Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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13 August 2010 Thought for the Week:

In Solzhenitsyn's famous B.B.C. address (26/3/76), he warned the west that we were accelerating down the same path that would lead to the same conditions which the people of the Soviet Union experienced. But elsewhere he warned that this great human tragedy had nothing to do with race, but everything to do with philosophy. While the world’s human bodies are distinguished by racial characteristics their minds are formed and controlled by philosophy.

There are only two groups of "minds" in the world. One philosophical group believes that all power and authority arises external to each individual, while the other group believes that all power and authority arises from within each individual. All the world’s religions are rooted in one or other of these basic belief systems. Western civilisation arose from the Christian philosophy: all power and authority, from God, arises from within each individual. But now the whole world is being overtaken by systems and institutions based on the other philosophy; this includes the corporate state, centralised republican government and in particular financier/bankers. All use ‘ballot box democracy’ as a vehicle for change.

To undermine and convert the western world, mass immigration from countries that don't even have a ballot box, is one of the current vehicles being used to continue the destruction of what is left of western civilisation. The matter is not even presented as a ballot box option!  

- - - John Brett Toowoomba, Queensland 


by Don Auchterlonie

The question that Dick Smith, Bob Carr, Kelvin Thomson, The ACF, Andrew Bolt, Steve Price and the rest of the newly supportive media of a now decades old sentiment to REDUCE IMMIGRATION need to answer is: Why won't they use their high profiles and daily opportunities across all media to inform and encourage the millions who have long held the same view to write REDUCE IMMIGRATION in the blank space atop both ballot papers on Election day? The only day we are all able to tell the politicians what we want on immigration!

We know a REDUCE IMMIGRATION 'write-on' would work wonderfully well with the encouragement, legitimacy, and public awareness that all these high profile individuals could generate around this idea. It could very quickly go MSM and www viral should they choose to promote it. Look up Wiki on how the NO DAMS write-on campaign worked to save the Franklin River with both Dick Smith's and Bob Brown's blessing back in the early 1980s. Presumably they recognise how much more important today's immigration/population issue is to our national future than the Franklin River ever was. So, why don't they harness support via the ballot? ( )

Dick Smith et al have known for many months about the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on but have, so far, not responded. If these gentlemen will not back this campaign will they tell the Australian people why not? Are they pulling their punches because of political correctness or what? The present demographics in Australia and the current immigration levels mean that time is running out on Australia retaining its normal culture. Australians have never been consulted about immigration levels so it is so important to have this opportunity publicised.


TARGET: Write to Dick Smith, Bob Carr, Kelvin Thomson, Andrew Bolt and Steve Price and ask them why they will not publicise this opportunity we have on the one day we have a chance to have our say!

Dick Smith C/O Australia All Over, GPO Box 9994, Sydney. NSW. 2001.
Bob Carr, C/O Parliament House, Macquarie St. Sydney. NSW 2000.
Kelvin Thomson MP, 3 Munro St. Coburg. Vic. 3058.
Andrew Bolt, The Herald Sun, PO Box 14999, Melbourne City MC. 8001.
Steve Price, Radio MTR Melbourne, 473 Swan St. Melbourne. 3000.


by Louis Cook
I don't know about you but already I am sick of the election hype and when a questioner asked the two aspiring candidates for Prime Minister about tax cuts during the pseudo debate, one said “you can’t just make tax cuts with the stroke of a pen”. Rubbish! It seems there is no problem with increasing taxes; an announcement is made on budget night and the increases start the next day!

I have a suggestion, lower the GST by 2% and this would lower power and fuel costs straight away and then flow on to many other areas affecting all Australians. The GST is the tax the International Monetary Fund said we had to have! (Read Jeremy Lee's "The Tax the IMF Said We Had to Have!")
But a change in that direction is too much to expect from any of the big parties because they have a “debt and taxes” philosophy… increase, increase and increase.
The Liberal party led by John Howard was the highest taxing government of all time when they were removed from office, with total government tax receipts increasing from $115 million in 1995/96 to $217.8 million in 2006/07 and the rural debt increased $25 billion under their watch.

