Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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25 March 2011 Thought for the Week:

“Remember thou art dust… and to dust thou shalt return.”

- - Ash Wednesday March 2011.

There is a saying among the south sea islanders: “Know the roots and you will know the tree. Know the tree and behold! It will answer to your cultivation”.

- - “The Cultivation of History” by Hewlett Edwards


Topher’s Unpopular View here: This young man questions the Murray Darling Basin Authority’s paper and the Federal Water Act 2007. Why do the politicians really want to reduce the available water by one third in this area and yet 40 per cent of Australia’s food is grown in it ?

If you have the chance watch this video. It is just amazing the way American politicians fawn over this one small powerful group – and yet so many in that nation don’t get so much as a word into the ‘ear’ of the politician. But still, these people have the right idea.

Ordinary Australians must join together and lobby THEIR representatives - that is why they are supposed to be there ! It is time the Australian people joined together ON POLICIES and insist on getting what THEY want from THEIR representatives! As heard on radio recently: these people are not representatives of a foreign government, they are OUR government.


Andrew Bolt’s Blog, 17/3/2011: “Once again, Julia Gillard tells an untruth in her speech last night on her carbon dioxide tax: Ms Gillard said human-induced climate change was real and opinion polls could not change that. “’I ask, who would I rather have on my side?’’ she said.
“Alan Jones, Piers Akerman and Andrew Bolt? Or the CSIRO, the Australian Academy of Science, the Bureau of Meteorology, NASA, the US National Atmospheric Administration, and every reputable climate scientist in the world?” “Every”? (asks Andrew)

Here are just some of the climate scientists who’d object to Gillard including them in her list of supporters:

Professor Richard Lindzen is the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is known for his work on the dynamics of the middle atmosphere, atmospheric tides and ozone photochemistry, and has published more than 200 books and scientific papers.
Professor Nir Shaviv is a member of the Racah Institute of Physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research interests cover a wide range of topics in astrophysics. ...His studies on the possible relationships between cosmic ray intensity and the Earth’s climate, and the Milky Way’s Spiral Arms and Ice Age Epochs on Earth were widely echoed in the scientific literature.
Professor Henrik Svensmark is the head of the Centre for Sun-Climate Research, at DTU Space, Technical University of Denmark.
Professor Willie Wei-Hock Soon is an astrophysicist at the Solar and Stellar Physics Division of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
Professor Roger Pielke Sr is Senior Research Scientist, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), University of Colorado in Boulder and Professor Emeritus of the Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University, Fort Collins.
Professor John Christy is Professor of Atmospheric Science and Director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. In 1989 Christy and Dr. Roy W. Spencer, a NASA/Marshall scientist, developed a global temperature data set from microwave data observed from satellites beginning in 1979. For this achievement, the Spencer-Christy team was awarded NASA’s Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement in 1991.
Roy W. Spencer received his Ph.D. in meteorology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1981. Before becoming a Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 2001, he was a Senior Scientist for Climate Studies at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, where he and Dr. John Christy received NASA’s Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal for their global temperature monitoring work with satellites.
William Kininmonth is a former head of Australia’s National Climate Centre.

Here are scientists in directly related fields who would object to Gillard’s statement:
Professor Bob Carter is an adjunct Research Fellow at James Cook University (Queensland). He is a palaeontologist, stratigrapher, marine geologist and environmental scientist with more than thirty years professional experience, and holds degrees from the University of Otago (New Zealand) and the University of Cambridge (England). He has held tenured academic staff positions at the University of Otago (Dunedin) and James Cook University (Townsville), where he was Professor and Head of School of Earth Sciences between 1981 and 1999.
Professor Vincent Courtillot is professor of geophysics at the University of Paris Diderot and Director of the Institut de Physique du Globe in Paris. He is past president of the European Union of Geosciences and currently chairs the scientific council of the City of Paris.
Professor Freeman Dyson FRS, a world-renowned theoretical physicist, is Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton where he held a chair for many years. He is the author of numerous widely read science books.
Professor William Happer is a physicist who has specialised in the study of optics and spectros-copy. He is the Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics at Princeton University.
Professor Anthony Kelly, CBE, FRS is Emeritus Professor of Materials Science and presently Distinguished Research Fellow, Department of Materials Science, University of Cambridge, U.K. He was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Surrey from 1975 until 1994.
Here is a climate scientist who agrees man is heating the world but thinks Gillard’s plans won’t work:
Professor Roger Pielke Jr is professor of environmental studies at the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Here are economists who says policies such as Gillard’s are ineffectual responses to a dubious problem:
Professor David Henderson was formerly Head of the Economics and Statistics Department of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris. He is currently a Fellow of the Institute of Economic Affairs in London.
Professor Ross McKitrick joined the Department of Economics at the University of Guelph in 1996. He received a BA in economics from Queen’s University and an MA (1990) and PhD (1996) from UBC. His main area of interest is environmental economics. He is currently working on projects relating to state-contingent environmental policy, econometric methods for measuring global warming, and evaluation of climate models. Journals in which he has published include the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Geophysical Research Letters, Energy Journal, Empirical Economics, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and Canadian Journal of Economics.

