel.” The rationale? A senior administration official says “The president has always said that it will be much easier for Israel to make peace if it feels secure.” Of course, that’s nonsense. Israeli security has nothing to do with it. The reality is that Israeli aggression is possible only because Israel understands that the US is its poodle and that the US will work on its behalf in the UN and elsewhere, no matter what Israel does. The Israel Lobby is ultimately to blame, meaning ultimately the influence of Jewish money on the political process.”
- - Kevin MacDonald: http://theoccidentalobserver.net/tooblog/?p=2077   


In 1991 On Target covered statements by the then Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, who, at the time, was honouring the establishment of the terrorist Stern Gang of which he had been the leader. There were not too many media outlets that would have published such material – and the mainline media-hounds would have savagely attacked those who did so. The Israeli state could do no wrong. But the news is no longer controlled by the financial/ political elite, thanks to the internet.

The article read: “Zionist Israel Prime Minister Mr. Yitzhak Shamir has not only frankly admitted that the Stern Gang engaged in terrorist attack and assassinations, but claimed that the Stern Gang was morally just to do what it did”. At the time, Shamir was speaking on a radio programme. The Stern Gang was responsible for the cold-blooded killing of the British Minister of State for the Middle East in 1944 and for a similar assassination in 1948, when the United Nations Peace Mediator, Count Bernadotte, of Sweden, was killed. The late Sir Raphael Cilento has related how he had originally been scheduled to be in the car in which Count Bernadotte was killed.

Shamir said that he was proud of the Stern Gang's terrorist record. He had played a leading role in the 1948 massacre of 120 Palestinian civilians, including women and children, at the village of Deir Yassin. The bodies of those slaughtered were pushed down a well and this bloody deed widely publicised to force the Palestinians to flee from their homes in terror. Fear of further massacres was a major factor in causing the Palestinians to flee from the invading Zionist forces in 1948.

Shamir has revealed why it is impossible to have meaningful negotiations with Zionist leaders. He says, ‘We believed in what we did, discussed and wrote. Therefore it was correct.’ In defending the use of terror, Shamir says, ‘From the moral point of view there is no difference between personal terror and collective terror. Here and there blood is spilled, here and there people are killed. One must look and judge it from the point of view of the utility of that means.’ (In other words the end justifies the means…ed).

Shamir has always said that he will not enter into talks with the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, which he describes as a terrorist group. When asked if the Palestinians were also justified in using terror to advance their cause, Shamir bluntly said, ‘Their goal is not just.’ That comment summarises the Zionist philosophy of the "one way street". He has insisted that Israel will never hand back to the Palestinians the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, taken during the 1967 war.

Shamir and fellow Zionists ignore all U.N. resolutions asking that they leave. There is no suggestion of Shamir being treated the same as was Saddam Hussein who declined to accept a U.N. resolution. The Middle East is going to continue to be a major crisis area while the Zionists refuse to consider any justice for the Palestinians, whose homes they took from them by force and terror.”
Source: https://alor.org/Volume27/Vol27No35.htm 13 September 1991.  

Further reading: "The Role of Sir Raphael Cilento at the UN" by Sir Walter Crocker $2.00 plus postage.


Source Tikun Olam, June 2010: For those not aware, the Israeli Knesset has a reputation as a place for bare-knuckle political brawling. But deliberations today, I think descended even farther below the normal level of screaming mayhem and general tomfoolery.

Haneen Zoubi (born 23 May 1969) is a Palestinian Arab citizen of Israel who currently serves as a member of the Knesset representing the Balad party. Elected in 2009, she is the first woman to elected to the Knesset on an Arab party's list. Israeli Palestinian MK Chanin Zoabi joined the Gaza flotilla and testified that IDF commandos fired on her boat before landing on it and killing 9 other passengers including a Turkish-U.S. citizen. Today, she bravely returned to the Knesset and attempted unsuccessfully to exercise her right to address the political body of which she is a member.

