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Edmund Burke
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23 July 2010 Thought for the Week:

“Received a call from the VP of Finance,… at the…Credit Union today. The credit unions appear to be at the bottom of the feed chain, being restricted to lending out an amount somewhat less than members’ deposits, and within the membership area only. A true community bank, in other words. The credit union is constrained from borrowing money to re-lend, other than for very temporary purposes, by provincial regulations. The banking course mentioned below is designed for board members and has to do with strategic decision making by the board.

ATB Financial, which is owned and regulated by the province and having branches that compete with credit unions and other banks in the commercial, agricultural and residential lending markets, is somewhat less restricted and ended up with a lot of Asset Backed Commercial Paper on its books when the financial bubble burst in 2007. That stuff has been given some arbitrary value on the bank's balance sheet ever since in order not to wreck it. From what I have learned so far, it would appear that the banking world is no different from the rest of the world. The higher up the feed chain you get, the more room to move you have. This is where generalisations come unstuck: What applies to some sectors of the banking system does not apply to others. And the modern world of finance is far more complex than any model we might construct in order to describe it with any accuracy.

I believe that at the present time the world is literally awash in all kinds of "money" created by an unregulated international financial system. That's likely the reason for central banks no longer publishing M3 numbers. This debt money presents a potential serious hazard to the real economy because of its propensity to be used for speculation for quick gains: Prices for real goods and services can be made to fluctuate violently by speculators who need to meet their debt obligations. And it is a situation that is getting progressively worse. Something has to give somewhere...

- - Helge Nome, Canada July 2010  


by James Reed
Here comes a news item for all those academics who make a living squawking about the joys of multiculturalism, about how each new wave of migrants melt into the melting pot (a “pot” which soon seems to be ready to melt itself. Ponder well the headline “Australia a “Godforesaken Country”, “Muslims told to Shun Democracy”, The Australian 5/7/2010, p.7). It is worth reproducing a number of key paragraphs of this article so readers really get to know what is in store for a nation accepting Sharia law:

• Leaders of the global Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir have called on Australian Muslims to spurn secular democracy and Western notions of moderate Islam and join the struggle for a trans-national Islamic state.
British Hizb ut-Tahrir leader Burhan Hanif told participants at a conference in western Sydney yesterday that democracy is “haram” (forbidden) for Muslims, whose political engagement should be based purely on Islamic law:
“We must adhere to Islam and Islam alone,” Mr Hanif told about 500 participants attending the convention in Lidcombe.
“We should not be conned or succumb to the disingenuous and flawed narrative that the only way to engage politically is through the secular democratic process. It is prohibited and haram.”
He said democracy was incompatible with Islam because the Koran insisted Allah was the sole law-maker, and Muslim political involvement could not be based on “secular and erroneous concepts such as democracy and freedom”.

• His view was echoed by an Australian HT official, Wassim Dourehi, who told the conference Muslims should not support “any kafir (non-believer) political party”, because humans have no right to make laws. Mr Dourehi also urged Muslims to spurn the concept of moderate Islam promoted by governments in the West, including in “this godforsaken country” of Australia.
“We need to reject this new secular version of Islam,” he said. “It is a perverted concoction of Western governments. It is a perversion that seeks to wipe away the political aspects of Islam and localise our concerns. We must reject it and challenge the proponents of this aberration of Islam.”


What’s wrong with this picture?

by James Reed
The “Red Lizard”, “Silly Gilly”, call her what you will – but you must despise her determination to grab power by its throat at all costs. Thus, having spent her entire political career pursuing political correctness agendas, Gilly PM, now seeks to hose down the electorate with a pledge to send hundreds of Afghan and Sri Lankan illegal aliens “home”.

Yes, there are plenty to send back and for good reason: since this Camp of the Saints situation began in 2008 around 60% of the claims of Afghan illegal aliens have been rejected by only two, yes two have been returned home (The Australian, 5/7/2010, p,1). Of course, after the election Gilly will forget that she said this, for it is a woman’s right to change her mind, and boatpeople will continue to roll to our shores, along with hundreds of thousands of Asian migrants.

On the same page as the news item covering this, in The Australian, ALP macho Graham Richardson has an ad for an article “All Leaders Change and They Change for the Worse”. Turning to the page 14 Richardson article (“This is One Succession that May Have a Happy Ending”), we find not an article revealing secrets about the political process and the corruption of power, but an expression of hope in Gillard: “She is the only person to win a leadership contest with no blood on her hands”. I guess the “blood” of Kevin Rudd doesn’t count. But Richardson’s remarks “all leaders change and they all change for the worse”, is true. Each of our PMs is progressively worse as they build upon the dung pile of globalist miseries left from the deposed PM. Only by a new grassroots nationalist party can this evil spell be broken.

