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3 February 2010 Thought for the Week:

“The U.N. has been completely insulated from any kind of external oversight or independent police investigation by diplomatic immunity arrangements since it began. The unsurprising result is it is corrupt. They ran a now-exposed Global Warming scientific fraud apparently to justify a global financial fraud - namely their proposed annual climate tax on Sovereign Nations rising to $ 100,000,000,000.00 per annum to operate a global climate bureaucracy.

The U.N. needs to be sealed off and investigated by police post haste before they destroy all the evidence. Sadly it won't happen for a while yet. Nonetheless the U.N. are now admitting their Global Warming Report had more errors than they previously admitted. This is nothing but a limited hangout - that is, it is a damage control exercise intending to mislead people into thinking their Climate Report was something less than a deliberately bogus report full of fraudulent information used to justify their false climate conclusions justifying their global taxation agenda.

Numerous independent real Climate Scientists have identified tampering with raw data to create false conclusions, destruction of data not supporting their bogus thesis, emails showing collusion to fix the evidence, and much more - completely discrediting the U.N.'s report and with it their credibility as an organisation worthy of trust.

The U.N. should be regarded as having become a criminal syndicate safe house and dealt with accordingly… Our politicians need to be awakened from their dreams, abandon their commitments to a nonsensical and destructive legislative agenda, and be persuaded to legislate instead in accordance with scientific and economic reality for the common good.”
At the link the limited hangout story as put out by a mainstream Empire newspaper --

WHEN: 10.00am TUESDAY, 2nd FEBRUARY 2010

Peter Spencer will head up a second rally after his 52-day hunger strike aimed at alerting the people of Australia to government land and carbon theft from farmers. NSW Farmer’s Associations have joined in the rally - https://www.nswfarmers.org.au/

For further details go to www.sosnews.org  


by James Reed
Tolerance, tolerance, tolerance… diversity, diversity, diversity. As expected the usual mantra was chattered by the spluttering class for Australia Day. The Australian always has a ‘feel good’ story on page one celebrating “tolerance,… diversity” but this year page one featured “Navy Errors Blamed for Fire” (The Australian 26/1/2010, p.1).
Asylum seekers were intercepted at sea by the navy. They were allowed to keep cigarette lighters and matches (imagine the human rights abuse if they had them taken away). One man was seen to make a “throat slashing gesture”. Then the ship was ablaze.

Just like in the “stitching up the kids’ lips incident”, ‘the Australians are at fault’ it was heard before the Northern Territory Coroner. Indeed the navy should not have rescued its own personnel ahead of the illegal aliens! There is liberalism and political correctness gone mad. Save the other – even an “enemy” – before yourselves. Thus a female sailor was rescued in a launch before a boatperson.

So, the navy should have saved the boatperson/alien and let the sailor drown? Kiss your navy goodbye. Who would want to serve under such conditions? Sorry? - oh! that’s the game plan is it – for Australia not to have border protection at all.

Finally we have Tim Soutphommasane (“Let’s Celebrate Our Sense of Belonging,” The Australian 26/1/2010 p.12) which absurdly claims that a citizenship ceremony is the best place to make sense of Australia Day. That is like saying that a visit to a kindergarten is the best place to make sense of the entire education system! But that is what Australia has become.

Indeed, the best symbol of contemporary politically correct Australia is the hearing before the Northern Territory Coroner that the navy requirement of rescuing its own personnel, ahead of illegal aliens, contributed to the death toll. Could one imagine the Chinese – or any non-Western country entertaining such a view?  


by Brian Simpson
The Church of Climate Change is facing tough times. First there was the leaked email saga and then the naughty northern hemisphere weather that just refused to warm. And now, the scandal of scandals: the so-called peer reviewed IPCC admits that its 2007 predictions that the Himalayan glaciers were set to disappear by 2035 were based on the lone opinion – yes, not scientific research – of one researcher. (UN’s blunder on glaciers exposed” The Australian 18/1/2010 p.1)

The IPCC has admitted a lapse in standards. But doesn’t “glaciergate” call into question the entire IPCC process? How much alleged science and peer review is just the inner chattering of the climate “boys’ club”? When will the glacier of truth finally reveal the great new world order scam of climate change? Soon, I believe, for already, cracks in the ice of falsehood are appearing.  


by James Reed
It is a full time job now, keeping track of the shonky research behind the UN IPPC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. First there was the shonky claims on glacier melting rates and now the claims of a link between global warming and a rise in the frequency of natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods has been challenged.