Here are hundreds of other scientists who’d say Gillard is wrong.
More-Than-1000-International-Scientists-Dissent-Over-ManMade-Global-Warming-Claims--Challenge-UN-IPCC—Gore ... Visit Site

So against Gillard’s question, I’d put this: Who would you rather have on your side, a proven liar, alarmist Tim Flannery and extremist Bob Brown, or Professor Richard Lindzen, Professor Roger Pielke and Professor John Christy?...”  


by Betty Luks
Cast your critical eye over the array of mainline media headlines gentle reader and what do you notice? It is that Money takes priority over People. The state of the Stock Market is just as important, or more so, than the tragedies that have and are engulfing the people of Japan; as did the tragedies that engulfed the people of Christchurch, New Zealand - not forgetting what our fellow Australians in the various states have recently gone through as a result of natural disasters.

The BBC headlines read: “US alarm over Japan atomic crisis”.“Increasing alarm is expressed in the US about the crisis at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, with warnings of "potentially lethal" radiation doses at the facility.” The alarm is more because of what is happening on the Stock Market (Money) than for what is threatening the People – the radiation leaks.
Spare me the humbug of these people! When I read such BBC headlines as “US alarm over Japan atomic crisis”, I well know the alarm is because of their Stock Market shares devaluing not because of any humanitarian concerns for the human beings affected by the earthquake, tsunami and/or radiation!

The humbug and deceit is summed up in the following:
“The nuclear power quandry summed up neatly in two phrases by Reuters columnist Devra Davis. The president of the Environmental Health Trust and award-winning scientist balances this:
"Nuclear-powered energy appears to be one of the greenest forms of energy in the world, because it releases no carbon-containing greenhouse gases when working."
with this:
"Girls who worked hand-painting clock dials with luminescent radioactive paint and wet their brushes with their tongues to craft fine lines lost their jawbones years later."

The lives of we ordinary human beings count for nothing when measured against the plans of the ruling elite for more and more worldly power and control. Just as the Pigs in George Orwell’s ‘democratically run’ “Animal Farm” were more equal than the other animals, so it is that the lives of some people and nations are more precious than others!
The western mainline media’s concern over the radiation leaks now threatening the Japanese people did not extend to the ordinary people of Iraq and the Middle East.

“LIES UNCOVERED”: The Australian League of Rights reported many times on the ruthless actions of the American Occupation Forces and their ‘coalition of the willing’ in the invasion and occupation of Iraq. As an example Jeremy Lee wrote in August 2004: “Yesterday (Sunday 8th August) was definitive for me. I saw Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 9/11.
Amongst criticisms of Moore's film, two are most common - that there is no mention of Israel's part in the Middle East crisis; and that the film made no mention of America's 'partners-in-crime' in the Coalition of the Willing, Australia and the U.K. That being said, the film should still be seen by as many Australians as possible. It lifts the lid on an administration which makes the Mafia pale by comparison.

Depleted Uranium – A Residue from the Nuclear Industry:
The sheer agony of the war in Iraq, with its harrowing family tragedies among Americans and Iraqis alike, cannot fail to have an effect. The technological dimensions of war have long since eradicated any notion that it offers - if it ever did - a way of resolving human conflict.
The most glaring omission from the film was the story of Depleted Uranium (DU) which is only just beginning to leak into the public domain. Depleted Uranium, a residue from the Nuclear Industry, is now used to coat bullets, shells and rockets. It will instantly penetrate heavy armour, multiplying the impact of conventional ammunition. But it coats the environment in proximity to targets with a dust containing high radiation. The result is a series of diseases and genetic disorders which emerge over subsequent years.

Over half the US troops involved in the first Gulf War, "Desert Storm" have now been struck with "Gulf War Syndrome". A variety of afflictions have appeared, with leukaemia, cancers, tumours, stress disorders and chronic fatigue syndrome.
A huge jump in genetic mutations among children of Gulf War veterans has also appeared.
The same ghastly results are appearing among the Iraqi people, now dealing with the victims of the First Gulf War, let alone the Second.
In the first, 375 tons of D.U. were used in Iraq. So far, 2,200 tons have been used in the current conflict. It has also been used in Afghanistan and the Balkans with similar health results.

Western authorities know this story will break sooner or later. Attempts are being made to clear the environment in Iraq, and bury the evidence - years too late. Thousands of bombed and burnt-out vehicles are massively contaminated - and for every one carried away to "vehicle graveyards" a new one appears from the continual fighting. Contaminated soil is carried away into the desert and blows back into the cities on the desert winds…”

More here...