In case you were wondering, this didn’t earn her any fans on the far right of the political spectrum. In fact there was a veritable cat fight and near fisticuffs, including an episode when one MK approached the rostrum and appeared to try to assault her, before being held back by security. She was called a spy and traitor and told (in very bad Arabic by one rightist) to go back to Gaza where she belonged…

This is not an edifying sight if you have any sympathy for the State of Israel. Here is the font of Israeli democracy polluted by the spew of hate. Here is a young Israeli Palestinian woman nearly pummelled for exercising her rights as an Israeli citizen to protest her government’s policies. Everything that is wrong with the State of Israel currently is on display in this six minutes of eye-opening video.

Watch it and weep: https://www.richardsilverstein.com/tikun_olam/2010/06/03/israeli-palestinian-mk-assaulted-in-knesset/  


Armed to the teeth, the Israelis board a vessel in international waters with peaceful intent, only to meet with violent resistance from a bunch of potential terrorists consisting of members of parliament from Germany, Sweden, Ireland and Turkey. Among those on board: Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire of Ireland, Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein, US diplomats Amb. Edward Peck and Col Ann Wright, not to mention peace activists from forty countries - including a US Navy survivor of Israel’s infamous attack on the USS Liberty. Under the heading “The Madness of Arrogance: Israel’s Attack on Gaza Aid Flotilla” Dr. Alan Sabrosky a writer and consultant specialising in national and international security affairs wrote quickly in response to the Israeli attack in international waters on the aid flotilla bound for Gaza. “The Israelis confiscated food, oil trees, and medical supplies -- lethal items, no doubt, in the hands of Palestinians!”

America’s Memorial Day and attack on USS Liberty 8th June, 1967
“Israel's attack on the Gaza-bound aid flotilla on America's Memorial Day was all too predictable, although the form it took surprised even me. And it confirms the old proverb that
"Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad," for the attack was the kind of madness only unbridled arrogance can assume.
It wasn't just that foreigners as well as Palestinians, flying flags other than that of Palestine, were attacked. Israel has a long history of doing such things, especially to the UN. But except for the USS Liberty incident in 1967, it has generally done that on inland sites - Gaza, the West Bank, the Lebanon - where it can largely block news and visual evidence, and control the spin it puts on events, counting on its friends in the US and other mainstream media to say little or nothing to contradict them.

The Attack Reprised
Not this time. An attack on the open seas, in acknowledged international waters, against unarmed ships carrying humanitarian aid with passengers and crews from many countries - especially a direct attack against a Turkish ship - is a different matter, and potentially an explosive one. The number of shipboard casualties indicates that once fighting started, the Israeli commandos simply sprayed automatic weapons fire into the people around them - another of their long-standing habits.

And technology is their enemy here, just as it became in an earlier day the enemy of communist regimes in the former Soviet Union and other Eastern European countries. Too many images and videos were taken, and some sent, and too many witnesses reported what was happening, before the Israelis were able to suppress communications from their victims.
Bad for their victims, but also potentially very bad for Israel, and the initial Israeli public-relations damage control efforts show that they are at least dimly aware of that fact. Trying to cast the attack in international waters as an exercise in self-defence would be ludicrous in the best or worst of circumstances - has anyone ever seen wheelchairs used as offensive weaponry?

And for the Israeli spokeswoman to try to spin an assault by warships and armed commandos as defence against a "lynch" (I guess she was trying to push an American "hot button" for Obama - someone should tell her it is "lynching" or "lynch mob") would have embarrassed even her public relations soul-mate, Dr. Josef Goebbels. But desperate do what desperation dictates, I suppose, although this time they may well have gone way too far.

