Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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17 Septeember 2010 Thought for the Week:

‘Angry Dole Bludger’: The thing that I don't get is why do pollies actually care so much about business leaders and their fat profits. If the government told the business community "No, we are not bringing you any more foreign cheap labour and if you want the labour you'd better train Australians yourself and pay them better or go out of business." Then I bet they would fall in line. I mean someone has to put the business community on a leash and show them that they are not running the show. They're like parasites sucking the life out of the nation.

They try to terrorise us into doing anything they want by threatening the community that we are going to lose jobs and the sky is going to fall in if we don't do exactly as they say. We should just ignore that nonsense, provide free TAFE courses and slash foreign labour. At the moment the situation is not normal, it's deluded. I am often stunned at how foreign labour is favoured over the local labour. In almost any other country on earth they employ their own people first, Australia seems to be the weird exception.

- - ABC The Drum, Comments 30 Jul 2010


from SOS-News: On behalf of Tower of Hope – People Power Movement

On Wednesday 1 September, 2010 the Full Bench of the High Court held that the case Spencer v Commonwealth of Australia should not have been summarily dismissed in the Federal Court in March 2009 on the grounds that Mr Spencer had "no reasonable prospect" of successfully prosecuting the proceedings (under section 31A of the Federal Court of Australia Act).

The Full Bench judges unanimously held that the case had not been a suitable one for the application of s 31A of the Federal Court of Australia Act.
Mr Spencer has argued that Commonwealth Acts formed part of a scheme or device with the States designed to avoid the restrictions on Commonwealth legislative power found in s 51(xxxi) of the Constitution which requires just terms payment for property acquired by the Commonwealth (carbon sequestered to meet Australia’s commitment to the Kyoto Protocol Agreement).

As a result Spencer is arguing that his property was rendered valueless when the resulting NSW Native Vegetation legislation was used to stop him clearing regrowth vegetation from his property at Shannons Flat NSW (near Cooma).
On Wednesday, The High Court granted Mr Spencer leave to appeal and allowed the appeal with costs being awarded against the Commonwealth dating back to 2007. Wednesday’s finding also allows for Spencer to have discovery of Commonwealth and State documents.

The case will now be heard in the High Court. The award of costs against the Government is a huge relief for Peter Spencer. Mr Spencer says he has been robbed of his property rights.


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Immigration lawyers are smiling – well at least refugee lawyers. Some have a set-aside rate of “over 90%”, meaning that around 90% of failed refugees have had their decisions overturned on appeal: “Courts Fail Asylum Crackdown”, The Australian, August 19, 2010, p.1. It seems that over 40 Afghan cases have been heard and on appeal over 90% have been overturned. Gillard had promised to deport failed asylum-seekers to crack the people smuggling trade but the courts are not having a bar of this. The legal profession is now well drenched in politically correct ideologies and refugeeism is part of the new world order religious faith of the new class elites. Basically, illegal aliens who get here will stay here. Consequently Australia needs to “stop the boats leaving foreign shores”, but of course neither party will.

It makes one look back with longing to the days of the White Australia policy. Today “our” government, a slave of big business, runs a Yellow Australia policy and almost openly welcomes the demise of traditional Australia.
Greg Sheridan is a supporter of an Asianised Australia but in his article “UN Convention Misunderstood, But It’s Not Working Anyway”, The Weekend Australian, July 10-11, 2010, p.23, he makes some telling criticisms of refugeeism. He points out that “progressives” believe that even if an illegal immigrant cannot establish that they are personally under threat of individual persecution, they cannot be returned to “unsafe” countries such as Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.
He rightly observes that there could be hundreds of millions of people with an automatic right of citizenship if they get to Australia. He says: “In reality, the logic of the progressive position is that the people-smugglers are good agents of history, merely enabling refugees to avail themselves of their genuine, intrinsic rights.”