We have received the following email from a New Zealander and while we have no way of knowing how accurate it will prove to be, we felt we should publish it – just in case. We didn’t want it on our conscience that the warning was ignored and something did happen. Readers must judge for themselves and act accordingly.

“Ken Ring’s Earthquake Warning for 20 March 2011 in NZ”:
If what Ken Ring says is true, the forecast catch includes Taupo and Auckland, which will affect the Waikato River, expecting 14 Dams within this catchment to collapse, which will flood out lowlands of Hamilton - Ngaruawahia - Huntly between 17-22 March 2011, and a month following this.

For a segment of the Ken Ring interview by TV3 interviewer John Campbell go to ... :

Ken Ring had this to say about the John Campbell interview:
It was inferred by John Campbell that I was instilling fear in the hearts of the long-suffering people of Christchurch - this is not the case. I simply offer suggestions of larger-quake times to forewarn, drawing on over 30 years of observing the properties of the lunar cycle, and thus far our predictions of some of the recent larger earthquakes have been useful to many who say they took extra precautions. On February 14 we warned of the possibility of a significantly-sized earthquake in the following 7-10 days in Christchurch (here) ...

We now know it happened within the warned-of time period. Nearly all our incoming emails seem to have found our warnings beneficial as it enables better planning around the dates, and subsequently relieves stress. It also provides another point of view to that expressed by GNS, and the more viewpoints the better.
The public can make up their own minds as to how to cope in this terrible time of uncertainty if they are given maximum information from a variety of sources. Lately the geonet sciences have also expressed the need to take care around 19-21 March, which backs us up.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those who have made their feelings known by sending TV3 messages and postings on facebook and various other pages about my work.”  


by James Reed
It is good to hear bad things happening to the major political parties. The ALP is apparently in crisis, according to an insider review by ALP chiefs delivered to the Indians. Much of the report is “too embarrassing” for public viewing but Julia Gillard, has been given the uncensored copy to help her insomnia.
ALP memberships is said to be rapidly dwindling and that can only be a good thing. The Liberals deserve similar bad fortunes. As I have said it's time for a new Australian nationalist party, pro-Anglo Saxon and anti-immigration, embracing social credit economics. Let Labor's pains be the birth of a tomorrow that belongs to us.  


by Peter Ewer
Here's what's happening in South Australia, just in case you in the Eastern States are feeling a little glum (“Experts Call for Teaching on Minorities: Religion Classes Combat Racism”, The Advertiser, February19, 2011, p.3). Note the tone of the article: “School curriculum must be rewritten to include education on minority religions in a bid to reduce racism and intolerance the State Government has been warned.” (Emphasis added)

Warned by whom? The Task force on Religious Diversity “Formed last year by Multicultural Affairs Minster Grace Portolesi in the wake of calls to ban the burqua, the task force was chaired by Lieutenant Governor Heui Van Lee”. A wide range of education measures may be undertaken but Portolesi insists
“We're not on a political campaign to convert people or convince people that one religion is better than the other.”

That's a relief, I feared that the campaign was to be a recruitment drive for Islam, but that is not correct. Rather it is good old fashioned multi one world propaganda which will be pushed i.e. More of the same! I am reassured!


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
The High Court of Australia is to examine the conduct of NSW judge Justice Einstein over a case involving alleged bias involving two former solicitors (“Talk of Bias as Brutal Assessment Delivered on Supreme Court Judge”, The Australian, February 18, 2011, p.30)
My interest here is not so much in the fine details of the case as the claim that the Court of Appeal questioned the Latin phrase used by Justice Einstein in his verdict: nullus commodum capere potest de injuria sua propria (“no one can obtain an advantage by his own wrong”). It was thought that there was no such principle.

However in equity there is the principle “He who comes into equity must come with clean hands”.
The principle is seen in US jurisprudence: Riggs v Palmer (1889) and in Australia in cases such as Cawthorn v Cawthorn (1998) and Overton v Banister (1884). In Riggs v Palmer the issue was whether a man who murdered his grandfather could still inherit under the terms of the grandfather's will which made him a beneficiary.

The court referred to the equitable principle “no man should profit from his own wrong”, which is almost the same principle cited by Justice Einstein. Thus I disagree with the appeal courts claim that there is no such principle. It will be interesting to see what the High Court says on this point of law.
Of course the maxim is one of law only and in reality in globalised capitalism almost all big businesses profit from their own wrong.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Chris Merritt, “Global Rights Approach Erodes Sovereignty”, The Australian, February 11, 2011, p.30 in his always interesting legal affairs column “Prejudice”, reflects solemnly on the Senate Committee report on human rights.
The majority position adopts a concept of human rights which does not refer to domestic Australian sources of such rights such as the common law, statute law and the Constitution. Rather, the approach is to define human rights by use of seven international conventions.