A Judging, Long Overdue
And that is what the initial responses appear to affirm. All of the major US and many other media outlets are carrying this story, and even with the slant from many Jewish correspondents based in Jerusalem or Ashdod, the bloody particulars are slowly coming through to at least a general American audience for the first time:
1. The unarmed ships with unarmed passengers were trying to ferry humanitarian and reconstruction aid to ravaged and embattled Gaza.
2. Israel has imposed a blockade on Gaza, probably if not certainly in violation of international law, supported largely by US vetoes in the UN Security Council.
3. Israeli warships and commandos intercepted and attacked the aid flotilla in international waters -which is an act of war, piracy or state terrorism, depending on one's view of the details.
4. Under attack, some of the passengers tried to defend themselves, scores were killed or wounded, and some Israeli commandos were also wounded - doubtless a surprise to them, but then their usual run of victims may have made them a bit too cocky.
5. Many governments and publics around the world – not only in Arab capitals - are openly outraged, and the discussion forums on US news websites carrying the story suggest that much the same is happening at a public level in this country.
6. But for Israel, this is just another "we are the misunderstood victim" incident in a long, sordid and utterly unbelievable litany of such things - except that this time, they may not get away with it.

Seizing the Moment
This is a time for those interested in justice for Palestine to seize the moment and act, building on the promise engendered but not fulfilled after the submission of the Goldstone Report to the HRC. I would like to think that President Obama would take a stand, and perhaps he will, but if he does it will be with words and not with deeds. Neither the Congress, nor Rahm Emanuel would let him do much more, whatever his predisposition - and who knows, he may believe the "lynch" metaphor, or pretend to do so.

Americans shouldn't bother with letters or emails to US Senators or Representatives, or Obama; AIPAC will be there ahead of you with more letters and money than you can generate. Go instead directly to the local offices of US Senators and Representatives, stay until you speak personally to the senior person there, and make your case as forcefully as you can. Make sure as many people hear you as possible - but be polite, and leave your signs at home. (Australians take note if you intend to offer a protest on behalf of the beleaguered Palestinians in Gaza)...

The meaning of duty and service – to country and people
And for the US armed forces, on this Memorial Day, it would be well to reflect on the meaning of duty and service to country and people. Oaths of allegiance, obedience and loyalty are important to professionals in the armed forces, in or out of uniform. They were to me when I was in the Marines, and later as a civilian at West Point and the Army War College. I'm sure serving professionals today are no different.

But the elected and appointed civilians overseeing the armed services have also taken their own oaths, and many have violated them by serving the interests of Israel rather than the US itself, and especially by spending American lives and treasure furthering Israeli interests rather than safeguarding American ones. This, to me, is clearly treason, and utterly negates any loyalty anyone else owes to them. Remember that the cornerstone of our oaths is not to obedience, but to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Think about it on this Memorial Day.”
Source: https://www.veteranstoday.com/2010/05/31/dr-alan-sabrosky-the-madness-of-arro gance-israels-attack-on-the-gaza-aid-flotilla/
*Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D, University of Michigan) is a ten-year US Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of the US Army War College.

“Assault on the Liberty”: We are negotiating copies of the long out of print “Assault on the Liberty”, written by one of the survivors James Ennes Jnr. For those interested in reading this account of the 1967 attack by Israel on the USS Liberty – probably not far from where the latest Israeli attack took place – ring Doug Holmes on 08 8258 7005 or Fax 08 8258 5002 to register your interest.
This was an act of war which both the Israeli and the American governments sought to ‘hush up’. It is claimed the real intention behind the attack was to blame Egypt thereby giving the American leaders an excuse to declare war on Egypt and release a nuclear bomb on Cairo. Just one problem, too many men on the Liberty survived the assault and the damn ship just wouldn’t sink in time!  

