Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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26 November 2010 Thought for the Week:

“Science is knowledge. In action it is the research and documentation of natural law. For that job there is only one essential, besides training and common intelligence, and that is integrity, singleness of purpose: the ‘single eye’ that, as Christ said, is the only means to enlightenment. In that sense the scientist is truly religious in spirit. He knows that all personal bias and preconception must be eliminated from the mind; that facts as they come to light must be accepted, not for any moral reason, involving punishment, but simply because it is only in that obedient, impersonal, selfless spirit that Truth, his objective, can be attained.

To me Christianity is realistic in the highest degree; but it was not the Church, but two superficially mundane interests that brought me to an appreciation of the realistic and practical quality of Christ's teaching. In the first place it was the study of art, and later the study of that philosophy we call Social Credit. And the more I examine them the more do Christ's teaching and Social Credit identify themselves and fuse in my mind. I put down here my interpretation of the fundamental principles of Christianity, solely for the purposes of my analogy…

What I have found, then, in Christianity, is a technique of living; and it is with me that, whatever adherence I may give to Social Credit or anything else, the technique of personal existence must be my primary concern… Christ was a realist, the greatest that ever lived by my definition of Realism, which is a concern with the immediate present, with facts as they are. "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you," said Christ, and that to my mind is an eminently realistic statement. It was Idealism that shoved Heaven up into the sky, and that has persistently postponed human blessedness to any time and place except here and now; when just here and now are all that we really possess to work on. It is surely a devil's trick to rob us of the present, the only possession we can really call ours.…

It is because of the realism of their belief that Social Crediters find themselves so markedly opposed to a world that sees no hope other than in Plans - Four, Five, and Ten Year - and Boards and Leagues, and Conferences; all idealistic, all projecting themselves outward from an unsolved, immediate present, into an intellectual, Utopian dream of what might be, of what ought to be…

Newman’s “One step enough for me” may be childishly simple; but it is profoundly and truly a summing-up of the Christian point of view and, I would add, the scientific also. The Christian task, as I see it, is to attain the right attitude towards life, to understand and carry out its laws as disclosed. What follows, follows; and it is just here that faith comes into operation.
It seems to me an astonishingly foolish mistake, and one very frequently made, to confuse faith with blind belief; they are in no way related. Faith might be defined as an unshakeable understanding that obedience to a known law must produce correct results, even though … the actual nature of the ultimate result is hidden from us. The Social Credit faith is of that nature, and so, too, is the truly Christian…”

- - 'Social Credit and the Christian Ethic' by Norman F. Webb in “The Fig Tree” Vol.1, 1937  


- Betty Luks
The following report reminds me of the time when the Christian Church would burn heretics’ bodies alive in order ‘to save their souls’. While On Target usually concentrates on political and social issues that affect this nation, we have published the following to show just what it costs in some countries to make a stand for the Christian Faith. Pastor Anthony Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who ministers primarily to other ministers and their congregations in other countries, therefore he is well aware of the persecutions many Christians suffer for their Faith. He has written to us about the fate awaiting an Iranian Christian Pastor and his desperate need.

Pastor Grigor-Scott writes: “We now have the official verdict written in Farsi on Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who is sentenced to be hung for the crime of apostasy. I understand one of the judgments of the court states that Pastor Nadarkhani claims to be the Saviour, but of course this position was occupied and the important Work completed 2,000 years ago. Fortunately, Brother Youcef has not been sentenced to crucifixion and has twenty days in which to appeal the verdict, a process already begun by his attorney Dr. Nasser Sarbazi.
Meanwhile, Voice of the Martyrs [] has posted a Prisoner Alert with instantaneous translation wherewith you may write letters of encouragement to our Brother, or letters of protest to Iranian officials. Also a Print Fact Sheet on his case.
Go here…

