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12 November 2010 Thought for the Week:

“According to Wikipedia, Ron Paul displays photos of Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek in his office. Mises was financed by the Rockefellers and Hayek taught at the London School of Economics, an institution established "to train the bureaucracy of the future socialist state."

Their writings might seem to be incongruous with this purpose, but they had no effective criticism to make of the international financial system. Ron Paul wants to pay off the national debt, does he? How happy the banksters will be with his orthodoxy! What did Lenin say? That the best way to control the opposition is to lead it?”

- - Reply to 'Comments' on Alex Jones website, Bob Kiinck 2/11/2010.  


The IMF wants to ‘progress’ from ‘Special Drawing Rights’ to Bancor! Errrr…? They don’t envisage this ‘Bancor’ currency as being a Carbon Currency Card – do they?

On the 28th September 1979, the Australian League of Rights had this to say:
“Reports in the financial press reveal that the stage is being set for the attempted establishment of a new international currency, bancor. ...”
Under "Brief Comments” – On Target had this to say:
"The Grand Design of the Trilateralists: In the 1976/77 Winter (No. 13) “…issue of Trialogue, Dr. Henry Kissinger's successor, Mr. Brzezinski, head of the National Security Council, wrote, "This collaboration (between sovereign nations… ed) must be dedicated to the fashioning of a more just and equitable world order."

Brzezinski's ideas of his world order were outlined in 1969 in a book, “Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era.” The fourth and final stage is Brzezinski's "Technetronic Era", the result of "American-Communist evolutionary transformations."

The Trilateralists plan to renovate the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, with the creation of an international currency to be known as "Bancor". The article didn't mention that the name "bancor" was originally chosen by John Maynard Keynes, who also originated the idea of a world central bank and international control of commodities.
It is only by a deliberately created world financial crisis that nations can be panicked into handing their sovereignty into the clutches of a bunch of international moneylenders. The stage is being set for such an event.

International Grain Reserve System Also:
"The trilateralists are also advocating an international grain reserve system from which the Soviet Union would also benefit. World control by a World Government of finance and food is seen as the completion of the "American-Communist evolutionary transformation" visualised by Brzezinski…”

Errr…? Nothing to do with a Carbon Currency Card is it? Also look at here... 


Andrew Bolt’s Blog 1/11/2010: “Warmists put Norfolk Island on rations”.

The global warming faith is just the latest vehicle for people who like to order other people around “for their own good”. Nothing reveals its appeal to the inner totalitarian better than the latest taxpayer-funded research of the Southern Cross University: Southern Cross University is set to lead a project testing the world’s first Personal Carbon Trading program conducted in a ‘closed system’ island environment on Norfolk Island commencing early next year.

This follows the announcement this week of a Linkage Projects grant by the Australian Research Council valued at $390,000. Leading chief investigator Professor Garry Egger, a Professor of Lifestyle Medicine and Applied Health Promotion at Southern Cross University, said the main goals of the project were to test the effectiveness of a Personal Carbon Trading scheme over a three year period; reduce per capita carbon emissions and reduce obesity and obesity related behaviours…

“This is a project for looking at reducing climate change and obesity in the one hit… The way the system will work is basically it will involve giving everyone on the island a carbon card, like a credit or debit card, and they will get carbon units on that card. Then every time they go and pay for their petrol or their power - and from the second year their food - it will not only be paid for in money but it will also come off the carbon units that they are given for free at the start of the program…” (emphasis added...ed)


“The Party Game Is Over. Stand And Fight !”
Rise like lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number.
Shake your chains to earth like dew.
Which in sleep has fallen on you.
Ye are many – they are few.  

These days, the stirring lines of Percy Shelley’s The Mask of Anarchy may seem unattainable. I don’t think so. Shelley was both a Romantic and political truth-teller. His words resonate now because only one political course is left to those who are disenfranchised and whose ruin is announced on a government spread sheet.

Born of the “never again” spirit of 1945, social democracy in Britain has surrendered to an extreme political cult of money worship. This reached its apogee when £1 trillion of public money was handed unconditionally to corrupt banks by a Labour government whose leader, Gordon Brown, had previously described “financiers” as the nation’s “great example” and his personal “inspiration”.