That claim was made by the Third World in an attempt to scam US$100 billion from the West. But as far back as 2008 the IPCC knew that the link had not been scientifically proven, but did not tell governments. (“UN caught out again on climate claims” The Australian 25/1/2010 p.1). So there really is a climate change conspiracy – by definition!

The League saw this long ago, as soon as the evil “UN” label was attached to the debate and writers at this site, especially Betty Luks, have kept you up-to-date.

Note: For those interested in tracing the pedigrees of the idea of a ‘one-world government’, the League recommends the following books and DVDs:

One of the first ‘modern’ books to expose the roots of the ‘environmentalist scam’ to public scrutiny was
“A Conspiracy Called Conservation” by Doug Jensen published in 1984.

At the time of publication this book was dismissed as too ‘alarmist and exaggerated’, but 26 years later proves the author was ‘right on the money’ and understood what were the final aims of the revolutionary environmentalists.
In the Introduction Mr. Jensen wrote:
“Today, in Australia, led by “progressive” New South Wales, we are witnessing leftist politicians and extreme activists in the various “conservation” bodies and bureaucracy demanding that government policy be determined by decisions of pollies’ “planning bodies”, “advisory councils”, “advisory committees”, “concerned citizens committees” local soviet – those “unsung heroes” of the NP&WL Service (National Parks & Wildlife Service) – who in the 80’s are demanding “all power” to their 1980’s version of Lenin’s Soviets...” Copies of this valuable book are still available for $8.00 plus postage.

"Heaven+Earth” by Ian Plimer.
Written by a scientist about the pseudo-science behind the push of ‘global warming’ and carbon reduction. $35.00 plus postage.

“None Dare Call it Conspiracy” by Gary Allen.
A few copies of this best seller are still available. Written in the 1970s Gary Allen traces the links, the nexus, between the rich Capitalists and the Communist agents working to subvert America. $10.00 plus postage.

“The Red Pattern of World Conquest” by Eric D. Butler.
In the 1980’s Eric gave us an over-view of ‘behind the scene’ world events. This helps the reader to grasp the bigger picture. It is more devious than the mock-battles modern Left/Right political parties would have us believe. $6.00 plus postage.

“Globalisation: Demise of the Australian Nation” by Graham Strachan, B.Sc., LLB.
How well he sums up the present situation for the ‘ordinary Australian’. “All in all, the people who built civilisation and still believe in it enough want it restored. They are the class enemy, of the Capitalists, the Socialists, and the Money-lenders. They are the ones whose values have to be undermined, overturned and eradicated so the world can be ‘free’, so the Globalist ideology goes…” Price: $18.00 plus postage.

“Apocalypse No!” Christopher Lord Monckton on the climategate scam
From the Minnesota Free Market Institute a one- and-a-half hour DVD of Lord Monkton’s speech on 14th October, 2009, Vital viewing! Special price $10 posted.

“The Fall of the Republic” features a number of legal, economic and historic researchers tracing the forces behind the push for a World Government. It includes valuable sections on the Derivatives Scam and names those within the Clinton administration who were behind the push to repeal laws that would have landed them, and their fellow conspirators, in gaol if still in place.
American folk have produced over two hours of viewing. They warn the viewers the one-worlders will dump the American dollar when they think the timing is right – with resulting hyperinflation, thus wiping out the American (and Australian) middle class.
The issues facing Americans are the same as those facing Australians… global governance (read world government), climate change scam, climate cops, political, corporate and financial corruption, a rising ‘police state’ - and much more.
Special price for over two hours of viewing: $12.00 posted from Heritage Books, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley 5159.