He asks for prayer and action for this Iranian Pastor and other Iranian Christians
(Pastor Youcef's wife) Fatemeh Pasandideh; (Pastor Behrouz' wife) Fatemeh Kojouri Tork; Mehdi and Mina Kerbalayi and their mother, Nahid; Brother Afshin, Sister Mahsa, Brother Mid, Sister Nasrin Karaj, and Pastor Behnam Irani Shiraz who are all incarcerated for the faith or released on bail.
Now there is something you can do:-
Email or fax – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, His Excellency Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei, Fax + 98 21 774 2228; email : His Excellency the President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Fax: + 98 21 649 5880; If readers choose to write a lengthy electronic letter to Mr. Ahmadinejad they should write and save it in .doc, .rtf, or .txt format, then visit his Website and follow the user-friendly instructions to upload the document. If they have only a brief letter they may simply log onto his Website and type or paste their message.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Mr. Manouchehr Mottaki, Fax: + 98 21 390 1999; email  


If the reader would like to see an 1800’s portrayal of just such a ponzi scheme as the recent ‘derivatives scam’, purchase a BBC film -version of Anthony Trollope’s novel “The Way We Live NOW”. Anyone who has taken the trouble to understand the fraudulent financial system under which we now live would recognise just what Augustus Melmott (former banker now speculator) meant by the sly suggestion that his banker friend write off his outstanding debt ‘as a loss’. If you had the legal power to create financial credit out of nothing then there would be no ‘skin off your nose’ to do a friend ‘a favour’ – now would there? For an explanation of a fraudulent speculation scheme go to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission here..

“Seriously”, writes the journalist “Jail the Bankers or This Economy Will Never Fully Recover”.
Alternet November 17, 2010:
“By refusing to hold the corporate criminals at the heart of the housing crisis accountable for their crimes, we’re creating powerful incentives for future malfeasance. The Great Recession showed the world that the crimes that create the most victims are not committed by terrorists, gangbangers or drug traffickers, but by well-heeled crooks in Wall Street’s executive suites. Tens of millions of people have seen their jobs disappear and their pension funds fleeced, and had their homes taken out from under their feet as a result of the crash of Wall Street’s Great Casino. Yet so far, the culprits have been given little more than a slap on the wrist.
Failing to prosecute Wall Street’s high-flying crooks doesn’t only represent a great miscarriage of justice. Powerful voices within the economic establishment are now making the case that holding the bankers criminally culpable is necessary if we ever hope to stop our national economy from moving from one speculation-driven bubble to the next… Economist James Galbraith of the University of Texas agrees. He told Bill Moyers that at the heart of the crisis was “a huge amount of” criminal fraud, which the Bush administration and the FBI knew was occurring but didn’t prosecute… According to University of Missouri scholar (and veteran regulator) William Black, there was widespread fraud “at every step in the home finance food chain.”

As Black and economist L. Randall Wray recently wrote-:
The appraisers were paid to overvalue real estate; mortgage brokers were paid to induce borrowers to accept loan terms they could not possibly afford; loan applications overstated the borrowers' incomes; speculators lied when they claimed that six different homes were their principal dwelling; mortgage securitizers made false [representations] and warranties about the quality of the packaged loans; credit ratings agencies were overpaid to overrate the securities sold on to investors; and investment banks stuffed collateralized debt obligations with toxic securities that were handpicked by hedge fund managers to ensure they would self destruct.

Economists talk about “moral hazard,” which basically means that people -- and institutions -- behave differently when they’re insulated from the potentially negative consequences of their actions. That moral hazard has been a fixture of our under-policed financial sector for years. A shining example of that is Citigroup, which received $45 billion in TARP funds in addition to having another $300 billion in bad paper taken off its books by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. But that was only the latest round; last year, the New York Times noted that over the past 80 years, “the United States government has engineered not one, not two, not three, but at least four rescues of the institution now known as Citigroup…”
More here… Watch "The Banker" here...


by Peter West
So much for “objective” medical research – it has been revealed that Big Pharma hired ghost writers to “distort” truth about hormone replacement therapy drugs” (, October 5, 2010). The news comes from documents uncovered from “discovery” in a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical corporation who manufactured Prempro (conjugated equine estrogens).
An analysis of ghost written reviews showed that the articles downplayed the harms and promoted unproven benefits of the therapy drugs. A communications company had hired writers to produce the articles. It makes one think: how much more of modern medicine is based on a sham and a scam?  


by James Reed
Action movies and computer games require an “Other” who can be mercilessly slaughtered. In our politically correct world – which if it was consistent and not based on crass capitalism should outlaw such violence – the zombie now fits the role as such an “Other”. The zombie is a fallen human, a now-monster with no self and only a desire to kill and eat human flash.
So it is okay to kill zombies with an array of objects from guns to chain saws. Joseph Gora and Andrew Whelan (“Invasion of Aca-Zombies”, The Australian, November 3, 2010, p.29) see a zombie plague infecting the university sector where “Universities are increasingly populated by the undead: a listless population of academics, managers, administrators and students, all shuffling to the beat of the corporatist drum”.

