Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

22 October 2010 Thought for the Week:

Harold Lewis is Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. In his letter of resignation to Curtis G. Callan Jr, Princeton University, President of the American Physical Society, he says:
'Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life'.

Anthony Watts describes it thus:
This is an important moment in science history. I would describe it as a letter on the scale of Martin Luther, nailing his 95 theses to the Wittenburg church door. It is worthy of repeating this letter in entirety on every blog that discusses science.

More at James Delingpole Politics Telegraph, October 9th, 2010.

For our readers' interest:


by Betty Luks
Readers of On Target will remember Patrick Wood wrote about a planned ‘Carbon Currency’ to replace the money systems of the world. (Vol.46 No.39 8/10/2010). He wrote that,
• Carbon Currency is not a new idea, but has deep roots in Technocracy
• The participants include many prominent global leaders, banks and think-tanks
• Today’s goals for implementing Carbon Currency are virtually identical to Technocracy’s original Energy Certificates goals.

He rightly explained “a currency is merely a means to an end. Whoever controls the currency also controls the economy and the political structure that goes with it.”
• “Technocracy and energy-based accounting are not idle or theoretical issues. If the global elite intends for Carbon Currency to supplant national currencies, then the world economic and political systems will also be fundamentally changed forever.
• What Technocracy could not achieve during the Great Depression appears to have finally found traction in the Great Recession.”

Wikipedia has this to say on Technocracy:
“Technocracy Incorporated is a non-profit technocracy organization, formed in 1933, which proposed a new governmental system. Technocracy advocates contend that price system based forms of government and economy are structurally incapable of effective action, and promoted a more rational and productive type of society headed by technical experts. …
At the core of Scott's vision was "an energy theory of value". Since the basic measure common to the production of all goods and services was energy, he reasoned "that the sole scientific foundation for the monetary system was also energy.
Energy Accounting is a hypothetical system of distribution, which would record the energy used to produce and distribute goods and services consumed by citizens in a Technate. The units of this accounting system would be known as Energy Certificates, or Energy Units. These would replace money in a Technate...”  


Long before the ideas of ‘Technocracy” gained public attention, Clifford Hugh Douglas in a 1920s address to students at Ruskin College, Oxford observed that “the individual in free association with others in the community is rightly the determinant of economic policy – not individual profiteers ‘the workers’ or a centralised bureaucratic state… (Douglas proposed) It is a philosophy diametrically opposed to any form of authoritarian dictatorship or bureaucratic central planning”.

Read more: 


by Betty Luks
The Australian IT October 08, 2010 4 reports: “EnergyAustralia bags $93m smart grid contract”. The federal government has finally sealed an official agreement with EnergyAustralia for the country's first commercial-scale smart grid project. The project will give consumers the power to turn appliances on and off using their smartphones or through a portal. EnergyAustralia leads a consortium of players, including IBM, that will build working prototypes so consumers can have a better handle on their energy consumption.

The government hopes that armed with this knowledge, power use and carbon emissions can eventually be lowered. Labor has committed up to $100 million of taxpayer funding to the trial. EnergyAustralia’s three-year agreement with the government is worth $93m, company spokeswoman Kylie Yates said. EnergyAustralia has invested $200m since 2006 building products around the smart grid technology.

Or what about this?
Online address:
The advert appearing in the October 2010 edition of “Third Sector”, a glossy, expensive to produce, magazine targeting the Not-for-Profit Sector of our communities goes like this. (I get the impression it is built on a pyramid structure – similar to the American ‘party plan’.)

“SGA: smartgridaustralia”: Smart Grid Australia is a not-for-profit, non-partisan industry association dedicated to an enhanced, modernised electric system. This alliance holds meetings, organises committees, assists with government initiatives, and issues communications to accelerate progress….

