Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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24 September 2010 Thought for the Week:

“Accepting and not questioning the language and belief of the mainline media and party politicians, will not help to halt our deteriorating political affairs and enslavement. The recent election was the function of a democratic mechanism - it was not, and cannot be defined as democracy itself. Democratic government, as practiced in its beginning, was when the membership (the People) controlled and directed the executive. This mechanism can be observed on a national scale when referendums are held, which in effect, is the executive asking us for permission or direction.

One thing needed at this time, to help halt the descent into more totalitarian government, is Australians demanding that, "The Rule of Law be restored”! Sovietisation by stealth and the loss of the Rule of Law; From the Soviet revolution to every political assassination in Europe leading to WW2, the Mau Mau, China, Malaya and Vietnam and so to the IRA and now the Taliban and other terrorists groups, there has been one constant ingredient that has made it all possible and continuous, but never mentioned in the media. None of them had enough money to even buy a water pistol, until it was supplied to them for the purchase of arms and explosives. That ingredient is finance, or crudely put, Money. Other essential ingredients for success are, organisation, an objective, and recruitment of those psychologically suited – or conditioned - to the task of murder.

This whole century of violence against civilisation has been perpetrated on the ground by the smallest-mind group that exists. They have no idea or intention of building. Their genes demand only destruction. But without organisation and money provided by well-concealed people, these vandals would have self-destructed as they had down the centuries before this political use was found for them. The force of the Lie, married to Financial force culminates finally in destructive Physical force. Our nation is not immune by isolation to these forces.  

- - John Brett, Toowoomba Queensland


The following communication has come from Mr. Ben Dyson of the UK. He writes:
“Huge Progress in Parliament. Yesterday, Douglas Carswell MP (Conservative, Clacton) introduced legislation into the UK parliament that takes the first step towards ending fractional reserve banking. The bill would have the effect of making fractional reserve banking impossible, requiring a shift to full-reserve banking (where the bank either lends your money, or keeps it safe, but doesn't claim to do both at the same time!). In plain English, it would stop private banks being able to create money as debt.

The full text and video is available here:

The second reading of the bill will be on 19th November 2010 and we'll be in touch shortly once we've figured out the best way to push this bill ahead. It may require that we each get on the phone to our respective MPs.

2. A name change for Call4Reform
From today onwards, the Call4Reform campaign is now Positive Money. The new name will help us open more doors and work with more key people and organisations. For the next 18 months at least, we'll be making sure that everyone understands the problems with banking, and why fractional reserve banking has to end. We're working with MPs, think tanks, unions and academics, and over the next month we'll roll out the student and local campaigns, so if you want to spread the word in your area, watch this space.
The new website is here:  

We hope our readers will not stop at the battle to strip the banks of their ‘private’ money creation. Read “The Enemy Within the Empire” by Eric D. Butler at Important as it is, monetary reform for its own sake is not enough.

As noted in the Summer 2010 edition of “The Social Crediter”:
“To this day, the key institutions of modern society are modelled on the pyramidal, top-down hierarchical structures of the pre-modern era. In commercial, financial, political, educational and religious institutions, a coterie of men occupies the apex of power. Top positions are secured by those whose dominant motivation has been a personal ambition for worldly power or material wealth. As the American institutional economist Thorstein Veblen explains, the pattern was set in the prehistoric era, when dominant males competed physically for power, prestige and the symbols of worldly status.

In the meantime, women and low-status men developed the co-operative, technological, scientific and caring skills necessary to the nurturing and provisioning of mankind as a whole. All such truly economic activity – farming, production of food, clothing and shelter, caring for the land, nurturing plants and animals, creating useful artefacts, child rearing and production of the essentials of life – derives from the skills and expertise developed by low-status males and the women.

As individuals, we can remain in our personal ‘comfort zones’, continuing to work for ‘the system’, as we rear our families and make small improvements to our lifestyles and local communities as our personal resources allow. In short, we can watch from the sidelines as the catastrophe takes shape, prepared to pick up the pieces from what is left. Alternatively, we can look around thoughtfully at the institutions of society with a view to bringing about gradual but purposeful transformation…”
Read more:

A must read: “Understanding the Financial System: Social Credit Rediscovered” by Frances Hutchinson. $35.00 plus postage from Heritage Book Services. As James Reed said in his review this is a truly magnificent book.  


by James Reed
An article by Hanna Rosin in The Atlantic Summer 2010, “The End of Men” produces a wealth of statistics indicating that in economic terms women are dominating men. This appears to be a global ‘trend, occurring even in India. It is a product ultimately of technology, which is something unquestioned by most people.