Replacement of democracy with a business plan
This is not to say Parliamentary politics is meaningless. They have one meaning now: the replacement of democracy by a business plan for every human activity, every dream, every decency, every hope, every child born. The old myths of British rectitude, imperial in origin, provided false comfort while the Blair gang, assisted by venal MPs, finished Thatcher’s work and built the foundation of the present “coalition”. This is led by a former PR man for an asset stripper and by a bagman who will inherit his knighthood and the tax-avoided fortune of his father, the 17th Baronet of Ballentaylor. David Cameron and George Osborne are essentially fossilised spivs who, in colonial times, would have been sent by their daddies to claim foreign terrain and plunder.

Today, they are claiming 21st century Britain and imposing their vicious, antique ideology, albeit served as economic snake oil. Their designs have nothing to do with a “deficit crisis”. A deficit of 10 per cent is not remotely a crisis. When Britain was officially bankrupt at the end of the second world war, the government built its greatest public institutions, such as the National Health Service and the great arts edifices of London’s South Bank.

There is no economic rationale for the assault described cravenly by the BBC as a “public spending review”. The debt is exclusively the responsibility of those who incurred it, the super-rich and the gamblers. However, that’s beside the point. What is happening in Britain is the seizure of an opportunity to destroy the tenuous humanity of the modern state. It is a coup, a “shock doctrine” as applied to Pinochet’s Chile and Yeltsin’s Russia.

In Britain, there is no need for tanks in the streets. In its managerial indifference to the freedoms it is said to hold dear, bourgeois Britain has allowed parliament to create a surveillance state with 3,000 new criminal offences and laws: more than for the whole of the previous century. Powers of arrest and detention have never been greater. The police have the impunity to kill; asylum seekers can be “restrained” to death on commercial flights and should fellow passengers object, anti-terrorism laws will deal with them. Abroad, British militarism colludes with torturers and death squads…” Source: www.johnpilger.com  

Important read here...


by James Reed
The Australian Stock Exchange in Sydney to be taken over by Singapore for a measly $8.4 billion! ASX bosses to reap millions! (The Australian, October 26, 2010, p.4). The move has already created political controversy with Green’s Senator Bob Brown raising the issue of human rights in Singapore and others such as Bob Katter saying that this is handing over a piece of national sovereignty: “If you sell the ASX, you may as well put up the High Court for sale”.

What a great idea! Let’s sell the High Court of Australia! What’s that? There are no buyers. Then let us put the parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia up for sale! What’s that? It has been sold out long ago and our politicians all owned by “foreign investors”, right down to their crusty little toes (Apologies to the two “Bobs”).  


by James Reed
Rupert Murdoch wants immigration reform in the US so that skilled workers get visas and citizenship. He said: “It is nonsense to talk of expelling 12 million people. Not only is it impractical, it is cost-prohibitive” (“Murdoch Advocates US Migrant Rights”, The Weekend Australian, October 2-3, 2010, p.17)

Rupert went on to say
As an immigrant, I chose to live in America because it is one of the freest and most vibrant nations in the world. And as an immigrant, I feel an obligation to speak up for immigration that will keep America the most economically robust, creative and freedom-loving nation in the world. America’s future prosperity and security depend on getting our immigration policy right and doing it quickly.” Where does one start deconstructing such nonsense?

Murdoch went to America for business reasons. The illegal Mexican migrants are largely unskilled workers who are exploited by American elites. They compete with native born blacks for work. The 12 million illegals represent 12 million black jobs. And they are illegals, law breakers. Talk of “migrant rights” is nonsense.

Anyone wanting to counter Murdoch should read Wilson Beck’s book whose title says it all: “Wakeup Call from Mexico: An Historical and Contemporary Understanding of Mexico’s Pandemic Violence, Drug War, Kidnappings and Illegal Immigration; How to Safeguard America as America Spirals Toward Chaos”.


by Chris Knight
“B.S.” stands for “bull shit” but I am too shy to put that in a title – or rather I must give justification before introducing vulgarities. You see this once shocking expletive is becoming fashionable as academic philosophers study “b.s.”

