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8 October 2010 Thought for the Week:

“…Carbon Dioxide is great for making soda water and infra-red emission spectrum is harmless compared with that of methane, one of the gases emanated when we allow vegetation to rot. The politicians who wish to tax us yet further are happy to export Australian coal to China and expect us to believe that the CO2 caused by burning the fuel there has nothing to do with us. The circulation of the atmosphere is a global phenomenon. If CO2 is bad for us, then coal should be left in the ground because it is irrelevant where it is burnt. But that would of course have a negative impact on the Government’s coffers. Taxing carbon is a primitive confidence trick to exploit citizens who are passively ignorant and leaves those who aren’t, feeling furious and helpless…”

- - Peter Schwerdtfeger, Emeritus Professor of Meteorology, Flinders University (The Advertiser 10/9/2010).  


by Betty Luks
Before I continue with this article I want to set it in a historical background. When I first read the August Review’s article “Smart Grid: The Implementation of Technocracy”, I thought to myself, “that is where the term social credit first appeared”. I felt I was being propelled back in a time machine to where men such as engineer, lawyer and theologian, Charles Ferguson (who first coined the term ‘social credit’) and engineer, economist, cost accountant and mathematician, Clifford Hugh Douglas were actively on centre stage in some of the great events and debates around the early 20th century.

Michael Lane wrote of Charles Ferguson and his ideas: “The capital college is the brainchild of Charles Ferguson, who coined the term social credit. It is presented in a pamphlet, The Technarchy and the Capital College (1924); in seven articles in the American News, an English-language newspaper published in Hamburg (1923-24); and in a paper called "Self-Sustaining Educational System" (1930).
C. H. Douglas may have been alluding to the Technarchy in his January 25, 1934 speech in Sydney when he said that his anticipation of an age of plenty "was confirmed by the more responsible side of what is called the Technocracy Movement in the United States." What the term capital college means is: capital, a means of production; college, using the arts and sciences to mobilize capital…” Read more:
For a much better understanding of those times – and also where the roots of our present circumstances can be traced - I also heartily recommend economic historian Frances Hutchinson’s books, and in particular, “Understanding the Financial System: Rediscovering Social Credit”. The Heritage Book Services carry the book, $35.00 plus postage
Now to continue:

Andrew Bolt’s Blog (28/9/2010 10:48am) asked “Why is Gillard now pushing what she told Rudd was poison?” He writes “even Terry McCrann is mystified by Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s decision to consider imposing the carbon tax she ruled out just six weeks ago, when there was an election to win” and also asks: “Why did she earlier lead the push in the Gang of Four to dump the Government’s ETS - the move which destroyed Kevin Rudd’s credibility and ultimately sealed his fate?”

“Presumably because she thought it would cost votes and possibly government. Yet now, at the first opportunity after the election, she’s grabbed what she thought was the hottest of hot potatoes!... “No, Julia’s experience could mirror that of the Canadian government that tried a similar slick trick to her - promising in the election campaign no GST and then slipping it in after winning the election. At the next election, it was reduced to two seats. Yes, two seats. And Julia is supposed to be the smart one…”
Andrew, surely you didn’t come down with the last shower?
I can remember Labor’s kite-flying on a proposed GST, but because it was so unpopular retreated, yet before we knew it, Howard introduced the GST – AND LABOR HAS NOT REPEALED IT – NOR DO THEY INTEND TO DO SO!

It was a stage-managed show by both parties to prevent a public backlash. As for that particular Canadian government you write of, yes, the government was reduced to two seats but the Canadian equivalent of the GST ‘rolls on’ regardless. It would be an interesting exercise to see what ‘perks’ various individuals received for the loss of their political-office perks.

The IMF said we had to have the GST:
Canada and Australia got their orders from the International Monetary Fund to introduce a GST. (You don’t really think politicians are their own bosses and that we are still an independent nation – do you Andrew?) As for Mr. Rudd, I am sure he will be quite happy with his new United Nations position as compensation for losing the perks of the PM’s office. Kevin Rudd is an international bureaucrat through and through.

A Carbon Tax is surely on the agenda:
While Tony Abbott made a lot of noise about such a terrible tax, don’t forget the Liberals wanted to introduce their own version should they win office (modified of course, they are more humane).

