Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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10 December 2010 Thought for the Week:

The Herald Sun editorial wrote "Ted Baillieu may have brought back Christmas for thousands of Victoria's schoolchildren. Nativity scenes and children singing carols and exchanging cards could once again be part of Christmas celebrations at Victorian schools.
Why not? Australia is a mostly Christian country and the political correctness that banned Christmas at schools should be regarded as the ghost of Christmas past.
Children do not have to take part and Mr Baillieu surely offends no one by asking principals to take "a reasonable and commonsense approach". The Premier has brought back a festive spirit in asking for children to "have the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of Christmas".

-- Jenny Stokes, Salt Shakers E-News: 2nd December 2010.

Sorry Jenny (Stokes) of Salt Shakers, but I consider Victoria’s new Premier Ted Baillieu’s ‘sop’ to Christian believers as typical of what we have come to expect from those in political power or leadership who don’t openly state “I don’t believe this Christmas myth’. Jenny, do you really believe ‘Australia is a mostly Christian country’? If that was the case – how could there possibly be outright atheists and agnostics governing this country? If Christians are in the majority, the question has to be asked, how come we are fast sliding into a socialist world tyranny?
You would think those you call Christians would have taken their faith seriously – instead of which they will be placated and soothed by Ted Baillieu’s ‘edict’ that Christmas celebrations are
now to be considered politically correct enough to be ‘celebrated’ in the schools.

- - Betty Luks, On Target 2nd December 2010  


The following is an excerpt from a 1940’s address by Dorothy L. Sayers. I wonder what Miss Sayers would have to say about the state of the Church and what Christians believe, and their actions, today – seventy years later. The full text is found here:

“The thing I am here to say to you is this: that it is worse than useless for Christians to talk about the importance of Christian morality, unless they are prepared to take their stand upon the fundamentals of Christian theology. It is a lie to say that dogma does not matter; it matters enormously.

It is fatal to let people suppose that Christianity is only a mode of feeling; it is vitally necessary to insist that it is first and foremost a rational explanation of the universe. It is hopeless to offer Christianity as a vaguely idealistic aspiration of a simple and consoling kind; it is, on the contrary, a hard, tough, exacting and complex doctrine, steeped in a drastic and uncompromising realism.

And it is fatal to imagine that everybody knows quite well what Christianity is and needs only a little encouragement to practise it.

• The brutal fact is that in this Christian country not one person in a hundred has the faintest notion what the Church teaches about God or man or society or the person of Jesus Christ. If you think I am exaggerating, ask the Army chaplains. Apart from a possible one per cent of intelligent and instructed Christians, there are three kinds of people we have to deal with.

• There are the frank and open heathen, whose notions of Christianity are a dreadful jumble of rags and tags of Bible anecdote and clotted mythological nonsense.

• There are the ignorant Christians, who combine a mild gentle-Jesus sentimentality with vaguely humanistic ethics—most of these are Arian heretics.

• Finally, there are the more or less instructed church-goers, who know all the arguments about divorce and auricular confession and communion in two kinds, but are about as well equipped to do battle on fundamentals against a Marxian atheist or a Wellsian agnostic as a boy with a pea-shooter facing a fan-fire of machine guns.

Theologically, this country is at present in a state of utter chaos, established in the name of religious toleration, and rapidly degenerating into the flight from reason and the death of hope…”  


Home is where people are whole people, and not 'employees' or functionaries: teachers or grocers, miners or doctors, railway men or tax collectors. However useful, or otherwise, these may be, it is their function to serve the people in the home, not the other way round, and that is what is so often forgotten. Traditional wisdom as expressed in the English language has always recognised the primacy of the home.

Consider the following: Home is where the heart is; Home, sweet Home, there's no place like home; make yourself at home; home made bread, home baked, home brewed, home truths; we come, from God who is our home; and in the end: Man goes to his long home. What a word! It is like a fortress against the battering of homeless collectivism, and all these phrases give it an extra ambience and richer associations.
To all of these we would relate, and in HOME we count them all to be our business. - -Taken from a pamphlet by “Home” journal.  


by James Reed
Protests are coming thick and fast across Europe as the “debt crisis explodes”. The elites fear that the single currency experiment is about to fail because the bailouts for ailing countries, including Spain with the Euro’s fourth largest economy, could pull out the tent pegs of Euroism. Germany may go back to the deutschmark. Meanwhile in Britain, students are protesting about a government proposal to triple education fees, making education a privilege of the rich – as if that is new.

