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9 July 2010 Thought for the Week:

“An examination of world institutions today reveals the following. Dominant male elites control the financial economy of the business world, which directs the production of commodities to be exchanged for money on the market. In the meantime the truly co-operative work of agriculture, engineering, caring, nurturing and provisioning is carried out by the ordinary ‘man (and woman) in the street’.
Simultaneously, the non-commercial arts, sciences, technologies, educational processes and other ‘cultural’ activities are developed and bear fruit outside the narrow confines of the top echelons of the centralised institutions. The sustaining, co-operative and cultural activities which form the base of the hierarchical social pyramid supply the elites themselves with members and the means of subsistence. Yet, as things stand, those at the base of the hierarchical ‘cone’ are, seemingly, powerless to affect the policies of those at the apex of the pyramid…

It would seem that the time has come for ordinary people to cast a critical eye over the key Institutions of modern society. The disintegration of the social framework is being orchestrated from the top of what Douglas termed the ‘pyramid of power’. But it is the mass of little people at the bottom who sustain the system. Without the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker, without the tinker, tailor, soldier and sailor, without the parents, teachers and trainers of all the workers, there would be no pyramidal system handing down the orders...”

- - - “The Social Crediter” Vol.86, No.2 Summer 2010. www.douglassocialcredit.com   


“The author of a damning study about the failure of Spain's "green jobs" program received a ‘threatening package’ from solar energy company Thermotechnic”. Christopher Horner a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute wrote (24/6/2010):
“Green’ Energy Company Threatens Economics Professor … with Package of Dismantled Bomb Parts”.

“Spain’s Dr. Gabriel Calzada - the author of a damning study concluding that Spain’s “green jobs” energy program has been a catastrophic economic failure - was mailed a dismantled bomb on Tuesday by solar energy company Thermotechnic.
Says Calzada: Before opening it, I called [Thermotechnic] to know what was inside … they answered, it was their answer to my energy pieces.
Dr. Calzada contacted a terrorism expert to handle the package. The expert first performed a scan of the package, then opened it in front of a journalist, Dr. Calzada, and a private security expert. The terrorism consultant said he had seen this before: This time you receive unconnected pieces. Next time it can explode in your hands.

Dr. Calzada added: [The terrorism expert] told me that this was a warning. The bomb threat is just the latest intimidation Dr. Calzada has faced since releasing his report and following up with articles in Expansion (a Spanish paper similar to the Financial Times).

A minister from Spain’s Socialist government called the rector of King Juan Carlos University - Dr. Calzada’s employer - seeking Calzada’s ouster. Calzada was not fired, but he was stripped of half of his classes at the university. The school then dropped its accreditation of a summer university program with which Calzada’s think tank - Instituto Juan de Mariana - was associated.
Additionally, the head of Spain’s renewable energy association and the head of its communist trade union wrote opinion pieces in top Spanish newspapers accusing Calzada of being “unpatriotic” - they did not charge him with being incorrect, but of undermining Spain by daring to write the report. Their reasoning? If the skepticism that Calzada’s revelations prompted were to prevail in the U.S., Spanish industry would face collapse should U.S. subsidies and mandates dry up.

Spain’s government now acknowledges the debacle:
As I have previously reported at PJM, Spain’s “green jobs” program was repeatedly referenced by President Obama as a model for what he would like to implement in the United States.

Following the release of Calzada’s report, Spain’s Socialist government has since acknowledged the debacle - both privately and publicly. This month, Spain’s government instituted massive reductions in subsidies to “renewable” energy sources.

Dr. Calzada is a friend of mine, kindly writing a blurb for the jacket of my latest book: “Power Grab: How Obama’s Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom and Bankrupt America”. My book details the Spanish “green jobs” disaster uncovered by Dr. Calzada, plus similar “green” economic calamities occurring in Germany and Denmark - also programs Obama has praised - as well as in Italy and elsewhere.
As I detail in “Power Grab ‘, they felt Spain would be in a dire position without the U.S. playing the role of sucker. With today’s revelation, now we know just how far the “green energy” lobby will go to keep the money flowing.”

- - Source: http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/breaking-green-energy-company-threatens-economics-professor-with-package-of-dismantled-bomb-parts/?singlepage=true

Further reading: “The Climate Caper: Facts and Fallacies of Global Warming” by Garth W. Paltridge, $25.00 plus postage. Governments are becoming captive to scientific and technological elites who are achieving their ends by manipulating fear of climate change into the greatest example of a religion of the politically correct.


New Zealand discovers what a useless and corrupt rort an emissions trading scheme really is: New Zealand’s failure to cut greenhouse gas emissions has left taxpayers staring down the barrel of a Kyoto Protocol liability of at least $1 billion and possibly more than $5 billion, according to a book analysing National’s emissions trading system.

