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On Target

17 January 2011 Thought for the Week:

“This chapter is going to be difficult to write, for in it I have to challenge some of the major prejudices which have been massively established in the public mind, especially that of the post-War generations, by those who have the use of the mechanisms of mass-opinion control.
What I am referring to is not genuine opinion formed by the individual, after thinking through the emotional, superficial and sloganish aspects of anything, nor is it that common thinking which arises from a centuries-old common culture founded upon generations of common beliefs, such as those of Christianity, which is the first target of such propaganda.

It is something called the ‘mobpsyche,' the irrational but formidable force of public opinion backed by hostile emotion against anyone who challenges it, which is formed by the endless repetition and suggestion to which we are all subjected through the broadcast media, the press, advertisers, employment, books, the political and educational systems. It then maintains and spreads its pressure through the every-day exchanges between people.

Such mob-psyching propaganda is as old as civilisation, but was formerly limited by the range of the human voice. Now its powers are magnified beyond all estimation and reason by modern electronic technology. It is the chief tool of revolution, that is, organised ideological war waged upon an existing culture in order to 'destabilize' it and bring about social chaos with a view to displacing the current ruling class by a dictatorship of the revolutionaries, whose actions are the inverse of their idealistic propaganda…”

“The Local World” by Geoffrey Dobbs, Chapter X: From Class War to Race War . More here:


by Betty Luks
It was an article by Israel Shamir “Paradigm in Belarus - The Minsk Election in a Wikileaks Mirror” that took my attention. Mr. Shamir wrote of the December 2010 elections in “Belarus and how American dollars were used to subvert and embarrass this peaceful constitutional republic”. In the 1990s the League of Rights mounted its own protest against the first war crimes trial to be held in Australia and the accused man came from a small village called Serniki which I found hard to find on my old atlas. Thanks to the wonders of technology it is now easy to identify on a google map. The small village of Serniki is in Belarus, the capital city of which is Minsk.

Yes, during the German occupation Jewish people from in and around Serniki were murdered and buried in a mass grave; but had the accused man taken part in the crime? The eventual outcome was verdict of “not guilty” by a jury of his peers. I well remember the committal hearing, which I attended as often as possible. I was struck by the obvious differences between the prosecution witnesses from that remote Communist-controlled village and a Jewish lady then residing in America, but originally from in or around Serniki.

The Serniki villagers would cast furtive glances around the court room; they were wary and mistrustful, even quite sly looking, and very shabbily dressed. I was led to believe some of the ‘officials’ accompanying them were in fact the local ‘KGB’, so the villagers’ manner was understandable. – they had to return to an oppressive regime while the (well dressed) Jewish lady would return to a much freer and certainly more affluent USA.

The US witness amused the people in the court room; being very talkative, she not only responded to the questions posed to her but would ‘prattle on’ till the magistrate insisted she just give her answers to the questions asked. Her cheerful, free and easy manner was in such contrast to those from the Communist-controlled village.
That is what freedom does for the individual you know. People ‘open up’ to the world around them. They become more trustful of their neighbours and learn to co-operate with one another. Or, that is how it used to be.

Modern Belarus
A very important point Mr. Shamir brings up in his newsletter is the way language is manipulated to mean what the writer – or authority - wants it to mean. But first a summary of Shamir’s impression of modern Belarus:
“The people of Belarus are not very different from their Russian neighbours but they do have their own character, just as the Northerners of Yorkshire differ from the Southerners of Somerset. They are fair and calm, peaceful and orderly, obedient and enduring. The sparsely populated Belarusian borderland was a battleground between East and West for centuries; the last war cost them one third of their population, the highest loss suffered by any country in WWII. The capital of Minsk was completely destroyed, Fallujah-style, by the Luftwaffe.

Once upon a time, its forests and marshes trapped crack divisions of the German SS; now they sit again in peace, healed by many snowfalls… Minsk is surprisingly civilised and human-sized; it was rebuilt in the comfortable 1950’s and refurbished fairly recently. The streets are neat and fit for pedestrians, small cafés are made cosy with glowing fireplaces, and there are English newspapers on every table. A large and festive Christmas tree marks the main square…

Indeed, Belarus is the East European counterpart of the Scandinavian socialist states of yesteryear; but while the Swedes and the Danes are busy dismantling their social systems, Belarus has so far resisted the drive toward privatization…
There is no sign of a police state here: no mysterious black cars, no furtive stillness, no Soviet-style drabness, no post-Soviet garishness. The youngsters are stylish, friendly and open. The streets are crowded, paved and clean. The President of Belarus, the man the US State Department calls the last dictator of Europe, walks freely among his people.