Our members... Smart Grid Australia is a meeting ground for different constituencies, and, therefore, a forum for important and necessary dialogues that might otherwise not occur. Stakeholder groups include electric utilities committed to higher reliability and lower costs, as well as Federal, state, and municipal agencies who oversee the electric power system, and many organisations in between…

Member benefits include... Meetings with key legislators and regulators, and lobbying and educating politicians, bureaucrats and their advisors on smart grids and information and communication technology solutions. Business opportunities (commercialisation of new products and services through products and services models) Exploring and negotiating government subsidies (for example, working with regional roll-outs) Regulatory issues (which utilities perceive as a key issue)…

Our greatest achievement is... Smart Grid Australia has been instrumental in the government's $100 million Smart Grid/Smart City project (also known as National Energy Efficiency Initiative), which was launched in 2009. The aim is to link 9,500 homes to a smart grid during the period 2010-13. The project will become the blueprint for a national rollout…” (emphasis added…ed)

No, I don’t think the Smart Grid push is a figment of my imagination. Australians need to look very closely into what is the eventual outcome of the plan. Look again at Patrick Wood’s article.

Labor is now pushing as hard as it can for Australians to accept the plan. Trouble is, there is a great big authoritarian centralist hook in the bait.  


In “A Defence of Free Enterprise and the Profit Motive, 1947, Eric Butler dealt with the same sort of proposals then issuing forth from the Canberra bureaucrats. A ‘coupon system’ to replace the money system was proposed – and of course doled out by governments.

Among much else Eric wrote:
(1) In a real democratic society the individual has the power to have his directions carried into effect, to get the results he desires - presuming, of course, that they are practical. Two different types of organisation are required for this:
(a) political organisations, controlled by the political vote, and
(b) economic organisations, controlled by the money vote.
(2) The political vote can only be effectively used to lay down general rules under which the economic organisations shall function, to ensure that correct relationships are maintained between individuals and their economic organisations. To clarify this matter a little further by a simple example of what is meant, a Government can lay down a road system, traffic rules and erect sign posts. But it is not its function to tell motorists where and when to travel. Any Government which tried to decide what thousands of individual motorists desired, would inevitably impose tyranny.
(3) A system of free enterprise, motivated by the desire for Profit, and serving consumers who indicate by their money votes what they want, will give the individual the greatest material standard of living and the greatest personal freedom. Where industry is governed by Profit as an economic calculator, industry is organised on the most efficient basis. In the last analysis this results in the great majority of people entering that sphere of economic activity in which they are most genuinely interested.

The Menace of Government Control of Banking (or Currency Coupons?...ed)
“… we can [now] examine several of the main points made by Professor Barker. His major point appears to be that Finance dominates industry - although it is not clear what this had to do with the "Profit Motive."

"Most of us will probably agree with Professor Barker that the creation of financial credit by the banking system, and the loaning of this credit to industry, does, to a very considerable extent, permit Finance to dominate Industry.

"But when Professor Barker says that "it is obvious that Government control of financial operations along modern reasonable lines is inevitable," he is suggesting a most dangerous policy. Government control of financial operations can only result in the complete centralisation of the financial system under the domination of totalitarian planners at Canberra, who would thus be able to plan production by extending or withholding credit as they thought fit.

"The well-known Socialist, Mr. G. D. H. Cole, aptly summed up the Socialist viewpoint when he said: "With the banks in our hands, we can take over the other industries at our leisure." In spite of much nonsense to the contrary, the fundamental nature of money is simply that of a token carrying the agreement to deliver over, on demand, the article to which the token refers.
We must realise that the money system is a wonderful distributive system and is functioning correctly when it is distributing to the people what they are physically capable of producing. Bearing in mind that any form of money, coins, paper currency, or financial credit, is nothing more than a claim to 'wealth, it is interesting to recall that when money was first invented, the claim to wealth was issued by the producer of the wealth. Economic sovereignty resided in the producer of wealth.

"We can trace the evolution of the money system from this time, through the period when various types of wealth was deposited with the goldsmiths, whose receipts were soon adopted as negotiable bills of exchange, to the present time when practically all our money is created by the banking system in the form of financial credit.

"The credit system, operated by a very efficient banking system, has made possible our modern intricate system of production and distribution. There are undoubtedly good arguments in favour of modifying the present financial policy, which is not permitting free enterprise to function as it should, but under no circumstances should Government control of the financial system be permitted by a people who appreciate freedom… But the totalitarian planners visualise the financial system, not as a means to providing the people with decentralised economic power which they can use to further their individual policies, but as an instrument of control which will effectively destroy the sovereignty of the money vote.

