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19 February 2010 Thought for the Week:

Rudd rattled by debt: Mr Rudd appears to be excessively sensitive about the Labor Party debt. One of the reasons for his sensitivity could be the unrelenting rise in our nation’s gross debt and the Australian public’s understandable concern about this.
Australian Commonwealth Government Securities outstanding, as of the 8th December, 2009 was $115.71 billion. By the 5th January, 2010 the amount had risen to $ 117.31 billion outstanding. By the start of February, it had risen again to $120.61 billion. Now, not even midway through February, it has risen again to $122.01 billion.

Mr Rudd, Mr Swan and Mr Tanner concern themselves about where $3.2 billion for the Coalition’s environmental plan will come from, but their debt has gone up by almost double that amount in approximately two months. The interest bill on the current debt would be approximately double what the Coalition requires for their environmental plan. Mr Rudd does not want to tell the Australian people about the pain that will come because of this debt and the interest expense that will have to be financed.

Mr Rudd does not want to talk about the pressure this debt will place on basic services –health, education, aid, and roads .Mr Rudd wants to close his eyes and hope it all goes away, very similar to his approach to the public hospital problem.
The last time the Labor Party left government they left Australia with a $96 billion debt. It took ten years to pay off this episode of Labor’s bad management. How long and how hard will it be to pay off this episode of bad management under Mr Rudd?

Mr Rudd, no one ever had an unmanageable problem, that didn’t start with a manageable problem but with a lack of conviction to deal with it. Mr Rudd, you lack the conviction, the courage and decisiveness to manage the debt problem that you created. The Labor Party’s reference to bearded ladies and freak shows will not count for much when it comes to meeting the demands of those to whom we owe the money. This money is predominately owed overseas and those who we owe it to ultimately want it back.

Source: Senator Barnaby Joyce, Leader of the Nationals in the Senate. Shadow Minister for Finance and Debt Reduction  


by James Reed
According to The Australian, “it’s gettin' better all the time” – the economy, that is. Others disagree.

Matthias Chang, “Red Alert: The Second Wave of the Financial Tsunami,” Countercurrents.org November 24, 2009, has argued that the present global economy, founded upon a derivative-based financial system, controlled by the US Federal Reserve, with a Fed-controlled global reserve currency controlling global growth, is an illusion. This he calls a “toilet paper currency pantomime,” controlled by international finance like Goldman Sachs. The present global financial meltdown arose from the unsustainability of this financial system.

The Fed and other central banks have lent “virtual money” to the global banks at a near zero interest rate and these banks then “deposit” such money with the Fed at an agreed interest rate. This “money”, a mere computer entry, is used to purchase government debts and such debts are used as the stimulus to fuel the physical economy.
Thus as Chang says, by this money hoax, “these banks are given “free money” to lend to the government at prior agreed interest rates with no risk at all.” The same system applies to international trade to pay for foreign imported goods into the United States.

Thus the US is in “full bankruptcy” and the demand for US dollars is fast evaporating. Chang says: “When the survival of the system is dependent on the availability of credit (ie. Accumulating more debts) it is only a matter of time before the debtor and creditor come to the inevitable conclusion that the debt will never be paid. And unless the creditor is willing to write off the debt, resorting to drastic means to collect the outstanding debt is inevitable.”
Chang goes on to say that it “would be naïve to think that the US would quietly allow itself to be foreclosed! When we reach that stage, war will be inevitable. It will be the US-UK-Israel axis against the rest of the world.” He predicts that the US economy will spiral out of control in 2010, imploding in the second quarter. Obama’s trillion + dollar stimulus has failed. The year 2010 will see another wave of property foreclosures.

The Fed has already spent trillions buying mortgages with no substitute buyer. David DeGraw in an AmpedStatus Report, The Critical Unravelling of US Society argues that all of the indicators of US societal health are reading red. Conditions in the US labour markets are worsening.
There have been 123 US bank failures in the last 12 months, although the big banks breathe on. Ten US states are on the verge of bankruptcy. Nearly 50 million Americans – and almost one child in four – struggle to get enough food to stay alive. Recognising the coming end, Americans are spending money on guns and ammunition and manufacturers cannot keep up with demand! Another recognition that the party is over is Matt Taibbi’s article in Rolling Stone magazine, March 2009, “The Big Takeover”.

Dig in diggers! Hunker down. Stock up on baked beans. Here comes the chopper again.