** Watch a brief report of the attack on the USS Liberty - footage taken from "The Loss of the Liberty" a documentary featuring testimonies from survivors of the attack:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSyMBDq5efg&NR=1

Further reading:

“The Zionist Factor” by Ivor Benson, $14.00 plus postage. The important message of this book is this: The entire burden of responsibility for the decline of the West rests squarely on the shoulders of the peoples of the West. They themselves have created the morally unhygienic social and political conditions which render them susceptible to a current of debilitating influences.
“The Invention of the Jewish People” by Shlomo Sand, $55.00 plus postage. Shlomo Sand has dug deep into the past and come up with a ‘reconstructed’ history of the Jews that does not fit in with the self-serving and mostly imaginary Jewish past that has done so much to promote conflict in the present. Like so many other nations’ ‘history’, he argues it is largely a modern invention.
“The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed. $30.00 plus postage. Douglas Reed’s work is a classic and was written long before current events began to expose and identify the lies and propaganda of Judaeo-Zionism.  


Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli now residing in the UK wrote (31 May, 2010) on what he knew of the recent attack by Israel on the Aid Flotilla bound for Gaza:

“As I write this piece the scale of the Israeli lethal slaughter at sea is yet to be clear. However we already know that at around 4am Gaza time, hundreds of IDF commandos stormed the Free Gaza international humanitarian fleet. We learn from the Arab press that at least 16 peace activists have been murdered and more than 50 were injured. Once again it is devastatingly obvious that Israel is not trying to hide its true nature: an inhuman murderous collective fuelled by a psychosis and driven by paranoia.

For days the Israeli government prepared the Israeli society for the massacre at sea. It said that the Flotilla carried weapons, it had ‘terrorists’ on board. Only yesterday evening it occurred to me that this Israeli malicious media spin was there to prepare the Israeli public for a full scale Israeli deadly military operation in international waters. Make no mistake. If I knew exactly where Israel was heading and the possible consequences, the Israeli cabinet and military elite were fully aware of it all the way along. What happened yesterday wasn’t just a pirate terrorist attack. It was actually murder in broad daylight even though it happened in the dark.

Yesterday at 10 pm I contacted Free Gaza and shared with them everything I knew. I obviously grasped that hundreds of peace activists most of them elders, had very little chance against the Israeli killing machine. I was praying all night for our brothers and sisters. At 5am GMT the news broke to the world. In international waters Israel raided an innocent international convoy of boats carrying cement, paper and medical aid to the besieged Gazans. The Israelis were using live ammunition murdering and injuring everything around them. Today we will see demonstrations around the world, we will see many events mourning our dead. We may even see some of Israel’s friends ‘posturing’ against the slaughter. Clearly this is not enough.

The massacre that took place yesterday was a premeditated Israeli operation. Israel wanted blood because it believes that its ‘power of deterrence’ expands with the more dead it leaves behind. The Israeli decision to use hundreds of commando soldiers against civilians was taken by the Israeli cabinet together with the Israeli top military commanders. What we saw yesterday wasn’t just a failure on the ground. It was actually an institutional failure of a morbid society that a long time ago lost touch with humanity.

It is no secret that Palestinians are living in a siege for years. But it is now down to the nations to move on and mount the ultimate pressure on Israel and its citizens. Since the massacre yesterday was committed by a popular army that followed instructions given by a ‘democratically elected’ government, from now on, every Israeli should be considered as a suspicious war criminal unless proved different.

Considering the fact that Israel stormed naval vessels sailing under Irish, Turkish and Greek flags. Both NATO members and EU countries must immediately cease their relationships with Israel and close their airspace to Israeli airplanes. Considering yesterday’s news about Israeli nuclear submarines being stationed in the Gulf, the world must react quickly and severely. Israel is now officially mad and deadly. The Jewish State is not just careless about human life, as we have been following the Israeli press campaign leading to the slaughter, Israel actually seeks pleasure in inflicting pain and devastation on others.