Technology advances, from the pill to power steering have “freed” women from their traditional roles. Feminism, as an ideology, has legitimised women becoming key players in capitalism because women, in general, are more obedient workers. Women are excellent consumers and it is no surprise that the large department stores always have cosmetics at the entrance. No greenie will ever comment or critique the consumerist role of women.

Today even for conservatives to be critical of this work view is to “alienate readers” In Australia conservative Christian magazines like Endeavour Forum maintain the rage. In the United States, “The Thinking Housewife” >< says things that I can’t say. “Save the Males” >< is equally hard hitting. But it is a drop in the ocean. The traditional world and traditional family has now been largely destroyed.

That, though, will spell the end of this evil and corrupt regime – and the sooner the better. As pointed out by S. Goldberg in “The Inevitability of Patriarchy”, societies which attempt to tamper with the natural order always come to a sticky end. I believe that most of us will live to see the end of this sub-urban nightmare.  


by Chris Knight
Celebrity physicist in the wheelchair with motor neurone disease, Stephen Hawking says in his new book “The Grand Design”: “Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the Universe exists, why we exist.” And: “It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going”.

Usually quantum mechanics is used when atheists want to pull the rabbit of the universe out of the hat of nothingness. Hawking I think has got his general relativity physics wrong. Gravity according to Einstein, and Hawking follows him, is a property of matter to bend space-time, and it is not an independent force. Thus “nothingness:, meaning no matter, no gravity and no universe. The distinguished professor is talking nonsense. But it is nonsense which is selling books.  


by Chris Knight
At various overseas websites a quiet debate has been bubbling on for some time about what amounts essentially to the limits or defects of the Enlightenment programme : an example is Fjordman “The Cult of Reason – The Dark Side of the Enlightenment” at >http[://<. My take in a nutshell is that reason has its place as a matter of the regulation of practical and technical life, but to subject God, Faith and religion to the mechanics of a logic best suited for building bridges and making machines, is a fallacy.

Why should the entire universe be bound by the logic and mathematics of physics, as atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking suppose? How can this requirement be justified in any non-circular fashion – that is what is begging the question in favour of scientific materialism? Clearly it cannot.

To suppose that God and His Ways, must conform to the positivistic reasoning of scientific materialism is an illusion produced by an arrogant culture, drunk on its own petty pride. But then, pride comes before a fall…  


by Betty Luks
It seems to this writer that many authors have accepted ‘history as written’ by modern authors without much thought as to what they are claiming. Fjordman in “The Cult of Reason – The Dark Side of the Enlightenment” writes: “In some Western countries - the United States in particular - the term "Judeo-Christian" is frequently evoked. This makes sense in some contexts but not in all… Although Christianity was deeply affected by its Greco-Roman and Germanic environment, there is no doubt that it adopted a number of important philosophical ideas and ethical concepts that were uniquely Judaic and had no real precedent in pagan European religions, for instance the idea of history as a linear process of progress toward a specific end goal.

Author Henry Bamford Parkes writes in “Gods and Men - The Origins of Western Culture”: "The most significant feature of the Jewish heritage, however, was its view of history. Other ancient peoples had believed in a golden age, but had always located it in the past at the beginning of time. Israel alone looked forward to a golden age in the future and interpreted history as a meaningful and progressive movement toward this Messianic consummation.

Originating in tribalistic loyalty, and reflecting the determination of a weak people to retain its identity in spite of conquest and enslavement, the Messianic hope was given universal scope by the prophets and became the end toward which all earthly events were moving. In various manifestations, religious and secular, spiritual and materialistic, it became one of those dynamic social myths which give meaning and direction to human life and which have more influence on human action than any rational philosophy. Unless its importance is understood, the development not merely of the Jewish people but also of the whole Western world becomes unintelligible…."

As to the ‘golden age’ that is claimed ancient Israel looked forward to, I think the matter has to be looked into more deeply. The following letter, originally published in The Edmonton Journal, (Canada), Wednesday December 31 1997 would not have it as the above author claims.