SPECIAL OFFER for our Australian readers: "CAMP OF THE SAINTS" by JEAN RASPAIL, 1973.
Not for the fainthearted: Surely a prophetic novel? A philosophical dissection of the erosion of Western civilisation taking on whole clusters of polemical issues – over-population, race, the Third World and the character of liberal thought and sentiment. A special price for Australian readers, $28.00 including postage.

“Overloading Australia: How governments and media dither and deny on population" by Mark O’Connor and William J. Lines. Price $18.00 plus postage.
Imagine that 50 years ago Australia's voters had been told that the price of pushing our population up over 20 million would include million-dollar house prices, over-crowded inner cities with infrastructure stretched to breaking point, a nation at the mercy of overseas oil prices, dead river systems, and perhaps a permanent ban on watering lawns or using sprinklers! Had the electorate known then what mass migration would bring, they would have voted out of office ANY government that dared propose it.
The authors write: "Overloading Australia" explains why and how to stop it. This is the book that well-known Australian Dick Smith says all Australians should read. While not necessarily agreeing with all that the authors claim, it is imperative we come to grips with the flooding of migrants to this country.   


In order for readers to get a better understanding of why there are continuous attacks on the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia it is imperative that they take a look at the ‘pedigree of ideas’ now being pushed by both sides of politics. The writings of Eric D. Butler are absolutely essential for this better understanding and most of his booklets – some written fifty years ago - have been placed on the website to freely download. They are in the Library section.

Go to Constitutional Barriers to Serfdom

The latest look at the Commonwealth Constitution needs to be studied in the light of past history in order to understand the real intention behind the proposed changes. First ‘connect some of the historical dots’- download Eric’s booklet “Constitutional Barriers to Serfdom” – and then we encourage readers to make submissions to the Senate Committee.

Eric D. Butler’s "Constitutional Barriers to Serfdom” is available from the League’s website in the Library section (his booklet “The Fabian Socialist Contribution to the Communist Advance” has proved ‘a winner’ – his other works will prove the same. For those who would prefer a hard copy the booklets are $4.50 plus postage fromHeritage Book Shop Services.

Under the heading Select Committee on ‘Reform of Australian Federation’ the advert reads:
“The Senate has set up a Committee to explore a possible agenda for national reform and to consider ways it can best be implemented in relation to, but not exclusively, the following matters:
(i) the distribution of constitutional powers and responsibilities between the Commonwealth and the states (including territories),
(ii) financial relations between federal, state and local governments,
(iii) possible constitutional amendment, including the recognition of local government,
(iv) processes, including the Council of Australian Governments, and the referral of powers and procedures for enhancing co-operation between the various levels of Australian government, and
(v) strategies for strengthening Australia's regions and the delivery of services through regional development committees and regional grant programs.

Submissions should be received by 20 August 2010. The reporting date is 17 November 2010
One submission has been received so far for a Republican Constitution.
Important points to make, no recognition of Local Government in the Constitution,
de-centralisation of control,
no duplication of responsibilities e.g. education, health give these powers back to the States.
Make Local Government LOCAL again.

Full details are at https://www.aph.gov.au/Senate/committee/reffed_ette/reffed/info.htm” Written submissions may be sent to Committee Secretary, Select Committee on the Reform of the Australian Federation, PO Box 6100,Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600.  


by James Reed
Now let me see if I have got this right: Rudd, Gillard and the rest of the crew dream up the super duper resources tax which was to fund a whole range of Laborite projects. With this tax a no-goer and Rudd dudded, Gillard essentially backs down on the original scheme, then holds a press conference telling Australia how she does business and moves on. “BS baffles brains”, an old friend used to say. We have yet to hear exactly how the Rudd government had lost its way. Gillard herself talked Rudd into abandoning the emissions trading scheme, but she looks like returning to it once she is PM by election. But no matter: the media is caught in the magic of the moment of a female PM and truth and reality is not going to spoil the moment for them. The great unwashed will vote for her thinking that she will reduce immigration - and after the election she wont. That’s show business…oops…politics.


by James Reed
Iceland’s married ‘gay’ PM: Ms Sigurdardottir, 67, Icelandic prime minister, has married her lesbian partner. She is the first national leader with a same-sex partner. Iceland’s parliament approved same sex marriages early in June and the two love-birds were eager to tie the knot. Vikings of an age now lost will shake their heads in disbelief in the Nordic section of heaven, if that is how it works. Iceland today, Australia the day after tomorrow.  