The authors of “The Carbon Challenge” - Victoria University researcher and economist Geoff Bertram and climate-change analyst and researcher Simon Terry - also describe the Government’s current ETS as “technically obsolete” and “beyond rescue” as a sustainable framework for tackling climate change. They say the scheme will not make any inroads into cutting New Zealand’s gross emissions levels.

On top of that, the ETS was so unfair in the way it distributed benefits to high emitters with political influence, while placing a regressive quasi-tax burden on households, that there was a risk it could undermine the public’s willingness to support a stronger regime in the future.
Such was the scale of subsidies that only one in every five dollars charged under the ETS would become available to the Government to pay off the Kyoto liability. Households already bore half the total costs resulting from the ETS during its first five years while accounting for just a fifth of all emissions. This is the kind of thing the Gillard Government still is promising us.
- Source: Andrew Bolt Blog – 30/6/2010


James Reed and Chris Knight
Donald Horne – darling of leftist “intellectuals” – is an example of how ideas can really be dangerous. Author of "The Lucky Country", he met in the 1960’s with 20 or more other young intellectuals to think about how the White Australia Policy could be undermined – and by mid 1960 it was. (The Australian, 19/5/2010, p.25) Actually this was a delusion of grandeur on the part of the Immigration Reform Group, which from memory we think they called themselves.
Articles calling for reform and for the taking in of Asians to Australia were appearing in leading newspapers in 1945 while our lads were still dying fighting the Japanese. The intellectual class in Australia were obsessed with destroying the White Australia Policy since its birth, and aided by big business they did.

Moving on, multiculturalism was embraced, then Asianisation and now the complete elimination of Anglo culture and its race its logical consequence. The men who fought in World War I would have known what these new class elites and intellectuals were: their unpolluted natural instincts would have seen those who wish to swamp a nation and cause its demographic death as – enemies! They would have seen this class as engaging in an act of war against all that Australia stands for.
After all, what real point was there in defeating Japan in World War II if Australia is just to Asianise now in the 21st century. Why, it would have been better to surrender to Japan and have got it over with! Then we would have never existed or survived (at least in 2010) and would have been spared the misery of our whingeing new class.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Against the lawyers series: Let me share with you something that has bothered me since first reading case law at law school. My problem can be illustrated by a recent plaintiff – personal injury case which succeeded in the High Court recently. Two New South Wales police officers sought compensation for stress as a result of the Waterfall train disaster of 2003. The NSW Court of Appeal had heard the case on appeal and dismissed it because the officers witnessing the aftermath of the accident had not witnessed the accident itself, as required under the Civil Liability Act (NSW). The High Court, however, held that the event of the accident was still being played out when the officers arrived, so the “accident” was still occurring.

This seems to be arbitrary and arguing only to get the intuitively “just” result. Common sense and ordinary language suggests that the “accident” was over when the police arrived and that the injured and dead were an “aftermath”. If this is wrong, then the Civil Liability Act needs to be changed by parliament. Yet the example shows the elastic logic of the law, where, like in philosophy, plausible cases can be put for a thesis and its negation (denial). The really interesting question is whether there is an objective way of choosing the thesis or its negation, or is it all just a question of values, public policy, ideology and politics.  


by James Reed
Clint Eastwood, actor and director has turned 80 and the media celebrated his long film career. He began acting in the TV series Rawhide, appeared as the “man with no name” in Sergio Leone’s ethnic 1960’s westerns, then as Dirty Harry… only to end his career by directing a series of highly politically correct movies – a movie depicting World War II through Japanese eyes and one celebrating Asian migrants coming to America, Gran Torino.

Now this is not really a journey from conservative values to multiculturalism. Unlike John Wayne’s characters, the Eastwood characters were usually politically correct for the times. The “man with no name” with his dirty poncho could have been a Mexican. John Wayne apparently wrote to Eastwood and said: “those people were not like that” – criticising the blood thirsty portrayal of western characters by Eastwood. Give me John Wayne any day with his wholesome movies with the best of the values of our race. Eastwood is the essential postmodern – the man with no name and no substance.  


by James Reed
What seems to be a ground breaking book will soon be released from well known web-writers, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer: “The Post American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America”, (Threshold Editions, 2010, release date July 27, 2010). Searching this book at Amazon.com led me to numerous other anti-Obama books written by distinguished conservative writers and journalists.

Here is a sample: Andrew McCarthy, “The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America”, (Encounter Books, 2010); Michael A. Ledeen, “Obama’s Betrayal of Israel”, (Encounter Books, 2009); Joshua Muravchick, “Obama’s Radical Transformation of America: Year One”, (Encounter Books, 2010; Stephen Moore, “How Obama is Bankrupting the US Economy”, (Encounter Books 2009), and so it goes on.