Since Labor came to office rural debt has gone from $53 billion and now past $62 billion and the total tax take has escalated even further. Both parties are indicted by their respective performance as very poor money managers and further, the hard-pressed taxpayer is going to be squeezed even more as they try to do their version of “responsible” money management. When politicians say they will make the “hard decisions” it is “pollie speak” for ‘we don’t mind hurting people’ - and they do!

Voting in elections should be seen as a deadly serious business it is not a “game-show” or some type of pantomime with “good guys and bad guys”. You are voting for someone who will make decisions on your behalf, someone who will make decisions affecting your personal, financial, religious and cultural freedoms, and if these freedoms are infringed then you MUST take some of the blame yourself. Unless you live in the electorates of Lalor or Warringah you cannot respectively vote for Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott but you must vote for somebody else. Who will you vote for this time?

Will you vote for more of the same or will you take some responsibility for the state of the nation and try something different? Make the candidates in your electorate earn your vote by making them responsible for their actions.
Your purpose should be to break up the power bases of the major political parties if you must vote, alternatively you could place the sitting member last in the House of Representatives and whatever you do make sure to vote for a different party in the Senate. If you are concerned about the "immigration invasion" then you can let your feelings be known by writing "reduce immigration" on the ballot paper where it will not interfere with your vote.

There is a threat that "The Greens" will hold the balance of power and to counter this they should be placed after the major parties... don't give them a chance! I have attached a message from the "Climate Sceptics" who are fielding candidates in the Senate and could be worth your 1st preference as they support The Australian Constitution and Citizens Initiated Referenda. Please check them out to see if they measure up to YOUR ideals in other fields. I believe "Family First" have similar policies, however, the choice, along with the responsibility, is yours. Don't forget Independents.

If you believe in the "power of prayer" then it could be a good idea to start praying hard because the prospects for Australians right now do not look too good. Keep your chin up and start hitting!  


by James Reed
Don’t send a man to do a woman’s work, especially when you are Madame-PM. It seems that Gilly has been silly and sent a former bodyguard to attend “highly sensitive security meetings on her behalf”. (The Weekend Australian 1/8/2010, p.1) The revelations, leaked by some mysterious person (is that you Kev still loitering around here?), are that Gilly as Deputy PM did not attend regularly Cabinet’s national security committee meetings and sent a junior to fill in. After all, it wasn’t really important stuff like getting a new shade of red in her hair – it was just national security.

Endeavour Forum newsletter No.139, August 2010 p.1 points out that Julie Gillard is a founding member of Emily’s List. This group seeks to elect pro-abortion women into parliament. The organisation has come from the US and spread to Australia. The group supports abortion for any reason until birth and feminist pro-abortion politicians in the US have had their campaign donations cut by Emily’s List for failing to support partial-birth abortions. Here in Australia, according to Endeavour Forum, the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Act 2008, instigated in part by Emily’s List faction in the ALP allows abortion right up to birth. This was something I did not know, and as well, some late-term aborted babies are born alive.

Endeavour Forum quotes the Herald Sun of 20 May 2010 which says: “…one late-term abortion is performed in Victoria every day and 54 babies survived the procedure to die post-natally…”
It seems that these 54 babies were not resuscitated or put in a humidicrib. They must have been left to die. That is murder.

Now is a good time to write to the PM and ask her about her opinion of the situation described in the Herald Sun article – or perhaps a friendly former bodyguard may assist us. Clearly Gillard is not fit to be a PM. Dare I say it – she is almost, almost as bad as Rudd. Think about that Queensland!  


Source: Tim Blair, Daily Telegraph 26th July 2010: “The horror of a year in climate La La Land”
- NOT that she really needs another vote, the polls being where they now are,( but Prime Minister Julia Gillard's climate speech last week absolutely guaranteed my support.
"If we are re-elected," Gillard announced, "I will develop a dedicated process, a Citizens' Assembly, to examine over 12 months the evidence on climate change, the case for action and the possible consequences of introducing a market-based approach to limiting and reducing carbon emissions."
Now, this I've just got to see. A genuine Citizens' Assembly, all squabbling and seething and obsessing for a whole year about how best to destroy our economy for no reason at all?
Please, please make it happen.