The joannenova website has seen the scam:
All round the world thousands of greenonomists recommend a “free market solution” to our so called pollution problem. But as I keep saying: this “free market” isn’t free. It’s a pale pathetic imitation: a “managed market”.

In Europe, if a factory produces CO2 (what factory doesn’t?) it can pay people in China and India to not produce an-equivalent-amount-of-CO2. Sounds sort of fine in intent except that paying people to not do something they were-going-to-do depends on knowing the future (and reminds us of a process known as extortion).
That’s loophole number one. Officially it’s called “additionality”, which is a fancy way of saying people wouldn’t do something-in-particular to reduce emissions unless they got paid in carbon credits.

The Chinese and Indians, not being stupid, immediately gamed the system. Why wouldn’t they?
Source: http://joannenova.com.au/2010/08/corruption-for-dinner-anyone-the-carbon-market-scandal/  


While you’re about it Andrew, watch out for suggestions of a ‘Carbon Currency’ to replace the present money systems of the world. The Australian voter suffers from a very short memory span. That wonderful speaker * Jeremy Lee travelled the length and breadth of this vast land warning Australians of the United Nations’ agenda. Now, the question is: Is a ‘carbon currency’ on that agenda?

Patrick Wood of August Review thinks so and has grasped the fact that the idea goes back a long way.
In his article titled “Smart Grid: The Implementation of Technocracy” Mr. Wood writes:
“The modern system of carbon credits was an invention of the Kyoto Protocol and started to gain momentum in 2002 with the establishment of the first domestic economy-wide trading scheme in the U.K. After becoming international law in 2005, the trading market is now predicted to reach $3 trillion by 2020 or earlier.

Graciela Chichilnisky, director of the Columbia Consortium for Risk Management and a designer of the carbon credit text of the Kyoto Protocol, states that the carbon market “is therefore all about cash and trading – but it is also a way to a profitable and greener future.” (See Who Needs a Carbon Market?) Who are the “traders” that provide the open door to all this profit? Currently leading the pack are JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

Bloomberg noted in ‘Carbon Capitalists’ on December 4, 2009:
“The banks are preparing to do with carbon what they’ve done before: design and market derivatives contracts that will help client companies hedge their price risk over the long term. They’re also ready to sell carbon-related financial products to outside investors.” (A bank doesn’t produce anything other than more DEBT!...ed)

At JP Morgan, the woman who originally invented Credit Default Swaps, Blythe Masters, is now head of the department that will trade carbon credits for the bank. Considering the sheer force of global banking giants behind carbon trading, it’s no wonder analysts are already predicting that the carbon market will soon dwarf all other commodities trading.

Patrick Wood explained his article intended to show:
• Carbon Currency is not a new idea, but has deep roots in Technocracy
• Carbon Currency has grown from a continental proposal to a global proposal
• It has been consistently discussed over a long period of time
• The participants include many prominent global leaders, banks and think-tanks
• The context of these discussions have been very consistent
• Today’s goals for implementing Carbon Currency are virtually identical to Technocracy’s original Energy Certificates goals.
• Of course, a currency is merely a means to an end. Whoever controls the currency also controls the economy and the political structure that goes with it. Inquiry into what such a system might look like will be a future topic.
• Technocracy and energy-based accounting are not idle or theoretical issues. If the global elite intends for Carbon Currency to supplant national currencies, then the world economic and political systems will also be fundamentally changed forever.
• What Technocracy could not achieve during the Great Depression appears to have finally found traction in the Great Recession.

More on this in future editions of OT. This is where Social Credit and C.H. Douglas came in.  

* Jeremy Lee's DVDs are available from both Heritage Book Services. "What is the New World Order?" $10.00 plus postage.


by James Reed
American conservative/traditionalist websites are full, it seems, of the debate about the burning of the Quran. Some traditionalists such as Lawrence Auster support the move as a symbolic protest against Islamisation. Other traditionalists, like Pat Buchanan oppose the burnings, arguing that it will endanger US troops abroad. A bizarre debate has erupted following the cancelling of the Quran burnings by Pastor Terry Jones of Florida, about whether or not the Quran should be burnt in pig fat! A law lecturer in Australia even filmed himself smoking cigarettes rolled from pages of the Bible and the Quran. This was apparently to strike a blow for atheism.