Further reading: Matthias Chang, "Future Fastforward" $40.00 plus postage  


by IanWilson LL.B.
We begin a new series: Against the Lawyers, which encourages a critical examination of “The Law”. Recently I re-read Fred Rodell’s Woe Unto You, Lawyers! published by Reynal and Hitchcock in 1939. At the time, Rodell was professor of Law at Yale University. Lawyers, he argued, are societies “modern medicine-men”. Using vague concepts and mystification, practical problems are obscured by legal black magic for the sake of power and profit. As he says: “Legal words and concepts and principles float in a purgatory of their own, halfway between the heaven of abstract ideals and the hell of plain facts and completely out of touch with both of them” (p.201).

And: “If everybody could see how silly legal principles are, the Law would lose its dignity and then its power – and so would the lawyers” (p.193).

Already by 1939 the US Supreme Court, Rodell argues, had worked its black magic to undermine state rights and centralise power through Constitutional interpretation – even though the US Constitution nowhere gives the Supreme Court that right (p.74).
And by 1939 the Fourteenth Amendment (“nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law”) had become a weapon for cutting down state rights.
Even though the “due process” clause was originally meant to apply to criminal cases, the US Supreme Court expanded its scope by an act of judicial law-making, to make it perform for a politically correct cause. The same legal adventure as will be argued in a later essay, has occurred in Australia with our own centralist High Court.

Freedom-movement types I believe, have too much of a mystical view of “The Law” and fail to see that all “The Law” is, is the “rules of the game”. If the “game” is corrupt, then there is not much hope for “the rules”. In such a situation, knowledge is power and thinking critically about “The Law” is one’s best defence to what is today a tyranny of lawyers.  


by Peter Ewer
A very interesting article was recently published by David Yerushalmi, writing in the Washington Examiner of December 30, 2009. Shariah finance: its goal “was that of establishing Sharia not merely as the supreme law of the land, but as the supreme law of the world”. David Yerushalmi explains:
News of the recent financial meltdown of Dubai World – a quasi-sovereign global concern that owns 77% of the international port manager DP World and the single largest real estate developer in Dubai known for its palm-tree shaped luxury residential developments – raced from the business pages to the headlines of the front pages in a matter of days.
Since the first reports on Thanksgiving, the Wall Street Journal and just about every other major media outlet reported extensively on the worldwide implications of this latest financial shock wave.

What makes this story more than simply one of a massive real estate investment company gone bad is the double edged sword so prevalent in the chase for oil-based Middle East wealth:
Sovereign wealth funds and Shariah-compliant finance.

Beginning in the 1970’s with the Carter-era oil embargo and accelerating during the post 9/11 $100+ oil price spikes, Persian Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates’ wealthiest city-state of Abu Dhabi have been awash in liquidity. And, these trillion-dollar cash reserves are controlled in every case by the respective royal families, typically in sovereign or quasi-sovereign wealth funds.

Another phenomenon that followed the great oil rush of the post 9/11 era was the promotion and aggressive exportation of the Muslim Brotherhood doctrine of SCF.
“The concept of SCF was articulated by men like Sayyid Qutb of Egypt and Abul Ala Maududi of Pakistan in the mid 20th century, both of whom argued for a Jihad against Westernization and the creation of Islamic polities that would ultimately join in a hegemonic worldwide caliphate. The goal was that of establishing Shariah not merely as the supreme law of the land but as the supreme law of the world.

In the post 9/11 era, Western imams and their infidel advisers in business suits speaking the queen’s English have understood that given the global Jihad’s reliance on the dictates of Shariah to murder apostates and then terrorize the infidels into submission, SCF must be attired in a kind of progressive Western garb to attract the attention of the financial centres in London, Hong Kong and New York.

So it was that SCF became known as “ethical investing” and Western and Muslim financiers began lecturing the world that the fraud and abuse of the financial markets, such as the Enron debacle and more recently the subprime securitisation meltdown, were all driven by the desire for forbidden gain through interest and gambling.

They told us that SCG was based not on forbidden interest and speculative paper assets but profits through equity participation and sound investing in real assets. Dubai World, a company wholly owned by the Dubai sovereign has funded itself through debt to the tune of $60 billion. The Dubai debt now in default just happens to be SCF bonds or “sukuk”. These bonds pay interest just like their forbidden cousins in the Western markets but the interest is put into a black box of Shariah created fictions and “special purpose vehicles” to keep the forbidden interest off the books.