"The most important move to give Government control of financial operations such as Professor Barker advocates, was the banking legislation passed by the Federal Labor Government in 1945. Clause 27 of the Banking Bill is a clear indication of the real intent of this legislation. It states:
" (1) Where the Commonwealth Bank is satisfied that it is necessary or expedient to do so in the public interest, the Commonwealth Bank may determine the policy in relation to banks to be followed by banks and each bank shall follow the policy so determined,
" (2) Without limiting the generality of the last preceding sub-Section the Commonwealth Bank may give directions as to the classes of purposes for which advances may or may not be made by banks and each bank shall comply with any direction given."

"Instead of a competitive banking system, advancing credit to producers to produce what consumers have indicated by their money votes, we are to have bureaucratic planners at Canberra controlling production by a centralised credit system. Acting in the "public interest," of course, these planners shall decide how the total resources of the community shall be used. Hitler also did this and was thus able to pursue the policy so graphically described by Goering as guns before butter.

"When production is effectively controlled by totalitarians using the Government as the instrument to impose their policies on the people, even the money left to individuals after heavy taxation has been levied, can only be used to buy what the Planners permit to be produced.

" The main characteristic of money as we now understand it is destroyed; it is little better than a coupon. But Professor Barker appears to be an advocate of the coupon system. He asks: "Why not distribute through the coupon and eliminate finance?" The coupon system is economic centralisation of the most vicious type and places the individual at the mercy of the bureaucracy which must control the coupon system. It only permits the individual to obtain what the Government decides shall be produced. And the individual can only get his coupons if he does as he is told.

"No doubt Professor Barker has no desire to see such totalitarianism introduced into Australia, but it is sincere and idealistic people such as himself who help advance ideas which favour the totalitarians in our midst. People who desire freedom must resist any attempts to destroy the value of that unique voting system, the money system, a system which permits the individual to decide what free enterprise, governed by the "Profit Motive," shall produce.

"A free man is one who can accept or reject any proposition put before him. The money vote, free enterprise, and the "Profit Motive" are the basis of genuine freedom…”

We are now a long way down that totalitarian road. One thing we must do is fight this ‘climate change’ propaganda with all our might. Patrick Wood of August Review is right when he says the idea goes back a long way.

Mr. Wood writes: “The modern system of carbon credits was an invention of the Kyoto Protocol and started to gain momentum in 2002 with the establishment of the first domestic economy-wide trading scheme in the U.K. After becoming international law in 2005, the trading market is now predicted to reach $3 trillion by 2020 or earlier…”

* Jeremy Lee's DVDs are available from both Heritage Book Services. "What is the New World Order?" $10.00 plus postage.


Everything! writes Peter Ewer
Here is a revealing article which deserves quoting: “Irate Students May Not Go Home, Lawyer Warns”, The Australian, September 28, 2010, p.1).
With “tougher” rules for skilled migration, tens of thousands of foreign students may simply illegally stay in Australia, according to a Sydney immigration lawyer. The lawyer is quoted as saying: “People are not just going to go (home). They had an expectation (of permanent residence). They’re furious. They come here, they paid thousands of dollars”.
Yes – to study, that’s all!

That in a nutshell sums up the international student education supermarket, which is just a part of the Asianisation/immigration nexus. And the arrogance of them: imagine White Australians acting like that in China – we would be shot, or arrested and put in a famous Chinese concentration camp.  


by Brian Simpson
Every few months there is a story in the papers about the crises of plagiarism which confronts universities. The latest is that 10,000 students a year in Australia face disciplinary action over plagiarism (The Australian, September 22, 2010, p.25). It is well known “on the street” that overseas and local students are notorious for plagiarism and theses are frequently almost totally written by paid help.
By that I mean, the paid help bash the sentences into shape, which I think is dishonest. Essays and assignments are often written by professionals, for a nice price. Students are always on the lookout for someone who will write an essay for them.
One can even buy an essay on-line from secure sites, which escape the university’s plagiarism detection software.