I am strongly opposed to all forms of book burning, including even the burning of secular books of opponents such as multiculturalists. This opposition has nothing to do with “respect”. Book burning is a cheap publicity stunt in the same ball park as burning crosses on people’s lawns and flag burning. It is symbolically anti-intellectual, crass and potentially violent. Burning the Quran is a ridiculously provocative act and burning it with pig fat is just an insult, a vulgar form of swearing.

No, don’t burn the Quran. Read it and discuss it. US citizens should use the freedoms which we don’t have: as Catch the Fire Ministries discovered, even quoting the Quran could see a race hate case being lead against one in Australia. Americans – don’t abuse your God-given freedoms!  


by Brian Simpson
Joe Bageant is a white working class journalist with a reputation for “telling it like it is”. He launched his new book about the dumbing down of America, in Australia. The book is called “Rainbow Pie: A Redneck Memoir” and it was launched in Australia because “Americans don’t even have the IQ of a chicken anymore”. (The Advertiser, August 21, 2010, p.29)

According to Bageant, astonishingly, nearly a third of the US population is illiterate or barely literate. With runaway Third World immigration that shocking figure will climb. Beyond anything else, that surely dooms America.  


Before the genetic crash occurs, the great economic crash seems likely. This is the big one, all the other crises have been dress rehearsals. An article “Top Economists: The Second Great Depression has Arrived” at https://www.helium.com/items/1933168 …quotes top economic gurus who see dark times ahead. Economist Fred Harrison, for example believes that Western nations could collapse and “wholesale starvation of people in some Western countries” could occur.
Even US Census figures for 2009 seem to indicate that the poverty rate has increased from 13.2% to around 15% - that’s around 45 million people living in poverty or over one in seven. Child poverty is about 20%. B Hussein Obama is certainly doing a good job for the new world order. At least the Obama’s family dog “Bo” is living in comfort! Woof to you, too.

A scientific approach to reality would surely dictate that people begin disaster planning. But today’s people are more like lab rats than the sort of individuals that fought the frontier. Most people will sit back and hope that Julia Gillard saves them.  


by Len the Cleaner
Yes, I’ve surfaced once more. According to the ‘Tiser, the University of Adelaide has now dropped out of the world’s top 100 universities on the QS World University rankings (The Advertiser, September 10, 2010, p.19) Now as economic rationalism, not the pursuit of knowledge and truth, rules the modern Australian university, if this slide continues, perhaps the University of Adelaide should be the first of the “sandstone” universities to be sold off?

Located convenient to all shopping, the North Terrace site would make a fantastic amusement, shopping and leisure centre. The social sciences, Asian Studies and Women’s Studies areas could be made into community homes and shelters for street people. The Vice Chancellor’s office could be made into a legal aid office for Aboriginal people. The Barr Smith Library would make an excellent shopping centre. The prospects are endless and more economically rational than running a student export service, in my opinion.

Having said that, I got myself a cup of organic green tea (then put some gin in it) and looked at The Advertiser front page September 15, 2010. “Slash and burn” they call it, where the State razor gang is set to close country hospitals, close small schools and close the Repatriation Hospital at Daw Park. What a slap-in-the-face for the Aussie digger, what a disgrace! I believe that the University of Adelaide, UniSA and Flinders should be closed down first and sold off before taking a hospital away from sick diggers. What did these heroes fight for?  


by James Reed
Necessary reading for actionists and available from the League is Peter Wilkinson’s “The Howard Legacy: Displacement of Traditional Australia from the Professional and Managerial Classes”, (Independent Australian Publications, 2007). The thesis defended here is that John Howard undertook a massive Asian immigration program under the smokescreen of being tough on boat people. Ross Gittins, “Is Immigration Such a Good Idea?” https://www.theage.com.au/opinion/politics …says:
“John Howard used his harsh treatment of boat people to divert attention from his rapidly growing immigration program. Kevin Rudd continued the high immigration, but without the camouflage”.

As I said throughout John Howard’s prime ministry, he was one of the worst “Australian” prime ministers, but one of the best puppet PMs for the Asian ruling class.

Available from Heritage Book Shop Services, “The Howard Legacy: Displacement of Traditional Australia…”, $25.00 plus postage.  


by James Reed
Julia Gillard has removed the word “multiculturalism” from the title of her new parliamentary secretary assisting the immigration minister, but as former pm Mal Fraser has said: “You only have to walk down any street in Melbourne and Sydney to know we are a multicultural country. Whether people like it or not, multiculturalism is here to stay”, (The Australian, September 15, 2010, p.4)
But is this correct? Certainly multiculturalism and mass migration is likely to kill off Anglo-Australia, the monarchy and everything else of conservative’s treasure… but consider mass Chinese migration to Australia over this century.