Leading US philosopher Harry Frankfurt has published “On Bullshit” with the distinguished US publisher Princeton University Press. This is a small book which sold a large number of copies: a rarity in philosophy. Professor Frankfurt concludes from a linguistic analysis that bullshitting differs from lying because the liar cares about what the truth is (so as to lie) but the bullshitter does not care about truth and seeks to say things only to serve his ends.
In “Bullshit and Philosophy”, G.A.Cohen in an essay “Deeper into Bullshit” outlines another sort of bullshit where what is really nonsense is presented as sense. Much of modern philosophy falls into the bullshit camp. It is contrary to fundamental commonsense. All that exists are the entities of physics (quarks) a tough-nosed materialist says: Yes, no God, no mind, no soul – and surprise, no tough nosed materialist making the assertion.

What about ethics? It too is an exercise in symbolic logic that contributes nothing to improving one’s life. A recent article by philosopher Phillippa Byers (“Ethics Lite No Path to Virtue”, The Australian, October 13, 2010, p.35) says it all: “Universities are kidding themselves if they believe they produce ethical graduates” from the study of ethics. And: “Academic philosophers are like everyone else, in the sense that they are morally better or worse than those without the same philosophical training”.

But wasn’t it the idea of the Enlightenment that a good mind-soaking in reason, as philosophy is supposed to do, would in fact make a person better? What is ethics for anyway, if not to live by? In another article, Graeme Turner, Director of the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies at the University of Queensland (“In Thrall Purely to Sciences”, The Australian, October 13, 2010, p.30) laments the decline of the humanities in the university and the replacement with a science/utilitarian model. In my opinion, this is a good sign even though the new model serves globalist purposes.

The humanities, including philosophy have become so politically correct and terrible that they need to die. Philosophy as an academic discipline needs to be destroyed by economic rationalist razor gangs because it has failed in its task of searching for wisdom, rather than dealing with technicalities best left to the sciences. Jim Barber, vice-chancellor of the University of New England (“Stand and Deliver on its Last Legs”, The Australian, October 13, 2010) has compared the growth of Wikipedia to the decline of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and says “What has happened to Encyclopaedia Britannica is a dress rehearsal for what will happen to universities unless they radically and speedily redefine their methods and purpose”.

I for one hope that the universities die, because as seen in the example of philosophy and the other humanities, they have lost their way and are on the wrong path – all at tax payers’ expense. Let the philosophers speculate about paradoxes in their own time, not being paid to do so. Budget cuts have already got the universities worried, especially now that the golden bubble of the Asian student racket is being pricked. They expect “pain” (“Pain in Store for Top Universities”, The Australian, October 15, 2010, p.9).

The universities have benefitted from John Howard’s evil system of linking education and migration. Thus limiting or eliminating migration is a way of culling the universities. Go on, socially deconstruct that! you postmodernist feminist - without a salary!  


by James Reed
The powerful financial interests behind techno-medicine have resulted in the US Senate launching bill 3767, the Food Safety Accountability Act. Vitamin supplement makers will get ten years gaol for citing peer-reviewed scientific studies on the label of their products or web sites. This is so even if they tell the truth!
Such is the power of the pharmaceutical industry who have a vested interest in suppressing information about natural health Scientific studies, typically not funded by the pharmaceutical industry, are showing that complementary treatments are effective against many illnesses of modern man, including heart disease and depression – at a fraction of the cost of taking techno-medicine. It must give the champions of techno-medicine such a headache that they too must reach for a soothing cup of herbal tea.
(Source: www.naturalnews.com, September 23, 2010).  


by James Reed
Don’t worry, the younger generation will take care of the planet and clean up our mess, my Greek neighbour told me. But was Con aware that after Lady Gaga wore a dress made of raw meat to the MTV Video Music Awards, young trendies in America are now wearing the same type of meat dress? (The Weekend Australian, October 23-24, 2010, p.19).
When I told old Con this and said that it showed the degeneracy of the new, he just shook his head and handed me a yiros. “Mate”, he said, gobbling his own yiros, ‘where do you think I got the meat for your lunch?”  