Words mean what ‘they’ want them to mean
But what is a dictator these days? The epithets aimed at world leaders are surprisingly consistent, but the words themselves have been redefined. To earn the title of ‘dictator’, it seems that a leader need only spurn the advice of the IMF. If a leader chooses not play along with NATO, he may well qualify for the title of ‘bloody dictator’. We have been told that Castro is a ‘dictator’. We have been told that Chavez is a ‘dictator’. We are now being told that Ahmadinejad is a ‘bloody dictator’. Long-time thorns in the flanks of US imperial might are eventually upgraded to ‘monster’ status, as were Stalin and Mao. Belarus itself has one of these State Department titles: it is to be called a ‘rebel state’.

When the USSR was broken down into digestible chunks, it was tiny Belarus that chose to keep the Soviet flag, the Soviet arms, and the socialist ethos. Belarus was not as quick as other countries to cast off what was stable and good within the Soviet system. While other countries suffered under IMF-imposed privatization, Belarus took the slow and steady path to intelligently upgrade and restore their industries and cities. End result: Belarus is as up-to-date as any country in the East…”

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Political Democracy- further to the above article on the League’s website-

An important example
The important point Shamir makes in the above article is that we must clearly define certain words or terms so that those to whom we communicate have a clear understanding of what we mean by the word or term. Let me give you an example. An email complaint about the League of Rights website was passed on to me for a response and the following are some of the criticisms made and my response on behalf of the League:-

* I'd appreciate being sent an email address to which I can issue a rebuttal of their (the League of Rights) support for Julian Assange.
Response: The fundamental principle upon which Julian Assange was defended was his right to a fair hearing and the due processes of law. Under our system of law a man is innocent until proven guilty. There were many who signed the petition reported on in On Target who did not agree with what he did, but did agree with his right to be defended by the Rule of Law and the due processes of law of this nation.

* If you are interested, you may read the moral and rational reasons why supporting Assange is completely wrong - but only wrong when judged from a truly (Christian) moral perspective.
Response: You would do well to read Owen Barfield’s “Understanding Equity” (google it) and Professor Detmold’s “Law of Love” lectures. Both men set a firm foundation for a Christian basis for the Rule of Law and due processes.

* Although my first impression of ALOR was that it is a conservative and true Christian organisation, upon closer inspection I started to perceive a great deal of socialist thinking and perspectives.
Response: We are all ‘social’ beings, so, in order to discuss 'socialism' we need to be quite clear what we are discussing and define our terms.
Economically: No man is an island unto himself. Look around and you will see that we all contribute, in one way or another, to the society in which we live. Not even Bill Gates or any other rich ‘monopoly capitalist’ is completely self-sufficient.
Bill Gates did not make the roads upon which his goods are transported, nor the planes in which he flies. In this sense we are all ‘social beings’ – our civilisation could not have been built up in any other way.
The League terms this the ‘increment of association’; we have drawn on ‘the social credit’ of the group or community. Social credit is the ‘belief’ the ‘faith’ (creedo) that human beings working together – in association - can obtain the results desired by forming the association.
From a Christian perspective it is – or should be – an agreement association. “Where two or three agree together in my Name (power, authority) there I Am in the midst of them…”

Since the beginning of the division of labour, the products of a man’s labour have been ‘pooled’. Our production systems have become ‘socialised’ and the products from that ‘socialised’ system have been obtained from the market place through wages, salaries, etc.

A Socialist Political System - A political system and its undergirding philosophy.
We are now entering a discussion about Power and the Philosophy of Power. As an example, the League distinguishes between ‘socialism’ as defined by * Fabian (Marxist) Socialism as worked out through the Labour party in tandem with Finance from early 19th century England onwards - and what people once understood as ‘socialism’. We now have a very narrow concept and definition of the word.
Based on the concept of a stable and coherent community many genuinely concerned folk, who saw themselves as ‘socialists’, sought answers to the effects of the Industrial Revolution where machines took the place of human labour in the production process and people were starving in the midst of plenty.