The metaphor is appropriate for the times. The modern university does resemble something out of the worst nightmares of Hollywood horror movies, a giant freak show of horrors. Worst of all is the poisonous thinking which once was based on sheer left wing racial hatred, but now has joined forces with global corporate capitalism to destroy the very society and people who nurture it. Truly this is an unspeakable evil that rivals the evil of zombieland – for the zombie only wants to eat your flesh, but the university ethos seeks the cosmopolitan destruction of our racial soul.  


by James Reed
Angry citizens have been, well, angry, at meetings held by the government to hose down community concerns about hundreds of asylum seekers being housed in communities across the country. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has said that the asylum seekers are “safe” and “unlikely to escape detention and break the law”. Yes, sure, like asylum seekers right across the world.
Never mind that these people broke the law by coming here illegally in the first place. Never mind the constant possibility of terrorists in the mix. But to add to the joy, Liberal Premier Colin Barnett wants the Gilly government to halve the number of male asylum-seekers planned for the Northam detention centre (The Weekend Australian, November 6-7, 2010, p.2). Now if there was no problem, why would he want that?  


in Medical Experiments? by Peter West.
Trust me I’m a Doctor series: You know the story well from a thousand Hollywood movies: the wicked Nazi scientists doing all sorts of horrible experiments on captives. Nothing though on the Japanese experiments in Unit 721 – that might offend a trading partner. But the US government has apologised for intentionally infecting Guatemalans in the 1940’s with syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases, to study the effectiveness of penicillin (, October 2, 2010).

The research was done in a psychiatric hospital and funded in part by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). Naturalnews points out that Big Business, Big Government and Big Pharma have essentially done this everyday with the promotion of a wide variety of drugs which often have harmful side effects. Apart from that, entire populations have been subjected to mass experimentation through vaccines and public water fluoridation. People have been treated as human guinea pigs, or a metaphor I prefer, human lab rats. All for a few dollars more – well, actually, billions and billions of dollars. The elites, we suppose, drink clean water.
(Ed: and use Homeopathy! See John D Rockefeller’s personal homeopathic physician - Dr. H.L. Merryday)

Interestingly enough Naturalnews documents extensive medical experiments on humans, performed before the Nazis. Indeed Nazi doctors cited US cases during the Nuremberg trials. Thus in 1906 Dr Richard Strong of Harvard University infected prisoners in the Philippines with cholera: 13 of them died. This practice was common in US medical research up to World War II. In the post World War II era, injecting subjects with radioactive substances was common. In 1950 the US Army released a highly toxic chemical cloud over six American and Canadian cities to determine the susceptibility of cities to biological attack!
A long and appalling list is here...

Comment: The origins of western disease/health medicine and the more natural approach need to be scrutinised. The more natural approach has been pushed down history’s memory hole and orthodox medicine promoted. There are two older books worth reading on the issue:
"Thine is the Kingdom" by Ralph Laslett Duck, $6.50 plus postage;

"Bechamp or Pasteur: a Lost Chapter in the History of Biology"
by Ethel Douglas Hume. The price of the reprint of Hume's book will be $45.00 plus postage. Advance orders can be taken on "Beechamp or Pasteur" by phoning the Heritage Bookshop Services and placing your order now.
"There is ALWAYS An Alternative" by Dr. Peter Baratosy - another book we can recommend (2nd edition revised and expanded) for $25.00 plus postage.

And what about the present Energy Scam? "The Prodigal Genius" will give you lots of food for thought. (Reprint) $36.00 plus postage.