The mistake was the common one of centralising and believing “bigger is better”. The answer is to abandon the European Union, an absurd globalist experiment by the forces of international finance. Beyond that, each nation needs to adopt *social credit principles. In the short term though, moving back to national currencies is a necessary first step. To Freedom!

Watch Nigel Farage MEP:- "Who the hell Do You think You Are?"

*Listen to Eric Butler talking about the "Early days of Social Credit and the League of Righs” under Media file.
And Jeremy Lee’s "New World Order and Global Debt" also under Media File
* Social Credit principles: Social Credit is not merely about ‘monetary reform’ – it is based on Christian philosophical principles. Watch the Social Dynamics DVDs on the League’s website or purchase the full definition “Social Dynamics” DVDs from the Bookshop Services.  


by James Reed
SAWeekend, 20 November 2010 carries an article, “Voice of the People” which begins :
“Angry about decisions imposed by distant governments, a new kind of community protest movement is fighting back, using Facebook to galvanise towns and suburbs into action”.

So, who is doing this? Ordinary folk like you and me, sick and tired of faceless bureaucrats and governments with special relationships with property developers. For example, residents at Woodside, South Australia, are upset about 400 refugees being dumped on them by the Red Lizard’s government. Why Woodside – why not Canberra?
Common to all of these good folk is the feeling that governments are engaging in social engineering. They don’t like it and are fighting back before it is too late. So, let’s join them. Pick your own fight and – go for it!  


by James Reed
It took the globalists some time to do it but they have constructed a world where the idea of self-reliant production has become unthinkable. Our economy must be integrated into the world system. Masses of migrants must come here. Our nation and race must be transformed. I have yet to see one good reason as to why this benefits us, you and me, rather than the moneyed elite.

Wages, raw materials and other costs are likely to push up the price of Chinese consumer goods that now dominate our markets. Capitalists will look to Vietnam, Malaysia and maybe South America to make their junk. My hope is that costs rise in all of these nations. Fuel shortages from Asian development may ultimately swamp the global economic system, so that economic nationalism will arise once more by the very process of “survival of the fittest” that the global capitalists themselves supposedly live by. Let those who live by the market die by the market!  


from Len the Cleaner
Our ‘beloved’ Premier Mike Rann was called a ‘racist’ by Northern Territory MP Adam Giles over Rann’s handling of over 100 “traumatised” Aborigines coming from Yuenduma in Central Australia after rioting. Last week the premier sent the Aborigines back home, but further rioting occurred. “”Rann Fires Back at ‘Low IQ’ Territory MP Over Racism Claim,” The Australian 26 November 2010, p.2)

Rann did not like this, and under cover of parliamentary privilege said: “I am told he is not the territory’s best and brightest, and the world that I most hear in the Territory is that he lacks any substance. When he played football, I think that his IQ was printed on his Guernsey”.

I am sure Don Dunstan would be proud of him. Ah, politics, it makes my profession of toilet cleaning look clean by comparison.  


It has come at last. The Plan is now out in the open. That is, the Globalists’ Plan to reduce ‘the sheeple’, (the cattle), to servitude and starvation. To ensure the sheeple will not have the strength to revolt, their daily allowance of food and energy will be rationed. The airways are chock full of the propaganda: the environment is in such ‘dire straits’ the West must be put on rations to ‘save’ the Third World.

Piers Akerman shows the absurdity of the ‘spin’:
Daily Telegraph
25 November 2010: “The Gillard Labor Government is spending millions of taxpayers’ dollars to build coal-fired power stations to provide cheap power for the Third World. Meanwhile, it is forcing Australians into debt as they scrabble to meet their rising power costs. The policy is illogical and contradictory - like most of the policies pursued by Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her predecessor, Kevin Rudd.

According to the Budget Papers, Australia will provide $157.3 million to the World Bank (through the International Development Association) in 2010-2011. Including Australia’s contribution, the World Bank is spending billions subsidising new coal-powered stations. This is happening while Gillard, just like Rudd before her, persists in claiming that burning fossil fuels will expose the world’s poorest populations to catastrophic climate change. Under Rudd, global warming induced by human activity was the “biggest moral challenge” of our times - until the rest of the world backed away from the prospect of massive carbon reductions at the failed Copenhagen conference almost a year ago.