What we now see as a real estate bubble collapse in Dubai is no different and no more or less ethical than any other financial failure. But, what makes this collapse so problematic is precisely what makes SCF and sovereign wealth funds so dangerous…”  


by Betty Luks
While all eyes are on the federal scene where both main parties have introduced ‘carbon emissions’ legislation - and there is no limit to the insults being traded, - the sneaky, sly, one-world Socialists are gnawing away at the foundations of our property rights by using various States’ legislation. Mandatory energy-efficient assessment for ALL Australian homes: AdelaideNow, 7/2/2010:
“Government's switched on energy move. The new mandatory government energy efficiency assessment will cost $1,500 per property. $1,500 energy assessment applies to all types of properties. All Australian homes will soon have to undergo a mandatory energy-efficiency assessment costing up to $1500 per property. The assessment has to be done before any property can be sold or rented under new laws to tackle carbon emissions.

The mandatory assessment - being drafted into law by the federal and state governments - will rate homes by an energy efficiency star system, similar to the ratings given to fridges and washing machines. It will apply to all commercial properties from later this year and to all residential properties from May 2011, AdelaideNow reports.

A spokesman for State Energy Minister Pat Conlon said the ratings would inform prospective owners or tenants of a building's energy use, so they could factor it in to their buying or rental decision. The spokesman said details of the "Mandatory Disclosure" scheme - including who would carry out the assessments and how much they would cost - were yet to be decided. Energy efficiency expert Arthur Grammatopoulos, of Helica Architecture, said rating properties could cost up to $1500 per house.
"I think this is a positive move for the industry but the question has to be asked, will there be enough experts to cope with demand when the law is introduced?" he said.

A similar scheme with a six-star rating has been operating in the Australian Capital Territory's property market for several years. Queensland's State Government introduced a mandatory Sustainability Declaration form on January 1, requiring homeowners to declare their property's green credentials to prospective buyers or risk a $2000 fine.

An unwarranted expense says Real Estate Institute:
Mandatory disclosure has been criticised by property experts as an unwarranted expense that will not influence purchasing decisions or cut household pollution. The Real Estate Institute of SA said governments were playing environmentally "popular politics" by introducing a law that they say will simply add to the cost of selling and renting a home.
"I think they are patronising people who are making the biggest purchase decision of their life by thinking a rating system will influence that decision," REISA chief executive Greg Troughton said.
"It's already hard enough to buy and sell a home and this is just another financial impost that also has the potential to delay the sale of a property."

While Mr Troughton said vendors would bear the cost of having their home rated by a licensed expert, independent SA MLC and former Valuer-General John Darley said landlords would look to pass the cost on to tenants. "This will be an extra cost to working families who have to rent because they can't afford a mortgage," he said. "And we need this like a hole in the head unless the governments can convince us there is a definite benefit, like a reduction in household pollution."

The Council of Australian Government's National Strategy on Energy Efficiency says Mandatory Disclosure will "help households and businesses prepare for the introduction of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme".

 There you have it ladies and gentlemen… the Carbon KGB will impose this legislation…it is mandatory! Your home will no longer be your own… no longer your castle!


BBC reporters have a very vested interest in this green scare: Andrew Bolt Blog 8/2/2010.
If you noticed an hysterical edge to some BBC pro-warmist reporting, this vested interest may be illuminating: The (BBC’s) £8billion pension fund is likely to come under close scrutiny over its commitment to promote a low-carbon economy while struggling to reverse an estimated £2billion deficit.

Concerns are growing that BBC journalists and their bosses regard disputed scientific theory that climate change is caused by mankind as “mainstream” while huge sums of employees’ money is invested in companies whose success depends on the theory being widely accepted. In Australia the tragedy is that so many unions have bet their own members’ life savings on this great green scare, too, and now own through their super funds most of the useless wind power generators in the country. These are investments that only make money because through government support. And if a Labor Government were to admit the great green scare was a con… Well, that may explain another hysterical edge you may have noticed…

Update 1: Speaking of useless windpower, it turns out that not only are they unreliable in a heat wave, when we badly need more power, but they’re not much good when you’re suddenly wanting power for the heating, either:
Wind turbines placed in cities across Minnesota to generate power aren’t working because of the cold temperatures.

Update 2: More carpetbaggery. Climate Resistance reports on the huge funding that green warmist groups now drag in through their fear campaigns:
WWF, for example, took this much money in recent years: Year Income ($US) - 2003 370,245,000; 2004 468,889,000; 2005 499,629,000; 2006 549,827,000; 2007 663,193,000; TOTAL 2,551,783,000. Enough said.  


from Viv Forbes, Carbon Sense Coalition:
The Carbon Sense Coalition today claimed that the Emissions Trading Scheme proposed for Australia and now before the Australian Parliament was far more than “A Great Big New Tax”. The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that PM Rudd’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme combined a Big New Tax with a War-Time Rationing scheme and an Income redistributing compensation scheme, all to be run by a regulatory army probably bigger than our real army.

