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12 March 2010 Thought for the Week:

Today, a brave man and a political prisoner is set free for his thought crimes. Here's what I want to say for now: It's been twelve hours since I was told that Ernst is free ... It's been raining congratulations and requests for interviews from all around the world! And here is something that ought to send shivers down our political enemies' spines - NOT A SINGLE E-MAIL, NOT EVEN ONE ! - has been a negative message! Ernst Zundel has won big time in the Court of Public Opinion!

- - Ingrid (Rimland) Zundel.

“First-hand, I am happy to report that Ernst Zündel emerged from prison on March 1st not in the least a "stooped" man! Quite the contrary. He emerged smiling and upright in stance (and statements) though burdened by bouquets (of flowers). Ernst stepped straight up, warmly confident, to greet each and every friend who had turned up at Mannheim Prison's gate to express their gratitude for his role-model "unbowed" fibre. As we drove this eagle-eyed owl to his Black Forest ancestral lair, he keenly declared (on film) that: "they used to have a critic; now they have an enemy".”

- - Lady Michèle Renouf, www.birobidjan.co.uk  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Against the Lawyers Series: This organization has long argued that the High Court of Australia has served to promote centralism and undermine federalism. Now the same point has been argued by two legal scholars in a leading Australian law journal: Allan James and Aroney Nicholas, “An Uncommon Court: How the High Court of Australia has Undermined Australian Federalism”, Sydney Law Review (2008).

The authors examine High Court of Australia federal distribution of powers cases over the last century. The High Court, like the US Supreme Court, has interpreted the Constitution in a way widely at variance with the original intentions of the Founding Fathers. In case after case the authors show this abuse: how the corporations power (section 51 xx) allows the Commonwealth to swallow up industrial relations and the notorious external affairs power (section 51 xxix) allowed the Commonwealth to enact human rights and environmental laws. The states have become emasculated by this centralism, effectively destroying federalism.
I will not go through the cases in any detail here. I note with interest James and Nicholas’ many suggestions for reform, including the idea of appointing more High Court judges from smaller states.

The elites bend over backwards and forwards to get women on the bench and yet in the entire history of the High Court, South Australia and Tasmania have never had a single High Court judge appointed from their state. This is an incredible situation – a kind of “state racism” that needs to end. Sydney should not rule Australia!  


by Betty Luks
We all know that PM Kevin Rudd said ‘Sorry’ to the Aboriginal folk who believe they have unresolved issues with the rest of us. I’m sure Mr. Rudd went to sleep that night comforted by the thought that he had (collectively) repented for us, confessed our (collective) sins and asked for (collective) forgiveness.
Never mind that repentance is an individual matter between that person and God - and no one can repent for another’s sins. There is such a thing as individual responsibility and repentance. Be that as it may, what about the unresolved, disgraceful, Heiner Affair?

Mr. Kevin Lindeberg has been seeking justice for a group of young people for the last twenty years. He says: “The Heiner Inquiry was lawfully established in October 1989 during the final days of the Cooper National Party Government. It was commissioned to investigate the management of the John Oxley Youth Detention Centre at Wacol and certain complaints laid by the staff against the management.

Admissions, now on the public record, show that at the time the Goss Cabinet ordered the destruction of the Heiner records, it was aware that their contents concerned the abuse of children while under the care and protection of the Crown at the Centre.
It was later discovered that the Queensland government also knew that part of that child abuse was the unresolved pack rape of a 14 year-old indigenous female child by other male inmates during a supervised bush outing…”
(Mr. Kevin Lindeberg “The Unresolved Heiner Affair”, www.ourconstitution.org, Toowoomba 21 February 2010).

On the Daily Telegraph blog site, the leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott, was asked about the corruption in ‘high places’ as revealed through this Heiner Affair to which he replied:
“There’s not much point elaborating when I am in substantial agreement. It just limits the number of comments I can get to. You know I think that the Heiner affair stinks. The problem is that half the Qld establishment is implicated. If one person does the wrong thing he is in trouble. If dozens do the wrong thing they often get away with it because it’s hard to pinpoint who, precisely, is to blame and it might not be fair to blame all. That’s the difficulty with the Heiner Affair.
... Tony Abbott Fri 19 Feb 10 (09:16am)”

To Peking and Moscow through Canberra and Brisbane
As so aptly put by one of our readers: “How the republicans, Marxist’s, one-worlders, et al must be rejoicing at this stance of the opposition leader sailing under the flag of a constitutional monarchist! Does this mean the Rule of Law only applies to single persons and not multiple persons?
Will this send a loud message to those others wishing to join the rush of The Rule Of Men & Women? Does it mean that Tony Abbott has also abandoned protection of the Rule Of Law in favour of the Rule Of Women & Men as it occurs to them?