We may not agree with all in such books but at least there is an intellectual movement opposing what is going on - in America. Compare this situation to Australia. Here there are no writers, no intellectuals actively writing to undermine the intellectual foundations of our enemies. There is not even a good anti-immigration book out there and the few alternative publishers don’t seem to be seeking one.
Australia is an intensely anti-intellectual culture and this is sadly reflected in the level of opposition to the cultural wars. We do not seem to be able to appreciate that this battle is in part, a war of words and that we need to encourage thinkers to take on the enemy. The time to support thinkers from our side, rather than hobbyists – is now!

JUST ARRIVED: “Overloading Australia: How governments and media dither and deny on population" by Mark O’Connor and William J. Lines. Just some of the subjects dealt with in this book: Greenhouse gases going up. Oil and gas depleting. House prices exploding.
The authors write: "Overloading Australia" explains why and how to stop it. This is the book that well-known Australian Dick Smith says all Australians should read. Price $18.00 plus postage.  


The BBC (June 17, 2010) reports that plastic bags will be put over 216 surveillance cameras in Birmingham, a place with a large Muslim population, following complaints from Muslims. The cameras were originally financed through a counter-terrorism fund but now will not be doing the job they were originally intended to do. Political correctness in silly Britannia, comes before public safety, if that was the real purpose of the cameras.

It is hard to believe that there was once a “British Empire” which the sun never set upon. Now the sun really is setting upon Britain and the rest of the West. The solution – ah, solution – is to begin the long, hard battle to win back our civilisation and reason. If the cameras can be covered up so easily, then maybe it was a bad idea having them in the first place? Failing that, how about British politicians putting the bags over their heads?!  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Another Against the Lawyers: Far from the “reality” depicted by many freedom movementers is the true reality of law: that law is the rules of the game made by the power-elites to protect their interests. How else to explain the recent arrest of two young women who were arrested for wearing orange dresses at the World Cup. FIFA alleges that the dresses were an “ambush marketing” stunt by the Dutch beer firm Bavaria. The two women recruited 34 other lovely Nordics to wear lovely orange dresses. The dresses had a tiny Bavaria tag.

The crime is that Budweiser had been granted the honour of being the official World Cup beer and advertising another beer is a criminal offence in black South Africa! The women may get six months prison. Across the world big money sporting events are “protected” by similar “laws”. Going to gaol for wearing an orange dress – in the highest AIDS rate gaols in the world – could be a death sentence. This example shows that the “law is a whore” that serves the interests of big business. Other examples will be forthcoming.  


by Peter West
Trusting the medical Profession: This story is reported at www.naturalnews.com: “US Hospitals Secretly Promote Black Market Trading of Harvested Organs for Transplants” (June 15, 2010). Even though the purchase or sale of organs is illegal in the United States a chronic shortage of organise has led to poor donors in Third World countries selling their organise, such as kidneys.
They are paid a few thousand dollars while the sellers get $100,000 and more. Recently 44 US residents were arrested on organ trafficking charges. It seems that many US hospitals do not look too closely at the source of the organs when they stand to gain up to $100,000 in insurance reimbursements from a $259,000 kidney transplant.” Trust me, I’m a doctor…”  


by Brian Simpson
Surgeon Jayant Patel, after allegedly killing three of his patients, told a nurse at a hospital in Bundaberg that the community was lucky to have him because he had made the hospital “a lot of money” (The Australian, 16/6/2010, p.3) Don’t be shocked, it is an old saying that doctors bury their mistakes.
This extreme egoism is nothing rare in medicine and the lust for money is as strong in medicine as it is in law. The Hippocratic Oath has long been replaced by the hypocritic oath.

Update: Jayant Patel has been found guilty on three counts of manslaughter and one of causing grievous bodily harm. He now awaits sentencing.  


by Chris Knight
Where is a feminist-postmodern-deconstructionist-relativist when you need he-she-tv (“transvestite”)? One of these gifted wordspewers should devote some energy to deconstructing the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a multi-billion dollar “toy for the boys” that spins around subatomic particles and apparently reveals the secrets of the universe. These “secrets” are the “tracks” of particles such as the meson composed of an “anti-beauty quark” that “beauty quark’s antiparticle” and an “up quark”, which lasted for 1.5 x 10 -12 seconds i.e., 1.5 divided by 1,000,000,000,000 of a second! This 27 kilometre track apparently takes us back to the “Big Bang”, the birth of the universe.

Sure. Really, isn’t this just a form of mathematical voodoo, the technological equivalent of finding meaning in chicken entrails? But Big Science, which the ordinary folk don’t understand, says that it is the “Truth”. But is it? Why should we believe this when the observations are all theory laden (i.e., have to be interpreted by a theory) and physics itself is logically inconsistent because the special theory of relativity and quantum mechanics are inconsistent. Maybe, just maybe, this is all one grand illusion.  