As Australia becomes majority Chinese and ultimately a colony of China, much of multicultural Australia will simply be bred out of existence. Australia will become a Chinese enclave, like Singapore. So no, big Mal, multiculturalism is already on the way out, fast being replaced by Chinese imperialism. Decades down the track, the likes of Gillard and Fraser won’t be remembered. “Australia” won’t even exist: only “New China” will roll on before ecological ruin destroys even it.  


by James Reed
According to Hugh White in “Power Shift” (Quarterly Essay) Australia needs to begin preparing now for the rise of China. The US should surrender power gracefully, allowing China to fulfil its destiny. Australia needs to persuade the US to relinquish primacy in Asia. The US should share power with China. And so it goes on.
It is an incredible argument. If the roles were reversed, would a Chinese intellectual make the same point? Hardly, it just seems to be the role of academics in the West to…surrender. Why should we aid in the further growth of China? Why should China be No.1? Why should we accept this Asianised world White proposes? All of these questions are unanswerable within his paradigm. So let’s reject his paradigm.  


by Brian Simpson
One of the “cherished” beliefs of ‘right-wing’ politics is that European Jews are genetically distinct from the Jews of the Middle East. Atzman, (et. al.) “Abraham’s Children in the Genome Era: Major Jewish Diaspora Populations Comprise Distinct Genetic Clusters with Shared Middle Eastern Ancestry”, American Journal of Human Genetics, vol. 86, 2010, pp.850 – 859, refute this idea. Jews in the diaspora mixed to some degree with surrounding populations but a study of DNA has shown that “Jewishness can be identified through genetic analysis” and there is a biological basis to the idea of a Jewish people.

There are common DNA strands shared by various Jewish groups indicating a shared Middle Eastern ancestry. One researcher said to Science Daily (June 4, 2010): “The study supports the idea of a Jewish people linked by a shared genetic history. Yet the admixture with European people explains why so many European and Syrian Jews have blue eyes and blonde hair”. So much for race being a social construction.  


by Peter West
Seldom do we find agreeable articles at the ABC, but Alana Mann’s “Farmers’ Apocalypse: The Globalisation of Food Supply” (https://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/stories/s3007571.htm, September 10, 2010) is an exception. Globalisation and its products such as genetic modification is destroying traditional family farming across the world, including Australia.

She rightly points out that the international movement of La Via Campesina (“the peasant way”) is the right direction, replacing globalisation with food security: “It is time for consumers, producers and politicians to explore the benefits of short supply chains that guarantee healthy, locally-grown food that returns a fair price to farmers without pillaging the environment”. Tell that to the globalists.

The Wudinna Rally: Not all farmers have taken the situation laying down, but too many farmers who were helped by such great men as Bill Carey and Jim Cronin (from South Australia’s West Coast) didn’t continue the battle for ALL Australians. On 12th February 1989, the Wudinna Community Sports Club was packed with country people, and others crowded outside, where loudspeakers were to relay the speeches… More…

The Wudinna Rally DVD available for $10.00 plus postage from Heritage Book Services, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley 5159  


by James Reed
Actress Angelina Jolie is best known for playing in sexy adventure movies. She has adopted a number of c
oloured children, with liberal hubby Brad Pitt, and she is UNHCR goodwill ambassador. Can she get anymore politically correct? Recently she was photographed in Muslim head garb at an Afghan resettlement camp in Islamabad (see The Australian, September 10, 2010, p.11). I suggest that she takes the next big step, give up her acting career, move to Afghanistan and spend her life pleading for refugees. PS: She looks even better in her head gear.  


by John Steele
Liberals may have been surprised to read Dan Baum’s “Happiness is a Worn Gun: My Concealed Weapon and Me” in Harper’s Magazine, August 2010. This is a generally sympathetic account of a liberal wearing a handgun, the changes in mental attitude that come with such a gun and the future of concealed carry. Most importantly Baum, makes it clear that permit holders seldom cause trouble.
There is something very interesting about such an article appearing in the heart of a liberal intelligentsia magazine such as Harper’s – could it be that the elite already see that the good ship USA is heading towards an iceberg of collapse and that anarchy is just around the corner?