Source: https://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/israeli-butchery-at-sea-by-gilad-atzmon.html  


From David Flint’s Opinion Column
Ensuring a return to the people from minerals is not Canberra’s business. That is the constitutional position, argues Professor David Flint on the proposed Resources Super Profits Tax. Our constitutional system is centred on our Federal constitution, but includes all of those laws, customs and institutions by which the people have agreed to be governed. This brings in that golden thread of history that takes us back through the Glorious Revolution of 1688 to the Magna Carta, and forward through those signal documents through the twentieth century which established our independence.

The Parliament consists of the representatives of the people. It is their forum, the place where the great legislative and policy proposals concerning our nation must be debated and decided. That is where the Henry Tax Review should have been tabled so that it could be debated in each chamber and across the nation, especially by those most concerned. This should have been well before the government, advised by the independent public service, responded with its policy proposal.
Instead the review and the non government MP’s were put in a four hour media lockup to see not only the report but the government response. The Federal Parliament was treated with contempt and the public service compromised. Then we come to which polity has jurisdiction and authority over minerals and the other wealth from the ground. Under our Federal Constitution, the people of each of the original states, humbly relying on the blessings of Almighty God, agreed to unite in an indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown and under the Constitution.

This was to establish a Federal Parliament with limited specified powers. None of those extend to the ownership and control of the minerals and other earth resources in and of the States. The Federal government claims it is acting because the minerals belong to all Australians. Most do, but they are not vested in the Crown in the right of the Commonwealth.

Minerals vested in the Crown...
The Crown our oldest institution and our constitutional guardian, has several manifestations. There is the Crown in the right of the Commonwealth, and there is the Crown in the right of Western Australia, and the Crown in the right of Queensland, and South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales. Minerals are normally vested in the Crown in the right of the States. It is for the States to ensure that Australians receive a fair return through State royalties, not for the Federal government.

Land grants...
Land grants by the Crown usually but not always reserved the minerals in the land granted to the Crown. This was always the Crown in the right of the relevant Colony, now State. Professor Flint intends to explain the argument that the tax is a nationalisation and question whether this is in breach of the Constitution. He will refer to the nationalisation of private mineral rights in NSW. He will also explain the argument that this is a tax forbidden by the constitution, and whether it is in breach of Australia’s international obligations…

Important DVDs: * “Spirit of Australia’s Constitution and History” featuring constitutional authority Dr. David Mitchell. Set of five DVDs for $40.00 includes postage:
• Background to the Constitution • Validity of the Constitution • Treaties and Agreements Affecting the Constitution • Current Issues and Summary • The Governor General
* Available from Heritage Books
, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley South Australiua 5159


by Peter West
It was good to see Malcolm Fraser resign the Liberal Party, (The Australian 27 May 2010) apparently claiming that is it no longer a “liberal party”. This is good because it raises the question of: what is a ‘liberal’ and a ‘conservative’? Fraser has, of course been Machiavellian in his initial rise to power, but that is the hallmark of a modern politician.

Fraser had been notable for his endorsement of globalisation, mass coloured immigration, multiculturalism and Asianisation. He was a critic of Apartheid South Africa, but now, like most of the liberal-Left is strangely silent on South Africa’s and Zimbabwe’s chaotic society.

Liberalism today is, as I see it, the philosophy of political correctness and anti-Westism, and merges into Leftism which takes these ideologies further. Fraser is very much a “liberal” in this new morality sense. So though, for that matter, are the Liberal, Labor and Green Parties.

Thus, Fraser is a Liberal. He would be very much at home in Kevin Rudd’s party. The Greens, who care primarily about political correctness rather than the environment, should also welcome him. Fraser’s contribution to world politics – of delivering Robert Mugabe to Zimbabwe, places him high up the ladder of the new world order morality. Most importantly, he can never stop talking and just relax and enjoy the show that his kind have put in motion.  


by Brain Simpson
An editorial in The Australian (31/5/2020, p.15) gives us some lessons to be learned from the “BP Oil Catastrophe”. Yes, the word ‘catastrophe’ is used. Already the BP “Top-kill” operation has failed. President Obama relaxed on the US Memorial Day weekend as the oil catastrophe continued. According to The Australian the lesson to be learnt is: “No technology is absolutely foolproof, but the nature of the disaster demonstrates that deeper sea drilling requires more stringent safety and disaster recovery standards than those currently in place”.