Even better, they should televise every minute of the Assembly's deliberations, with underperforming Citizens being voted out (and also being sterilised, if we want to add a population theme). Al Gore could turn up to present a special Inconvenient Truth temperature graph challenge. MasterClimate!

But there are one or two problems with Gillard's Citizens' Assembly plan.
For a start, it's supposed to feature "a representative range of ordinary Australians". Really? How many ordinary Australians are able to take an entire year off to talk about carbon dioxide levels and emissions trading fantasies? This is usually something only idiots do. An easy solution: instead of the volunteer system Gillard proposes, which will attract the sort of beardy people who read books about peak oil and know what WOMAD is, membership of the Citizens' Assembly should be determined by a national draft.

It would be just like the Vietnam War days, except far more terrifying. Being deployed to the Vietcong-infested Mekong Delta is one thing. Spending a year helping the Government formulate its climate change policies is quite another.
Imagine the anxiety as millions of Australians scan their mail every day, hoping that the letter hasn't arrived.
Jack sensed that his number was up. The recycled paper, the Commonwealth emblem in the left-hand corner, the hand-written message from Penny Wong telling him "Your number is up." None of these signs were good.

His hands shaking, Jack opened the envelope. "Dear Citizen," he read. "You have been selected by the Australian government to take part in ... " The letter fell from his hands.
Eyes closed, Jack could hear Denise and their twins laughing in the kitchen. Even as he listened, the sound became distant, as though receding to another time. A time Jack was about to leave. A happy time. A time without public servants from the Department of Climate Change asking him how many parts per million of carbon dioxide should be permitted under local and international trading agreements prior to the mandatory application of financial penalties.

"Jack? Jack, dear, are you all right?" Denise, dread on her face, walked slowly towards her motionless husband. He didn't answer. Jack was thinking about something he'd read years earlier. On certain Saturday nights, if the sky was clear and the breeze just so, inmates on the prison island of Alcatraz could hear parties from the mainland. They could hear freedom.
Denise picked up the letter. As she began to weep, Jack realised that he was now crying, too. He'd remembered something else ... nobody ever escaped from Alcatraz. Probably it would be worse. Even in Alcatraz, nobody made you study coal sequestration.

Gillard's bizarre idea for a parallel parliament to decide climate policies reads more like the notion of a 21-year-old Australian Union of Students president than anything from a Prime Minister. Maybe Gillard was inspired by the Commonwealth Student Conference she helped organise at Melbourne University in 1983, a gathering dubbed "the kiddies' CHOGM".
According to then-AUS president Gillard, the event was intended "to create an environment for ongoing co-operation among students of the Commonwealth" - which doesn't seem all that far away from the airy aims of the Citizens' Assembly.
(It also seems - and here a theme of Gillard's leadership emerges - utterly pointless. Why was it important to create co-operation among students of the Commonwealth? Were students from, say, New Zealand and Lesotho in conflict? And if they were, who cares?)

For that matter, Gillard in 2010 doesn't seem much changed from the Gillard of 27 years earlier. A 1983 profile of the then newly-elected student leader, published by The Age, features many of the same lines we heard after Gillard cut down her predecessor Kevin Rudd. For example: "She remembers her father talking about politics and going through the newspapers with her." Well, of course she remembered - she had been living at home only a couple of years earlier.

And then there's this quote: "Student politics has taught me that there is more to political life than a few bunfights between the big parties. It is all very absorbing. I really don't think private practice would suit me after this." You got that right, sister. Gillard's comprehension of the private sector was perfectly illustrated by her latest election pledge, which was announced on Saturday, to spend $394 million buying old cars.

"Australians own a lot of old motor cars, and those old cars guzzle a lot of petrol and they spew out a lot of pollution," said Gillard, who'll give two grand to anyone who trades their pre-1995 car on something new, clean and economical (and imported - only a handful of local cars are eligible for the Gillard rebate).
Again, the pointlessness is remarkable. Gillard's plan will put just 200,000 clean new cars on the road over four entire years. Yet Australians already buy more than 200,000 clean new cars every couple of months - and at no cost at all to taxpayers. In fact, they'll buy about 90,000 between now and the time the election is held.