“The article about Bayt Moshiach and the “Messianic Jews” neglected to mention one very important fact: it has nothing to do with Judaism. (One family’s reconciliation with tradition and a tree, The Journal, Dec. 13).
True Jews do not have the option of celebrating either Christmas or Hannukkah. One holiday is Christian, the other Jewish. They are not interchangeable.
True Jews do not believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the messiah. Indeed, when Jews and Christians use the term “messiah” we are talking about two different concepts. True Jews do not incorporate Christian Scripture into their Bible.
Most important of all, the theologies of Christianity and Judaism, despite some shared scriptural and ethical heritage, are incompatible. It is not possible to be both Christian and Jew at the same time – a misguided impression which your article clearly gives to your readers.
As for Jews who populate the Messianic congregations, in the eyes of the Jewish world they are, at the very least, misguided. At the very worst they are apostates. So-called Messianic Judaism is an anathema to the Jewish people. To continue to present it as anything else is a disservice to the Jewish population of this city. More important, it is a gross misleading of your readership. Frankly, we all deserve better.

- - - Rabbi Y.L. bat Joseph, Temple Beth Ora, Edmonton [emphasis added]


by James Reed
Take a deep breath and have a peep at what some believe is Europe’s future, and perhaps our own. In Paris a private security force guards streets where large crowds of Muslims gather. The police have been ordered not to intervene. A Frenchman has posted on You Tube, under the alias of “Maxime Lepante” videos of the Islamisation of Paris. The videos show the illegal blocking of streets by Muslims with barriers and praying in the streets. Maxime Lepante observed cars coming from all over Paris bringing more Muslims: “They are coming there to show that they can take over some French streets to show that they can conquer a part of French territory”, Lepante has said (Source

Oh come now Mr Maxime Lepante, wherever did you get that idea from? And how will you feel when a Muslim French president has control of French nuclear weapons?  


by Peter Ewer
A recently-published book by John O’Neill, “Holy Warriors: Islam and the Demise of Classical Civilisation”, shatters some politically correct myths about Islam. O’Neill shows that it was Islam, not the Huns, Vandals and Goths, which ended classical civilisation. Islam had an “entirely negative” influence upon Europe. Christianity had eliminated the institution of slavery, but the Muslim advance through North Africa and the Middle East breathed new life into the slave trade, especially the taking of female captives as concubines and sex slaves (see also Robert Spencer, “Religion of Peace: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn’t” (Regnery, 2008).

The Vikings supplied slaves to the Muslims for centuries and when the Vikings were converted to Christianity, for centuries Muslim corsairs raided entire communities in Spain, Sicily, Greece and along the Mediterranean. The Siberian Peninsula was the principal force behind the Atlantic slave trade, O’Neill documents. The Northern European nations were not involved initially.

The interesting historical point made by O’Neill is that the Dark Ages come to Europe from Islam’s blockade of the Mediterranean. The so-called Nordic invaders did not destroy Roman civil society, but rather adopted it. Only in the seventh century did this civilisation come to an end due to Islamic strangulation. The Eastern Roman Empire, contrary to common belief, was also strangled by Islamic assaults, O’Neill shows. Thus, also contrary to common politically correct belief, Islam did not save classical civilisation, it destroyed it.  


by Peter West
In an interesting piece, Phillip Adams laments about the passing of the world of his childhood (“Rich in Experiences”, The Weekend Australian Magazine, September 4-5, 2010). Adams had, like most of us his age who grew up in the bush, a life of simplicity compared to the technological confusion of today. There were simple pleasures and wholesome food, meat and vegetables. There was room for play and imagination. Adams seemed sad that the little farm which he grew up on has now been swallowed up by development.

I can sympathise for I too pine for the world that has been lost. But it has not just been technology which has crushed the life out of…life, but population growth through immigration. Without this massive post World War II growth, we would never have had the concrete nightmare of the modern city imposed on us. A racially homogenous White Anglo Saxon population would have been worth fighting for. But multicultural Australia – why should we Anglos care? Immigration has played a major part in giving us this nightmarish consumer junk world and trash popular culture which we now have.  


by James Reed
Are you sick of the Independents and the “alternative” yet? The Greens are supposed to believe that the Earth is facing an environmental crisis which threatens life on Earth – but their main concern seems to be a liberalisation of refugees policy (= more people in Australia) and “gay” marriage, i.e., “same-sex laws”. So much for being an ecological party.