DVD Special: Australian League of Rights’ Exhibition at the Constitutional Museum, Adelaide 1983.
Dis-uncovered among the League’s video-archives was a film of the opening of the Australian League of Rights’ 1983 Exhibition at the Constitutional Museum, Adelaide, South Australia.
Frank V. Bawden, South Australian State Director opened the evening event, Jeremy W. Lee gave an explanation of the various panels on display and Eric D. Butler presented the opening address, giving the background to the origins and organic growth of the League.
Doug Holmes has put it on to DVD for us all to view. The quality of the film production leaves a bit to be desired but one soon forgets that as they become engrossed in Eric’s address.
Price: $10.00 posted from Heritage Book Services P.O. Box 27, Happy Valley 5159.  


by James Reed
It seems that UK universities are in an even worse state of decadence and decline than Australian. Rapid Islamisation and Jihadist indoctrination has led to the UK students being recruited for Somali’s jihad. Richard Kerbaj in the Sunday Times of 24 January 2010 has said:
“Students from some of Britain's top universities are travelling to Somalia to fight with a terrorist group linked to Al-Qaeda. Almost a dozen young British Muslims, including a female medical researcher, are said recently to have joined Al-Shabaab, an extremist rebel organisation blamed for hundreds of deaths in the east African state.

Somali community leaders in the UK say students from the London School of Economics (LSE), Imperial College and King's College London are among those who have been recruited within the past year. The youngest recruit is believed to be 18. One LSE graduate who grew up in Britain is said to have called his pregnant wife from Mogadishu, the Somali capital, telling her: "1 am here defending my country and my rights. Look after my daughter. I don't think I will see you again."

An investigation by The Sunday Times into the terrorist "pipeline' to Somalia substantiates claims that Britain has become a fertile breeding ground for Al- Qaeda. It follows the case of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the London engineering graduate accused of trying to blow up almost 300 passengers on a transatlantic flight on Christmas Day.
The security services believe that Britons travelling overseas to train and fight in lawless countries such as Somalia and Yemen pose a serious risk on their return to the UK. They have previously suggested that at least two dozen Britons have gone out to Somalia to take up arms and even become suicide bombers, but community leaders believe the figure could be more than 100.

Al-Shabaab -- Arabic for "the Youth" -- wants to impose sharia across Somalia and is engaged in a violent struggle against the country's western-backed government. Experts regard it as an African franchise of Al-Qaeda. It has been proscribed by most western countries, including America and Australia, but has escaped a ban in Britain. Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed, a moderate religious leader from north London, warned this weekend that Al-Shabaab is exploiting the loophole to recruit youths is the capital. Although many of them were born in Somalia, they have grown up in the UK and are British citizens. "It's unbelievable," said Ahmed. "The group's supporters and recruiters are free to do what they want."

Ahmed said some families had received anonymous phone calls from Al-Shabaab recruiters urging them to send their children abroad in the name of Islam. "The police said they cannot take action until they [the recruits] do something," he said...”
Source: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2010/01/uk-muslim-students-recruited-for-jihad-in-somali  


by James Reed
What an amazing thing immigration is – once it was a threat to locals but now it is “driving growth” and reducing unemployment. Yes, Australia’s population growth rate is 2.1% higher than any developed country.
The claim is that the flood of 443,100 people eat, drink and consume and keep the economy churning over (The Australian, 11/12/09, p.6). People are now said to be embracing mass immigration according to some opinion polls. Never mind soaring house prices in Melbourne, a boom for big business, but a curse for young Australians.

Never mind ecological stress, declining water resources and pressure on our quality of life. The Treasury secretary Ken Henry has said that Australia’s future population increase will “test the limits” of economic, social and environmental sustainability (The Weekend Australian Financial Review 21-22/11/09, p.19).