Time and Money on Their Hands by Brian Simpson
Recent research into the female orgasm has revealed that the female orgasm overwhelms the woman’s brain reward circuits and rational thought processes, according to research at Rutgers University in the IS (“Female Orgasm ‘Overwhelms’”, The Australian, November 8, 2010, p.3). The same “overwhelming” effect does not occur in men.

No doubt there could be arguments to-and-fro about sex differences in neurology here. But really, does this all matter? In a world facing economic and ecological crisis, how can time and money invested in this sort of research be justified? I believe that this type of research – typical of much psychological and medical research at universities these days – is unjustified. Funding is better directed towards more urgent problems of human existence and survival. Maybe there are sexual differences in such neurological responses, but so what? Our society already has too much sex on its collective brain.  


by James Reed
Do you enjoy drinking re-cycled sewerage water? You do so because of immigration you know – the sheer amount of water usage from Australia’s mass immigration program is leading to this. Now it seems that, according to an expert “Desalination plants built close to sewage outflows risk contaminating water, with membrane technology sometimes failing to screen out bugs”. (“Viruses ‘Can Remain in Drinking Water’ After Desal Treatment”, The Australian, November 9, 2010, p.3)

It seems that reverse osmosis desalination technology is far from perfect and viruses can escape through the membranes. Following on from this, the National Health and Medical Research Council’s water quality advisory committee, after “strong lobbying from the industry” has “watered down” its previous requirement that “satisfactory” drinking water should be 100% free of E.coli bacteria – E.coli bacteria normally indicate poo contamination. Now 98% is good enough, thank you very much for the faecal matter (The Australian, November 10, 2010, p.1) Like re-cycled sewage water, desalinated water is also a product of water demand produced by mass migration. I say, let the supporters of mass migration drink poo-water and see how their faith withstands the test!  


by Peter West
NSW factional power broker Labor Minister Mark Arbib wants the Labor Party to support “gay” marriage (The Weekend Australian, November 6-7, 2010, p.3). He wants MPs to have a conscience vote on the issue. According to The Australian: “His stance is designed to push the party to take a progressive lead on the issue and bolster its credentials in inner-city seats where it has been bleeding voters to the Greens, who have championed gay marriage”. Queensland Premier and Labor Party national president Anna Bligh has also declared her support for gay marriage (The Australian, November 8, 2010, p.9).

Long live the cultural wars! Good on you Mark, don’t hold back, go, go, go! We the voting public need to have all of these issues spread out before us. We deserve to have our faces rubbed in them. We deserve to have asylum seekers in every street, until we collectively say “no more, we will stand for no more!”  


by Brian Simpson
Excuse me, but how long is it before “the end”? According to Donald A.Collins, “Heading for a World Apocalypse?” The Social Contract, Summer 2010, not very long. The Social Contract is not a greeny journal, but a hard-nosed anti-immigration forum. It has longer articles than your favourite newsletter On Target, but its writers would feel at home with us.

Collins looks at the emerging clash between resource use, provoked by the massive growth of China and India, in the light of a world population predicted to grow to between 9 and 10 billion by the year 2050, and is pessimistic:-
“Will the world melting pot be able to digest these transitions without a human apocalypse? Frankly this author’s view is that nothing sufficiently substantive is likely to be achieved before massive disasters occur, environmental, economic, or military, such as the unleashing of several nuclear bombs”.
Collins concludes:-
“What might be the fuse that could ignite the ultimate human worldwide disaster? Will it be conflicts among well-organised, secularised, monotheistic religions? An overwhelming percentage of the world’s population is affiliated with one or another of these monotheistic major faiths, each of which contains large branches that are highly prone to divisive actions, regardless of consequences for the world. Examples abound, and the present clashes provide evidence that with the added pressure of population and increasingly short resources, matters can get much worse very rapidly”.

Collins does not say what we should do to face this “crash of civilisations”. Nevertheless it is clear that this crisis means the end of the cosmopolitan, universalist world view and all of its parasitic “isms” such as multiracialism, multiculturalism, human rightism, feminism and homosexualism.