With James Reed, I am part of the destructionist movement which sees the Australian universities as so corrupt that they should be closed down. We do not despair anymore about the decline of standards – let the standards crash! Today, the only way forward is… downwards! Let that be our motto.  


by James Reed
Gerhard Hoffstaedter (“There are Votes to Win in the Politics of Fear”, The Australian, September 24, 2010, p.10) is a research fellow with La Trobe University’s Institute for Human Security. In his article he says that there is a resurgence of far right parties in Europe in Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, France and Sweden.
These parties are strongly critical of immigration, especially Muslim immigration. He notes that Thilo Sarrazin, formerly a board member of the German Federal central bank has joined this movement, with his book “Deutschland Schafft sick ab” (Germany is Getting Rid of Itself). He sees post 1960’s immigration to Germany as a disaster which is changing the ethno-racial profile of the nation.

In this context Chancellor Angel Merkel’s recent acceptance that Germany will become Islamised, is relevant. She said: “Our country is going to carry on changing and integration is also a task for the society taking up the task of dealing with immigrants. For years we’ve been deceiving ourselves about this. Mosques, for example, are going to be a more prominent part of our cities than they were before”. Germany will thus become like Southern France, where there are more mosques than churches anywhere and where in Paris and Marseille 45% of children aged 20 years and below are Muslim.

Hoffstaedter, of course, objects to nationalists rejecting this demographic transformation. He says that Germany needs to become “a multicultural society that is open to changing itself and rewriting its national cultural and religious views in line with its changing demographic. Now that may be a trendy thesis, but one needs to ask deeper questions. Should liberal values survive this demographic transformation?
Consider the case of US citizen Molly Norris who started the idea of “Everybody Draw Muhammad day” in May 2009. She has now had to change her identity and go into hiding because of a death fatwa issued against her. Then there is the case of six Englishmen who burnt the Koran in Tyneside who were arrested for inciting racial hatred. Project all of this forward as societies Islamise. When sharia law is adopted, feminism and women’s rights go. How will the multiculturalists feel when multicultural pluralism is itself abandoned in favour of sharia monism?

In Australia we don’t have the freedom of speech to say that this is a bad thing, of course, but I can’t help noticing that the multiculturalism of social theorists like Hoffstaedter is internally inconsistent. Changing demographics will also mean changing civilisational values as scholars like Samuel Huntington have pointed out. Multiculturalism is self-undermining.  


by James Reed
The idol of de-generation Y music, Lady Gaga, the bisexual diva, who appeared at this year’s MTV music awards in LA in a dress made of red meat, was escorted to the awards by three discharged gay military veterans in uniform (The Australian, September 22, 2010, p.13). Following that, on the eve of a US Senate vote on whether or not the military should openly allow gay service people to defend the US, she spoke at a rally in Portland Maine, defending them. Gay service people in general, that is. They too have a right to kill or be killed. Roll over John Lennon! Give war a chance!

Feminist literary critic Camile Paglia (The Weekend Australian Magazine, September 25-26, 2010) performed one of her famous deconstructions of the Lady Gaga phenomenon. She said: “Gaga isn’t sexy at all – she’s like a gangly marionette or plasticised android. How could a figure so calculated and artificial, so clinical and strangely antiseptic, so stripped of genuine eroticism, have become the icon of her generation? Can it be that Gaga represents the exhausted end of the sexual revolution?”

This, I think, is right. We see the same sense of exhaustion in Emma Jane (once “Emma Tom”)’s columns in The Australian. While writing about staying together “in love”, she meanders through on-line complaints about men, their penis length and the (‘Your Nasty Breath and My Folk, the Untold Story about Marriage”, The Weekend Australian, September 25-26, 2010, p.7) we have passed beyond the agony aunt; as with Lady Gaga we have entered the dull grey world of the end of sex, the end of love and a sense of cultural despair that even a perfect toothy smile cannot hide.  


by John Steele
What’s happening to the once good old Aussie army? Soldiers about to be deployed to the badlands of Afghanistan are buying their own kit as too many things (made in China?) just fall apart (The Advertiser, September 25, 2020, p.1). But it is not just kit: I have seen on many websites remarks by soldiers at how weak the M16 S-58XY5mm rifle is in these desert regions, where longer shots are frequently needed.
Likewise for our own poodle shooter. This is a .223 cartridge that one couldn’t use for hunting deer, designed primarily to wound men and create a burden on the other side. As well, I have seen lots of comments about how soldiers would have liked a more robust gun that dealt with the sand problem. The old Aussie SLR .308 was magic in Vietnam and the Yanks were jealous of us having one. But it was fazed out and given to the Indonesians.  


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