If today’s bubbly economy means the ecological and social death of Australia – how sane can our present immigration policy be? Clearly it is insane, done by people who intend to burn out Australia and completely destroy it within 40 years.
Let’s get the Australians Against Further Immigration Party going again! Or, how about Stop Immigration Now!


by James Reed
Anthony Browne, a columnist with The Times is author of the book "The Retreat of Reason" (Civitas, 2006). Browne has upset multiculturalists by attacking them at their most vulnerable point. He has said that political correctness, which was once an attack on the dominant conservative ideology, is now the dominant establishment ideology.
It promotes intolerance and silences critics and scholarly debate. And political correctness harms the very people it allegedly sets out to help, creating a culture of victims and learnt helplessness.

A good example of the absurdity of PC is given by Browne: “The European Union commissioned a report on the rise of anti-Semitism across Europe but the authors found that the main cause was in increase in attacks from Muslim youths.
The commission binned the non-PC report and ordered a PC one that blamed the rise on white skinheads instead. But refusing to face up honestly to the true cause of growing anti-Semitism makes it impossible to combat it” (The Australian 9/1/06, p.6). It just goes to show that one cannot always have one’s cake and eat it too.  


by Betty Luks
Businesses and farmers, according to a press release by One Nation (SA Division) President Stan Battan, are largely unaware of the Government’s restrictions on various chemicals that could be used in bomb-making, such as ammonium nitrate.
According to Mr Battan: “The restrictions have already begun with controls on the use of ammonium nitrate so tight that people who supply farmers with this fertiliser no longer stock it, despite protests by growers.” Australian businesses and farmers are being targeted with restrictions on up to 40,000 chemicals under the Australian Government’s “attempt” to be seen to do something about terrorism [As with the 1996 Howard gun grab the fatal flaw in this pseudo-strategy is that “terrorists” can get better quality stuff from other sources].

It seems that the best quality drugs can be bought from the Australian police, just as the best quality weapons – such as missing rocket launchers – can be got from the Australian army. Consider for example the secret police intelligence documents that recently fell off the back of a truck.
They reveal that military issue firearms such as assault rifles, held for almost a decade at the army’s National Storage Distribution Centre in Sydney had been “disappearing.”
These weapons, far more “dangerous” than anything taken from law-abiding citizens by John Howard in 1996, were sold by staff to “outlaw bikie gangs”.

Although possibly hundreds of weapons have gone missing, no one has been charged! (Source: “Army’s Assault Rifles Sold to Bikie Gangs,” The Australian, 22/01/07, pp.1,4). Today the white ants eat freely at the floorboards of Australian society.  


Although Greg Sheridan has relentlessly championed Asianisation, on the Islam question he has penned some very insightful articles over the years.
Among them (“No Wisdom in the Mollycoddling the Muslims,” The Advertiser, 8/02/07, p.10) he said that the liberal mind finds the question of Islamic extremism impossible to deal with. In his article, Sheridan said some revealing things, worth quoting again:
“A wide ranging survey, Living Apart Together, carried out by the think-tank Policy Exchange, showed the majority of British Muslims have generally moderate attitudes. But the size of the minority with extremist attitudes is very troubling.
And in every category, younger British Muslims are more extreme than their parents. About 57% of Muslims prefer British law to sharia law, but among 16 – 24 year olds, 37% would prefer to live under sharia. About 36% of young Muslims believe apostasy – that is, a Muslim changing their religion – should be punished by death. About 13% of young British Muslims admire al-Qa’ida and similar organizations.
About 74% of young Muslims want women to wear conservative headdress, compared with only 28% of those over the age of 55. It is fair to see this as a failure of British multiculturalism and integration, but these attitudes also represent a failure by the Muslim community.”  


by James Reed
The official line is that five Australian journalists caught in a crossfire in Balibo while covering Indonesia’s invasion of East Timor in 1975 were accidentally killed. But according to the Saturday Daily Telegraph, George Brownhill, who was secretary to the Hope Royal Commission into the nation’s intelligence and security, the Australians were executed ‘on the orders’ of the Indonesian military.
Brownhill, who was a key witness at the first inquest into the murders, said that he saw a “top secret” intelligence report of covertly-intercepted radio traffic, which indicated that the five had been shot in accordance with military orders.