As with climate change, Gillard is fixing a problem that doesn't exist. There is also the potential for rorting, in the manner of BER and insulation scams. Unless popular stereotypes are wildly inaccurate, used car dealers will play this system like a two-dollar banjo.

One more quote from Gillard in 1983, which should especially appeal to Kevin Rudd. "I suppose you could describe me as ambitious. Whatever involves me, I seem to have the motivation to get to the top," she said. For the sake of general amusement, let's hope she stays there. Gillard is becoming the most unintentionally entertaining Labor Prime Minister since the last one.  


by James Reed
As reported at news from the Gulf oil disaster gets worse. A photographer working for ProPublica took photographs of a BP refinery. He was tailed by local law enforcement folk who cornered him at a petrol station. They demanded to see the photographs, which he refused. Then a private BP security agent arrived at the scene and a homeland Security official. They intimidated the photographer until he let them see the photos. Then the police turned over the photographer’s private information to the BP security agent. So the US law enforcement and Homeland Security works for BP. As naturalnews concludes, the US is now a police state, run by the corporate, a fascist corporatocracy.

Naturalnews speculates that ProPublica was targeted because of its story “BP Texas Refinery Had Huge Toxic Release Just Before Gulf Blowout” ( The photographed refinery is alleged to have illegally released 538,000 pounds of toxic chemicals!
All in all, the ruling elites are working together to keep the true extent of the ecological and health damages of the spill secret.
B. Hussein Obama is right in on this – and I’m talking to all you leftist, pinko, liberals who jabber away about freedom, human rights, blah-blah – your champion is allowing all of this to happen. He does so because like our puppet politicians, he too is controlled by the corporate money power.  


by Brian Simpson
There are some very interesting academic article abstracts which appear on Google, but not the article itself. Thus Francis Beckwith, “The Epistemology of Political Correctness”, Public Affairs Quarterly, vol.8, 1994, argued this:
“Many in the “political correctness” (PC) movement espouse ‘epistemological relativism’ and ‘value relativism’. The former is embodied in the view that “every judgement can be reduced to a ‘cultural perspective’.”

This view fails because it is self-refuting, inconsistent with other PC norms and unjustifiably dogmatic. The latter position is the view that there are no objective moral values which transcend individual and culture. There are at least three problems with this view: it is self-refuting, inconsistent with the PCer’s call to universal tolerance and confuses political disagreement with proof of relativism. Therefore, the philosophical basis for political correctness collapses.”

Ah! If only all philosophy was like that! I have found only one book by a conventional academic philosophy publisher which dares to politely criticise the ideology of political correctness: Howard P. Kainz, Politically Incorrect Dialogues: Topics Not Discussed in Polite Circles, (Rodopi, Amsterdam, 1999). This book is cleverly written and has a number of Plato-style dialogues on a wide range of topics from husband abuse to race. The book is available in part via Google books on-line (Google the title in quote marks) and makes enjoyable reading.  


by Brian Simpson
Bernard Lane in an article entitled, “ Britain and US Preferred by China”, (The Australian, 30/6/2010, p.37) lets the proverbial cat out of the bag: “Everybody knows students come to Australia for the prospect of migration.” That just about sums up what the modern Australian university is, in my opinion, with some courses in medicine at some universities near 100% Asian dominated. Viewed in this context, the universities are part of the cultural wars, aiding in the demographic displacement of white people.

What sense can then be made of books such as Martha C. Nussbaum, Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities, (Princeton University Press)? Nussbaum is critical of the commodification of the universities because universities have become no different to any other capitalist business, concerned with the pursuit of profit. Her values are for a traditional “liberal” university committed to cobble humanistic values, although she is a cosmopolitan humanist who sees the knowledge community as part of global citizenship.

Alas, all of this has long gone. Globalised capitalism and internationalisation has already chewed up the universities and spat them out. Indeed, it was the same commitment to cosmopolitanist philosophy which enabled the global financial demons to get their sharp, dark, satanic claws into the knowledge machine in the first place. Now the universities, like the real estate industry, have become vampires, ever seeking new blood to feast upon.  


