Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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15 October 2010 Thought for the Week:

“Work and income: The following chapters introduce the reader to several key issues of the early 21st century in such a way that the inter-relationships between finance and politics, production, gender relations, work, income, farming, education, arts, sciences and all forms of human interaction become a little clearer. Inevitably, in order to sustain the argument, sweeping assumptions have been made as to the reader's familiarity with 'alternative' historical thought. I owe a great debt of gratitude to the early readers of the first drafts of these chapters for their forthright questioning of many unsubstantiated statements. One question, for example, was phrased as follows:
Why, in fact, did the peasants throughout the nineteenth century have to move into towns for money wages? Was it the pressure of higher money wages than they could earn as farm labourers, or the promise of a better lifestyle?

The question reveals a great deal about the standpoint of a reader, who has been conditioned by a mainstream education into thinking in terms of 'progress' from rural poverty to urban plenty. From this perspective, Rational Economic Man, the hero of economics textbooks, migrates for 'economic' reasons, that is, for the higher money wages made available through industrialisation. This is, however, a teleological argument. The emergence of landless labour was a direct result of enclosures, which were undertaken on grounds of financial profitability, rather than the free choice of the 'labourer'.

Throughout long ages the right to use a piece of land, together with rights to the resources of commons and waste lands to provide for one's family has been a fundamental human right.

The power of moneyed interests to take the land from the people for commercial 'development', as when Shell used Ogoni lands in Nigeria, dates back to the dawn of modern times. From the outset, enclosure of land has been a legal process, endorsed by the force of laws passed by the political sphere of society:

They hang the man and flog the woman
That steal the goose from off the common,
But let the greater villain loose
That steals the common from the goose.

- - Frances Hutchinson in “Understanding the Financial System: Social Credit Rediscovered”  2010


by Betty Luks
SOS-News reported on the latest developments in our farmers’ battle with the cancerous growth of the modern ‘enclosure acts’ enforced on them by *progressive legislation.

Australians of all people should look carefully at what are the real intentions behind such legislation. This modern nation began as a convict colony, we should not forget that, and WHY. Why? In many cases because the English gaols were full of people imprisoned for stealing such a thing as a loaf of bread, simply to fend off starvation. Read again – above - what Frances Hutchinson writes about the enclosures of common lands forcing the tenant subsistence farmers off lands their families had worked for generations.  

In a taped interview, Peter Spencer revealed that the recently resigned CEO of the NSW Farmers’ Association, Shaughn Morgan, “now has a job - he has become the new consultant with the NSW Department of Lands to smooth out the transition of leasehold conversions to Covenanted Freehold”.

Absolutely devastated by this revelation, Peter explains that during Morgan’s employment as CEO by the NSW Farmers Association, he led the long running fight to stop the moves by government to convert their leaseholds to “Covenanted Freehold”. What this means in effect is that any government-leased land will now become a virtual ‘private national park’ making A1 agricultural land presently under lease, unworkable for farming. Rents rising from hundreds of dollars per year to thousands, sending most family farmers broke, and offering the greens and government, land for a song to “lock up”.

Listen to Mr. Peter Spencer here:

Peter explains that most farmers working these leased lands over generations, had an option to buy the land. But legislation has changed all that. With the modern equivalent of the English Enclosure Acts - “Covenanted Freehold” - governments are forcing farmers to convert to a virtual ‘national park’, thereby effectively locking up the land to farming.

* For a more detailed study of how the English people became landless google ‘English Enclosure Acts’.  


Of course it wouldn’t have anything to do with the agenda being pushed by both major parties reducing Australia to a big open mine to be exploited and gauged out by the multinational elites, and Australians, who pioneered and developed this land by the sweat of their brows, to be the new landless sub-class – now would it? SOS-News points to the latest push in the attack on rural Australia. Mining leases are taking preference over food production. Operating on government-sanctioned licences, these mining leases are flowing like water.

Don’t be fooled, there is no difference, but in name, between privatising – corporatising - the land and industries and ‘socialising’ the land and industries. Either way the people are reduced to a landless wage-slavery existence under ‘state’ administration and the Financial Powers.  

As reported by Queensland Country Life 20/9/2010. “Indian group targets Queensland cattle station”: “Indian conglomerate Adani Enterprises is homing in on Graeme Acton's prize Central Queensland grazing property Moray Downs. The group, whose business portfolio covers everything from gas exploration to real estate and edible oil, recently bought a coal tenement from listed mining group Linc Energy in Central Queensland for $500 million.