Greece has put its islands up for sale to save the economy. “Greece is raising cash by selling off an area of state-owned land on Mykonos for luxury tourism. There's little that shouts "seriously rich" as much as a little island in the sun to call your own. For Sir Richard Branson it is Neckar in the Caribbean, the billionaire Barclay brothers prefer Brecqhou in the Channel Islands, while Aristotle Onassis married Jackie Kennedy on Skorpios, his Greek hideaway.

Now Greece is making it easier for the rich and famous to fulfill their dreams by preparing to sell, or offering long-term leases on, some of its 6,000 sun-kissed islands in a desperate attempt to repay its mountainous debts…”
- - Source: Elena Moya, guardian.co.uk,24/6/2010.


by Wallace Klinck
If one looks at a chart of inflation over the last 200 or so years, one observes that before the advent of the industrial revolution inflation was very moderate but when the machine age began, financed by bank credit, inflation began a marked upward trend. Up until the present time with the rapid increase in technological efficiency and consequent spectacular replacement of labour by technological factors of production, there has been an exponential increase in inflation or depreciation of the value of the monetary unit.

Capital costs have surged relative to labour costs and fed by vast expansion of bank credit, these costs has been accompanied by a massive increase in debt. The cause of inflation in the modern world is this increase in capital costs fed by exponential increase in financial credit without which the economic system would falter and collapse. We are allowed to function at the expense of continuous and escalating monetary inflation.

Because the present price-system has no mechanism to credit the consumer with capital appreciation against capital depreciation the costs of which are passed on in final consumer prices, we experience inevitably a rising price-level. The true, as opposed to the presently computed cost of production is the mean rate of consumption divided by the mean rate of production.

Faulty System of Cost-Accounting
Because we obviously produce far more rapidly than we consume (see all the production piling up around us) the price-level should be falling - and falling drastically. Why does an iced cream cone, which may have cost ten cents forty or fifty years ago, today cost perhaps two or three dollars. Why indeed is it not now priced at a mere fraction of a cent? It is because we function under a faulty system of cost accounting which, by misrepresenting the real cost of production, not only distorts reality but increasingly distorts it with every genuine real advance in technological efficiency.

The breathtaking effectiveness of the misrepresentation is demonstrated by the fact that hardly any citizen even suspects the real cause of inflation and never stops for a moment in accepting supinely and blindly continuous inflation as some inevitable phenomenon inherent in the natural order.
Douglas’s concept of the Just Price predicates falling prices as the natural and realistic consequence of increased real efficiency of production and this concept is absolutely central to his ideas.

From time to time the notion is floated that a return to gold or sterling would offer security from inflation. However, there has never been a time when there existed any effective gold-based currency. When the gold standard was in operation, the system was merely an inverted pyramid upon which a rapidly expanding pyramid of bank debt rested on a small base of gold.

Only Proper Basis for a Money System
As such, the monetary system was especially vulnerable to any manipulation of gold. But gold has limited utility in the economy as a material for jewellery and electronics and so on. One cannot eat it, sleep on it, wear it as clothing or use it for transportation. It has limited utility and has no basis whatsoever as a monetary instrument in the modern economy in which the only proper basis for money is an accountancy system which reflects correctly the facts in relation to production and consumption - the real things which have genuine value or utility for humans.

If one ventures with a billion dollars of gold bars into the desert and can find nothing but barren sand, the complete futility and idiocy of coveting gold will become all too painfully obvious. What matters to humanity is its real credit, (that) being the ability to create goods and services as, when and where desired.

Gold-based System Both Irrational and Impossible
A modern scientific monetary system is required to enable the creation of money as, when and where required so as to equate financial credit with the needs of real credit. Gold is an item of limited supply whereas we know no actual limit to our ability to produce goods and services.
Under such circumstances, any attempt to represent a virtually limitless production by a finite commodity such as gold is both irrational and impossible, which accounts for past failure of the gold standard so properly serve the needs of the economy. Attempts to rely on a “gold standard” have been instrumental in creating deflationary contractions of economic activity accompanied by poverty and misery in the midst of both actual and potential Abundance.

To imagine that economic ruin and social misery are the prices we must pay for falling prices can only be evidence of a destructive psychosis - or of conscious mischief - the worship of Gold in my opinion is an unacceptable and fatal idolatry, which can only bring inevitable and probably well-deserved negative consequences.

In the context of a financial-economic system that is fraught with insecurity for the individual, I can understand how the uninformed and fearful individual may attempt to secure themselves against future economic adversity by coveting something immutable but of very limited utility such as gold - but this can only be a fatal snare and delusion revealing either ignorance or an immoral self-concern above social concern and responsibility. There is no substitute for genuine economic prosperity, without which there can be no real security.

- - Source: The Social Crediter, Summer 2010.  

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