by Peter West
My eyes are old and are starting to play tricks on me. I looked with astonishment at the picture of the Australian G-G, Quentin Bryce (The Australian, October 20, 2010, p.2) talking to an Aboriginal leader at the inaugural Literate Australia Forum at the University of Technology Sydney.
The Aboriginal person to her left looks real and three dimensional, but Bryce seemed to me at first glance to look unreal and one-dimensional like a cardboard cut-out. After some thought I concluded that this was an illusion created by bad printing of my paper and Bryce’s yellow suit which was the same colour as her dyed yellow hair (who does her “fashion” anyway?) But I was pleasantly relieved because for a moment – just a moment – I thought that our lady G-G was just like Gillard and Abbott, one-dimensional, cardboard cut-outs.  


by James Reed
The one thing which I agreed with the old style feminists, was their idea that pornography was destructive, degrading women and soiling sexuality. New generation feminists however abandoned this idea and went with raunch culture, a libertarian view which frequently degenerated into animalistic sexuality. Actually animals would not do some of the things reported. Thus it is pleasing to see Gail Dines “Porn: Not Just a Little Harmless Fun”, The Weekend Australian, October 9-10, 2010, p.5 (inquirer) defending the view that old feminists made. For example, she definitely sees pornography as impacting on rape through creating a sexual culture which normalises violence.

Pornography inevitably has some violent content, even if it is very subtle. Worse, porn has become normalised and dominates images of women. This goes a long way to explaining the degenerate behaviour seen in boozy bars of our young men and women. The exploitative nature of “cancer capitalism” makes our age one of the pornography of the spirit.  


by Brian Simpson
It’s one of those stories which men, especially young men, don’t want to hear. According to the Daily Mail Reporter, April 20, 2010, “Surgeon ‘Cut Off Patient’s Testicle by Mistake’”. Misconduct charges have been made against Dr Sulieman Al Hourani, who was working at Fairfield General Hospital in Greater Manchester at the time.
He was required to cut a cyst from a patient’s right testicle, but instead removed the whole testicle. He was also accused of stealing “tablets” and injecting himself with a drug meant for a patient. He is now in Jordan, practicing (Source: AlternativeRight.com). What can a man say? What treats are in store for us now that globalism rules the medical world. 


by Grace Lowe
For a number of years I have been a ‘simple saver’. Having spent the previous decade a slave to the dollar, constantly clocking up my credit card only to pay it off and clock it up again, I was shown an alternative to this exhausting treadmill through the on-line community at www.simplesavings.com.au. The ‘SS’ team believe that most people throw a lot of money away on things without realising, leaving them always in debt and continually playing catch-up.
Their website is chock full of 50,000 + tips on how to live frugally, sourced from everyday Aussie simple savers who aim to live off less money with more freedom to follow their dreams.
I find it incredibly inspiring, very practical and actually quite fun to save money creatively, spend more time with my family and get closer to others in the community. For instance, their most recent newsletter encourages readers to throw an old style 1950’s ‘street party’ on December 5th, something I have only hazy memories of taking part in as a youngster.

The author ‘Jackie’ writes:
“…times have changed - and not all for the better. Do you have happy memories of your neighbours when you were growing up? Back then we thought nothing of popping round to see them. It didn't matter whether you needed to borrow a cup of sugar, or if you simply felt like a chat; everyone's doors were always open. But over the years the friendly, open homes which used to make up our neighbourhoods have turned into protective bubbles. Television and the Internet have made us scared to open our front doors. The awful images and scenarios we are subjected to are not actually happening in our backyard - but when we see them on a giant screen we feel as though they are.
"It has even made us stop interacting with each other. People are so busy collecting virtual friends on Facebook or watching pretend neighbours on TV that they have lost contact with their real ones. This is a huge shame because real neighbours are incredibly valuable. Real neighbours will call the police if someone suspicious has a truck outside your home. Pretend neighbours on TV will not. Real neighbours will collect your mail, water your garden or feed your cat while you're away. Facebook neighbours or characters on TV will not.
"Real neighbours will care about you. Pretend neighbours will not. You see what we are getting at? We are isolating ourselves in our own neighbourhoods and this is leaving us vulnerable, lonely and sad.