Trust me, I‘m a Doctor series:
by Brian Simpson
Here is a concise roundup of some health issues that should be of interest to you. First, evidence continues to mount about the links between cell phones and brain tumours. European studies have found a 40% increase in the risk of brain tumour in adults using a cell phone for 10 years. The risk of brain tumours increases by 400% for young people using a cell phone before 20 years of age. (Source www.naturalnews.com, June 20, 2010) It seems that a lot of investment bankers are getting brain tumours (www.gq.com) so perhaps the news isn’t all bad.

Then there is the news that cancer cells killed by chemotherapy may actually spread cancer throughout the body. Actually this is a hypothesis, supported with some evidence that a University of Alabama team has recently got research dollars to investigate on the subject of cancer, researchers have discovered that taking red wine and green tea together has a combined effect of halting prostate cancer growth due to the antioxidants known as polyphenols in both red wine and green tea. On the other hand it has been found by a University of Texas research team that preventative mastectomy of con-cancerous breasts is of no benefit to most women (www.naturalnews.com, 30 June 2010).

Finally, the rates of prescription drug abuse worldwide is far greater than the combined figure for cocaine, ecstasy and heroin. If these drugs are major problems, which they are, what then is orthodox medicine?  


by Peter Ewer
Across the West, racial suicide rules, but not “ok”. According to the UK Telegraph, Belgium is supporting the admission of Turkey into the European Union as is Spain. What this means is that over 70 million Muslims would enter Europe freely, including Islamic jihadists. Turkey, as the largest state in the EU would begin dictating policy to weak politically correct European governments.
Both the US and the British want Turkey in the EU because Turkey is a key Middle Eastern ally who they don’t want to go more fundamentalist, even though Turkey is pursuing its own Islamic nationalist agenda.
Let us hope that White nationalists in Europe, especially Britain, take action to oppose Turkey being admitted into the EU. Otherwise Europe’s goose – or “turkey” – is surely cooked for all time. An Islamic EU would have ample nuclear weapons for everybody.  


by Brian Simpson
A truly amazing – and for us – appalling series of articles appeared in The Australian’s supplement: “Preparing for the Asian Century”, 21 May, 2010. While having the usual nonsense about the need to learn Asian languages – which one, all of them! – there was a special piece on literature.

“Left to Languish, thanks to Jay Gatsby”, the article lamented that Australian students wanted to read European authors rather than Asian ones! It shows how far the Asianise-Australia crowd are going. Even our cultural preferences must go. This was never done to any Asian country, but it seems that Australians must be metaphysical slaves before facing the inevitable demographic elimination.  


by James Reed
In the world of Hollywood, money rules. The masters of celluloid have decided to roll out once again another tired formula for a new generation of consumers. The Karate Kid was made in 1984 and its paper-thin theme was that of an ethnic kid being bullied by White Anglo Saxon school boys. He meets the karate master, an old Japanese man, who trains him in a matter of weeks into a superb fighter, capable of defeating the wicked whites. If you think I am exaggerating the racial aspects of this, consider the recent remarks of film critic David Stratton: “The underlying message of the original film was that when ethnic minorities (Italian, Japanese) pool their resources they can overcome aggressive WASPS” (The Australian Review, 3-4/7/2010). That is also the message of immigration in the West, as I see it.

Now there is a remake of The Karate Kid (after three previous movies) telling the story all over again. This time we have Asian actor Jackie Chan as the guru and a little black boy as the hero (the hero learns Kung Fu – there is no karate (Japanese) in the movie, such is the power of a brand name). The villains are big, bad Chinese boys. The film is set in China and was made there.
Apart from a wee bit of racism, China is portrayed as God’s own country, a beautiful paradise of beautiful people, apart from the Chinese boys. But our hero with dreadlocks soon sorts them out and in the end everybody lives happily ever after in multiracial harmony.
I wonder if China will consider taking in millions of Africans to add richness and variety/diversity to their racially homogenous society? Shall I hold my breath in the waiting?  


by James Reed
Oh to be a rich Jewish actor/director! Why, one gets to bed beautiful Nordic women and to have heaps of money to indulge oneself in every fashionable psychiatrist/psychologist band-wagon going. One’s own anxieties about life can be exaggerated upon the screen for the masses who like to think that they are something more than asses, to also wallow in. Yes, Woody Allen I have you in mind and I don’t like you! Your psycho drama movies I find unbearable. I have only watched about a few minutes of a few of your movies but that was enough, more than enough. And yet you have said that you have “squandered my chances” and see your films as a failure (The Australian 30/6/2010, p.18).