Am I to assume you have given serious thought to that historical conundrum - how to distribute the products of the machine - machines that have replaced human labour? The Christian resolution to the issues would be found in Christian principles – wouldn’t they?
So, when you enter into further discussions I will take it for granted that you have given the matters you wish to discuss the very deepest of consideration. Yours etc.

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by James Reed
In the US anyone who objects at an airport to a full-body scan (fondly called a “porno scan”) will be punished by very searching pat downs. Folk in the US ore objecting to this violation of their freedom. It seems that security staff take their job pretty seriously and pursue the touching of intimate parts with gusto. The Australian, November 24, 2010, p.13, has a picture of one very enthusiastic airport security officer with his hand between some poor guys legs, feeling away in a frenzy. All this because a terrorist put a bomb in his undies. But just around the corner will be the saga of a terrorist who houses a bomb in…er…well…a body cavity. Then Americans will all be subjected to full body cavity searches at airports. I bet train travel will increase then!

Comment: West Australians were known fondly by their fellow Australians as ‘the sand gropers’; Queenslanders as ‘banana benders’. America that ‘land of the brave and home of the free’ is becoming known as the ‘public gropers’. Subject: “Your flight is waiting” Watch:


by James Reed
It was not so long ago that homosexuality was illegal and considered a mental illness. Now the Labor Party is considering endorsing Gay marriage if it will claw back votes from the Greens, the Gay Party, the Green Gay Party, thank you very much. Gillard, of course, is denying that Labor is seriously looking into this matter but denying, then doing, is what the Red Lizard does best.
Julia, are you the same person who played on the hot bitumen playground at Mitcham Demonstration School and on the tennis courts at Unley High? Was the politician in the little girl then, or was it the creation of the University of Adelaide, of legal training and the Labor Party? Could there be a Red Lizard inside us all given the right environmental conditions? I try not to think about it late at night for it is a recipe for insomnia.

Joe Hockey, a Liberal Party “moderate”, believes that Gays should be able to have kids but he opposes Gay marriage. Ahh! – politics means that you never have to be logically consistent. Surely having kids is an inseparable part of marriage, even modern marriage. Hockey’s stance shows that there is a place for him over in the Red Lizard’s camp. Let’s vote him out next time around.  


by James Reed
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said in response to North Korea’s aggressive shelling of South Korea that “All parties concerned should maintain an utmost restraint. The international community should do more to ease the ongoing tension”. China has not even criticised North Korea, which suggests a logical conclusion: China implicitly supports the attacks as a form of “test” of the “balls” (as the Chinese like to put it) of the West.
China keeps North Korea economically afloat. China defends North Korea internationally; for example China prevented the UN from concluding that North Korea sank the South Korean corvette, The Cheonan, in March last year, which led to the death of 46 sailors. Wars have started over less and in fact North Korea has essentially continued the Korean war.

North Korea is well on the way to producing significant quantities of highly enriched uranium for nuclear bombs, thanks to Chinese technical support. North Korea will aid Iran in obtaining such bombs. This is creating a dangerous world because both North Korea and Iran are highly likely to use their nuclear weapons. The real fault for this threat to the human race is China, which should never have been built up economically by the West. If China is allowed to grow further in power then expect global nuclear war to bring down civilisation.  

Read further: The Nature of the Present Crisis and Its Solution" by C.H. Douglas


by James Reed
It is good to see an article in the establishment press pursuing the “corruption of the intellectuals” theme, which is dear to my heart. David Burchell, “Radicals Get Rich While Truth Begs”, The Australian, November 22, 2010, p.14 focuses on two issues: Climategate and research on the Iraqi death toll, which together illustrate the modern problem of the intellectuals.

In Climategate the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia played a “gatekeeper” role in climate change research where any “journal that dared publish a rival point of view was blacklisted” and any papers expressing a different point of view were rejected. Parallel to this was research by epidemiologists at the prestige Johns Hopkins University who published a paper in the medical journal The Lancet claiming to prove by interview techniques that the true Iraqi death toll was 3-4 times higher than official figures.