It was regarded as the largest single investment by an Indian company in Australia. The Australian Financial Review has learned that Adani is now looking to buy the land where its new mining tenement lies. According to Queensland government publicly available resource and tenure maps, the tenement sits on the Moray Downs property, about 170 kilometres north-west of Clermont. The purchase could fetch more than $50 million for the landowner who, with his brother Evan Acton, is estimated in the latest BRW Rich List to be worth $241 million. A deal would also draw attention to a growing trend where foreign companies buy not only the mining tenement licences but also the land underneath to help smooth exploration and development of the area.”



I once asked constitutional authority Dr. David Mitchell if the Aboriginal people had freehold title to the lands - now tied up under native title legislation - as do holders of freehold titles in the cities. His answer was: “It is not clear’.

It is my opinion that the Aboriginal folk will not see the benefit of such legislation in the years to come. Vast areas of land are now effectively tied up under the guise of ‘native title’. Aboriginal folk are now realising they also are ‘tied up’ under the same legislation.
Prediction: The land will eventually be exploited by the multinationals and the Aboriginal folk will scramble for the ‘crumbs off the table’. We are all in this battle together, Aboriginal and White fellow Australians.

The following shows the typical ‘dialectic’ strategy
The headlines read
“Labor on collision course over Wild Rivers inquiry” by Phillip Coorey and Jacob Saiulwick: 1/10/2010. The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has backed away from supporting Queensland's Wild Rivers Act and has instead put the legislation before a government inquiry. Yesterday's move, which will put federal Labor on a collision course with the Queensland Labor government, came after the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, put forward his private member's bill that would abolish the 2005 act.

Labor and the Greens opposed a private member's bill attempted by Mr Abbott before the last election and this week the Queensland Resources Minister, Stephen Robertson, has been in Canberra urging MPs to oppose Mr Abbott's bill.

Also in town was a delegation of traditional landowners from Cape York who say removing the act will result in unrestrained development and the destruction of pristine river systems and their surrounds. The act protects 10 river systems, placing strict limitations on development.
Mr Abbott and the Cape York indigenous identity, Noel Pearson, believe the local indigenous people are being denied the chance to create economic opportunities. ''This idea that the Aboriginal people of Cape York are going to pillage their own land for short-term economic gain is nonsense,'' Mr Abbott said yesterday.

The delegation of traditional owners are angry that Mr Pearson is often portrayed as the spokesman for all indigenous people from the Cape and that their voices have been drowned out. Mr Abbott's bill will be submitted to the Selection of Bills committee, which assesses legislation and determines the order for debate. It is unlikely to be debated until February."

DVD: $10.00 plus $2.00 postage. Important viewing: Former communist Geoff MacDonald speaking on "Red Over Black". He exposes the communist's infiltration of the Land Rights movement.

Book: "Red Over Black" by Geoff MacDonald $10.00 plus postage.


I had a chuckle on reading the Andrew Bolt’s Blog – 4/10/2010 “WE’RE ALL REGIONS NOW’. Take note, Simon Crean is choking on the term ‘region’ and has trouble defining it… doesn’t want the Australian people to wake up to what Labor is really about.
Andrew Bolt writes: “Listen to Regions Minister Simon Crean’s definitional difficulties on the set of Insiders, I whispered to my fellow panelists: ”Birthday cake” :

CASSIDY: How do you define a region? What is a region?
Crean: Every part of this country is constituted within their own region.

Cassidy: So when you talk about regions, you mean non-urban?
Crean: When I talk about regionalism and local empowerment, it is saying all regions in the country.

Cassidy: Hobart, for example: a capital city, a state capital. Is Hobart a region?
Crean: Hobart—well, the region around Hobart is a region. In the case of Tasmania, if you’re talking about it, the regional development body covers the whole of Tasmania. Hobart is a component of it, and Hobart, while we call it a capital city, for the purposes of the Australian Bureau of Statistics that talks about the remoteness factor, Hobart is not a capital city in that sense, it fits into a definition that will be picked up in the regional application of funds.

Cassidy: And they have an independent representing them as well and they’re looking for regional funding. The problem, of course, is that everyone wants to be disadvantaged today, and in the queue for a handout.”

The problem for Simon Crean, Mr. Bolt, is the evidence is there for all to see that when in power Labor set out dividing Australia into regions completely over-riding the States’ authority and boundaries. There is nothing new in the idea, it is all part of economically and politically ‘regionalising’ the nations into the New World Order.

This part was set out in the World-wide Declaration on Local Self-Government, promoted by The International Union of Local Authorities (IULA) at its 27th World Congress in Rio de Janeiro on 23-26 September 1985.
That new treaty gives formal recognition to the ‘regional’ levels of local government, then specifically confines Local Government to only those powers and functions that have not been “given’ to some other authority.

