Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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30 July 2010 Thought for the Week:

This immigration (civil invasion) is a disgrace, all the more so as the present opposition is in full possession of the facts of who is organising and financing the exercise, all of which is again protected by the media. I have in my possession the book "Camp of the Saints", which is the story and plan for the dismantling of "Western Civilisation" by civil invasion. The book was published in 1973, soon after the invasion of Europe began, which is now almost complete in its success.
Those behind it are roughly the same people who financed the Russian revolution as the start for replacing the "Christian West" with the old Ideology of the Pharisees, from which our civilisation departed and grew. The plan was simple, based on previous invasions in history, only this time to be faster and organised.

As standing armies and to a lesser degree police, cannot stop civil invasions, continuous and sustained civil invasion will finally bring with it enough power in numbers to overwhelm the existing belief system that undergirds the invaded country. Those in charge and financing this mass people movement have only to wait until we are psychologically crippled and the rest is history, as is being demonstrated in the U.K, Europe and the U.S., and shortly in Australia. Turkey, an Islamic nation of 70 million is about to be admitted to the EU, which will bring the biggest civil alien invasion of Europe yet. Julia probably has no idea about the game plan (?), being a "useful idiot", but Tony Abbot has been informed and knows about the game plan and who is financing it, (as well as who is financing his party!).

If we cannot get some intellectual honesty into this debate instead of this endless destructive Party division, WE DON'T DESERVE TO KEEP AUSTRALIA. The plan is readily available in Australia: "The Camp Of The Saints" by Jean Raspail. (My copy published by Ace Books New York, May 1977.) For the moment all we need to do is ask, "WHO IS ORGANISING AND PAYING FOR THIS INVASION"?? Please help to get some sanity into this dangerous invasion.

- - John Brett, Toowoomba Queensland  


by James Reed
The endless fight between Keating and Hawke continues as each battles for their place in globalist history. Who contributed the most to internationalising us and opening Australia up? Both played their part and nationalists should see both men as political enemies. Likewise for Tony Rabbit and Julia Lizard. Both will continue to push the globalist agenda especially on immigration.
Now with another mind-numbing election and no alternative Nationalist party, we will have to make do with the excellent McCormack idea of writing “Reduce Immigration” on ballot papers. At the time of the Tasmanian dam, this was done and the elites took notice. At a minimum do your best to spread this idea around.

Even The Australian (16/7/2010, p.13)has commented on the problem posed at present by Sri Lankan asylum seekers with Tamil terrorist links. Some authorities believe that between 25 to 50 per cent of Tamils seeking asylum are former members or supporters of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a terrorist organisation, with connections to Al-Qa’ida . As usual, many of the intellectual new class want to take all these people in, no doubt as part of their new class philosophy of ‘love for the racial other’.
I sometimes wonder what the great thinkers of the past like Plato, Socrates and Schopenhauer would make of all this. What has become of common sense?  


by Peter Ewer
Somalia-born author and former Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali would agree with Kenan Malik. In her recently released book "Nomad: From Islam to America" she discusses the rise of radical Islam and its threat to Western values born of the Enlightenment. In particular she believes that Islam and female emancipation are incompatible because of Islam’s view of women.
Western feminists have given in to multicultural relativism rather than defend the truly oppressed women of the world. To resist Islamisation she believes that Christianity has an important part to play. In an interview published in The Weekend Australian Magazine 22-23/5/2010) she tied up all of these points:

“The decline of Christianity in Europe has created a vacuum. Christian missionary work missed a historic opportunity among the immigrant populations across the continent in the post-war period. But what Europeans should take enormous pride in now is their great secular traditions. The European Enlightenment of the 18th century gave birth to schools and universities run on principles of critical thinking.
The enlightenment emancipated Europe from the terrible dogmas of the past and opened the way for a public education system geared towards outwards looking citizens, not those driven by the separateness of the tribe. Today however many schools and campuses in the West have opted to be more respectful of the faith, customs and habits of other cultures.
This would be fine except it has been used to gloss over fundamentally unjust practices or belief systems”.

Christianity, with a loving God is an important counter to radical jihad and she calls upon Christians who will not “appease Islam” to stand firm. She hopes that the Vatican will “more actively evangelise”. Let’s hope so too.  


by Betty Luks
Andrew Bolt asked on his Blog, 20//7/2010, “Where are the Liberals’ campaign brains?” He continued: “For me, the sign of the Liberals’ dysfunction in campaigning lies in its complete failure to instantly pounce on Julia Gillard’s brazen “moving forward” slogan. We should have been seeing ads these past two days already mocking her plea to ignore the disasters of The Liberal Party…”