He continued: “Let’s try to understand this Ruddy ETS. To simplify things, let’s look at just the electricity industry. If Rudd’s ETS ever rules Australia, companies producing electricity from carbon fuels must beg, buy or borrow a permit to burn coal, gas or diesel.
“They can beg a free permit from some mate in Canberra; they can buy a permit from some lucky sod who managed to get more permits than he needs; they can borrow a permit by entering into some tricky derivative trade with a speculator in Chicago; or they can pay carbon credit penance to a shifty land owner in some foreign land who promises solemnly not to clear his trees.
“No matter which option is chosen, power costs will go up and companies must pass the extra cost (plus GST) onto their customers or go broke. There will be no effect on climate.

Now look at consumers.
“The ETS must push up the cost of all goods and services using carbon fuel. It will boost the cost of electricity, food, transport and travel. When this happens, consumers will suddenly understand the ETS Tax and politicians who voted for it will feel their anger.
But there is a plan: “Let’s compensate all those likely to vote for us”.

If these subsidies work properly, the lucky consumers will be in the same position as they were before ETS, except for the extra bureaucracy. For these consumers, there is no signal to reduce their consumption of carbon fuels.
The ETS will do nothing except create a tangle of red tape which consumes and redistributes wealth. But for the un-subsidised consumers, the ETS is an extra tax on everything. And for the power companies, the ETS will produce nothing except a heap of angry customers, and lots of red tape.

A Great Big Tax plus a Mountain of Red Tape:
Mr Forbes claimed that Tony Abbott was wrong about the ETS. It is not just a Great Big Tax. It’s a Great Big Tax PLUS a mountain of Red Tape. And it will have absolutely no effect on world climate.”  

Further essential reading:
“Globalisation: Demise of the Australian Nation” by Graham Strachan, B.Sc., LLB.
How well he sums up the present situation for the ‘ordinary Australian’. “All in all, the people who built civilisation and still believe in it enough want it restored. They are the class enemy, of the Capitalists, the Socialists, and the Money-lenders. They are the ones whose values have to be undermined, overturned and eradicated so the world can be ‘free’, so the Globalist ideology goes…” Price: $18.00 plus postage.

One of the first ‘modern’ books to expose the roots of the ‘environmentalist scam’ to public scrutiny was
Conspiracy Called Conservation” by Doug Jensen published in 1984.
At the time of publication this book was dismissed as too ‘alarmist and exaggerated’, but 26 years later proves the author was ‘right on the money’ and understood what were the final aims of the revolutionary environmentalists.
In the Introduction Mr. Jensen wrote:
“Today, in Australia, led by “progressive” New South Wales, we are witnessing leftist politicians and extreme activists in the various “conservation” bodies and bureaucracy demanding that government policy be determined by decisions of pollies’ “planning bodies”, “advisory councils”, “advisory committees”, “concerned citizens committees” local soviet – those “unsung heroes” of the NP&WL Service (National Parks & Wildlife Service) – who in the 80’s are demanding “all power” to their 1980’s version of Lenin’s Soviets...”
Copies of this valuable book are still available for $8.00 plus postage.

"Heaven+Earth” by Ian Plimer.
Written by a scientist about the pseudo-science behind the push of ‘global warming’ and carbon reduction. $40.00 plus postage.

“None Dare Call it Conspiracy” by Gary Allen.
A few copies of this best seller are still available. Written in the 1970s Gary Allen traces the links, the nexus, between the rich Capitalists and the Communist agents working to subvert America. $10.00 plus postage.

“The Red Pattern of World Conquest” by Eric D. Butler.
In the 1980’s Eric gave us an over-view of ‘behind the scene’ world events. This helps the reader to grasp the bigger picture. It is more devious than the mock-battles modern Left/Right political parties would have us believe. $6.00 plus postage.

“Apocalypse No!” Lord Christopher Monckton on the climategate scam.
From the Minnesota Free Market Institute a one- and-a-half hour DVD of Lord Monkton’s speech on 14th October, 2009, Vital viewing! Special price $12 posted. (Sorry we have been quoting the wrong price).