This is what is happening all around the world, stemming from the first case in the Soviet Union where it is still The Rule of the richest people in the world where the Law is what they decide for the people but does not apply to themselves.
Does he think it is only in Queensland that the Rule Of Law has been abandoned? What the hell has he been doing in Canberra all this time?  


by James Reed
Anthony Browne, writer for the Observer and The Times, is author of “The Euro: Should Britain Join?”, “Do We Need Mass Immigration?” and “Retreat of Reason”, a full scale critique of the ideology of political correctness. In his personal preface he concisely illustrates political correctness at work: African immigration is the main cause of new HIV infections in Britain – but the left and liberals don’t talk about this because it might “fuel racism”! (p.xi) Consequently, a conspiracy of silence exists which permits the growth of HIV in the UK. Thus the African HIV epidemic is transmitted to the UK by virtue of immigration.

Political correctness in Britain “allowed the creation of alienated Muslim ghettos which produce young men who commit mass murder against their fellow citizens. By promoting the rights of criminals over their victims, it hinders law enforcement and leads to escalating crime. By challenging the authority of teachers, its fuels poor discipline in schools and by promoting equality over exam grades until they become almost meaningless.” (pp.xiii – xiv)
Browne has seen Reason as being in retreat for the last few decades and urges a return of reason. Our interest is how he thinks the ideology of political correctness can be defeated.

He sees merit for Britain adopting an equivalent of the US Constitution’s first amendment protection of free speech, allowing free speech unless there is a direct incitement to violence. Achieving this is highly unlikely I believe.
Browne also supports the introduction of a binding citizens’ referendum, which could be used before the process of demographic dilution gets too great.
He also speculates that political correctness will weaken as China and India get greater power so that our intellectual elites will have something else to occupy their minds so that “western guilt will shrivel” (p.87).

But most importantly the intellectual and philosophical roots of political correctness need to be challenged. We are proud to say that in Australia, this is a task that the writers of the League are addressing. As our civilisation itself is at stake, this is a most fundamental task.  


Madden’s spin unspun: Shock! Proof that another spin-spin government never launches a “consulation” without having first made sure of the results:
Brumby government (Victoria) spin doctors have been caught out with plans to engage in contrived public consultations, setting up photo-opportunities to boost ministers’ local profile and leaking stories to the media.

In an email accidentally sent to the ABC, Planning Minister Justin Madden’s chief spinner detailed plans to use the cover of a public consultation to knock back plans to build a massive 25-storey tower as part of the Windsor Hotel’s re-build.
The spin doctor’s cheat sheet also included plans for Mr Madden to set-up a misleading association with Essendon Football Club to promote the government much-trumpeted respect agenda. The former football champion is transferring to the seat of Essendon for November’s state election.

Here’s how Madden’s spinner put it
The document suggests the government release the report for public comment, and then use the reaction as a pretext for rejecting the project. "Strategy at this stage is to release it [the report] for public comment as this affects the entire community and then use those responses as reason to halt it as we have listened to community views,"’ it says.

Do you think people are wising up to the spin merchants who have so debased the political process?

Source: Andrew Bolt‘s blog – Friday, 26 February 2010  


by John Steele
If you have any doubts about how fast our culture is degenerating, consider these articles from the Murdoch press. SA Weekend, February 13, 2010 The Advertiser, P.D. Martin, “Blood Lust”: meet the vampire. No, not Hollywood vampires but real life freaks who live in Australia, maybe next door, who believe that they need human blood.
New age vampires or psi-vampires feed on peoples’ spiritual energy. If only there were “BS” vampires capable of absorbing all of the “BS” that floods the stables of modern life.

Then we have Christine Jackman “Good Vibrations” (The Weekend Australian Magazine, 6-7 February 2010). Yes, this is about women’s sex toys and the latest one called “The Rabbit” (apparently it appeared in Sex and the City and is selling like…well…chocolate rabbits at Easter.

Reading all of this I almost hoped that the doomsday predictions of resource scarcity of the greens were true. Nothing short of the Four Horsemen can cure this madness.
Pauline Hanson apparently is to leave Australia for the UK. She will find that the UK is even further down the path of self-annihilation than us.