No you haven’t “squandered” your chances – you have done better than you deserve. But you are right though in saying that your films are a failure. But your life – your relationship with Soon-Yi – is pure Hollywood stuff about which you seem to be proud, especially the nude pictures of her taken by you when she was 22 and you were 56. Come now Woody, don’t be “depressed” – things are really not that bad - for you. After all, you could have been me! Then you would really have something to be depressed about! (Source: The Australian, 30/6/2010, p.18)  


by James Reed
President B.Hussein Obama has continued to show his real agenda with every speech he makes. He is now pushing for “immigration reform” and has said that the US system is “fundamentally broken”. He was critical of Arizona’s new law directing police to check the immigration status of people. Obama wants illegal migrants to come forward and earn their citizenship by paying taxes and learning English. Yes, law breakers get admitted into the club. Forget about drug-related crime flowing from Mexico, let nothing stop the flow of migrants.

It is common knowledge that Arizona has been shaken by a Latin American organised-crime epidemic and illegals are an important part of the system – contrary to Mary O’Grady’s “Don’t Blame Mexican Migrants for Arizona Crime Wave” Wall Street Journal (reprinted The Australian 11/5/2010, p.8).
Illegal immigration is not the only factor here, but it does not follow that it is not a factor. As other states look to follow Arizona, Obama, champion of immigrants, is seeing states striving to stick up for their sovereignty, as a major threat to his globalist world-view. It is not “borderline racism” (see headline p.22 The Australian, 3-4/7/2010) but old style commonsense self defence which is driving states to do this. And it is about time.  


by John Steele
Our postmodern, feminist, emasculated society has no place for the “John Wayne man” – not John Wayne the man – but the characters he portrayed. From Stage Coach (1939) to The Shootist (1976) we saw deeply moral but ruggedly tough men. Not barbarians like Viking raiders of old, but men influenced by Christianity, but still strong and tempered by the fires of strife. Men full of boldness and courage and radiating inner strength, self-reliance and virility; men beaten into shape on the anvil of life. Such a man, even in his 50’s can make young 20-something “metro” men look like cream puffs.

Such a man has been lost because of the terrible genetic-racial genocide of the wars that Nordics have fought with gay abandon to curry favour with their enemies, and also because of the acids of modernity. Modern civilised living and affluence have weakened men. Even in our gyms men are concerned with looking good rather than bone-cracking, gut twisting, heavy lifting. A man’s muscles should be hard to the touch but bump into most men and they are as soft as women.

Civilisation will end if this continues; this is a law of nature and technology will not make us exempt. Our cities will become ruins, ruled by the new dark warlords, who, long after the age of the gun has passed and gunpowder has deteriorated, will rule with sword and battle axe in hand. My apologies for what must be for a consumerist-person, dark and melancholic mediations. Yet if our goal is to seek the truth and follow the argument where it leads, isn’t this scenario more realistic and consistent with other past societal collapses – such as the Fall of Rome? Having further to fall, surely our collapse will be more catastrophic with an aftershock that will last for as long as the human story is told – by the “John Wayne Man”.  


Julia Gillard, although raised as a Baptist, is not religious and is probably an atheist as most socialist types are. She has had no children and at age 48 is not likely to have any. In fact she is not even married. She has a male partner “the First Man” with whom she lives in a de facto relationship. For the Christian she is living in sin by having sexual relations (presumably) outside of marriage. On this ground alone she is unfit to be the prime minister.

Beyond this, as one letter to the editor (The Australian, 25/6/2010, p.17) says, Gillard has apparently been a member of the “radical pro-abortion group Emily’s List”. Surely there is a female radical here to rival Don Dunstan in the driving seat of the country. This point needs to be got across to traditional Christians in our churches, a good first task for actionists. Should someone who openly rejects traditional values rule the country? No! we say, Julia Gillard is our B. Hussein Obama! 


Wimmera Mail Times 7th July 2010:
In this country of “get big or get out” how long does it take for “big enough” to become unviable?
How many farmers responded, as I did, to this disastrous advice and bought a block or a paddock here or there and soon found it wasn’t enough, sold and bought elsewhere until eventually the mortgagees won? The answer to the first question appears to be less than twenty years.
Fifteen years ago the Kennett Government was contemplating the amalgamation of municipal councils because, it claimed, too many were unviable. Economies of scale would ensure, theoretically, that local government would be viable into the foreseeable future.
A new report less than fifteen years after bigger municipalities were thrust upon Victorians states that 18 councils are “deemed financially unsustainable” (Mail Times July 5) The government at that time was so bold as to legislate that rates be reduced by twenty two and a half per cent. What to do about it? Another round of amalgamations and again within twenty years?

- - Yours truly, Ron Fischer Sebastopol Victoria.  

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