Sheridan is right in seeing the 1951 UN Refugee Convention as at fault: “it is not only not working anymore, it is setting up positively perverse incentives and having all manner of unintended and destructive consequences.” Enormous amounts of resources are devoted to groundless claims for asylum. The convention was originally set up for individuals fleeing communism and has no relevance today.

One of the “unintended” consequences has been the Islamisation of the West. Sheridan cites Christopher Caldwell’s “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West”. He says: “With a mountain of irrefutable data, Caldwell establishes beyond doubt that the vast Muslim migration to Europe in recent years is simply a determined illegal immigration and has almost nothing to do with genuine refugee questions.”
And “He also demonstrates, incidentally, that uncontrolled Muslim immigration of this kind has been a catastrophe for Europe.”
Ironically and paradoxically, Sheridan in supporting a “big Australia” is opening the door to the same process which he criticises in Europe.  


by James Reed
It seems that the ALP website had, for a time, edited out Julia Gillard’s “socialist past”. (“ALP Website Edits Out Julia’s Socialist Past” The Australian 5/8/2010 p.7) Her youthful involvement with the Socialist Forum was even edited out of an interview given on Sydney’s 2GB on 27 July 2010 with Alan Jones.

In 1998 Julia worked as a typist for the Socialist Forum – yes, doing her bit as a good comrade for the “revolution”. Jones established that Julia the Red was more than a typist, she was a member of its management committee. Then it came to light that the ‘editing out’ was just an ‘error’.
Yes, just an error: the Labor voter did it with Don Dunstan and Gough Whitlam before this – it seems they haven’t learned their lessons yet.  


by Brian Simpson
Back in the 1960s Paul Ehrlich published “The Population Bomb” which expressed the fear that the growth of world population (coloured people) would outstrip food resources. Faced with the prospects of Africans and Asians dying the West went into overdrive and through the “green revolution” enabled the population clock to tick on, to reach, it is projected 9-9.5 billion people by 2050, most of whom will be non-white. Ehrlich, of course, being politically correct was concerned only with environmental issues, not the question of racial balance.
Jack A. Goldstone, “The New Population Bomb” Foreign Affairs January/February 2010 gently touches on some of these seldom-discussed issues. Much of the future population growth will be in poor Muslim countries. There will be a reversal of fortunes for Europe.

In 1913 the proportion of the world’s population which was European was around 35 per cent. Then healthcare, medicine and technology was given to Asia and Latin America. Birth rates remained high, death rates fell and populations swelled. By 2003 the European peoples accounted for only 17 per cent of the world’s population falling to 12 per cent in 2050, and the figures are likely worse given the lack of interest white women have in having white babies. (My view not Goldstone’s). The proportion of GDP of the European peoples will also decline to about 30 per cent in 2050. China and India will be the new economic rulers.

So, there it is in a nutshell, Spengler’s decline of the west in demographic and economic terms. Reflecting on this, it still may be possible to save the West from demographic and civilisational oblivion. But it will require changes and a painful examination of some of our most deeply held sacred cows. Do we still have the racial vitality to save our world or has the consumer society so poisoned us that no resistance is possible?  


by James Reed
Only a “racist” would fear the wonderful Chinese developing long-range missiles. Although China has now doubled its official defence budget and spent $US 150 million last year, according to the International-Socialist-Asianist-Feminist-Migrant -Refugee Party, there is nothing that Australia has to fear.
Spokeswoman lesbian Jo-Anne Grunta said recently: “Australia is a part of China, a finger on the stretching hand of China and it is going to be wonderful. Anyone who disagrees will be pelted with condoms full of my waste products as we did during the Pauline Hanson protest days!”

Ms Grunta quoted military expert Li Xiaoning who said recently that all countries are updating their military technology and China is no exception: “China’s military strategy is still aimed at keeping foreign invaders (away). Unlike the US, which is aimed at global presence and global attack, China won’t have such a strategy”.
Ms Grunta said that the real threat to world peace was from “racists” in the West who wanted to keep immigrants out. “Only when the West dismantles all migration barriers and lets in all the poor of the world can we go some way for repaying our guilt for immigration restrictions in the past.”


by Brian Simpson
A study conducted by Georgetown University Medical Center and presented to the American Association for Cancer Research studied the cancer risk arising from junk food fed to parent rats. It was found that the cancer risk was passed on for two generations even if the offspring had healthy diets. There is thus a risk of disease propensity transmission down the generations resulting in a decline in the transgenerational genetic integrity of the organism.