One thing which both conventional Holocaust believers and revisionist deniers agree about, is that the issue of the Holocaust is a serious matter. Yet now a video clip of Adolek Kohn, a dancing Holocaust survivor is going “galactic” on the internet. Mr Kohn and his daughter and grandchildren danced to the sounds of I Will Survive at Auschwitz and other sites.

This is alleged to be a celebration of life – but many are outraged, seeing the videos as a lack of respect. Others have said that it was not offensive because Kohn was a Jew “survivor” and if “someone [i.e., Gentiles] were to do it”, it would be “highly inappropriate”.  


by Brian Simpson
Surprise surprise! Multicultural, multiracial France, which has had a “non-discriminatory” policy of mass immigration has discovered that it has between 16,000 and 20,000 polygamists. Polygamy is contrary to French Law, but even if there was the political will to prosecute, French gaols would not be able to hold all of these people. Further, as most of these “marriages” occurred overseas, in Islamic lands, obtaining proof of polygamy is difficult. Some of the “wives” would be more like mistresses – although producing offspring – and of course eligible for welfare benefits.

Over the channel British schools are rearranging texts, exams and cancelling lessons to avoid offending Muslims during Ramadan. During Ramadan, Muslims who have reached puberty avoid eating or drinking between sunrise and sunset.
As a student I once lived in a share household, with an Indonesian Muslim student, a nice fellow. When Ramadan came, he slept during the day and worked on his thesis at night. He really knew how to get around things. Suffering from insomnia I would often wake up and he would cook me some amazing Indonesian dish, most with some sort of peanut sauce. This would get me back to sleep where I would have crazy dreams about French polygamists invading Australia on giant peanuts.  


by Brian Simpson
A study recently presented to the American Association for Cancer Research by researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center has revealed that a fatty diet in mice can produce epigenic DNA modifications which affect offspring. The offspring inherit DNA changes. Thus DNA changes which occurred in parents, who do not get cancer, may still predispose offspring to cancer. Children eating unhealthy junkfood diets today may be transferring ill health to future generations. Epigenesis and changes in non-DNA material, such as the maternal cell, could have a major impact upon future human health. Perhaps, with our unhealthy lifestyles, we are dooming the human race by destroying its vitality? (

According to The Independent (26/4/2010) up to one in five healthy young men between the ages of 18 and 25 have abnormal sperm counts in terms of quantity and quality. In the 1940’s the average number of sperm was about 100 million sperm per millilitre of semen, but today the average is about 60 million sperm per millilitre. About 20% of young men have levels less than 20 million per millilitre. Even those sperm are of poor quality with between 95% and 85% of those sperm “abnormal”. The most common cause of infertility is due to males. Environmental toxins, especially estrogenic food substances and hormone disrupting chemicals, the products of a toxic consumer society, may spell the long-term extinction of the human race.  


by James Reed
A story broadcast on Channel 7, July 7, 2010 describes the “Refugee Hotel”. The transcript reads: “It doesn’t appear to be like a detention centre at all, seeming more like a four-star motel in the suburbs of Brisbane and the Australian government is doing the best it can to keep the guests a secret”. Then there are the refugees on Christmas Island, singing the praises of coming to Australia on their Facebook pages, using their Apple Macs – before being moved off to stay in motels or to go on excursions to Surfers Paradise. Then there is specialist medical and dental care denied to our pensioners and veterans.

The pinko lobby want Australia to take everybody who lands on our shore. That is a recipe for everybody in the Third World landing on our shore – and that is what they want. The pinko seeks the racial death of his/her people because of a psychopathological sense of guilt at having comfort. Therefore I suggest that each of these pro-open borders types swap their life with that of a refugee. A refugee of our choice moves into their house, their bed, their life and keeps their wealth. They get to be put on the high seas in a boat of our construction, so that they can feel morally superior.

In Britain two gay asylum seekers have won a Supreme Court appeal against their deportation because the court accepted that they faced prosecution over their sexuality. The men were from Iran. The Home Secretary said: “I do not believe it is acceptable to send people home and expect them to hide their sexuality to avoid persecution”. Bingo – every “gay” “refugee” will be heading Britain’s way. The West, as it crumbles, has become a gay refuge.  

Political comment authorised by Donald Auchterlonie, 145 Russell Street, Melbourne 3000.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159