By contrast, our own sense of identity and continuity
Andrew, I disagree with you on this issue. The Liberals’ obvious dysfunction has roots running much deeper than just its campaign strategy. The Liberal Party 2010 is but a pitiful shell of what it once was – and past and present members have no one but themselves to blame for that. For once I agree with an observation by that little ‘silver-haired bodgie’ Bob Hawke who, when as PM of this nation, said to those present at the Fabian Society Centenary Dinner, Melbourne 18th May 1984:

“One of the great paradoxes of Australian politics is that the parties and forces of conservatism and reaction - for all their self-proclaimed loyalty to tradition - have no real continuity and no true sense of continuity. And without a sense of continuity - in the case of individuals or parties or movements or nations - there can be no true sense of identity. I believe it is precisely because our adversaries lack that sense of their own continuity, and in a deep sense, their own identity, they are obliged to seek it outside themselves - in other institutions and even other nations. And that I believe explains, at least in part, much of their current conduct - their lurches, not only in search of a policy, but in search of an identity. It is, by contrast, our own sense of continuity, as a Government, a movement, a party, a cause which provides us with the stability and strength to overcome the countless setbacks we have suffered and, equally, in the days of triumph, to live up to the motto set for itself by the Fabian Society one hundred years ago: "For the right moment you must wait, as Fabius did, most patiently, when warring against Hannibal, though many censured his delays; but when the time comes you must strike hard, as Fablus did, or your waiting will be in vain and fruitless."”
And methinks Ms Gillard PM intends to strike, and strike hard, after the federal election!

An appalling tyranny - the only thing that mattered was Power
But just in case our readers get the impression we are in agreement with the Fabian Society’s plans for this nation, let’s quote from Malcolm Muggeridge’s “The Great Liberal Death Wish” (1979). Keep in mind Malcolm Muggeridge married the niece of Sydney and Beatrice Webb (whom Bob Hawke considers icons of the Fabian Society) and his own father was an early Fabian Society member who held regular meetings in the family home. So, it was from first hand knowledge and experience that Mr. Muggeridge could report on his observations and experiences in the Soviet Union as a Moscow journalist and correspondent for the Manchester Guardian newspaper:

“…It's difficult to convey to you what a shock this was, realizing that what I had supposed to be the new brotherly way of life my father and his cronies had imagined long before, was simply on examination an appalling tyranny, in which the only thing that mattered, the only reality, was power. So again, like the British raj, in the USSR I was confronted with power as the absolute and ultimate arbiter. However, that was a thing that one could take in one's stride.

"How I first came to conceive the notion of the great liberal death wish was not at all in consequence of what was happening in the USSR, which, as I came to reflect afterward, was simply the famous lines in the Magnificat working out, “He hath put down the mighty from their seat and hath exalted the humble and meek,” whereupon, of course, the humble and meek become mighty in their turn and have to be put down. That was just history, something that happens in the world; people achieve power, exercise power, abuse power, are booted out of power, and then it all begins again.

"The thing that impressed me, and the thing that touched off my awareness of the great liberal death wish, my sense that western man was, as it were, sleep-walking into his own ruin, was the extraordinary performance of the liberal intelligentsia, who, in those days, flocked to Moscow like pilgrims to Mecca. And they were one and all utterly delighted and excited by what they saw there.

"Clergymen walked serenely and happily through the anti-god museums, politicians claimed that no system of society could possibly be more equitable and just, lawyers admired Soviet justice, and economists praised the Soviet economy. They all wrote articles in this sense which we resident journalists knew were completely nonsensical. It's impossible to exaggerate to you the impression that this made on me.
Mrs. Webb had said to Kitty and me:

You'll find that in the USSR Sydney and I are icons." As a matter of fact they were, Marxist icons. How could this be? How could this extraordinary credulity exist in the minds of people who were adulated by one and all as maestros of discernment and judgment?...” (emphasis added…ed)

Mr. Muggeridge, you ask “How could this be?” Easily… if you were alive today you would see the same type of arrogant, opinionated, ‘intelligentsia’ strutting the national stage. Plus, as a result of the ‘politically correct conditioning’ Australians have been subjected to for many a year, you would see them ‘sleep-walking to their own Gulags’ as did the peoples of Eastern Europe all those years ago. Unless Australians awake and take action, they will find themselves in their own socialist republican nightmare.

Choosing a genuine Independent who really does see his role as one of Service to his fellow Australian could be the first step in changing direction. While you are about it, don’t forget to write ‘REDUCE IMMIGRATION’ on both ballot papers. That way you are registering your own vote on the policy of flooding this country with more and more immigrants.  

*** Alan Jones interviews Kevin Donnelly about the call for schools to teach a positive view of Islam while branding Australia racist. Listen to the interview.