I think it is ironic that some of our readers have objected to James Reed’s turn of phrase when our leading newspapers discuss these sorts of topics.  


by Brian Simpson
Just in case you wanted to know: intelligence ranks second to smoking as a predictor of heart disease. Britain’s Medical Research Council (MRC) has found that low IQ is strongly associated with higher rates of heart disease and death.
It makes sense: those with less IQ may fail to adequately appreciate the need to adopt a healthy life style, or lacking good jobs, they may have no choice but fall into unhealthy life styles. In some respects this is good news, for we can hope that our politicians, with the IQ’s of wooden puppets, may soon fall off the perch.  


by James Reed
A report by a former senior CIA official who once led the CIA’s hunt for weapons of mass destruction concludes that Al-Qaeda is still seeking weapons of mass destruction to use against the US (Washington Post, 26 January 2010). A truly novel discovery by the “intelligence” community, much like the missing Iraqi weapons of mass destruction!
But never mind. Britain is going to spend $500 million for President Karzai to buy off the Taliban insurgents. Sorry, I thought the Taliban was fighting for Islamic principles, not money. This is an example of the liberal mind-set at work: absolutely everything can be bought and everybody has a price. But it may not be so, as Britain may find out.  


by James Reed
A recent article “Life’s a Bitumen Nightmare as Cities Get Hotter than Hell” by Sheehan in the Sydney Morning Herald (15 February 2010) comments on the City of Sydney Council’s commissioned thermal image of Sydney.
The mapping flight was done on 6 February 2009, a day when the maximum temperature was 29 degrees. But the map showed hot streets with a maximum temperature of 33 degrees. This is the urban heat sink.

Some climate change sceptics (bless them) argue that warming trends are a product of the urban heat island effect. The View From the Right website has a picture of one urban official climate station at the University of Arizona – right in the middle of a parking lot. Lots of bitumen, automobiles and exhaust no doubt kick start their measuring instruments.  


by James Reed
Immigrants should understand Christian heritage, according to the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey. He also does not believe that Britain’s population should exceed 70 million. Immigration angered people and led to violence. But Lord Carey did not want a ban or a limit on people from non-Christian populations. Immigrants needed to “understand” UK culture. Yes, fine – understand it, while they change it!

Consider opposing evidence from “British Universities: Seats of Learning and Loathing” Telegraph, 2/1/2010 by Ruth Dudley Edwards, which documents the radicalisation of Muslim students on UK campuses, primarily by left-wing university professors, the curriculum and other forces. One wonders how British culture would be saved by the meek, village vicar views of Lord Carey.
But let’s just have a nice cup of tea and jam ‘n cream scones and not get hot and bothered about it. The problem will just go away, won’t it?  


by James Reed
Recently Nobel Prize-winning author Wole Soyinka, the first African winner of the literature prize, has said: “England is a cesspit. England is the breeding ground of fundamentalist Muslims.” And: “Its social logic is to allow all religions to preach openly. But this is illogic, because none of the other religions preach apocalyptic violence. And yet England allows it…”
(Source Express, 3 February, 2010) Will those thoughts be prosecuted as a race-hate crime? That would be really interesting.

Physicist Paul Davies of Arizona State University has recently said that the best place to look for extraterrestrial life could be here on Earth. Aliens could be “right under our noses – or even in our noses.” Reflecting on this week’s news items, I feel that maybe he is right.  


by James Reed
Get used to it. Immigration has made us a Third World country. So it is only natural that Australia’s health care system should crash down, down, down, too. A while back newspaper articles told us that medical students know almost nothing. Maybe a little better, we are now told that medical students are rolling off the university assembly lines unprepared for even elementary tasks such as calculating safe drug doses for patients, interpreting X-rays, or even writing prescriptions (The Australian, 1/2/2010, p.1).
At first I was worried about this, but after a while worry gives way to acceptance in the “stages of death” scenario. Just hope that our doctors can be replaced by robots! In the mean time, don’t get sick and try and monitor your own health more closely.  


by James Reed
How the two melt together: The so-called $16 billion foreign education sector of Australia must be seen by the global gangsters as a great big sugar plum. Now, according to the Immigration Department, organised crime is putting its tentacles around universities and vocational colleges with the placements of bogus students.
In the ten months to April 2009, higher education accounted for 39% of student visas related to fraud, the figure rising to 53% in the twelve months to June 2009 (The Australian, 27/1/2010, p.1).
This does not surprise me at all given the rottenness of the Australian university system. Indeed, the universities in general constitute a type of conceptual and philosophical organised crime against the body politic, so it is natural that the two would melt together. All the more reason for closing down universities.  


by Peter Ewer
That is, according to the arrogant former PM of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamed. Speaking to a Muslim gathering in January 2010 he said, among other things, that the US faked the 9/11 attacks and that Jews “had always been a problem in European countries.
They had to be confined in ghettos and periodically massacred. But still they remained, they thrived and they held whole governments to ransom. Even after their massacre of the Nazis of Germany, they survived to continue to be a source of even greater problems for the world” (Courier Mail, 23/1/2010).