Extrapolated to humans, this may mean that our present junk lifestyles may be resulting in a build up of transgenerational genetic “toxins” that could threaten the racial vitality of the human species. A “genetic apocalypse”, says Mike Adams ( is just as terrifying as an environmental apocalypse.

Adams has recently said that the human cumulative toxic burden “has now reached such a high level of toxicity that genetic integrity may no longer be guaranteed from one generation to the next…we are now watching the genetic migration of the human race. It is slowly transitioning to a race of infertile mutants who express very high rates of diseases like cancer and health conditions like infertility. No one knows whether genetic integrity can be recovered once it is compromised. The very nature of gene inheritance leaves that doubtful.”  


by Peter West
Has a miracle happened? US billionaires such as Bill Gates and investor Warren Buffett are set to give away most of their wealth and they want other billionaires to follow their example of pledging to give away the majority of their wealth. It seems that 40 billionaires have agreed. The aim is to pump money into certain goals such as Third World health (a Gates fancy) and education.

But I am highly suspicious, for the super-rich seldom do anything without expecting some spin-off. I am especially suspicious when the names of David Rockefeller and George Soros are on the list. My guess is that the ultimate aim is world domination – you know, like in the old James Bond movies – but I could be wrong.

Let us see them finance the world social credit movement to educate people about the alchemy of high finance. Then, only then, would I believe. I would even wear an “I love Bill Gates” T-shirt.  


I think it is way past time politicians ‘come clean’ and tell the Australian people just why Australian soldiers should fight and die in Afghanistan and the Australian taxpayer pay the military/ industrial complex for organising it! Alarming news from the British National Party! 23/08/2010:
“British Elderly to Have Winter Fuel Allowance Cut, but Afghan War Continues”. The war in Afghanistan costs the British taxpayer around £7 billion per year, and the foreign aid budget amounts to some £9.1 billion per year. Another classic display of arrogance and hatred towards the indigenous British population by the ruling elite has been provided with the news that “budget cuts” will mean that pensioners will see their winter fuel allowances cut while the state continues to spend billions on war and foreign aid.

According to reports, plans to cut the welfare budget include a measure to make people wait until the age of 66 before they qualify for the winter fuel allowance. Currently, that allowance starts at age 60. In addition, the sliding scale system (which last winter enabled the over-80s to claim up to £400) will also be cut by up to £100 per individual. Another report claimed that similar payments, including child benefit, could also be cut in order to “pay for radical welfare changes.”

• Winter fuel payments, introduced in the winter of 1997, cost around £2.7 billion a year.
• The war in Afghanistan costs the British taxpayer around £7 billion per year, and the foreign aid budget amounts to some £9.1 billion per year.
Both expenses are “ring fenced” and guaranteed not to be reduced.

Department for International Development – ‘encourage new enterprise’
The cut in benefits for Britain’s elderly was leaked to the media less than two weeks after the Tory International Development Secretary, Andrew Mitchell, announced that Britain’s aid effort in Afghanistan would be expanded by 40 percent from £500 million to £700 million per year. Part of this increased funding includes a £6 million “Business Challenge Fund” which will “encourage new enterprise” in Afghanistan.
Other areas of funding include establishing “local government that is capable of delivering basic services to its people, and linking the informal justice system to the formal one, to reach areas that have until now sided with the Taliban,” according to a Department for International Development press release.

In addition, the British cash will be used to “extend the reach of the National Solidarity programme to bring community-driven development to improve health, education and job creation to 10,300 communities in hard to reach, more insecure areas.”