Turns out that the study was methodologically flawed as among other things, the interviews were conducted by a person who was a propagandist to Saddam Hussein! The moral of these stories was not deduced by Burchell, but clearly these are not isolated black holes in research, but common occurrences. Much research in Leftist areas such as feminism and cultural studies is even worse. And it is all paid for by the long-suffering tax payer. I say it again: the sooner the universities are closed down, the better!


by Brian Simpson and Ian Wilson LL.B.
Joseph Gora, an academic at a regional university, writes some excellent critical material on the Australian universities. His recent piece “Let’s Not Notice Our Campus Underclass”, The Australian, November 24, 2010, p.29, points out that the university system runs on casual labour.
We agree: these generally young researchers are worked like dogs while more senior staff enjoy the life of leisure and pleasure that senior academics think is their birthright. As we see it, generally in law schools for example, the tutors (usually called “Lecturer B Level”) do the lion’s share of the teaching. Senior obese professors, readers and senior lecturers do the occasional piece on human rights, Aborigines, social justice, women and other politically correct topics. The paradox here is that the old fat slobs get this leisure time because the younger staff are worked to burn out. All so that the old fat slobs can feel intellectually superior.

When it comes down to it, many of these upper level elites are affirmative action types who don’t really do much harm even as parasites because they are lacking in IQ. Nevertheless they are a burden on the tax payers and the sooner their positions are removed the better.  


by James Reed
According to former PM Paul Keating "Labor has forgotten lessons of the ‘recession we had to have", The Australian, November 29, 2010, p.1. Keating by the “recession we had to have” allegedly gave us low inflation and wage restraint. But now wages growth is putting the squeeze on corporate profits. What’s that? Does he mean to say that Australia’s already greedy capitalists are not extracting enough surplus value vital essences from Australian workers? Turn the vice more!

Why should giving decent wages to people lead to high inflation anyway? There are no shortages of goods in the modern economy as Major Douglas and Eric Butler both observed.
Really, isn’t the real cause of inflation just capitalist greed, putting up prices because they guess that the market can bear it? And what an absurdity it all is anyway. The only way to improve the standard of living is for increased economic growth, which ultimately dooms the environment and the whole pack of cards. This is an economic world out of control of people, run by some monster called “the economy”.
The economic system at its most basic level is irrational and anti-human. Its sole purpose, following the Keating school of thought is to make the rich, richer. Why should we, the poor, care about that?  


by Brian Simpson and Chris Knight
Australian Laureate Fellowships, distinguished tax payer funded Australian Research Council Fellowships, have recently been publicly advertised (eg The Australian, December 1, 2010, p.33). These Fellowships are to build “Australia’s internationally competitive research capacity”. But “up to two of these Fellowships [will be] allocated to exceptional female researchers, who will also undertake an ambassadorial role to promote women in research”.

This sort of condescending affirmative actionism is completely contrary to the spirit of a high ranking research Fellowship. At these top levels merit not sex should decide the award. Having two special awards for women is unjustified discrimination. The requirement of the fellow then having to promote women in research is disgraceful. The successful women should devote their energies to their research, not feminist politics.

Write to the Federal Minister of Education and complain about this. Do it for women everywhere!  


by Chris Knight
ALP Asian lesbian Penny Wong begins her article “ALP Must Support Same-Sex Marriage”, The Australian, November 29, 2010, p.18) with these words: “I came to this country in the 1970s and like many, I know what it is like to be the subject of prejudice. My personal politics have been cast by the experience of discrimination and a deep belief in the principle of fairness”. Discrimination? Prejudice? Really? This is the Australia which first permitted Wong into the country and then allowed her to rise to power.
Would a white Anglo Saxon male in Malaysia, Singapore or China have been able to do the same? Go there and see real discrimination. The ALP, Wong reminds us, abolished the White Australia Policy (not true, both parties worked to undermine it), gave us the Racial Discrimination Act, the Sex Discrimination Act, native title legislation following Mabo and repealed the ban on homosexuals serving in the armed forces. What an achievement!

Wong is right in saying the ALP should now support same-sex marriage. It has supported every other politically correct cause so consistency demands that it do so now. This party needs to lose contact completely with its traditional working class base. The process of self-destruction needs to be complete. The ALP is the party of university-educated inner city professionals, a slave to the Left. If the Red Lizard does not deliver the goods, Penny should challenge her for leadership so that Australia can have its first Asian lesbian prime minister. Where can political correctness go from that dizzy height?  


by James Reed
Casting for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, a film to be made of Tolkein’s famous book, has run into the island of “racism”. It seems that New Zealand agents wanted folk to play Hobbits who had pale skin. A person of “Pakistani heritage” who was rejected took offence to this (The Australian, December 1, 2010, p.19).