Mahathir has frequently attacked the West and Europeans, although the slightest hint of criticism towards his own ethno-religious group is enough to put him in fighting mode and make his razor-sharp tongue strike back.  


by James Reed
Tony Abbott, predictably enough, stirred up a European wasps’ nest with his recommendations to his daughters that their virginity was a gift. A little before the 1960’s revolution of madness, such comments would have been widely accepted with but a nod.
Now, according to Julia Gillard, it is somehow telling Australian women what to do. Oh no, we must not tell women what to do – that would be sexist! And even amongst conservatives, anything vaguely looking like a criticism of women is a great “no no” that “offends readers”.

You see what comes from political correctness taken to absurd limits. In fact, Abbott should have launched into an attack on the sexual revolution. He should have said that boys too should remain virgins until marriage. He should have attacked liberal sexual practices – unmarried people treating sex as a form of animal relief. All this, I think, is beyond Abbott but these are the real issues behind the virginity debate.  


by Brian Simpson
The Australian reproduces an article from The Sunday Times quoting research by Aaron Sell, which allegedly shows that blondes are more aggressive and determined to succeed (The Australian, 18/1/2010, p.3). Given the bad deal that Nordics get, I welcomed this research: if only it was true!

But I checked Sell’s paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (1/9/2009, p.15073) which has no mention of blondes at all, being about the logic of human anger. And at https://www.defamer.com.au?2010/01 blonde-women-are-more-entitled, Sell confirms this. It all goes to show the importance in journalism of checking your sources.  


“Are the Liberals ready for Labor grabbing their plan?” asked Andrew Bolt on his blog 3/3/2010.
“The Opposition is digging a great elephant trap for itself: The opposition has seized on moves to overhaul US climate change legislation that looks set to jettison a cap-and-trade approach as further evidence Kevin Rudd’s emission trading scheme is losing support in the international community. Opposition climate change spokesman Greg Hunt said a proposed overhaul of legislation by US senators John Kerry, Lindsey Graham and Joseph Lieberman showed world opinion was moving towards Tony Abbott’s direct action model.

The Washington Post reported that Republican Senator Graham had said “cap and trade is dead” in talks with environmentalists and was working with the other two senators on a new bill, which would apply different carbon controls to individual sectors of the economy instead of setting a national target, in a bid to get the legislation through the Senate before the mid-term congressional elections in November.

Mr Hunt said the move showed that the Prime Minister had “lost even the support of the key US senators whom he has been citing”, as he tried to sell the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. So what does Hunt imagine a low-conviction, poll-driven populist such as Kevin Rudd might do, given the turning of the tide? My guess is that he may end up embracing something very much like Abbott’s scheme as a compromise. In the national interest.

And so we’ll get another policy that cannot work to stop a warming that may have stopped already. And the Opposition will have lost a terrific election weapon. Might be time to harden up a little, guys. Raise the benchmark.”

Editor’s comment:
Yes Andrew, the truth is, both mainline parties are herding us into a One World Order. By the way, have you ever met ‘the national interest’? What these fellows really mean is the ‘vested interests’!  


Atrazine, one of the most commonly used and controversial weedkillers, can turn male frogs into females, researchers in the US have found. The experiment is the first to show the complete effects of atrazine, which has been known to disrupt hormones and is one of the chief suspects in the decline of amphibians around the world.

"Atrazine-exposed males were both demasculinised (chemically castrated) and completely feminised as adults," researchers from the University of California Berkeley wrote in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The chemical had been shown to disrupt development and make frogs develop both male and female features - termed hermaphroditism.

Tyrone Hayes from the University of California Berkeley says the study of 40 male frogs shows the process can go even further. "Before, we knew we got fewer males than we should have, and we got hermaphrodites. Now, we have clearly shown that many of these animals are sex-reversed males," Mr Hayes said in a statement.
"Atrazine has caused a hormonal imbalance that has made them develop into the wrong sex, in terms of their genetic constitution."
- - Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/03/02/2834045.htm  

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