Readers will get a better understanding of why there are continuous attacks on the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia by looking for the ‘pedigree of ideas’ now being pushed by both sides of politics. The writings of Eric D. Butler are absolutely essential for this understanding and most of his booklets – some written fifty years ago - have been placed on the website to freely download.
They are in the Library section on our website. Go to ><
The latest push to bring about change of the Commonwealth Constitution needs to be studied in the light of past history. First ‘connect some of the historical dots’ by downloading Eric’s booklet “Constitutional Barriers to Serfdom” – and then we encourage readers to make submissions to the Senate Committee. Eric D. Butler’s booklet “The Fabian Socialist Contribution to the Communist Advance” has proved ‘a winner’ – his other works will prove the same. For those who would prefer a hard copy the booklets are $4.50 plus postage from Heritage Book Services.  

Select Committee on ‘Reform of Australian Federation’
Under the heading Select Committee on ‘Reform of Australian Federation’ the advert reads: “The Senate has set up a Committee to explore a possible agenda for national reform and to consider ways it can best be implemented in relation to, but not exclusively, the following matters:

(i) the distribution of constitutional powers and responsibilities between the Commonwealth and the states (including territories),
(ii) financial relations between federal, state and local governments,
(iii) possible constitutional amendment, including the recognition of local government,
(iv) processes, including the Council of Australian Governments, and the referral of powers and procedures for enhancing co-operation between the various levels of Australian government, and
(v) strategies for strengthening Australia's regions and the delivery of services through regional development committees and regional grant programs.

Submissions should be received by 20 August 2010. The reporting date is 17 November 2010 One submission has been received so far for a Republican Constitution.

Important points to make:
• no recognition of Local Government in the Constitution,
• de-centralisation of control,
• no duplication of responsibilities e.g. education, health give these powers back to the States.
• Make Local Government LOCAL again.

Full details are at” Written submissions may be sent to Committee Secretary, Select Committee on the Reform of the Australian Federation, PO Box 6100, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600.  


Mr. Case Smit, of Noosaville Queensland has written to like-minded folk:
“Whilst some might think that the debate about global warming is over, be assured that it is not. There are too many scientists whose reputation and whose funding depends on maintaining the scare. There are too many politicians who have staked their policies on it and far too many financial sector operators whose future fortunes are at risk, for the truth to be admitted at this stage. It is critical that those of us who are prepared to face the facts, do our best to inform as many people as possible that the world is being hoodwinked and convince them of the true situation, namely that while the average global temperature might have been rising over the past couple of centuries, mankind is not guilty of causing it and is powerless to influence it materially anyway. The “Climate Movie for Young People” could be the most effective tool we have to educate a very large number of people.

"When John Smeed and I brought Lord Monckton to Australia earlier this year, we found that the overwhelming majority of the audiences was definitely of the older generation. Where were the next generation of leaders and problem solvers? Where were the under 40’s? Most of us, but particularly that generation, have been exposed to inconvenient (un)truths, errors and exaggerations from Governments and most of the media, leading to a belief that mankind is guilty of starting a global warming trend that will have catastrophic consequences. A suggestion was made during the Monckton Tour that a movie be made, aimed specifically at young people, to give them the real facts. This suggestion has been widely supported and has grown to a proposal to make a series of short movies that could be made into one documentary covering the science, economics and the morality of the “global warming” hypothesis. The bulk of the Australian filming is planned for Lord Monckton’s next visit to Australia in September/October 2010. Some more information about the movie is given in the dedicated web site: .

"The North American Directors for this proposed movie are Susan Kucera and Gawain Bantle of Cinepartners. The budget amounts to about $300,000, which is very low for the quality of product we have planned given it must contain only incontrovertible facts and be professional enough to have credibility yet sassy enough to outdo “An Inconvenient Truth” in its appeal to youth. Joanne Nova (, an experienced science communicator, will be the principal scriptwriter and the anchor person. The documentary will feature Lord Monckton, Prof. Ian Plimer, Prof. Peter Ridd, numerous other Australian and overseas experts as well as some teenagers and older “young” people. We will use animated graphics and humour to keep young viewers interested. The intention is to distribute this movie to schools and to make it available on the internet. We may not be able to get mass distribution through 20th Century Fox, but we expect to get it shown at film festivals and selected cinemas.

"We can put on a powerful display of all the images and information that hasn’t been featured in the media – it’s all the front-page news-busting headlines that no one has told our youth. John Smeed and I are not in a position to underwrite this venture, so we are seeking donations from all like-minded individuals and organisations to provide the necessary funding.

"To join the team which is fighting back and to help us raise the $300,000 required, there is a “donate” button on page “The Plan” on web site Given the expected wide distribution of this appeal, an average donation of $250 should get us to the target, but obviously we would need quite a few donations much greater than that; naturally any donation will be welcome.
People could make a direct (EFT) transfer or deposit a cheque into the bank account for the movie: "Climate Movie", NAB, BSB 083 646, a/c 175917793.