“The Fall of the Republic” features a number of legal, economic and historic researchers tracing the forces behind the push for a World Government. It includes valuable sections on the Derivatives Scam and names those within the Clinton administration who were behind the push to repeal laws that would have landed them, and their fellow conspirators, in gaol if still in place. Do I have to remind you that because of the Derivatives Scams many people lost their superannuation nest-eggs, investments, life savings, and are forced back on the work-treadmill just to live! Don’t tell me that wasn’t one of the purposes of the Scam!
American folk have produced over two hours of viewing. They warn the viewers the one-worlders will dump the American dollar when they think the timing is right – with resulting hyperinflation, thus wiping out the American (and Australian) middle class.
The issues facing Americans are the same as those facing Australians… global governance (read world government), climate change scam, climate cops, political, corporate and financial corruption, a rising ‘police state’ - and much more.
Special price for over two hours of viewing: $12.00 posted from Heritage Books, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley 5159.

DVD Special: Australian League of Rights’ Exhibition at the Constitutional Museum, Adelaide 1983.
Dis-uncovered among the League’s video-archives was a film of the opening of the Australian League of Rights’ 1983 Exhibition at the Constitutional Museum, Adelaide, South Australia.
Frank V. Bawden, South Australian State Director opened the evening event, Jeremy W. Lee gave an explanation of the various panels on display and Eric D. Butler presented the opening address, giving the background to the origins and organic growth of the League.
Doug Holmes has put it on to DVD for us all to view. The quality of the film production leaves a bit to be desired but one soon forgets that as they become engrossed in Eric’s address.
Price: $12.00 posted from Heritage Book Services P.O. Box 27, Happy Valley 5159.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Geerl Wilders, leader of the Netherlands populist Party for Freedom has spoken of Europe’s looming demise from Islamisation – and for his pains is on trial for intentionally offending Muslims. Incredible to think that these sort of politically correct laws exist – on trial for offending people!

Wilders has declared that he will make the truth of his statements about Islam (ie. The claim for a right to discuss European survival) the basis of his defence. The liberal media are deeply depressed by this because even if Wilders is convicted, it will make him more popular, seeing him as something of a saint of the “right to European survival”.

If he wins, the results could be even more disturbing for the Establishment. It will be interesting to see what way this case is decided.  


by James Reed
Former Defence Force Chief, Peter Cosgrove, in his Australia Day address entitled “Sunshine and Shade” said that Australians needed to confront “dark pockets of racism” such as tensions with Muslims and violence against Indians. Regarding the Indian violence he said “If you didn’t suspect a racial strand you’d be mad”.

Along the same lines Kevin Rudd’s nephew protested outside the Rod Laver arena on Australia Day in a Ku Klux Klan outfit with a “No racist attacks on Indians” sign. So his comment is that red neck racists are bashing Indians.

Well, for starters three people charged with the murder of Ranjodh Sing were Indian nationals (The Australian, 3/2/2010, p.29).

Has redneck racism caused Indians to become so oppressed that they are now killing other Indians? How do the anti-racists explain this? Further, the attacks on the Indians have been performed by racial minority groups such as Africans, Asians and Middle Easterners (Herald Sun, 29/1/2010). Sorry, I forgot – only Anglos are “racist”!

But are only Anglos “racist”? What about the Croatian fans at Melbourne Park giving fascist salutes (see The Advertiser, 19/1/2006, pp.1,10). Peter Cosgrove and young Mr Rudd, please explain!  


by James Reed
The “Indian/racism” “debate” is yet another sorry product of immigration and multiculturalism and shows the folly of the Founding Fathers for not enshrining the White Australia policy into the Constitution (as well as a clause preventing its revision). Concern about India, at the time, apparently prevented this.
Today, we may have to go to India to seek wisdom about Australian immigration. Here is such wisdom from M.S. Rama Krishna in the Letters to the Editor page of The Asian Age (14/1/2010), “Australia Responsible for Its Own Mess” (our media bans such frank, critical comments:

Jan.09 : Sir, This is with reference to the editorial Draw a red line with Australia (January 7). I think the Australian government is responsible for the present state of affairs. It has created a mess on account of its liberal immigration laws. Being a rich country, Australia should be ashamed of depending on overseas students to earn big revenues for its universities and training centres.
It should also not have permitted foreign students to take jobs while studying. Australia should think about discontinuing the grant of permanent residency to immigrants. If Australia does not change its course, then it will face worse problems than the US and UK. – M.S. Rama Krishna  


by James Reed
When I, a long time ago, was in high school teaching, there was another popular book out called The Secret Life of Plants. I never read the book but the theme is that plants are more sophisticated than we give them credit for - and maybe they have minds. I was reminded of this animism (plantism) by the greenie fantasy Avatar.
Playing with Google I soon came to Mike Adams’ review of Avatar at NaturalNews.com which discusses Gaia (Mother Earth) and the interconnectedness of nature. Following the links I was soon exploring papers on plant intelligence and plant communication.