Well if race is a problem (Hobbits, the person of “Pakistani heritage said “all look homogenised beige and are all derived from the Caucasian gene pool”) then why not make height a problem as well? Employ 7 foot tall Negro basketball players. That would destroy the heritage of the film, of course. So don’t make the film at all. Happy now?  


by James Reed
The cover story for Michael Costa “Reform the Cure for Labor’s Ills” (The Australian Literary Review, December 1, 2010) features redone artwork (Igor Saktor). The painting has a quant church (perhaps) with a 17th century American couple. The man holds a pitch fork. His face is that of Bob Brown. His grim-faced female partner has the face of Julia Gillard.
Seeing this induced in me such a state of shock and horror that I was unable to write my intended gloating deconstruction of Costa’s article. Would this horrible political coupling come after me in my dreams, nay my nightmares, like a left-wing Freddy Kruger? But no, our nightmares are safe. This Gothic pair do their dark leftist deeds in the day, all at taxpayers’ expense.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Against the Lawyers Series: I came across an interesting article: “The Jew Taboo: Jewish Difference and the Affirmative Action Debate”, by Deborah Malamud, Ohio State Law Journal, vol. 59, 1998, pp.916 – 969. The question posed is that Jews did well without affirmative action and suffered prejudice so “there must either be something very right with the Jews or something very wrong with the blacks – or perhaps both”. (p.921) The article criticises at great length and with great scholarship the idea that Jewish values account for Jewish success (p.921). Rejected as well is a Darwinist explanation about the selection of superior intellects (pp.924 – 925).

The claim that Jews have succeeded in America by making America Jewish, is also rejected (p.952). In the end I was not able to work out what Malamud’s explanation was, as her article was so drenched in critique that I could not find my way home. Perhaps an answer lies in that if only I had the superior IQ to see it!

With these doubts in mind I stumbled across a book review of D.A. Farber and S. Sherry, Beyond All Reason, entitled “Jews, Truth and Critical Race Theory”, Northwestern Law Review, vol. 93, 1998 – 1999. The Farber and Sherry book gives a critique of “Critical Race Theory” and the book makes the argument that Critical Race Theory in attacking merit falls into anti-Semitism: “critical race theory is anti-Semitic because it rejects the validity of merit”. (p.526) Merit is a mechanism for justifying social discrimination, but this flies into the problem noted above of the “Jew Taboo”, of Jewish success. Critical Race Theory must thus criticise the Jews and that is anti-Semitic, hence it is refuted.

I am not convinced by all of these words, words, words and would direct the interested reader to a sociobiological explanation advanced by Professor Kevin McDonald in his book The Culture of Critique as an alternative exploration of these questions.

"The Culture of Critique" by Kevin McDonald available at Heritage Bookshop Services $52.00 plus postage  


Please Note:
Mr. Paul Fromm of Canada posted a report of his recent trip to Australia on the website "Stormfront" which includes the following statement:- "Mr. Fromm addressed large meetings of activists in Sydney, December 4, and Melbourne, December 11. He also met with leaders of Volksfront, the Australia League of Rights, Australian Hammerhead Skins, Australian-Alternative youth group, National Anarchists and the National Federation of Independent Business."

This gives the false impression that the Australian League of Rights has something in common with these other groups. There were three of our subscribers at the meeting in Melbourne none of whom are in any leadership positions.  


To the Editor of The Australian 5th January 2011:

It is most regrettable that the federal Government has not accepted the July finding of Federal Court judge Neil McKerracher that 88 year-old Charles Zentai should not be extradited to Hungary to face questioning and a possible trial for an alleged war crime of 1944. That ruling was based on common sense and humanitarian appreciation of Mr Zentai's age and fragility of health. It has long been obvious that, after such a long lapse of time, he could not possibly be given a fair trial in Hungary. Why then has Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor appealed the court ruling ('The Nation', 5/1)?
It can only be, surely, because the Government does not wish to offend the powerful Jewish elites who are eager to see Mr Zentai found guilty and jailed for life. These elites are also desperate to have Australia join the club of those nations who have 'acted against Nazi war criminals', as was made clear by comments by Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre ('To the Nation', 11-12/12/10), when he accused our nation of having given 'a perfect example of how not to achieve justice'.
It is to be hoped that the Opposition will speak out against Mr O'Connor's appeal and do everything possible in this case to safeguard Australia's honour, the security of citizens from ideologically motivated campaigns, and the provision of true justice in our land.

- - Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic  

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