On the contrary, this is a leftist party concerned with politically correct issues. And the independents who have secured an “overhaul of parliament”, what of this? Surely only cosmetic changes such as banning “long and boring ministerial speeches”. In the end no fundamental changes, like the introduction of CIR. Rob Oakeshott, I imagine down the track, will be indistinguishable from the standard Laborite. Clearly the people need a better quality of independents. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed the system being clogged up for a while.  


From Andrew Bolt’s Blog – Friday, September 10, 10 (01:06 pm)
Labor’s NBN advisor hires Tanner - Labor’s NBN shareholder minister! Former finance minister Lindsay Tanner has been appointed special advisor to the Australian arm of global corporate advisory firm Lazard… Mr Tanner resigned from politics at last month’s federal election to pursue policy and finance interests in the Australian market…

Lazard Australia’s head of corporate advisory John Wylie says Mr Tanner will be a valuable asset to the business… Lazard has recently been appointed by the Government to provide advice on the $43 billion national broadband network (NBN) program. Lazard said Mr Tanner was not involved in the appointment of Lazard to the contract and he will not have a role in the NBN project.

Reader Kevin notes: The story running acknowledges Lazards has a contract with the government to give financial advice on the NBN but says Tanner had no part in the appointment.
The original tender for the contract in January which is worth $3.4 million over twelve months said: “ The Commonwealth, through the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (the Department) seeks to engage an independent expert to provide it with commercial advice in relation to any commercial agreement that NBN Co may reach.”

Legally the Commonwealth is represented in the NBN by the two shareholder ministers. At the time the contract was awarded on 22 July 2010 the two shareholder ministers were Tanner and Senator Conroy. It’s almost inconceivable the appointment would have been made without Tanner’s involvement.

Also it hasn’t been acknowledged that John Wylie the head of Lazard in Australia was on the expert group that recommended fibre to the home in early 2009.

Link to the $3.4 million contract:


by Chris Knight
The Social Construction of Social Constructionism - Popular among the chattering classes of academia is the idea of the end of “modernism”: postmodern. The attempt to objectively understand the world through science must be abandoned because there are no “givens” or “truths” about the world independent of “society”. “Knowledge” is historically and culturally specific and not universal. We “collectively invent the world rather than discover it.” (A. Kukla, “Social Constructivism and the Philosophy of Science”, (Routledge, London, 2000), p.ix) If “things” are all “social constructions”, then they need not have existed and they can be changed by social action.

Postmodern social constructivism/constructionism, thus goes on to make a new cult out of the weakest of all areas of human study – sociology. This is a discipline where concerns with the inner crisis of the discipline and its very coherence dominate theory. Sociology consists of a multitude of warring schools of thought, each of which wallow in vagueness and near mysticism, like a pig in mud. Sociology’s main concern is avoiding grounding its vague theoretical structure in something more rigorous like biology.

A second or third rate discipline naturally attracts poor minds. The quest for relativism and attacking objecting sciences like physics and biology is just a smokescreen to cover up the fundamental inadequacy of this discipline. Humanity can live perfectly well without this pseudo-science.  


by Chris Knight
In a entry “The Population Discussion Going on Behind Closed Doors,” April 9, 2010, at … says that there are two “unpalatable truths” about the immigration/population debate.
The first: “The majority of Australians are opposed to meaningful population growth, dislike the idea of high levels of immigration and want political refugees refused entry. Those unfortunate attitudes are supported poll after poll…”

The second “unpalatable truth” mentioned in the Crikey piece is this: “There is private acknowledgement among government and strategic decision-makers that Australia has a moral responsibility, as the richest and most underpopulated nation in the Asian region, to be seen to be growing its population and assuming its share of humanitarian migration. This is partly because of the terrible optics of a fortress Australia approach, and partly because such an approach is so out of sync with population trends in our region that it could generate enough resentment among our neighbours to present a serious security risk to Australia.” Let’s look at this second unpalatable truth here, in particular the morality of mass migration.