Who decides what powers, rights and responsibilities elected Local Governments may have?
You’ve guessed it - the unelected regional Authorities, the bureaucrats! Of course!

How many Australians realised at the time, that had they voted ‘Yes’ on the 1988 Referendum questions incorporating Local Government into the Federal Constitution they would have allowed the total elimination of Local Government.

Jeremy Lee compiled selected newspaper articles from 1974-1995 showing Australians what was intended for them (“Local Government, Amalgamation, Regionalism and the Hilmer Report”).

There are answers to the financial problems of Local Governments from a Free Enterprise – not a Fabian Socialist - viewpoint.
Read more

Important DVDs on the subject:
“Your Council the Target” by Beavan O’Regan $10.00 plus $2.00 postage.
“Spirit of Australia’s Constitution and History” Set of 5 DVDs by Dr. David Mitchell $40.00 plus $2.00 postage.  


A discussion by social crediters went like this.
The Matrix movies are the perfect metaphor for our times and this crisis. A machine system, the Matrix, (the corporate and financial machine) is oppressing humanity and using its vital force (ability to transcend itself and experience Grace, Faith, Hope and Love) to create its own virtual universe. A group of awakened humans (a chosen people?) await their messenger. Neo (new, as in new thought and/or new transcendent law, embodiment of the values of Christianity, Social Credit) is that messenger.

Neo loves Trinity (metaphorically God) and that perfected love leads him to go to the Machine City (Jerusalem, the new empire's centre) upset the tables of the Money Changers, and ultimately sacrifices himself to save both the Matrix AND Humanity.

Agent Smith (the unconscious devilish quality of finance, hell bent on destruction of both Humanity AND the Matrix) pursues Neo because he barely consciously knows he is the end of Smith's existence (his paradigm, his orthodoxy as now practiced) and the re-stabilization of the efficient Machine system (corporate system).

Smith duplicates and multiplies himself (Fractional Reserve Lending) thinking that this will enable him to defeat Neo, but instead only brings on a quicker destruction of the Matrix (by piling up more debt)

Neo with his new ideas and correct natural canon of the universe (the naturally evolved values of Grace, Faith, Hope and Love) instead transforms Smith into Neo himself (Grace, Faith, Hope and Love) and so the Chosen people are saved and the peace of stabilization returns to the system and the world.
Amazing. Perfect metaphor. Analogous in every way to Social Credit and the natural canon of the universe, Christian values.  


by Chris Knight
In the beginning…were “artists” like the Big Bopper, Little Richard etc. Then came Elvis the Pelvis, the Beatles and the ‘Stones, Queen, Abba, Michael Jackson, Madonna and now Lady Gaga. Each of these acts did their bit, intentionally or unintentionally to attack and undermine traditionalist values in a subtle way.
Well, at least the early acts did. Madonna was an “in-your-face” assault upon conservative values and inversion of tradition in favour of sexual libertarianism.

Lady Gaga is the latest. (September 20, 2010) reports that at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards she appeared live on stage wearing a dress made out of animal flesh, her “red meat dress”! Under the hot TV lights one can only imagine what this smelt like. But to top this, for a future event she is planning to put real human corpses on stage!
Yes, this is the sort of person producing the music that is piped into the brains, or what is left of them, of the current degeneration. God help the future!  


by Brian Simpson
The once-Nordic country of Sweden, under the influence of cancerous liberalism, multiracialism and multiculturalism, opened its borders to an influx of non-white migrants, especially Muslims. Within decades its ethno-racial profile began to change, with the coming “disappearance of blondes”. Now there are some gentle murmurs of opposition as the “far Right” (God bless them) have won their first seats as Sweden has a hung parliament.

The Sweden Democrats won 5.7% of the vote and 20 seats in the 349-seat legislature. Across Europe there is a growing popular concern about mass immigration and Islam into its world view which sees the West and White people as evil. Finally there is the beginning of a political revolt against this madness.  


by James Reed
It is good to see some establishment resistance to Hugh White’s Quarterly Essay that proposed that Australia “should try to relinquish primacy in Asia”. The team of Michael Danby, Carl Ungerer and Peter Khalil (“No Winners by Appeasing China”, The Australian, September 16, 2010, p.14) make the obvious point that White is seeking to appease the latest totalitarian regime, China.
As they note, the Chinese Communist Party is ruthless in its methods used to preserve its power. It protects other authoritarian regimes such as North Korea, Burma, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