Then the entirely poll-driven Gillard persuaded Rudd to dump his plans for a flawed emissions trading system before cutting short his prime ministership. This occurred when surveys and the ALP’s internal polling revealed that, while voters might not have liked Rudd, they disliked his backflip on so-called global warming even more. Gillard proceeded to campaign before last August’s election on the basis that her government would definitely not introduce a carbon tax. She could not have been more explicit. “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead,” she told Network Ten…”  


While They Party On! 29 November, 2010 Anthony Watts (here) gave us the news of the call for rationing:

“My parents used to talk about rationing during the war with great apprehension. Clearly the nutters in and supporting Cancun are clueless as to how such a scheme would be viewed by the public. My inbox has lit up today from all around the world over this issue. Short of Climategate itself, I haven’t quite seen any other similar reaction…”

Excerpts from the Telegraph: Cancun climate change summit: scientists call for rationing in developed world. Global warming is now such a serious threat to mankind that climate change experts are calling for Second World War-style rationing in rich countries to bring down carbon emissions. 'The Second World War and the concept of rationing is something we need to seriously consider if we are to address the scale of the problem we face'…”

Andrew Bolt’s Blog1/12/2010 at 11:49am: What the warmists demand: Global warming is now such a serious threat to mankind that climate change experts are calling for Second World War-style rationing in rich countries to bring down carbon emissions.

Meanwhile, at the UN Cancun conference on global warming, it’s party, party, party as 15,000 warmist activists, politicians and bureaucrats ration themselves nothing at all: Watch on the internet:


by Betty Luks
Whilst on a 1993 speaking tour of the UK for the British League of Rights, I was privileged to stay with one of the housewives involved in the burning of their ration cards outside the House of Commons - eight years after WWII ended! It was done in protest against the rationing the people were still being subjected to.
And, just as Andrew Bolt reports about today’s ‘warmists’ (above), the WWII hierarchy allowed themselves more coupons than ‘the rest’.

I have a copy of a report on what happened at the time from the *“Home” journal. The headlines read: “The British Housewives burnt their ration cards in protest!”:
“The 1939-45 War lasted six years, and it has now been forgotten that food rationing in Britain continued until 1953, another eight years after the war had ended, by which time there was abundance, even gluts, of food.
The British Housewives League and Housewives Today gave the lead to the whole country in demanding an end to this outrageous restriction. Some members paraded Westminster carrying trays bearing the pitiful week's ration: 2 oz. butter, 4 oz. marg(arine), 1 oz. cooking fat, a crumb of cheese, a shaving of bacon, and a little screwpaper of tea, costing (note!) 1/9…
Finally, Mrs. Lovelock, the Founder and first President of the League, and three other members publicly burnt their ration books outside the House of Commons, and refused to apply for new ones afterwards.

These actions gained great publicity, and under general public pressure rationing was slowly and quietly phased out…” (emphasis added...ed)

* The Home journal began life as “Housewives Today” and was closely connected to the British Housewives League which grew out of that protest against the rationing. (Looks like the women have got to get organised once again). 


Jeremy Lee’s book “Australia 2000”
“…Behind this 'comedie noire' a different series of conferences has been held through the years where the real action takes place. Some are secret, like those of the Bilderbergers and the Trilaterals; others less so, such as G-7 conferences, the IMF conferences, the World Economic Forum, and the series of North-South conferences that took place in the seventies and eighties. The agenda for these get-togethers is fashioned in full-time 'think-tanks', entirely separate from national governments. The Brookings Institution, the Socialist International, the Club of Rome, the Brandt Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the various Institutes of International Affairs (you should ask your Liberal politicians – how many belong to this group… I can name two former Liberal politicians myself…ed) ; it is in these and similar bodies that world policy is made. Most elected politicians know little or nothing about them. A few, however, with some journalists and editors smarter or more compliant than most, are allowed into the inner sanctums, if not the "holy of holies". Woe betide the journalist who reports that which should not be reported.

For example, C. Gordon Tether, one of Britain's most revered forecasters, whose Lombard column in the London Financial Times was one of the longest-running in English history, had his career abruptly terminated when he stumbled on the Bilderberg conferences and, against advice, wrote about them in his columns. These conferences are no less lavish than those of the UN itself. Consider this picture of the 1986 World Bank and IMF annual stoush: Money, not politics is the conversation of choice at Washington parties this week. 'Both a borrower and a lender be' is the rule as Washington is host to the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank...