Lawyers for the families of the five murdered journalists hope to overturn the Department of Defence and Defence Signals Directorate, which through a public interest immunity claim, has resisted turning over the secret documents. They have expressed their hope to call the Prime Minister of the time, Gough “God” Whitlam to question him. Clearly this incidence constitutes a national disgrace and a matter of shame as Australia was so cringing to Indonesia that it let it murder our citizens. Gough deserves a good cross-examination.


Australian Strategic Policy Institute analyst Rod Lyons has said that in the future, given a loss of confidence in US nuclear deterrence, Australia may need to get nuclear weapons to deal with “deteriorating Asian security.” (The Australian, 14/12/09, p.6)

I have long argued that Arthur Calwell will be seen as the man who doomed Australia, pushing in 1947 “populate or perish” by bringing in non-Anglo migrants, ultimately leading to multiculturalism and Asianisation.
Australia, as a homogenous, ecologically sustainable nation with nuclear weapons, would have had a better chance of survival than the poor substitute for a nation that we have today.  


by James Reed
Asianisation is a one-way street, applicable only to Australians. Here is US immigration critic Peter Brimelow (founder of VDARE.com), on what faces one of us contemplating becoming a citizen of Japan or, say, India:

“You often hear people say that we’re moving toward a “borderless world.” But this is only true in the First World. When I wrote Alien Nation, I went to the trouble of calling up a lot of the countries that send immigrants to the US. I called the Japanese Consulate in New York and asked the official, how could I go about immigrating to Japan? And we have the quote, we taped him. He expressed complete surprise and astonishment. He said: “Why do you want to immigrate to Japan?” He said there might be three people a year who become Japanese and even they don’t stay long, they try to immigrate somewhere else, like the US.
Well of course, the Japanese reluctance to accept immigrants is quite well known. And they’re not about to change it.

My favourite was India. When we called them up, the first official we got said, “Are you of Indian origin?” When we said no, he said, “Submit your question in writing to the Embassy” and then he hung up!

The second official said, “Are you of Indian origin?” and when we asked if it was important, he said yes and he transferred the call. We finally got to a third official who said “Since you are not of Indian origin” – now remember, he meant race here, we’d already specified we were American citizens – “since you’re not of Indian origin, it is a very difficult and complex process to immigrate to India. Among other things, it will require obtaining clearances from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Home Affairs. This is a very long process.”

In other words, India is running a Brown India program – sort of like the old White Australia policy. And they have probably very good reasons for that. There are quite enough communal problems right now in India, without introducing other divergent elements.”

The idea of open-borders is clearly one only for the White West to tolerate, until there is no “us” to tolerate anymore.


by Peter Ewer
American academics Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, whose article in the London Review of Books on the Israel lobby, upset that lobby, are back with a book The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy.
This is a carefully documented expansion of their original argument that Zionist/Jewish groups exert an enormous influence on US Foreign policy.
The difference though is that in the case of the war on Iraq the Bush government took the lead with Zionists later conducting a pilgrimage of support. Why Iraq they said: it’s Iran that’s the problem. Oil. Oh yes.

This is an interesting revelation from the book. The book has been met with the predictable cry of “anti-Semitism”. See for example “Seeds of Anti-Semitism” by Michael Gerson, Washingtonpost.com, September 21, 2007. The authors though are holding their ground and not backing down.


As a rugged he-man type I was naturally interested in Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali’s advice on the seductive nature of women. Then I recalled the large photograph published in The Weekend Australian, 28-29/10/06 which features two Muslim women in full gear and the caption “A Muslim woman makes a face for the camera during prayers at the Lakemba Mosque in Sydney yesterday.” She raises her hands to her head to make horns and pokes out her tongue. As she does so, the camera captures forever her dark undergarment and reveals that she is wearing white elastic trousers, that cling to her hips. Gasp!

After reading the good Sheik’s sermon, am I to believe that there is symbolism in this photograph: is this what the Sheik has been speaking about? Or does his advice to men apply only to Anglo Saxon “meat” – sorry – women?
As an aside, sitting underneath this article is another which explains how Paul Keating had put Hilali’s case for staying in Australia. Ah! The joys of multiculturalism! 

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