"Please pass this email on to everyone you can think of who might be willing to help. If you can put this appeal on Facebook or another social networking site, please do so.
Thank you, Signed: Case Smit, Noosaville Queensland 4566, Australia +61754730475  


“Pipelines to disrupt thousands” writes Brad Crouch of the Sunday Mail (SA) 18 July, 2010. “A secret plan to dig up dozens of Adelaide roads, compulsorily acquire land, disrupt businesses and erect huge pumping stations in parks will not be released until after the federal election. Homeowners already caught in the network are being bullied into signing confidentiality agreements, with government agents bailing up retirees after dark with little more than Google Earth maps showing them how their homes will lose value, then leaving without passing on any paperwork to examine. People who seek more information are being told to sign documents preventing them from speaking about the issue.

The plan, affecting thousands of people in around a dozen suburbs - triggered by the $1.83 billion desalination plant, which will not reduce the draw on the River Murray by a single drop while sending water bills soaring - is set to move into its construction phase by November.
SA Water sources have told the Sunday Mail the project is being carefully managed “to minimise political fallout” in the lead-up to the federal poll, with the marginal seats of Sturt, Boothby, Adelaide, Hindmarsh and Makin all being affected.

The State Government is fully versed in the plan, as are selected industry partners now vying for lucrative contracts for the $403 million project. Despite this, the government's only public words so far have deliberately avoided naming key suburbs involved in crucial marginal federal seats, the extent of the works or how long they will take.

Adelaidians will be interested in this:
However, the Sunday Mail has obtained internal briefing papers on the master plan and can name the streets where roads will be dug up and pumping stations erected. Where the pipeline goes: As well as a network of quiet suburban backstreets, the major roads facing disruption to sink pipes up to a metre wide include Glynburn Rd, Marion Rd, Holbrooks Rd, Grange Rd, Nelson Rd, Fullarton Rd, Belair Rd, Hackney Rd, Walkerville Tce, Sudholz Rd and Lyons Rd. The new pipelines also will cut across the O-Bahn track and will cross the busy Glen Osmond Rd intersection of the South Eastern Freeway.

Of the major roads affected, Marion Rd and Nelson Rd will each have 7km of pipework laid, Grange Rd will have more than 3km, while the snaking route from Gilberton to Hope Valley through backstreets will have more than 9km of pipework, and the suburban Clapham to Wattle Park via Springfield route will have more than 12km of pipeline. Five huge new water-pumping stations - as high as three storeys - will also be built in Glenelg, Springfield, Wattle Park, Gilberton and Clapham, while seven enormous pressure-regulating valves will be built across the city.

Businesses on the affected roads will be facing the same drama that furniture store Pine City faced during the South Road overpass construction, which caused them to lay off staff, lose an estimated $300,000 in revenue and finally erect signs condemning the State Government… According to SA Water, the $403 million North-South Interconnector will “fully integrate the Adelaide metropolitan water system by connecting the northern and southern parts, creating operating flexibility and reinforcing supply security across the metropolitan area.”… SA Water has given confidential briefings to building firms as it seeks tenders for the lucrative contracts for the massive earthworks. However, residents affected by the work have not been given full details, and some whose houses will lose significant value due to the work have been coerced into signing confidentiality agreements before being given limited information about the scheme.

In May - after the project was signed off by SA Water and the Desalination Plant Steering Committee - Water Minister Paul Caica issued a press release which referred to “upgrading existing pipelines" and noted that pumping stations will be constructed, without naming the ones at Wattle Park, Springfield or Clapham or detailing the extent of the new pipelines.
“We want to ensure that we can minimise the inconvenience to residents, businesses and commuters during the construction phase of this important water security project," Mr Caica stated. “As part of the preferred option, some existing pump stations are to be upgraded and some new booster pumping stations are to be constructed at locations that include Gilberton and one on existing SA Water land at Glenelg North."…” Oh yeah!  


by James Reed
In this crazy “fair is foul and foul is fair” world in which we live, Iran has been elected to the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women, all while brutally repressing women. Iran is also a member in good standing of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, even though it is an open secret that it is busy at work to get a Muslim A-bomb. Whereas Pakistan is likely to drop its own atomic eggs on arch enemy India, Iran hopes to nuke Israel and destroy the West in a nuclear holocaust.

Obama sees the Non-Proliferation Treaty as the “cornerstone of the world’s efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons”. Yet by this treaty rogue nations get access to civilian nuclear technology merely on a promise not to build nuclear weapons. Surely the White man has a death wish. How long will it be before New York disappears in a cloud of nuclear smoke, produced by a cheap nuclear bomb going off in the back seat of a parked car? Will that be good for business?  

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