Picture the Sheraton Washington Hotel ballroom filled with 5,000 bankers and finance ministers from around the world... They discuss the money supply in terms such as M-1 over hors d'oevre, dinner and dancing in Washington's museums, hotels, embassies, Georgetown townhouses, Potomac River boats and private clubs. The irony of this extravagant entertaining has not been lost on many participants. "The banks have lost more money lending to developing countries than ever before and the parties are bigger than ever before," said a World Bank official. "Things are lavisher and lavisher all the time you're talking about the debt crisis. It's a crazy situation. A distinguished British banking official looked round the Sheraton taking in Scotch salmon, Swedish meatballs and French champagne the other night and observed dryly: "It's a waste of money. They could give all this money to African aid." . ." (10)

But they knew what they were doing. As director of the World Order Models Project said in 1975: "There is no longer a question of whether or not there will be world government by the year 2000. As I see it, the questions we should be addressing to ourselves are: how it will come into being - by cataclysm, drift, more or less rational design - and whether it will be totalitarian, benignly elitist, or participatory (the probabilities being in that order)…" (11)

References: 10: The Australian Financial Review, 1st October, 1998. 11: Saul H Mendlovitz, “On The Creation Of a Just World Order: Preferred Worlds For The 1990’s”.  


eremy Lee provides us with some details in his book.
“The real power behind the throne has been that of the Council On Foreign Relations… The Keynes Plan, on the Agenda for the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference, had outlined the concept of a World Central Bank, an international money system, and even coined the name 'Bancor', later touted as the final name for the fully-fledged SDR. Cooper was correct in saying this heralded the elimination of national sovereignties and the establishment of a world government.

It was also Keynes who in 1942 - two years before Bretton Woods - outlined the idea for International Commodity Control in a memorandum, "The International Control of Raw Materials." Although written in the war years - before the UN, the IMF or SDRs even existed - it was not until 1974, the year the Sixth Special Session of the UN made its Declaration for A New International Economic Order that Keynes's memorandum was published.

The question occurs: How is it that decisions made in an international conference of the UN in 1974 - supposedly reached by democratic vote - concur so exactly with a memorandum written 32 years previously, and unpublished until the same year as the decision? Could there be a hidden plan and a guiding hand somewhere?...”

* The Heritage Bookshop Services has just a few copies of Jeremy Lee’s 1997 book left. “Australia 2000: What Will We Tell Our Children?” Price: $15.00 plus postage.  

FROM READER STEPHEN: Watch the video

He writes: This is not to condemn either side but to point to those who for money or power, which it is, play with lives like pawns on a board and distort the truth:-


by James Reed
Australia, and everybody else for that matter, needs to pull out of the globalist UN, which has been set up as a clearing house for the new world order laws, policies and ideologies. All UN inspired legislation, including all the discrimination acts, need to be repealed. Australia must first pull out of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention.

This Convention, designed to give safety to Jews displaced from Europe is now leading Australia to a “tragedy of the commons” situation, where any person who thinks that the going is better in Australia can come here and be processed as a refugee. Australia’s existing policy has told the world we are a bunch of suckers, ready to be exploited because fat, rich, inner-city elites “get off” on the alleged moral high ground of “anti-racism” and open borders.

The real test for the elites will come if the eco-doomsters are right about the coming environmental collapse and billions of refugees plop on their doorsteps. Will the feminist law professor be willing to give up her good wine and cream cakes so as to take a hundred or more boat people into her house?

That of course is the solution to the refugee problem. Those people wanting refugees can have them – and support them at their own personal expense. See how many of our “courageous” academics line up to help them!  


By popular demand, the Australian Monarchist League has established a stunning new website initiative whereby an engagement card for Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton can be signed on-line. The facility can be accessed via

According to AML National Chair, Philip Benwell MBE, The Royal wedding belongs to the people and should not be hijacked by politicians and celebrities. Mr Benwell has formally submitted a recommendation that a few tickets for the ceremony at Westminster Abbey be put aside for citizens from each of the Realms to be selected by ballot.  


by Audrey McMurtrie
Ayaan Hirst Ali wrote “Infidel” which exposed the way in which many Muslim women are suppressed. In her latest book “Nomad” she explains why this is so and how people of the West are not helping the situation. As a child Ayaan had an inquiring mind but both at home and at school she was violently discouraged from asking questions.

It was not until she arrived in Holland and later in America that she discovered that women were allowed to have opinions and were allowed to question the opinions of others. In the Muslim world denying belief in Allah is considered heresy punishable by death when in reality it is an opinion and should be treated as such. Ayaan claims that when large groups of Muslims are settled in one area in western countries they tend to remain segregated from the rest of the community. Their lives can be much the same as in their countries of origin with the repression of women and genital mutilation of girls.

In her chapter on feminism Ayaan wonders why feminists who have been outspoken about women’s rights in our society have little or nothing to say about repression of Islamic women and circumcision of young girls which she claims is still happening in migrant populations. When Germaine Greer was asked why she did not speak against the oppression of Islamic women she said, “Well it is a bit tricky”. Bravely Ayaan does not let this stop her even though it means that she needs bodyguards constantly. “Nomad” is well worth reading.  

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