When we were growing up, our neighbourhoods were safe because there was an unofficial parent co-op. All the parents were tag teaming. The children thought they were roaming free but you could always rely on someone to keep watch. Mums all over the neighbourhood had their own network of backyard fence broadband.
"Now technology has taken over and chatting over the fence has been replaced by posting on Facebook and 'tweeting' on Twitter. Instead of sharing, we are buying - and that sucks. We've let money replace friendship and it is costing us much more than just the money. Sure it may seem easier to drive to the shop and buy a bag of sugar instead of borrowing one but it is SO much more fun to get it from your neighbour!
"Knowing your neighbours provides you with a sense of security nothing else in this world can provide; that feeling of being comfortable in your own space and place. So this month I want you to go back to the old times. The frugal times, the fun times! This month, choose your real friends over your imaginary 'friends' on TV or cyber friends and 'followers' on Facebook and Twitter. Make the effort to get to know your neighbours.”

Now street parties may not be your thing but I think there’s a lot of stock in getting to know your neighbours: swapping veggies, eggs, baby sitting duties, even fresh rain water if you or your neighbour is lucky enough to have a nice tank full. Time and energy are true currencies, not the digits on a screen!  

Editor's comment: 'Love your neighbour - as yourself'! Draw on 'the social credit', that dynamic force (Christians would define that force as 'love') which can and does exist in every society. It just has to be 'tapped into' - and those who do so - benefit from it!


by James Reed
Where did I put that article? I had a piece from the net about an Australian university lecturer who got sex from two Chinese students for better grades – but I have lost the article. I was going to draw a parallel with “Uni Understaffing ‘Ridiculous’”, The Australian, October 7, 2010, p.2) which sites “corporate heavy weights” who lament years of poor funding of the universities.

Then we have next to that article: “Crackdown Drives Overseas Student Sector into Reverse”. But cutting to the chase, the short of the long is that the university sector is obese and should be culled back to pre-1960s levels. Most arts/farts students would be better off with a trade. The sex-for-grades scam is, I have heard, very common on campus and is a further symptom of the disease that the modern university has become.  


A good example of the absurdity which the international education export market has landed us in is the claim that there will be a future increase in the number of foreign students seeking refugee status.
Even the immigration side admits that many of these applications being “fabricated” will fail, making it harder for “genuine cases” whatever that means (“Desperate Students May Seek Refugee Visas”, The Australian, September 29, 2010, p.23). If they can be “refugees”, then why not me – for I feel like an illegal alien in “my” “own” “country”. 


by Brian Simpson
In an interesting article David Burchell (“West’s Whingeing Intellectuals Should Look to Liu”, The Australian, October 11, 2010, p.14) says that intellectuals in the West have it pretty good compared to Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Ziaobo, gaoled by our great trading partner, China.
Basically he says that our intellectuals like to cultivate an image of persecution but they live the good life. However as I see it, the few intellectuals who have tackled the real tough issues like the race problem, immigration and the Holocaust, have not done so well.
At least one has been imprisoned, essentially for his beliefs. It seems that each society has its sacred cows and if anyone of the intelligentsia dares to poke at it, he/she is punished. Even years after the event, the memory of the Asian colonial “intellectual”, is long.  


by James Reed
No doubt we will be seeing more of this style of thinking. Greg Rudd (Kev 07’s brother): “The Chinese Way is Here to Stay So Get Used to It”, The Australian, October 7, 2010, p.14) tells us that “China is just different”. “China cares only about China!” Another good quote, this time from one of Greg Rudd’s rich Asian friends: “Show me a rich Asian and I’ll show you a thief”.

In fact Greg Rudd shows much more wisdom than his brother when he says that we should treat China the way the Chinese treat each other: with suspicion. Where I differ from this is that I see all of the above as a reason for not feeding the dragon, for slimming it down. Still, Greg Rudd is much better on this issue than Kevin Rudd was. Indeed, how could he be worse? How about Australia taking a leaf out of China’s book and caring only about Australia for a change?  

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