We, to survive, must re-tribalise and that means regaining a sense of folk. William Graham Sumner in Folkways, (Ginn and Company, Boston 1906) was right in what he said about Folkways and the return to tradition:-
“The ‘right’ way is the way which the ancestors used and which has been handed down. The tradition is its own warrant. It is not held subject to verification by experience. The notion of right is in the folkways. It is not outside of them, of independent origin, and brought to test them. In the folkways, whatever is, is right. This is because they are traditional and therefore contain in themselves the authority of the ancestral ghosts. When we come to the folkways we are at the end of our analysis”.  


by Grace Lowe
Contrary to first thought I am not referring to the ‘Big M’ of golden arches fame but that other bastion of (cough cough) public health and wellbeing – Monsanto. A joint media release on September 7 from the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, MADGE ("Mothers Are Demystifying GE") and GM-free Consumers Network, details the multi-national biotech giant’s acquisition of 19.9% of InterGrain, the company producing seed for 40% of all Australian grown wheat.

This contract allows Monsanto, which owns 25% of all commercial seed and 90% of the world’s traded genetically altered seeds, to slot their GM traits into the best varieties of Australian wheat, placing it at the heart of Australia’s food supply. This sale in Western Australia follows on from a tri-nation agreement between Australian, US and Canadian wheat interests to develop GM wheat, contrary to the interests of ordinary Australians (that means us!)

Fran Murrell, spokeswoman for MADGE, points out:
‘One concern is that farmers will no longer have the right to grow the best seeds as non-GM varieties,’ and, “It is more profitable for them to randomly alter the genome by adding a GM gene. This changes good non-GM varieties into GM varieties that can be patented. Farmers are at risk of becoming contract growers for Monsanto’s supply chain.”

Nick Rose of the Australian Food Safety Alliance put it succinctly:
“Without democratic ownership of seed we are not in control of our food” and this is the crux of it. It comes as no surprise that the residents of Western Australia and the WA Network of Concerned Farmers campaigned strongly against the commercialisation of genetically modified canola earlier this year with 27,000 signatories demanding a GM free WA.

Their Upper House passed a disallowance motion against the first GM canola trials but Agriculture Minister Terry Redman signed an exemption order allowing the trials to proceed.

A second disallowance motion was raised by Mick Murray MLA but the Motion failed 26-24 with abstentions after concessions were made to appease concerned MPs, yet Janet Grogan from the WA GM Free Consumers Network says that the concessions never eventuated:-
“To now have the WA government handing over our seeds to a multinational company with no public discussion or debate is a further trampling of democracy” she adds.

To be honest I was so cross when I read this that I brought it up with my local member, who not surprisingly had heard nothing of it. When I pointed out the disallowance motion being over-ridden by the Minister he responded, “Well that shouldn’t be able to have been done.” Well guess what – it was!  What are you going to do to help put a stop to this monopoly of our seeds and foods gentle reader?


by Peter Ewer
If you don’t believe in conspiracy theories, then awaken brother! Remember Jewish financier George Soros? Yes, the man who helped put B. Hussein Obama on his throne. Recently George has published an article attacking the prohibition of marijuana (“Ending Ban on ‘Killer Weed’ to save Billions”, The Australian, October 28, 2010, p.8).
Here are some of his arguments. Racial prejudice against Mexicans (who smoke it) is one reason the US prohibited marijuana – but on the other hand this ban benefits the criminal organisations in Mexico who push the dope. Gee, thanks racial prejudice! It’s “racial prejudice” all the way to the…bank.

No doubt the agenda here is to keep Obama in power because the sorts of people voting for him have the same sort of ideology. This is “Proposition 19” which has been cooked up by desperate Democrats to save themselves from a well-earned defeat.  


by James Reed
At the best of times I have found the French students to be “revolting”; 1968 can be explained away by the madness of the times, but a protest about raising the retirement age from 60 to 62? Can’t they see that there will be no pension awaiting them, and probably no France either? No, they cannot because they just want to smoke dope, smash cars, smoke more dope, have sex, eat snails etc. etc.
Meanwhile youth unemployment is 26% and rising in some neighbourhoods. A real protest movement should be addressing this and other social problems, but this is just a return to the 1960’s mentality. In the end, they will get what they deserve.  


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