In 2007, a report by ‘Age Concern’ revealed that the previous winter's cold killed more than 25,000 pensioners, up seven percent on the previous year and the highest in Europe. The ‘Age Concern’ report blamed the rise in deaths on “soaring fuel costs” and British pensioners being forced to live in “fuel poverty.” Two-thirds of pensioners, ‘Age Concern’ said, were cutting back on the amount of gas and electricity they used.  


• Secretary of Treasury, and FDR confidant, Henry Morgenthau, May 9, 1939: "We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work… I say after eight years of this administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started… And an enormous debt to boot!" - The St. Croix Review USA August 2010

• Fast forward to 2010 and the "community organizer" and humongous bailouts and "stimulus money" and "grants" and minority health care reform. So what comes next? - ReporterNotebook USA, August 2010

• Modern Banking and the Nations’ Sea of Debt: “What is needed is a root and branch re-evaluation of that most curious of cultural inventions – money, argues Darius Guppy.” - - The Sunday Telegraph, 21/2/2010. Source:  

A MORE REALISTIC WAY by Wallace Klinck

Not service to God but to Mammon: The Christian message is one of Salvation through Grace, i.e., something in the nature of a Gift. Indeed, "works" are described as no better than "filthy rags". That is to say, purity resides in the Spirit and the Soul and has nothing to do with justification through work. One can be as evil as sin and it will avail nothing in terms of Salvation to make a great show of mere activity in order to "please God". A child's existence is not justified by work - nor is that of the aged or infirm - nor anyone else's.
It may be true that the pure of heart will aspire to good and creative things, but this is quite another thing than servitude as a wage-slave labouring into eternity in a futile effort to service increasingly un-repayable and fraudulent financial debt. This is not service to God but to Mammon. A beautiful flower is justified not by "work" but by its mere existence as a creation of God or nature, as one might choose to view the matter.

When Jesus multiplied loaves and fishes he distributed them to his flock unconditionally in a show of Divine Love and Beneficence. They were fed simply because of their need and were not asked to "justify" receipt of this Beneficence by any form of toil - much less being told to go out on the hillside to dig holes and fill them up again as is increasingly the case today. Indeed, Jesus made the issue absolutely clear: Toil not, your Heavenly Father knows you have need of these things.

The Organism has a Right in Natural Law
To paraphrase, if God would so feed and clothe the fish of the sea, the birds of the air and the beasts of the field, how much more would he feed and clothe ye of little faith? The organism has a right in natural law to draw sustenance from its environment. We cannot with impunity abstract humanity from the natural world.
The existing false "moral" imperative about the essential merit of "work" denies this intrinsic right and it is due to this abstraction of mankind from natural law that most of our problems have arisen. A dogged and perverse persistence with this false "morality" is the primary cause of our escalating tribulations.

Unfortunately, the present financial system creates an ever-greater deficiency of effective and unattached purchasing power giving the illusion, through a distorted financial lens, of actual or physical scarcity in the midst of actual and potential Abundance.
Not understanding these matters, the unsophisticated masses are easily swayed, even in the face of evermore unsaleable surpluses and massive deliberate waste culminating penultimately in war, by the notion that lack of productivity on the part of their neighbour is the source of our troubles. And so, they falsely judge.

Real Capital is Tools
They do not understand how artificial financial inadequacy suppresses actual and potential physical abundance. Nor do they properly understand that consumption is an absolute requisite to the function of the modern production system which has so greatly substituted real capital ("tools") for human labour.

The purpose of production is consumption, not to provide work, and production cannot exist without consumption, which is essential to it. This does not mean that we should engage in an endless orgy of often essentially meaningless production but that productive capacity which is "excess" to our real (as opposed to artificially induced) material needs and wants, should be tapped in a manner that releases us from unnecessary and often downright perverse toil into a state of leisure where we are free to engage in self-chosen cultural and spiritual pursuits - where we can find time to worship not Mammon but God. The possibilities of such an allowed emergence of the human soul are probably without limit.