Josh Frydenberg, Member for Kooyong (“Washington is Integral to Our Region”, The Australian, September 21, 2010, p.8) agrees with these points and says that Australia and the US, for all their faults, share liberal and democratic values, but these are not China’s values. It is good to see these critiques being made of White’s “surrender to China” thesis, because years ago, the inevitability of China’s rise was advanced by the elites as an unquestioned good.  


by James Reed
It seems that the Chinese student market is experiencing a “crisis” as intakes from China have fallen by up to 40% (The Australian, September 17, 2010, p.3). Here is Li Ping, president of Aoji Education Group, China’s biggest education agent: “Next year will be even more difficult…with other countries being more aggressive and attractive, I’m afraid Australia will fall off an irrevocable cliff and cannot be saved for years. The business is on the very verge now”.

It seems that at least 60% of these students are seeking immigration, for themselves and their families and once abroad, 95% think about immigration. In other words, the international student market is largely about migration and when the alleged billions of dollars it is supposed to bring in are quoted, the cost of migration is never considered. As I see it, let the colleges and universities who feed on this “business” collapse! Let them close down! The sooner, the better!

A recent article at, “The Academic Bubble” summed it up nicely: ‘College is outrageously expensive, it’s insanely expensive when you consider what it actually confers: a fairly limited puddle of knowledge even compared to what we used to get for free in high school. College is long on political correctness, and short on the achievements of Western civilisation.”

Australian universities and colleges have gone beyond even that, being no more than businesses for the convenience of the Asian elites.  


by Peter Ewer
Rob Oakeshott, politically correct and full of “bright” ideas, is not the sort of independent which Australia sorely needs. I have yet to see him address, in recent times, the real issues troubling Australia. In fact in my opinion he is primarily concerned with marginally relevant issues. For example, his is married to a mixed race Aboriginal woman, and one would have thought that he would have a comprehensive agenda to deal with the terrible social problems facing outback Aborigines, especially domestic violence.

I may be wrong on this and if so my apologies, but from my internet search I could not find any detailed plans by him to address these issues. Of course, Abbott and Gillard, like Howard and Rudd before them, are also silent on the “tough issues” like this to their shame.

Oakeshott had the opportunity to force some needed political changes upon the system. However, like the other “independents”, the concern for “stable government” has replaced the independents’ duty to put the interests of their electorate first. Oakeshott is a great disappointment and the people need to campaign against him at the next election and toss him out of parliament. We need true independents who are willing to break down the corrupt party system, not back it up.  


by James Reed
An article in The Advertiser SA Weekend, September 18, 2010, gives the sordid details about “swingers’ clubs” across Australia. Swinging is swapping partners for sex. Apparently this is done in clubs and people can watch.

The article describes the exploits of one wife whose husband is away with the Australian army in Afghanistan who “swings” every night and has done so for the past five months. So given that is about 152 days, she has had 152 partners. The army guy has told his mates about this but because she is “honest” with him, “it’s not cheating”.

Yes and the Taliban are pink bunnies who… I think that these people have too much time on their hands. Having to work all day in the fields to get an evening meal seems to be the right solution. Perhaps the greenies are right in their religion of apocalypse, peak oil, coming starvation and all that.  


by James Reed
Here are the headlines on Adelaide’s The Advertiser September 16, 2010, p.1: “Proof that Asylum Seekers are Here to stay” and right next to it, “Beware – Superbugs are about to Bite Back”. Now be kind to us ageing right wingers Uncle Rupert – for a moment I thought there was some connection here!

No it seems only 75 of Australian’s 6310 asylum seekers who have arrived in the past two years have been sent home. Of course they will all eventually be allowed in. What does it matter when legal migrants from Asia and Africa dwarf that number?  


by James Reed
An article at, “Carnival of Repentance” deconstructs the Glen Beck rally and the Tea Partiers. In a nutshell: “White conservatives don’t want to take the lead in preserving what remains in this country’s [ie the USA] now tenuous White, Anglo-Euro culture. To take on such a responsibility would make them even more vulnerable to the racial bullets and daggers they have been ducking for years”.

Journalist Christopher Hitchens is quoted as saying that the Beck event was “a call to sink to the knees rather than rise from them”. It will be some time before US Whites and Australian Whites reach the level of racial awareness of Europe. Even the Europeans are at about 4/100 on the survival scale: the USA and Australia, minus 2.

There needs to be a time of severe economic deprivation, where the goodies and sweeties of consumer society are taken from them, before an awakening occurs. Only from suffering, can men be born from “mice”. Today much of the West is at the level of being composed of well-fed lab-rats.  


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