The minority critique of this, cited by Merritt, is that this is “an unhappy convergence of internationalist cosmopolitan and Benthamite zeal”. Merritt agrees: “The committee will be a Trojan horse in the heart of the Australian parliament undermining democratic decision-making by applying criteria that might be at odds with domestic statutory and judicial determination.”

Let us hope then that Australian jurisprudence strikes out against this foreign invasion of law, for ultimately Australian judges will appeal to Australian legal resources to interpret the law.  


by Chris Knight
In South Australia Catholic politicians Jack Snelling, Tom Kenyon and Bernie Finnigan, from Labor's dominant Right Faction, have done well in the recent Cabinet reshuffle. For example Jack Snelling is now Treasurer.
In his maiden speech to Parliament, Snelling said: “At its heart, capitalism reduces humans to economic units serving capital. Such a system, be it rational or irrational is fundamentally incompatible with the dignity of man given him by God”. (The Advertiser, Feb 10, 2011)

Well put indeed and something Social Crediters would agree with whole-heartedly. The real question is whether these religious beliefs will make a difference in his ministerial role. My guess is no: the script is already written by the Party system no matter how good the man. Only with independents, committed to social credit values, do we have the chance to do good in politics.  


by Brian Simpson
So – as we have long suspected when men look at women that...that, certain way, among the things that happen is the woman's mathematical skills decline, or so says an article by Sara J. Gervais in the March 2011 edition (apparently hot from the press of Psychology of Women Quarterly (“The Leery Look that Kills Off a Woman's Maths Ability”, The Australian, February 16, 2011, p.23)

The study involved telling the participants that they were studying how people worked together in teams, when really the study was about how being visually objectified affected maths ability.
Question: was the study ethical? Further, the poor, objectified women wanted more interaction with the objectifying male! Now there's real social science research for you!

And where will feminists take this research: Legal penalties for the odd objectifying gaze?  


by Chris Knight
Although the best music of yesteryear had the capacity to stir up the deepest emotions of man, today's clamour, like much of modern art, is no more harmonious than cats in an alley. The popular “artists” of today are typically degenerates, sexually and physically.
Their “music” or rather noise, seeks to defile the beautiful. More sinister, the throbbing, pulsating beat, a monotonous bee-hum, drives the youth into mental illness and readily permits social control. We are bathed in this electromagnetic madness and it engulfs us on the street, in elevators and shopping centres,
To me it is the sound of the death throes of an insane world of despiritualised consumption. Music in our world has become noise pollution, no more beneficial than listening to jack hammers on road works. My soul longs for peace...and silence. The monks were on to a good thing.   


by James Reed
The February 2011 edition of The Australian Literary Review was the great bumper “Aussie Identity Issue”. The front cover headline is apt: “Unwelcome by Europe. Uncertain of Asia. Unwilling to Renounce the Royals. Australia where the Bloody Hell are You?”
And the issues of the chattering class roll on: same-sex marriage (“Australian will probably legalise same-sex marriage within the next decade...”) Britain's abandonment of Australia, “Asia primed for a new Cold War” and so it goes on.

How about this for a literary thought experiment: I take a million or so copies of this edition, piles of multiculturalism books and DVDs powered by battery-operated laptops, of Obama and the like back to the 1930s. I prove that I am from the future. I tell that world what's in store for them. They are free to examine truck loads of material. Would anyone have fought in World War II?

Assuming people are not as brain dead as today, could something have been done about all of this? Why didn't people in the 1930s see what was coming? And why can't the remaining few now get together to make a token effort in the face of a future which promises total annihilation.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Peter Faris QC, “Charter Opens Door to Sharia Law Recognition”, The Australian, December 3, 2010, p.33, points out that the Victorian Charter of Human Rights may open the door to Sharia law, Islamic religious law. Faris argues that section 14 of the Charter provides for freedom of religion and this could mean that Muslims may be entitled to Victorian courts applying Sharia law to them. Sharia law is an essential part of Islam. Section 32(2) of the Charter shows an unexpected consequence.

That section states: “International law and the judgements of domestic, foreign and international courts and tribunals relevant to human rights may be considered in interpreting a statutory provision”. This section was no doubt drafted by legal cosmopolitans. But did they consider that Sharia law also meets the bill, so to speak? Faris points out that Islam even has its own Human Rights Covenant, the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, 1990 which states that human rights must be based on the Koran.

Faris’ argument seems correct to me. As I see it, it shows the self-destructive nature of modern liberal law which through accepting non-discrimination, ultimately permits non-liberal traditions to flourish, which spell its end.  

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