Immanent Sovereignty with Economic Security
Douglas said that we are trying to pass from one type of civilization into another in which the possibilities are such that we cannot begin to imagine. That transition, he believed, would best be facilitated in an environment which provides maximum freedom (immanent sovereignty) for the individual in the context of absolute economic security. The policy of Social Credit is to make possible the emergence of such an environment. Douglas claimed that society is hypnotized and that only a drastic de-hypnotization can save it. Psychological enslavement to the so-called "work ethic" which makes, indeed "glorifies" work as an end rather than properly as a means to an end (a sin in terms of Christian thought) dominates the social landscape.

This fatal "moral" misperception or delusion dominates the modern world, perhaps most extremely in the United States of America (because of the numerically small but powerful minority metaphysical forces which dominate the nation) and will be the central cause of the collapse of our civilization - unless we can make a clear and decisive break away from its malignant influence.

Douglas actually warned Adolf Hitler
One might go so far as to say that a fanatical and unshakable worship of the so-called "work ethic" might be described as the "American disease", which if persisted in, may indeed prove fatal to the body.
[Clifford Hugh] Douglas wrote to Hitler and warned him that if he persisted in his rigid policy of "full-employment" he risked unleashing a social disaster of cataclysmic proportions. Of course, Social Crediters maintain that he who calls for full-employment calls for war.
Douglas came to the conclusion that perhaps the major issue with which we have to deal is that of the Incarnation. Christians must learn to incarnate their values in their organic relationships. The practice of elevating those values into a state of abstractionism is to separate them from reality and can only result in continuing, perhaps ultimate and irreversible, disaster. However, the Christian Promise remains and there is no real reason why we should continue to reject it.  


Market News This Week, by Kris Sayce 20/8/2010: “…
One of the items on the political agenda is internet access. The internet of course has become the new plaything for bureaucrats the world over. Unsettled by the amount of freedom the masses have gained through the ability to express views and access non-mainstream views, the political power-trippers are getting scared.

Having allowed the internet to grow without too much interference, governments have finally had enough. Hence in Australia we've got the freedom-killing prospect of a government controlled internet filter. Plus the double-freedom-killing prospect of a government controlled internet backbone that will most certainly permit the government to easily implement its diabolical filtering plan. But, it's not the filtering we'll look at today. Instead it's the NBN we'll concentrate on. Let me ask you, would you like a super high speed broadband connection?

If you're like me, you're probably not bothered whether your internet speed is fast, very fast or super high speed. As long as you can get onto a web page within a couple of seconds, chances are you'll be happy. But whether you want super fast broadband or not there's a good chance you'll end up getting it anyway. At a cost of around $4,300 per household.
According to those reliable and completely impartial boffins at McKinsey and KPMG, the report they compiled - in return for a fee - for the government shows that the National Broadband Network should only cost around $43 billion. "Only"...!!!  


by Brian Simpson
American conservatives are upset about plans to build a mosque and Islamic Centre, two blocks from the site of the World Trade Centre. Things really got hot when black President B. Hussein Obama defended the right of Muslims to do this. Sure, why not build a mosque at the White House?

The real meaning of the situation is neatly captured by two photographs published in The Australian 24/8/2010 p.11. The photographs feature two protest groups. The first protest group against the mosque is largely white Americans. They are taking the line that the mosque represents Sharia Law in a symbolic sense. Ground zero is the meaning of a West v Islam cultural war. The other group of protesters are also largely white and as “socialist workers” want to “unite and fight to smash racism”.

Yes, they could have got the same poster from the protests against Pauline Hanson in Australia. The Left, lacking a traditional support base from working people, turned to migrants and other politically correct groups, whom they hope will make a beautiful communist revolution.

The Left has come to hate traditional America/Australia … and would prefer unlimited immigration to end the culture that gave them the leisure to do Lefty things in the first place. In the world to come, with food, fuel and water shortages, the Left will fall and all that it represents will become dust.  

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