What Sort of Neighbours Do That?
The first thing that strikes any free thinker is what sort of Asian neighbours have we that would become a security threat if we didn’t play the migration game? Nations have gone to war for less, but Australia is expected to change its entire racial, ethnic and demographic profile just to keep the Asian “thought police” happy.

In fact there is no such Asian “thought police”. All of this is for domestic consumption. Our elites decided in World War II that Australia would not be defended from Asia, but the population of White people would be demographically swamped. What else could a policy of Asianisation be? No Asian country has or had a policy of “Americanisation”, including Japan who was defeated by the Americans.
An excellent paper dealing with aspects of this problem is by Frosty Wooldridge, “The Tragedy of Mass Asian Immigration into Australia”, August 3, 2010 at ...

This American writer has a clearer vision of our Asian neighbours:
“While India, at 1.16 billion continues to add 12 million annually net gain on its way to surpassing China by mid century at 1.55 billion, it refuses to engage birth control to bring its population to live within its carrying capacity. Even with millions unable to procure a simple toilet for their daily needs and water treatment plants for communities and personal hygiene, that 12 million additional Indians makes it impossible to ever catch up to their numbers or engage solutions. Result: 1000 children under 12 die of diarrhoea, dysentery and other water borne diseases DAILY in India. (”

“Bangladesh, at a mind bending 157 million people struggling in a landmass the size of the US State of Iowa (very small), continue adding population without end. They endure disease, filthy water, little food, no sanitation and no education. They live on a flood plain that kills 100,000 of them during monsoons or other disasters from nature. Yet, they explode their population beyond imagination. They love exporting their human exhaust in the form of immigrants to any country that will take them. At no time will that Muslim nation engage birth control. Thus, and you can Google this figure, they expect to add another 100 million within this century. The ultimate result? Australia and other countries transform their own countries into third world nations that manifest the same illiteracy rates, overcrowding and unsustainability.”

“One look at China and its ‘one-child’ birth policy, you cannot help but realize that they took action 50 years too late. Even with one child per family, they add eight million annually, net gain. It’s called ‘population momentum’ which resembles a brakeless train that cannot be stopped. Even at one child per woman, with 1.3 billion people, they continue exploding their population beyond sustainability. Thus, their citizens race to leave their mother country to immigrate to Canada, America and Australia.”

According to this American writer and author of “America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans” the “morality” of Crikey’s second unpalatable “truth” would lead to a collapse of Civilisation in Australia.
Ethical philosopher Herschel Elliott in his book “Ethics for a Finite World” and his paper “A General Statement of the Tragedy of the Commons” ( says that mainstream ethical positions which lead to ecologically absurd positions like this should be rejected. John Rohe (The Social Contract, Winter 2005-2006) sums this up with the example of the UN’s “universal human rights”:

“The rights mandate is self perpetuating as long as the biological web is accommodating. The mandate, however, bears no relationship to an ecosystem’s ability to offer support. Rights are unrelated to the cause of hardship. In a world of abundance, the UN ethics offer a rational framework. Amid scarcity, however, universal human rights become a recipe for desperation and extinction. The ethic turns on itself. It devours its subjects”.

Consider leading UK philosopher/logician Sir Michael Dummett. In his “On Immigration and Refugees” (Routledge, London, 2001) and in his academic article “Immigration”, Res Publica, vol. 10, 2004, pp.115-122, maintains that to exclude people from entry to a country infringes their liberty (p.18). Hence, he thinks, the burden of proof lies with those wishing to limit the freedom of immigration. This is a careless argument for a logician. Including people by migration first infringes the rights of people in the host country. Immigration is an act with consequences and it requires justification. The burden is upon the likes of Dummett who want mass immigration.

Worse yet for the globalist and cosmopolitan is the failure of secular ethics to maintain its coherence. Postmodernist Stanley Fish in “Are There Secular Reasons”, The New York Times, Opinionator, February 22, 2010, raises this issue in relation to a new book by Steven Smith, “The Disenchantment of Secular Discourse” (2010) where Smith argues that secular reason “can’t do its own self-assigned job – of describing the world in ways that allow us to move forward in our projects”. That is what Dummett does with his argument: “smuggle” the conclusion which he wants (i.e., mass migration) already into his premises.

So in conclusion, the moral foundations of mass migration are shaky. The unpalatable “truth” mentioned by is not a “truth” at all, but an absurdity.  

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