Alex Panameno, “A Crash is Coming”, Guns and Patriots, September 9, 2010, points out that the US is in bad economic shape, with inflation in food prices, rising government debt, rising real unemployment, the housing market falling, failing banks (2-7 banks fall every week) and rising numbers of personal bankruptcies. Yes, perhaps at the end of the day, a man’s only real security is his gun (and physical possessions: clothes, food...


After finding Baum’s article, I was equally surprised to find a reprint of Giordano Bruno’s article “Final Survival Preparations” at Carolyn Baker’s website, which is a useful leftist/greenie/new age kind of site. Bruno’s article is a very good introduction to survivalism and disaster preparedness and should be read by anyone concerned about the future.
He openly supports having self-defence weapons and wisely recommends having as one’s primary weapon a battle rifle in .308 calibre.

In Australia, thanks to John Howard we no longer have semi automatic rifles for citizens, but a bolt action military rifle in .308 would do fine. I am lovingly stroking mine as I reflect. The article does not stop there but goes into the fine grade survivalist detail of food storage and supply stockpiling. See: http://neithercorp.us/npress/?p=710  


by Grace Lowe
I was recently fortunate to sit in on a talk by Sue Dengate, author of the bestselling “The Failsafe Cookbook: reducing food chemicals for calm, happy families” and “Fed Up” (Random House Australia). Dengate’s work guides parents through the maze of food intolerance, effects on children, and how to combat the problems. It came as no surprise to me that flavours and flavour enhancers such as MSG (621-625), artificial colours, preservatives and synthetic antioxidants are all trouble makers, however many children are highly sensitive to naturally occurring amines, glutamates and salicylates found in so many ‘healthy’ foods. Dengate advises that the best way to uncover food intolerances is to first undertake an ‘elimination diet’ comprised of ‘failsafe’ foods followed by ‘food challenges’, all of which she outlines succinctly, with shopping lists and recipes in Fed Up.

If you, your children or grandchildren suffer from asthma, ADHD, learning difficulties, behavioural problems or minor chronic illness it is seriously worth considering the effects of diet before blindly hopping on the pharmaceutical bandwagon. Synthetic additives and natural chemicals in foods can contribute to all of these problems and more.

Do not trust food regulators to protect us dear reader, as Dengate writes: ‘they [the regulators] do not require food additives to be tested for their effects on children’s behaviour or learning ability; do not require food additives to be tested on children at all; do not monitor effects after they have been approved; see effects as only ‘minor’ problems; and say that people who are affected by food additives can choose to avoid them by reading labels – even though a lot of food is not labelled and there is no requirement to tell consumers what’s in it’.

One of the main questions I wanted answered was why are our kids so sensitive now? Is it merely food manipulation? Why are some so drastically affected and not others? Dengate explains: ‘Some scientists think that certain man-made industrial chemicals act as ‘sensitisers’ – meaning that exposure to these can make people more sensitive to other common chemicals,’ and that many affected children in her network often have a parent or even grandparent in a high-risk occupation for chemical exposure such as farming, hairdressing and, ironically enough, the medical profession.

So essentially it seems that children are exposed to a shed load of chemicals which sensitise them, then fed chemical laden food to debilitate them and sterilised with a host of environmental chemicals (think BPA’s, phthalates etc.) With the effects of childhood obesity now pointing to a decline in life expectancy for the first time in two centuries (New England Medical Journal 2005, 352:1138-1145, March 17, 2005) it seems that the ‘solution’ to an ageing population is being implemented with great success.  


Editor, On Target 24 September 2010: While the Amalgamation of Councils was being forced on us by the Victorian Liberal Government (1980’s) a Second Reading of a Bill was before Federal Parliament. Its plan was to eliminate the States in favour of the Amalgamation of Councils into Regional Governments. Thus the Fabian Socialist strategy of Socialism by gradualism was quietly attempted. Next time in 20 years (?) While the North Queensland effort for a separate State is to be applauded, I’m afraid the agenda in another direction is firmly on the way.

Yours etc., Cedric Turner, Victoria. (Ex-Councillor and Shire President)

P.S. Internet users: Type in ‘Council Amalgamations’ in On Target’s website search facility you will get plenty of background information on the continued push by both Labor and Liberal to get rid of the States. Both parties are centralist.  

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