Now consider where all of this leads: if animals have equal rights, as Jewish philosopher Peter Singer proposes, then why not plants as well? To say no is surely plantism – plant racism! But if animals cannot be eaten by us because of this thing called morality, then neither can plants. So all in all there is nothing for humanity to eat (except perhaps plants and animals that have already died).
And so, following through the logic of the deep greens, humanity should starve to death. If this is absurd, then the logical fault lies in deep ecology. But as deep ecology just employed standard anti-racist logic, then the fault must lie in anti-racism itself – an ultimately incoherent doctrine.  


by Chris Knight
Although B. Hussein Obama gave himself a B+ for his first year in office, his ratings were the worst of any president at the end of his first year. Where do we start? Conservatives have attacked his centralist policies, his weak stand on Islamic terrorism and his leftist healthcare policy led to the loss of Kennedy’s Massachusetts seat. That really worried him. But as that great black intellectual Shelby Steele (“Naked Truth about Obama,” The Australian 2-3 January 2010, p.7) has said, Obama’s “blackness” and the “new race problem” has “surprised us with a President who hides his lack of economic understanding behind a drama of scale.”

Steele explains: “Hundreds of billion [of dollars] moving into trillions. Dramatic, history-making numbers. But where is the economic logic behind a stimulus package that doesn’t fully click in for a number of years? How is every stimulus dollar spent actually going to stimulate? Why bailouts to institutions that only hoard the money? How is vast government spending simultaneously a kind of prudence that will not “add to the deficit”? How can such spending not trigger smothering levels of taxation?”

I however, beg to differ. Obama may be a cultural symbol to release white liberal “guilt” but he is so much more. He is also a corporate pawn, a leftist on the surface but also someone deeply committed to centralist ideals. He was put into office by the power of big finance (eg. George Soros) and he is faithfully serving the new world order dictates of destroying the USA and raising China in its place. Obama is indeed the post modern president, a true anti-president, deconstructing America. That is why he has “no birth certificate”: he himself is a social construction.  


by Brian Simpson
Newspaper stories continue to remind us of the great joy that multiculturalism and ethnic diversity brings. Such…splendour!…Can you hear the harps playing? Consider: The Age January 21, 2010, a young (ethnic) man who tried to kill a taxi passenger was “motivated by hatred of Australians.”

Or, how about from the Herald Sun, 21 January 2010, “Bouncers Seek Batons as Asian-Themed Night Turns Ugly.” Yes, an “ugly brawl” occurred here in South Melbourne involving 30 people.

Last month another “Asian night” led to a man’s foot almost being severed by a machete. And attacks on bouncers is increasing. So the bouncers want batons, which will lead to the attackers using guns in an endless arms race. Who can deny that multiculturalism brings colour to a nation…even if the colour is…red!  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Dr Frederick Toben has recently published 50 Days in Gaol (Peace Books and the Barnes Review). The book deals with his 50 days spent in Wandsworth Gaol in England. Toben however spent 90 days in Yattala Gaol in Adelaide on the charge of contempt of court, regarding his 13 year legal battle to maintain, he believes, free inquiry on his Adelaide Institute website, which he believes critically examines the orthodox version of the Holocaust.

Across Europe denying the Holocaust, even questioning the six million figure as an act of scholarship, will land one in gaol. Germany has a maximum penalty of five years, although convicted offenders may end up serving longer time than murderers! Hate crime laws also exist to achieve much the same effect. In cannot do justice to Toben’s book here, which describes in horrible details his arrest and imprisonment. All I will say is that I am reminded of the story of Winston Smith in George Orwell’s 1984. We, if anything, are deeper into the quick sand than that society. Toben’s appendices give an excellent set of arguments along such lines.

Gerard Munuhin writes a very moving foreword to Toben’s book, passionately defending freedom of speech against these types of politically correct laws. Overall this is a very interesting book. Although I am not convinced about the truth of revisionism, I am more convinced than ever about the morality of revisionists’ freedom of speech. In conclusion, this book is highly recommended.  

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