Well, does the editor read his/her own paper? On page 12 of the same edition of The Australian we read this:
“The New York Times reported that the company [i.e. BP] had serious concerns about the Deepwater Horizon rig last year but chose to break its own safety policy. Citing internal company documents, the report said BP was worried about safety on the rig earlier than its executives admitted to a Congress hearing last week. BP engineers expressed concern on June 22 last year that a metal casting the company wanted to use at the gulf site could collapse under high pressure”.

This was considered a “worst-case scenario” and as technological optimists, no doubt the scenario was rejected being a “low probability”. Such is the way of big business. The media champion of big business, The Australian shares the same flawed philosophy. Worse, the editorial in The Australian calls for “stringent safety” standards, but the evidence in the same paper shows that even existing standards were not followed.
If the paper can be wrong about this, what about issues of mass immigration to Australia which it also champions?

According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., President, Waterkeeper Alliance; Professor, Pace University May 5, 2010 “Sex, Lies and Oil Spills”--
“… wherever there’s a national tragedy involving oil, Cheney’s offshore company Halliburton is never far afield. In fact, stay tuned; Halliburton may emerge as the primary villain in this caper. The blow out occurred shortly after Halliburton completed an operation to reinforce drilling hole casing with concrete slurry. This is a sensitive process that, according to government experts, can trigger catastrophic blowouts if not performed attentively.
According to the Minerals Management Service, 18 of 39 blowouts in the Gulf of Mexico since 1996 were attributed to poor workmanship injecting cement around the metal pipe. Halliburton is currently under investigation by the Australian government for a massive blowout in the Timor Sea in 2005 caused by its faulty application of concrete casing…”  


by James Reed
Eduardo de la Fuente (:”Vampires Latch on to Learning” The Australian 26/5/2010, pp.26-27) has written an interesting piece on “vampire disciplines” in the university.
These are apparently those areas of the Left concerned with critique and deconstruction and things like that. Vampires see the world as socially constructed – but they don’t typically view themselves in the same equation.

The critique goes wider. Fuente goes on to say that in the academic world of postmodernism, truth doesn’t exist, but performance does. For them “what matters is how many of your colleagues cite that article you have published in a peer-reviewed high-ranking journal.
Academic vampires seem to find sufficient reward for their labours in being promoted, and they derive a certain perverse pleasure in being able to make the system work in their interest”.
As far as that description goes, much of academia lives the life of the vampire, a life not lived in the healing sunshine, but in the dank, damp, recesses of the putrid mind.  


by James Reed
My question is: Would a future president of Australia be an artificially created life-form – or are they already? The story of the ‘creation’ of artificial life helped the headlines for a day. Reported in D.G. Gibbon’s (et al), “Creation of Bacterial Cell Controlled by a Chemically Synthesized Genome” ScienceExpress 20/5/2010, it seems that J. Craig Venter’s lab has built a genome from scratch from bottles of chemicals.

Well it wasn’t easy – a team of 20 working for over a decade at the financial cost of US$40 million did it. The bacteria is pretty simple – only about 500 genes. The human genome has thousands of genes so the day of creating something really interesting, enough to grip the imagination of Hollywood is some time off. Or is it?
Could it be that Venter’s lab was cheated – that artificially created life can already be seen – in Parliament House, Canberra?  


Advance notice that the League of Rights National Weekend for 2010 will be at the Bendigo Motor Inn, 232 High St., Kangaroo Flat on September 24, 25 and 26th. We have reserved 20 rooms in the Motel. There are 16 rooms on street level, so, advance booking is recommended. The theme of the Seminar is “The Law of Love”…

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